Extra Missions Guide by Monistic_Turtle

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>> Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII << 
>> Extra Missions Guide <<
>> Created by: Monistic_Turtle <<
>> E-mail: Knives72@hellokitty.com <<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Table of Contents <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

A Note on Memory Capsules...................................not03

>>> Extra Missions <<<
Zephyr Heathlands...........................................zep33
Widow Missileer.............................................wid34
Vincent the Mage............................................vin36
Deep Labyrinth..............................................dee37
Gatling in the Wastes.......................................gat39
Lord of the Jungle..........................................lor40
Cait Versus the World.......................................cai41
Missilebreaker Melee........................................mis42
Collector's Mind............................................col43
Vincent the Destroyer.......................................vin44
Rains of Gehenna............................................rai45
Vincent the Grappler........................................vin46
Red and Blue................................................red47
Stygian Sewers..............................................sty48
Messenger from Hell.........................................mes49
Chamber of Ghosts...........................................cha51
Deep Tower..................................................dee52
Cait Versus the Crimson.....................................cai53
Shinra Manor Prime..........................................shi54
Rampart Rumble..............................................ram55
Contra Kalm.................................................con56
Missilebreaker Deathmatch...................................mis57
Cait Versus the Cerulean....................................cai58
Vincent the Beast...........................................vin59
Cyclopean Causeway..........................................cyc60
Trick Arc...................................................tri61
100,000 Needles.............................................10062
Cait Versus the Bull........................................cai63
Deepground Soldiers.........................................dee64
Black Widow Tetra...........................................bla68
Gatling Shower..............................................gat69
Go with the Flow............................................goo70
Brotherly Love..............................................bro71
Unlimited DG................................................unl72
Cait Versus the Empowered...................................cai75
Stronghold Impervious.......................................str77
An Invitation to Illusion...................................inv78

>>> Legalities and such <<<
A Passing Note..............................................pas04

Hello and welcome to my extra missions guide for Dirge of 
Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. This is my first attempt at a guide 
of any sort, so consider yourself warned. Dirge of Cerberus 
isen't the genre of game I'm normally akin to. Like many of you I 
bought the game simply because it's a continuation of the FFVII 
universe. This game was in no way another FFVII, but it wasn't
supposed to be. It truly is a good game on its own merit and I 
thoroughly enjoyed this game even if it is a third person 
shooter. Well, on to the core of this FAQ. This guide will cover 
the extra missions of DOC. The extra missions are unlockable 
after you beat the game on any difficulty setting. Some will take 
you 30 seconds, some will take you 30 minutes. But on a broad 
overview of the extra missions, they are more difficult then the 
main game set on normal. So, be prepared to get aggravated on 
more then one occasion while doing these missions. But try not to 
throw your controller through a wall or at your pets, all the 
missions are possible to complete. Well, I'm sure your tired of 
me blathering on so lets get started.

This section is sort of incongruous because you don't need a 
specific barrel or a specific level for your guns to do the 
extra missions. This section is more of a suggestion from me to 
you. I've beaten DOC once and i didn't use a strategy guide, so 
I ended up missing a few things that would probably have made 
these extra missions a trifle bit easier.  For example, if you 
have the Ultima Weapon for the extra missions I'm sure things 
would be easier on you. But, regardless of what you have, you 
should be able to get through fine. Here's what my setup usually 
consisted of.

  Quantum Cerberus                  Velvet Hydra                  
  Master N Barrel                   Faerie L Barrel
  Materia Floater                   Sniper Scope
  Power Booster B                   Power Booster B
  Blizzard Materia                  L Adjuster
  Handgun Bullets                   Rifle Bullets

                 Dueling Griffon or Blast Machine Gun
                 Gale S Barrel
                 Materia Floater 
                 Gravity Floater B 
                 Fire Materia
                 Machine Gun Bullets 

I also had the Bayonet Rifle, Long Barrel B, Cerberus Relief, 
Thunder Materia, and the Power Cross in my inventory. Out of 
these, I used the Power Cross, Thunder Materia, and the Bayonet 
Rifle on 2 or 3 occasions.

A Note on Memory Capsules..................................not03

Memory Capsules unlock art work for the game, different
character models for you to view, sound tracks from the game, 
and secret levels. There are different means employed to destroy 
the various forms of capsules, they are as follows:

Red Capsules: Unlocks art work, destroy with melee attacks.
Yellow Capsules: Unlocks character models, destroy with bullets.
Green Capsules: Unlocks sound tracks, destroy with magic.
White Capsules: Unlocks secret missions, destroy with nearby 
explosive barrels or mines. 

I'll post the coordinates for each capsule before I get into the 
level guide. The coordinates should be enough to help you find 
the capsules, but if there's an extra task that must be carried
out in order to get the capsules I'll probably list it for you.
And for the white capsules, I've included the description on how
to obtain them in the level guides. FYI, there are no capsules 
in the secret missions. Anyways, if you need help on finding a 
capsule I didn't go in depth about, e-mail me about it and I'll 
be happy to accommodate you. ^_^

+++++++++++++++++++++ Extra Missions +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Zephyr Heathlands..........................................zep33
                    --Mission Objective--
                  --Locate the goal point--
                  --Conditions for Defeat--
              --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit-- 
                       --Time Limit--
                       --10 Minutes--

++Yellow Capsule available at G-11++

Being the first mission, Zephyr Heathlands is pretty 
straightforward and simple. You have an over exorbitant amount 
of time to finish this one. If you know exactly where to go, you 
can finish this in about 3 minutes. Start off by killing the 
three enemies that come charging at you, destroy the box 
(optional) to get EX File 01, which basically just tells you the 
painfully obvious. Anyways, continue to your right and take out 
the guy who's on a hill to your left. EX File 02 is here, which 
just informs you about memory capsules. Continue going straight, 
past the explosive barrel, towards the building inlaid in the 
rocks. 5 deepground dogs will come rushing out, just back up and 
shoot the barrel once they all get next to it. There's a guy with 
a machine gun to your left. He is a ways away so use the Hydra 
for him. Grab the Limit Breaker (in a box) in the building, turn 
around, and continue going straight. You'll pass another barrel 
and to your left is another guy with a machine gun. Kill him and 
go left (towards the guy you just killed) and then go right. 
Follow that path a little ways until you get to a fork in the 
path. There are enemies on the hills, so be wary of that. 
Anyways, at the fork take another right and continue on 
underneath the tarp looking bridge. Follow that path and you 
should end next to a concrete wall of sorts on your right. From 
there, turn left and go under another tarp bridge, and go inside 
the building at the end. Grab the cardkey above the Mako point 
and head back to the wall. Run up the support beam and use the 
cardkey. Alright, there's alot going on up here in terms of 
buildings, towers, etc. but this mission just requires you to 
get to the goal point. So, just bypass everything, go to your 
left, and hug the wall if you want.  There's one guy to your 
right on the top of a building you'll probably want to kill. 
After that just keep hugging the wall and continue on until you 
get to what is essentially a large drop off. Get out your Hydra 
and take out the two guys below before you jump down. Once you 
jump down you'll be attacked by 5 or 6 Red Saucers, so equip 
your machine gun or handgun or even use your Limit Breaker to 
deal with them if you still have it. Go towards the building 
with the door and the light illuminating the inside of it. If 
you want you can kill the guy hiding on the other side of the 
wall to your right. After that, go in the door and your 
finished. Easy huh? 

Widow Missileer............................................wid34
                      --Mission Objective--
               --Eradicate the Black Widow Squad--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--

++Green Capsule available at I-6++

My God, this mission is laughable.  There are four Black Widows 
to contend with, which may sound daunting but it's not. All you 
need to do is make sure a materia is equiped (Blizzard works 
fine), run to your right at the begginning of the level and grab 
the ammo and the Ether. Use the ether as soon as possible and 
fire away. Make sure your strafing pretty much all the time. The 
black widows HP is a collective whole so it took me 3 shots with 
a level 2 blizzard materia to end this one. 

                     --Mission Objective--
                   --Defeat the Dual Horn--
                  --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at B-9++

The map for this area is pretty large considering the tight 
corridors and narrow streets that litter the main game. But 
you're going to need all the extra room you can get for this 
mission. Start off by running straight forward towards the 
massive land bridge in the middle of the map. A pack of guard 
hounds will leap off the bridge and swarm you at this point, but 
they should drop with one shot from your Cerberus (the red ones 
might take two). Pick off a few if you want, but the guard 
hounds regenerate indefinitely. Their mainly there to provide 
you with ammo, potions, ethers, and chains. Anyways, before you 
get to the bridge hang a right and run towards the waterfall. 
Once there, a cactuar should spawn towards the back of the 
waterfall. Kill it and claim the Limit Breaker. Continue on 
North past the land bridge. At this point your main objective 
will come bounding out from behind some rocks. This will 
probably be your first encounter with a Dual Horn, and this one 
in praticular takes a while to kill. Use whatever weapon you 
want but always move away from it, try to get around it if 
possible, because you can inflict more damage from behind. Your 
conventional weapons hardly do any damage to this beast. So use 
your Limit Breaker whenever you feel like it. The only problem 
with the Limit Breaker is that you can't move and fire at the 
same time. So jump and use the circle button to fire off three 
quick fireballs, retreat, and repeat the process until it wears 
off. Well, the guard hounds can be a nuisance so start killing 
them. Their present so you can build up your chain meter, thus 
doing more damage to the Dual Horn. As well as providing items, 
they make this battle go by much quicker. Just keep running 
backwards and shooting the hounds until you build up a good 
chain and then take a few shots at the Dual Horn. Remember, a 
chain breaks as soon as you get attacked so keep that in mind. 
I've found the Cerberus probably works the best for this mission 
(If you have the Ultima Weapon i guess that would make this an 
even shorter battle). But just keep strafing, using chains, 
running backwards and firing. Also, try to get around to the back 
of it, you'll do more damage from behind. But this can be rather 
difficult. Anyways just have some patience, and it will fall 

Vincent the Mage...........................................vin36

                    --Mission Objectives-- 
            --Defeat 100 Enemies Using Only Magic--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Green Capsule available at C-12++

The first mission that requires a death toll of 100 enemies, oh
joy. This may sound menacing, and in some ways it is, but this 
mission should only take you about 13 or 14 min. or even less. 
You can't use ammunition for this level and your melee attacks 
do 0 damage so your stuck with magic. Start off by grabing as 
many ethers and spirit rations as you can, but don't worry about 
exhausting your supply, they regenerate. And basically just 
start decreasing the enemies ranks via magic. I found fire 
magic works great because it has a large blast radius, which 
helps to eliminate multiple enemies at once. The enemies consist
of red guard hounds, sword soldiers, dual horns, and deepground
soldiers with jet packs. None of the enemies have guns except 
for the jet pack guys. If any of them start attacking you, kill
them ASAP. But other then that, you probably shouldn't lose to 
much HP, as long as your moving constantly. If you do get low 
on HP you might have noticed the buildings with the blue laser 
grids blocking the entrance. There's one in the south, upper 
north, and lower north part of your map. The only way to get
the cardkeys is to kill the dual horns. A good way to kill the 
dual horns is to try to build up a chain by killing lesser 
enemies and then shooting 2 or 3 blizzard blasts at the dual 
horns. But anyways, the items in each building are as follows:

Upper North End         South End            Lower North End     
Potion x2               Potion x2            Potion x2
Phoenix Down            X-Potion x2          Elixir 

There's plenty of ethers and spirit rations littered throughout 
the level so don't be worried about running out of magic. And
besides the red guard hounds drop red ethers probably 70% of
the time. This mission is farily easy, you should be able to 
get through without even needing any of the items in the 

Deep Labyrinth.............................................dee37

                       --Mission Objective--
                     --Locate the Goal Point--
                     --Conditions for Defeat--
                          --Suffer a KO--
                          --Time Limit--

++Secret Mission available at K-15++

Deep Labyrinth was the first mission that I died in. I died many 
times before I actually figured out how to go about this level. 
First order of business is to go forward and kill the 3 soldiers 
that come from behind the boxes to your right. Three shots with 
your Cerberus is all you will need for them. Continue on and 
grab the cardkey in the red room behind them (from this point 
forward when i say to get the cardkeys just look for the red 
rooms in each section). The next section has 4 DG soldiers. The 
first one is right in front of you, and for some reason, will not
take any damage for a few seconds after he appears. So as soon as
you see the 0/4 appear at the top of the screen, back up into the 
hallway you just came from and press yourself against the right 
hand wall. Wait a few sec. and then strafe to your left and use 
your Cerberus to take out the two guys in front of you. Next, 
come in the room and head to your right, there's a guy behind a 
box here but two quick shots should kill him. Head to the 4 boxes 
stacked on each other in the middle, move the camera and you can 
see a DG soldier a little ways in front of the laser grid. Strafe 
to the right and take him out quickly. Grab the 2 cardkeys, and 
continue on. After your through the two laser grids I would 
advise you to equip your blast machine gun before you go any 
further. If you don't have it just use your Cerberus or your 
Griffon. The blast machine gun comes in handy here because your 
going to be attacked by 3 DG heavy swordsmen. You can knock all 
three over with the BMG and then finish them off with your 
Cerberus while there laying on the ground. Continue on and a 0/7 
will pop up almost instantaneously. This section seemed impossible 
to me at first, but then i realized there's an explosive barrel 
right above them which will kill them all simultaneously. Just 
equip your Hydra and get behind the wall to your left as soon as 
the 0/7 comes up. Make sure the sniper scope is on your Hydra and 
zoom in right above the DG soldier group. You should see the 
explosive barrel, just shoot it once and viola. ^.^ The only 
problem here is as soon as you step out from behind your wall they 
will bombard you with bullets. So, hopefully you can find the 
barrel quickly. Grab the cardeys and continue on. 

