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Table of Contents:

1. Game Overview
   a. Introduction
   b. The World
   c. Stat Explanation
   d. Combat
   e. Inns/Pubs
   f. Training/Proficiencies
2. The Heroes/Initial Stats
3. Brief Character by Character Walkthrough
   a. Albert
   b. Aisha
   c. Gray
   d. Claudia
   e. Jamil
   f. Sif
   g. Hawke
   h. Barbara
4. Items List
   a. Armor
   b. Weapons
   c. Tempering Materials
   d. Healing/Status
5. Spell List
6. Proficiencies List
7. Attack Combo List
8. Class List


Update History

12/13/2005 - First posting of guide.  Need to complete opening
walkthroughs for the rest of the characters.  All listings are
currently incomplete as I play through the game.

12/16/05 - Completed Jamil's walkthrough.  Added some new items
to the lists, as well as combo attacks and new locations on
the world map.  Added some new information in the Training and
Proficiencies section.



Romancing Saga is an open RPG in which you, as the hero, travel the
world and improve your class and skill level as you take on various
quests and favors for the people that you meet.  I've read a lot of
complaints about the style of the game--that there isn't enough "story"
involved in the random traveling and therefore that this game isn't
as superior as other RPGs, such as Final Fantasy.  I say this game
just has a different style, period.  If you prefer games in which you
are forced to take certain actions at certain times in order to make
"the big story" move forward, then this probably isn't the game for
you.  Neither style is inherently superior than the other, it's just
a matter of what you prefer as a gameplayer.  

To me, this game takes RPG back to its pre-videogame roots.  Have you 
ever sat around a table playing Dungeons and Dragons with your 
friends?  Was there an overarching "big story" to your adventures, or 
were you simply traveling the countryside, taking on various enemies 
and solving problems for people according to your skills?  At any rate, 
this game obviously isn't for everyone, but that's okay.

That's not to say that there aren't some frustrating aspects to it, but 
that's true of any video game, frankly.  It can be difficult to
take the proper steps in order to generate a new quest, and at times
you may find yourself in the midst of a quest only to discover that
you needed a particular skill in order to complete it.  But this all
goes back to the fact that the creators of this game intended it to
be a multiple playthrough game.  You'll need to get through it more than
once in order to uncover everything.  But the fact that you're able to
choose from eight different characters who all have their own
perspective and starting point will make you want to play this game
more than once.

This guide is not meant to be a comprehensive walkthough.  It is a guide
for beginners to the game to get their bearings and figure out the rough
basics of gameplay.  I'll go through the first few events for each
character to give you an idea of how to get started with them. 

Please also note that this is my second FAQ ever, and my first for a 
large scale RPG such as this.  I am taking great care in how I approach
this guide, but I may not be the best at this.  Feel free to let me know 
if there is information that needs to be added, if corrections need to 
be made, etc.  My only request is that you are polite when you do.  I 
won't be responding to anyone who writes only to insult me.  But if
you have information or questions, please feel free to write; it's what
I'm here for.

The World

There are ten kingdoms in the world of Romancing Saga.  Each of the eight
characters will start their journey in one of the following lands.  I've 
also included the names of the locations that I've unlocked in each
kingdom, along with the name of the hero who starts in that kingdom.  
Obviously, this list is subject to change as I play through
more of the game.

Bafal Empire (Claudia) = Aurefont
                         Bayre Plateau

Coral Sea

Dry Lands (Aisha)      = Kaklim Desert
                         North Point
                         Steppes of Galessa

Frontier (Barbara)     = New Road
                         Saoki Cavern
                         Vampire's Den
                         Yassi Cavern

Kjaraht (Jamil)        = Assassin Guild Hideout
                         Lake Malar
                         South Estamir

Knights Dominion       = Abandoned Keep
                         Kidnapper's Cave

Ligau Isle (Gray)      = Jelton
                         Mt. Tomae

Rosalia (Albert)       = Altours
                         Crystal City
                         Crystal Lake
                         Isthmus Keep
                         Mt. Scurve
                         North Estamir

Valhalland (Sif)       = Gato's Village

Walon Isle             = Godongo

Stat Overview

The numbers and codes can be confusing at first.  So here is a handy
little overview of what each code means, and how your gameplay is

HP  = Hit Points.  Similar to other RPGs, you lose them when attacked.

LP  = Life Points.  You have a set amount, like HP, and lose them under
      particular circumstances.  You'll lose a life point each time you
      are struck unconscious (HP reduced to 0).  You lose LP each time
      you are additionally attacked while unconscious.  LP is further
      reduced when you run from an enemy, when you fall prey to a trap,
      when you are hit with certain attacks, or when you use certain
      weapons and magic.  You can restore your LP by resting at an Inn.  
      Keep an eye on this stat - it's just as important as HP.

BP  = Battle Points.  These are pretty much a merging of the "skill point"
      and "magic point" system that you find in other games.  In order to
      perform certain special moves in battle, you must expend battle
      points to do so.  However, your BP will increase a specific amount
      with each turn.  So if your character shows a BP of 3/10 +2, that
      means that at the start of battle he has 3 BP but will gain 2 BP
      with each turn, up to the maximum of 10.  With experience, your
      BP will rise.  You'll be notified when this happens at the end of
      battle.  Be aware that some weapon-based special attacks will also
      use DP, not just BP.

DP  = Durability Points.  Your weapons have a set amount of damage they 
      can take.  DP goes down as you use your weapon in battle, particularly
      when you use them to perform special attacks.  They can be restored by
      resting at an Inn, but only if you haven't tempered your weapon at a 
      blacksmith.  Once you've tempered your weapon, you have to go back to 
      the blacksmith and use that material again in order to restore your 

In addition to the above stats are several other personal stats, most of 
which will be familiar to RPG players.  The following stats can be raised
or reduced depending on class, skill, and even the weapon equipped.  For
example, warriors who rely on weapons will have higher strength, and magic
users really depend on intelligence.  Wearing certain gloves will lower
your dexterity, while certain boots will lower agility.

STR = Strength

VIT = Vitality

DEX = Dexterity

AGI = Agility

INT = Intelligence

WIL = Will

COM = Compassion

CHA = Charm


Combat is pretty standard as RPGs are concerned.  You've got basic
turn based combat similar to the Final Fantasy series.  You choose
the action to take for each character, then sit back and watch that
turn take place.

My first advice is to go ahead and equip the First Aid kit to your
strongest character.  You'll find your weakest character getting
KO'd at times, but as long as the strongest character is able to 
heal that person on the next turn, you can minimize the full damage.
Those nasty monsters won't leave someone alone just because they are
unconscious.  And you will lose even more LP each time you are hit
while knocked out.  Some recruitable characters come with a Balm
already equipped, which is nice.  Also, have a few characters able
to use Hydrology and learn the Healing Water spell.  This spell 
will restore more HP than the First Aid Kit.

Secondly, utilize battle position option to serve your team's best
abilities.  For example, with my party:  Gray fights with a foil
sword, so he is in front.  Galahad has a spear, and he works best
in the middle.  Claudia and her bow work best from the rear.  Both
Barbara and Sif use swords, and need to be in the front.  You can
tell which position is best for your character by using the up
and down directional buttons to toggle your person from the front,
middle, and back.  On the right hand side of the screen, check out
how many stars your person's commonly used weapon has in each
position.  Attack and Speed are granted anywhere from no stars to
three stars each.

While you're out in the field, you'll be able to see your enemies
wandering around.  Sometimes they can be avoided, but often they
will see you and charge right at you.  If you're able to sneak up
on them and come into contact with them before they notice you, you can
get initiative in the battle.  You'll know when the monster notices you
because an exclamation point will appear over its head and it will turn
yellow, then orange as it gets closer to you.  When you make contact,
battle is initiated.

At the start of battle you'll get the option of choosing each team
member's action for the first turn.  You only start off with the
minimum amount of BP, so in general you won't be able to use your best
special attacks until the second turn, at least at the beginning of the
game.  When you choose the action each character will take, hit X or O
to start the battle.

When you get to the second turn, you may have characters on the brink
of death.  Make sure someone is there to heal if necessary.  Otherwise
you may decide to start unleashing your stronger attacks now that your
BP has risen a bit.  Just keep in mind what the cost of each special
attack is.  Some weapon-based attacks will use not only BP but DP.
So don't go crazy with these attacks just to find yourself with a
useless weapon that's been reduced to 0 DP.  Magic based attacks
generally only use BP.  You can also use Martial Arts to attack your
enemies and learn new skills.

