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     ###  ########  ###     ###  ###  ###    ###    ###      ######    
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 #######  ###       ####### ###  ###  ###    ###    #######  ### ####  
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            #######       #######     ###        ###            
            #######      ########    ####       ####            
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            ###           ######      ###        ###            
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            #######       #######     #######    #######   ###  
            #######       #######     ######     ######    ###  

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   #######      ####  ###       #####      #########     ########  
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   ###           ########      ### ###     ###   ###     ########  
   ###           ###  ###      ########    ###   ###          ###  
   ###           ###  ###      ########    ###   ###          ###  
   #######       ###  ###     ####  ###    #########      #######  
   #######       ###  ###     ###   ####   ### #####     ########

 #######  ###  ###   #######  ##### ###   ########   ##   ### 
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   ###    ###  ###   ###      ###   ###   ###  ###   ### ###  
   ###    ########   #######  ###   ###   ### ####    #####   
   ###    ########   ######   ###   ###   ########    #####   
   ###    ###  ###   ###      ###   ###   ######       ###    
   ###    ###  ###   ###      ###   ###   ### ###      ###    
   ###    ###  ###   #######  #########   ### ####     ###    
   ###    ###  ###   #######  ### #####   ###  ####    ### 


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Single Player FAQ for the XBox by 
copyright March 2005 by 
Brian Dean Cates 

Comments, questions, and tips may be sent 
to: manofaiki2003@yahoo. com

This FAQ is authorized by the author to 
appear at only the following 


This is a Solo Campaign gameplay Faq.  

Unlike many Faq writers, I'm not going to spend 
my time typing up 20 pages worth of material 
that is basically a rewrite of the instruction 
manual that comes with the game.  

There's no version history either. You think 
I have the time to type all that crap up? 

The first time an action needs to be done I 
will describe the 
button/trigger/thumbstick combination 
needed to accomplish it.  

This game has been played on the 'Hard' level, 
which will differ slightly from the way it will 
be on the Normal and Expert levels. 

One of the prime examples of the differences 
between the levels is how
much damage Sam can take.  On Normal, Sam can 
get hit by enemy fire 5 or 6 times before he 
dies.  On Hard they only have to hit him twice, 
three times at the most.  Expert? Don't ask.  
You won't like the answer.  


It's 2007, and all is NOT well.

Hugo Lacerda, a radical anarchist 
and revolutionary, has declared war on 
civilization.  Advocating the overthrow of 
social order, he has reasoned that the only real 
way that revolution can come in the modern age 
is through informational warfare.  Computers 
now control weapons systems, electrical grids, 
communications, Wall Street.... hell, the very 
heartbeat of society.  Take the computers 
down and you create what every anarchist has 
wet dreams about.........chaos.  Lacerda has 
a theory about chaos that he can cause the 
West by taking down the computers that control 
Western society.  Only as Third Echelon discovers, 
he's beginning to move beyond Chaos Theory into 
Chaos Reality.......

Tensions are at an all time peak 
between China and Japan, and a computer warfare 
attack on Japan's systems 
only excaberates the situation.  Now in the 
opening cinematic it looks 
like the North Koreans are being drawn into 
the picture as well, and we all know how much 
fun Kim Jong(LOOK OUT! HE'S MENTALLY) Il is 
to deal with.  

Third Echelon suspects someone is working behind 
the scenes to heighten tensions between these 
volatile Asian countries, and all the fingers 
point at Lacerda.  What better way to destablize 
Western civilzation than with a little ol' 
nuclear exchange between China and Japan, with 
maybe a few North Korean missles added to the mix?  

The West was not totally defenseless against this 
kind of computer warfare attack.  It has brilliant 
programmers working with Third Echelon and other 
Defense agencies to harden computer networks and 
improve security.  

Several of these programmers are working on the
 Masse Kernels, highly advanced information technology 
developed by the late Phillip Masse, who Sam 
dispatched in the Kola Cell mission of the first 
game.  Only it seems Lacerda has tipped the odds 
in his favor by grabbing the best and brightest of 
these programmers - Bruce Morgenholt. Lacerda hopes 
that by torturing Morganholt he can learn information 
that will make his computer warfare on the West more 
deadly and effective. He wants the Masse Kernels 
technology and he is determined to have it.

Who is Third Echelon going to turn to to get 
Morgenholt back and give Lacerda what he's got coming 
to him?  

None other than Sam Fisher.  

It's time to put the nightvision goggles back on 
and defend the Free World.  Get ready for the 
ride of your life. Because there are hundreds of 
deadly enemies out there, and they're smarter, 
better equipped, and more tenacious than ever 
before.  But don't worry for our hero. He's come 
to this fight prepared as well.  Sam has new 
moves, new toys and a bigger support team this 
time around.  

Freedom isn't free. And bad guys like these 
don't deserve to die of old age. So get to work! 


Level I: The Lighthouse


Punta Blanca Lightouse, outside of Vallerta, Peru

Intelligence has reached Third Echelon that Bruce 
Morgenholt is being held at a lighthouse facility 
in South America.  

Why a derelict lightouse? Don't ask me; this isn't 
the ABC TV show Alias, where the terrorists always 
seem to be staying in snazzy resorts or cool nightclubs. 
Real terrorists, unless they are the top guys, don't 
have much money.  That's why this group of 
terrorists are aimlessly patrolling a run down 
lighthouse off the coast of Peru instead of 
chugging down champagne on the French Riviera 
while half-naked models sit in their lap. 

Sam is to get in there and ensure that Lacerda 
doesn't get his greedy little hands on any Masse 
Kernel technology.  

Sam is also to rescue Morgenholt if possible, but 
there are secondary objectives as well. It turns 
out Lacerda himself is in the area, so if Sam gets 
a shot, he's supposed to be sure to take it. Other 
secondary objectives may come up as well.

After being inserted on the shoreline by Zodiac boat, 
the level opens with Sam crouching on the beach with 
the lighthouse in the background.  

Don't bother shooting out the light on the pole near 
the beached Zodiac boat Sam is crouching behind. No 
one's watching yet. 
 Move him up to the outcrop of rocks directly behind 
the light pole and turn the NightVision goggles (NV) 
on (push left on the directional pad).  There's an 
opening up there in the rocks; you can have Sam jump 
up and push himself up or simply run up the ramp-like 
rock formation to the left.  If you want Sam to pull 
himself up, have him stand in front of the rock ledge 
and then press the yellow 'Y' button on your XBox 
controller.  If you move Sam over objects like low walls 
or boxes that are only waist or knee high, he will 
'mantle' his way over them.  

Move Sam forward into the narrow crevasse, and watch 
out for the angry bats!  Soon the crevasse will 
narrow dramatically and Sam will turn his shoulder 
forward and slidle his way through until the passage 
widens again.  Keep moving forward and soon Sam will 
arrive at a big outcropping of rock that is blocking 
his path.  Ah, but what's this? A window had popped 
up on the upper right-hand side of our 50" Sony HD 
TV. (OK, so I don't really have a 50" Sony HD TV, 
and you very likely don't either, but let's just 
pretend, all right?) This is the "Interact" window 
and often Sam will be given mutiple choices of 
actions he can do.  

This time, however, there is only one option:  
'Enter Crawl Space'.  See the stream of water coming 
out from under the huge boulder that has blocked Sam's 
path? By lying down and crawling forward he can fit 
underneath this boulder and continue with his mission 
instead of having to turn around, get that rubber 
boat back in the water and paddle out to sea.  Where's 
the fun in that?  

So hit the green 'A' button on your controller and Sam 
will drop down and prepare to crawl forward.  The 
right thumbstick controls the camera, so you can move 
it around and watch Sam crawl foward, and the left 
thumstick makes Sam move.  By moving the camera all 
the way to the left, you get a very good and detailed 
look at the side of Sam's head and the movement of 
his arms as he crawls forward.

Once Sam arrives at the other side of the crawl space, 
the Interact window pops up again, this time asking 
if Sam wants to exit the crawl space.  Well duh, of 
course he does.  He didn't crawl all that way for 
nothing!  Hit the 'A' button again and Sam will come 
out and stand up and find himself facing a rock cliff.  

Move Sam forward and then having him stand up by 
pressing the red 'B' button. Then, hit the yellow 
'Y' button and Sam will jump up and grab the lip of 
the ledge above him.  By pushing forward on the left 
thumbstick, you will make Sam pull himself up and 
crouch on the ledge.  

A smaller ledge now confronts Sam, one about waist 
high. Move Mr. Fisher forward until he's in front 
of it and press 'Y' again; he will jump up onto 
the smaller ledge.  

While Sam has been doing this climbing, Lambert 
comes on the comm and talks about firing that they 
can hear.  Sam says that is not an AK-47 being 
fired, since he's had plenty of those fired at him 
in the past. It sounds like advanced weaponry. 
Lambert then tasks Sam with one of his secondary 
objectives:  find out where the terrorists are 
getting their weaponry from.  

Now you need to make sure Sam is crouching for 
this next part.  As he reaches the smaller ledge, 
he can now see over it into the area beyond: a 
big cavern with a rope bridge suspended between 
an underground river.  

After about 15 seconds once Sam has reached the 
top, there are two guards stepping into view on 
the far side of the bridge, and one of them will 
come over the bridge and walk around on Sam's side, 
even taking a second or two to pause and peer over 
the edge of the cliff Sam just climbed.  If Sam is 
in the dark and still, this terrorist will not see 
him.  If Sam's light meter is not completely dark, 
this terrorist will raise an alarm and immediately 
draw his sidearm and fire on Sam as his comrade 
runs across the bridge to join the fight.  If you 
get discovered you'll just have to shoot  your way 
out of trouble.

If Sam is not spotted, after awhile, the guard's 
buddy will turn and go back from where they entered 
from, and the guard on Sam's side of the bridge 
will go and stand with his back to Sam facing a 
narrow rock trail that runs down to the left.  


Right here at this point, in the very first level 
the neatest thing about Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 
can begin to be appreciated.  You see, you don't 
HAVE to wait for these two guards to appear at the 
rope bridge.  You have the option of bypassing them.  

As soon as Sam reaches the top, he can quickly jump 
up and then run down to the left where there is a narrow 
trail cut into the rock.  After dropping down one time, 
he will come to an opening in the cliff on the left 
that has a panel light in it pointing at a ladder 
leading upward.  

So right at the beginning you have the option of 
entering the terrorist's hideout by crossing the 
rope bridge OR by taking this path and coming up 
from below into another storage area.  

For our purposes in this Faq, we're going to follow 
the Rope Bridge route.  

How is Sam going to deal with this guard standing 
just feet away?  

**********  STEALTH OPTION:  **********

Have Sam climb up and in a crouch slowly move to 
the bridge and over it to the other side. I emphasize 
the word SLOWLY.   Go too fast and several of the 
boards on this rope bridge will creak very loudly.  
Go quietly, and this guard will never turn around 
and see Sam sneaking past him.  That is, if you 
get Sam across the bridge inside of  a minute and 
a half or so; that's when the guard will turn around 
and start back over the bridge, walking halfway 
down, then turn stand for a long time before walking 
back.  Once Sam is over the bridge undetected, 
follow the cave path on the right until you arrive 
at an opening through which you can see a bunch of 
barrels stacked against the walls. It's a storeroom, 
and the other guard is slowly patrolling the length 
of it.  

**********  KO/KILL OPTION:  **********

To KO or kill the guard standing near the bridge, 
hit the 'Y' button, make sure Sam is in a crouch and 
then SLOWLY have him advance on this terrorist from 
the rear.  If you move too fast, or make noise, this 
terrorist is very quick on the draw and will turn 
around and pull his pistol out and start firing.  When 
you are close enough, the Interact Window will pop up 
with the option saying 'Grab Character'.  Hit the 
green 'A' button and Sam will grab the terrorist from 
behind, twisting his hand into a painful jointlock 
while placing the edge of his razor- sharp military 
knife against the man's throat.  

If characters Sam has caught this way have 
information that could be useful, the 'Interrogate' 
window will pop up.  Sam has the option of interrogating 
his captive if he so desires.  Once the information has 
been gathered, Sam can either knock the terrorist out 
with a chokehold or simultaneously break their back 
and plunge a knife into their heart from behind.  For 
the chokehold, pull the left trigger.  For the 
backbreak/knife thrust pull the right trigger.  All 
through the game it will be like this: left trigger - 
nonlethal knees, palm strikes, chokeholds; right 
trigger - lethal knife strikes and lethal bonebreaking 

What if you mess up the grab and the guard detects you 
and turns around and begins to yell and draw a weapon? 
If that happens..........you amatuer......quickly pull 
the right trigger.  Sam will do the eqivalent of an 
Iaido stroke with his knife; that is, he will draw it 
and kill the enemy with one incredibly lethal motion.  
And then put his knife away. Whoa. 

If you opt to kill this guard, for fun, have Sam pick 
him up and approach the edge of the chasm.  Then when 
Sam is right on the edge, facing the chasm, hit the 
'A' button again and watch the body fall into the 
riverbanks far below.  

**********  THE BARRELL FILLED STOREROOM:  **********

Move across the bridge slowly and then pause at the 
entrance of the storeroom and use the camera 
thumbstick to 'peek' into the room and find the 
patrolling guard.  Wait until the guard is on the 
far side of the room with his back turned and then 
have Sam slowly walk in and crouch behind the barrels 
against the wall on the left.  

Once again, the choice is up to you. As this 
unsuspecting terrorist comes strolling back, you have 
the option of: 

1. Having Sam draw his silenced pistol and shooting him 
in the head. (Anybody else notice the vastly improved 
rag-doll physics in this game?)

2. Having Sam suddenly step out from behind the barrels 
and smash his palm into the guards forehead, knocking 
him out cold. Or giving him a wicked knee; it depends 
on the angle of the attack.

3.  Having Sam suddenly step out from behind the 
barrels and stab the guard with his knife, and 
depending on which way the guard is facing, Sam 
will use a different knife attack.  

4.  Having Sam grab the guard and interrogate him.  
Then either choke him unconscious or break his back 
and stab him.  

5.  Having Sam shoot the guard with a Ring Air Foil 
round, or a Sticky Shocker.  

6.  Take your time, watch the guards patrol 
pattern........and avoid him 
completely.  It's easy to avoid this guard because he 
spends about 12 seconds at the far end of the room 
staring at......a bare wall.  That gives Sam plenty 
of time to sneak past into one of the two routes 
available, which we will discuss shortly. 

If you kill the guard make sure you hide his body.  
I always dump him down the chasm with his buddy.  No 
reason the dead should be lonely, right?  

Proceed further into the storeroom and soon you will 
see a stairway opening on the left leading down while 
there is also one on the right leading up.  Ignore 
them for now and go past these openings into the back 
of the storeroom where a large, flat rectangular crate 
sits next to a lamp.  As Sam approaches, he tells 
Lambert they were right about the advanced weaponry.  
Lambert instructs Sam to scan the crate's bar code 
with his EEV so they can begin tracking where this 
shipment of advanced weapons came from.  Move Sam up 
to the crate and the Interact Window will popup.  
Press the 'A' button to "Scan Crate".  

(NOTE: If you are doing the Stealth Option, with the 
patrolling guard still in the room, move Sam to the 
stairway leading down on the left and hide in the 
dark spot against the wall.  The patrolling guard 
won't see Sam when he passes by.  Once he has turned 
and gone the other way, click the right binoculars 
and when the Binocular View comes up, center the 
crate in the viewfinder.  The binoculars will scan 
the crate from a distance and read the barcode!  
Sam doesnt' have to stand right next to it!)

Lambert informs Fisher that the crate he has just 
scanned is one of a shipment of five.  He tells Sam 
to keep an eye out for the other 4 crates.  It's 
very important Third Echelon does all it can to 
discover where these dangerous terrorists are getting 
top-of-the-line weapons.  

Now turn and go back to the stairways.  Here we have 
the option of going up or going down.  It doesn't 
affect what  happens either way, so let's go down 
first.  All that firing is getting on my nerves and I 
like it peaceful and quiet, so somebody is gonna die.  

There is a lamp suspended from the ceiling at the bottom 
of the stairs. From the doorway beyond, we can hear 
gunfire as one of the terrorists shoots happily away 
at targets with his recently aqquired advanced assault 

Switch to the silenced pistol and shoot the light 

The firing stops and the guard comes to investigate 
the light going out.  


After shooting the light, don't wait in the corridor, 
immediately move Sam into the doorway and to the 
left and crouch him down as the guard goes blissfully 
by unaware there is a highly trained, highly lethal 
Splinter Cell operative just feet away, a man who's 
killed hundreds of terrorists just like him in the 
past.......boy, he has no idea how lucky he is.  
While the guard is examining the light Sam shot out 
at the base of the stairs, quickly move Sam close 
enough to use the silenced pistol to shoot out the 
light  on the left hand side of the room, over the 
generator and............another weapons crate!  You 
also have time to scan the crate before the terrorist 
comes back and notices the light is out now.  

You can also take out the light by shutting off the 
generator, but the terrorist just goes over and turns 
it back on.  Piercing the generator with the knife 
takes a little time and it's just quicker to shoot 
the light out.  

Over half this room is now in darkness, so this 
terrorist cannot see Sam as he wanders around in the 
dark.  Avoiding him should be easy, and when he's on 
the far side of the room, just go out through the door 
again and you're home free.  

**********  KO/KILL OPTION  **********

To KO this guard without interrogating him first, 
after you shoot the light out at the base of the 
stairs, slowly move Sam up against the left-hand wall 
by clicking the left thumbstick.  Slide Sam up the wall 
until he is about 5 feet from the doorway and wait.  
The terrorist slowly appears moving into the doorway.  
He moves slowly, professionally, rifle held at a 45 
degree angle in front of him, ready to snap it up and 
fire if he finds a target.  

He can't see Sam, and when he is about 3 feet away, 
click the left thumbstick again to bring Sam off of 
the wall, move him quickly into the terrorist and 
pull the LEFT trigger hard.  Sam will step up and hit 
this guard with a powerful palm smash to the forehead 
that will knock him out cold.  There's really nobody 
to wander down here and find him, but hide the body 
because it's good practice. 

To kill this guard, follow the same procedure as 
outlined above; shoot the light out, crouch on the 
left hand side near the doorway; wait until the guard 
is close, then bring Sam off the wall and this time 
pull the RIGHT trigger hard.   Sam will draw his 
knife, bring it back and up as he pulls the guard into 
him and......

That thumping sound you hear is 5 and a half inches of 
tempered stainless steel thrusting it's way through a 
beating heart.  The terrorist will also let out a 
strangled groan as he collapses.  Note also the angle 
that Sam stabs at; he's actually angling upward 
through the abdominal wall to bypass the ribcage.  Very 

Move Sam up to the doorway and once again click the 
left thumbstick to make him slide along the wall in Wall 
Mode. When he gets to the door jamb, push the left 
thumbstick all the way right.  Sam will peek around the 

We see a lighted chamber with small rooms on the left 
and righthand side. The right hand side was the shooting 
range where the now dead terrorist was playing with his 
newest.......and last..........toy.  The left hand side 
has the generator running and........the weapons crate! 
There's no reason to shoot the light out now, the guard 
is either dead or snoozing.  

Just to get into the habit, before moving into this well 
lighted room and exposing yourself, scan the room with 
Normal, then NV, then Thermal Vision.  I know, there's 
nobody there, but good habits like this will save Sam's 
bacon more than once in this game.  

The next habit: kill any light sources before  you go 
and stand out in the open in front of something, like 
the weapons crate over there near the generator.  

You have the option of: shooting out the lights OR 
piercing the gas tank of the generator with the knife 
and destroying it.  Once the room is dark, go over to 
the crate and scan it.  

That's two crates down, three more to go.  

Go and take a look at the floor on the far side of the 
room from the doorway where you entered. See the ladder 
leading down? That's the same ladder I mentioned earlier 
that you would have encountered if you had avoided the 
guards at the rope bridge and run down the rock trail 
to the minicave below.  If you had done that, you would 
have encountered Mr. I've Got A New Assault Rifle And I 
Won't Stop Firing It Until I'm Dead before the other 

**********  ALTERNATIVE STRATEGY:  **********

  Suppose you took the rock trail and avoided the guards 
at the rope bridge. You found the minicave with the 
ladder leading upward with the halogen lamp right next 
to it.  You've shot out the Halogen lamp. 
  Great. Now what do you do?  Easy. Slowly climb the 
ladder and stop at the top with only your head poking 
up and look to the left - the guard is in the little 
chamber on the left in his make-shift shooting range 
blasting away with his machine gun.  Every minute or so 
he will walk into view as he goes down to the far side 
of the chamber and sets up new targets while reloading 
his rifle. He will then turn and go back out of sight to 
the left behind a rock wall.  While he's there, he can't 
see you.  

**********  STEALTH OPTION  **********

When the guard is firing, and is intent on looking down 
the barrell of his nifty new machine gun, climb Sam up 
and move him into the dark corner to the right of the 
ladder.  While standing in the dark, Sam will be able 
to scan the weapons crate sitting near the generator on 
the right side of the room with his binoculars.  

Once the guard's ammo runs out and he strolls up the 
center of the room to reload and set up new targets, he 
will have his back to Sam and also part of the wall 
obstructing his view.  

Timing is crucial here to make this work; move Sam down 
the right hand wall towards the door staying in the 
shadows as much as possible....DO NOT PAUSE in the 
doorway or the foot of the stairs beyond the doorwary. 
Do not stop to shoot out the light over the stairs.  
Stay to the right and move up the stairs until you hit 
the dark spot near the top of the stairs and FREEZE.  

Within a few seconds the barrell storeroom patrolling 
guard will step into view and stop near the top of the 
stairs, with Sam less than 3 feet away from him.  But 
if your light meter is slid all the way to the left, 
he won't see Sam at all.  

Let him go by and then find the crate to the left of 
where Sam is and scan it through the binoculars.  

Wait until the guard has done another circuit in his 
patrol, and then just as he turns from standing near Sam 
to move off to the left SLOWLY move Sam across the room 
and up the stairs on the opposite side.  The patrolling 
guard shouldn't hear a thing.  

Keep going up the stairs, but not so fast you make noise.
  Don't waste time taking out the lefthand lightbulb; 
just keep moving and you will be out of sight in the 
dark at the top of these stairs before the patrolling 
guard comes back.  