The next section pits you against 20 red saucers. Don't worry,
they're all behind that wall of boxes in front of you. So equip
your griffon or blast machine gun, and go around to the right or 
left of the box wall and start firing away. There isen't much 
stradegy to this part, except kill as many as you can, as quickly 
as you can, before they get a chance to retaliate. Get the 
cardkeys and continue. The next area pits you against 2 shield 
robots and 4 soldiers. At the beginning run to your left behind 
the boxes and try to shoot the one DG soldier behind the shield 
guys before you get behind the box barricade. The shield guys 
rush over to you, so just use melee attacks for them. Strafe out 
from behind your barricade to your right and take out the guy too
the left of the pillar. Get behind the pillar and strafe out too
your right or left and kill the next guy. There should be only 
one enemy left. Once you get to the pillar with the boxes next to
it in the next room, our remaining enemy will come charging out
at you. So kill him with whatever weapon you still have ammo left
in. Once you get the cardkeys you'll probably notice there are 
two blue laser grids in this section. Open the one that's at F-12
or the one to your west. There's a Hi-Potion and another cardkey 
in here. You'll probably be needing the Hi-Potion by now anyways.
Continue on and you'll come to a room with a white capsule, an
explosive barrel, and a red box. Shoot the barrel to unlock a 
secret mission. Alright, I apologize for not telling you in the
first version of this FAQ that in order to obtain the items in 
the red box you must first exit this level and beat Boxemon. Once 
your finished with Boxemon come back to this level, equip your 
Griffon or BMG and shoot the red box to reveal a plethora of 
items that are vital to completing this level (for me anyways). 
Continue on and you'll eventually get boxed in by laser grids, 
and floating mines will slowly drift your way. Just use your 
Hydra or Cerberus to make quick work of them. The next area puts 
you up against a black widow, this would be challenging if you 
didn't have 3 Limit Breakers. As long as you got the items in the 
red box just use a Limit Breaker for this part. Jumping up and 
mashing the circle button for the three fireball attack works the 
best. If you don't want to use a Limit Breaker, magic works great 
here also. Get the cardkeys, and continue on. Next you'll be 
facing four ostrich looking monsters. Very simple, just use your 
Cerberus for this. Use a cardkey at D-7 to get a potion and 
another cardkey, but at this point you should have more then 
enough healing items anyways. Anyways, keep going and you'll 
encounter 3 rocket launching soldiers. Just strafe left and right
and keep firing. Another item door at E-3 if your interested. 
Next section will have 4 guys rush out from behind some pillars. 
Fire materia, blast machine gun, or just your trusty Cerberus 
work fine for them. 3 elite soldiers with machine guns will come 
out from behind the boxes once you get closer, use whatever 
weapon you want for them. There's another laser grid here with an 
item behind it at J-7. Next section we have 4 mutated bugs, easy 
stuff. And they'll probably all drop red potions or red ethers, 
and if you got the items in the red box, the rest of this level 
should be a breeze. Next section has about 10 guys with swords 
barreling down on you. BMG works great to get them all on the 
ground, and then finish them off with your Cerberus. Item door at 
L-8. This next section can be a problem if you come in 
unprepared. 3 cactuars will come in through the door at the end 
of the hall once you get close enough, make sure you have some 
magic in your bar, and when all three get in, use your fire magic 
to kill them all at once. Last section! and I must say it's about 
time. 10 bullet proof soldiers will come at you, which would be 
really difficult if you didn't have any Limit Breakers, and you 
should still have two left, so go ahead and use them. But one 
Limit Breaker should suffice. After there gone grab the cardkey, 
unlock the laser grid, and your finished... phew!


                     --Mission Objective--
                     --Defeat 3 Cactuars--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--

==Secret Mission==

I can't really help out on this one much, it's a luck based 
mission in all honesty. The location of the cactuars resets 
every time you try it. So, just randomly choose a box and hope 
that there's one of the three cactuars in it. Also, if your 
unfortunate enough to get the box with the dual horn in it, I'd 
advise you restart the mission. But anyways, good luck! ^_^

Gatling in the Wastes......................................gat39

                      --Mission Objective--
            --Earn 500 Points Within the Time Alotted--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                         --Time Limit--
                         --5 Minutes--

++Green Capsule available at F-9, this one can be hard to get 
because you need magic to destroy it, but you start off with a 
depleted magic bar and no ethers on the field. What you need to
do is keep killing cactuars until one of them drops an ether, 
sooner or later it will happen (probably by the end of the 
level). Then run to the F-9 area and look up, it's way up there 
on top of a torch. It's not going to be easy to hit with tons 
of enemies on top of you either so good luck++

As the title suggests, you will be Gatling in the Wastes. 
Basically you sit down at a gatling gun turrent and lay waste 
to the encroaching enemies.  There is a turrent to your right as
soon as you start the level, but I'd advise you jump off the land
bridge your on and look behind you. You'll find a turrent right 
in in the middle of the slopes that allow you to get up on the 
land bridge. This one is ground level and I've found it more 
useful for taking out more enemies in a less amount of time. The 
emus or ostriches or whatever the hell they are are worth 5 
points, the normal blue guard hounds are 1 point, the red guard
hounds are 3 points, the cactuars are 20 points, and the dual 
horns are worth 30 points. If your down on the turrent that I
suggested and your getting surrounded, hold down the R1 button, 
(which you should be doing anyways) aim down, and spin yourself
around left or right. That way you can take out any stragglers 
that are right below or next to you. This mission isen't to hard,
and it goes by really quick if your fortunate enough to get a lot
of dual horns and cactuars. 

Lord of the Jungle.........................................lor40

                      --Mission Objective--
                     --Defeat the Gargoyles--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                         --Suffer a KO--
                          --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at J-7, it's around the J-7 area in a 
section very heavy with trees and foliage. Just keep looking for
it and you'll eventually stumble upon it.++

If you check your map you'll notice there are 7 flashing red 
beacons.  These are the areas in which each gargoyle is 
residing, so you can approach this any way you please. Of course
you'll have to dispose of the first gargoyle in the circle area 
you're currently in. When a gargoyle appears, he usually has a 
band of other monsters that generate at the same time alongside
him. Instead of wasting ammo, concentrate on the gargoyle and as 
soon as he dies, all his cohorts go with him. Again the Cerberus 
is probably the best weapon of choice (or Ultima Weapon). Every 
time you murder a gargoyle, they'll drop a cardkey, use that to 
open up whichever laser grid you desire. This level is pretty
self-explanatory but there are a few areas that probably need to
be addressed. The big oval section with the red dot at D-7 on 
your map, you have to clear out all the enemies on the path. And 
then the gargoyle appears on the small hill in the middle of the 
circular path with all the foliage on it. And remember, when you
encounter the gargoyles just concentrate on killing them and 
forget about the other enemies. Also, the section around H-4 can
be quite problematic. This due in part to the vast amount of 
tress in this section. The red hounds are very annoying, but 
try your best to concentrate on the gargoyle, who has a tendency 
to hover quite high in this praticular area. So, aim high and 
keep moving. Other then that, you shouldn't run into any other
problems. But as soon as you kill all 7 gargoyles and think 
you're finished, the screen will shake and an 8th section will 
be added for your enjoyment. Head to I-6, or the dialpidated 
building section. For the most part, this level had been pretty
easy up until this point. But now we have all seven gargoyles 
back and with a vengence. First, try to get a few shots in 
before you retreat from the buildings doorway. Back out of the
doorway into the jungle and then just wait for them to come to 
you. The usual, strafe, run backwards, and shoot applies here, 
but this part sucks. They will hit you with there energy blasts 
relentlessly. I've found the BMG (or blast machine gun) works 
pretty well here. But don't fight them in the destroyed building, 
there's not enough room to fight 7 gargoyles in there. Anyways, 
good luck with this last trial, because it's not easy. >.<

Cait Versus the World......................................cai41

                       --Mission Objective--
                      --Defeat 100 Enemies-- 
                     --Conditions for Defeat--
                          --Suffer a KO--
                          --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at J-6++

I hate this mission. It's certainly one of the worst, this one 
along with Missilebreaker Deathmatch are (for me) the most 
horrid missions out of the 46. There are 3 mog dolls in this 
level. Each mog doll restores about 300 HP so use them when you 
need to. But considering there are 100 enemies to deplete, use 
these like prescription pain killers....sparingly. Since you 
probably don't want to check your map in the midst of battle, 
since as you probably already figured out the game dosen't 
freeze when you pull up your triangle menu like it does in the 
main game. So I'll give you coordinates for the mog dolls, but 
it will probably benefit you more if I just try to describe 
their locations. The first one is to your right in a train car, 
the only train car in which you can jump inside of. The 
corrdinates for it are the J-8, J-9 area. For the second, 
find some boxes in which Cait can jump on and get up to the 
section where you can run along planks to the tops of the 
trains. When running along one of the planks, look for a fire
on the top of one of the long rectangular boxes, on that 
rectangle box is a normal box with two barrels on top. 
Inbetween the barrels is the mog doll. Corrdinate is H-10. The 
last mog doll is in the west side against a wall, if your 
having trouble finding it the corrdinate is B-8. Again you'll 
probably end up using all of these, but only use them when you 
need to. As for fighting using Cait Sith? It's absolute hell.
Cait has three different attacks: a flailing double arm attack,
followed up by a backflip kick attack, and finally into a jump
reverse outer crescent kick attack (well something along those 
lines). Timing is key to beating this. Blue guard hounds take 
one hit to kill, but their quick and Caits attacks are pretty 
slow. Also, the problem with his attacks is there's a delay 
inbetween each one, which makes things very problematic. 
Anyways, watch out for the red guard hounds because they're 
very unpredictable. They'll try to run around to the back of 
you and attack from behind. I was thinking while playing this 
"Have some mercy! I'm Cait Sith of all people". After you kill
about 20 or so hounds, the mutated bugs will come out. If your 
surrounded, (which you probably will be most of the time) don't
be afraid to use your full 3 attacks, the last jumping spinning 
kick takes out alot of enemies and does a good amount of damage.
The bugs of course take more hits to kill but when you go after 
them make sure you line things up correctly so you don't get 
attacked in the down time inbetween your combo. Later we'll have
Sahagins attack you (or turtles with spears). These guys are 
actually the easiest enemy you'll encounter. By the way, 
building up chains helps tremendously in this level, but it can
be difficult to do. After the sahagins, sword soldiers come out.
These guys are fast and can murder you quickly, but if you get
a good chain going you can just go around doing the arm flail 
attack and they drop quickly. At the end (at about 80 or so 
kills) you'll be attacked by sahagins, bugs, swordsmen, and the 
ever presistent blue and red guard hounds. This level will 
probably take a few tries but you'll get the hang of it 
eventually. But god, I hate this level.  

Missilebreaker Melee.......................................mis42

                     --Mission Objective--
                 --Survive the Missle Assault--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--
                         --3 Minutes--

++Yellow Capsule available at G-10++
++Another Yellow Capsule available at I-7++

If you think this is bad, wait until Missilebreaker Deathmatch. 
Anyways, this level pits you against a Dragonfly helicopter 
firing missiles at you. You can't attack the Dragonfly so your
left to shoot the missles down before they hit your. You have 
to survive this for 3 minutes, and it's not that hard for about
2 of the 3 minutes, but for the last min. you might have some
problems. At the beginning peddle backwards and grab the two
Hi-Potions on your left and right side. Use your Cerberus or 
whatever weapon you want for the first two missles that come 
at you. FYI, you can use melee attacks to deflect the missles,
but I found this very difficult to do. I'd advise just 
sticking with your weapons. After a few volleys of two missles
at a time, the Dragonfly will start adding in one or two extra
missles for you to deal with. At about this time (about 2:15 on 
the clock) you might want to start using your Griffon or BMG if 
you have it. The only problem with this is you have to wait a 
little longer before you bullets will actually hit the missles
but you need the quickness of the Griffon to take all the 
missles out before they annihilate you. In my opinion, the best
way to go about destroying the missiles is to alternate. 
Destroy one on the left and then one on the right, and so on 
and so forth. Just keep switching between sides and you should 
be OK. And always remember to reload between vollys. This 
mission isen't onerous until about the last 45 sec. in which 
your going to want to make sure you have the Griffon or BMG
equip and fire like mad. 

