Question from storiumman112

How to unlock ultraman 80?

I already complete all scenario S rank expect evil tiga vs tiga i got A rank.I oso finshed all ultraman battle mode(ultraman,ultraseven,jack,ace,taro,leo,zoffy,astra,tiga,dyna,gaia V2,agul V2,gaia,agul,justics,cosmos)and i haven't unlock ultraman 80.


Kamenriderz1 answered:

Sorry pal but you need to get all A rank to get ultraman 80
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nadhifginola answered:

no your wrong kamenrider 1.get all scenarios on rank A 2.finishbattle mode with all ultramans more thatn 2 times or 3
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kiralacus1997 answered:

Get A Rank For All Scenario,Finish Battle mode With all ultra(include legend),get all special moves for all ultra,finish 10 invasion city scenario with all ultra(include legend) to unlock ultraman 80
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