Avalon Sharpe's Tempering and Falcata Guide! V 1.25

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Intro                           [Intr]
Updates                         [Updt]
Tempering Basics                [TPBA]
Finding The Falcata!            [Cav1]
Falcata +1                      [Fal1]
Falcata +2                      [Fal2]
Falcata +3                      [Fal3]
Falcata +4                      [Fal4]
Falcata +5                      [Fal5]
Falcata +6                      [Fal6]
Falcata +7/Demonbrand           [Fal7]
Buyable Material Location List  [Mat1]
FAQ                             [FAQ!]
Help Wanted!                    [HELP]
Thanks                          [Kthx]
Legal Stuff                     [Blah]

Intro [Intr]

Thanks for deciding to read my guide! I made this thing because so 
many people were lost on what to do with each step and kept making 
those annoying "Why can't my falcata level up?" threads.

Inside, you'll find Weapon Tempering Basics,The Falcata Instructions,
and a Buyable Materials List, from each store, in (almost) every 

If you have any further questions, please look at the FAQ for 

If I cant answer them there, then E-mail me, or instant message me 
at Chuujitsu@Hotmail.com

Updates (Woohoo, UPGRADE!) [Updt]

*Booming voice*
"Rise from your grave!"
Im back with a vengeance with help from tons of awesome gamers,
And my awesome new job which gives me tons more free time!
Their info will be added to this faq, I will respond to all their
e-mail (just a little late) and their names are immortalized (lawl)
at the end in the "KTHX" section!
Once again,


Thank you.

Added an update section!
Uh... yay for my first update!
I guess I get a cookie?

*Looks about* 
Or not... :(

Well, everyone seems confused about what I meant by "Only Grey can 
level up the [Falcata] and get the [Demonbrand] if he is your MAIN

I've made the appropriate changes throughout the guide to 
emphasize that while you can level it up to +7, you still cant get
the Demonbrand if your main character isnt Grey.

Tempering Basics [TPBA]

Most weapons have the potential to be improved.
To unlock the next form, you must temper the weapon with a "Resonant"
material. When you select a weapon at a blacksmith to temper, you 
can see what materials you can temper with.
If you look at the bottom right corner box in that screen 
(excuse my bad diagram);

  | [X]      -> [X]     |
  |Material  -> Bronze  |
  |AIL RES   -> ------  |
  |MAG RES   -> ------  |

While you have a material selected, you can see what attributes it 
adds to your weapon.
Why is this important you ask?

If the material that the arrow points to is in red letters instead 
of black, that means you've found that weapons "Resonant" material.

If you continue to use this weapon in battle (You don't have to 
break it!) with it's resonant tempering, it will eventually gain a 
+1 to it's name, adding to it's power!

Those little volunteer kids tell you this near the end of the game 
because it can get quite costly, but it's far better to start at the
beginning of the game when you're doing more fighting!

Remember that when weapons reach the next level, they need a new 
material, because it most likely will not be resonant with the last 
one any more.

Finding the Falcata! [Cav1]

To find the blade, head to [Treasure Cave].
In [Treasure Cave B3], you will see the [Rusty Falcata]. When you 
are done your business, head to Jelton, to temper it at the 
Only Grey can level up the [Falcata] and get the [Demonbrand] if he
I warned you, so don't cry to me if Claudia can't level it up!

Other characters can get it to +7, but it's not worth it, compared 
to the Ogres Eye, Shooting Star, or Crane Princess.

Use the materials that the blade requests, or you CANNOT LEVEL IT

(BS) = Blacksmith shop.
(???) = Still untested.
[ ] = Important term.
0(^_^)==0(>X.X)> = Uhh... WHAT?
Falcata +1 [Fal1]

First, temper the blade with [Bronze] just like it asked.

[Bronze] locations: 

Mirsaburg: Burly Blacksmith (BS)
Eugensteadt: Draconian Merchants (BS)
Jelton: Ligau Swordsmith (BS)

By "breaking the blade" the blacksmith actually means breaking it in,
by using it in battle, until it level's up. If you break the weapon, 
then you must find the exact same material, and re-temper it, then
continue using it until it levels.