Collector's Mind...........................................col43

                    --Mission Objective--
                  --Collect the EX Medals--
                  --Conditions for Defeat--
              --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit-- 
                       --Time Limit--
                        --5 Minutes--

++Yellow Capsule available at D-5++

This mission is actually enjoyable in my opinion. And that's a 
blessing considering the last 2 missions. It's timed and the 
time limit is not very accommodating. But if you know exactly 
where to go and exactly where the EX medals are you can get this 
done in a little over 4 minutes. Start off by grabbing the 
Potion at the bottom of the stairs to your left. Head up, and
stop when you see a red laser grid, kill the guy on the other 
side of it before you continue up the stairs. A little ways up 
the stairs they'll be another soldier staring at the wall with
his back to you. Once the stairs end you'll be out on a walkway.
Don the Hydra and zoom in to your right and take out the guy 
near the end of the walkway. Down the stairs, and after awhile, 
you'll be on the other side of the red laser grid where you 
killed your first soldier, pick up the first EX medal here. Go
down the stairs, and follow the path to some more stairs. 
Your next EX medal is at the top. Now, turn around and jump off
towards the house on your left, your goal is to land on the left
side of that laser grid below you. Go into the house, and up the 
stairs, kill the guy next to the window and claim your 3rd EX 
Medal. Go back out of the house and you should be in the big
courtyard aread. Once here stick to the left wall and you should 
come to some stairs heading up. Take those and then run towards 
the house at the end. 2 DG soldiers will run out of the house 
and ambush you. After your finished with them run past the house, 
and turn to your left. You should see some boxes strewed about 
haphazardly, jump up these and you should see the next medal. 
A soldier will drop down right on top of it so be careful. Ok, 
now go inside the house and up two flights of stairs. You'll end 
up in a room full of boxes, go towards the north window and walk 
right out of it onto another walkway. Turn to your left and take 
out the solider next to another medal (you should have 5 at this
point). Run along the long walkway until you get to a church with
a wooden plank running across the gap from the church and the 
walkway your on, be careful not to fall here! Once inside the 
church head to your left, grab the medal, and drop down. The next
medal should be right next to you by the Mako point. Turn around 
and kill the guy in the doorway, and run outside. Turn to your 
right and you should see the next medal hanging in the air, jump
off the ledge and claim it. Once you hit the ground turn right
and go up the stairs to where you just came from. Go past the 
church again, and turn left at the corner. You should see a tight
alleyway going back behind the church. Theres a soldier back 
there so take him out and grab your next medal. Only 6 more left!
Alright, now go back in the church, and run towards the alter in 
front of you, right behind the alter is a doorway, take that to a
ladder. Once up the ladder, you'll be on the other balcony area 
of the church. Keep going straight threw the small door. Now you 
have alot of ladder climbing to do. At the top kill the soldier 
and grab the medal. Fall down the hole where you just came from 
back onto the balcony area, turn right and you'll be on another 
walkway area. Follow that until you get to an area with a white
destructable box in front of you. Do not continue along the path,
instead turn right and drop down into the area with the pile of 
boxes and the ladder, another medal is down there. Head back up
and continue along the walkway. Grab the obvious medal at the 
end of the walkway and then head into the house. After you've 
gone down the two flights of stairs you'll enocounter a bullet
proof soldier, hopefully you stepped in the Mako point at the
church. But even that will warrent you only one shot of magic.
One magic blast won't kill him so finish him off with melee 
attacks but make sure you don't fall off the edge and into the 
courtyard, that's the last thing you want at this point. Turn 
left out of the door and get the next medal. Jump down into the
courtyard area and run along the right side, inbetween the house
you were just in and the next house over you should see a medal
to your right in an alleyway. After that turn around and 
continue alongside the right wall to the area with the white 
item box. Don't bother with the item, it's just a Limit Breaker
and you don't need it at this point. In the right hand corner of
this area is a guy guarding your last medal, shoot him, get the
medal and your finished! ^_^

Vincent the Destroyer......................................vin44

                     --Mission Objective--
                    --Defeat 100 Targets--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at D-5++

This level had me perplexed in terms of how to go about beating
it. But I figured out what i consider a foolproof method to do 
this. Start out by shooting down the first 10 flying mines in 
front of you. You shouldn't even have to move from your starting 
location, the first 4 or so just use the Cerberus. Then use the
Hydra for the next few since they spawn a ways away from you. 
Anyways, after you tally up 10 kills, turn around and go over 
the skinny bridge on your left, make sure your quick about this 
to. Once over the narrow bridge hang a left towards an explosive
barrel. Follow this until you get to two narrow bridges, one 
on your left, and one on your right. Take the one on your left. 
Once you start getting close to the first turn on this narrow
bridge that goes to the right, turn around and you'll probably 
have 3 mines following you, destroy them quickly. If you can do 
this you shouldn't have anymore problems with the remaining 87
enemies. Anyways, continue on and get to the very end of this 
long bridge, stand at the end, equip your Hydra and you should 
be set. The mines will have a long ways to go before they get
to you, so you should have plenty of time to pick them off 
before they even get close. Expecially if your using the Hydra,
which has tremendous range. When you run out of ammo with the
Hydra, (which is inevitable) just start using your other guns. 
Also, I forgot to point this out, but if you fall off the 
ledges be aware that you'll have 3 sec. to get back up, but 
this basically translates to instant death 98% of the time.

Rains of Gehenna...........................................rai45

                     --Mission Objective--
                   --Collect the EX Medals--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at J-13, jump off the bridge at the end
of the level and melee attack it.++

Patience. This level requires a vast amount of patience, so be
prepared to sink some time into this one. As you might have 
noticed you have hardly any ammo in your guns, so being accurate
and getting head shots is extremely important, at least for the
first half of this mission. Start by equiping your Hydra, moving
forward a little ways, aiming up, and taking out the sniper on 
the bridge. Come out from the corner a little ways and zoom in 
towards the north, and on the top of the cliffs you should see a
massive self-operating gun turrent. Shot it right in the middle 
where that blue dot is. Come out from your corner just a litte 
bit more, aim up and right next to you is a sniper on top of a 
hill with a blue laser grid. After he's gone you can finally go 
out and grab the white item briefcase. After you have that, 
stand in that exact location and aim straight down to the north.
Another sniper lurks by some rocks. Run to the left a little, 
and zoom in towards the north east corner, by the broken bridge
piece in front of you. There will be a sniper back there. Run up
the bridge piece, when your close to the top of it, aim towards
the north again, over top of the tower structure. You should see
a sniper and a rocket launching soldier. Pan to your left and 
there should be another rocket launching guy on the hill. After 
he's gone aim down to the left of the tower, and there's another
sniper there. Alright! It's finally time to actually grab some
EX Medals, theres one in obvious view by the red laser grid, 
which you might have already picked up. Another is below the 
bridge your on, and another is in plain view over in the corner
where some more Rifle ammo is. After you have those, head 
towards the tower, before you get there aim inbetween the 
pillars of the tower and take out another Turrent. Also before
you get to the tower, past the cliff face on your left is a 
sniper laying in wait. So make sure you kill him before you 
continue on. To the right of tower is a path leading upwards, 
there's some rifle ammo there which you'll probably need. Once
your at the tower aim inbetween the pillars again and downwards
towards the right side of the cliff face and you should see a
rocket launching soldier. Get the medal underneath the tower 
and head to your left, drop down and get your 5th medal. Head 
up the path but before you get to a section of collapsed 
bridge, aim towards the still intact piece of bridge and move
your aim a little to the left and you should see another 
sniper. Get the ammo under the collapsed bridge section. Once 
here aim dead ahead for another sniper over yonder. Come out
from underneath the bridge section and run up on top of it
for another medal. Backpedal to the path to the right of the 
tower that goes up. Once you get to that small grassy section 
on the path stop and aim to the west across the chasm you've 
been in for another sniper. Follow the path and claim the next
medal at the top. Once you get it, jump off back into the gorge
and continue on. Oh, and don't forget the ammo up there as 
well. Anyways, stop when you can see the building at the end of
this path and use your Hydra to zoom in the take out the two
turrents guarding the doorway. Head a little further in but be
wary of a sniper hiding just over that outcropping of rock in 
front of you. After he's gone run towards the building. Stop 
when you get close to the door. There are 2 rocket launching
soliders on either side of the door just waiting to annihilate 
you. For the one on the right side position yourself diagonal 
towards his location and kill him without having to enter the 
room, this can be hard but it's a much better alternative then 
rushing in there with both of them. I found it hard to use this 
strategy on the other guy so just run in there and usually his 
shot will miss, so kill him quick once you get in there. Grab 
the medal and your done! Actually no your not, I'm sorry, 
that's only the first half unfortunatly. :( 

After you get the 8th medal a cardkey will materialize. Grab it
and head back to that laser grid you probably saw earlier while
coming down the gorge. Use your cardkey and backtrack all the 
way to your starting point, theres a ladder back here and it 
leads up to an Elixor. Head back to the laser grid you used the
cardkey on and head up the steps. There's a rocket launcher guy
at the top. After he's gone you'll be attacked by some swordsmen
who are easy and will supply you with some much needed ammo. A
little forewarning, these sword guys will come in pairs for 
what seems like an eternity, but they aren't infinite, they will
stop spawning if you kill enough. Anyways, head up the hill and
turn to your right. Take out the 3 guys protecting the building,
go in the building and to your right is a DG soldier with an 
overwhelming machine gun, needless to say, finish him fast.
Grab the items and leave. Outside the building there is a sniper
and a rocket launcher guy on your right. Head to your right and 
hug the walls. Once you get close to the tower area you'll be 
confronted by 3 elite DG soldiers with machine guns. After their
finished, grab the medal under the tower, you should have 10 now.
Get back to hugging the wall, and continue on. There's a medal 
on your left when your running along the wall. You'll know where
it is because an enemy will drop down right in front of you when
your by it. Continue on, dead ahead is a sniper walking around, 
to your left on top of a broken bridge is another rocket launcher
soldier. Head down that dilapidated bridge for your 12th medal.
Come back up, next to the buildings, aim east towards the gorge
and you should see two enemies. Next to them is another medal.
Alright, you should probably be at the position of C-8 or D-8 
on your map, at this point a surplus of enemies should come 
out from behind the rocks. Use the Hydra, which you should be
using anyways because sniping throughout this whole level is 
the best option. Around the corner of that building is more 
DG elites, and some more snipers, you should have alot to kill
at this point. Once there ranks are depleted you should be pretty 
free to roam around and collect your medals. Run out across the 
field to about H-8 for another medal. FYI, while your over here, 
there will probably be a few snipers you missed firing away at
you, so just be cautious. Out on a precipice at about I-10 is 
another medal. Go back towards the buildings, if you didn't 
already get the medal in the doorway with the pillars, it's
at D-9. You should have 15 now. Get the medal under the other 
tower, and then grab the next medal diagonal to your postion, 
which is in the corner in an alcove, next to a door. Goodness, 
this level takes a long time, but don't worry the last three are
all in one place. Head up towards the tall building towards the 
east. It has a red laser grid in front of the doorway. Also, 
I might as well list this, you should see a red memory capsule 
suspended in the air a ways from the bridge, you have to jump off
the bridge and melee attack it to destroy it. Anyways, as for 
the last 3 medals, you need to jump in there with the dual horn, 
(I know it's tragic) and grab the last three with haste and just 
hope you don't get gored. But at least now your finally done with 
this time-consuming mission.

Vincent the Grappler.......................................vin46

                     --Mission Objective--
          --Defeat 100 Enemies Using Only Melee Attacks--
                   --Conditions for Defeat-- 
                        --Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at J-11, like I stated below, you must
murder a cactuar in order to get a cardkey which will in turn
unlock the blue laser grid with the capsule inside of it. The 
laser grid is in the southeast corner. Or from your starting 
location, diagonal to your right.++

Be thankful this is nothing like that accursed Cait Sith level.
This is actually extremely easy. First line of business is to 
equip the Power Cross and the Bayonet Rifle if you have them. 
You don't need them but they make this battle go buy a lot 
faster. If you actually leveled up your Power Cross you should 
breeze through this level even quicker. Anyways, after you have
one or both of the items equipped switch to that weapon and 
start melee attacking. You'll be up against: guard hounds, 
normal swordsmen, heavy swordsmen, gargoyles, and the 
occasional cactuar who dosen't actually attack you, but if your
lucky enough to kill one you'll be rewarded with a cardkey, 
which you can use to unlock the laser grid with items or the 
laser grid with a red memory capsule. Anyways, the gargoyles 
give you Hi-Potions, and the heavy swordsmen give you X-Potions. 
Use chains and this level goes by very quickly. 

Red and Blue...............................................red47

                     --Mission Objective--
                   --Defeat Azul and Rosso--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at G-12, side note; there is no sound 
gallery capsule in this level, if you've read the capsule 
location guide in the cheat codes & secrets section of gamefaqs 
(which is invaluable by the way, and helped me find many of the 
capsules). That capsule is instead in the Messenger from Hell 

Going into this mission I thought I was up for a challenge, but
I ended up beating it in 25 seconds while sustaining about 60 
damage. You shouldn't need any help on this one, just equip your
Cerberus and take out Rosso first. Strafe around constantly and 
finish off Azul. They weren't difficult in the main game and 
that still applies here. In fact, they're much easier in the 
extra missions.