**********  KO/KILL OPTION:  **********

While the firing guard is out of sight and firing away 
with the machine gun, bring Sam all the way up the 
ladder and in a crouch move to the wall to the left. 

The guard is on the other side.  Have Sam draw his 
pistol and get ready to move.  Soon the guard runs out 
of ammo and slowly walks down to the far end of the room,
 looking at the gun in hands as he changes magazines.......
completely unaware that Sam Fisher is slowly moving up 
behind him.  

I always have Sam stand and, from about 4 feet away, 
pump a round from the silenced pistol into the back of 
this guard's head. The rag doll physics are simply 
amazing, and it's more fun than knifing him or grabbing 
and KO'ing him.

Because you came this way instead of going over the rope 
bridge, the first crate Sam encounters is the one next 
to the genrator on the other side of the room.  So the 
discussion about scanning the crates and looking for the 
other 4 happens here at this point.  

From here, you would just do what I have describes so 
far with the other two guards in the barrell room and 
the rope bridge, only you'd do it in reverse.  If you 
don't want to bother sneaking across the bridge to deal 
with the guard on the other side, you could just shoot 
him in the head with the SC 20K.  You can see this guard 
on the other side of the bridge from the cave opening - 
not a long shot for an expert.  I've dropped him on the 
bridge and once he fell and slid off the side on the 
other side of the bridge and fell to the rocks below.  

Whichever way you went, down the rock trail or across 
the bridge, now it's time to go up the stairs from the 
barrell-filled storeroom.  At the top of the stairs, on 
the left hand side, is a metal door.  

Whether you've snuck or shot or knifed your way to this 
point, Sam is now ready to enter the room at the top of 
the stairs.  

When Sam crouches in front of this metal door, the 
Interact Window pops up and Sam is given several 

Open Door Open Door Stealth Bash Door Optic Cable

Hold down the 'A' button and then use the directional 
pads up or down pad to pick which option you want.  
It's best to enter this chamber quietly.  

We can hear Bruce Morgenholt being tortured, and a 
shadow is thrown on the wall of the chamber we are 
looking into.  He's hanging by his arms as a terrorist 
taunts him.  

One of our objectives is to try to rescue Morgenholt, 
but it's not to be.  The game is set up so you can't do 

I don't believe in the impossible scenario, but there 
really is no way to save Morgenholt.  He's still alive 
when Sam comes into the room, and one of the terrorists 
is preparing to administer a final, fatal electric shock 
to him.  

About 5 seconds after Sam enters the room, the terrorist 
begins killing Morgenholt with the electric shock.  

I've experimented repeatedly with different strategies.  
Direct Assault, lobbing flash grenades,smoke grenades, 
sticky shockers, etc.  

I've taken 3 seconds to get into position at the base of 
the ramp, dropped the terrorist holding the electric 
pads with a head shot before he can touch Morgenholt 
with them, taken out the searchlight behind him, and 
then dropped the other terrorists, but Morgenholt is 
always dead when Sam reaches him.  

It's not fair, but that's the way it is.  

Since Morgenholt can't really be saved, you have to 
decide if you want to avenge him by KOing/Killing the 
terrorists in this room or using the Stealth Option and 
sneaking past them.  

**********  STEALTH OPTION  **********

Upon entering the chamber, there is a Medkit hanging on 
the wall to the right near the toilet. Use it if you 
need it.  Then use the silenced pistol to take out the 
light near the doorway.  

Turn Sam's Nightvision on and move down the ramp to 
ground level.  See the big block shaped rock in front of 
you?  Remember where it is.  

Now go and peek around the corner where the bright light 
is coming from. You will see two terrorists standing 
around Bruce Morgenholt's corpse as it hangs in a 
bathtub.  Behind them is the source of the bright light; 
a big searchlight.  

One of the terrorists will soon start to patrol, so we 
need to find a spot to hide until he goes past.  

Go back to the huge block and either hide behind it or 
jump up on top of it and crouch down.  Watch the 
patrolling terrorist pass by.  When is going up the 
ramp, you have about 20 seconds to silent jump off of 
the block, go up the hallway right into the light of the 
searchlight illuminating the room, and pass through the 
doorway on the right into the darkness.  

The patrolling terrorist on the ramp can't see Sam from 
where he is.  

The other terrorist will be seated at a table on the 
right, writing something down, so he won't see Sam pass 
by either.

That doesn't mean you still won't feel hairs rise up on 
the back of your neck as you walk through a very 
brightly illuminated room past the corpse of a man just 
killed by these dangerous terrorists who are just feet 
away from you.  

As Sam goes by Morgenholt's suspended body, Lambert 
comes on the comm and Sam informs him that Morgenholt is 
'Deader than Elvis.'  Lambert instructs Sam to leave 
the body there; the rescue is cancelled.  

Pass through the doorway and follow the wall around a 
curve until you come to a locked door.  

**********  KO/KILL OPTION  **********

NOTE: this seems to be one of the points in the game on 
the Hard level where it's almost impossible to shoot or 
knife a character without tipping off nearby terrorists.  
If you palm strike, knife, or shoot the patrolling guard 
the other one is always tipped off and an alarm sounds. 
The only thing besides grabbing him that seemed to work 
was using a Sticky Shocker.  

Once this patrolling guard is out of the way, it's easy 
to sneak up on the other terrorist, as  he often by now 
has gone to a little desk to the right where  a candle 
burns is writing stuff down, seated in a chair.  

Kill or KO him as you desire.  Now here's something you 
don't see if you stealth your way through this part of 
the level.  

Cut Morgenholt's  body down right away and Lambert 
doesn't have a problem with it. 

Cut him down after awhile and Lambert will tell Sam he's 
wasting time. Sam will curtly tell Lambert there's no 
reason to leave Morgenholt hanging there like a piece 
of meat, and Lambert wisely backs off.  

Lambert's dialogue here will also change if you 
accidently hit Morgenholt during a firefight with the 
guards - he'll say leave the body because it'll be too 
complicated  to explain how he got shot with NATO rounds.  

Kill all the lights and then move on through the doorway 
on the right and follow the wall until you arrive at the 
locked door.

Use the optic cable on the door.  Sam will see two tents 
and a searchlight.  Switch to Infrared.  Now Sam will 
see someone in the nearest tent on the left with his 
back to him.  Also, there is a patrolling guard who 
will stroll around the searchlight for awhile and then 
dissappear from sight to the left between the tents.  

********** STEALTH OPTION:  **********

Once again, sneaking past these guards is easy.  One 
stays mostly in the tent, though if you hang around long 
enough, he will come out and a have a brief conversation 
with the other guard before going back into the tent.  

Simply pick the lock on the door, stay to the left along 
the wall and go behind the near tent which is  
completely dark.  As you pass by this tent, the Interact 
Window comes up: "Cut Material".  But since we're not 
interested in grabbing and interrogating right now, 
ignore this window and keep going in a crouch to the far 
side of the tent.

Now you can see the rest of this courtyard.  There's a 
doorway on the far side with a light over it, plus an 
alcove to the left with another light bulb on.  However 
Sam does have a very sizable dark area in around this 
tent to work with.  

Watch the patrolling guard's pattern: he leaves the 
searchlight, passes between the two tents, goes to the 
far side of this waist-high rectangular concrete casing, 
and stands there for about 20 seconds. Then he turns 
around and goes back the way he came.  

Wait until the other guard has come out of the tent and 
had his conversation and gone back inside the tent 
before moving; now we don't have to worry about the 
second guard at all; it'll be over 4 minutes or so until 
he comes back out again, and we'll be gone by then.  

Move Sam to the near side of the concrete casing and 

When the patrolling guard has been standing on the other 
side of the concrete casing in the dark for his allotted 
20 seconds, and he turns and goes back towards the 
searchlight, SLOWLY move Sam across the dark space 
between the tents so that the tent is between him and the
 patrolling guard.  

When Sam is positioned correctly against this tent's 
wall, once again the 'Cut Material' Interact Window will 
pop up.  This time press 'A' and select it and watch the 
cool animation as Sam draws his knife and slits an 
opening into the tent wall.  Move slowly into the tent 
and find the third weapons crate and scan it.  

Once you have scanned the crate, crouch near the slit in 
the tent wall, but don't exit the tent yet. Turn on 
your  Infrared and find the two guards with it.  The 
guard in the other tent should be stationary, tinkering 
with a radio.  The other guard should be standing near 
the searchlight.  Wait until the patrolling guard has 
done his route again, going between the tents, pausing 
next to the casing, then turned and gone back to the 

Now you've got about a minute for this next part before 
he comes back: 

Sam moves slowly out of the tent, and uses the OCP on 
the light over the 
doorway, and once the light flickers out this time Sam 
advances to that doorway and passes through it.  There's 
another light inside the room beyond, so use the OCP on 
that as well and continue on.  The  hallway turns left, 
and through an open doorway Sam can see another 
courtyard. Sam has successfully completed his objectives 
for that part of the level: find the weapons crate, scan 
it, avoid the guards.  No alarms triggered, nothing.  

**********  KO/KILL OPTION

Just as in the stealth strategy outlined above, pick the 
lock, open the door  and move up behind the near tent.  
Only this time, we do want to cut the material and enter 
the tent when the Interact Window comes up. Sam moves 
into the tent and the terrorist has his back to him.  
He's either tinkering with the radio or he's slowly 
adjusting the strap of his rifle as he inches toward the 
tent door.  

Move Sam slowly up behind him and grab him when the 
Interact Window appears.  

Now here's how realistic this game is:  Sometimes if you 
interrogate this guard in the tent, the other guard 
outside overhears it and comes firing.  So make sure you 
don't interrogate this terrorist too close to the tent's 
door.  I always like to back the guy out of the tent 
completely, and staying in the dar, go back along the 
wall though the door Sam just came out of and around the 
corner.  Now the other guard won't hear a thing as Sam 
interrogates this terrorist.  

From this guard we learn that Lacerda is long gone, so 
once again a mission objective is cancelled. First we 
couldn't rescue Morgenholt and now  this!  Oh well, no 
time to dwell on it.

Kill the guard by pulling the right trigger or KO him  
with a choke by pulling the left trigger.  

Now we go get his buddy before he realizes his friend is

Make your way back through the door and pass behind the 
near tent and crouch near the rectangular concrete casing.
 This is the best place to grab this guard because it's 
dark and he can't see you.  Wait until he's been 
standing there and then when he turns around and heads 
back towards the searchlight, move Sam up behind him and 
grab him.  Then KO him.  

If you want to kill this guard, there's no reason to 
grab him first. Just move Sam up to the concrete casing, 
wait until the guard is standing still on the other 
side, stand Sam up, draw the silenced pistol, take aim 
from about 4 feet away.........


One less terrorist for the Free World to worry about.  

If you like the knife, use the knife.  Isn't freedom of 
choice a wonderful thing?  

Now you can go and scan the crate in the second tent 
without a care in the world. Both guards are either 
unconscious or dead.  

Whether you avoided the guards or killed/KO'd them, 
after you scan the crate and exit the tent where you 
sliced it open, crouch down for a moment.  You have two 
ways to go to the next part of the level.  Through the 
lighted doorway in front of you which leads into a 
courtyard, or up the rocks to the right where you can 
climb your way up to a lighted archway and enter a 
castle-shaped building.  

********PATH #1: THE LIGHTED DOORWAY********

You need to go through the door on the opposite side of 
the courtyard that has the lightbulb on over it.  There 
is a small room with another lightbulb high up on the 
left hand side and a doorway leading to the right.  You 
need to take this light out instead of just turning it 
off for 20 seconds with the OCP.  

Now that it's nice and dark, move Sam forward and peek 
through the open doorway that is revealed around the 
corner.  Most of the courtyard beyond is very dark.  
Move Sam into the courtyard against the lefthand wall 
about 10 feet or so and then crouch him down and wait.

He can hear two guards having a conversation behind the 
stone wall to his right.  Once the conversation is over, 
he sees then hears one of the guards walking around the 
end of the wall.  This guard will make a circular 
pattern through the courtyard, but he can't see Sam in 
the dark and as long as Sam is crouched against he wall, 
he won't detected him.  

One of the weapons crates Sam needs to scan is under an 
awning just off the center of this courtyard. The 
patrolling soldier is passing around it every time he 
makes his circuit.  Scanning the crate is easy.  Slide 
Sam along the wall and move him until he is just a few 
feet away from the crate, but out of the nearby light.  
As long as Sam is against the wall, the guard will not 
see him.  Just after the guard passes directly by Sam, 
move him as close to the crate as you can, but STAY OUT 
OF THE LIGHT.  Crouch Sam down and WAIT.  You want the 
guard to pass by the other way and go back around the 
stone wall for about 4 seconds.  When he does, move Sam 
towards the crate. His light meter will begin to slide 
to the right as he exposes himself, but the guard is now 
out of sight. As soon as the Interact Window "Scan Crate" 
pops up hit the 'A' button. It shouldn't take more than 
a second.  Then move Sam back to the wall and under 
cover of darkness.  Slide Sam back down the wall toward 
the door he entered by.  

That's four crates down. One more to find.  

Now to get past these two guards.

*******  STEALTH OPTION  ********

This patrolling guard isn't really a problem.  It's the 
other guard on the other side of the wall that's the 
problem.  There is a fortified structure he's standing 
in front of with a lightbulb burning brightly over the 

The patrolling guard is easily avoided because he spends 
most of his time moving around in the dark.  This other 
guy is leaning up against a big structure with a light 
on just two feet over his head.  

Here's the problem: if you shoot the light out these guys 
have flares. They will light them up and Sam will lose 
the advantage of being in the dark.  Sam will have to 
fight his way past these guards if that happens.  

You have to use the pistol's OCP on the light, but it's 
tricky because the only place you have an angle on it is 
a V shaped hole in the stone wall about halfway down, 
and Sam will have to stand up and point his pistol at it 
for about 3 seconds; during those 3 seconds you need to 
make sure the patrolling guard has his back to this 
spot, or he's going to see Sam when he stands up and 
aims.  That would be bad.  

Move to the V shaped hole in the wall, crouch down, and 
find the patrolling guard.  When he's reached the part 
of his circuit where he turns and puts his back to Sam, 
quickly turn Sam around, stand him up, aim the pistol at 
the light over the doorway, and pull the left trigger.  

When the light is off, you have about 20 seconds to put 
the pistol away, crouch Sam down, and keeping him close 
to the wall at all times, move him slowly around the 
wall and BEHIND the very large crates the loitering guard 
was leaning against.  The light will give a brief 
flicker about 5 seconds before it comes all the way back 
on, so you will get some warning.  

The guards are staring up at the light over the doorway 
trying to figure out what happened, so they shouldn't see 
Sam now crouched behind the crates, just feet away from 
the door and the generator next to it.  

I tried OCPing the light again and going through the 
door, but the loitering guard lights up a flare every 
time I do that and I get caught. So don't OCP the light 
again, unless you want to give up the Stealth option and 
get in a gunfight.

Once the guards to back to loitering and patrolling, 
turn Sam around and find the smaller crates with the 
tanned taurplin pulled over them. He can mantle his way 
up them and from there jump up and pull himself into the 
building by that window on the second floor.  You might 
have to position him a little big while he's hanging by 
his fingernails from the window ledge; it took me a few 
tries to get him to pull himself up into the window.  
Oh, and you have to time this so the patrolling guard 
doesn't see Sam's outline in the well lighted window as 
he climbs in. Got it?  

Once through the window, Sam will land on some stairs.  
At the bottom is the doorway with the generator and the 
loitering terrorist just feet away, so don't go down. 
Go up.  To the left is an archway that overlooks the 
courtyard with the tents in it that Sam already passed 


Move Sam up to the big overflow of rocks. You should be 
able to see the lighted archway up high.  Find the 
crates with some pallets on top of it. Have Sam climb up 
onto it and then from there jump up and grab the next 
ledge with his fingertips and then pull himself up. Now 
he's in front of the archway itself.  Through the 
archway we see the lighted stairway.  

Follow this path, and you have to do everything 
mentioned above in Path #1 reverse. To scan that fourth 
crate you still have to sneak past the two guards.  You 
can get away with OCPing a light ONCE.  And if you 
follow this path, you really have to sneak past these 
guards TWICE. Once on the way to the crate and then once 
again on the way back.  

********  KO/KILL OPTION  ********

If you opt for this, the trick is going to be absolutely 
sure you take the first patrolling guard out without the 
loitering guard hearing it. I wouldn't advise using the 
knife or a palmstrike.  Most of the time the other guard 
heard his buddy falling and came running with a lighted 
flare and a very happy trigger finger.  

Wait until the patrolling guard is isolated on the near 
side of the rock 
wall, where the other guard can't see, and take him from 
behind in the dark.  Once you've grabbed him, move him 
into the doorway where Sam entered by.  Then KO or kill 
the poor SOB.  

Now there is only one target to deal with.  You have more 
options here,  because nobody is going to come running 
and firing if you mess up, though you will lose health 
if this terrorist gets some bullets into you.  

Easiest way: Headshot from the SC 20K from the V shaped 
hole in the wall.  Expert way: OCP the light above his 
head, make your way behind the crates the guard is in 
front of, and then take him from behind with the knife.  

Whichever way you choose, we now pick up the story after 
Sam has scanned the crate, avoided/KO'd/Killed the 
guards, and is now making his way up the stairs into as 
yet unexplored territory.  

At the top of the stairs on the left side is a darkned 
archway leading into what looks like a bunk room for 
these terrorists.  Crouch Sam down at the door and 
survey the room.  There are two terrorists present; one 
is sleeping in bed and the other is sitting with his 
back to Sam.  

********  STEALTH OPTION  ********

You have to move Sam across this room in the dark to the 
lighted doorway on the left.  You will move directly 
behind the seated terrorist.  You don't really have a 
shot at OCPing the light illuminating this doorway until 
you are very, very close to the doorway.  I didn't 
bother.  I simply moved Sam slowly along the left side 
of the doorway.  The music picked up, and the terrorist 
mumbled something, catching something out of the corner 
of his eye.  But by the time he turned his head nothing 
was there.  I peeked around the corner a few seconds 
later and the terrorist was serenely sitting in his chair 
staring off into space.  

If  you are feeling really bold, instead of immediately 
sneaking across the room to the left and exiting the 
room, sneak to the right along the wall and go to the 
counter where there is ammo, a frag grenade and a 
MedKit waiting.  You shouldn't need the MedKit all all, 
though, if you've been following my excellent advice! 

********  KO/KILL OPTION  ********

You can't immediatley shoot or knife or KO the sitting 
guard; if you do the other guard on the bed wakes up and 
unleashes a hail of bullets. And an alarm will go off. 
 Alarms are bad, and we want to avoid them. You can't 
take the sleeping guard first, because you  would be 
seen by the sitting guard as you moved in.  

Move up slowly behind the sitting guard and grab him 
when the Grab Character window pops up.  Once you have 
him, slowly move him backwards toward the door Sam came 
in by.  Once you are outside this room, you can KO this 
guard or kill him in safety.  Now the sleeping guard is 
literally a sleeping duck.  You can sneak up to the side 
of his bed and put a round through his ear.  You can hit
 him with a Sticky Shocker to improve the depth of his 
slumber.  It's up to you.  

Moving forward, Sam will go through a brief lighted 
hallway and then slowly pass through a curtain, and now 
he is on a long wooden walkway leading to a doorway at 
the far end with a lightbulb over it.  

CAUTION: If you are doing the Stealth option, the 
loitering terrorist and the patrolling terrorist you 
bypassed earlier are still down there. If Sam is well 
lighted when they look up, they will see him and start 
firing.  Keep Sam as far to the right of the walkway as 
possible as you slowly move him down it.  

About three quarters of the way down the walkway, the 
light from the bulb over the doorway will impede your 
progress.  Draw the pistol and OCP the light. You have 
15 or so seconds to cover the previously lighted section 
of the walkway, get inside the doorway and crouch on the 
right hand side before the light flickers back to life.  

When the light comes back on, if your light meter starts 
to slide rightward, move forward a little bit.  If 
you're in the right spot, the light meter should stay 
flush to the left once the light is back on. Great, your 
hidden! That means the terrorist about 3 feet from you 
can't see you! 

Oh, you didn't see him yet? He's right there in front of 
you - turn your NV on.  He's standing there facing to 
the side with a drawn pistol in his hand.  You need to 
go into the lighted part of the room behind him and use 
that computer without him discovering you.  

********  STEALTH OPTION  ********

You can't OCP the light hanging from the ceiling above 
the computer because if you do the terrorist over there 
will turn around and come over.  So you have to hold your 
breath and move SLOWLY to the computer. Interact with it, 
quickly select the three files on it, and exit the 
computer screen.  

Grimsdotter will come on and talk about how Third Echelon
 will make Sam's computer intrusion look like a memory 
allocation error. 

Facing the computer, slowly move to the right where 
there is a curtain hanging over another doorway.  Beyond 
is a small storeroom lighted by a lantern with a doorway 
opening to the right.  

********  KO/KILL OPTION  ********

This terrorist always seems to sense attacks from the 
side, so it's best to take him directly from behind. 
You can grab him and interrogate him if you want, or 
simply put a bullet in the back of his head.  Now you 
don't have to worry about being discovered as you access 
the computer.

Once you have accessed the computer and either 
avoided/KO'd/killed the guard, move to the right and go 
through the curtain hanging over another doorway.  As 
you scan the storeroom beyond and it' lantern, you will 
hear a conversation begin between guards who are outside.  

If you want to see them, shoot a Sticky Camera onto the 
wall in front of the doorway pointing in the direction 
where the terrorists are standing outside.  Hold the 
white inventory button and the Inventory Window will 
come up. Switch weapons by using the Directional Pads 
left and right button.  Once you have the SC 20K 
selected, keep holding down the white button and press 
the Directional Pad's up and down pads until 'Sticky 
Camera' appears.  Let go of the button and Sam's equipped
 weapon is now the SC 20K with the Sticky Cameras loaded 
in the foregrip attachement.  

Point the SC 20K at the wall and pull the left trigger.  
Sam will quickly put the SC 20K away and pull up his 
Palm Pilot and look at it. At this point the screen will 
change to the Camera View, and we see what the camera is 

You can move the camera view around using the right 
thumbstick.  You can zoom in and out with the left 
thumbstick.  Also, pressing left or right on the 
Directional Pad will change to the NV, Infrared and 

When their conversation is over, the terrorist will head 
toward the doorway but don't panic; they will hang a 
left turn and go down some stairs. They are getting out 
of the rain.  Wait until they are gone, and then slowly 
move Sam through the doorway, staying as far to the 
right as possible.  Don't OCP the light; it only drew 
the terrorists immediatley back up the stairs.  