Many of the heroes will run across very advanced enemies early in the
game, and you should try your best to avoid them.  You can't win, and
if you have to run from a battle you lose a life point.  For example,
Gray will come up against large dinosaurs right away.  These beasts
will ignore you if you keep your distance, but if you get too close
they will try to fight.  And Aisha starts out all alone with extremely
weak stats.  Any fight right off the bat will take her out pretty

The best part is, your HP will automatically restore itself after the
fight.  So you won't have to waste a lot of healing items during the
game.  It's more important to use these items in the course of battle
to keep your characters conscious.  However, your DP and LP do NOT
restore themselves after battle.  These can only be restored by 
staying at the appropriate level Inn.  And remember, if you've 
tempered your weapon, the Inn will no longer restore its DP.


Most towns and cities that you visit will have a pub and a place
to rest.  There are a few exceptions, so keep track of these as
you find them to make sure you're never caught in a weakened
condition with no change to restore.

Pubs are noted with a pink sign.  These are great places to find
recruitable characters and to speak with the Minstrel.  The Minstrel
is able to remove people from your party if you have the full five
members but you want to add someone else.  He'll give them the
boot for you.  Also, there are times when the Minstrel will help 
move the story forward or even join your party.  Whenever he asks
if you want to hear a story or a song, say yes.  I think he likes
the attention, because after a few new encounters with him, you
normally will get some sort of help from him.  But note that if
you have the Minstrel in your party and you re-enter any pub in
any town, you will lose him.  He'll be standing inside the pub
when you enter and you have to recruit him all over again.

You may also find some random characters who are willing to join
your party.  Normally these folks are simply named according to their
class, like "Amazon" or "Sorceress."  They have different skills and 
come equipped with their own weapons and armor.  You can use these 
folks to round out your party if you have some slots  open.  They can
be kicked out at any time by speaking to the Minstrel.  There are 
some characters who are not one of the eight main heroes but who
actually have personalized names (like Galahad and Myriam, who
start the game with Gray).  These folks generally have better stats
than the generic people, so hang on to them when you get them in
your party.  The generic folks with 3 or 4 LP are only filler to be
used as a last resort when you're starting out and don't have many
team members yet.

Inns are not as straightforward as they are in other games.  First,
you can find an innkeeper in different locations.  Sometimes they
are standing right in front of the pub.  At other times they have 
their own storefront.

You have many different levels to choose from when you rest at an
inn, and each one is more expensive than the last.  And then of
course after your rest you are prompted to save your game.  So
if you just want to save and don't want to use the Quicksave
feature (which places an additional save on your memory card),
you can just "Rest in Lobby" in order to save your game and not
pay to rest.

Rest in Lobby (Free) = Restore proficiencies
Standard Room = Restore prof. + LP
Superior Room = Restore prof. + LP + Equipped weapons
Deluxe Room = Restore prof. + LP + All Weapons + 10 to First Aid Kit
Luxury Room = All above + 20 to First Aid Kit
Suite = All above + 30 to First Aid Kit


Okay, now we get to one of the most complex aspects of the game.
Similar to previous editions of Final Fantasy, in Romancing Saga
you are able to choose and train in certain "classes" to achieve
higher skills.  You spend jewels to learn new skills, and when
you have the appropriate skill level you can then choose to assign
a particular class to your character.  It's important to keep track
of your skills, because they affect what weapons you are able to use
as well as which proficiencies you can utilize out in the field.
For example, you can learn Find Treasure but if you don't have
the requisite level of Gathering skill then you can't use it.
Particular quests will require certain proficiencies, so make sure
you have both the proficiency that you need as well as the skill
required to perform it.

Also, remember that some proficiencies work in pairs.  For example,
you can have the Find Herb proficiency activiated on your list,
but if you don't have the Harvest proficiency activated as well,
then you can find the herbs, but you can't take them!  Other paired
profs are Find Ore and Mine, Find Treasure and Excavate, and
Find Traps and Disarm Traps.  The only "Find" skill that does
not require a paired prof is Find Chests.  You can open those
yourself, but note that any chest you may find could have a trap.

You may find yourself having to go through dungeons more than once
in order to completely obtain all available items.  In certain mines
there may be herbs as well as ore to harvest.  A good tip is to keep
"Climb," "Jump," and "Find Chests" on your prof list at all times,
then switch out the rest of the open slots as needed.

Once any of your team members reaches level three of a certain
class (which normally costs around 325 jewels, depending on how
many skills are involved in the class), the mentor will then unlock
the ability to level up individual skills.  So if you are short on
jewels and want to quick level up your character's skill level on
his or her weapon of choice, you can simply choose that individual
weapon skill and level it up.  I also used this strategy to level
up all of my characters in the Hydrology skill so that they all
can cast a decent Healing Water spell without having to pay for
any of the full classes that have Hydrology attached to them.

Note that once you do this, the cost of leveling him up for his 
class will go down if that weapon happens to be part of the skill 
list for his class.  Also, the individual skills available at each 
mentor is representative of the skills in the classes available 
there.  For example, you need to go to South Estamir in Kjaraht 
if you want to raise a person's "Katana" or "Scimitar" skill, 
because those skills are listed under the Estamirian Rebel and 
Kjar Sentinel classes.  If none of the classes available at that 
mentor contain a particular weapon skill that you need, then that 
skill won't be listed individually at the bottom.

I have a listing of the proficiencies and classes at the bottom of 
this guide.  


The Heroes/Initial Stats

1. Albert - Young Nobleman (M)
   HP: 60   LP: 12   STR: 4   VIT: 5   DEX: 3   AGI: 3   INT: 2
   WIL: 6   COM: 3   CHA: 5

Albert starts the game at Isthmus Keep in the country of Rosalia.
He is the son of Lord Rudolph and Lady Mariah, who run the keep
for the Rosalian kingdom.  The neighboring land, the Bafal Empire,
is in constant struggle with Rosalia over control of the keep.
Albert is soon joined by his sister Diana and two soldiers.

2. Aisha - Young Nomad (F)
   HP: 45   LP: 10   STR: 2   VIT: 3   DEX: 5   AGI: 4   INT: 3
   WIL: 4   COM: 8   CHA: 5

Poor Aisha is the weakest character and also starts the game all
alone.  I can't say her adventure really drew me in all that much.
She starts out at the Steppes of Galessa.  You might be better off
starting with a stronger team like Gray's, because you are able to
recruit Aisha in the pub at Tarmitta while playing Gray's game.

3. Gray - Adventurer (M)
   HP: 100   LP: 11   STR: 11   VIT: 9   DEX: 9   AGI: 9   INT: 8
   WIL: 10   COM: 8   CHA: 9

Gray is introduced as a mysterious wanderer as the game begins.  He
starts his journey on Ligau Isle, in the town of Jelton.  He is
accompanied by two more adventurers, named Galahad and Myriam.
Galahad is a Rosalian officer, and Myriam a magic-user.  Obviously
Gray starts out with some pretty decent stats in comparison to
other characters.  He also has access to a lot of the world, and
will be recruiting other heroes pretty quickly.

4. Claudia - Ranger (F)
   HP: 65   LP: 17   STR: 7   VIT: 4   DEX: 7   AGI: 8   INT: 5
   WIL: 6   COM: 6   CHA: 6

Claudia is a young woman who's been raised by an old crone in the
Mazewood.  The Mazewood is a mysterious forest in which many people
who enter find themselves hopelessly lost.  She is soon joined by two 
animals, a bear and a wolf, who the old woman call upon to help her on 
her journey.  Her stats may not be extraordinary overall, but she does 
have that sweet LP of 17, which is much higher than all of the other 
characters.  Play Gray's game to recruit her early on.  She will grow
into quite a good Ranger with great bow skills, but it's tough to get
into her own game because she's so weak. 

5. Jamil - Thief (M)
   HP: 65   LP: 12   STR: 3   VIT: 2   DEX: 13   AGI: 9   INT: 7
   WIL: 4   COM: 2   CHA: 8

Jamil is a thief in South Estamir at the game's beginning.  He has
some great money making potential right at first in the game, and
also good recruiting possibilities.  He also is fairly decent when
it comes to fighting, and starts the game with a Rapier.  It's one
of the better starting weapons you'll have for any of the characters.
Either Jamil or Gray are your best bets for getting through in the
long haul, in my opinion.  Jamil can recruit Gray a little further
into his game.

6. Sif - Barbarian (F)
   HP: 150   LP: 12   STR: 11   VIT: 14   DEx: 8   AGI: 7   INT: 7
   WIL: 5   COM: 7   CHA: 9

A large, muscular woman wearing a horned helmet, Sif looks like she
belongs in a Conan the Barbarian movie.  She starts the game in
Valhalland near the Shiverlands.  You'll have to recruit a few
people to help at first but she'll have access to Albert rather
quickly in the game.  Play Gray's game and you'll be able to
recruit Sif early on.

7. Hawke - Pirate (M)
   HP: 125   LP: 14   STR: 9   VIT: 9   DEX: 13   AGI: 12   INT: 9
   WIL: 5   COM: 6   CHA: 7

Hawke can be recruited by Gray in the "pub" at Uso, in the Dry Lands.