Stygian Sewers.............................................sty48

                    --Mission Objective--
                  --Retrieve the EX Medal--
                  --Conditions for Defeat--
              --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                       --Time Limit--
                       --15 Minutes--

++Red Capsule available at K-4++

You have 15 Minutes to complete this mission, but I suppose 
Square decided to be merciful with the time limit on this one, 
because you should only need about 7 or 8 minutes to get through
this mission. Turn right at the very beginning and you should 
see some stairs and a tunnel on your left, look down the tunnel
and try to take out the soldier at the end, but he might move 
away after taking a few hits. After him another DG soldier will 
come running down the tunnel, kill him. Now your free to look at 
your map without being attacked as long as you killed both 
enemies. If you missed the guy with the rocket launcher just 
backpeddle to your starting location to use your map. If you 
bring up your map you'll notice this level moves in basically 
a large circle formation. Your objective is to get to J-6 on 
your map. There are many tunnels and stairs and ladders that 
are basically here to disorient you. But if you get lost just
look at your map and make sure you going in the right direction
(towards J-6). Don't rush this level, because there are some 
powerful enemies laying in wait for you around corners, on 
bridges, and everywhere else inbetween. Certain deviations from
the main path will warrent you items, so don't be afraid to 
look for them, the time limit is generous enough. A section 
that I sould address is the first part after you run down the 
first tunnel with all the braches running off of it. At the end 
is a plethora of soldiers waiting for you. Two of them have 
machine guns that, for some reason, never need reloading. I 
would advise taking the path to your right, (right before you 
get into the area with all the soldiers) and take the ladder
up. If you look around there is an explosive barrel down on 
ground level in front of them by the gigantic pillar. Just 
shoot that and save yourself some HP. Of course you don't want
to always follow the main route. Like in the next section after
the one I was just talking about. There might be a black widow 
at the end of the tunnel, if that's the case, just take a side 
route to the right and bypass him. All these alternative paths 
basically lead to the same destination, just keep checking your 
map and you'll be fine. Later, around the F-13/E-13 area you'll 
notice your progress will be impeded by blue laser grids that 
require a cardkey. If your not already on the second story 
floor, find a ladder and climb up. You should find a section 
with laser grids that are not operational yet at E-13. As soon 
as you run over them, they activate and your stuck in this 
small room with 4 swordsmen. After they're gone go through the 
tunnel on the left and get the cardkey, now you can continue 
on. Note, there are two laser grids in which you can go 
through, but they both end up leading to the same place. So, 
choose whichever one you want and continue on. I just now 
realized this, so I better point it out, you know that guy with 
the rocket launcher at the start of the level? Chances are you 
didn't kill him right away because he does have a lot of HP. 
But this guy is omnipresent and will pretty much follow you 
through the whole level if you don't kill him. He's annoying 
because he runs away all the time, but try to kill him before 
he becomes a liability. After your through the blue grid, you 
should find yourself in the last section. If you came in 
through the bottom laser grid, turn to your left and you'll see 
a DG soldier with a rocket launcher. That's the guy with the EX 
Medal your looking for. After you kill him and get up next to 
the medal, a heavy swordsmen will spawn next to you on a box. 
The great part about this is that he'll get stuck on the box 
and you can just stand there and kill him without any 
resistance. Get his cardkey, open the grid, grab the medal, and 
viola! >.<    

Messenger from Hell........................................mes49

                     --Mission Objective--
                --Escape from the Megastructure--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                        --Time Limit--
                        --3 Minutes--

++Green Capsule available at F-15, this one is right in front of
you where all the enemies are spawning at the beginning of the 
level. Problem is, you have no magic. You have to run up a ways 
until you see a Mako point, once you get some magic, backtrack 
through the enemies and back to the green capsule on the other
side of the red laser grid.++

Having a time limit on this mission is kind of redundant but I'm
not complaining. The enemies are invincible so don't bother 
shooting them, just turn around at the start of the level, equip 
your Cerberus or your Griffon and start runnning. Just shoot the 
boxes that are blocking your path on the way up. If you get 
a chain going the boxes break with one shot. At the top of the 
ramps you'll probably see your destination. Right before you get
to it, a pile of boxes materializes and blocks your escape. The 
boxes get their own boss health meter! I thought that was 
terrific, but just shoot anywhere at the mass of boxes and your 
free. This level only takes about a minute and is extremely 


                     --Mission Objective-- 
                   --Locate the Goal Point--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
               --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                        --Time Limit--
                        --15 Minutes--

++Secret Mission available at F-8++

This mission is fairly simple and quite unremarkable, there is a 
time limit to take note of but you should be able to finish this 
in about 9 or 10 minutes. From the starting point, walk right 
a smidgen, aim out the doorway, and up towards the top of a 
very large tower. Make sure you have your sniper scope on your 
Hydra, aim to the top of the tower and kill the sniper. Pan down 
with your crosshair and you should see an explosive barrel atop 
a white cargo box. Shoot the white box and you'll unlock the next
secret mission. Take your zoom off, and move to the left a 
little. Aim out the door again and up on a roof you should see 
another sniper with an explosive barrel next to him. After him, 
your next sniper is closer to you just over a sand dune to your 
right. You can exit the building now. When you get out to a 
stony area in the sand, zoom in to the left at the bottom of a 
sand dune for another sniper. Once he's gone swordsmen will 
materalize in pairs. This goes on for a little while but just 
stand your ground if you want and kill all the waves. There 
might be a DG elite to your left by a small tower. And also, 
take care of another sniper way over yonder behind the small 
tower to your right. Don't underestimate the range of the snipers
in this level, and be wary of the damage they can inflict. One 
shot from a sniper should take a good 350 HP off your bar. 
Anyways after you get the sniper who's behind a sand dune past
the small tower, head to your right. There's another sniper 
behind a wrecked piece of road near the main huge tower structure
so kill him as soon as he comes into view. After he's gone you 
should be free to run into the Southeast corner and grab a 
phoenix down. Travel along the Eastern wall and you'll approach
a building with a sniper in front of it. Watch out for that white
box in front of you, there's a mine right above it. If you 
destroy the mine, you'll get an Ether from the box. This next 
part is completely optional, but if you want, head into the 
building and you'll be up against 4 cactuars. After they're gone
a red box will appear, just shoot it with the Cerberus to get 
the Mine Detector. Finally, it's time to head to the large 
buliding in the middle of the level. Head to the north side of 
the building and once you get close enough you should see a blue
laser grid with a sniper behind it. After he's disposed of, go 
through the front door but walk slowly because there's a mine 
right in the doorway. Once inside, you'll be ambushed by 4
sahagins, or as I like to say, Donatello's failed experiments.
After the sahagins are gone look to your right and you should 
see an explosive barrel with a DG soldier next to it. Follow the
path outside and wait for the 3 or 4 swordsmen to jump down on 
top of you, after there gone climb the ladder next to you. At
the top watch out for a mine in the middle of the roof. Two 
soldiers will spawn at the small tower across from you. Continue
along the narrow pathway and pretty soon you'll encounter 3 more
enemies on the east small tower awaiting your arrival. It's easy
to fall off here but you should have plenty of time, so don't 
worry if you do fall a few times. After you kill the 3 DG's go 
around the corner to be confronted by 3 cactuars. They're a 
nuisance if they get a chance to attack so use fire magic if you 
have any MP, if you don't, just shoot them very quickly. Go 
forwards slowly because there's another mine in your way, 
destroy the mine and grab the cardkey. Jump down and continue 
north. Use your cardkey when prompted and run towards the center
of this desert. But before you get there, stop, and zoom in 
to your right to see a sniper next to a small building. Continue
on north towards the large sand dune. Once you get to the top, 3
sahagins will spawn below you and you'll probably notice another 
sniper in the northwest corner. After they're all dead you 
shouldn't have to worry to much more about enemies. Just walk 
towards the building in front of you very slowly, there's an 
overabundance of mines in front of the laser grid so just take 
your time and get rid of them. Getting rid of all these mines 
sucks, so be very careful. Actually, you don't need to dispose 
of all of them. Just clear yourself a path to the blue laser
grid but make sure you remember where your path is. Once you 
feel confident you've cleared enough mines out, head back 
towards that small building in the northeast corner. Once you 
get near it, two black widows will appear. I told you to go 
clear out a path through those mines because you probably don't
want to bother killing these guys. But if you have enough time 
to kill them, that would probably be safer anyways. I was just 
to lazy to actually fight two of these things. Anyways, grab the
cardkey inside the building, head back to the blue laser grid 
with all the mines next to it and head in the building for a 
mission complete.

Chamber of Ghosts..........................................cha51

                     --Mission Objective--
                 --Exorcise the Undead Soldier--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

==Secret Mission==

I thought exorcising the undead involved a dogmatic priest and 
a vile of holy water... but I guess that's just me. Instead, 
you'll be exorcising this spirit through means of target 
practice. A red soldier will warp around the room much like 
Weiss did in the main game. He's very quick but he won't attack
you, so just keep firing and just hope you get lucky. Also, 
random enemies will run into the room, so make sure to take care 
of them when needed. As soon as their disposed of, advert your 
attention back towards the undead soldier. This mission might 
take awhile due to the undead soldiers speed and the random 
enemies that charge into the room. Oh yeah, building up chains
by killing the random enemies and then attacking undead helps
this go by quick, but you probably already knew that. Anyways, I 
can't really help you out much with this one so...............
good luck! ^.^

Deep Tower.................................................dee52

                    --Mission Objective--
                 --Take Control of the Tower--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Yellow Capsule available at K-8++

This level may sound onerous but I ended up beating it my first
attempt. You'll be up against 100 DG soldiers with rocket 
launchers, so it's redundant to say be careful and strafe pretty
much all the time when your combating these guys. The first 
section you'll be up against 10 soldiers, in fact almost every 
wave comes in groups of 20 or less. Buliding up chains is key to 
beating this level. And I would advise using your Cerberus for
the majority of the level, but there are a few instances where 
you'll want to switch to the Hydra. The first 10 will be in the 
center courtyard with 7 on ground level and 3 on the second 
floor. This mission basically revolves around whether or not 
your aim is precise enough to take out these guys fast enough. 
Once your done with a group of 10 advance to the next floor and 
so on and so forth. Sometimes you'll have to run around until 
you find the right location to initiate the nextgroup of 
enemies. Once you kill 50 soldiers  head back down the stairs to 
the bottom for the next 50. Needless to say, you'll be strafing 
alot but the rockets are pretty slow so that should warrant you 
enough time to evade them. When you have a deathtoll of 70 and 
you head down to the second floor and the 70/80 pops up, just 
use your Griffon for this part because all the soldiers will be 
in close proximity. The last 20 will be on the bottom floor, be 
careful with this part because the soldiers on the 2nd and 3rd 
floors can be a huge nuisance. As daunting as this level sounds, 
it's actually fairly simple. And remember, move around ALOT on 
this last section.

Cait Versus the Crimson....................................cai53

                     --Mission Objective--
                  --Defeat Rosso the Crimson--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at G-9++

Wow, this level sounded very arduous at first since the last 
level requiring you to use Cait was horrible. But actually, this 
is very simple. At the start run to the right or left of Rosso. 
Don't attack her yet, wait for her to attack you. She'll 
probably use a double slash attack with her Zidane blade. Just 
run around her and claw her as soon as her attack is finished.
Remember your only going to have time for one attack so don't 
get greedy and try for a combo. As soon as you finish your 
single attack, move out of the way. Don't run backwards, just
move to the right or left and she should attack again, 
(hopefully missing) so just move out of the way, attack, run 
around her again, etc. etc. etc. Just repeat this process until
she's dead. A side note; her attack in which she does a flury of
jump kicks is not a good time to claw her, she recovers from 
that attack quickly, so if she does do that attack, just wait
for a better oppurtunity. And, attack her side, not her back or 
front, the side seems to be the prime location. There are 3 mog
dolls in this area but it's a pretty small area, so just run 
around and you should be able to find them.