At the edge of the balcony, where it's nice and dark, 
inch Sam forward to the left and he will be able to peek 
over the edge of the balcony and see the terrorists down 

Hmmmmm.  How is Sam going to get down that well lighted 
starway over there without these terrorist seeing him?  

********  STEALTH OPTION  ********

Simple. Sam is not going down a well lighted stairway.  
Wait for awhile and watch the patrol patterns of the 
guard that is moving around.  He goes up and down a 
second pair of stairs further down in about 3 minute 
intervals.  Once he has come up the stairs, gone over 
to the other guard, and then turned and walked away and 
now stands facing the lighthouse in the distance, you 
have about 2 minutes before he makes another circuit 
that will pass him right over the path Sam needs to take.  

When the patrolling guard is facing the lighthouse, have 
Sam pull his pistol and OCP the light over the stairs.   
As the patrolling guard is turning to go down the other 
pair of stairs, bring Sam down the now darkned stairs 
and at the bottom hug the wall on the right and turn 
the corner.  Yes, there's a terrorist right there next 
to the cannon, but he's facing off to the side, and if 
you keep Sam against the wall he'll stay invisible.  

Hey, look! It's the last weapons crate we've been 
looking for!  Move Sam forward until the Scan Crate 
window pops up and selelct it.  

Lambert will come on the comm and thank Fisher for the 
fine work; this will make it easy to trace who is 
supplying Lacerda and his goons with their weaponry.  

Now,  you should have about a minute before Mr. I Can't 
Stay Still Because I Drank Too Much Coffee comes back up 
the stairs.  Even if Sam goes into Wall Mode on this 
second lower set of stairs, this terrorist will detect 
him.  So it's a fine line between getting Sam down the 
stairs in time while the terrorist in the alcove on the 
right is busy yakking into his cell phone, and going too 
fast and having the guy hear or see Sam go by.  

Stay out of the lighted area at the bottom of these 
stairs until you can't help it and then quickly move 
past the sliver of light on the floor.  You are now on 
a very dimly lighted rock trail leading downward.  

If you do it right, the terrorist in the lighted alcove 
may make a "HUH?" sound and look around, but he won't 
come out and walk down the trail to investigate. 
Instead, he will head back up the stairs like he always 

********  KO/KILL OPTION  ********

The easiest way to take these terrorists out is with the 
Sticky Camera.  

While the two terrorists are still talking on the 
balcony, move Sam to the doorway, crouch him down, bring 
up the SC 20K and shoot a sticky camera right at their 
feet.  Then, after the Camera View comes up, press the 
yellow 'Y' button to release the gas.  It should get them 
both.  Put a round in their heads to make sure they stay 
down.  Sometimes a third terrorist appears from up the 
rock trail past the second set of stairs, sometimes not. 
Play it safe and take out the lights over the stair and 
over the weapons crate.  Scan the crate and move on.

Of course, if you are feeling VERY adventerous, you 
could shoot the sticky camera against the wall like in 
the beginning of the Stealth Option, then hit the noise 
maker button "X" and when either one or both terrorists 
come to investigate the noise, shoot or knife them from 
close up.  

Either way, once you've scanned the crate and either 
left 2-3 clueless or unconscious/dead terrorists behind 
you, make your way slowly down the very dimly lighted 
trail cut into the cliffside.  Eventually the path turns 
to the right and keeps going down.  

Now here's a tricky part. As you are going down this 
last part of the rock trail a terrorist will suddenly 
appear at the bottom and start nonchalantly strolling 
up towards you.  At first I thought this was a perfect 
spot for a split jump, but Sam can't seem to do one 
here.  I also tried retreating back up the trail to 
avoid him but he just kept coming up.  Going into wall 
mode didn't help either; the trail is too narrow.  There 
is only ONE way I have found to get past this guy, and 
you should Quick Save here because it took me several 

Just when he appears at the bottom of the trail and 
starts up, make a noise, jump up and down, whatever it 
takes and then retreat back up the trail to just before 
the doorway where the last terrorist is in the lighted 

The terrorist down below will draw his pistol and go on 
patrol, and several times he came all the way up the 
trail and I had to take him out.  Several times he also 
turned around and went back down the ramp and around the 

When he does that, slowly trail him.  After you turn the 
corner, pause and look ahead.

See the light bulb swaying in the high wind?  You can't 
shoot it out or OCP it because itmakes him run around 
until he finds you.  Wait until he is facing away from 
Sam and going down the trail.  

There is only ONE spot I have found on this entire trail 
where this guard won't detect Sam in Wall Mode as he 
passes by: just beyond the swaying lightbulb on the right 
hand side.  

As the terrorist slowly moves down the trail facing away 
from Sam, put Sam in Wall Mode and move him as fast as 
you can down the right hand wall.  You will be lighted 
up like the Fourth of July as you slide past the 
lightbulb, so pray this guy doesn't turn around.  

Watch the light meter and the INSTANT it slids all the 
way left FREEZE.  

The terrorist will look around less than three feet 
away, then turn and go back up the trail, and turn the 

Take Sam out of Wall Mode and move on down the darkned 
trail ahead.

It goes off to the left after awhile, around a gradual 
curve. On the other side of the curve is a small bridge 
leading to the lighthouse which has a guard patrolling 
it.  If you look close enough, you can also see another 
guard patrolling the walkway on the top of the 

********  STEALTH OPTION  ********

Wait until the bridge guard is facing away from Sam 
going back down the bridge toward the lighthouse and 
move Sam to the foot of the bridge. Once the guard has
 moved to the other side of the lighthouse, OCP the 
light on the lighthouse that is bathing the far end of 
the bridge with it's brilliant light.  Then move Sam 
across the bridge and move to the left along the stone 
wall, in the same clock-wise direction that the guard is 
patrolling.  Stay behind him and off to the side.

If he noticed the light going out when Sam OCP'ed it, he 
will turn and walk back.  Go into Wall Mode against the 
low stone wall encircling the Lighthouse and he shouldn't 
see you.  

The door you need to enter by is on the opposite side of 
the lighthouse from the bridge.  It has a light over the 
door.  Wait until the guard is on the far side of the 
bridge and then OCP the light over the door and then 
Optic Cable it.

There is a radio operator sitting there with his back to 
the door.  

********  KO/KILL OPTION: ********

When the guard is on the dark end of the bridge closest 
to Sam and has just turned around to head back toward 
the lighthouse, grab him.  From there, OCP the light 
bathing the far end of the bridge, because there is 
guard patrolling the top of the lighthouse that will see 
you if you just sashay on accross in the light.  

Whether you avoid the guard or deal with him, now you 
have to deal with the radio operator. Open the door 
slowly and then close it; if you leave it open the radio 
operator will notice after awhile; and the patrolling 
guard will definatley notice it when he passes by.  
Slowly move Sam up the spiral metal staircase.  As Sam 
moves upward, Grimsdottir will intercept some of the 
radio operator's code and come up with the name of a 
Portugese cargo ship that transported the five weapons 
crates Sam scanned.  

Lambert tells Sam all his primary objectives are 
complete. He can call a 
helicopter for extraction, but the lighthouse beacon 
has to be off before that can happen.  And remember - 
there's a guard patrolling up there.  

There's a MedKit halfway up the stairs if you need it.  

Also, if you mess up earlier and have to shoot the radio 
operator before Grimsdottir can overhear the conversation 
on the radio, they will tell Sam to search a filing 
cabinet near the Medkit for documents.  

After going up the staircase for some time, Sam will 
come to a ladder. Move Sam up the ladder and pause him 
at the top.  Now is a good time for save if there ever 
was one, because this is tricky.  

At the top we see the huge revolving lighthouse beacon.  
We also see the slowly patrolling guard on the outer 
walkway.  If Sam gets up at the wrong time and moves in 
front of the light, the terrorist will notice it before 
Sam can get close.  

Timing is very important here.  The doorway out onto the 
walkway is on the opposite side of the lighthouse from 
the ladder where Sam now is. He has to get up, crouch, 
and move around counter clockwise to the door while the 
terrorist is facing away and looking out at the horizon.  
If the terrorist is walking and half-facing the light, he 
will see Sam right away and respond with a hail of 

There is no stealth option here. You have to either kill 
or KO this guard.  Even if you manage to get to the light 
switch to turn the beacon off, he'll come running and 
gunning for you.  

The Easy Way: Wait until he's on the far side, and has 
paused for a few seconds looking outward.  Climb Sam up, 
turn him around, equip the SC 20K and hit the guard with 
a Sticky Shocker.  Instant KO.  Then go flip the switch 
and extract.  

The Expert Way:  Grab the guard and throw him over the 
rail, just like in the cool animation we see at the 
beginning of the Lighthouse Level. How do you pull this 

Here's how: wait until the guard is facing away, move 
Sam up the ladder, over to the doorway and IMMEDIATELY 
move him to the railing and hit the 'Y' button. Sam will 
look like he's committing suicide as he launches himself 
over the railing. But then he turns in mid-air and grabs 
the edge of the catwalk with his fingers.  

If the guard didn't see, all you have to do is wait until 
he comes strolling by, and when he is in proper position, 
a 'Grab Character' Interact window will pop up.  

Press it quickly and watch what happens: Sam clambers up 
the railing, grabs the surprised guard by the back of 
the neck and belt and heaves him over the railing to his 
death on the rocks far below.  Wow.  

Now all Sam has to do is go back into the beacon area 
and switch the beacon off.  Once he does that the 'Call 
Extraction' option will be added to the Interact Window.  

For fun, before calling extraction, take the SC 20K and 
use the scope: if you snuck past the bridge guard, he's 
still blissfully patrolling away down there. 

Mission Accomplished!  Sam has come through for the Free 
World again! He's not getting older.....he's getting 

Level II: Cargo Ship

The Maria Narcissa, Pacific Ocean, 90 KM Southwest of 
the Panama Canal

Third Echelon has tracked Hugo Lacerda to a cargo ship 
called the Maria Narcissa.  Sam is to get on board in 
the bow, and then locate Lacerda and make sure he never 
has a chance to pass on what he's learned about the 
Masse Kernels.  

That's right, this is a wetwork mission. Sam is to 
assasinate Lacerda as his main mission.  Other secondary 
objectives will come up, but making sure Lacerda assumes 
room temperature is the main goal of this level. 

From Lambert's pre-mission briefing, we learn that 
Lacerda and his goons were contracted to grab Morgenholt 
by a third party.  

Then Grimsdottir comes on to tell us just how bad it 
would be for Lacerda to get away with the info he 
tortured out of Morgenholt.  

Redding comes on then to give the particular details of 
the mission, such as the fact Sam will be inserted on 
the bow.  

Finally, Captain Arthur Partridge makes an appearance 
to talk about the planned extraction once the mission 
is over.  The idea is for Sam to use the Maria Narcissa's
motor launch and meet the pickup boat  out of visual 
range of the ship.  

********  STEALTH VERSION  ********

The level opens with Sam just having come over the side 
of the Maria Narcissa's bow.  Lambert will come on the 
comm while Sam crouches in the darkness behind some 
huge winches for the ship's anchor, watching two crewman 
in front of him.  

Lambert speaks up to warn Sam about a new alarm system 
that has been installed on the ship.  Sam asks if that 
means three alarms and the missions over, and Lambert
makes a funny remark about this not being a video game!  

One of the crewman is moving around from one side of 
the deck to the other; the other crewman is standing on 
the right in front of a railing facing out to sea.  
After awhile a third creman carrying an automatic rifle 
will come up the nearby stairs and have a brief 
conversation with the stationary crewmember. The 
machine-gun toting guard will then turn around and head 
back down the stairs.  

So you've got two crewman on this deck and one guy down 
below on patrol. Let's go to work.  

There are matching stairs on the left and right side of 
the deck; the stationary crew member is standing right 
in front of the stairs on the right side; so let's go 
down the left side stairs.  

Wait until the guy restlessly walking around is on the 
right side of the deck and then move Sam down the stairs.
  Peek around the corner, and if the patrolling guard 
is visible stay put. Let him pass by.

It's dark down here and before Sam is a narrow corridor 
leading to a door at the far end.  Crouch on the stairs 
and wait until the patrolling guard has appeared, stood 
at the foot of the stairs, and then turned and gone 
back the way he came.  

You need to know where he is before you move down this 
corridor.  The first time I went through the levelI had 
KO'd the two guys on the bow and didn't see the 
patrolling guard.

While I was down at the far end discovering that the 
door there doesn't open, guess what happened? The 
patrolling guard came around the corner, saw me, and 
had pumped 3 bullets into me before I could locate him. 

Well wait a minute. If the door down there doesn't 
open, why are we going down there? Ah, patience, 

When you're sure the coast is clear, head down the 
corridor towards the door.  See, it doesn't open.  Now 
stop, take three steps backwards and turn Sam towards 
the wall and look up.  Just above a red colored cabinet 
on the ship's wall is an opening.  Climb Sam up on top 
of the cabinet and enter this narrow path.  You will 
soon come to an intersection.  Go left. At the end is 
an open space where you will see several huge boxcar 
containers stacked atop each other, lighted by a 
halogen lamp on the wall high to the left.  

Use the OCP on the light, and then when it's nice and 
dark, go to the right and find the area between the two 
boxcars where there is an opening that Sam can drop 
down through.  

Turn your Night Vision on first, and silent drop Sam 
down and then go right to the wall and go into Wall 
Mode and quickly scan the area. You are now in the 
other end of the patrolling guard's route, and you 
need to know where he is.  

There is a stairwell leading down to your right.  When 
you have accounted for the patrolling guard, and let 
him pass by and turn the corner around the far end, you 
have about 25 seconds until he comes back.  

Go quietly down the stairs and spot the guard snoozing 
in the chair in front of a sliding door.  Don't go 
close to him and give him a reason to wake up.  Slid 
the door open and go down the ladder into the storage 

Now that's the first path you can follow to get to 
this door. If you're feeling bold and adventurous, 
you could try the second more challenging path. In 
this one, we go right by the patrolling guard and 
right under the nose of the guard standing on the bow 
at the railing. 


To take the alternate path, once again move Sam down 
the lefthand stairs from the bow. Move Sam against the 
dark wall to the right that has the pipe running along 
it and slide him down the wall toward the other set of 
stairs.  Soon the patrolling guard with the automatic 
rifle will appear.  As long as Sam is in wall mode, 
this guard will not detect him in the dark.  Let him 
pass by.  

(NOTE: sometimes this works on the left hand wall too, 
but several times this guard has detected Sam and 
fired on him at point blank range - this doesn't seem 
to happen when Sam is in Wall Mode on the right hand 

When the guard has turned around and started back the 
way he came, follow him in Wall Mode, but don't go too 
fast or get too close or he'll hear.  Give him a few 
seconds once he turns the corner, then slowly follow 
him.  You want him about 10-15 feet ahead of Sam.  The 
guy standing at the top of the stairs looking out to 
sea has never seen Sam go by, at least the four times 
I've done this, but I can't say he never does.  

Follow the guard down the gangway, staying about 10-15 
feet behind him, and just over halfway down the 
gangway is a very dark spot containing some barrells 
on the left against the wall.  Move Sam over to the 
barrells and crouch down, because the guard has 
reached the end of his route and turns around and 
starts back the other way.  

Once he's gone around the corner and dissappeared 
from sight, move Sam up to the base of the stairs and 
go down them.  Pass the sleeping guard, slide the door 
open, and go down the ladder.

And there you are. Two ways to get to the same 

As Sam is going down the ladder, Lambert comes on the 
comm to say it looks like Lacerda is spreading around 
the wealth and paying off old debts with the weapons 
he got from his recent job.  There are several more 
weapons crates lying around, and this time instead of 
scanning them, the Third Echelon team wants Sam to 
place tracking devices he's carrying on the crates.  
This way the good guys will know which bad guys are 
getting this dangerous stuff.  

The maze of boxes is pretty easy to navigate.  Sam will 
have to put his shoulder foward and slidle his way 
through several times.  The idea is to keep going 
until you hit the metal wall of the ship that has a 
narrow opening.  On the other side of the opening is 
the first crate that Sam must bug.  Move Sam over to it 
and the "Place Tracker" Interact Window will pop up.  

After bugging this crate, you move between the crates 
to the left, then slide left again then slide right. 
As Sam is moving through this last area, and can see 
light being thrown onto some boxes from above, Lambert 
comes on the comm to tell Sam they have just 
intercepted a radio call from the Maria Narcissa 
saying they have a hull leak and asking for an escort.  

Sam somewhat apprehensively asks if the ship is 
sinking.  Lambert says no, but for Sam to keep looking 
through the cargo for weapons crates, he's going to 
have to unflood several compartments, and the only way 
he can do that is to activate the bilge pumps in the 
forward machine room. So Sam now has an objective - 
get to the machine room, turn on the pumps, and 
unflood the submerged compartments.  

Coming around these last crates, Sam will see a ladder 
leading up to a well lighted doorway.  Go up the 
ladder and when you get to the top OCP the light in the
 ceiling and then quickly use the Optic Scan on the 
door to the right.  You should see no one.  Open the 
door and then close it. You should be kneeling in a 
dark spot by the time the light behind you flickers 
back to life.  

We could just shoot all these lights out in this 
corridor, but it's good practice to save bullets and 
just darken the area with the OCP so Sam can pass 
through staying in the dark.  There are two lights 
ahead in the ceiling.  OCP them one at a time, moving 
forward.  There is a door to the right with water 
running out from it's doorjamb, and if Sam approaches 
it, Lambert says that's one of the compartments Sam 
needs to unflood.  

Going forward, the corridor ends at two doors, one 
right in front, which doesn't open, and one to the 
right, which does give us a Door Options window.  

The only option we're given, however, is 'Slide Open'.  
Slide the door open, and we see a man with his back to 
us on the far side of the room working with some 
machine grinding away at a tool.  Slide the door 
closed, and crouch Sam in the dark.  

Ready for this? To the left, at ceiling height, is the 
crawl space where Sam needs to go to get to the forward 
machine room.  This terrorist is less than 5 feet away 
from the opening, and he's half facing it. 

As in the LightHouse Level, you can get away with 
OCPing a light with a guard nearby ONE time. The second 
time our tool-grinding friend will light up a flare and
wave it around.  Even if he doesn't find Sam, he will 
now stand in the middle of the room facing the door.  
So if you mess this up, you will simply have to KO or 
Kill this guy.  

Jump up onto the table to the left and crouch.  Move 
around until you have a good angle on the light over 
the tool machine and OCP it.  The first time it goes 
out, the terrorist looks up at it, shrugs and goes 
back to work.  Move Sam off this table, then move up 
and jump up on the next table, staying as far to the 
left as possible.  Edge Sam off the table, he will 
silent drop onto the floor about 3 feet from this 
terrorist to his left, and the "Enter Crawl Space" 
Interact Window will appear.  Hit the 'A' button and 
Sam will jump up and crawl into this rectangular 
opening in the wall.  

You need to get Sam into the crawlspace before the 
light comes back on.

Move him forward until the 'Exit Crawl Space' Interact 
window appears, but look out and make sure there isn't 
a patrolling terrorist in sight before you do so.  If 
you wait long enough in this opening, you can see a 
terrorist holding an automatic rifle pass below.  

Once Sam jumps down onto a catwalk in this very dimly 
lighted area, turn the NV goggles on, move him to the 
right, look up and find the pipe running along the 
ceiling and hit the 'Y' button to make Sam jump up and 
grab it. Then hit 'Y' again to make Sam bring his legs 
up.  You have between 10-30 seconds to pull this off 
before the patrolling terrorist comes back, depending 
on where he is on his route when Sam drops in.  

If you drop Sam in early enough, the terrorist 
patrolling the catwalk is 
having a conversation with another man who is down 
below in the center of the room working on the 
machinery there.  That will give Sam more time to jump 
up on the pipe and get himself hidden.  

Move down the pipe, mindful of the wildly swinging 
ceiling lamp, and there is a ladder on the far end.  
Sam has to wait until the terrorist on patrol on the 
catwalk is on the far end facing away, and then he 
has to jump down, get to the ladder, and climb to the 
bottom and move to a dark spot and hide before that 
guard turns around and sees him.  

Once you are at the base of the ladder, move forward 
to the far lefthand corner.  You now have the guy 
operating the pump machinery on the other side.  Your 
light meter should be all the way to the left. Now 
OCP the light hanging from the ceiling.  Once's it's 
off, turn the NV on, crouch Sam, and you have about 
20 seconds to get him from this corner to the opposite 
left hand corner on the far side of the room before 
the light comes back on, all while avoiding the guard 
who will leave his console to start walking around.  

When the light comes back on, Sam should be crouched 
in the dark corner facing the pump machinery console.  
OCP the light again. The catwalk guard may descend the 
ladder to wander around the ground floor too with the 
other guy, so watch out for them.  Move to the console 
and when the "Activate Pumps" window comes up, select 
it.  Then retreat back to your corner and be hidden 
when the light comes on.  


When Sam drops out of the crawlspace, move him left 
instead of right. There is a very dark corner here; 
this is the darkest side of the room. Take Sam over 
the railing and he will turn in mid-air and grab the 
edge of the catwalk. Then silent drop him down to the 
floor. He will be in the dark corner facing the pump 
console. From here, simply follow the same procedure: 
OCP the light, go to the console, and then retreat to 
the corner before the light comes back on.) 

Now you could try going back the way  you came, but 
these guys are wary now.  There is a door on the far 
side of the room on the right that was previously 
flooded but now is available for you to exit by because 
you've activated the pumps.  OCP the light again, make 
your way over to it, avoiding the blinded guards.  If 
you're a little late getting to the door, the light 
will come back on while you are going through it.  If 
they are following you but no alarm has sounded, that 
means they THINK they saw something but are not sure.  

Close the door behind you, turn the corner and Move 
down the long corridor you find yourself in until you 
come to a door on your right. Slide it open, go in and 
slide the door closed again.  Turning, you will find 
yourself in a recently flooded storage compartment 
that is now free of water.  