8. Barbara - Traveling Dancer (F)
   HP: 95   LP: 12   STR: 5   VIT: 8   DEX: 5   AGI: 7   INT: 4
   WIL: 2   COM: 6   CHA: 10

Another weak character at game start.  You can recruit her when you
play Gray's game and she'll grow to a formidable fighter, however
in her own game she starts out so weak it's almost not worth playing.
She is joined by her traveling pal Helmet.  She is also rather unique
among the other heroes, because the Minstrel bestows one of the
fatestones to her right off the bat.  If you recruit her as one
of the other heroes, she's still wearing the Amethyst fatestone, so
you don't have to play her game to get it.  Barbara starts at the end
of the New Road, in the Frontier.


Character by Character Walk-Through

I'm not going to write out the entire game for each character here.
This section will simply serve to start you out with each of the heroes 
and give you a rough sketch of what needs to be done to move forward.  
Believe me, even though the game seems really complicated with the LP & 
DP stats, classes, skills, and proficiencies, once you get the hang of 
things it's really not that hard.  So without further ado, here are the 
opening scenes for each of the eight heroes:

a. Albert

Albert starts the game in his bedroom in Isthmus Keep.  It seems his
family recently acquired control of the keep from the Bafal Empire.
The keep is found right along the border of Rosalia and the Bafal
Empire, and control of the keep is very important to both kingdoms.
Albert's father, Lord Rudolph and Lady Mariah, are in charge of the
keep.  Albert's sister Diana is a Rose Knight.

Diana enters the room and tells Albert to equip himself and then go
downstairs.  This is good advice; while Albert has a Dress Sword,
Buckler, Leather Jerkin, Leather Gloves, and Leather Boots in his
possession, he isn't wearing any of them.  Hit the square button
to access the menu and choose "Status" to see Albert's individual
stats and equip everything.  The gloves cause his dexterity to fall
by one point.  Notice that he starts the game with 500 G.  Nice!
Too bad you won't have anywhere to spend it for awhile.

Make sure you also equip Albert's only proficiency, "Find Chests."
You'll be using it soon.

Heading out of Albert's bedroom, you'll see two other doors in
the hallway.  These are Diana and Rudolph's rooms, but they're locked.
Head toward the stairwell and go down one floor.  You have a choice
of two staircases here.  The one on the left goes outside, while
the one on the right goes down to the throne room.  Go right.

In the throne room, speak to either Diana or Albert's father to
get a scene in which Rudolph explains that there are monsters in
the eastern caverns.  Whoop, first quest already!

Diana joins the party, as do Soldier A and Soldier B.  Poor guys,
they don't even warrant names!  Well, you'll notice this happens
a lot for the lesser characters.  Stats for your new additions:

Diana - Rose Knight (F)
   HP: 140   Weapon: Queen of Swords (+5 CHA)
   Armor: Leather Jerkin
   Abilities: Short Sword (Lv1), Pole Arm (Lv1), Bow (Lv1).

Soldier A (M)
   HP: 110   Weapon: Gothic Sword
   Armor: Parade Helm (Darkness Immune), Gothic Armor
   Abilities: Foil (Lv1), Long Sword (Lv1), Two-Handed Sword (Lv1),
              Shield (Lv1).

Soldier B (M)
   HP: 100   Weapon: Gothic Sword
   Armor: Parade Helm (Darkness Immune), Gothic Armor
   Abilities: Foil (Lv1), Long Sword (Lv1), Two-Handed Sword (Lv1),
              Shield (Lv1).

Okay, so obviously Albert is the weakling on this team.  But now
you're ready to face Isthmus Cavern.  Head back up one floor and
now take the other stairs going down.  You end up outside of the
keep.  Use the compass to head east.  Basically just follow the
path, since there isn't really anywhere else to go right now
anyway.  There are no enemies here.  Soon you'll reach the mouth
of the cavern.

Inside, you'll finally get to fight.  None of the enemies here are
particularly worrisome, because your partners are such strong
fighters.  This is good, because there was nowhere for you to
learn any skills.

The cavern is totally straightforward.  There aren't very many 
different tunnels to go into.  In fact, there is just one branch
heading off to the left as you approach the area with a natural
bridge.  Head over there for a treasure chest and a few fights.

By this point Albert has probably learned a new skill.  By 
using his dress sword, he has become familiar with the weapon
and has gotten a "glimmer" of a new move he can perform.
The first new attack he learns is Impact Thrust.  Whew, now
he can hit harder than 20HP!  But don't overuse it right
away, you'll need it for the boss coming up.  Impact Thrust
takes both BP and DP.

Cross the bridge (you can't fall off the edge) and you'll come
into a room.  There are a few little enemies to clear out before
you reach your very first boss.  If you have the First Aid Kit
on Diana, go ahead and put it on one of the soldiers instead.
You'll need her attack power in the coming battle.

Boss 1: Demon Scout
HP: 600+
Attack: Triple Maul (Hits one for 90+ damage)
        Disturb Gravity (Hits all for 60+ damage)

Okay, this guy is kind of tough so soon in the game!  You
go from a bunch of enemies with around 60 HP to this dude.
And you had no option to improve your characters, add spells,
or anything.  I lost count of his full HP after he knocked a 
few of my characters out.  Albert can't use his Impact Thrust 
until the second turn because it takes 4 BP.  He  may have 
learned his second new attack, Paralyzing Strike.  This one 
only takes 3 BP, so go ahead and use it if you have it.  Use 
Diana's special, and have the soldiers use their basic sword 
attack. Those three will each hit Demon Scout around 100 HP.

Demon Scout starts out with a Gravity attack that hits all of
your characters for at least 60 HP.  The next turns will 
generally be a Triple Maul against one character.  This attack
is comprised of three hits, each of which hits around 33 HP.  
He liked to target Diana when I fought him, but he did go
after everyone at least once.  Have the soldiers use their
Balms when necessary, and make sure you also use the First Aid
Kit whenever necessary.  I was tempted to have the First Aid 
Kit on Albert because he doesn't hit very hard anyway, but he 
ended up being struck unconscious anyway, along with Diana.  
Use one of the soldiers to heal, and have the other attack 
along with Diana and Albert.  Eventually you'll defeat him.

I received a Worthless Club, worth 350 G when you finally get
the chance to get to a shop, and a Blue Herb.  You have
completed your first quest!

But what's with the red seal?  Oh well, no bother.  Make sure
you take a stroll around the room before you leave, there is
a hidden treasure chest with some cash in it on the left hand
side of the room.

Return to the keep and go to the throne room.  You'll receive
104 jewels from Albert's father as a reward.  That gives you
more than 200 jewels that you can't spend yet.  Heh.

New scene with Prince Neidhart, the leader of Rosalia.  He
wants to marry Diana and make Albert a knight!  Celebration
time.  Cutscene.  Oh, I guess that red seal must have been
important after all.

When you gain control of Albert (in his room again), head
back down to the throne room.  Rudolph and Diana's rooms are
still locked.  Time for your second quest.  You must travel
to Crystal City to ask the Prince for help defending the
keep.  Take the rear exit out of the throne room, stopping
to snag 2000 G out of the treasure chest.  Note: I had yet to
be hit with any traps when opening any of the chests.

Another cutscene.  Aw, poor Diana!  Go through the motions
in the fight with Red Dragon.  This isn't a boss fight, because
you don't have any chance in winning.

Albert wakes up at a woman named Monica's house, in the town of
Loban.  Monica warns him about soldiers in town...it seems we
are now in enemy territory, the Bafal Empire.  To get back
to Rosalia Albert must take a boat from Bruelle to Yeoville.
After getting a world map from Monica, depart.

Our first town.  Finally, Albert can learn some skills, buy
proficiencies, and upgrade a bit.  There is also a
recruitable character at the pub, but there isn't much point
to getting her right now because you don't get to keep her and
you don't need her to fight at all.  The Minstrel will now
tell you the story of the great war between Saruin and his
siblings.  Saruin..Sauron?  I'm just saying.

Okay, you know that rule of RPGs where you have to speak to
everyone?  Forget about that here.  DO NOT get close to the
helmeted soldiers milling around.  If anyone starts shouting
"Stand clear," try getting out of the way.  When you are
recognized as a Rosalian, you get thrown into the dungeon.

Note: if you mistakenly get caught, don't worry.  There is a 
secret passageway in the corner of the room.  Just wait until
you are prompted to Action, then you'll open up the wall.  In
the passageway, you'll hear a scary voice cursing someone.  But
there is little you can do about that now, so just keep going.
You'll emerge into a house near Loban's front gates.

So, we won't do that again.  Check out the shops. You may want
to take it easy with spending money, because there are two
more towns coming up.

To leave Loban, head for the south exit.  The north exit is
guarded.  You can now click over to Bruelle on the World Map.

Another town, not too much to set it apart from the last one.
The Minstrel will ask if you want to hear a song when you visit
him in this pub.  Say yes and he'll join your party.  But you
don't keep him, so don't get excited.