Shinra Manor Prime.........................................shi54

                      --Mision Objective-- 
                    --Locate the Goal Point--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                         --Time Limit--
                    --2 Minutes 40 Seconds--

++Green Capsule available at I-5, I couldn't find this one for 
awhile, but it's actually pretty simple. You know the section 
with the red laser grids and the rocket launching DG's behind 
them? Well, once you jump down into the first floor section, run
to your left and you should see a blocked off hallway with a 
green capsule at the end. If I were you I'd take out all the 
DG's in this section before you attempt to get this one.++

A race against the clock! The time limit is rigorous and will 
not afford you much leeway, so this level may take a few tries. 
I won't give you specific directions because all you have to do
is follow the item briefcases through the entire level. There's
only one enemy your going to have to kill in this level so 
don't worry about enemies and run full tilt. Anyways, there are
a few areas I should address such as the cave part. Once you 
get into the cave with the green lights, you'll see three 
barrels at one section, shoot the one on the right and continue 
through. Right after that you'll have some red laser grids on 
the ground that you need to jump over. You may run into some 
trouble on the 4th set down, your going to have to jump on top 
of the two grids and dash over to the other side. I don't know 
if this was a glitch or what, but I always have problems at 
this part. After the laser grids you'll come to a section with 
even more explosive barrels. Take the left branch here, and be 
careful not to get to close to the barrels when you destroy 
them. The next part with the pit and the inoperative platform 
section, you'll have to jump once and then wait for yourself to 
fall just a little before you initiate the second jump, and 
make sure you line it up correctly so you don't miss the 
platform. When you get to a narrow corridor with boxes littered 
about, get out your Griffon and make quick work of them. You 
should be going up the circular ramp at this point. There 
should be a little over one minute left on the clock. When you 
get the section with the stair cases going down to the foyer, 
(or the place where you fought the black widow) jump off the 
top and go for the three items that are lined up on the right 
side. There are soldiers behind the red laser grids who will be 
firing at you but, forget about don't bother with them and run 
through the doorway. Next section has alot of red laser grids. 
Just weave around them until you get to a section with some 
boxes stacked up on each other. Jump to your left and grab the 
Ether on the table. Use it right away and be prepared to fire 
some magic down the hallway at the soldier. Follow your magic 
shots up with bullets from one of your guns. This guy is 
annoying because your not left with much room to dodge his 
rockets, shoot the rockets if you have to. Continue on and keep 
following the item trail and you should arrive with a few 
seconds to spare. *_*

Rampart Rumble.............................................ram55

                      --Mission Objective--
                    --Locate the Goal Point--
                    --Conditions for Defeat-- 
                --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit-- 
                         --Time Limit--
                         --15 Minutes--
++Red capsule at M-11, this capsule can be a little tricky to get 
(Just look above you at the start of the level if your wondering 
where it is). Your going to need to wait until you get towards 
the end of the level, and find a ramp at the E-5 area in which 
you can climb up on. From there just follow a path towards the 
capsule and melee attack it.++ 

Interesting level we have here. If you turn around and look 
inside the building behind you, you'll notice Cait Sith is where
he belongs... behind bars. >.< But seriously, he's there for a 
reason which I will address later. Anyways, start off by heading 
down the path to your left. Around the corner you should see a 
DG comm. standing there, equip your Hydra and snipe him. He 
should drop a Limit Breaker, but if he dosen't, don't worry 
about it. At the door where you just killed this guy, is another
DG strolling around a wall, take him out if you want. Don't go
through that door but head towards the the northeastern corner 
towards the explosive barrel. Don't go through the doorway here, 
instead continue on along the path the wraps around and goes 
south. Follow this until you get to an open area with a blue 
laser grid and a DG standing to your left in a doorway, the 
idiots facing the wrong way so don't worry about him seeing you.
Keep going north, past the blue grid and follow the path until 
you get to the small black and red tower. You should see an 
opening in the wall to the east with a building on the eastern
wall. Go inside to grab the cardkey, but watch out for the 
heavy swordsmen who will spawn in front of you. Alright, you 
have one of two choices: Use the cardkey to free Cait, or use 
it on one of the two laser grids that lead to the end of the 
level. The advantage of having Cait is that he'll follow you 
around and randomly drop ammo and health items for you. It's 
not that far of a trek back to get him, so I'd advise that you
do so. Regardless of what you do, open one of the blue laser 
grids, one is at F-8 which is the one i chose. At the right 
hand side of the wall is a DG comm. and on the left is a heavy
swordsmen. Strafe in and kill the comm. on your right first. 
After both enemies are gone, look diagonally to your left and 
you'll see two more of the same. After they're gone continue on
to your left, but not through the door they were guarding. After
you round the corner you'll see another DG comm. walking around. 
Continue on and you should see one more soldier walking around 
in front of a building. That building is your destination, but 
just before you step inside three heavy swordsmen will 
materialize, but there easy, step into the goal point and your 
done. On my speed run through this level I beat it in 2:27 
seconds, so don't worry about the time limit at all.

Contra Kalm................................................con56

                    --Mission Objective--
                  --Locate the Goal Point--
                  --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                       --Time Limit--

++Secret Mission Available at J-13++

Shoot the red boxes in front of you for a suprise... 3 Cait 
Siths, just what I've always wanted! Although, for some reason 
I don't think they gave me the Cait Siths on my first time 
through this level which does make things more difficult due to 
lack of ammo. But, the goal in this level is to take out each 
and every enemy in each section to warrant you a Cardkey. It's 
very basic and shouldn't be to hard. After you get your first 
cardkey and advance to the next section, you might notice the 
fountain around the I-13, J-13 area, that's where the white
capsule is. The white capsule is floating around in a circle 
inside the fountain, there's also mines inside the fountain, so 
you have to aim through one of the slots in the fountain and 
time it correctly so that when the capsule floats over a 
mine.... well you know what to do. Anyways, you probably will 
have noticed the Turk Training Robots by now, there was one in 
the last section and one in this section. These guys have lots 
of HP, but if your by yourself, (without the Cait's) equip the
bayonet rifle (if you have it) and the power cross. And melee 
attack these guys to death, because it's a waste of ammo to 
kill these guys using bullets. When you get to a part when 
there is two Turkbots back to back, make sure you melee attack 
only one and when he's dead go back for the other. They will 
stay frozen until you attack them or brush up against them. 
In the last section, 6 Turkbots will materialize simultaneously 
but just take one at a time and melee attack or use your guns
on them. I'm not sure if the Cait Siths are available the first
time through, so if anyone wants to e-mail and tell me, I'd 
appreciate it, thanks! ^_^

Misslebreaker Deathmatch...................................mis57

                      --Mission Objective--
                 --Survive the Missile Assault--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--
                         --3 Minutes--

==Secret Mission==

Thank Zeus this is a secret mission, this is by far the worst 
mission in the game. I got so frustrated with this mission, 
but thankfully you don't need to beat it to continue. Even 
though I did end up completing this mission, it's not fun, 
trust me. Well, if you found Misslebreaker Melee hard, take 
that missions difficulty and multiply it by 3. Sure, this 
mission starts out simple enough but, by the last 45 seconds 
or so you'll probably be hating Square Enix. The only positive 
side to this mission is you get 4 Potions, 1 Hi-Potion, and 
there are 2 X-Potions at both corners of the platform your on.
At the beginning, the middle Dragonfly will fire two missles at
you as well as the right Dragonfly and the left one. FYI, the 
middle Dragonfly fires missles very quickly while the right one
fires them at a moderate speed, and the left has the slowest 
missles. So, I'll label these A: for the slow heli. on your 
left, B: for the fast one in the middle, and C: for the one on 
your right. After each heli. is done with its first volly of 
two missles a piece, aim at B and get ready for a fast missle, 
destroy that and aim at C for the next and last up at A for 
your slow missle. After this is over look up at A and take out 
two or three slow missles before you advert your attention 
back to C and shoot down the two incoming missles. Then aim 
back up to A and get the remaining missles and finally be 
prepared for a missle from B. Alright, you should be at about 
1:55 on the clock now. Next we have two missles coming from B, 
(watch out their really fast!) then look down to C for two more
and then finally up to A for the remaining two. This next part
sucks, C will shoot about 6 missles at you, and so will A, but 
since C's are quicker take out about 5 before you look back to 
A and destroy some of his missles. Then back to C for any 
remaining missles and then back up to A for anymore. You should 
be at about 1:12 on the clock. Now B fires a score of missles 
your way, so concentrate just on B's missles before you look 
down to C and take out 1 missle there, and then back to A for 
his one missle and finally, back to B for two more. Alright, 
this is where things get really ugly, you should be at about
53 seconds on the clock. You'll get one missle from B, take 
that out first, and then a few from C, those come next, and 
then look up to A for a few, but B and C will be back at it so 
watch out, I'd advise having your Griffon or BMG equipped at 
this point. If you get past that you have one more absurd volly 
of missles left, which takes up the last 30 seconds. C will 
fire off tons of missles which is your first priority and then
aim up to A quickly and get all of his with your Griffon, and 
then look over to B with haste for a plethora of missles that 
come way to fast. Good thing you have all those Potions, 
because your probably going to need them. Anyways good luck, 
and maybe you'll breeze through this and I just suck at aiming, 
who knows. :P

Cait Versus the Cerulean...................................cai58
                     --Mission Objective--
                  --Defeat Azul the Cerulean--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule at H-5++    

Even easier then Rosso. Get close to Azul and wait for his kick,
run around it and claw him in the side. Pretty much the same 
strategy you used for Rosso, but Azul is much slower so you 
shouldn't have to worry about anything really. Again, only use 
one attack and then run around him and wait for another kick 
before you attack again. Simple stuff here.

Vincent the Beast..........................................vin59

                      --Mission Objective--
                    --Survive the Onslaught--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--
                         --5 Minutes--

++Red Capsule available at H-5, it's right in front of you 
behind a blue laser grid. Sometime during this 5 min. slaughter
fest, a random enemy will drop your cardkey.++

Well... with all the enemies in this level you'd think it would 
be difficult, but this mission ends up being alot more difficult 
on your enemies then it does you. You start with Cait Sith 
standing next to you, he'll drop you a Limit Breaker and you can 
get started with the slaughter. This is 5 minutes of you killing 
countless scores of enemies with Limit Breakers that Cait will 
drop for you consistently throughout the level. No strategy 
here, just mash the circle button. And keep an eye out for that 
cardkey. On another note, you'll notice that when your in your 
Limit Breaker form you don't even sustain any damage, talk about
one-upping the competition.

Cyclopean Causeway.........................................cyc60

                      --Mission Objective--
                    --Locate the Goal Point--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                         --Time Limit--
                         --4 Minutes--

++Yellow Capsule available at F-8, at the start of the level, 
run towards the red laser grid on the right with a ladder 
protected by a laser grid to the left. Stand here and aim
towards the top of the bridge on the right side with the red 
light on top. It's right there.++

Another.... interesting level. Start off by heading to your
right, towards the noise. There's a narrow passageway here with 
red saucers going down it. I thought at first you had to jump 
over each one but soon realized that was impossible. All you 
need to do is shoot them. Once your through all the red saucers 
and have entered the door, grab the item at the end and do a 
180. Black masses will come floating down past the red laser 
grid, just use your Cerberus to finish them, 4 or 5 shots 
should do it. After they're gone go forwards and to your left. 
Stop before you enter the doorway there because another black 
mass will come barreling down on you. As soon as it disipates,
run forward and to your left. Stay in that small alcove until 
the next orb passes you by. When it floats past you need to run 
forwards and to your right as fast as you can. There should be
an explosive barrel there which you'll probably want to destroy 
to get it out of your way. Go forwards and to your left. 
Another black orb will be here, run to your right when you get 
the chance, wait for to float by again then then run straight 
until you get past the red laser grid on your left, and then 
just stay in the corner for a sec. You should see an explosive
barrel in front of you, destroy it, and when you get the 
oppurtunity run forwards to the spot inbetween the 
indestructable barrel and the wall. When you get the chance run 
up and to your left into another small alcove. Wait for another
black orb to pass and run up again and into another small niche
in the wall. Finally just make a break for it, and get out of 
here. For our last trial we'll have tons of shield robots, 
coming forward in a sort of diagonal line formation. This is 
easy, just jump over the waves until you get to the goal point, 
pretty simple huh?  

Trick Arc..................................................tri61

                     --Mission Objective--
                   --Collect the EX Medals--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Green Capsule available at L-7, when your up on the destroyed
bridge section, just aim down the road and look towards the back,
you should see your green capsule back there.++

I think many people abhor this level, but with just cause. This 
level can be a tremendous pain, and the first reason being is
because we have enemies that regenerate indefinitely. That being 
said, don't bother sniping anyone in this level, only kill 
enemies when they're in your way. Well to start off, head out of 
the building and make a hard left, you should see a metal ramp 
and a small blue laser grid triangle of sorts on the ground below
it. The objective here is to climb up the metal scaffold and drop 
down into that small triangular laser grid and grab the medal 
inside. Note; you will have enemies shooting at you constantly 
throughout this level, but there's not much you can do about this
so just keep running. Once you get your first medal from inside
the laser grids, run forward towards the door in the cliff face. 
On your right should be another medal, double jump up there to 
grab it. If there's an enemy up there, you'll want to kill him. 
Now go through the doorway into a wide hallway. FYI, you do have
4 Potions and a Hi-Potion so don't be afraid to use them when 
necessary. Continue on through the hallway and shoot any DG's by 
the window when you get to that section. Keep going up until you 
get to a huge pillar in the middle of the floor, look around it 
in the corner and make sure there's not a DG there. Continue on 
up until your out of the building. There should be a soldier on 
top of a small hill to your right, get rid of her, and go up the 
slope. Go up the metal incline next to you and kill the 2 or 3 
enemies at the top to your left. Go right and you'll see an item, 
it's only fire materia, which should give you a hint as to where 
the green capsule is (it's down towards the end of the bridge on 
your left, although you won't have any magic but there's a Mako 
point not to far away, when you hit it come back here). Anways, 
there should be a small decline on the left of the bridge that 
goes under the bridge. There's your 3rd medal on the barrel. 
Backpeddle up to the top of the bridge, run to the edge and jump 
off onto that metal beam with the 3 items drifting in the air 
next to it. Don't bother with those items either, instead, head 
down the beam and look over to the left side... or right 
depending on which way you have the camera turned, and you 
should see a red triangular laser grid below. Jump down into it 
and grab your next medal. Make sure you kill the guys down here 
because they can become taxing on your HP. After you've jumped 
out of the red laser triangle start heading back up the metal 
beam and just keep running until you get to the end of the beam 
and see another medal on the left side, drop down and grab it. Get 
back up and jump over to the Mako point with the item next to it. 
Once your on the next metal beam, look down to the left side of it 
and you should see an enemy next to your 6th medal. Now jump off 
towards the door that goes into the building and retrace your 
steps back up to the bridge part. Watch out for enemies. Alright, 
once your back up to the bridge, jump off again onto the same 
metal beam and back over to the part with the Mako point and your 
Limit Breaker. Once your next to the Mako point go forward and 
peer over the edge. You should see an enemy on a white platform, 
there's a medal down there also, grab it for number 7. Alright, 
now jump off into the fray below you, kill some DG's if you must 
but your goal is to get upon that huge metal beam in front of you. 
Run up it and jump off to the right where you see those 3 items in 
a line hanging in the air. If done correctly you'll jump right 
over the red barriers. Keep going towards the small tower with a 
medal underneath it. After you get it, go into the doorway. Climb 
up the ramps and kill any resistance along the way. Once you get 
to a fork in the path, take whichever way you please, they both go 
to the same place. Once your out of the structure, head to your 
left. Follow the path all the way down and to your right taking 
out DG's along the way. There's a medal at the very bottom. Head 
back up but if you'll notice, there's another branch that goes up 
towards a small building, head up there and your last medal is 
inside.... phew! I'm glad that's over with. >.<    