Jump up onto the boxes in this room until you are near 
ceiling level - there is a large box with the Bill of 
Lading that Grimsdottir wants to look over.  When Sam 
reads it, Grimsdottir comes on the Comm to say that 
Lacerda has been using a proxy for his arms shipments.  
It turns out to be a Panamanian bank with a very long 
Panamanian name.  

Now Grimsdottir tells Sam he still needs to recover 
the ships transit ledgers from the office so Third 
Echelon can see who else Lacerda has been dealing 

Go open the door again, and OCP the light out, and 
then duck back into the storage room and close the 
door when you see the two guards come walking down the 
far end of the corridor. You will hear them pass by. 
You will let them pass by. If you want, turn on the 
Infrared and look at the door and watch them pass by.

Then you  exit the cargo room, OCP the light again, 
and then move right down the corridor OCPing the 
lights in the ceiling as you come to them until you 
reach a stairway leading down to a door with revolving 
red lights around a sign that says 'Engine Room'. 

At this point........boy is Sam's Spec Ops suit fly or 
what....Lambert comes on the comm and says they are 
detecting fumes coming from the door in front of Sam.  
Sam says he can smell a gas leak.  Grimsdottir tells 
Sam that firing a gun will trigger an explosion, so he 
has to move through the engine room without firing a 
weapon.  Also, since terrorists aren't very bright or 
they'd being doing something more contructive with 
their lives, Grimsdottir informs Sam that if the enemy 
detects him they will open fire and blow both Sam and 
themselves and their expensive ship right out of the 

Let me tell you right here: it is a BITCH getting 
through this engine room without grabbing and KOing or 
using the knife on anybody.  

It takes awhile to set it up right, but it can be 

Enter the engine room and.........what? What do we do? 
CLOSE THE DOOR. If you don't close the door, the 
mechanic walking around on the ground floor will see 
it and come over to investigate.  Let him pass by, and 
then follow him.  You will go around some huge 
machinery, and then he will keep going right under a 
light hanging from the ceiling, so stop before the 
light illuminates you. 

There are two guards patrolling on the catwalks above, 
and though they are together at the start, soon one 
will go up a flight of stairs to a higher level and 
patrol a higher catwalk.   

Take out the pistol and OCP the light blocking your 
path. Once it's out, you want to moveforward, and then 
to the right into the corner behind the another big 
piece of machinery before the light flickers back on.  

Right next to this machinery is a stairway leading up 
to the lower catwalk. 

Lean out behind the machinery and OCP the light again,
 but don't go up the stairs yet.  I spent over an hour
 trying to get past these guys OCPing the light while 
already on the catwalk and I never succeeded. You need 
to draw at least one of these guards off the catwalk 
onto the ground floor. 

Keep OCPing the light and hiding under the stairway in 
wall mode until at least one or maybe even BOTH of the 
patrolling guards have come down the stairs and are 
wandering around on floor level. Then quickly OCP the 
light to keep it off and go up the stairs, staying 
against the right hand hand wall, and go ALL THE WAY 
AROUND the room in a big rectangular pattern. DON'T 
take the inviting shortcut provided by the gangway 
leading left that takes you directly to the stairs 
leading to the next level.  The ground level guard is 
standing right where he can see you if you try that.  

After going all the way around, go up the darkened 
stairs to the next level.  Turn left and follow the 
wall until you come to a door.  Once you are through 
here you are out of the Engine Room and not in danger 
of blowing up if somebody stupidly fires a gun.  

Slide the door open, then close it and head to the 
very dark corner to your left, away from the light 
illuminating the stairs nearby.  Soon a patrolling 
guard will show up.  Put Sam directly against the wall 
and equip the SC 20K with the Sticky Shockers in the 
attachment just in case, but this guard should stop 
just short of discovering Sam and then turn around and 
stand there like a dumbass for about 20 seconds before 
moving off to resume his patrol.  

Wait until the guard has walked down to the far end of 
the hallway past the stairs and turned right, out of 
sight.  Then slowly move Sam up to the right hand wall 
and go into Wall Mode and slide down the wall to the 
corner.  If you get there in time,  you will see the 
guard going into another room and then closing the 
door behind him. There is a door on the lefthand side  
closer to Sam - it's closed.  Go over and open it and 
go inside and close the door. Switch off the light and 
turn your Infrared on. This will allow you to see the 
terrorist as he passes by the door.

(NOTE: That's right, in case you haven't done this yet: 
you can always 'see' people through doors with the 
Infrared, something that is going to be very useful 
in avoiding this guy.)

Listen carefully.  You will hear the door to the other 
room opening and closing and then hear footsteps.  Then 
you will see the bluish outline of the terrorist pass 
by the bathroom door.  Once the terrorist has passed by 
on his route, you have about 20-25 seconds until he 
passes this way again.

Open the door, pass through it and close it again.  
Then head left down the corridor to the door this guard 
just came out of.  Open and close the door. Closing 
these doors is very important, because this guard will 
become alarmed if he happens across a door that's open 
when knows it was closed a few seconds ago.  

You're in a bunk room.  Hurry down the middle of the 
room until you get to another closed door. It's a 
closet.  Open the door and then immediately close it 
behind you.  You have be out of sight by the time the 
terrorist opens the door on the far side of the room 
and comes in.

On the floor of the closet is another weapons crate. 
Place a tracking device on it.  

Turn the Infrared back on and watch the door; soon you 
will see the outline of the guard entering the room, 
walking up to the door and then stopping and turning 
his back to it. After a few seconds, he moves off. Let 
him exit the room, then retrace your steps and REMEMBER 
TO CLOSE THE DOORS.  If you don't, if this guard 
happens upon an open door, he will retreat to the area 
by the stairway  that is our only exit to the next part 
of the ship and stand there.  That will make it twice 
as hard to sneak past him.  

Once again, you want to hide in the bathroom while he 
is out of sight, and then wait  until he passes by on 
his way back to the bunk room. Then exit the bathroom 
and... what? What do we do? Oh, yeah, that's 
right........... WE CLOSE THE DOOR.  

Now we need to get up the stairs ahead before this guy
comes back.  

Head up the two flights of stairs and as you get to the 
top Grimsdottir comes on the comm to let Sam know he's 
near the ship's office where the transit ledgers will 
be found.

The first door up here doesn't open; peek around the 
corner and you will see another door under a very 
bright light. OCP the light and enter the doorway.  
A very small office is revealed with a computer on a 
table and another door leading out.  Against the left 
wall is a crawlspace that Sam can use.

He can overhear a conversation going on around the 
corner, and the doorway is very well lit - he will be 
seen if he tries to move into the next room.  

The computer here has two messages on it; one a really 
rude email from Lacerda telling the captain to 'keep 
his smelly hooligans' out of his way.  The second is a 
WMN newswire cable in which the ISDF now alleges North 
Korean involvement in the Japanese Market crash.  

If you're using the computer when the conversation 
ends, get over to the crawlspace and use it fast 
because the guard in the next room is beginning to 

Go down the crawlspace and exit. You're in a nice dark 
spot and the guy sitting to your right in the well 
lighted area using the computer won't see you.  

Sneak up behind him and..........search the file 
cabinet behind him.  It will turn out the transit 
ledgers are forged.  Grimsdottir now says it's time to 
go have a chat with Lacerda himself.  She suggests the 
captain will know where Lacerda is, so Sam should head 
to the bridge and ask.

Note: once you open the file cabinet, DO NOT HESITATE 
to move for the door on the far side of the room in the 
darkned area near the crawlspace. There is a patrolling 
guard coming, and Sam needs to be through that door, 
have closed that door, and in Mall Mode against the far 
wall in the dark before this guy opens the door and 
passes by. He will come VERY, VERY close to Sam, but if 
he is in Wall Mode, he won't detect him.  

The guard will go down the hallway, stop, turn around 
and then come back and go through the door again.  

Once the door swings shut behind him, Sam has about 
30 seconds to move down the corridor towards the two 
well-lighted doors at the end.  Once in the left hand 
side and the other is straight ahead.  

The lefthand side one leads to the infirmary's reception 
office, with the infirmary itself behind another door. 
There is a computer you can use, but all it has is an 
email from a guy worried about the sealant rings leaking 
gas in the engine room, which Sam already knows all 

There is a terrorist in the infirmary, who you can see 
if  you optic cable the door.  There's a medkit also, 
but you don't need it since nobody has even discovered 
you yet, much less shot you.  

Go back to the door leading to the corridor and use the 
Optic cable. Watch the patrolling terrorist pass by on 
his route and then once he's gone, go through the other 
door to the outside of the ship.  

Under the stairs to your left is another weapons crate 
just waiting for Sam to put a tracking device on it.  

Go up the stairs and you will arrive at a door that 
says 'Deck 2'.  

You have the option of bypassing this deck and going on 
up the stairs to the bridge.  However, one of the 
weapons crates Sam needs to put trackers on is in this 

Let's go get the crate tracked first.  Open the door to 
Deck 2 and close it behind you. You are in a long 
hallway with a ceiling light on at the far end.  

OCP the light and then open the door. You will hear a 
conversation between two guards.   Go into Wall mode to 
the left of the door after you close it behind you. It's 
a nice dark spot and you shouldn't be detected.  

If you wait too long outside this door one of the guards 
on roving patrol will walk over to the door and throw 
it open.   

You are now in a cafeteria.  One terrorist is moving 
around alot on a patrol route; the other is standing in 
a lighted corner on the far side of the room.

Now for the bad news - the roving terrorist will 
periodically move to the door you just came through and 
throw it open and go down the corridor outside.  

You can't stay where you are because even in Wall Mode 
he will discover you.  You need to move Sam straight 
ahead from the door he just entered by to the opposite 
end of the cafeteria tables in front of him, then go 
into wall mode against the lefthand wall right in front 
of another door. In that spot,though the roving 
terrorist will pass close by, he won't detect Sam. 

Look straight ahead. To the left of the stationary 
terrorist standing between the two wall lights there's 
yet a third lighted doorway across the room. It's the 
ship's mess, and that's where the next weapons crate 

The roving terrorist is a pain in the ass if you are 
trying to stealth your way through this.  If he comes 
upon a OCP'd or shot out light he will light up a flare. 
And his pattern is really wide ranging and unpredictable.  

Again, there is only one way using stealth that I have 
found that works, and it will take several tries to pull 

You have to wait until the patrolling guard is NOT in 
the room with the weapons crate and has instead passed 
by Sam going to the left through the door Sam is next to 
and has dissappeared around a corner.  Then, equip the 
pistol and OCP the light on the wall right over the 
other guard's head.

While he has turned to look at it, you have to move Sam 
quickly down the room and through the door where the 
weapons crate sits just beyond it. YOU HAVE NO TIME TO 
WASTE. Hit the Place Tracker option as soon as it pops 
up and then immediatley turn Sam around and head towards 
a door on the other side of the kitchen on the left.

It's a freezer. You have to get Sam inside of it and 
close the door and get on the far side of the freezer 
on the left and go into Wall Mode.  

If you were spotted, an alarm will be raised. If one of 
the guards saw something but wasn't sure what, one of 
them will follow you into the freezer after a few 
moments.  If you are in Wall Mode on the lefthand side 
at the far end, he shouldn't find you.  Have the SC 20K 
equipped with a sticky shocker just in case.  Draw it 
and drop the guard if he detects you.  

If you were not spotted, no one will follow you into the 

After awhile, exit the freezer.  For some reason, 
whenever I successfully scan the crate and get into the 
freezer without an alarm being raised or being followed, 
when I come out of the freezer both guards in the next 
room are gone.

Go through the other door at the far end of the room 
and go into Wall Mode and peek around the corner you 

There is a ceiling light close by, and at the far end a 
well lighted snack area where two terrorists are talking.
The roving patrol terrorist is now also here, standing 
with his back to Sam as he listens in.  

There is a door on the lefthand side halfway down that 
leads to Deck 3. Sneak down the hallway and take it.  

Go up the stairs (going down just leads to a dead end, 
but have a look if you want) and there will be another 
weapons crate sitting on the floor.  Once Sam places 
the tracker, Lambert will say there is one more crate 
to go.  

Right next to this crate is a dark doorway.  Move Sam 
through it and there will be another doorway on the 

This is one of the rare doors on this cheaply made ship 
that you can use the Optic Cable on. OC the door and you 
will see three doorways.  Two open doorways on the left 
and right and one closed door straight ahead.  

The door on the left that is well lighted is a bathroom 
with a Medkit. But once again,  you don't need it 
because you have been following my excellent advice.  

Go in and OC the closed door straight ahead.  Want a 
neat tip? You are now actually outside the room where 
Lacerda is going to be......but he isn't here yet. You 
haven't been to the bridge.  Apparently, he and his 
goons won't show up down here until you've been to the 
bridge and back.  

For fun sometimes I shoot all the lights out on this 
level while no one's here. Then when I come back, 
Lacerda and his bodyguards are all sitting around in 
the dark. 

Sometimes I also shoot a sticky camera onto the table
right in the middle, then another one on the wall 
opposite the table.  Did you know you can leave the 
sticky camera view by pressing down on the directional
pad, and then return to the sticky camera view by 
pressing the down pad again?  Not only that, if you have
TWO sticky cameras active, you can alternate between 
them by pressing the right trigger.  This way, when
Lacerda and his goons come into the room and finally
make their appearance, you can watch them do so, even
get closeups of their faces as they talk.  

Anyhoo, time to retrace our steps. 

Go back through the door you entered by and turn and 
find the doorway leading to a hallway you haven't been 
down yet.  There is a light at the end of it.  Go 
through the doorway on the left hand side at the end of 
this hall, and you are now in the crews quarters.  
There's always one crewman in the closed door that's the 
third one down on the left, and you can his radio going 
as you pass by, so don't open that door.  

See the stairs at the far end? They lead to the bridge.   

When you reach the top of the stairs, keep moving and 
turn and head to the dark part of the bridge behind you.
The top of the stairs is lighted well enough so that the 
captain will see you if you stay there.  

There are two people up here, a crewman and the captain, 
who is the white haired, shorter guy.  You need to grab 
him and interrogate him and then take him somewhere nice 
and quiet and KO  him.  Don't worry, his KO doesn't 
show up in your final stats since he's someone Sam is 
supposed to KO.  Just like Lacerda, when we finally 
kill him, won't count in our final rating either.  

The captain is often standing forward facing the window 
and looking outward to sea. The crewman is facing the 
other way at the back of the bridge tinkering with a 

If you are spotted and then manage to avoid detection, 
here's bad news. The captain will go stand right next 
to the crewman as he works on the console. Now there's 
no way to grab him without the crewman seeing.  

So I'd quick save before going up the stairs to the 

If you get up there undetected, the captain will stand 
in his spot staring out the window, which makes grabbing 
him easy.  I always grab him and take him down the 
stairs before interrogating him.  The crewman is busy 
bent over his console and shouldn't see a thing.  

The captain will tell Sam Lacerda is in his own cabin, 
and that he's brought some bodyguards with him.  

Choke the captain unconscious and hide his body in one 
of the empty rooms.

Lambert will come on the comm with directions to the 
captain's quarters, 
but we already know where that is, don't we?  

Retrace your steps back to the door with the three rooms 
beyond it, and go quiet this time because now Lacerda 
and his goons are in residence.  

As soon as you go through the door you will hear a 
conversation begin. This time, leave the door open. 
I know, I know, I've been saying close the door this 
whole level, but trust me, there's a reason for leaving 
this one open.  

(If you put sticky cameras in the room before hand, you
can now press down on the directional pad and watch
Lacerda and his goons talk)

Shoot out the light in the bathroom with the silenced 
pistol to make it dark there, and then wait. Lacerda is 
going to come into the room opposite the bathroom after 
a few moments to mix himself a drink.  

(You can Optic Cable the closed door if you want and 
watch Lacerda talking with his bodyguards. Just be 
ready to move once Lacerda starts to leave the room.)

Hugo Lacerda will exit the room the bodyguards are in, 
walk to a bar in the next room, bend down and open a 
small refrigerator and begin tinkering with bottles 
and stuff.  Sam should have no problem moving up behind 

Grab him, move him out into the hallway through the 
door you left open to where the bodyguards can't hear, 
interrogate him, and then kiss his terrorist ass goodbye 
as Sam kills him.  No matter what trigger you pull, Sam 
will do the Backbreak/Knife Stab combo on him.

I like to duckwalk Lacerda to where the stairs are 
leading down and then send him plunging headfirst all 
the way to the bottom.  That's for Morgenholt, you 

(NOTE: Make sure you interrogate Lacerda TWICE - he 
comes up with more information the second time)

If you decide to kill Lacerda without going out through 
the door first, be careful how he's positioned; don't 
face a wall or when he gets propelled into it as Sam 
breaks his back and stabs him the bodyguards will hear 
and come to investigate.  I got Sam in deep kimchi one 
time doing it that way.  It seems to be a 50/50 
propositon; about half the time bodyguards open the 
door and come to investigate, and half the time they 

(PS: I always like to do a Quick Save after I kill 
Lacerda and the go get in a quick gunfight with his two 
bodyguards. They are both very good.  It's a very 
intense firefight in close quarters. Often while you 
are engaging one the other will run through the other 
door and try to flank you.  They both get their guns up 
and shoot very fast and very accurately. After all this 
sneaking and peeking it's just the thing. Then I load 
my Quick Save and go on)

Once Lacerda is dead, Lambert speaks up and tells Sam 
he can extract now. 

Remember, the plan is to have Sam extract by using the 
motor launch at the rear of the ship.  But there are 
still plenty of terrorists between Sam and that boat,
plus we still have one more weapons crate to find.

Go back to the bridge and you will find the crewman 
still absorbed by his trusty console.  There are two 
doors on the bridge on opposite sides; the crewman is 
partially in front of one of them, so go to the other 
one and use the Optic Cable.

Hmmmmm. The area outside is very well lighted.  Plus, 
there always seems to be more guards around if you go 
out this way.  Let's go out the other door, the one 
closest to the crewman. Circle the bridge and stay 
against the wall and he shouldn't see you as you go out 
the door.  

You will see a small landing with an open doorway to 
the left. Go crouch in the dark area to the right of 
the door and peek through.  After awhile, you will see 
a guard some walking out through an opening to the left 
and go up the stairs.  

Wait for a few seconds until he is out of sight, and 
then move Sam into the area the guard appeared from.  

The rear area of the ship is just crawling with guards. 
I lost count - was it 8 or 9?  They will also light up a 
flare at the slightest provocation.  If you want to find 
out how bad it can get, Quick Save and then start a gun 
fight and see how many guards come running. It makes for 
a very intense firefight and darkness won't help because 
these guys have flares and flashlights.  

Here's how you stealth your way through:  once you can 
see the corridor where the guard who went up the stairs 
came from, follow it all the way to the end. There will 
be some stairs to the right.  

(Note: there are 4 terrorists in this area, three are 
above you now and if one senses you he will light a 
flare.  If that happens, instead of going right and up 
the dark stairs, go left and hide behind the big tanks 
against the wall.  The guy standing on the landing above 
won't see you.  Once things calm down, then go up the 

Once you are up the stairs, GO STRAIGHT. Don't go 
right, you will just meet patrolling terrorists.  

The path will turn right and you will come to a ladder. 
Go down it. When you reach the bottom you can now see 
the fantail of the boat. There are three guards below.  
You can hear them talking. 

Move all the way right once you get to the bottom of 
the ladder and you will come to a second ladder.  This 
leads up to the motor launch, your extraction.  

But hold on a second. Don't we have one more weapons 
crate to scan for a 100% mission rating? Why, yes we do. 
Where is it?  It's down there in front of these three 
guards.  We need to go put a tracker on it.  From the 
bottom of the motor launch ladder if you have Sam look 
out over the fantail region and then look down and a 
little to the left you will see the crate sitting in 
front of a huge container.  

Wait by the motor launch ladder and soon one of the 
three guards below will climb a ladder to get to the 
level you are on. He will patrol, but will stop short 
of where you are and then turn and go back down the 

Follow him.  When you get to the bottom, go into Wall 
Mode against the ship's rail where it's dark and wait.  

Two of the terrorists are stationary. One stands behind 
the huge container on the opposite side from the weapons 
crate, and the other stands at the fantail looking at 
the ship's wake. 

The patrolling guy that is always moving around is the 
one we have to really avoid.  

Look at the floor of the ship from the railing where 
Sam is crouching. There is a dark shaddow pattern on it 
leading right to the crate.  Wait until the patrolling 
guard is either on the opposite side of the ship or has 
climbed the ladder again and then move Sam over there 
and place the tracker. Then move Sam back to the ships 
rail near the bottom of the ladder.

Now all you have to do is get Sam back up the ladder 
and to the motor launch without being detected. Make 
sure the patrolling guard isn't heading for the ladder 
and go up it.  Head to the motor launch, climb the 
ladder, and the Extraction window will pop up.

Well, another fine mission under Sam's belt!  Weapons 
crates tracked, more info leading to some shady 
Panamanian bankers, and there's one less dangerous 
terrorist walking around.

It's Miller Time!  

Bask in the glow of your 100% Mission Success rating. 
You deserve it!  

(NOTE: Just as a way to appreciate how great this game 
is, and how well UBiSoft put it together, save the game 
at the bottom of the ladder and then work your way back 
through the ship killing all the terrorists as you go 
until you arrive back the bow where you started out.  
Most games with levels this size will 'wall off' the 
gamer after awhile and not let him or her return to an 
earlier part of the level.  Not in this game. You can 
go all the way back to the bow of this huge level and 
there are no loading times or lag whatsoever. Once 
you've gotten back to the bow and killed all the 
terrorists, just load your saved game and take Sam 
up the ladder to the motor launch and extract. You 
still have the 100% Mission rating and it's like the 
slaughter through the ship never happened.)

Now for the KO/KILL OPTIONS on the Cargo Ship Level.

There are still many cool moves Sam can do that you will 
never get to use if you sneak him through the level all 
the time.  At least once, try to go through killing all
 the terrorists and experimenting with different lethal

This will be briefer because I'm not going to go into 
detail and include 
the weapons crates and all that stuff.  Just where the 
terrorists are how to deal with them.

Use the Quick Save feature alot when you encounter 
different terrorists and try alternative methods of 
taking them out.  

If you want a real challenge, try to kill all the 
terrorists WITHOUT shooting them. Make it through the 
entire level with all the terrorists dead, and all of 
Sam's bullets still in his firearms.    

We'll start at the insertion point on the bow, with the 
two terrorists nearby.  