It is reccomended that you lower the DP cost as much as possible at
the blacksmith and use the cheapest skills in battle to make it 
easier for you, since the materials are so hard to find, and 
because even 30DP doesnt last very long with expensive skills.
 Thanks for listening. we now return you to your regular scheduled 

After fighting for a while, you will notice your [Falcata] has 
become a [Falcata +1]! Head to another town, and there, the blade 
will speak to you once again, and give you instructions to temper 
it with [Rosalian Steel].

[Rosalian Steel] Locations:

Crystal City: Crystal Cartel (BS)
North Estamir: Maritime Imports (BS)
Mirsaburg: Burly Blacksmith (BS)

Continue the process of destroying your enemies with your freshly 
tempered wrath and watch the blade grow, yet again.

Falcata +2 [Fal2]
When your [Falcata +1] reaches +2, it will tell you that it needs to
be tempered with a more flexible metal. [Southern Iron] is a fine 
choice, so the blade says.

[Southern Iron] Locations:

Can be mined
Loban: Loban Molten Metal (BS)
Bruelle: Draconian Merchants (BS)
Eugensteadt: Draconian Merchants (BS)
Gato's Village: Valhallaland Blacksmith (BS)

Once again, continue fighting, and head to the next town for the 
sword to talk again.

Falcata +3 [Fal3]

This time, it asks to be tempered in [Marcasite].

[Marcasite] Locations:

Can be mined
Altours: Mountain Pass Goods: 1320G
Aurefont: Silver Mine: 1290G

Dropped by:
Dehydrated Plant

Falcata +4 [Fal4]

Once the blade's temper has simmered down,it will require 
[Steel Thread].

[Steel Thread] Locations:

Aurefont: Silver Mine: 2340G

Dropped by:
Spinner Series (Spinner, Thwacker and Rhino Crawler)

Falcata +5 [Fal5]

You have finally gotten the blade to the point where it cannot be 
improved without an extraordanary metal. [Meteoric Iron] seems the 
likely choice... but where can it be obtained?

I found only 1 chunk on a Death Croaker I was fighting in the 
Assassins guild, but otherwise, there has been no other positive
leads as to where this rare metal is to be found.

[Meteoric Iron] Locations:

Can be mined:
High Event Rank needed
Aurefont Mine
Bayre Plateau
Mt. Tomae
(Submitted by Gundam4fun)

Dropped by:
Bone Dragon (???)
Death Croaker (???)
Gargoyle (Submitted by Gundam4fun)
Alsak, in Pagan Ruins (Submitted by Holyswordsmanp15)
Ashura Plant (Submitted by Asura Flarestorm)
A-demon-with-dark-glowing-flames-in-it's-hand's :P
(Submitted by daaa57150@hotmail.com) 

Beast Type enemies (Posted by Riverking)
Chimera (???)
Ape Man (???)

Falcata +6 [Fal6]

Even the blade is in awe of it's own power at this point, and feels 
that it should tone it down with the rare metals, lest something 
goes wrong. It asks to tempered with [Mullock (7)].

This is no ordinary mullock, though.

Apparently it is dropped monsters, cannot be bought at any store, 
and can be mined. I found it by luck, but I wasnt sure what dropped
it. (Im really, REALLY sorry... ;_;)

What is known is (From the altered Falcata +6):
48 Power (+8 from it's last upgrade)
-5/-4 Dp modifier (I had it at 0 to make sure)
20 Dp
4 Weight
It registered RED at the blacksmith.

Can be Mined:
Aurefont Mine

Dropped by:
Dragon Zombie (Submitted by Supersaito)
Goblin Sage (Submitted by sethimothy@yahoo.com)

"Mullock (all different varieties) can be mined at Aurefont Mine, 
Bayre Plateau and Mt. Tomae, you are sure to get at least 3-4 
in each location..."
(Submitted by Gundam4fun)

"Well, so put that the mullock needed for the falcata is dropped 
when you defeat the dragon zombie"
(Supersaito, in an MSN Conversation)

"Mullock can be dropped by goblin sage....lucky me i found it on 
the first try..hehehe"
(kuncles@hotmail.com e-mailed me this tip)

"The special mullock seems to need to be -4.  I'm gonna try this
again to make sure, but different mulloc has a different subraction
to DP."
(sethimothy@yahoo.com added this info though e-mail. I can test it
sometime, thanks to my new job! XD)

Any help finding more info would be appreciated.

