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Asked: 5 years ago

Fertilizer's not working?

How does one use fertilizer? I've put it on my crops hundreds of times, but nothing changes!

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If you want to make te qualety of an crop higher by using vertilizer (It's probably better to use flowers)
you have to keep in mind that you need to water them too and, it doesn't have effect when you already watered your crops to water them again so vertilizer won't work if you use it if the crop already has those small triangles around it,
so don't waste it there. It's still better to use tartan for making higher qualety seeds though..

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Oh, you need to put the fertilizer EVERY - SINGLE - DAY, and you need to put it every 12 hours. At every 6 hours after you put it, those piramid-like stuff will shrink. Better use tartan and great field for faster growing and better quality crops tough, but for starters , it's good to use fertilizer xD.

*So at 1 Day u need to put it 2 times, measure 12 hours carefully, if you overuse it, it will kill the plant, and also, put the fertilizer first before watering so some bit of those fertilizer can multiply, causing better results.*


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when i mean multiply causing better results, the ground are dry and can easily suck the Nutrition easy.

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not dry, wet, sorry for triple posts, i always made mistakes.

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but the main Answer is the 1st one.
Still, sorry. xD

I only played HM AWL SE for 1 time.

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