There are a few weapon/armor shops, another mentor to upgrade
skills and learn proficiencies, so make sure to check those
out but keep some funds for the next town.

The ship to Yeoville costs 20 G.  I should note, once you get
on the ship you're going to see the same cutscene no matter
which of the three cities you choose to travel to.  So do 
yourself a favor and just pay the 20 G rather than wasting
your money.  Cutscene.

Hmm, I think we better find out what that sailor had in the
box if we can, shouldn't we?

Wake up at Gato's house in Valhalland.  Now you're even
further south than before!  Will we ever get to Crystal City?
Anybody you recruited is now gone.  Told you.

Oh, but here's Sif, one of the eight heroes!  That makes up
for it.  Tell her you'll help her clear the monsters out of
the caves and she joins your party, plus you get your third
quest.  Though you haven't finished the second one yet.
You can also recruit a "Valhallan" at the pub, which is a good
idea.  We have some tougher enemies coming up.

Sif (F)
   HP: 156  LP: 12   Weapon: Zweihander, Hand Axe, Hunting Bow
   Armor: Light Helm (Darkness immune), Fur Vest, Leather
          Gloves, Leather Boots
   Abilities: Hand Axe (Lv1), Two-Handed Sword (Lv1)

Valhallan Warrior (M)
   HP: 125  LP: 4   Weapon: Gothic Axe, Hunting Bow
   Armor: Fur Vest, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots
   Abilities: Hand Axe (Lv1), Two-Handed Sword (Lv1) 

The enemies in the upcoming area are tougher than the ones
in Isthmus Cave.  You may find it necessary to strengthen
your characters with some fights, then retreat back to the inn
before coming back to move forward.  By now you're a good
three hours or so into Albert's adventure, and you should have
a good idea of what to do with him.  You'll notice that Albert's
adventure so far has been much more linear than some of the other
characters, without as many options to go off in a different
direction.  That will change; just stick with it.

b. Aisha

More coming soon.  Aisha starts the game entirely alone and with 
only 45 HP.  She can't handle any enemies she goes up against.  I 
would recommend playing Gray's game, as he is able to recruit her 
in the pub at Tarmitta.  And Jamil will find her in the course of
his very first quest of the game.  Her story will still unfold even 
if you are playing as someone else and she has been recruited.

c. Gray

Gray is described by the Minstrel as "enigmatic," so I'm assuming
there will be some interesting story developments with his game.
He starts out in the town of Jelton, on Ligau Isle.  He's in
search of treasure with his two companions, Galahad and Myriam.

Galahad (M)
   HP: 170  LP: 18   Weapon: Single Sword
   Armor: Great Shield, Gothic Armor
   Abilities: Long Sword (Lv1), Club (Lv1), Lance (Lv1) and
              Shield (Lv1).

Myriam (F)
   HP: 75  LP: 13   Weapon: Novice staff
   Armor: Mage's Robe, Socks
   Abilities: Staff (Lv1)
   Spells: Hellfire

You start the game with 350G and 100 jewels.  Certainly not a
fortune, especially in light of the fact that you need several
proficiencies in order to get through the caves on this island.
Start by chatting up the locals, who soon give you an idea that
there may be treasure in the dinosaur burrows in the plains.
This isn't a quest, you're only getting rumors here.  You can
stick around and build up some strength by visiting the plains
if you like.  It will help you when you go on to your next
location and get a real quest.  

I chose to train Gray in the Pirate and Thief classes.  This
gives him some essential skills for proficiency use.  You're
limited in how much you can do right now, so don't bother wasting
any jewels on Galahad or Myriam.  You'll need to use the Find
Chest, Find Treasure, and Find Ore skills in the dinosaur burrows,
but you can't learn all of the necessary skills through the mentor
at Jelton.  So there isn't too much you can do by entering the
dinosaur caves right now.  You'll be wandering around a lot
and dodging the charging dinosaurs.  DO NOT try fighting these
guys, they will kill your entire party.  The camera angle in the
caves is frustrating as well, because when you turn around the
camera faces you, and you can no longer see what's coming ahead
in the cave.  You'll run smack into a dinosaur before you know it.

At any rate, obviously there is much more to do in the plains, but
you need to get some quests and experience under your belt before
you can do much here.

After you've been wandering the Plains a bit, visit the pub once
more to find a woman in red being hassled by a group of guys.  She
warns the drunkards to leave her alone, and they finally do.  When
you try talking to her, she'll merely warn you to leave her alone
as well.  You can't do anything more with her here, and she is gone
the next time you go to the pub once you leave town.  But she appears
in your notes, so I know there will be more with her at a later time.

Go back to the dock and choose to board the ship for Melvir.  When you 
do so, you'll get a cutscene in which you can choose to go with
Galahad to Crystal City, to Estamir with Myriam, or to go on alone.  
For the purposes of this guide, we will go with Galahad.  You'll first
port in Melvir.  There are two quests to get right off the bat here,
so let's stick around.

Head out to the central area of Melvir, with the big staircase going to
the second floor.  When you're there, a character named Gian will find
you.  Cutscene.  Ooh, Claudia!  And money!

Mazewood is now available, but don't go running off there.  As soon as
you leave the Inn on the first floor of Melvir, a man will approach you
and say, "Hey, you've got a girl named Claudia with you, don't you?"

Hey, Gian didn't tell us there were assassins gunning for her!  Time
to fight.  This guy isn't too bad, although he does hit pretty hard.
He has around 300 HP, strikes with Impact Thrust and at times with
Lightning Illusion.  Notice if you go back into the Inn (and get chased
out by some guy crying about his daughter), the assassin will reappear
in the square again!  You can fight him several times this way.  It's 
a nice little boost, so you might as well.  Just keep everyone alive.

Next to the Inn there are two doors set back beyond the stairs.  The
building with a sign above it is the police station.  Go inside.  Talk
to the head of the police to get your first quest.  There are "suspicious"
things happening in town, and he wants you to get to the bottom of it.

Don't leave yet.  At the back of the police station a man is standing
alone.  Talk to him to get the "Bafal Fighter" to join your party.  You're
going to need him.  Now we can head back out.  You may get a third assassin
at this time.  Eventually they stopped showing up for me.

Go upstairs to the second floor.  In the pub, check the post at the southern
end of the room for a note written by a man named Colombo.  His daughter
is missing.  Ah, the innkeeper downstairs!  If you want, you can recruit
the Minstrel at this time.  Just agree to listen to two songs and he'll
join.  He will soon learn a rather useful attack.  

You can head downstairs at this point or check out the shops to upgrade.
When you visit the man running a storefront past the library, he'll
mention that one of the shopkeepers has been killed.  You'll need to
visit him again later.

Now head back downstairs to take care of a few things.  First, talk to
Colombo at the first floor Inn and agree to investigate his daughter's
disappearance.  Then, head across the square to the three storefronts
near the exit to the port.  Talk to the woman running the store on the
far right.  She will tell you that her father Buck was killed recently.
After some discussion she decides that his competitor Ward must have
done it.

Hmm, think the guy upstairs has anything to do with this?  Don't go
running up there just yet.  If you talk to Ward now, you'll get a
cutscene that will temporarily make all of the town's services
unavailable.  Make sure you've done everything you can to upgrade,
and also visit the "residential area," found next to the exit to the
port area.  You can visit the mentor for some new skills here.  If
you played around in the Plains for a bit, you likely have a few
jewels to bump Gray up to level one in some new classes.

Okay, when you're all set, go back upstairs to talk to the shopkeeper
Ward.  He tells you that about some weird guys hanging out in the 
sewers.  Cutscene.

Time to head into the sewers!  Follow the robed man down several
corridors (stopping to get the treasure chest to the left of the
second intersection).  When he goes down a staircase and through a 
door, you can follow him if you're ready for a boss fight.  The Minstrel
and Claudia should have learned a few new moves with their weapons,
notably Rapid Volley for Claudia and Artful Slash for the Minstrel.
If they haven't, you might want to use your map (from the treasure chest)
and go through the sewers a bit to kill off a few baddies.

When you're ready, head through the door for a cutscene.  Hmm, Saruin
cult members are ready to sacrifice a woman.  I wonder who she could be!

Boss 1: Priest of Saruin + 4 Saruin Cultists
HP: Priest: 350-375; Cultists: 100-120
Attack: Wracking (Hits one 60-90 HP; may stun)

You can get attacked five times per turn with this fight, so take out the
cultists.  If Claudia has Rapid Volley and Minstrel has Artful Slash,
they will clean up.  Keep your folks alive.  You can use Gray and
Galahad for a combo attack if Gray does Impact Slash and Galahad does
Cutting Lunge.  Or Claudia and Galahad can do a combo with Rapid Volley
plus Cutting Lunge.  Pick them off one by one, keep healing when
necessary, and this fight isn't very hard.