100,000 Needles............................................10062

                     --Mission Objective--
                    --Defeat 100 Cactuars--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit-- 

++Yellow Capsule available at L-7. Thanks to an e-mail from 
chronx, I now know the location of this elusive capsule. This 
one requires a bit more exertion on your behalf to obtain. From 
the starting point walk to your right just a smidgen until your 
standing on the corner of the narrow walkway. Hopefully you've 
killed any cactuars that spawned up here at the start of the 
level. Anyways, just wait a bit and sooner or later a cactuar 
with probably haste 3 cast on himself will jump up onto the 
corner where your standing. You have to be fast for this, but 
just do a melee attack and he'll die, leaving you with a 
cardkey. If you miss him, don't worry he'll be back, so you'll 
have as many chances as you like. Take that cardkey and head 
over to L-7 on your map, and use it on the blue laser grid that 
leads into a small building, grab the items if you want but on 
your way out, look above the door inside the building and 
there's your yellow capsule.++

Annihilating cactuars probably dosen't sound like a very 
problematical level, and for the most part, you'd be right. This 
is ultimately a fairly undemanding level... just equip your 
Cerberus or Griffon and start firing. On a side note, there are 
mines in this level, so make sure you grab the mine detector to 
your left at the start of the mission. A good place to battle 
the cactuars is in the North section in the wide open desert 
area of the map. Don't stray to far over towards the northern
most building with the laser grid around it. There are mines 
everywhere in that section, just like in Badlands. In fact, I 
wouldn't be suprised if the mine location in Badlands are 
identical to the mine locations in this level. But once you get 
to around 60 or so dead cactuars, you'll be overrun with scores
of them. The only advise I can give you to combat this is to 
keep moving constantly while your shooting these guys. Needless
to say, the Griffon works great in this mission.

Cait Versus the Bull.......................................cai63

                    --Mission Objective--
                    --Defeat Arch Azul-- 
                  --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                       --Time Limit--

++The memory capsule for this mission can be a bit taxing to 
obtain. If you take a close look at Arch Azul's tail you should 
see your Red Capsule affixed to it. Your goal is to destroy it 
with your second or third attack from Cait's combo. This can be 
a burden since Azul's suprisingly swift for being such a fatty.
The easiest way to do this is to run away from Azul and wait for
him to do his only ranged attack, the one with the 4 homing beams
he shoots at you. As soon as you notice him rearing back for this 
attack, run back towards his tail and get off your back flip kick
attack before he can turn around to face you again.++

Well this battle is certainly intimidating, and it can also be 
pretty frustrating if you don't know how to approach it. And don't
forget about the 3 Mog dolls in this level if you need them. Start 
off the battle by running next to Azul's right or left side. Let's 
go with the right side for my sake. Do a claw attack as soon as 
possible and then get ready to jump back away from Azul, do this 
very quickly. Because as soon as you attack Azul he'll do a tail 
sweep attack that will knock off a hefty 650+ HP. Remember, limit 
your attacks to one at a time. After you get your first attack off
and jump over the tail sweep, Azul will turn around to face you. 
Lure him in and start running to one side, much like you did with 
normal Azul and Rosso. He should try to gore you with his horns 
but hopefully will miss if your busy running to either side of 
him. As soon as he attacks initiate your attack and get ready to 
jump again, I'd advise jumping away from him and not to the right 
or left. Repeat this process until Arch Azul lays broken by your 
feet. Poor Azul, talk about a humbling experience. >.<   

Deepground Soldiers........................................dee64

                     --Mission Objective--
                   --Defeat all the Enemies--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at K-6++

I played all these levels through the first time and then went 
back through each one to write this FAQ. This is one of those 
levels when I went through for the second time it was like a 
whole new mission because it's very forgettable and there's 
really nothing special or difficult about it. Well start off by
collecting the ammo and running towards the tall staircase 
structure in the middle. 5 enemies will come charging from the 
west side of the stairs, after there gone 5 more will come from 
the opposite direction. Finally for your last 10 enemies they'll 
all materialize on the staircase structure. Genius idea to put 
an explosive barrel on the staircases. Just shoot it and watch 7 
of the 10 die, strafe around and kill the remaining 3. Continue 
on to the next section. You'll be up against I think 30 DG dogs. 
Use the explosive barrel to take out about 5 of them, and use 
your fire magic when you need to, but you can basically just use 
your Griffon or BMG for all of these guys and be fine. Next 
section has a few guys spawn in front of you, just use your 
Cerberus for them. Next wave will consist of about 12 guys which 
spawn in a line. Use the explosive barrel to take out about half 
of them and then finish off the remaining few. And our last wave 
has about 19 or 20 guys for you to handle, you should have a 
Limit Breaker in your inventory, so go ahead and use it and have 
fun with the gratuitous massacre. If for some odd reason you 
don't have the Limit Breaker just use some fire magic. And yup, 
that's it, I was so suprised that was the entire level, I was 
really expecting something a little harder. :P 


                     --Mission Objective--
                    --Defeat 100 Enemies--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
               --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                        --Time Limit-- 
                         --5 Minutes--

++Red Capusle available at G-12/H-12, look up on the light post, 
jump off a box and do an aerial melee attack to destroy it.++

Well, I believe this is the only mission that requires you to 
defeat 100 enemies and also have a time limit. Regardless, this
mission shouldn't be to much of a problem. Start off by 
equipping your bayonet rifle and your power cross (if you have 
either of them). Head out into the field with the explosive 
barrels strewn about. You should see 3 shield bots, you can 
either shoot the barrel next to them or melee attack them. I 
would advise against shooting these guys because you have to get
around to there backside in order to do this. This takes way to 
much time, so just focus on using your melee attacks. The 
barrels are here to make this mission go by faster, but I'd save
them until you get larger quantities of enemies to destroy 
before shooting the barrels. Anyways, after your first 3 shield
bots are disposed of, run towards the middle of the field and 
3 DG soldiers will spawn along with a few more shield bots. I'd
advise using your guns for the soldiers, but keep using your 
melee attacks for the shields. And don't be afraid to use the 
barrels, if you notice about 4 or 5 enemies generate next to a 
barrel, shoot it. But a note on that, enemies in this level 
usually spawn one by one, but generally in a group. So if you 
see some enemies generating, wait until they stop and then 
destroy the barrel next to them. After you kill about 35 or so 
enemies, shieldys will start multiplying like rabbits, which is 
actually a good thing for you, because you can rack up an excess
of kills at this point. Just go around and start using melee 
attacks, the key is to keep the chain going. Once you get your 
chain up to about 5 or 6, you can just start using one melee 
attack for each shield bot instead of your whole combo, this 
makes things go by very quick. I think I got a chain of about 31
or 32 kills before I got hit. After you kill about 35 to 40 
shields, our DG soldiers will come back. I'd advise equipping 
the Cerberus and run around and kill all of these guys before 
you go back to the shields. Needless to say, use any remaining 
barrels if you want. At this point you should be almost finished
so kill a few more shields and your done. 


                     --Mission Objective-- 
                      --Complete 5 laps--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
               --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                        --Time Limit--
                       --5 Minutes/Lap--

++Green Capsule available at D-5++

Hmmm... considering each lap takes about 3 to 4 minutes, this 
mission should take you around 20 minutes to complete, 
depressing isen't it. :( Start off by going over the laser grid 
to the east. Also, your timer dosen't start until you pass 
over the grid. Just follow the unambiguous path and kill 
anything along the way. Also you'll notice after you kill your 
first DG there is a door directly behind him. In that room is 
some Cerberus ammo. You'll see quite a few offshoot paths along
your way that will warrant you ammo and various healing items 
and the occasional Limit Breaker. Getting these items is pretty 
much essential to beating this level. And don't worry about not
having enough time, because you'll have plenty. And by the 3rd 
or 4th run through this level you'll probably have it pretty 
much memorized.  Anyways, just follow the linear path past the 
first enemy, into the next room with the mine floating around, 
grab some more ammo in the room to the left and continue on. 
Next you'll encounter another lone enemy and another door with 
and X-Potion in the room on your right. Keep heading down the 
hallway and enter what looks like a pretty standard office room
and you'll encounter a gargoyle. Your Cerberus works best here, 
and keep heading through the various rooms, killing the 
gargoyles in each. Keep going and you'll get to a section with 
lots of boxes and 3 DG's, finish them off and get the Elixir 
and the Red Potion from the two small rooms on the right and 
left walls of this area. Next you'll get to a section with a 
doorway on your left and doorway on the right. Take the one on 
the left and you'll find a Potoin... yes i know its utterly 
useless but you can grab it if you want. Anyways continue on 
and a solitary floating mine will generate. There are paths to 
your right and left in this room. The one on your left has 
some Fire Materia and the one on your right has a Mako point. 
Get into the narrow corridor on your upper right and wait for 
the mine to pass and continue on its path before you go through 
the blue laser grid and complete your first lap. Pretty 
effortless right? Well just wait until you get on your 5th lap.
Next lap you'll go through the same area but with an increase 
in enemies. Also, remember that there are more items and ammo in
each of the small rooms, so don't forget to grab those. Lap 3, 
things start getting a little difficult. You'll notice once you 
get to the part with with all the floating mines crisscrossing 
in front of your path that the mines are moving a little quicker. 
Forget about the Rifle ammo in the room from now on and go along 
the right or left side and stop next to the display cases with 
the materia looking orbs inside. Time your movements 
accordingly. Once you get to the gargoyle room you'll notice 
some new enemies. Turk bots will spawn along with the gargoyles,
but these guys will stay frozen in place unless you shoot them 
or brush up next to them. So, if you can, stay as far away from 
them as possible while your killing the gargoyles. When you get 
to the narrow corridor section with the floating mines, I'd 
adivse you to stay on the right and go through the side paths on
the right until your at the end. Lap 4, more of the same, but 
another increase in difficulty. Be extra careful in the first 
floating mine section, stay on the right or left side and make 
sure you stop next to each display case and time your next move
correctly. Gargoyle rooms get a little chaotic at this point, 
and make sure you don't hit the Turkbots, because they take 
forever to kill. Once you get to the room before the floating 
mine corridor section, go into the room on your left which has 
been giving you Potoins the last 3 times, this time you'll get 
a destructable box with Cait inside. He's great to have for 
stocking up on items before you attempt your last lap. Goodness!
your almost done, but this last lap is absurd. I advise using
fire magic for the first wave of guys, and once you get to the
first floating mine room, you might have some problems.. I'd say
stick with the right side and on the last two mines try to time
it so you can run around the display case to your left and into
the middle. Time it correctly and continue on, it's hard I know.
I wouldn't bother getting items this lap either because your 
only not going to get much in terms of ammo, and all the healing
items have been replaced by Potoins. :( Anyways, Gargoyle room
is insane, if you still have your Limit Breaker from earlier, 
now would be a good time to use it. You don't have to kill all 
of them if that proves too difficult, just kill enough so that 
when your running away you don't get slaughtered. The last 
section with the floating mines is more of the same but now we 
have a DG launching missles at you. Use your magic on him or 
snipe him. And your done, blimey, I'm glad that's finished! *_*


                     --Mission Objective--
                     --Defeat 100 Enemies--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at F-7++

100 DG Elites. That means you won't be able to use your guns. 
So start off by equipping the bayonet rifle and the power cross 
if they're available to you. Melee attack the first DG in front 
of you and wait for the next two to spawn, melee attack them 
also. For the next three you'll have two down below and one up 
top, use the barrel for the two on ground level, and jump and try 
to aerial melee the other. Alright, I suggest you leave this 
area now. Run towards the right and into the huge section with 
numerous staircases. There should be a limit breaker up on top of 
the thrid staircase up, and another in the same room further down 
on top of some boxes. Continue on until you get to the starting 
point for Stygian Sewers (if you remember that level). It's around 
the J-4 area. You probably won't have any DG's following you, but 
that's fine because you need to stock up on limit breakers right 
now. Speaking of which, there's a limit breaker in the room with 
the huge pipe in the middle, it's at the top of the stairs. You 
should have 3 by now and there are more but as your aware of, 
your only allotted three limit breakers at a time. So you should
almost be back to your starting location, which is where your 
enemies should be. Use your melee attacks or the barrels if you 
can, and only use your limit breakers when you get low on 
heatlh. Once you get to about 30 some kills you should probably 
be in the large room with all the stairs. Enemies at this point 
will come in drones to face you. But this is great, because you 
can finish this level faster. Just use a limit breaker and kill as
many as possible before it runs out. You should be at 40 by now. 
10 more will generate in here, so once your at 50 head into the 
J-4 area for another 12 or 13. This part is a little difficult 
because about 6 or 7 of the enemies are up on ledges next to a 
very small set of stairs. Just do your best and use another limit
breaker if you need to. Another wave of 8 will be in this same 
area also. After their gone you should be at 70 for your death 
toll. Head into the west through the adjacent sewer pipe to the 
room with the large pipe in the middle and staircases on either 
side. Go up the ladder to your right before you enter the area, 
look down and shoot the explosive barrel by the large pipe. That
should take care of all but one. Finish the lone DG off and you
will be confronted by another wave of 10 DG's in the same place,
use another Limit Breaker at this point. Your remaining enemies
will come in via the tunnel you just came from, but you should 
still have an ample amount of time left in your limit breaker to 
handle them, and success! Not a terribly hard level overall, 
just tedious.