Falcata +7/Demonbrand [Fal7]

I reccomend quicksaving before you enter another town to view the
next cutscene.

Finally, your task is over, and the blade reveals it's true nature, 
and how it caused the fall of the empire.

Grey bravely challenges the monster within the [Falcata +7] to show 
itself, and a battle with the [Sword Demon] will begin.

                       !BOSS BATTLE!
                       [Sword Demon]

It seems to be nothing more than a powered up Ogre, but minus the
annoying area of effect skill.

According to Gundam4fun it has 15566 HP

The demon has no other attack than Slash (250-350 dmg, 3 per turn), 
but it can combo with itself (600+ dmg), so it is recommended to 
have an Entertainer in the party to lessen the chances of this 

It has no significant defence, so you may as well hack and slash 
away at it.

A magic shield (Self-immolate, Aegis) may help against the attacks.

After it's defeat, and the beautiful cutscene, the [Falcata +7] 
becomes the [Demonbrand].

This godlike weapon's stats are:
+10 STR (!!!)
55 ATK  (Strongest Katana)
0  DP Modifier
30 DP
9  Weight
Unalterable (Like you need to anymore!!!)

Another bonus, is the asthetic change to Grey's suit.
On the bottom of the cloth hanging on his front (Could use a name
here) there is a white pattern (or a tear?) all the way across, and
his scabbard is now white instead of black.

This change is permanent, and does not change weither you are 
wearing the falcata or not.

Buyable Material locations [Mat1]
Here, you can find the prices of the materials, the Clout lvl needed,
and what shops they can be bought at, just to make your Material 
hunting a little more pleasant. As far as I know, the prices do 
not fluctuate in the shops, but they do in the blacksmithy's 
according to what you are tempering, which is why it's not listed.

[Walon Isle]
Oapu General Store
Lvl 3 Blanzacure: 465g

Godongo General Store
Lvl 4  Beast Fang:   465G
Lvl 7  Bismuth:      465G
Lvl 17 Tree Crystal: 1290G

[Dry Desert]

Cape Breeze Sundries
Lvl 14 Aerodyne: 2400G

Wilderness General Store
Lvl 5 Vermillion: 465G
Lvl 4 Beast Fang: 620G

Taralian Camp
General Store
Lvl 10 Reinforced Wing: G


Crystal City
Crystal Cartel (Blacksmith)
Native Silver
Rosalian Steel

Mountain Pass Goods
Lvl 15 Marcasite: 1320G

North Estamir
Maritime Imports (Blacksmith)
Rosalian Steel

[Bafal Empire]

Loban Molten Metal (Blacksmith)
Southern Iron
Ligau Steel

Draconian Merchants (Blacksmith)
Southern Iron
Native Silver

Aurefont General Store
Lvl 3 Blancazure:  465G
Lvl 5 Vermillion:  465G
Lvl 7 Bismuth:     465G

Silver Mine
Lvl 12 Steel Thread: 2340G
Lvl 15 Marcasite:    1290G


Gato's Village
Valhallaland Blacksmith (Blacksmith)
Southern Iron

[Knights Dominion]

Burly Blacksmith (Blacksmith)
Native Silver
Rosalian Steel

Draconian Merchants (Blacksmith)
Southern Iron


Maritime Imports
lvl 12 Turtle shell:  2280G

Pioneer General Store
Lvl 5  Vermillion:    465G
Lvl 21 Dinosaur Skin: 9400G

[Ligau Island]

Ligau Swordsmith (blacksmith)
Ligau Steel

Ligau Sword Store
Lvl 3 Blancazure: 465G


Q: Help! My Falcata won't level up!
A: Kill more things and re-temper it as needed. You can get it to
   lvl 7, but you cannot get it to change into the demonbrand if
   your main character isnt Grey!