I wonder if Colombo's daughter is really so pure, after all the bad
things he said about her reputation?  I bet that priest's spell wouldn't
have worked, after all!  Anyway, you found the girl AND solved the 
suspicious dealings!  Two quests for the price of one!
Cutscene in palace.

Choose from Weapon, Armor, or Money for your reward.  I got a Silver
Fleuret (Foil) when choosing weapon.  Minstrel automatically leaves
your party at this time.

Make sure you head down to the first floor inn to get your reward from
Colombo.  1000G and 120 jewels.

Now you're set to move on if you want.  Going out to the World Map, you
see that Gray has access to several towns.  The whole world is open
to you, so head out to new adventures!  Note that you will be able to
get to Crystal City by shipping out of Yeoville.  That was Galahad's
inclination, after all.  But there are still several towns in the 
Bafal Empire that you can investigate.

d. Claudia

More coming soon.  Play Gray's game to recruit Claudia.  When Gray goes 
to Melvir, a man named Gian will approach him in the center square and
pay him 1000G to protect her.  Apparently she has assassins after her
for a reason that you'll learn later...if you recruit her while 
playing Gray's game you'll still get the appropriate cutscenes to
learn information about her backstory.  Just a hint: never choose to
"let her go."  Just go along with her whenever she needs to get somewhere
specific.  Jamil can also recruit Claudia.  Both she and Gray will
appear in the pub at Aurefont in Bafal Empire once you get into the game
a bit.  They weren't there the first time I showed up, but when I was
eight or nine hours into Jamil's game, they were there.  You don't have
to recruit them both at the same time, you can choose one or the other
if you want.

e. Jamil

Jamil starts in South Estamir in Kjaraht.  His game is unique in that you
get an animated cutscene right off the bat.  Why don't the other
characters get their own movies?  Anyway, he also receives Silver Bracers
in the opening.  After the cutscene is finished, you'll find that
you have 200G & 100 jewels.  Jamil has access to some good money
early on in the game, though.  Jamil is joined by his partner in crime, 

Dowd (M)
   HP: 60  LP: 17   Weapon: Hunting Bow, Fleuret
   Armor: Buckler, Cap, Shirt, Leather Gloves, Socks
   Abilities: None!

Ugh, things don't look so good.  We've got some very weak people.
But Jamil's game isn't all that bad, because he does turn out to be a
pretty decent fighter once you improve him.

Jamil is a level one Thief with the Find Chests and Pick Locks profs.
These are good enough for now, don't worry about spending money on
anything else right away.

Head South down the stairs and across the open area to talk to the
brown-haired woman in a yellow skirt.  This is Farah.  You'll have
the option to give her your new silver bracers.  It doesn't hurt
anything to give them to her, and she'll become important fairly
soon in the game.

Head up the stairs to the right to find the pub and blacksmith.
In the pub, talk to the blonde woman behind the bar and she tells you
there's a job for you if you talk to the guy standing nearby.
Your first quest of the game is to find the women being kept by
Wuhan, the potentate of Kjaraht.  Now head back out of the pub.

In South Estamir, you are constantly accosted by beggars, children,
and ruffians.  The children ask you for money.  You can choose to
"give them a little," which they will just scoff at, or you can
choose the middle option.  That gives them a big chunk of your
money, and they tell you information about the tunnels under the
city.  But the thing is, you don't need them to tell you this to
find your way underground.  So, just don't give them any money.
They'll swear at you, but it's no big deal.  They are mostly an

When the blue haired ruffians approach you they also ask for money.
Just choose to fight them.  Jamil and Dowd are pretty agile and will
often attack before the ruffian even gets a single attack.  The
best thing is, if you enter and leave the blacksmith across from 
the pub, you can fight the ruffian outside over and over again for
a bit of extra money and a personal boost.  If you have the patience
to do this until Jamil and Dowd get some extra HP, it's pretty

Once you're sick of this, head back to Farah's house (up the stairs
where she was standing earlier).  You learn from her friend that she's
been abducted by slave traders.  It's all part of Wuhan's quest in
your notes, so the two are connected.

If you chose to give the beggar kids money, they mention that slave
traders are working under the city.  But you don't need them to tell
you this, so don't worry if you were stingy.

And if you go back into the pub, you'll see some drunk guys pestering
a woman in red.  This scene appears for every single character, and
I've not yet learned who she is or what her deal is.  She won't talk
to you now, just tells you to leave her alone.

Talk to the Minstrel and agree to hear him play songs until he joins
your party.

Boost Jamil to level 2 Thief.  You can use the Disarm Traps prof if
you want to spend 150G.

The entrance to the sewers is on the north end of town, but there's no
point in going down there now.  We need to stop at the slave trader's 
house nearby.  That building appears as a large red square on your map 
of the city.  Enter slave trader's house and speak to him to learn that 
Wuhan has Farah, then fight!  Easy fight, and you get practically 
nothing for it.

Wuhan's women are in the temple of Amut in North Estamir, but only
women can enter.  Funny cutscene as Jamil solves that problem.

You can travel to North Estamir by the small ferry boat at the north
end of town.  It costs 10G.

At North Estamir, talk to the Youth Brigade member on the middle
platform level to get a map.  The temple of Amut is on the northwest 
end of town.

Inside the temple, climb onto the dais and then head down the stairs
to the right.  You get into Wuhan's secret room.  Wha?  Aisha?!
What the heck is she doing here?  Anyway, recruit her before you
talk to Farah.  After your discussion, you'll be fighting some
guards.  They only have around 75 HP, so they're easy.  Jamil and
Minstrel normally take them out before they even attack.

Now you have a choice.  You can let Wuhan go, or you can kill him.
If you kill him, you'll be attacked by guards every time you enter
North Estamir.  But they aren't that difficult.  Not killing him 
merely gives up around 120G and 10 jewels.  Shrug.  I killed him 
anyway.  He has around 225-250 HP.  So far all of the enemies in 
Jamil's game have been so much easier than in other games.  It will 
stay like that for awhile.

Back in South Estamir, go back to Farah's house and she'll give you
112 jewels.  But you're not done.  Talk to the man who hired you in
the pub for 2500G.  Nice!

Because you went back into the pub, you lost the Minstrel.  Recruit
him again if you wish.  And, Barbara is in the pub.  Recruit her
to open up a bunch of new towns.

Before you leave the pub, take all equipment off Dowd!  As soon as
you try going through the door to leave, he will stop you and beg
you to leave him behind.  He doesn't want to leave Estamir.  He's
not that great anyway, so let him go.  Good tip whenever you
recruit people...take anything you can remove off them before
you let them go.  You can keep the stuff for yourself or sell it.

Now it's time to hit the Estamir tunnels, past the slave trader's
house.  Inside, take the first path right and walk to a central
room to find a treasure chest with the map of the tunnels.  Now
head back to where you entered the tunnels.  Head north and take 
the second tunnel right for a treasure chest with 100G and 16 
jewels.  You need to be level 3 in the Gathering skill to fully 
access the second chest here, so don't waste your time.

Now head to the north stairs down to the next section.  The door
all the way to the south is the thieves guild.  There will be a
quest later on that features this guild, but there is nothing
you can do here now.  The door all the way to the east goes
to a mysterious temple.  There is nothing to do there now, either.

The path to the northeast leads to a room filled with undead.  You
can handle these; take them out for a boost in experience.

By this point Jamil had learned a few special attacks, namely
Paralyzing Thrust and Cutting Lunge.  His Cutting Lunge takes
no DP, so you can use it as much as you want.

There is a hidden treasure chest on the right hand side of the
room.  It holds a Silver Fleuret.

Now head all the way back up to B1 where you found the map of
the tunnels.  The first tunnel to the left heads down to the
catacombs.  You'll be down there in a bit, but there is nothing
to do there now.

Keep going and head south, to the right-hand side of the tunnel.
The first door on the right leads to a small room with a hidden
chest and studded gloves.

The southmost door leads to the slave market.  There's nothing to
do there, either.  Head all the way north and up the stairs to
the exit.  Now you're in North Estamir.  The guards here will
attack you, but they aren't that difficult.

Myriam from Gray's story is in the pub here.  You can recruit her
to steal her items if you want.  I didn't keep her very long after
this because there are other recruitments to make.  I wouldn't
bother with the blue-haired Amazon who is also here in the pub,
she's even weaker than Myriam.

Talk to the man standing near the door of the pub (inside) for a
quest to see the catacombs.  We know where those are, so this one
is super easy.  Take him down there for a cutscene, then enjoy
your 1500G and 60 jewels prize.  You'll later see this guy trying
to sell his mummy on the streets of Altours.  Funny scene, but
nothing much happens otherwise.

A few notes about recruitments you can make:

- You'll find Sif in the pub at Crystal City.
- You can find Gray and Claudia in the pub at Aurefont.  If they
are not there the first time you show up, go again after completing
a few more quests.  I found them around eight or nine hours into
Jamil's game.