Black Widow Tetra..........................................bla68

                     --Mission Objective--
               --Eradicate the Black Widow Squad--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Yellow Capsule available at I-5, just look up, it's underneath
the bridge above you.++

This mission is just as laughable as Widow Missileer. You'll be 
up against 4 black widows. Two in front of you and two behind 
you. But instead of using missles, they'll be using their mako 
cannons. This may sound problematic but the morons use their 
cannons simultaneously, and all you have to do is dash out of 
the way and return a few shots. Granted, the timing can be a bit
difficult if you don't know when to dash. All you need to do is 
wait until you see their cannons glow yellow, and as soon as 
they start glowing dash to the right or left. They will get 
quicker as you deplete there HP but considering how fast you can 
kill them, this shouldn't be a problem. 

Gatling Shower.............................................gat69

                     --Mission Objective--
                   --Collect 100 EX Medals--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Secret Level available at I-14++

My first time through this level was not a pleasent experience, 
but that's because it took me 38 minutes with a lot of running
around picking up vital rations and hoping for Hi-Potions just 
to keep myself alive. Thanks to an e-mail from JimTheFly I got 
through this level in about 14 minutes with minimal damage. 
First off, you might notice a red box above you when you start 
the level. In fact, there are 5 red boxes scattered about this 
mission. The key to unlocking them is to find the white capsule 
in this mission, destroy it, and exit this level back to your 
extra missions screen. As for the capsule, head over to I-14 on
your map, you should be next to a tall structure that resembles 
a water tower. You'll see a white capsule orbiting the tower 
with an explosive barrel on the very top of the tower. If your 
facing south towards the tower and shoot the barrel, it will 
fall towards you, so time it correctly and shoot the barrel when
the capsule comes around the corner. Once you unlock the secret 
level, go back to the mission menu and finish the secret mission 
"Go with the Flow." Alright, once your finished with the secret 
level come back to this level. There are 5 red boxes in this 
area, their locations are: F-10, H-9, L-12, H-13, and F-6. In 
each of these boxes is a gatling gun, and the gatling guns do 
9999 damage to the enemies, plus you are invulnerable while your
sitting at a gatling gun. So, this mission just got a whole lot 
easier. Don't use the gatling guns at H-9 or F-10 because their
up to high. The ones at H-13 and F-6 are both ground level, 
which is ideal. I don't need to explain much more, just pick a 
turrent and fire away. You'll have to take a break from killing
every so often to pick up EX medals, and that should be the only 
time you take any damage. Our jet pack enemies will occasionally 
drop Hi-Potions so you should be fine. Later on in the level the
jet pack DG's will be joined by Gargoyles. Some Gargoyles drop 
Gigas Medals which are worth 3 EX medals, so that helps this 
mission go by much faster. Anyways, credit goes to JimTheFly for 
that strategy, thanks Jim! ^_^ 

Go with the Flow...........................................goo70

                     --Mission Objective--
                  --Destroy all the Targets--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
               --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                       --Time Limit--
                        --5 Minutes--

==Secret Mission==

Well well, I don't think we've had a secret mission in a while. 
Not since the depraved Misslebreaker Deathmatch mission. >( 
Anyways, this one's simple. You'll have 30 enemies to destroy, 
the first 10 are red saucers. Use your Griffon for these guys, 
and try to stay as far away from the waterfall as you can, so 
you'll have enough time to take a few out before they slide
past you. Next 10 are the mutated turtles. These guys are easy, 
just use your Cerberus for them. The last 10 are cactuars, which 
are actually a challenge because their very quick and their very 
small. Use either your Griffon or melee attacks, I did it the 
first time with the Griffon but found out after going through a 
second time that melee attacks work better for the cactuars, 
anyways good luck.

Brotherly Love.............................................bro71

                     --Mission Objective--
                   --Defeat Nero and Weiss--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Green Capsule available at G-3, to your right, around a pile 
of rubble is a Mako point you'll need for the Green Capsule.++

Sounds challenging, but you can beat it in about 40 seconds. 
Go after Nero first, and if you want to get some magic from the
Mako point on the right you can use it on Nero and kill him
almost instantly. Then all you have left is Weiss. I don't need
to tell you he's quick, but just use your Cerberus and he'll go 
down faster then you think.

Unlimited DG...............................................unl72

                      --Mission Objective--
                    --Defeat all the Enemies--
                    --Conditions for Defeat-- 
                         --Suffer a KO--             
                          --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at M-10++

Unlimited! Sounds like you'll be up against a perpetual tide of 
DG soldiers, but don't worry there's only 40. The only difference 
about these DG's is their ability to use limit breakers. But, 
this shouldn't happen because they only acheive their limit break
status if you let them linger at low health. Say for instance, 
you shoot one for about 300+ damage and just leave him alone.... 
he'll activate a limit breaker, making him much harder to contend 
with. So, just make sure once you shoot a DG, you stay commited 
to killing that specific enemy before you move on to the next one.
Alright, from your starting point run fowards and take out the 
first DG at the top of the small staircase. FYI, two shots with 
your Cerberus should take out the majority of these guys. Take 
out the next 3 to your right, and keep following the path, 
killing enemies as you go. You should get up too 10 kills pretty 
quickly. The next 3 are self-explanitory, actually all the 
enemies are pretty self-explanitory, just take out DG's once they 
spawn. But once you get to 33 kills, head left, or to the west 
corner of this level to encounter your last 7 enemies. You'll be 
tempted to shoot the explosive barrel right in the center of the 
cluster of DG's, but don't... well not right away. Instead try to 
shoot about 4 or 5 of them, but just one shot per enemy. Then go 
ahead and use the barrel. If you actually shoot the barrel first 
thing, all 7 of our enemies will limit break concurrently and we 
defenitly don't want that do we? :p Anyways, take out any 
remaining enemies and your finished. Not to difficult huh? 


                     --Mission Objective--
                   --Defeat the Dual Horn--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                       --Suffer a KO--
                        --Time Limit--

++Yellow Capsule available at J-2++

Easy stuff, you should be able to complete this in your first 
attempt. Since the dual horn you'll be up against is invulnerable
to your bullets, magic, and melee attacks. You'll be using 
explosive barrels to take this behemoth down. All you need to do 
is lure the dual horn next to a barrel and shoot it. First off 
run forwads a bit and our dual horn will spawn. As soon as your 
able to move break to the right and you'll see a barrel, position
yourself against the eastern wall and wait for the dual horn to 
get next to the barrel and shoot. Immediately start to backpeddle 
along the east wall with the 4 barrels lined very tactically for 
some easy damage on dualey. Let him chase you towards the two 
barrels by the edge of the dropoff and shoot one before you 
plumit over the edge. There's no barrels down here so run towards 
the west end of the gorge, and climb up the ladder. Dualey has 
his own route and will emerge via the ramp on the northern wall. 
He should be at about half health right now. See all those 
barrels in front of you once you get up the ladder? Lead him over 
to that section and you should probably be able to finish him off. 
If not run through the narrow alleyway section and use any 
remaining barrels to KO him. Now, we move on to another mission 
with dual horns, joy!


                      --Mission Objective--
                     --Defeat 100 Enemies--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                         --Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--

++Green Capsule available at K-6, In order to get the magic 
necessary to destroy your green capsule you must free Shelke 
from the shop machine on the far east wall. Once she's free, 
guide her back over to your starting point (next to Shalua) and 
then wait a few seconds and a Manaheart will spawn in front of 
them. Equip it on a weapon and your magic bar will fill 

100 Enemies, to bad they fail to mention these enemies will 
consist of entirely dual horns (with the exception of one 
enemy). It probably sounds like the most horrendous mission 
thus far, but it's made easy by some accomidations placed 
throughout the level. And instead of being onerous, this level 
actually becomes pretty fun. Start off by talking to Shalua 
who's standing right next to you at the starting point. She'll 
give you 3 Gigas medals and a cardkey. Use two of the Gigas 
Medals on the shop machine next to her, and you'll be bestowed 
a Cait Sith that generates ammo and items for you (very 
helpful). Continue on into the battlefield and you'll be up 
against your first dual horn. Just use the same strategy you
used for the first dual horn. Run around him and try to shoot 
him in the rear when you get a chance. These dual horns go down 
faster then you'd think, but considering there's 99 of them, be 
thankful that they do. After you kill 2, head over to the left 
or the north west area for another shop machine. Use 3 medals 
and you'll be endowded the Ultima Weapon, having this is great 
if you don't already have it. Needless to say, start using the 
Ultima Weapon if you have any handgun ammo left. Hopefully Cait
will be providing you with some. Anyways, kill another 3 dual 
horns and head off towards the northern wall, and go towards the
waterfall. Use 3 more medals on the shop machine by the 
waterfall to get another Cait Sith, except this one actually 
helps you attack the dual horns. Suprisingly he does a 
considerable amount of damage. Now you need to save up a heftier  
margin of medals, 8 to be exact. Once you get to 14 kills you 
should have enough medals, as long as you picked them all up.
Run towards the Northeastern wall and jump up on the outcropping
of rock and use your 8 medals on the shop machine. This is 
probably the most beneficial upgrade, because it basically is 
a haste spell. That makes things much simpler, and the dual 
horns shouldn't even have a chance to catch up to you. Once you 
get another 4 medals head to the south section and find the shop
machine hidden behind a rock formation. Use the 4 medals for two
health upgrades. You should be at 18 kills right now. By now the 
dual horns will be coming in droves of about 5 or 6 at a time, 
so make sure your careful. Save up another 4 medals and open the 
shop machine in the southeast corner for yet another Cait. He'll 
help with the offensive which is also very helpful. Alright, 
you probably have noticed the shop machine on the east wall with 
a laser grid around it. Once you have another 7 Gigas medals run
over there, use the cardkey Shalua gave you, and use your medals
to get Shelke. Shelke dosen't actually fight per say but if she
gets back over to Shalua you'll get the Manaheart which comes in
very handy. Once you free Shelke however, Neo Azul will spawn 
along with a host of dual horns. Neo Azul has a lot of HP so 
just be diligent and he'll go down sooner or later. All that's 
left in terms of shop machine handouts is 2 more health upgrades
from the machine in the south. After that there should be 
only one more shop machine left. It's up on the land bridge in 
the middle of the level, but it requires 10 medals to use it. 
This shop machine has unlimited usage provided you have the 
medals for it. When used, a dragonfly will come in out of nowhere
and bombard the dual horns with a series of missles. Each missle 
(if it hits) does 9999 damage which is basically an instant death
for each dual horn it makes contact with. Only use this when 
there are an overabundance of dual horns. And make sure that they
are in the middle of the field because the dragonfly only aims 
right down the middle of the map. And as for Azul, he's basically 
a dual horn with a lot of HP, but he will use his range attack at
random so make sure you do your best to avoid this because it is 
very taxing on your health. And make sure you pick up his Gigas
Medal when he's finished because it's worth 10 medals. Well, 
there's not much else to tell you, except just be assiduous and
you'll eventually get to 100. And don't be afraid to use your 
medals for the dragonfly, because you have no other use for the 
medals anyways. And one last note, once you get to 94 kills 
you have to go too the north side of the land bridge for the 
next 3 and then the south side for the remaining 3. Well, good 
luck and remember to use the manaheart! Magic works far better 
then bullets on the dual horns. 