The roving guard is easy.  He will head for the ship's 
rail on the lefthand side and and stand in front of it 
for about 12 seconds.  Move Sam up behind him, grab him 
and interrogate him.  Then, once he's done spilling his 
guts, move him up to the rail and make him face it. Then 
squeeze the right trigger.  

 Sam will grab the startled terrorist by the neck and 
seat of the pants and heave him  over the rail into the 
blue, blue ocean below.  But don't worry, the poor guy 
won't drown.  The ships wake will pull him under and 
into the screws, so in just a few seconds he'll look 
like about a hundred pounds of chopped hamburger. 

Hey, don't give me that look. Sharks gotta eat too! 

 Now you could try to do the same thing to the guy 
standing at the railing on the  other side, but don't 
forget there's a patrolling terrorist lower down. If 
you go to grab the guy on the bow when the patrolling 
terrorist is passing by below, he will come up the 
stairs after you.  

 It's better therefore to take the patrolling guard 
first.  So go down the left hand  stairs and go into 
Wall Mode on the right hand side and wait for him to 
come strolling by.  The idea is to drop him without 
any alarm being raised.  You can:

 1. Grab him, choke him unconscious and then use the 
silent pistol to put a bullet  between his eyes.  
That's the most surefire way and the quietest way.  

 2.  Do a direct knife attack on him from the front or 
from behind. This will make  a little noise, but if 
you take the guy near the left hand stairs the guy on 
the other side standing by the railing is too far away 
to hear anything.

 3.  Crouch on the lefthand stairs near the bottom, 
draw the silenced pistol, wait  until he arrives and 
stops about 3 feet away and stands stockstill, 
and........ PHUT!  Hide the body. 

 3.  Grab him, and then send him where the first guy 
went: over the side.  Take him  up the lefthand stairs, 
to the rail, and bon voyage, mon ami!

 Now that we don't have this patrolling guard to worry 
about, sneak up on the guard  on the other side and 
throw his doomed ass over the side as well. Throwing 
these guys over the side is one surefire way of making 
sure no bodies are ever found.  

 Now that the bow and the corridors along the side are 
free of terrorists, we can  head for the stairs going 
down to Deck 1.  

 Remember the sleeping terrorist in the chair at the 
bottom of these stairs? He really  can't be grabbed 
without setting off an alarm, so it's best to kill 
him while he's sitting and sleeping.  Sometimes if 
you use the knife, it gives you the slashing attack 
that kills him right away. Other times Sam pulls the 
guard out of the chair and jams the knife up into his 
heart, and the guard may set off an alarm this way.  

 The most surefire way is the silenced pistol.  Hide 
the body under the stairwell.

 You won't encounter another terrorist until you get 
to the guy in the workshop grinding  away on a tool.  
A knife attack from behind will save ammo and there's 
nobody to hear him give that loud grunt as he feels 
5 1/2 inches of razor sharp steel puncture his heart.  

 Shoot the light out over the tool he was using and 
enter the crawl space.  

 At the other end, jump down and go right and jump up 
onto the pipe and bring Sam's legs  up.  Wait until 
the patrolling guard passes underneath and the 'Grab 
Character' window will pop up.  Hit the 'A' button 
and Sam will reach down and grab the guard by the 
head and lift him off the floor.  Squeeze the left 
trigger, and Sam chokes him unconscious and then 
drops him. Squeeze the right trigger and Sam breaks 
the guard's neck and drops him.  

 (Note: it appears to be a game glitch, since we 
clearly hear the guard's neck snap, but  if you use 
the thermal vision on him he's still got body heat, 
even if you come back and look at him again later)

 Hide the body in the dark corner nearby and then go 
to the railing where you are directly  behind the guy 
working on the pump console. Drop over the rail, 
sneak up behind this terrorist, and knife him. Shoot 
out the light hanging from the ceiling; this is for 
later when other terrorists have come in here.  

 By now I hope you're beginning to get the idea; 
shooting is an option, but each of these  guards 
we've encountered so far can all be killed without 

 Hide the body and use the pump console to drain the 
storage compartments.  Now two more  terrorists are 
on their way from the engine room to find out why the 
pumps were just activated.  You need to get into the 
next storage compartment before they pass it.  Go 
through the door behind the pump machinery and turn 
the corner and make your way down until you find the 
door on the right side with the Medkit next to it and 
ceiling light near it.  If you time it right, the 
terrorists are just becoming visible further down the 
corridor, coming from the engine room.  

 Slide the door open, then close it.  Switch on the 
infrared and watch these guys pass by.  When they've 
gone, open the door, and follow them. They go into 
the machine room. One stays near the door, the other 
patrols around the room.  

OCP the light near the door, then open the door if it's 
closed already. The near terrorist may have his back to 
you; he may be moving toward the door.  It varies a lot.  
If he's facing away from you, sneak up on him and knife 
him.  It's dark in here because you shot the only light 
out earlier.  The other guard, even if he hears something 
and comes to investigate, can't see you.  Move from the 
body and crouch and wait. Find the other guard as he moves 
around and knife him too.  

The next terrorists you encounter are in the engine 
room.  Remember, you can't fire a weapon in here; even 
a projectile from the SC 20K like a Sticky Shocker will 
cause an explosion.  

Leave the engine room door open when you enter; when 
the roving mechanic comes to investigate the open door, 
grab him, take him outside and up the stairs. 

Interrogate him if you wish, then break his back and 
stab him.  

Go back into the engine room, and from here it's just 
like the stealth version, except when you OCP the light, 
hide under the stairway, and draw one of the guards off 
the catwalk on to the floor, you knife him when his back 
is to you.  

Then go up the stairs, around the long way to the next 
set of stairs, up them and take the second guard from 
behind with the knife as well.  

Now after leaving the engine room we encounter the 
terrorist patrolling the landing of the next stairway 
as well as the ship's bunk room.  Now that we're out 
of the engine room, we can shoot him if we want to.  

For fun, wait until he goes into the bunk room and 
closes the door behind him.  Then stand on the other 
side of the door, shoot out the light on the ceiling, 
turn the Infrared on and watch until he comes back 
and is just about to open the door again. Switch to 
night vision, draw the silenced pistol(or the SC 20K 
if you want) and point it right where his head is 
going to be.    

Catch the look of surprise on his face as he slides the 
door open, seeing the light shot out. He starts forward, 
then senses Sam and starts to bring his rifle up.  PHUT! 
Down he goes.   

If you don't shoot the light out, he sees you when the 
door slides open and he reacts much quicker. He will 
bring that rifle up very fast, so if you leave the 
light on you'd better shoot quick.  

Also, if the light has been shot out,when he comes 
forward in the dark you can knife him from the front, 
though sometimes he will get one shot off. 

The next terrorist we encounter is up the stairway and 
in the ship's office.  Use the crawlspace, come up in 
the dark half of the room. There are two terrorists 
here, one on patrol and one you can see right now at 
the computer.  

You can simply shoot the terrorist at the computer in 
the head and hide the body, but where's the challenge 
in that?  How about we grab him, then use him as a 
shield as we get in a gunfight with the other 
terrorist?  Doesn't that sound more fun? 

When you've grabbed the guy at the computer, move back 
into the dark part of the room and wait for the 
patrolling guy to appear.  You can drop him as he comes 
forward looking for his buddy.  

Or you can be bold and move forward through the open 
doorway near the computer and go looking for him, 
letting him pump bullets into the guy in front of you 
while you try to shoot him back.  

One time through this, I did simply shoot the guy at 
the computer in the head and then picked up the body 
and tried to go through the door on the other side of 
the room.  I just made it, and had dropped the body 
and started to close the door when the patrolling 
terrorist appeared in the doorway on the other side of 
the room.  I drew the SC 20K and waited.  

The terrorist starts to open the door, but it turns 
out I've dropped the body of the guy I shot halfway 
across the door's opening arc. So what happens? The 
door swings back and hits this guy in the face and 
closes again! 

I hear a startled grunt, then an angry yell as the 
terrorist KICKS THE DOOR OPEN, sending the body half 
lying against it flying.  He starts through the door 
way, gun up, searching for me.......and I shot him in 
face from about 2 feet away.  Boy, do these guys get 
pissed when a door hits them in the face!   

Now take the terrorist in the infirmary.  It's the door 
on the left in the corridor past the ship's office. 
He's right next to the door, so if you time it right, 
you can send him flying with the 'Bash Door' option. 
Shoot him, knife him, whatever.  

Go through the other door and up the stairs to Deck 
2.  Now you will kill the terrorists in the cafeteria.  
Shoot out the light next to the cafetaria door and go 
in. The two terrorists will be having a conversation 
in the middle of the room. Take the roving guard out 
first. Follow  him when he goes out the door on the 
other side of the room and turns the corner.  Knife 
him from behind, or if you want, go first around the 
corner while he's still talking to his buddy and 
shoot out the light in the hallway beyond and hide 
in the area with the door further down on the left.  

The roving guy will light a flare, drop it, and go 
back the way he came. Wait for the flare to go out.  
Put Sam in wall mode onthe the righthand side where 
the corner is where it's nice and dark. When the 
terrorist comes strolling back, knife him from the 
front.  Most of the time the other guard in the 
cafeteria didn't hear anything.  

This guy standing in the well lighted area in the 
cafeteria is best taken out with a head shot from the 
SC 20K.  Isn't it neat the way he falls half upright 
agains the wall, his mouth hanging open in shock?  

Hide the body.  Now we go for the two guys in the 
snack room at the end of the hallway playing cards.  
Here's one of the best places in the game to use a 
Sticky Camera.  Shoot it on the wall opposite the two 
guards, just under the cabinet. You will get a good 
look at the two of them. Hit 'X', the blue button, 
to make the noisemaker on the Camera draw one, maybe 
both guards to it. When one or both are close, hit 
the 'Y' button and the gas will be released.  

Move in and shoot any guard still standing after the 
gas dissapates. Any guard still up will be focused on 
the Stick Camera as it self destructs. They will not 
see Sam coming up from behind. 

(NOTE: If you shoot the Sticky Camera onto the cabinet 
itself instead of underneath it, when you set off the 
noise maker the terrorists see it right away and shoot 
it, releasing the gas when they still are not close 
enough to it to be affected)

From here take the doorway near the snack area that has 
stairs leading upward.  Ignore the closed door for now; 
nobody is back there.  Find the open door with the 
officer's quarters.  There is a terrorist in the third 
room down on the left, the one with the closed door.  

Stand outside the door, draw your silenced pistol, turn 
your Infrared on, and you will see him inside the room 
sitting in a chair listening to his radio.  Hit the 
whistle button (the black button on the controller) and 
he will get up and come over and slide the door open.  
You can then shoot him in the face from about 2 feet 
away.  Or knife him.  Put his body back in his room, 
shut the light off, and close the door.  Now on to the 

Grab the captain, take him back down the stairs, 
interrorgate him, kill him, and then head back up the 
stairs and take out the crewman on the bridge.  If you 
don't he could cause a problem later.  

Now you're ready to go and take out Lacerda and his two 
bodyguards. Head back to the door that you bypassed 
earlier.  Lacerda and Co. will now be there.  Lacerda 
you handle just like in stealth mode; grab him, 
interrogate him, then kill him.  

The best way to take out the bodyguards isn't by bashing 
the door into the one on the other side.  He never gets 
knocked down and both these guys return fire quickly.  
One will engage you while the other runs through the 
other door and tries to flank you.  

The best way is to go into the little kitchen and then 
lob a flash grenade through the door that Lacerda left 
that room by.  Then equip the SC 20K and go in fast and 
shoot them until they are both down.  That's right, 
you're starring in your own action movie!  

On Hard level the bodyguards always seem to hear it 
when you kill Lacerda if you kill him just outside the 
room they are in.  They will open the door and start 
investigating. So be ready to take them down if that 

Now all we need to do is go back up to the bridge, 
go out through one of the doors on it's side, and kill 
the 10 or so terrorists that are still between us and 
the motor launch.  

It's best to go outside the door near where the crewman 
was standing; it's darker.  

If you've got all your sticky shockers left, this is 
going to be a good place to use them if you need to 
drop somebody instantly.  

Go to the open doorway and crouch down and watch. 
Sometimes a terrorist comes strolling out onto the deck 
from the left; sometimes one comes climbing down a 
ladder to your left.  If he comes near and you grab 
him, four other terrorists always seem to know and they 
come and congregate near this door.  I've dropped five 
terrorists at this doorway in less than 15 seconds, 
so it can get intense. 

(ALTERNATIVE PLAY NOTE: As a matter of fact, if you 
want an intense a firefight as possible, do THIS: 
Stealth your way to this point afterkilling Lacerda, 
triggering no alarms and KO'ing no one (except forthe 
Captain, of course).  NOW KILL SOMEBODY IN A VERY 
LOUD AND BOISTEROUS FASHION. I think even the 3 guys 
from the engine room show up.  They come fast, they 
come professionally, and they come hard.  You will 
only survive by shooting and moving.  If you stand 
still they will kill you in a heartbeat from multiple 
directions. It's like a scene out of a Michael Bay 
action movie, and if you can survive the onslaught 
you are one hell of a shot.) 

All these terrorists on this part of the ship are on 
high alert even if you've made it to this part of the 
game without setting off any alarms. It's hard to take 
them from behind or knife them without setting off 
alarms. It's best to avoid them.   

When one of the terrorists has appeared from the left 
and gone up the stairs and is now out of sight, move 
Sam through the doorway into the area the terrorist 
first appeared from.  Follow this dark corridor all 
the way down until it ends. On your left is a lighted 
doorway and a landing where a terrorist stands in the 
dark. He can't see you.  On your right is a stairway 
leading up.  

If you were spotted and someone up above lit up a 
flare and is investigating, go left and hide behind the 
oxygen tanks.  Once things have calmed down, if you 
want to, shoot the terrorist on the landing above you 
in the head with the SC 20K.  He will fall down the 
ladder opening next to him, so go get his body and 
quickly hide it in the bridge.  

Now go into the dark corridor again and spot where the 
terrorists are. One is usually on patrol and will be 
moving over a narrow walkway that lets him go from side 
to side.  Shoot him in the head with the SC 20K when 
he's standing still.    

You need to sneak up on these 5 or so guards and shoot 
them in the head.  

Once they are all dead, go down the ladder to the motor 
launch and find the last three living terrorists on 
this boat.  Taking them out is a piece of cake.  

Kill the roving guy with the knife once he comes up the 
ladder, and take the last two guys from behind.  

The only bummer is I was hoping to throw the last guy, 
the one looking at the ships wake over the rail like 
I did those guys on the bow, but apparently the rail is 
too high; Sam just stabbed him.  

Well, now you've killed all the terrorists on the ship.  
You are the only living person. And once you extract 
at the motor launch, why, this big cargo ship will just 
keep sailing serenely on, everyone aboard it dead. 
Feels kinda creepy, don't it?  

Well look on the bright side:  there's about 30 fewer 
armed and dangerous terrorists in the world now.  

Level III: Bank 

Mcas Banco De Panama

The info from the Lighthouse Level led Third Echelon to the 
Maria Narcissa.  Once Sam was on the Maria Narcissa, he found 
the bill of lading that showed Lacerda was buying his arms 
shipments through a proxy - the Panamanian bank Sam is shown 
in front of when this level begins.  

There are four Panamanian soldiers roaming the bank grounds.  
To play this realistically, make this a total stealth mission, 
and remember that the US is not at war with Panama.  This is 
not a ship at sea full of terrorists; it's a bank full of 
soldiers in a country that is not at war with the USA.  

 Avoid. Then KO if you have to.  Killing is as a last resort 
as self- defense.  

If you want to KO the roaming guards, the easiest way is to 
head down to the left hand side of the bank's exterior and 
find the switch against the wall at the rear.  Flip it and the 
exterior lights will turn off. Crouch in wall mode against the
wall.  Only one guard at a time comes to turn the lights back 
on. How convenient.  Grab him, interrogate if you wish, and then 
KO them one at a time.

If you want to stealth your way through, the quickest way into 
the bankis to switch the lights off and then move around the 
front of the bank tothe right hand side and hide in a dark spot 
before one of the guards goesover there and switches the lights 
back on.  

You can also cross the courtyard from where Sam starts the 
level, crouching
near the wall, by moving crosswise to the far wall in the dark 
and then OCPing the light next to the palm tree where one of 
the guards is standing.  Move by him in the dark and go further 
down the wall and hide before the light comes back on.  From 
there OCP the lightat the bottom of the pole next to the 
building and then head downthe righthand side before it comes 

There are two ways into the bank itself; through the front door 
or by the ceiling through a skylight.

The skylight route is a lot more fun, so let's do that one.  

If  you're at the light switch on the side of the bank, the 
ladder  you need to climb is on the other side of the building. 
Make your way around, OCPing the panel lights and the camera 
that sits halfway down the wall on that side.  

The ladder is at the far end on the left and Sam will have to 
jump up to grab it.  Climb up onto the roof, and Grimsdottir 
will tell you the skylights are magnetically locked, but there 
should be a control around here somewhere that will turn the 
magnetic field off.  

This control is on the far side of the roof to the left from 
where the ladder is, in a little shack like building.  Enter 
the shack, flip the switch, and when you go back outside one 
of the big bubble-shaped skylights has swung up and open.  

Find the position around the edge of the skylight where the 
'Use Rope' window pops up and use it.  Take Sam down the rope 
slowly; there's a guard down here in a corner sitting on a 
bench.  As Sam goes down the ladder, we discover he's going to 
land in the middle of the cashier's area, which is presently 
guarded by a laser system.  

Crouch in the middle of the lasers and find the door. The only 
laser beams that matter are the two that pass between you and 
the door.  See where the beams are orginating from?  Those 
little black round things. Take the pistol and aim carefully 
and OCP them and the beams will dissapear for  about 20 seconds, 
plenty of time for Sam to get to the door and go through it.  

You can also point the EEV at one of the computers and use it 
turn the laser grid off.  It's the one on the left hand side 
when you facethe door leading out.  

Now that  you're through the door, find the guard. He's nearby 
on a bench.  He's easy to find with the thermal vision.  If 
you're going for the 100% rating for this mission, you need to 
leave him be and sneak past him.  

Be warned, however, that if you mess up the part in the hallway 
past the retinal scanner, not only will the three guards from 
the Security Station further ahead come after you, but this 
guard will also flank you from the rear.  

If you want to KO him, you have serveral options to ensure that 
this guy doesn't give you a problem later.  Move Sam up close 
the guard and squeeze the left trigger.  The guard will start 
to come awake and then Sam will send him back to dreamland with 
a nonlethal attack.  

Or you could shoot an airring foil round into his head.  Or a 
sticky shocker.  Whichever you prefer.  Hide the body behind 
the bench in the dark corner. 

Next to the bench the guard was sitting on is a retinal scanner 
Sam can hack.  Further down this same wall to the left is 
another door that is well lighted.  Right here Sam has two 
different pathways he can take. We have to access the 3 controls 
to get to the vault in the Bank President's office, then the 
Treasurer's office, then the Security Station office.  It 
doesn't matter what order we activate them in, so let's stay 
on the ground floor here and do the Treasurer's office first.  

The most direct route to the Treasurer's office is through the 
door with the retinal scanner.  The well lighted door at the 
other end leads to a lobby outside the Security Station office, 
and that lobby is being watched by a camera.   We'll do it in 
this order: Treasurer, Bank President, then the Security Office, 
which will be toughest since it's a lighted glass booth manned 
by 2 guards.  

Move Sam over to the retinal scanner and hack it.  Hacking is 
simple: you will see the numbers flash bright green at the bottom 
of the "Hack" viewscreen. When a number is lighted up, that 
mean's Sam's hacking gadget has solved that number in the 
combination. You need to use the left thumbstick and move the 
cursor over the highlighted number and press the blue 'X' button 
to lock that combination number into place.  

See the number at the far right of the Hack viewscreen? That's 
the number of attempts you get at hacking the various numbers.  
If the code is a series of 4 numbers, and the Hack gadget has 5 
hack attempts available, you can hack the scanner or lock.  If 
it has 4 numbers and you only have 3 hack attempts available, 
you can't hack your way into the item.  

Note: this is a mini-game in that if you press the 'X' button 
too late and the number goes dim, you lost that hack attempt.  
So if you start with 5 hack attempts, and there are 5 number 
combinations to be solved, and you mishit the 'Lock' button, or 
press it too late on one of the combinations, you've blown it 
and now only have 4 hack attempts for a 5 number combination.  

Also, note the lighted bar at the top of the combination 
numbers, and the way it starts to run out when your hacking 
attempt begins.  You have a time limit to finish hacking the 

The bar will turn red when very little time is left, and you 
need to press the 'Abort' button before it runs all the way out.  
An unsuccessful attempt at hacking a keypad or scanner results 
in an alarm being set off. 

It's a relatively simple game, yet I've managed to press the Lock 
button too late several times, and ended up having to give up 
on hacking my way in.  

(NOTE: If you screw up the hack and can't open the door, you 
can still into the hallway beyond. Go to the well-lighted door 
on the other side, open the door, OCP the light, then enter 
the bathroom door on the right and close the door quickly. Use 
the crawlspace on the far side wall to enter the Janitor's 

When you have successfully hacked the Retinal Scanner, you will 
be able to open the door.   You will see a small area and then 
a hallway going to the left.  Go into wall mode and peek around 
the corner. You will see long hallway with a door in each wall 
and a camera mounted over the door on the right, which also has 
a brightly lit 'Exit' sign.  

There is a patrolling guard in the area, so wait at this corner 
until he shows himself.  

When he's gone, OCP the Exit light when the camera is scanning 
the other way down the hall.  Then move up to right beneath the 
camera.  With the light out, the camera will not see you.  

Now OCP the Camera itself, shoot out the Exit sign, and head to 
the janitor's closet door on the other side of the hall. You 
have about 15 seconds until the camera comes back on, but you 
have plenty of time to pick the lock because now the camera has 
no light to see you by.

 If you forget to account for the guard on patrol and he shows 
up while you are down there looking into the doors, you need to 
go into Wall Mode and slide down the wall away from him. 

If you are discovered, remember to use the left trigger for 
the non- fatal Omega strike to the face to KO this guard. Pick 
his body up, open the janitor's closet door, move inside and 
immediately close the door behind you.    

Put the body  in a corner and shoot out the light to make the 
room totally dark.  