So along with Jamil my party ended up being Aisha, Barbara, Gray
and Sif.  Gray opens up Melvir and Ligau Island.  Barbara gets you
into the Frontier, Sif is Valhalland, and Aisha opens up the Dry
Lands.  You should be all set to get going on your journey.

My next course of action for Jamil was to head down to Shiverland
to do the first cave clearing quest for Gato, and then to the Knight's 
Dominion.  Talk to everyone in Eugenstadt and Mirsaburg and
hopefully open up the "Abandoned Keep."  The lord of Eugenstadt
and his knight Raphael are there and need help clearing the place 
out.  Make sure you have the jump skill before you attempt both this
quest and the Shiverland one.

f. Sif

Sif is a Norse-looking warrior from Valhalland.  She starts the game
in Gato's Village near Shiverland.  She has a pitiable 100G with her
100 jewels.  She also starts with a Find Chest prof. that she can't
use until she learns the Search skill, so make sure you do that before
you take off out of town.

Speak to the man standing near the pub to learn that Gato is looking
for you.  Gato's house is at the opposite end of town.  Go past the
two shops sitting side by side at the end of town, and walk up the path
and enter the last house.  Speak to Gato for a cutscene.  You have your
first quest: clear the Shiverland caves of monsters.

First we need to deal with some skill issues.  The mentor is standing
along the right side of the path near the town gate.  Learn Hunter to
gain Search skill.  You will also need the jump skill to access all of
the treasure in the caves, but...you can't learn it in this village!

Go to the pub to recruit the Valhallan Warrior.  His LP is atrocious
but you'll need all the help you can get.

Valhallan Warrior (M)
   HP: 140  LP: 4   Weapon: Gothic Axe, Hunting Bow
   Armor: Fur Vest, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots
   Abilities: Hand Axe (Lv1), Two-Handed Sword (Lv1).

If you agree to listen to the Minstrel's song, he'll also join your
party.  Take him along; you'll need the help.

Minstrel (M) Bard
   HP: 140  LP: 16   Weapon: Minstrel's Sword
   Armor: Cloth Armor
   Abilities: Foil (Lv1), Long Sword (Lv1).
   Proficiencies: Trade

Note:  When you have the Minstrel in your party, every time you
re-enter a pub in any town, you lose him and have to recruit him
all over again.  Keep this in mind in the future.

Head out to the Shiverlands.  Travel up the path to arrive in a large
open area with several enemies to defeat.  With your extra party
members they aren't too difficult, and you want your people to start
learning special attacks, so go ahead and fight them.  I start Sif
with the Bow and then switch to the Zwiehander once she learned the
excellent attack "Rapid Volley" on the bow.  There are some great
two-handed sword attacks, so I just stuck with the Zwiehander after
Sif learned two special bow attacks.

Using the Map (start button), head towards the Western Cave first.
This area is confusing with all the exits.  On the west side of the area
there are two main exits seen on the map.  The southernmost exit goes to
the World Map.  When you have access to other cities on the World Map,
you will always have to walk through Shiverland to get back to Gato's
village, you can't simply go to the World Map and choose Gato's village.
It will become a little irritating later on, believe me.

The other exit to the west is the entrance to the Western Cave.  Let's
go there first.  In the cave, take the first tunnel branch to the left
and up to find the map of the cave.

The Minstrel is generally faster than any of the enemies here so assign
him to take out irritating enemies like the Ripper birds, who otherwise
will attack you before Sif and Valhallan Warrior can take their turn.

There are a couple of areas that you can't get to because you do not have
access to the jump skill.  Grr.  Travel all the way to the back to the
Southeast tunnel of the cave to find the "boss" of the cave standing on a 
little ice bridge.  It's an Illusion Bug and two Magic Bugs.  They're 
extremely easy.  You'll have two treasure chests to plunder.  A third
chest on the other side of the bridge can only be accessed with the 
jump skill, and once you leave the cave after destroying the monster,
it disappears.  Annoying.

In the easternmost tunnel of the cave, there is another chest.  This one
has 300G and a Hand Axe.  By this point Valhallan Warrior has probably
learned special attack "Cut Timber," and Sif learned "Rapid Volley"
on the bow.

Unless you are in dire need of an Inn, you can head straight across to
the Eastern Cave.  The eastern cave is the top path on the eastern side
of the map.  This one is a small cavern with just the one "Boss."

This one is tougher so let's give him special treatment:

Boss: Walking Corpse, Stray Wolf, and Zombie.
Attacks: Rabbit Punch (Hits one 65-75 HP)
HP: 400+ for Walking Corpse
First turn have Sif use Rapid Volley, Valhallan use Cut Timber, and have
the Minstrel use Impact Thrust to wipe out Stray Wolf and Zombie.  The
second turn should be spent healing.  Then on the third turn use special
attacks against the Walking Corpse.  That should do it.

You probably need to visit an Inn by now.  Definitely do so before you
tackle the Southern Cave, because that one is a toughie.  But if you 
wish you can visit the Frozen Lake at this time.  The path immediately
south of the Eastern Cave is the path to the Frozen Lake.  You'll see
lightly colored circles on the ice.  You can slide across the ice to
these circles and that's how you get across the lake.  Watch out though,
the monsters are also sliding around so you'll run across a few on
your journey.  In light of the comments of the villagers regarding
how warm it is, and a frozen castle in the middle of the lake, it seems
that at some later point the lake will be thawing out and you'll have
some work to do here.  But for now there's not much to accomplish.

Okay, go back to town and rest up, maybe upgrade a bit.  In general,
it's best to avoid wasting money on "throwaway" characters, like
the Valhallan Warrior.  Later on you'll have other heroes in your
party, and those are the ones you'll want to improve.  I ended up 
getting the Valhallan Warrior killed at one point anyway, because
he only has four life points.  The Minstrel will keep whatever you
give him, so even if he leaves your party, you can get him back later
and he'll have all the improvements you gave him.  But first focus on

Now it's time to get to the Southern Cave.  This area is much larger than
any of the others.  First you'll travel up two screens of path, both with
monsters to defeat.  On the second screen you'll reach an intersection.
Travel left and enter the new area.  There are a bunch of monsters here,
but when you get a chance to stop and take a breather you'll find a treasure
chest with a map of the area.  Notice that this is called "Stage 1" of the
Southern Cave.  Yeah, you're coming back here again later!

The enemies are getting tougher now.  Make your way around the circular
area.  Hopefully Sif has learned "Double Vertical" and "Blunt Strike" on the 
Zwiehander.  If you switch to the bow for awhile she can also learn "Shadow 
Weave," but I haven't found this one to be all that useful.

Boss: Peggy Chief + 2 Valhallan Peggys
HP: Peggy Chief (325-340 HP); Valhallan Peggys (100-125 HP)
You can do this in two turns.  Use Rapid Volley, and special attacks on
each of the Valhallan Peggys to take them out on the first turn.  Second
turn, use Double Vertical and special attacks on Chief Peggy.

Now there are two treasure chests revealed.  Left one has Wing Amulet,
right one has 300G and 12 jewels.

If you're able to handle it, go back to the intersection and head straight
across to the next section.  This area has two branches, one to the north
and one to the south.  North branch has a chest with 150G and Hand Axe. 
There is also a hidden item that we don't have the skill to find yet.

South branch has an herb, but we can't harvest it yet.

If you haven't gone back to the Inn after the Peggys, you'll want to now.
The top path at the intersection has the toughest enemies you've faced
thus far.  The north branch has one chest with Long Boots inside, and if
you don't feel the need to go through with it, you'll still complete this
quest.  There are also two hidden items up here that you'll need skills
to find.

You'll start to notice some combo attacks now that you're using your 
special attacks more often.  Sif will likely learn "Smash" with Zwiehander.
At this point I stuck with the sword and didn't use the bow unless I needed
one of its specials.

The Minstrel may learn Sonic Slash and Cutting Lunge around here.  Sonic 
Slash doesn't use DP!  If you traveled up the north path you're finding that 
a lot of these fights are chained--meaning that you fight one round of 
enemies and then immediately go into the next fight, keeping your same HP 
and BP as you had at the end of the last fight.  These can get tough.

When you've made it all the way back, go see Gato to complete the quest.  
You get 200G and 134 jewels as a reward.

If you head back out and talk to the little kid near Gato's house, you'll 
learn that there was a shipwreck.  Leave the village and travel down the 
right hand path to trigger a cutscene.  Albert!

Now talk to Gato for another cutscene.  Monsters have re-infested the caves.
(Sigh)  New quest, but now Albert is here to help.

Basically, you do the same thing all over again for the second cave quest.
There are a few differences.  Most notably, the enemies are tougher.  Also,
the south cave is now "Stage 2."  When you head over to that circular area
where you fought the Peggys, there are now open pathways at each spoke of
the "wheel" formed by the circular path.  You need the jump skill to get
through two of the paths.  

