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[PS2] Harvest Moon AWL SE Action Replay Max Code Request NTSC-US?

I just wanted to request a few codes for Harvest Moon AWL SE for the PS2

1. A Item code like the Harvest Moon AnWL item glitch. Where you put a second controller in and press z to get alot of items.

2. A code that increases your son/daughters interests/likes of farming and ranching

3. Nami and Lumina are at max hearts that don't decrease

4. Your Animals never get sick, die, or get angry.


anyknight answered:


(Infinite Gold)

(L1+L2 All Tools)

Those are all of the codes that I know of and have used. You must have the Master Code in order to use any of those codes.I do not know if the tools code works, but maybe I put that code into my Action Replay wrong, so it may work.
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anyknight answered:

Also idont know exactly what you mean
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anyknight answered:

And i forgot to put master at top
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