NOTE: Sometimes while Sam is still peeking around the corner 
at the far end this guard actually goes INTO the janitor's 
closet and stands there. If he does, you're going to have to 
be more careful.

Now assuming we get into the janitor's closet and the guard 
isn't there, we will briefly explore an alternative path. 
There is a crawlspace in the wall near the door of the janitor's 
closet.  Put Sam in it and follow it to the exit, which is a 
bathroom where a Medkit can be seen on the wall.  Go over to 
the door and Optic Cable it.  

You are now right across the hall from the Security Station 
Office, and can see the camera that covers this area as it pans 
around.  This is a very well lighted area, and even if you shoot 
out the lights in the bathroom, the camera outside is still 
going to see the bathroom door open if you try to exit this way.  

Still, it's an alternative path, and if you wanted to draw the 
guards out of the Security Station quickly, getting yourself 
spotted here will do the trick.  

Now retrace your steps to the Janitor's closet.  Exit the closet, 
pass by the camera across the hall again, and head for the 
lighted corner to the left. 

 (NOTE: If the patrolling guard IS in the Janitor's room, you 
can either use the Optic Cable on the door or use your Thermal 
Vision to watch him. When he's facing away from you, you have 
to quickly but silently:

1.  Open the door 

2.  Move into the room. 

3.  Close the door. 

4.  Move to the crawlspace to the left and enter it.

To get past him again coming the other way, you once again watch 
him from the crawlspace until he's just turned away from you and 
the door, then exit the crawlspace, open the door stealth, move 
through it and close it behind you.  Now you can move to the 
corner on the left that is well lighted and peek around it.)

Another NOTE: If you don't mind getting a KO, if the guard is 
standing right next to the door inside the closet, this is a 
good place to see what a really good 'Bash Door' can do for you!)

Wait, what's that hand there? What's the question? You want to 
know where door with the Exit sign over it goes?

Sigh.  OK, it opens into a living room like area. At the far 
end there is a door leading outside to the area where the 
ladder is that Sam climbed up to get onto the roof. Also, that 
pesky first camera is out there to.  If you exit through that 
door,  you will not be able to open it again from the outside, 
and you will end up crouching like a dork in full blooming 
color in this well lighted area as the camera sees you and 
raises an alarm and all the courtyard guards come running. 

Now you know. Put your hand down.  

Peek around the well lighted left hand corner.....like I said.  
That nearest door on the righthand side is the Treasurer's 
office where we need to go.  But note the open area to the 
left.  Slide down in wall mode and peek. It's another Security 
Station, though not the main one, but this one does have 3 
guards of it's own.  

See the door next to the Security Station with the red lock it? 
That's the Vault Door where Sam needs to go.  But we have to 
push the three access panels first before it will open up.  At 
least we know now where it is.  

Use the scanner to hack the Security Booth's computer - Stand 
Sam up and off the to the side so the guard walking around in 
the booth can't see him. Equip the binoculars and scan the 
lefthand side of the room through the small window until you 
see the computer hack option come up. Most of these screens are 
just cameras, so all you will get is the OCP option; find the 
one that has the hack option as well and hack it. Upload the 
first of the eight fake e-mails that Sam needs to get into the 
bank computers to make investigators think the coming robbery 
was an inside job.

Then quietly sneak over and hack the keypad to the Treasurer's 
Office. Close the door behind you upon entering.  Now crouch 
just inside the door and scan up and around looking for cameras 
and other security measures.  There are none here, but that 
won't always be the case in in this building, so you need to get 
in the habit of looking first.  

(Note: If you managed to grab the guard at the Janitor's closet 
and interrogate him, he may give you the code. Also, if you 
draw the guards out of the Security Station and KO them, you 
can get the code off the computers. 

(Another note: DO NOT SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS in this brightly 
lit hallway. 
If you do, the guards will come quickly to investigate.  OCP 
the nearest light if you have to, but don't go for the one on 
the far end; they will see that one go out and come to look)     

(Yet Another Note: My friend Miles Blackhawk got in a 
confrontation with 
]the guards in the booth his first time through. He ended up 
throwing a grenade that took out the guards, but it also fried 
the door lock to the treasurer's office.  Oh no!  Now he can't 
get in through the doorto use the access panel!  Not to worry 
though - it just so happens there is another way into the 
Treasurer's Office.  Down the hall from the Security Booth is a 
double door leading outside into a small courtyard.  Right 
outside that door, to the right and low down on the wall where 
it'snice and dark so most people will never see it unless they 
stand right next to it, is a crawlspace.  It leads right into 
the Treasurer's office. Aren't you glad you have me around to 
find this stuff for you?)

(Alternative Route Alert: Turns out there is yet another hidden 
crawlspace in this area: from where the crawlspace is outside
leading into the Treasurer's office, turn and find the pipe 
standing against the bank wall on the opposite side.  Climb Sam 
up the pipe and move him over to the left where he can drop down 
on the balcony.

The crawlspace is at chest level in the wall.  Follow it and you
will exit and then have to enter another crawlspace.  At the end
of this one, you will find yourself over the glass booth that 
contains the Main Security Station.  The Fan is still going, 
however, so if you try to jump down you'll just die.  You have 
to go turn the fan off if you want to jump down from here. I'll 
tell you how.

From where he crouches above the room, Sam can find the Main 
Security computer and EEV it. Hack it, upload the third fake 
Email, and then turn the fan off. Stealth drop into the room 
and move to the accesspanel and press it.It's on the wall to 
the left next to the door.

There is also an unmanned computer on the far side of the room 
with a yellow and black screen.  EEV it and Sam can delete the 
camera recordings and also deactivate all the security cameras 
in the building.

Stealth open the door, move through it.Then stealth close the 
door and go into Wall Mode against the wallwhere it's dark  
For what to do from here, drop down and find the area about the 
President's Office.) 

If you are still outside the Treasurer's office, and didn't take 
the alternate route, go into the office, press the access panel 
on the wall to the left and then hack the Security Access on 
the Treasurer's computer and upload the second fake e-mail. 
Also search the cabinet next to the desk.

Lambert will come on the comm and talk about his worst fears 
being realized:Ibrahim Zerkhazi, one of the developers on the 
same team with Morgenholt who was dealing with the Masse 
Kernels, is mentioned. And Lambert has information that Zerkhazi 
recently lost his mind.

Now we need to go upstairs where the Bank President's office and 
the Main Security Office are. Though now, you know about the 
alternate route outside, going up the pole and into the 
crawlspace, so you can bypass the next 4 or 5 paragraphes about 
the guards and the lasers and whatnot.  Note that you will 
still have to backtrack and put the fake e- mail on the security 
station booth downstairs if you want to complete that secondary 

Retrace your steps in the dark to the door with the retinal 
scanner, pass the guard sleeping on the bench, and go to the 
well lighted doorway on the other end.  

While we're on our way there, let's take a detour and  get the 
fake e- mail on the computer at the reception area. To do this, 
go to the front door area, beyond the lobby where Sam lowered 
himself by the rope; peek around the corner and find the guard 
sitting in front of the computer monitor, and angle yourself 
so you can see the computer at the feet of the guard sitting 
behind the desk and scan it with the binoculars. NOT THE 
COMPUTER MONITOR; scan the computer itself at the floor next 
to the guard's legs.  

Sam will be able to hack the computer from where he is, access 
some info about medkits and cameras, door codes to both 
Security stations, and also upload the fake e-mail. You have to 
use the scanner for this because this guard will never leave his 
station long enough for Sam to manually hack it.  I shot out 
lights, and I never had the 30-40 seconds where he wasn't in a 
position to see the computer.  I also discovered that when you 
get this guard moving around he goes to the two big glass doors 
and closes them, trapping Sam in this area. The only way out now 
would be the front door.  Yep, the well lighted front door with 
all the guards patrolling outside in front of it.  That front 

Once you've hacked the computer, head back to the lighted door 
at the other end of the lobby)

There's a Security Station off to the left, and that pesky 
camera is right over the door.  You cannot OCP the lights in 
this area through the glass, so you will have to open the door, 
OCP the near light,and  make your way to the door on the other 
side that does NOT have a camera over it.  

Remember, there are THREE doors here; the Main Security Office 
door to the left, the Bathroom Door to the right, and the door 
to the second floor is straight ahead.  You want the door to 
the second floor.  

When the light goes out, go straight to that door, but don't go 
too fast or you'll be heard.  Open the door, and close the door 
and you will see a long window on the left running for half of 
the Security station's length.  You will see one guard pacing 
around and another guard sitting and looking at a computer.

Have Sam in a crouch.  Don't switch the lights off in the hall 
since that just alerts the guards and makes them come running.  
Instead, wait until the pacing guard is moving away towards the 
far end of the room to the left and then move Sam back against 
the wall and slide him left as far as possible.  From here, 
Sam can still see into the Security station but the pacing guard 
won't see Sam as he moves around. 

Now bring up the EEV and scan the computer just to the left and 
above of the seated guard's head.  Hack into it and load the 
fake e-mail. That's half the computers done.  

Staying out of sight, move Sam down the hall until he comes to 
the doorway on the left.    

Once you are at the glass doors with the stairs visible beyond, 
go through them and up the stairs and on the landing between 
stairs immediately move to the far left against the dark wall 
and go into Wall Mode. There is a guard on the second floor 
looking through a doorway in this direction.  He may see 
something and come to investigate.  Stay against the wall 
and he shouldn't find you.  

When the guard has gone out of sight around the corner and down 
the hall to the right on the other side of the room, find the 
computer in the secretary's desk to the right and use the EEV 
to hack it and plant the fifth fake e-mail.  

After some time, the guard will return, and you want to shadow 
him. Close, but not too close.  You see, there are lasers active 
up here, but because this guard is wearing a beacon, the lasers 
shut off when he passes by.  Follow him too closely and he'll 
turn and detect you. Follow him too far away and the lasers will 
come back on and detect you and an alarm will sound. And the the 
guard will turn and find you.  

You need to shadow him all the way across this room and then 
once you pass the last laser, go to the left against the far 
wall in Wall Mode and the guard will continue down a dark, 
narrow hallway and then have a conversation with another guard 
in the next room.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to be in Wall Mode just beyond the 
little hallway where this guard is talking to the other guard.  
You need to give him enough room to continue his patrol and 
turn right without coming too close.  If you put Sam in the 
hallway itself on the left or right, it doesn't matter, the 
hallway is too narrow and the guard will detect Sam and 
immediately fire on him.  

After the conversation, the first guard will resume his patrol, 
passing close to Sam and turning to the right and walking 
through the lasers to the door that leads down to the first 
floor, and then back to where this next room is.  While he's 
headed the other way, take a quick peek at the next room where 
this second guard is.  

This will be a little tougher.  There's a open glass door, and 
a light iluminating the whole area on the wall to the right, 
and more lasers crossing the room.  

We have to do something about the light, get through the door,
and follow this next guard until we pass all the lasers, and we 
have to time it right so the first guard guard doesn't detect 
Sam while he's doing this.  

You will have to time this exactly right, and it may take 
several attempts. You have to wait until the patrolling guard 
in this room has just turned right and passed by Sam, and then 
take Sam out of wall mode, move to the open doorway at the end 
of the hall, see where the other guard is on his route and make 

If the guard in the other room is coming back and facing the 
door, ABORT. Turn, get up against the wall and go back to your 
previous hiding spot BEFORE the first guard turns that corner 
and starts down this hallway again.  If you mess up the timing 
you will run right into him and have to take him out and then 
the other guard as well.  

Now you have to wait until the first guard goes down the 
hallway, turns, comes back and passes by again, before going 
back down the hallway and peeking through the door again.

If the second guard in the other room is facing away from the 
door, SHOOT THE LIGHT OUT  on the wall and immediately retreat 
to your hiding spot.  

The guards talk about the light and search around a bit, then 
go back to their normal patrols.  Once the first guard is past, 
move to the glass door, open it because they closed it, then go 
through it and close it behind you.  Then wait in the area to 
the right or left of the door in front of the lasers for the 
other guard to return to unwittingly guide you past them.  He'll 
come and stand for a few moments in front of the glass door, 
then turn and head for the other side of the room.  Stay right 
next to him, three or four feet to his left or right, and 
parallell him until you are past all the lasers and then go into 
Wall Mode. There is a kitchen area on the right hand side of 
this half of the room, so head there.  

When this guard turns to go back to the door, go down the 
lighted hallway and turn right and you will see a study with a 
lamp on and behind some curtains is the Main Security Office 
encased in a glass booth.  

There are two things you need to do at this Main security 
office.  You need to press the access panel to the vault room, 
which means you actually have to get inside this booth; and you 
have to upload the fake e-mail onto their computer.  

It's not as intimidating as it looks. You see, only ONE SIDE of 
this glass booth can really be clearly seen through. The other 3 
sides are opaque.  The side you are facing now, as you crouch 
in the dark just outside the study area is the only side the 
guards can see clearly through.  

Uploading the fake e-mail is easy; once again all you have to 
do is use the EEV to hack one of the computers from OUTSIDE THE 
GLASS BOOTH and then upload it.  Just slowly and carefully move 
up the right side of the booth where it's close to the wall and 
dark and use your EEV scanner until you hit a computer that has 
the hack symbol available.  It may take awhile since there are 
a bunch of security monitors in that booth that will return only 
a OCP symbol, but keep looking, it's there.  

Now that you've uploaded the sixth fake e-mail, you have two 
more to go.  

Now we have three ways to get into the glass booth. We can use 
the code for the door if we have it, or hack the door, or make 
a disturbance that will cause one of the guards to open the 
door himself and leave it open for us.  

If you've been hacking all available computers so far, and 
reading all the e-mails, you should already have the door code.  
If not, hack the door lock.  Then, use "Open Door Stealth" and 
slowly, carefully move into the room and to the left, where the 
panel access to the vault door is located and use it.  Both 
guards should remain intent on the monitors they are looking 
at it. Then ease out of the room and close the door behind you.  

You can also get access to the booth by OCPing the light in the 
study. One of the guards will get up and exit the booth and come 
to investigate the light, then start patrolling the area instead 
of going back into the booth.  

Oh, look - he left the door open behind him! How convienient!  
Simply wait until this patrolling guard is out of sight, and 
move up to the door and go through it and access the panel and 
then then leave, only this time don't close the door.  The guard 
knows he left it open and will sound an alarm if he comes back 
and sees it closed.

We have now accessed two of the required Access Panels needed to 
open the door to the Vault Room.  The third and last one is 
close by in the Bank President's office.  

The Bank President's office is just beyond the Main Security 
Office to the right past a hallway light.  Or rather, the door 
leading to his secretary's office is there.   

If you OCP the hallway light, the guards in the booth pay no 
attention. Shoot it out and they will come looking for you.  
Sometimes I didn't even bother to OCP the light; I just snuck 
around the corner to the right around the glass booth and 
hacked the keypad and went in.

When you enter the Secretary's office, stop in the doorway, and 
look up. What a nice spot for a security camera! OCP it, then 
switch the lights off.  The door to the President's office is 
on the other side of the room.  Don't bother booting the 
secretary's computer; there's nothing on it.  

(Note: If you EEV'd one of the computers in the Main Security 
Office, then you knew there's a 'Secretary's Office' camera and 
got to look at the view from it before you entered here.)

When you enter the President's office, stay away from the 
balcony railing on the righthand wall; there's a guard down 
there in the courtyard on patrol who will see you if you pass 
in front of it while he's looking that way.  

The second access panel to the vault is on the righthand side 
wall on the far side of the room.  Go over and push it. Then 
hack the computer and plant the seventh fake e-mail message.  

For fun, go to the large picture near the door on the lefthand 
side and slide it open and hack the keypad of the wall safe 
that is revealed. Inside is a solid gold bar that Sam can pick 
up, though he can't carry it far.  Just another touch to make 
it look like a robbery, I guess.   

You now have two alternative paths you can take to the Vault 
Door.  You can retrace your steps and shadow the guards through 
all the lasers if you feel bold and adventerous.  Or KO one of 
them and carry his body through the lasers, that works too. Go 
back down the stairs, past the unseeing camera, through the 
retinal scanner door, down the hall past the other camera, 
then turn the corner, past the Treasurer's office, and there 
you are.  

Or we could go out the balcony over there in the President's 
Office and save time and trouble.  

To go out the balcony, first you need to peek outside and find 
the patrolling guard down there in the courtyard. When he's 
facing the other way, have Sam vault the balcony rail and grab 
the lip of the balcony. Move him to the right-hand edge, the 
hit the red 'B' button and Sam will drop and catch hold of a 
ledge a couple feet down.  Move him to the right where it's 
nice and dark and then drop him down the rest of the way.  

Sneak past this patrolling guard by staying in the shadows to 
the right. The door to get back into the bank is on the far 
side of this courtyard on the right up some steps.  It has a 
keypad you will need to hack.  

That is, if you decide you don't want to use the conveniently 
placed crawlspace to the left of the door low close to the 
ground.  It's up to you! 

Option One: The Hard Way: Through the Door

You need to hack the keypad to the bank's back door, but first 
shoot out the two lights on either side of the door when the 
guard is not around to see.  

While you are hacking the keypad, you are going to be framed in 
the doorway by the inside light hanging from the ceiling, so you 
don't have time to waste.  As soon as the guard rounds the 
corner on his patrol, get over there and hack it fast and get 
in and close the door behind you and move to the wall.  Slide 
along the wall until your light meter goes black and then 
freeze and find the guards from the Security Office here. 

There is always at least one, sometimes all three, moving 
around outside the office.  If they start to come toward you, 
slide down the wall away from them while staying in the dark.  
If you have to, once you have gone past them, leave Wall Mode 
and move into the dark area in front of the Vault Door and go 
back into Wall Mode there.  

Option Two: The Easy Way: Through the Crawlspace

Look at that - you're back in the Treasurer's Office.  Optic 
Cable the door to make sure there are no pesky guards moving 
around outside. When and if the coast is clear, make your way 
to the Vault Room Door, being sure to stay in a crouch as you 
pass the Security Station's window.  

See the Vault Door light? It's green now. That means we can go 

After a while, any guards moving around outside will go back 
into the office.  Now you can go into the Vault. 

One through the door, turn left and go into the safe deposit 
box room. "The Turtle's" friend has something here for you that 
is going to help you hack the Vault open.  

First use the computer on the right hand side of the room in 
the alcove to meet an objective.  Then find the safe deposit 
box on the right hand side of the room.  "Open Box" will pop 
up when you are in front of the right one. Sam will pick up 
the charges for the vault and a telemetric lock pick.  Proceed 
down to the Vault itself.  

Since this vault is wired to only open when two simultaneous 
combinations are entered on opposite locks, Sam needs to use 
the telemetric lock pick he's been provided with to fool the 
Vault into thinking there is a second person on the other side 
of the room entering the code along with Sam.  

Approch one of the locks in the white squares on the wall to 
either side of the Vault and the "Place Telemetric LockPick" 
window will come up. Then go to the other lock on the far side 
of the room and the "Pick Lock" window will come up.

Select it.  Here is the key to making this work: Wait until 
the Telemetric lock pick light turns GREEN before going on to 
the next tumbler.  The telemetric lock pick lights will flash, 
and one will be red. Do not move on to the next tumbler until 
the light has stopped flashing and the red light has turned 

Once the locks are picked, move Sam to the Vault door and 
place the charges and then RETREAT UP THE PASSAGEWAY for about 
15 feet.  The 'Detonate Charge' window will come up. Hit it 
and the Vault door will open.  

Your real objective in this vault is the hard drives so Third 
Echelon can determine who Mcas Bank purchased the arms for, 
like Lambert says, but don't forget to also fake the robbery 
by stealing the money.  

OCP the camera in the white dome above the compter at the far 
end of the vault, then hack the computer and load the eigth 
and final fake e- mail, access the customer database, and open 
the door to the half a million bucks Sam is supposed to take 
with him.  Turn the vault lights out also.  

Once your done with the computer, shut it off, or it will send 
out enough light for the camera to see you.  OCP the camera 
again just to be absolutely safe before you move out from under 

The money is in a compartment on the right hand side of the 
glass partition in the center of the room.  Once he has the 
money Sam makes a joke to Lambert about a raise. 

Stop well before the vault entrance and turn the Infrared on. 
The Vault security system has put a laser beam over the door.  
OCP it and continue on. If you set that laser off, you will 
have to fight your way past the guards at the Security station 
outside the Vault Door.  

Once Sam is up the stairs, he's told Redding is waiting to 
extract him beyond the front courtyard.  Take Sam back to the 
Lobby, into the cashier's area, OCP the laser inside the door, 
climb back up the rope, find the ladder, and go down it, OCP 
the camera and the lights along the wall as you make your way 
to the front of the building.  Stay in the darkness and when 
Sam is near the spot where the level began, the Extract Over 
Wall window will pop up.

This is, of course, only one of the routes Sam can take to his 
extraction. There's also a zip line running from the front of 
the bank to the wall on the far side of the courtyard.  It's 
easy to use. Just wait until no guards are near, OCP the light 
at the base of the pole to which the zip line is attached, run 
over and climb the pole, and slide all the way down the zip 
line to the wall.  From there move to the other side of the 
gate against the wall, and the 'Extract Over Wall' window will 
pop up.  

Once again, Sam has turned in the perfect mission: a 100% 
success rating!  Damn, this guy is good!  

Level 4: Penthouse

Zerkehzhi is out there somewhere in New York's Garment District, 
in a Penthouse.  Sam needs to find him, see if he knows anything 
about the Masse Kernels, and if so, who else knows.  

Because of the blackout, the butchers, bakers and candlestick 
makers ofAmerica's citizen volunteer National Guard has been 
called to patrol the streets to prevent looting.  

As the level opens, Sam is crouching behind and to the left of 
a dumpsteras Lambert comes on the comm and informs Sam that the 
National Guard do not know about him, and will fire on him if he 
is detected. Oh, and Sam isn't to kill any of these guys; 
they're on our side.  

Makes sense the Guard fellows would shoot at Sam if they see 
him.  There's been a big terrorist attack, the whole Eastern 
Seaboard is dark, and here you are, a bookkeeper by trade, 
patroling this very dark alley and .....all of a sudden you 
find a guy dressed all in black, wearing NV goggles and armed 
with very,very sophisticated weaponry.  