Cait Versus the Empowered..................................cai75

                      --Mission Objective--
                 --Defeat Weiss the Immaculate--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--

++Red Capsule available at K-8++

Cait Sith vs. Weiss? Are you kidding me? My exact words when I 
saw what I was in for. This is by no means another breeze battle
like the other Cait Sith boss fights were. But it's not 
impossible by any means. Weiss is absurdly fast and Caith is....
well the exact opposite. Weiss has a series of attacks and he 
generally has a pattern. The hardest attack to contend with is 
his basic dash and slash attack. I've tried jumping away but 
Cait's just to slow for that. Instead when he dashs at you, run 
right at him, when he slashes it will go right over your head 
and you'll be behind him. He'll turn around and slash at you 
again, so just run back towards him and he should miss. This is 
rather difficult to do, so it make take you a few tries to get 
used to it. You may feel like you should attack once he misses. 
Well don't, because he'll just dash away and evade your attack.
After he does the sword slashes, he'll shoot at you with his 
gunblades. He's pretty inaccurate with these so just keep moving
and he should miss. These are his main attacks so if you bypass
these you'll be alright. After a while he'll do an attack where
he glides in circles around the area, starting with a large 
circle and spiraling inwards. Try to get to the edge of the wall 
when he does this, but it can be hard to avoid. You may think, 
"so when can I actually attack this guy?" Well after awhile 
he will stop his attacks and form two doppelgangers alongside 
him. At this point he'll do a dash attack at you, but you can 
actually evade this one by just running away and jumping. As 
soon as he misses with the attack do a full combo on him. This
is basically your only window for attack so make sure you use 
it. He'll do the attack with 2 Weiss shadows again soon after
his first attempt, but he won't stand around for you to attack 
this time, so don't bother. He also has a crisscrossing attack 
that basically just relies on you getting lucky to avoid. But 
don't worry, you still have 4 Mog dolls in this area. And you'll 
probably end up using all 4. Sometimes after he shoots at you 
you'll have a small opportunity to attack him, if you feel lucky
enough go ahead and attack him once or twice if he's close. By
the next shadow attack you'll have another opportunity for a 
full combo. So, basically this fight revolves around you evading 
a lot and just hoping serendipity is on your side. 4 full combos 
should be enough to take down Weiss, but considering how fast he 
is this might take a few tries. Another bit of advise, try to 
stay next to the walls of this level and try not to stray to far
towards the center of this area. If you can manage this level, 
you'll be done with the Cait Sith missions, hurray! ^.^


                      --Mission Objective--
                     --Defeat the Tsivets--
                    --Conditions for Defeat--
                        --Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--

++Yellow Capsule available at J-8++

Vincent vs. Azul, Rosso, Nero, and Weiss all in a small confined
area. Hmmm... seems a little unreasonable, but this mission is 
another push-over battle believe it or not. Equip the Cerberus, 
and I'd start with Rosso since she's directly to your left. Move
at all times because Weiss is persistant and will be in your face
about 80% of the time. After Rosso's gone I'd go after Nero since
he has the least amount of HP. All we have left now is Weiss and 
Azul. Azul is annoying but Weiss is worse, I'd advise taking out
Weiss first and leaving Azul for last. Azul has high defense, so
trying to kill him with Weiss dashing around can be very risky. 
Anyways once Weiss is gone, Azul shouldn't pose much of a threat.
Well now that that's finished we only have one more level and a 
secret level to go! Good job getting this far, it certainly takes 
awhile. *_*

Stronghold Impervious......................................str77

                      --Mission Objective--
                   --Defeat all the Enemies--
                   --Conditions for Defeat--
                         -Suffer a KO--
                         --Time Limit--

++Secret Level available at H-8++

Well, your finally at the last level (apart from the secret one)
so granted, it is difficult. There are many sections to this 
mission in which you must dispose of each group of enemies to 
obtain a cardkey and move on to the next section. The first 
wave of enemies consists of three black widows shooting heat
seeking missles at you. I know, you can hardly contain your 
enthusiasm. Well I always use my Griffon for this part, but you 
can use whatever weapon you want. Just strafe around these guys 
and keep up a continual stream of bullets at one black widow 
until he's disposed of. Continue on and kill the other two. 
After they're gone I'd head to the blue laser gride that leads 
to a ramp going upwards. At the top a turrent will materialize, 
so sit down and aim directly above you and you should see a 
white capsule affixed to the ceiling around the H-8 area. Shoot
it to unlock the secret level. Now you can keep going with this 
level and skip out on the contents of the red box, or you can 
exit this level, go do the secret level and come back and 
you'll have access to the red box. Assuming you've gone and done
Invitation to Illusion, come back and kill the 3 black widows
again. Now, this time, head up the ramp on the right/southeast 
side of this level, and make sure you walk up because there are 
mines scattered throughout the walkway. Once you get to the 
door go in and grab the Limit Breaker and stand on the Mako 
point. Be careful because there is another mine in front of the
red box. Anyways, destroy the red box to get Cait Sith. The 
first time i beat this level I didn't have him, so it is 
possible to get through Stronghold Impervious without him, but 
he does make things considerably easier. Anyways exit the 
building and head towards the blue laser grid in the west 
section. Once you open the grid step in a little ways and 9 
DG soldiers will spawn. Don't run in and start firing, because
these guys will destroy you, their guns are ridiculously strong
so equip your Hydra and stand sort of next to the red grid to 
your right and get a head shot on the first one up above on the 
top level. Then wait for the next 3 down below to walk into your
sights and snipe them. Try to make sure these guys don't see you
because they'll make quick work of you. Once you get 4 of these 
guys finished off you should be able to run towards the ramp. 
But make sure the DG that's walking the ramp isen't coming down 
it or else he'll see you, wait until he turns around and heads
back up to snipe him. Two more DGs are at the top so just stand 
in the shaded area with the pillar and wait for them. You should
be at 7 now. Head up and stop before you get to the top, look 
over the ledge with the camera and another DG will be walking in 
front of the building, wait until he turns around and snipe him. 
The last one is inside the building. Grab the Phoenix Down, Red
Potion, and 2 Ethers and head back to the ramp section towards
the missle turrent you used to get the secret level. Once you 
sit down at the turrent you'll notice the turrent shoots missles
instead of bullets. That does not make things easier, trust me. 
Start off on the lower right and take out the DG's running 
towards their turrents, alternate from right to left and so on 
until you get to 20. Now it gets hard, You'll have more guys 
below and DG's with rocket launchers on the top, so take out the 
guys on the bottom and then pick off a few rocket launcher DGs 
and then back to the turrents and so on. Expect to take some 
damage here, because there's just to much going on to come out 
of this unscathed. Alright once that's over with, head down the
ramp to the next section. A numerous amount of boxes will 
materialize in front of you and you have to find the box with 
the cardkey in it. Luckily for you I'm here to tell you the 
exact box to shoot so you don't have to wade through any 
enemies. It's the furthest one on the left hand side in the top
left hand corner, shoot it and your done with this section.
Drop off the edge of the waterfall and wait for the soldiers 
to come down it shortly after. This is basic, just take out the
soldiers when the come down, using chains help. Run through the 
waterfall and into the back, where you'll meet some DG's with 
rocket launchers, these guys are a push-over, just use chains 
and they fall very quickly. Alright, the next section is worse
then George W. Bush's rhetoric. I appologize on behalf of any 
Bush supporters. >.< Anyways, get out your Hydra because you 
will be up against 12 snipers with very high-powered sniper 
rifles. As soon as the 0/12 pops up retreat into your little 
alcove you came from. Aim to the second level on the right for
the first sniper and there's another one inbetween the large 
center pillar and the smaller pillar to its right. Aim 
inbetween these pillars and there should be another sniper on 
the second or third level. Move to the left of your alcove and
aim to the highest level for a sniper (also don't worry about 
head shots, these guys go down in one hit no matter where you 
shoot them). OK, step out from your hiding spot a little ways
and look up to the 4th level for a sniper on the right and 
one on the left side of the top level. 5 down, 7 to go. Go to 
the left side of your hiding spot and inch out aiming up to 
the right side of the second level right beside you. There's 
a sniper up there who can be quick, so as soon as you see any 
part of his body, shoot it. Next aim down in the same direction
on the ground level and over in the right hand corner is 
another one, 5 more left. You should be kind of over on the 
left side but not in your hiding spot anymore. Go forwards a 
bit and look way up to the center pillar and pan to the right
to see a sniper aiming down through the walkway at you. Now, 
run around on the left side. Get behind the beam due south, 
the one right in the middle of the three beams lined up 
parallel to each other. Look up to the top level again on your
right hand side for another sniper. Keep going left until you 
get to the box on the west side. Look up towards the center 
and you'll see another sniper on the top of the walkway aiming
down at you. Only 2 more. Keep running around to the next box
and crouch behind it. Directly in front of you on the 2nd 
level is the next one. For the last one, head to the Northern
set of 3 beams and get behind the first one you come to. Aim 
up to the 3rd level and you should see him. Equip your 
Cerberus right away because after he's gone Rosso jumps down 
to attack. Nothing to difficult here, just keep backing up 
and shooting at her. Grab the cardkey and continue. Next 
you'll encounter Nero, what a joke, just shoot some magic at 
him and a few shots from your Cerberus and he'll drop. Keep 
going down and Azul bounds up the stairs towards you. Another
easy battle, just use some magic and keep firing. Alright, 
here's where things get dicey, go through the narrow hallway, 
and sooner or later Weiss will drop in. Weiss is hard enough, 
but now you have to battle him in this narrow hallway. I'd 
suggest using your Limit Breaker now if you still have it. 
This guy is super annoying so just be careful. Magic works
great on him also if you don't want to bother with a limit 
breaker. Anyways, once he's finished you only have one more 
line of business to take care of. Go out the door, and 
approach the blue cube. You'll now have to fight... yourself.
Hmm... well actually you have to fight Chaos which is far
worse. It kinda reminds me of fighting Dark Link in ocarina 
of time. Anyways, I'd suggest staying up on the level your on
because Chaos will drop down and fly around on the lower
level. Equip your Hydra and get off shots whenever you can. 
If that's not working for you go ahead and jump off the right
side to join him on the same level. This is harder but it 
might be easier to hit him. If you do decide to go down below
and join him, use your Cerberus and use any limit breakers if
you have any. I felt safer using my Hydra from a distance, 
but that might not work for you. Anyways this last level can be 
very irritating but when your finished you'll have a great 
reward waiting for you! As long as you've already completed 
Invitation to Illusion ^_^ .... Actually I'm just kidding, all 
you get is a crummy congratulations screen! Depressing :(

Invitation to Illusion.....................................inv78

                       --Mission Objective--
                     --Collect the EX Medals--
                     --Conditions for Defeat--
                 --Suffer a KO/Exceed Time Limit--
                          --Time Limit--
                           --2 Minutes--

==Secret Mission==

The title should cue you in on what to expect. You'll walk into 
a room full of red laser grids. Well, some of these laser grids
are merely illusions and you can walk right through them. So 
first off run through the grid on your right, then through the
grid on the far left, then go up the stairs. Grab the first 
medal and jump off over the blue laser grid in this section.
Keep going straight into the room in front of you. Grab the 
medal behind the boxes next to the wall, then climb onto the 
boxes and jump over the grids with the cardkeys inside. Run
back out and unlock the other blue laser grid. Ok, the farthest
grid on the wall is an illusion, so past through that, grab 
the medal and go up towards the next laser grid on the wall and
pass through it. Head down towards the middle of the room, and 
go right, straight, left, straight, and finally right to grab 
the next medal, head back out the way you came. Head up and go 
back towards the stairs, go along the wall then go down through
another grid and you'll be back at the stairs. Grab the medal 
underneath the stairs. 4 more to go. Now go towards the rooms 
in the southeast corner. Go through the grid closest to the 
stairs and continue on into the first room to your right. Shoot
the cargo box suspended in the air for medal #7. Go out of the 
room and down the hallway. At the back of this room you'll 
notice an explosive barrel, stand as far away from it as 
possible and shoot it to expose the next medal. Backtrack and 
go up the stairs again, jump off and this time, break to your 
right, and down the hallway. Ok now we have a few lines of red 
grids, the ones that are illusions are far right, far right, 
all the way down towards the table and chairs, go straight and
circle around the table. Then jump up on the boxes and then 
jump over the red laser grid to your left and onto the table. 
Another medal is on some boxes here. That just leaves one more 
medal. Go towards the last hallway and run right through all 
the grids, double jump over the last one and viola! :) 

------------------- Legalities and such ------------------------

A Passing Note.............................................pas04

This is just me saying goodbye, and I thank you for reading my 
guide. I know it's not perfect, and I know I tend to get 
longwinded on certain missions (Deep Labyrinth, Rains of Gehenna,
and Stronghold Impervious being some good examples). But 
ultimately I wrote this guide to help people out with the Extra 
Missions, so I hope it accomplished this goal somewhat. And I 
hope you actually enjoyed playing DoC, it's a good game! Despite
what the naysayers think :p Anyways, I'm glad to have this 
completed, but e-mail me if you have any suggestions, questions, 
corrections, or any comments on my guide. Thanks again and have 
a great day. ^_^ 


lifelessdummy for some of the capsule locations. 
chronx for the 100,000 needles capsule location.
JimTheFly for the strategy on Gatling Showers.
Square Enix for producing this game.
++If i forgot anyone, let me know!++

Copyright 2006, Monistic_Turtle

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