   If you have no idea what metal you need for the current level,
   then look at your "Rumors" in your menu, and the "Voice of the
   Falcata" should tell you what you need.

Q: Can armor gain levels too?
A: As far as I know, no.

Q: HELP! Im stuck on Ligau island cause the sailor dude isnt there!!
A: Uhh... No idea... Seems to happen quite often with people that
   start with Grey. Besides, this is just a tempering guide!

   Sethimothy has taken the time to e-mail the real answer!
   "What I can REALLY help you with however is that annoying issue 
   where people get stuck when they go back to Jelton.  The town is 
   overrun by monsters, and many people panic because they can't go 
   back to the mainland.
   Tell these people to go to the inn of Jelton and talk to the 
   bartender.  If they hear something in regards to a woman who 
   used to work at the inn, they need to leave the inn and return.
   Otherwise, they will hear the innkeeper complain about the 
   monsters taking over the town and a new area [Mt Tomoe] will be 
   available.  Before they leave the inn, have them equip the 'Jump'
   skill because they're gonna need it quite a lot - I actually got
   to the point where I was draining LP because I ran out of prof. 
   They won't be able to repair weapons or heal LP until they make 
   it to the boss of the mountain, but it is possible to revert the
   town back to normal (and go back to the mainland) without killing
   the boss if this becomes an issue."
   Many thank's Dood!

Q: How come you don't have more questions?
A: Cause I answered most of the related ones in my FAQ, and the
   obvious ones can be explained by the Volunteer Brigade Kids.
   You do listen to their advice...    Right?

Q: You're missing stuff. How can I contact you?
A: DANG! Knew I missed something! Send it to Chuujitsu@hotmail.com
   post it in the Gamefaqs forum or instant message me on MSN and 
   I'll give you credit in my FAQ. Thanks.

Q: What is 23 x 54?
A: Wha... Damn... knew I should have studied!
   Uhh... 42 is the answer to EVERYTHING! *Flee*

Help Wanted [HELP]

As you probably noticed this FAQ isnt as complete as we'd all like
it to be.
There's still plenty missing, and I need your cooperation to help 
find this info, just because im not leet.

Things I need are:
-More comformation on what drops the special Mullock
-Nothing else, really...
-Suggestions on what else I should add, or what my next FAQ should be.

All used submissions will be given credit in the "Thanks" section,
and handed an Internet (Nonexistant) cookie. ^_^

Please E-mail me, or instant message (MSN) me at 
Chuujitsu@Hotmail.com if you have any helpful info.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Thanks [Kthx]

(In order)
Thanks to:


For contributing Falcata instructions in my thread, and used 
in this FAQ.


For contributing not 1, not 2, but 6 (!!!) things to this FAQ!
Thank you so much for the info on the Dinosaur Skin in Weston, the
Meteoric Iron drop by the Gargoyle, Sword Demon's Hp, Mullock 
Mining, conformation that Weston is the only frontier town with
shops and Spinner Series info!

And now, make that 7!
Meteoric Iron can be mined, but you need a high event rank.
Is there anything you DON'T know? XD


For info on possible Meteoric Iron drop from Beast type enemies.
I'll continue killing em' to see if they do drop it.


Thanks for the info about Zombie dragon dropping Type7 Mullock.
Certainly was news to me, even though I was killing the damn 
things left and right.

Kuncles@hotmail.com (Don't like putting real names on these.)

Thanks for the tip that Mullock can be dropped by Goblin Sage's


For the possible correction on the Mullock's DP modifier.
However... if you are incorrect...
I'll still credit you for answering the whole "Can't get off the
Island" thing that some newbs are whining about.

Asura Flarestorm 

For confirming the Meteoric Iron drops from the Ashura plants!
Thanks much!


Another comfirmation about MI drops from the Ashura plants
(Im just guessing from your ER) and that demon thingy.
Isn't that a Gargoyle? 


Metoric Iron/Aslak/Pagan Ruins info! Thanks, that stuff is so hard 
to find... Sorry for taking so dang long to put this on!!!

Legal stuff [Blah]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2005 Johar Aston 
(*Gasp* They now know my real identity! :O )