You're not gonna go, "Oh cool...a ninja! A real live ninja!"  
You very likely also wouldn't think "Wow, this guy must be a US 
Special Forces dude! Hi! What outfit you with?"

You'd mostly likely go, "HOLY $__T, A TERRORIST SNEAKING AROUND 

While you can't kill them, you can KO them, but that will drop 
your mission rating every time you KO someone.  

Now if you want the nifty 100% rating at the end of the mission, 
you have to stealth your way past all these Guardsmen doing a 
thankless job.  

From where the level starts, Sam needs to wait until the 
patroling Guardsman turns and heads back down the alley towards 
the seachlight.  Then sneak Sam over to the ladder descending 
down from the fire escape of the building on the righthand side. 
Go all the way up the fire escape, climb on top of some boxes 
and from there jump Sam up so he hangs from his fingers from a 
ledge.  Now move him left around the corner of the building.  
He will pass right over an unsuspecting Guardsman standing below.

Once around the corner of the building, Sam will encounter a 
pipe leading down.  Take Sam down the pipe and once he's on the 
ground, move him away from the Guardsman standing just feet 
away in the light.  Move to the little dark alcove opposite this 
stationary Guardsman and scan the opening into this area beyond.  

There is a large white truck in the open space to the left, and 
in the dark there is a Guardsman lounging against the side of 
it.  Past the truck in the far corner of this lot you can see 
a searchlight and another Guardsman on patrol.  This guy will 
come into the next room and shine a flashlight around every 
minute or so.  

What do we have so far? Two patrolling guards and two stationary 
guards and two searchlights.  

We need to get across this area into the doorway on the far 
side of this room, but note that the first searchlight you 
passed is throwing it's beams onto the floor of the area  you 
need to cross.  And the guard leaning against the truck is 
looking RIGHT AT this area.  To stealth your way through, you 
need to get this guy to move.  

When the patrolling guy with the flashlight is out of sight, 
move up into this room and LET THE BEAM OF LIGHT FROM THE 
SEARCHLIGHT MOMENTARILY SEE YOU.  Just your foot or a hand.  
The guard standing against the truck will let out a statement 
of surprise and come to investigate.  When he does, retreat 
SILENTLY to the pipe you just came down and climb back up it 
again.  Several times this guard has lighted a flare and 
scanned the  area around the pipe with it, sometimes joined by 
the guard standing in the alleyway, sometimes not.  

When things have calmed down, climb down the pipe again and 
peek around.

The guard who was against the truck is no longer there; how 
he's usually lounging against the wall next to the door we 
need to go through.  As luck would have it, he's no longer 
gazing at the lighted area on the floor against the wall next 
to him; now he's looking across the room at the area where the 
pipe is.  

Watching for the patrolling guard and waiting until he's come 
in to the room, shined his little flashlight around and 
departed, move into the room and stay against the wall to the 
right and slide on down to whereyou are just to the right of 
the doorway.  Mr. Daydreaming over there will not see you.  

When the patrolling guard shows up again, when he turns to 
go back through the doorway, follow him out of the room and 
up the stairs  on the right. There is an open, lighted doorway.

Timing is crucial on this.  You need to stay about 3 or 4 feet 
behind him until he's up  the stairs. He will pass the doorway 
and go on down the landing and stand there for a about 4 seconds, 
shining his flashlight around. Then he will turn and come back 
the way he came.

By the time he turns around you need to have moved Sam into 
the open doorway and around the corner, out of sight.  

(NOTE: sometimes this patrolling guard does not go up the stairs 
and down the landing to the left before turning around and 
retracing his steps. Several times he kept going straight 
through the doorway and then turned left to walk by the second 
searchlight.  UbiSoft did not lie on the back cover of this 
game: the patrol routes these guys follow will vary over time.)

Once you are in the building, don't close the open door behind 
you; that will just lead the guy you just avoided to wonder why 
the door is shut now and make him investigate.  

Around the corner, take Sam into wall mode and slide down until 
you see the dark area and then peek around the corner there. 
You will see a National Guardsman tinkering with the building's 
elevator as Lambert comes on the comm to tell Sam that's the 
fasted way onto the roof.  Zerkhazi's in the next building over, 
and the roof is the only access, so if you mess this up you're 
truly screwed.  

Wait and watch until the Guardsman fixes the elevator. He will 
then begin walking around, passing right by Sam and then 
turning to go down a narrow hallway with his back to Sam.

After he passes by, take Sam out of Wall Mode and move him 
silently to the elevator and press the button to open it up and 
go in. Use the left thumbstick on your controller to select the 
'Up' button and the elevator will begin to move.

When the elevator stops, move out of it, turn right and stay 
in the dark and move against the wall past some shelves all the 
way to the back, where there is a recessed area piled with 
garbage. There is a patrolling guard in this room, but he's 
easy to avoid.  

He does a circular pattern, passing from the foot of the 
stairwell leading to the roof, down the front of the shelves, 
past the elevator, down the dark area you just passed Sam 
through, then back to the foot of the stairwell.  

Simply wait until he's on the far side of the room in front of  
the shelves headed towards the elevator with his back to you, 
and move Sam to the stairwell and go up it and through the door 
at the top.  

Congratulations! Sam is now on the roof. Now all you have to 
do is cross this lighted roofway and use the ladder on the far 
side of the other roof just under that huge, blinking red 
Chinese sign while avoiding the 4 people that are up here.  

It's not as hard as it looks. From the doorway, aim across 
the roof to the far side at the red Chinese sign and OCP it.  
Then, as soon as the green light goes out, OCP the white 
searchlight to the left of it as well.  Then, before the red 
Chinese sign blinks back on, shoot it with the pistol.

I've found if you shoot out the red Chinese sign before 
OCPing it the guards go to a higher state of alert and start 
actively looking for you.  If you OCP it first, they turn and 
go over to the sign and the searchlight instead of searching 
for intruders. 

There is a small min-bridge between the two roofs that one of 
the Guardsmen is using to move back and forth between them.  
There are two lights against the wall on the roof you are on 
that is lighting up that min-bridge.  Shoot them out one at a 
time and each time retreat to the doorway you came through and 
crouch in wall mode there.  The guardsman will come and flash 
his light around, but shouldn't find you.  

When both lights are out, peek around the corner, wait until 
the patrolling guardsman has come onto this roof, flashed his 
light around, and then turned to head back towards the 
min-bridge, and follow him.

Stay about 4 or 5 feet back, and once you cross the mini-bridge 
behind him, head for the dark area where the now-dead red 
Chinese sign is and go up the ladder there.  You will find 
yourself on a ledge with a zipline at the far end that will 
allow you to slide down onto the roof opposite.  As Sam lets 
go of the zipline to grab a pole he can slide down to the 
ledge below, Lambert comes on the comm to say that Sam has now 
arrived at Zerkhezi's building.  

Gee, all this fun just to get here.

Anyway, now that we've arrived, Lambert says he'll have 
Grimmsdotter try to dig up any structural plans for the 
building she can find, but he can't promise anything in this 

Take Sam down the pole and then move right. At the end of the 
ledge, we see the end of a balcony.  Go into Wall Mode and peek 
around the corner. There is a guy with a gun patrolling this 

Wait until this guard is at the far end of the balcony with 
his back to  you and then jump Sam up onto the railing and over 

Hide behind the nearest big freezer and wait for him to come 

As you do, Lambert comes on the comm to say that guy is a hired 
gun if he's ever seen one. Sam comments that this guy has the 
same kit (i.e., military clothes, weapons) as the two 
mercenaries that there protecting Hugo Lacerda on the Cargo 
Ship level.  Lambert directs Sam to find out who this guy works 

When the merc passes by, grab him from behind and interrogate 
him. He'll cough up a name.  

Displace International? That's Douglas Shetland's comapny!  
Lambert says if Shetland turns out to be dirty...and Sam 
finishes the thought by saying if that's the case he'll take 
Shetland down himself, but so far he thinks there must be more 
to this story.

Lambert now directs Sam to see if he can find out the name of 
the person in charge of this Displace security operation.  

Halfway down this balcony is a doorway on the left, through 
which you can see a merc with his back to the door while he 
tinkers with an elevator.  There is another patrolling guard 
who will come into view in a few seconds.  The fastest way to 
stealth your way through this part of the level is to head 
directly to the clear plastic laminate over the doorway on the 
right side of the room and cut it, then go into the crawlspace 
up near the ceiling.  

You have to do this before that merc at the elevator turns 
around, and before that patrolling guard comes into view.  

(NOTE: if you mess up and get spotted by these guys moving 
into this room, the guy working on the elevator will not fix 
it and will instead turn around and face the room and stand 
there like a dumbass doing absolutely nothing.  It's now almost 
impossible to sneak by him.)

Alternative route: If you want to, go into the room and hide 
behind the file cabinets in the dark area to the left. The 
guards will talk, and then one will fix the elevator, giving 
you another route into the penthouse if you want to take it.
 After he fixes the elevator, he goes and leans against the 
wall on the right hand side.  Staying the dark, wait until 
the patrolling guard has left, then OCP the light over the 
elevator.  The guard makes a surprised sound, but most of the 
time doesn't move, deciding the light is just malfunctioning.  
Move past him staying in the dark and get to the elevator. The 
'Enter Crawlspace' window will pop up. Enter the elevator 
before the light comes back on and before the patrolling guard 
gets back.  

Once in the elevator, look up and find the open trap door. 
Jump Sam up and pull him up through the trap door into the 
elevator's roof.  He will be in a red-lighted room with a 
open door in front of him.

But beware! As Lambert warns on the comm, there are infrared 
cameras in Zerkhezi's suite. Sam states he can see them in 
his nightvision, so turn on the nightvision.  

Well what do you know.   

There is an infrared camera just around the corner.  Take out 
the pistol, lean slowly around the corner and OCP the camera. 
Then slowly and quietly move into the area below the camera 
where it can't see you once it starts operating again.  

Lambert wants you to tap all the cameras so that NSA can spy 
on Zerkhezi, so when Sam is underneath the camera the 'Tap 
Camera' window will pop up.  Tap the camera.  

Looking through the doorway you see a set of stairs winding 
up to the second floor.  To get to those stairs and get up them, 
however, we have to be careful because there are about 5 guards 
downstairs and two of them are quite close by.  One is leaning 
on the opposite side of the column you see next to the stairs 
in the dark.  If you don't have your nightvision on, you might 
miss him.  The other is patrolling the hallway leading to this 
living room area.   (Check out the big screen TV - doesn't that 
program it's showing look......uhmmm... FAMILIAR?)

You need to wait until the patrolling guard has left, move Sam 
slowly past the loitering guard next to the stairs while staying 
in the dark, go halfway up the stairs, then OCP the light in 
the ceiling above and  move onto the second floor.  

If you don't OCP the light in the ceiling, the guard leaning 
against the column is going to see you as you move to the top 
of the stairs.  

Once you are there, you go down a small hallway that leads 
into a bedroom, with computers on the far side, a bathroom 
to the left, and another infrared camera just ahead.  OCP the 
camera, tap it, and then move into what looks like closet on 
the left. It has a door back there that leads into a recently 
built 'safe room' that Zerkhezi has added.  

In this room is a computer. Use it, and Grimsdotter informs 
Sam that Dvorak is in the building next door.  Sam will have 
to go through some magnetically locked doors to get to him, 
but Grim has unlocked the doors for him.

(Note: if you take the alternative route, deciding not to take 
the elevator but instead sneaking your way through the first 
level like I did the first time through, you will arrive at the 
magnetically locked doors and be told you have to find this 
safe room to unlock the doors.  I just saved you about 30 
minutes worth of time. You're welcome!)  

There's one more thing we need to do on this level if we want 
the 100% success rating, and it's tricky. There's a greenhouse 
on the other end of a hallway on the far side of this room with 
an infrared camera that we need to tap.  There are two guards 
there, however.  You need to Optic Camera the door, watch the 
guards talk, and then retreat to a nice, safe dark spot in the 
bedroom because one of the guards is going to come through the 
door after a few moments. 

He will go stand in front of a window in the small room just 
outside the greenhouse hallway.  I like to shoot out the lights 
in the corner before I optic cable the door, so he's standing 
in the dark.  

Sneak by this guy, and the other guard still in the greenhouse 
has his back to the door.  Stealth open the door and tap the 
camera right next to the doorway, then retreat, closing the door 
behind you.

Sneak past the window gazing guard, OCP the camera in the 
bedroom again, and then head for the top of the stairs.  OCP 
the ceiling light, head down the stairs, and pause at the bottom, 
waiting for the guards to go back to normal before sneaking your 
way past them.  

We need to get Sam down a narrow hallway into the kitchen area, 
where the door is that leads outside.

OCP the hallway light and sneak past this patrolling guard into 
the kitchen area.  Wait until he's turned and gone back into 
the living room area, and then exit the room.

There are two possible exits: the glass door and a crawlspace.  
The crawlspace works best because it's more concealed and no 
one could see your outline like they would if they happened 
to look at the door while you were passing through it.  

The crawlspace is beyond the kitchen table near the corner in 
the wall, low down to the ground. 

Send Sam through it, and he will emerge in a dark corner in a 
balcony area being patrolled by another guard and swept by an 
infrared camera.  You have to remember to keep an eye out for 
both guards as you attempt to tap this camera.  Situate yourself 
near the glass door, where you light meter still stays all the 
way to the left so you're not visible, and watch for the first 
guard to come into the kitchen.  Once he's shown up, stood 
there, and then turned and started to leave, turn and find the 
balcony guard.  When both are in the part of their patrols 
that either has them out of sight or with their backs to you, 
move slowly to the camera, staying against the wall so as to 
stay out of the infrared beam.  

I know, I know, it looks like your out in the open.  But watch 
the light meter. When you are directly beneath the camera it 
should stay all the way left.  You're invisible, and the guards 
can't see you.  Tap the camera, pivot in place, watch the 
guards, and when they're facing away, move to the other glass 
door on the far side.  Go through it, but be careful - the 
guard outside on the balcony CAN see through the window, and 
there is another guard sitting on a bed around the corner 
listening to music and tappin' his foot with the rythym.  If 
you stay slow and move against the wall, he shouldn't see you.  
For added insrance, you can lean and OCP the light in the 
middle of the room. He'll often get up and move around the 
corner to the door, thinking someone used the switch to turn 
the light off.  The door is on the far side of this room, so 
move down the wall and wait in the alcove opposite the door 
until the music lovin' guard has gone back to his spot and 
resumes his toe-tapping.

Open the door quietly and go through, closing it silently 
behind you.  You are now on a stairway in a bare courtyard, 
with another infrared camera below sweeping it's beam over the 
area.  OCP the camera, then move down the stairs underneath it 
and tap it. 

After the camera becomes active again, OCP it again and go back 
up the stairs.  There is a new doorway facing the stairs that 
we haven't been through yet. Go through it and you will be in a 
very small storage room with the magnetically sealed doors on 
the far end.  Only they're not sealed anymore, remember?  

Go through them, and you will be in a small courtyard being 
patrolled by a guard with a flashlight as two more guards cover 
the area with their machine guns from windowns in the adjacent 

Close to the door as you come through it is a pile of boxes 
and garbage bags.  Move to them, staying in a crouch on the 
near side and the patrolling guard and the guards in the windows 
will not see you.  From this position, wait until the guard is 
on the far right end of the courtyard, between the buildings 
and take out the searchlight on the wall to the far left.  When 
the patrolling guard goes to investigate the shot out light and 
is now on the far left, shoot out the smaller light on the far 

The door we need to go through is just below the searchlight.  
Wait until the guard is on the opposite side and go through it.

(Alternative: There is a switch that turns the lights off in the 
group of power boxes in the far left corner of this courtyard.  
To get to the switch without being seen, spot the pole next to 
the door you just came through. Wait until Mr. On Patrol isn't 
close by and then go up the pole and over the zip line; it will 
deposit you onto the top of one of the power boxes.  Silent jump 
down and flip the switch when the interact window pops up.  Now 
the entire courtyard is dark.  Just make your way straight 
across to the door and enter the building, closing it behind 

Pass through this totally dark room and OC the door on the far 

Oh look, there's a guard standing on the other side of this 
door with his back to Sam.  Hmmmmmm. This........SUGGESTS 
something, doesn't it?

Why, of course it does.  It suggests one of the few times in 
the game we can use the handy new BASH DOOR feature.  Use it 
and watch the door send this unfortunate guy flying for an 
instant KO.  

Hide the body in the dark room and close the door behind you.  
In the lighted hallway you now find yourself in, turn left and 
head  to the dark area where you find a door with a lock on it 
that you already have the door code to: 0280.

Go into the room and find Zerkhezi and talk to him.  Uh-oh.  
Seems the guy really is crazy.  And harmless.  And it turns out 
Dvorak is really a computer, not a person. And not just any 
computer, either.  

You need to get the punch cards from 'Dvorak', so find the main 
server terminal against the wall on the far side in the middle 
of all the computer towers.  

Hit the main server startup switch to start up all the computer 
towers.  The key to making this work is to be in front of the 
towers just as the green cylinder in the middle section of the 
tower starts to glow.  As soon as it glows, hit the switch to 
initialize the tower, then look for the next one that has it's 
cylinder starting to glow.  

You have just a second or two to get to the tower and hit the 
'switch object' button, so be quick.  

When you have initialized all the computer towers, the punch 
cards will be found near the main server.  When you have them, 
Lambert will tell you to head to your primary extraction point.

Which just happens to be the same elevator we used to get into 
the penthouse at the beginning.....remember?  

You have two alternative routes to get there from here.  You 
can retrace your steps all the way back to the elevator, 
avoiding all the guards and so on, or you can take this path I 
will now outline.  

Go back to the dark room where you left the still unconscious 
guard.  Sneak out into the small courtyard.  It should still be 
dark. All you have to do is avoid the patrolling guard's 
flashlight.  Go back through the magnetic doors and through the 
next door beyond onto the metal stairway.

OCP the infrared camera below, go down the stairs and get up 
against the wall near the camera.  

There is a door in the wall further down.  Move to it.  Move 
quickly, because this camera will come back on quickly sometimes 
and detect  you.  

OC the door. A bare lighted hallway.  Open the door slowly and 
close it behind you.  Go into the wall mode and slide down the 
wall and peek around the corner to the left.  You'll see a 
computer sitting on a table and just beyond a sleeping guard 
sitting in a chair in the dark.  

There's no reason to use the computer now; all it has are 
structural plans to places Zerkehezi's hide out room and we've 
already been there.  Sneak to the doorway on the far side of 
this room, staying in the dark.

Through the doorway we see a kitchen area lighted by a single 
lightbulb hanging from a wire.  There is a patrolling guard 
moving in and out of this room. He is moving through a hanging 
sheet of plastic, and just beyond that you can see.......the 

Where the other guard that fixed the elevator is still standing 
right in front of it.  

Somehow you have to get past both of these guys and get into 
that elevator.  

First, wait until the patrolling guy has left the kitchen and 
dissappeared around the corner beyond.  Then shoot out the 
lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.  Retreat, and wait for the 
guards to discover the light.  The guy standing in front of the 
elevator should now move to a new location.  Now, the big 
problem is not the two guards, we can avoid them easily enough. 
The problem is the light shining right over the elevator.  

Avoiding the patroller, move up into the dark hallway and find 
the crawlspace up high near the ceiling.  When you are 
underneath it, OCP the light over the elevator and then before 
it comes back on, shoot it out and get Sam into the crawlspace 
before the guards find him.  Pass through the tunnel, and drop 
down on the other side.  

There's another lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.  Beyond it 
is a sheet of plastic.  Shoot out the swinging lightbulb and 
then retreat back into the crawlspace and wait for things to 
calm down. Now you've removed all the lights from the area.  

Once the coast is clear, drop back down, cut the material and 
with your Night Vision find the guards.  Avoiding them, climb 
into the elevator and .............

You've done it! Another mission complete!  


Every Splinter Cell game has levels like this. You can't kill 
anybody because the U.S. Government has contracts with Displace, 
and as Lambert says, the President would have puppies if he knew 
Third Echelon was doing this.  

Your goal is to sneak into the headquarters of Displace 
International and ascertain who hired them.  They were involved 
in contracting the now dearly departed (spit!) Hugo Lacerda to 
kidnap Bruce Morganholt.  

This is a recon/intelligence gathering mission, so the fireworks 
are to be kept to a minimum. Once again: if you kill anyone, 
it's mission over.

The level begins with Sam in an alleyway, getting instructions 
from Lambert.  Third Echelon needs to know if Zerkehezi and 
Displace are working together.  

Move down to the end of the alleyway; you are actually in a 
hidden alcove on the roof of Displace Int'l.'s HQ.  Around the 
corner, across the roof, you can see a patrolling guard and a 
mechanic tinkering with some machinery.  

This roof has lots of dark spots, so avoiding the patrolling 
guard is easy. What's going to be hard is getting to the switch 
inside that fenced area where the mechanic is working.

Oh, why do we have to do that? Well, it just so happens that 
the switch that turns off the ventilating fan in the center 
of the roof is inside that fenced area.  That ventilator shaft 
is our own entryway into the building.  To use it we have to 
turn the ventilator off first.  So now you know!

KO'ing both these guys is the easy way, but we're going for 
the 100% Mission Rating, so KO'ing them is out.  

See the two lights on the ceiling inside the fenced area where 
the mechanic is?  One is over the mechanic's head, where most 
of the machinery is. The other is on the opposite side of the 
area, where the floor and wall are bare. Shoot out the leftmost 
light where the area is bare by OCPing it first, then shooting 
it before it comes back on.  

If the guard and the mechanic start looking around, hide in a 
dark spot.  Once they go back to doing their normal routine, 
sneak Sam across the roof to the fence on the far left side 
where it's good and dark and climb the fence.

Face where the mechanic is tinkering away and move up to the 
wall and slide down it.  The switch is halfway down the wall, 
just where your light meter will start to slide to the right.  
Keep an eye for the patrolling guard and make sure he isn't 
looking this way, then go to the switch and press it.  The 
ventilating fan in the center of the roof will stop rotating.

The one danger doing this is that the mechanic will turn around 
and start toward you while you are exposed.  Watch him for 
awhile; when he has his back to  you, you have about 25 seconds 
to pull this off.  

Once the fan turns off, the patrolling guard will notice and 
go and stand up on top of the fan's casement in the center of 
the roof.  The trapdoor you need to pick is right at his feet.