The middle path goes across to the path to Frozen Lake, however now there 
are great big snowballs rolling down the hill.  Get caught up in one and 
you are smashed against the rocks at the bottom of the hill to lose one LP.  
You can usually avoid them by squeezing up against the left wall of the 
pathway.  There is treasure at the bottom of the hill, but it's just 100G 
and 12 jewels, so don't worry about skipping this part.

If you head over to where the boss was last time, fighting your way through
a multitude of enemies, you'll find another pathway where the old boss
was standing.  Use Find Chest skill to find a chest here.  It has a trap on 
it that explodes and takes at least two LP away from you.  Watch out, 
because Valhallan Warrior can easily bite it with his lowly 4 LP.

Boss: Chief Peggy + Valhallan Peggys
You can do this in one turn.  If Albert has learned Paralyzing Thrust, use
that and Rapid Volley for a combo.  Have Minstrel use Sonic Slash on Chief
Peggy.  Done!  Reward for this fight was 1600G and a Quarterstaff.

Sif will learn Running Slash soon.  Doesn't use DP, so now both she and the
Minstrel have specials that don't wreck their weapon.

Similar to before, the western cave has a few chests, and the eastern cave
has one boss monster.  Finish up, then go back to Gato to get your reward 
of 200G & 146 jewels.  Gato also gives you a special relic related to
Sif's parents.  Apparently Sif isn't from Gato's Village, and she needs
to restore her warrior heritage to fulfill her long-term quest.

Now it's time to leave the Shiverland at last, and help Albert get home.
Finally.  Albert has some disturbing news to learn in Crystal City.  With
him in your party you are able to enter the palace here, unlike the other
characters.  This should get you going with Sif.

g. Hawke

More coming soon.  If you play Gray's game, you can recruit Hawke in the
open air pub in the town of Uso, which is in the Dry Lands.

h. Barbara

More coming soon.  Barbara starts out very weak, with her traveling 
partner Helmet, who is also weak.  Play Gray's game to recruit Barabara, 
who can be found in a pub as you're traveling through the Frontier.  
When you recruit her, she'll be wearing the Amethyst fatestone that the 
Minstrel bestows upon her in the beginning of her game.  When she is with 
a strong team like Gray's, she soon grows into quite an accomplished 
swordswoman.  Her HP increases exponentially, and with a lightweight sword 
she performs a lot of surges and reverses, and is pretty adept at deflecting 
attacks.  But I really couldn't get into her game simply due to the fact 
that the opening enemies in her game are already far too tough for her and 
Helmet to take on.  Jamil can also recruit Barbara in the South Estamir
pub after completing his first quest.  She is a welcome addition to any 
party, once you take the time to level her up.


Item Lists

Please note this list is not complete.  I'm adding items, weapons, and
armor as I find them in the game.  Note that the prices I've listed
for each are rough estimates, as you will find that different stores
charge you different prices for items.  Sometimes two stores in the same 
town will have vastly different prices for the same item.  Also, your
"clout" level, which is raised the more you buy and sell, will affect
how you are charged for items, what items you're able to buy, etc.
Finally, many items may be obtained by fighting, especially any
tempering materials, which are actually parts of monsters that you
use to imbue your weapon with power.  I'm also noting any stats that
I have for each item, such as power (Pwr), weight (Wt), blocking (Bl),
and Defense (Def).  Please note that generally in regard to armor, magic 
defense is the same number as regular defense in items that have not been 
tempered in any way.

Also regarding shops, when you start out you will see items that are
not yet available to you with a note that they may some day be for sale
at that shop.  These items are available when your clout level is high
enough.  Or you'll find items are "sold out."  If you leave the shop and
return moments later you may find that the item is then available, or if
you back out of a store to doublecheck your stats before buying a
particular item, you may find that item is sold out when you go back to
the store to buy it.  A little frustrating, but the shops are 
refreshed pretty frequently.

a. Armor

Armor    =  Alligator Vest (DEF: 20, Wt: 6, Strong to blunt att., 1980G)
            Bone Breastplate (DEF: 13, Wt: 4, Weak to projectile)
            Chain Mail (DEF: 29, Wt: 16, Weak to elec & projectile, 3960G)
            Cloth Armor (DEF: 9, Wt: 4)
            Firebeast Hide (DEF: 9, Wt: 2)
            Fur Vest (DEF: 7, Wt: 3, Strong to cold)
            Gothic Armor (DEF: 18, Wt: 10)
            Leather Jerkin (DEF: 13, Wt: 5, Strong to blunt attack)
            Mage's Robe (DEF: 8, Wt: 3, INT & WIL up, Strong to cold)
            Pelt (DEF: 8, Wt: 4)
            Rigid Leather (DEF: 24, Wt: 8, 3520G)
            Sage's Robe (DEF: 10, Wt: 3, INT & WIL up, Strong to cold)
            Shirt (DEF: 4, Wt: 1)
            Stone Brigandine (DEF: 24, Wt: 12)

Boots    =  Chiral Clogs (DEF: 3, Wt: 1, AGI & WIL up, Snare resist)
            Leather Boots (DEF: 4, Wt: 2, Strong to cold)
            Leg Mail (DEF: 14, Wt: 6, AGI down, 2900G)
            Long Boots (DEF: 7, Wt: 2, Strong to cold, 456G)
            Metal Greaves (DEF: 10, Wt: 5, AGI down, 990G)
            Rubber Soles (DEF: 3, Wt: 1, AGI up, Strong to electricity)
            Vernie Shoes (DEF: 8, Mag DEF: 15, Wt: 6, AGI down, 2590G)

Gloves   =  Conqueror Gloves (DEF: 13, Wt: 5, Dex down, 3300G)
            Flameproof Gloves (DEF: 1, Wt: 2, Strong fire, Dex down)
            Leather Gloves (DEF: 3, Wt: 2, Dex down)
            Harmonia Bracer (DEF: 1, Wt: 1, CHA up, Sonic wave immune)
            Silver Bracers (CHA up, 475G)
            Silver Snake (DEF: 5, Wt: 1, COM & CHA up, 10000G)
            Steel Gauntlets (DEF: 6, Wt: 4, Dex down, 418G)
            Studded Gloves (DEF: 4, Wt: 2, Dex down, 80G)
            Vambraces (DEF: 9, Wt: 5, Dex down, 1155G)

Helms    =  Bird Helm (DEF: 9, Wt: 5, Darkness immune, 1000G)
            Enamel Bicorn Hat (DEF: 5, Wt: 1, CHA up, 2205G)
            Eule's Hat (DEF: 4, Wt: 1, Darkness immune, WIL up)
            Fashionable Helm (DEF: 14, Wt: 4, Darkness immune, 3960G)
            Headband (DEF: 1, Wt: 0, WIL up, 95G)
            Light Helm (DEF: 3, Wt: 4, Darkness immune)
            Parade Helm (DEF: 5, Wt: 5, Darkness immune)
            Silver Mask (DEF: 7, Wt: 5, Poison immune)

Necklace =  Fang Amulet (DEF: 1, Wt: 0, STR up, 475G)
            Silver Chain (CHA up)
            Wing Amulet (AGI up)

Rings    =  Dragon's Eye (DEF: 3, Wt: 0, VIT up)
            Glamorous Ring (DEF: 1, Wt: 0, 525G)
            Pocket Dragon (DEF: 1, Wt: 0, STR/VIT up, Strong fire/cold/elec)
            Ring of Protection (DEF: 5, Wt: 0, 1000G)

Shields  =  Buckler (Bl: 15, Wt: 3, 132G)
            Great Shield (Bl: 10, Wt: 8, 275G)
            Knight Shield (Bl: 14, Wt: 8, 1312G)
            Rondache (Bl: 25, Wt: 4, 950G)
            Targe (Bl: 20, Wt: 3, 350G)
            Tower Shield (Bl: 22, Wt: 9, 3727G)

b. Weapons

Axes   =  Broad Axe (Two-Hand; PWR: 19, Wt: 10, 1235G)
          Gothic Axe (PWR: 17, Wt: 6, 660G)
          Hand Axe (PWR: 10, Wt: 5, 88G)

Bows   =  Battle Bow (PWR: 34, Wt: 9, 8580G)
          Composite Bow (PWR: 24, Wt: 13)
          Hunting Bow (PWR: 10, Wt: 7, 190G)
          Longbow (PWR: 19, Wt: 9, 931G)
          Reinforced Bow (PWR: 28, Wt: 9, 3500G)

Clubs  =  Mace (PWR: 16, Wt: 3, 855G)
          Warhammer (PWR: 20, Wt: 3, 1600G)
          Worthless Club

Spears =  Crowbar (Pole Arm; PWR: 14, Wt: 7)
          Harpoon (PWR: 17, Wt: 5)
          Military Fork (Lance; PWR: 32, Wt: 7, 7260G)
          Pike (PWR: 24, Wt: 7, 2612G)
          Spear (PWR: 26, Wt: 6, 3960G)

Staves =  Eule's Staff (PWR: 10, Wt: 10, Consumes LP, INT & WIL up)
          Holy Staff (PWR: 12, Wt: 6, WIL up, 840G)
          Novice's Staff (PWR: 6, Wt: 6, INT up)
          Quarterstaff (PWR: 24, Wt: 5, 2400G)

Swords =  Back Sword (Long Sword; PWR: 19, Wt: 4, 1522G)
          Bastard Sword (Great Sword; PWR: 17, Wt: 5, 1000G)
          Cutlass (Short Sword; PWR: 13, Wt: 2, 495G)
          Dress Sword (Foil; PWR: 12, Wt: 2)
          Fleuret (Foil; PWR: 6, Wt: 2, 55G)
          Gladius (Short Sword; PWR: 20, Wt: 2, 1600G)
          Gothic Sword (Two-Hand; PWR: 18, Wt: 8)
          Hanger (Short Sword; PWR: 25, Wt: 2, 3410G)
          Ice Sword (Two-Hand; PWR: 35, Wt: 15, Consumes LP, 20K)
          Minstrel Sword (PWR: 18, Wt: 6)
          Morglay (Two-Hand; PWR: 34, Wt: 8, 7800G)
          Queen of Swords (Short Sword; PWR: 12, Wt: 1, CHA up)
          Rapier (Foil; PWR: 21, Wt: 2, 2100G)
          Rosalian Saber (Great Sword; PWR: 24, Wt: 5, 2940G)
          Samurai Sword (Katana; PWR: 17, Wt: 7, 1425G)
          Schiavona (Long Sword; PWR: 34, Wt: 4, 9000G)
          Silver Fleuret (Foil; PWR: 17, Wt: 2)
          Steelsong (Scimitar; PWR: 25, Wt: 4, 5115G)
          Town Sword (PWR: 26, Wt: 4, 3465G)
          Walloon Sword (Long Sword; PWR: 12, Wt: 4)

c. Tempering Materials

*I'm noting where I obtained the rarer tempering materials
whenever I can.

Beast Fang
Elemental Core
Meteoric Iron
Peggy Crystal - Chief Peggy when clearing Shiverland
Pure Gold - Gold dragon when Aurefont mines are overtaken by monsters
Steel Thread
Sticky String
Tortoise Shell

d. Healing/Status

Altours 56 - AGI up
Altours 75 - VIT up
Balm - Small HP restore (200G)
Beserker's Brew - Turn into beserker, but magic disabled (800G)
Bitter Medicine - HP restore & ailment heal, but poisons
Blue Herb - Take to apothecary to make potions
First Aid Kit
Fruit - Small HP restore (270G)
Fruit of Luck - HP + attack reduce (27000G)
Green Herb - Take to apothecary to make potions
Indigo Herb - Take to apothecary to make potions
Panacea - Restore HP + status, but attributes down (1000G)
Quality Balm - Fair HP restore (840G)
Red Herb - Take to apothecary to make potions
Stamina Drink - VIT up (420G)
Talent Blaster - Fill BP with no side effects (1200G)
Talent Booster - BP restore, but renders unconscious
Ultra Balm - Great HP restore (2400G)
Verdant Herb - Take to apothecary to make potions
Warrior's Elixir - Battle skills temporarily up (1200G)
Yellow Herb - Take to apothecary to make potions


Spell Lists

Note: this is not yet a complete list.

Aerology     =  Blades of Wind - Wind attack (200G)
                Strengthen Pull - Bow damage up (300G)
                Blood Curdle (700G)
                Summon Elemental - Wind (1000G)
                Missile Shield - Null projectile 1 turn (1440G)
                Snowstorm - Offensive (4320G)

Bewitchery   =  Way of Defense - VIT up (600G)
                Way of Strength - STR up (600G)
                Way of Life - Offensive (1200G)
                Way of Focus - HP + Status (1200G)

Cosmology    =  Sunray - Offensive (200G)
                Moonbeam - Restore HP + WIL ailments (800G)
                Starlight - Absorb attacks (1200G)
                Bind to Earth - Earth attack/May paralyze (1600G)
                Starbeam - Offensive (2880G)
                Cosmic Tide - Offensive (3840G)

Demonology   =  Energy Bolt - Offensive (200G)
                Weapon Blessing - Give weapon power (400G)
                Armor Blessing - Enhance defense (400G)
                Enhance Spells - INT up (400G)
                Shock Wave - Offensive (2400G)
                Mind Blast - Offensive, WIL down (3200G)

Hydrology    =  Healing Water - Heal (240G)
                Water Blast - Offensive (360G)
                Holy Water - Clear status ailments (600G)
                Summon Elemental - Water attack (1200G)
                Fold Time - End Turn (2160G)
                Freeze Time - Status changes end? (3840G)

Illusion     =  Fire Illusion - Fire attack (300G)
                Ice Illusion - Ice attack (300G)
                Lightning Illusion - Lightning attack (300G)
                Break Illusions - Awaken from illusory sleep (500G)
                Hypnotism - Sleep attack (1800G)

Pyrology     =  Hellfire - Fire attack (200G)
                Flame of Life - Gradual HP restore (300G)
                Self-Immolation - Magic shield (500G)
                Summon Elemental - Fire attack (1000G)


Proficiencies List

Note: this is not a complete list.  Here are the names of the profs.
including the skill necessary to perform each one.

Ambush        = Covert
Climb         = Survival
Disarm Traps  = Strategy
Excavate      = Gathering
Find Chests   = Search
Find Herbs    = Search
Find Ore      = Search
Find Traps    = Search
Find Treasure = Search
Harvest       = Gathering
Jump          = Survival
Lurk          = Covert
Mine          = Gathering
Move Silently = Covert
Pick Locks    = Strategy
Trade         = Trading
Vigilance     = Survival


Attack Combo List

The following is a list of attack combos I've been able to determine
through gameplay.  


Artful Slash + Charge
Artful Slash + Double Vertical
Charge + Cutting Lunge
Cutting Lunge + Impact Slash
Cutting Lunge + Hellfire
Double Stab + Power Shot
Good Timing + Power Shot
Rapid Volley + Artful Slash
Rapid Volley + Artful Slash + Charge
Rapid Volley + Cutting Lunge
Rapid Volley + Dragon's Tail
Rapid Volley + Paralyzing Thrust
Rapid Volley + Running Slash
Rapid Volley + Smash
Running Slash + Double Stab
Throw + Good Timing
Running Slash + Paralyzing Thrust
Smash + Sonic Slash

There are various forms of combos, which can be determined not only by 
which special attack is being used but also the location of the people 
who are performing the attack.  More combo effects as described in the
game manual:

Fulcrums: Overall attack power is increased as is the possiblity of
          more combos.

Surges: One or more members of your combo team might perform a surge
        during the course of the combo.  You will notice the attack
        has a new name and is even more powerful than a regular combo.

Reverses: One or more members of your combo team might perform a
          reverse during the course of the combo.  Again, the name of
          the combo will change and it will be even more powerful.

Vortexes: Combatants in certain positions are able to perform special,
          sustained combos.  (For example: If your combo team is
          positioned in 1st & 3rd, 2nd & 4th, or 3rd & 5th place, these 
          two people can perform an attack called "The Scissors," in 
          which they attack the enemy from either side)


Class List

Again, this list is incomplete.  More to be added as I travel around
and take note of the classes.  I'm also listing the skills associated
with each class.

Ascetic          = Martial Arts, Staff, Terrology
Castle Knight    = Long Sword, Great Sword, 2-Hand Sword, Pole Arm, Shield
Craftsman        = Short Sword, Cosmology, Strategy
Entertainer      = Martial Arts, Long Sword, Covert
Estamirian Rebel = Martial Arts, Scimitar, Katana, Illusion, Search
Frontier Guard   = Foil, Long Sword, Shield
Herbalist        = Terrology, Survival, Gathering
Hunter           = Scimitar, Hand Axe, Bow, Terrology, Search
Kjar Sentinel    = Lance, Bow, Hydrology, Demonology, Covert
Pioneer          = Hand Axe, Club, Gathering
Pirate           = Foil, Hand Axe, Hydrology
Rosalian Lancer  = Short Sword, Pole Arm, Bow, Bewitchery, Search
Rosalian Mage    = Club, Staff, Hydrology, Demonology, Bewitchery
Rosalian Officer = Long Sword, Club, Lance, Shield, Bewitchery
Swordsman        = Long Sword, Foil, 2-Hand Sword
Thief            = Foil, Strategy, Search
Trader           = Survival, Strategy, Trading
Wizard           = Staff, Pyrology, Aerology, Demonology, Cosmology