Climb back over the fence, and wait until the patrolling guard's 
back is to you, and then move Sam to the casement and get up 
on it, staying in the dark.  Let the guard go around again, and 
as he passes to where he cannot see you, pick the lock on the 
trap, and without hesitating, move to the rectangular thing 
sticking up near the trap and the 'Rappell on Wall' interact 
window will come up. Rappell your way down the wall and enter 
the red ventilation shaft at the bottom.  

Follow the shaft until it ends and drop down through the 
opening. You are now in the ceiling section of Displace's main 
breifing room, where several top DI officials are having an 
important discussion.  One is carrying a portable computer, 
and Lambert tells Sam this man very likely has what he needs.  
Sam has to get his hands on the PC.  

Wait until all the officials and their guards have exited the 
room, and then drop into it.  Go to the door and OC and make 
sure everyone is out of sight before you open the door.  

You're in a foyer, with secretaries' desk and to the left and 
right railings suspended over the snack and employee lounges 

Go straight and as you pass into the blue walled area turn left 
and get into the shadows.  At the far end, just below a long 
tubed ceiling light, is the door that the DI official with the 
PC just went through. At this time Grimsdotter comes on the 
Comm and talks to Sam about bugging certain DI computers in 
each Division of the company.  

The first divsion is right behind Sam - the Operations Room.  

There's a guard in the Operations Room moving around and 
checking various computers, but he's easy to avoid.  From a 
distance, scan the right most computer against the wall at the 
back.  Hack it, and Sam will come up with the name......Milan 
Nedich. Hmmmmmm. Seems Nedich was in charge of the late Bruce 
Morganholt's security detail.  And....he was also assigned to 
Zerkhezi.  Grim says it looks like his file has been 'zeroed' 
(i. e., doctored).  

From here, find the compter nearest the entrace in the center 
of the aisle. This is the main server for the Operations Room.  
Hack it and upload the first tracer, which will make 
Grimmsdottir very happy.  

Now, to scan the PC carried by the DI executive.  

It's not hard at all.  First, move to the door the executive 
went through. It's a dull, glossy door that..........HOLY 
COW!!!......suddenly becomes clear and you can see through 
it....and find the balding DI executive looking right at you!  
Retreat to the dark area and hide.  The executive and a guard 
will soon throw open the door and come out and look around.  
Then they will turn and go back through the door....and the 
executive will thoughtfully leave his PC sitting on the floor 
easily visible through the now see-through glass door.  Hack 
it with the EEV, and get the main server algorithm and also 
the door codes for access to the the R&D area.  

Use the door code you got on the door in front of you peek 
around the corner ahead. You'll see a camera mounted over the 
glass elevators and a guard manning a security booth at the far 
end in front of two doors. 

The door on the left leads to the DI Gym (hey, merc's gotta 
stay in shape,  ya know) and the one of the right leads to the 
DI Research & Development Area, which is where Sam needs to go 
to find a way into the Main Server room.  

We need to get into both rooms to get the Mission 100% rating, 
since the Gym contains one of the computer servers Grim wants 
Sam to upload a tracer into.

Problems:  1 camera, one guard.  

Wait a minute. Is that a hand I see? All right, WHAT? You want 
to know what's down the stairs over there?  Well WHY DON'T 

Satisfied? It's a dead end.  You got a patrolling guard down 
there, and another camera over the elevator, and a door, which, 
if you manage to hack through it and get inside without being 
discovered leads........NOWHERE!  That's right, pilgrim, 
Lambert will come on the Comm and tell you it's a dead end, and 
that you really need to try to get to the main server room 
through the R&D unit......which I was in the process of 
explaining to you when you interrupted me.  


Sigh. Fine.  Save the game, save your 100% success rating thus 
far, and when the guard is near the camera passing by, OCP the 
camera over the elevator and move into the dark lounge area 
just in front of the security barriers.  Notice they open and 
close for this guard.  He's wearing a transponder that lets 
him do that.  You are NOT wearing a transponder.  The barriers 
will NOT let you do that.  So, climb over the glass wall and 
drop to the other side.  Use the computer. Find nothing of any 
real value.  Scout around the silver elevators against the wall 
when the guard has his back to you on the other side of the 
glass elevators.  Find nothing.  Scout around to your heart's 
content all over the area and find nothing.  

When you're done finding nothing, sneak back the way you came, 
avoiding the guard and go back up the stairs and to the corner.  

Anyway...getting back to what I was saying.....what you need 
to do is get this guard in front of the Gym and the R&D Room to 
get up off his fat ass and  start patrolling.  It's what they 
pay him for, after all.

How do you do that? Easy.  OCP the camera above the elevator.  
Turns out Mr. Fat Ass over there is watching the camera's 
monitor on that flat computer screen in front of him.  When 
the picture goes out, he's going to get up and come walking 
this way, looking at the camera, and then continue towards the 
corner and go around it, to the glass door leading outside into 
the foyer.  

In other words, HIDE, because this guy is about to come around 
that corner and shine a flashlight around.  

There are several options you can take when it comes to hiding 
here.  You can go back down the stairs and wait and come back 
up; you can go through the glass door and hide outside where he 
can't see you.....

Or you can do the trickiest one that allows you the most time 
to observe this guard's patrol pattern.

To do that one, go into wall mode halfway down the stairs on 
the right hand side (if you were coming UP the stairs) and find 
the spot where the light meter reads totally dark.  Crouch and 

The guard will come around the corner, and his actions will 
vary; sometimes he will sweep the area with the flashlight, but 
because he's on the landing and you are below him him, the light 
won't catch you.  

If the glass door is transparent, or if he spots the now green 
light on the glass door that means it's open, the guard will 
give a grunt of surprise and go into a slower, more careful 
patrol mode.  

After awhile, he'll turn around and head back the way he came.  
Move back up the stairs and peek around the corner and watch 

It takes him about 25 seconds to go from the corner to the 
security booth, where he turns right and goes into a bathroom. 
He's out of sight for only a few seconds, and then he will come 
back into view, headed this way again.  Note the timing very 

Hide again, let him come by and turn around and go back, and 
this time just after he passes the camera, OCP it and move down 
against the glass elevator, hugging the wall and staying in the 
dark and move to the lefthand side of the security booth where 
it's nice and dark. If you time it right, you should be crouched 
near the door to the gymnasium for a few seconds before Fat Ass 
shows up again and resumes his patrol.  A few times, he stayed 
in the bathroom once I reached the gym door.  

Just to the right of the gym door is a switch.  Hit it, it turns 
off the lights in the gym.  Open the door and go in, and close 
it behind you.  

You are in a narrow, short hallway with a light overhead. Move 
down the wall and peek around the corner.  If you are in time,  
you will see a merc looking up at the lights like a dumbass and 
then shrug and dissappear through a doorway.  

To the left is a door with a light visible coming through it. 
 Move through this door, and you are in the gym's cardio and 
weight room, which also doubles as a computer center.  

The guard you saw earlier is now sweating away on a treadmill. 
Another merc is seated in front of a computer.

The server Grimsdottir wants you to hack is on the far end of 
this group of desks against the far wall.  It can't be hacked 
from a distance with the EEV. That means you have to physically 
get over there and use it.  

Don't go up the steps to get into this computer area. They're 
too much in the light and the guard on the computer will see 
you with his peripheral vision. 

You can use the pipe overhead to move down there, or the more 
tricky way, on the ground.

Move Sam up to the railing, stand him up, and hit the 'Y' 
button and he will mantle his way over the railing and drop 
down silently.  

CAREFULLY move Sam past the seated guard.  It's tricky to do 
it in wall mode since there's a column behind him and you can't 
just slide your way past.  Take your time and move slowly.  

Slowly and carefully move to the computer by itself against the 
far wall.  Watching your light meter carefully, move up to it 
and hit the 'A' button as soon as the Use Computer interact 
window pops up.  

Hack the server, and upload the tracer.  

Grim is becoming happier by the minute.

Now retrace your steps.

Often, when I slowly and carefully open and close the door to 
the gym, I find Mr. Fat Ass sitting once again on his fat ass 
in front of the computer monitor at his security station.  

See the door to the R & D area on the other side? It's got a 
retinal scanner.  And the doorway area is well lighted.  

If this guy is sitting on his fat ass at the computer, there 
is no way we can move over there and hack that retinal scanner 
without him seeing us. 

We could, if we so desired, simply grab this guy and make him 
use the retinal scanner.  He'd also come in handy helping Sam 
get past the motion sensor lasers waiting just beyond that door.
  But if we do that, we give up our 100% mission success rating.  

I've explored various scenarios here, but there is no way to 
defeat the lasers behind the door even if you get the guard to 
patrol and hack the retinal scanner without being detected.  

Luckily for us, there's another way into the R & D section that 
allows us to bypass Mr. Fat Ass, his retinal scanner and those 
pesky lasers.  Go back into the gym, move along the wall in the 
dark locker room, and just opposite the doorway where you can 
see the merc on the treadmill still huff-huff huffing away, is 
a crawlspace low down near the floor.  

When you arrive at the other end of the crawlspace, two guards 
will be standing nearby talking about the Ubisoft game Prince 
of Persia!  Let them finish talking and move off.  You are now 
in the R & D employee snack room, complete with vending machines,
 and mechanic standing several feet away to the left bent over 
and tinkering with some machinery.  

Exit the crawlspace and move slowly and sneak past this guy.  
Go through the open doorway the other guy just went through, 
and go into wall mode and peek around the corner there.  

The R & D guys are testing a new version of the turrent gun.  
On the far end of the room you will see a helpless manniquin 
being repeatedly shot by the turrent gun as one technician 
takes notes.  He will move in and out of this room 
periodically, going into the firing range through a door in 
order to reload the turrent gun.

Another technician is upstairs, and every two minutes or so 
he comes back down stairs and walks around a bit before going 
back up and sitting at a computer up on the landing.  There 
are some tables around the corner very near Sam where it's very 
dark.  Move up to the tables and use the EEV to hack the 
computers across the room.  Sam will fulfill a secondary 
objective by obtaining the latest turrent gun performance 

There are several ways to get up the stairs, which has the R & D 
main server behind a locked door just next to where the second 
technician is sitting.  You can sneak to the foot of the 
stairs, wait until the technician is reloading the turrent gun, 
and the other guy is sitting on the second floor with his 
back to you, and OCP the light in the wall and then jump up 
onto the scaffolding, mantle the stairway railings and then 
move up the stairs and go into wall mode where it's dark just 
outside the server room door.

Wait for Mr. Restless over there to get up from his computer 
and go downstairs.  You have about 25 seconds to hack the 
server room door, get inside and shut the door behind you.  Do 
not waste time - go immediately to the R&D main server and hack 
it and upload the tracer.  When the technician comes back, he 
almost always notices the lock on the door has changed from a 
red light to a green light.  

Immediately after successfully uploading the tracer, find the 
crawlspace low down in the adhacent wall and enter it.  The 
technician may shine a flashlight through the server room's 
glass door and spot you if you don't move quick enough.  

Exit the crawlspace, and move down the ceiling corridor you 
now find yourself in.  At one end of this corridor is the 
ceiling vent for the shooting range; below you will see the 
hapless manniquin still getting shot up.  

At the other end.....ah! The DI Main Server room at last!  And 
look! Somebody has thoughtfully left a rope hanging down 
there.  How convienient.  Climb down it.  

At the bottom, move to the main console and hit the switch to 
start up the Main Server with the daily algorithm you hacked 
off the DI executive's PC.  For some reason, I have to move 
Sam away so the interact window dissapears and then move him 
back before the 'Use Computer' option finally comes up.  

Use the computer, and......uh-oh.  Too late.  Someone named M. 
Nedich shunted all the date Sam is supposed to retrieve off of 
this computer.  

Turns out ol' Milan is the VP of Protection Operations for 

Sam makes the observation that if this guy was in charge of 
security for Morgenholt and Zerkehezi,either he's not very 
good at his job, or he's dirty. 


Then start back up the rope NOW.   

Lambert says there's nothing on Nedich in the files.  It looks 
like he's been 'zeroed', which means his file has been 
sanitized of all relevant information.  

Sam then says the name Milan Nedich is therefore very likely 
a fake name, and he'll see if he can find out who Nedich 
really is.  

Lambert here gives Sam a new objective.  Access Milan Nedich's 
personal computer.  His office should be on the upper floors 
somewhere, so Sam should head up there.  

You should be back up at the top of the trap door now- because 
the power is now coming back on!  

Start up the rope as the lights are coming on, and a guard 
has a good chance at sounding an alarm when he sees you. Two 
of them are coming into the room very shortly after the lights 
come on, so you need to be well up the rope by the time they 
enter the room.  

Once you are back in the ceiling vent, head back to the 
crawlspace and retrace your steps.  Sneak past the guy at the 
computer, down the stairs, and vault the railing where it's 
dark and land just outside the snack room door.  Sneak past 
the guy in the snack room and go back  into the crawlspace 
next to the vending machine, and come out in the locker room.  

Make your way back to the security booth, where Mr. Fat Ass 
is sitting once more in front of his computer.  

Now, to get to the top floor where the executive offices are, 
we need to  use the glass elevator.

Only, as we scan this setup, it becomes apparent that it's 
gonna be real hard to sneak over there and use the elevator 
from this floor as long as the guard is sitting over there.  

I tried OCP'ing the camera again to see if that would make 
him move.  Nope.  I tried OCPing the light over the retinal 
scanner door and that got him up all right - but he didn't 
resume his former patrol pattern.  Instead, he came around 
the booth and began sweeping the area where I was hiding with 
his flashlight.  

Sheer luck kept me from getting caught.  I managed to move 
around at just the right moments to keep the beam from the 
flashlight off of me, but then he just wen to over to the 
desk and sat down again.  Right back where I started.  

At last, I hit up on a plan.  This guy seems reluctant to 
move from where he can see the elevator.  The guy downstairs 
below is on constant patrol, and there is almost 2 minutes 
where he's not around the front where the elevator doors are.  


OCP the camera so it can't see you, then OCP the light in 
the ceiling beyond it and move down hugging the wall and 
turn the corner.  Mr. Fat Ass might let out a grunt of 
surprise and get up and slowly follow you.  If that's the 
case, simply hide in the lounge area at the bottom of the 
stairs until he finishes his sweep of the area and goes 
back upstairs.  

Move to the corner and find out where the bottom floor 
guard is on his circular patrol pattern.  He always moves 
in the same direction.  Wait until he has just passed under 
the camera over the glass elevator's doors and OCP it. Once 
he turns the corner, move to the elevator doors and hit the 
button when the Use Elevator window comes up.  

CIRCULAR LIGHT IN THE CEILING.   If you don't, you'll be 
spotted easy on the second floor.  

Move to the elevator controls and hit the button that tells 
the elevator to go all the way to the top. It's the one with 
the double arrows pointing up.  If you hit the 'up' arrow, the 
elevator will go up, all right....and then stop at the second 
floor, where Mr. Fat Ass will have time to come over and wonder 
what's up.  Now aren't you glad you shot out the light? Because 
it means Mr. Fat Ass can't see you.  

When the elevator reaches the top floor, listen carefully.  
Sometimes there are two guards just around the corner to the 
left that might sense something and start looking around.  Most 
times you can hear them talking to each other, but several times,
 even with no alarms triggered, I  find them moving around.  

Exit the elevator, and here is a tricky part coming up here, so 
you might want to save the game.  

You have an opportunity to fulfill a misson objective, but it's 
not automatic.  You could flunk this if you don't get it right.  

You have to move Sam quickly but SILENTLY out of the elevator, 
around the corner to the right, and then left until he's in a 
lounge area where there is a ECP Glass door on the right.  You 
will hear two mercs begin talking.  

One of them is about to reveal the true identity of the elusive 
Mr. Milan Nedich. But to record the conversation, you have to 
move to the door, Optic Cable it, and then EXIT the Optic 
Cable, and immediately go into Binocular view with the EEV and 
scan the glass in front of you until the word 'recording' pops 

Hold your position until the conversation is over and then MOVE 
to the left and get around the corner. Keep moving as Lambert 
talks about who Nedich really is. As soon as the mercs stop 
talking, one of them is going to go over to the door and open 
it, so trust me, you don't want to still be there when that 

There is an open doorway around the corner throwing it's light 
into the hall, so stay to the right and move down the hall.  
As you advance, there are two guards on patrol in the area to 
the right, and one of them may even be in sight right now.  To 
the left is a small alcove with a locked door and a water cooler.
  Go into wall mode next to the water cooler, because this is a 
good blind spot and the guards never sweep their flashlights 
over this area.  

Watch the patrol patterns.  One dissappears around a corner to 
the left every three minutes or so.  Wait until he has gone 
around the corner, and come back and just passed by.  

Take Sam out of wall mode and move to the left, staying in the 
dark and get a look around this corner.  

It's a well lighted area with a locked door on the far end with 
a camera off to the side sweeping the area.  You have around 
two minutes until this guard comes back. You need to:

OCP the Camera,
Move up to the door, 
Hack the doorcode
Open the door, get through it and 
Close the door behind you.

You are now in the executive office area of DI.  There are 
three doors here, two on the right, one on the left.  The 
nearest door on the right is an empty conference room.  The far 
door on the right contains one executive sitting at a computer.  

Milan Nedich's....or Nowak, which is his real name....office is 
the door on the left.  Hack the door, and enter the office.

The near computer on the right is the one you want to use.  

On it you will find plans for Nedich to meet in Hokkaido Japan 
with his contacts. Also, the doorcode for the locked door 
leading to the roof can be found as well.  That door is the 
locked door next to the water cooler that you hid near.  

Now it's time to extract.  Move back to the door leading 
outside, wait until you are sure the guard on patrol has passed 
by, open the door, OCP the camera, close the door, and move 
down to the locked door and open it with the code you just 
received.  Close it behind you, and move up the stairs to the 
door at the top and extract.

Bask in the warm, fuzzy glow of your 100% Mission Success 
Rating! You deserve it!  


So far in this game Sam has gone from Peru to a ship at 
seato Panama to New York City, and now as this level 
opens he'scrouching in a black special ops suit in a 
tropical jungleoutside a Displace International guarded villa 
in Hokkaido,Japan.  

Join Third Echelon, see the world!  

In the load up screen, you are introduced to a Japanese
admiral who wants you to remove 5 microphones that have 
been hidden in the villa by Japanese intelligence.  The 
DI guards are sweeping the villa for listening devices, so
it's important you find these microphones and remove them
before the guards locate them.  

Move around the corner and stay in the shadows as you pass 
under the large arching tree branch until you spot the DI
guard standing on a rock outcroping halfway up a small hill 
with a lamp right next to him.  

Watch his pattern, and note he faces halfway away from Sam
for about 20 seconds.  When he's facing halfway the other 
way,move Sam out slowly and stay to the left against the 

Watch the light meter and when you reach a point just below
the guard where the meter reads completely dark, stop and 
watch the guard.  Wait until he goes through his route 
again,and once he's facing forward in the direction Sam just 
came from, move Sam away from the rock wall to the right and 
mantle him up the rocks until he's on level ground.  Crouch
and take Sam forward to the wall, out of sight of the guard.

Look to the left and find the doorway leading into the villa.
The walls here are made out of white paper.  

Pass through the doorway, and use the silenced pistol to 
shoot out the wall light.  Go around the corner in a 
crouch and you will find Sam has entered a room lighted 
by a candle near the wall on the right.  In front of him
are two sliding doors, beyond which 3 cars are parked. 
There are 3 guards on patrol outside, and every minute
and a half or so one of them will come down the walkway
outside, slide the door open, come into the room, stand
for a few seconds, then turn and go back the way he came,
closing the door behind him.  

When you first come into the room, listen to the 
conversationthe guards outside have with each other.  

What you need to do is wait until the guards outside on 
patrol are not facing the see-through doors and then move
Sam over to the candle.  The 'Blow Out Candle' interact
window will pop up, so Sam can extinguish the light.  
Then, you want to move to half-door on the right hand side
of the wall that is open on top and mantle over it and 
crouch in the dark on the walkway outside before the guard 
comes and enters the room and relights the candle.  

As you move forward in a crouch and drop off the walkway
staying to the right in the dark, Lambert will come on the 
comm and tell Sam to scan the license plates of the 
vehiclesin the center of the courtyard so Third Echelon 
can tracewho they belong to.  (this is if you failed to 
learn the true identity of Nedich in the last level at 
Displace International's HQ)

Scan the two license plates with the EEV (sometimes one of
the guards is leaning against the far vehicle obscuring the 
license plate, so wait until he moves) and Lambert will at 
first say they found nothing....and then he will exclaim that
Nedich is really the infamous 'Bosnian Barber' Milos Nowak,
a brutal war criminal who got his nickname by scalping some
of his victims in the Bosnian war.  

Staying in the dark, move down the wall.  The walkway of the
building on the far side has an area near a half-door that
is shrouded in darkness.  Mantle Sam up on to the walkway and
then mantle over the door into the room beyond. Be alert,
because there are patrolling guards in this building that
aren't far away.  

Immediately in front of the door you just came through low
down on the opposite wall is a crawlspace.  Get into it
and you will be able to see one guard in a well lighted 
hallway as he patrols first towards you, then away from you.

You will also hear another guard start talking to the first

Exit the crawlspace and crouch among the plants and wait for
the guard on patrol to go past you and down the lighted 
hallwayand stand halfway down it with his back to you for 
about 20seconds.   

Now look to the left.  There is a small lighted hallway with
a lamp on the floor.  OCP out the lamp and move down the
hallway, but be alert - there is another guard sweeping for 
microphonesin the room beyond.  You need to stop at the corner
and quickly OCP the light in the wall just beyond the door 
leading into this next room.  You have to OCP that 2nd light
and get into this room before the first light you OCP'd 
flickersback to life.  Once you are in the room, note the dark 
area tothe left of the door.  Go into wall mode there and the 
guardswill not detect you as they pass by.  
The first guard stays out in the hallway on his patrol pattern.
The second guard moves around this room alot, spending some of 
the time sweeping various areas around the far wall with an
electronic device, looking for microphones.  Look at the far
wall from where you are and turn on your thermal vision.  You 
will see the first microphone in the wall behind a decorative
panel.  But that area is very well lighted.  There's a lamp 
about3 feet to the right sitting on a stand.  How are you going 
to get over there and remove that microphone without being 

Here's how: once again, you have to OCP two lights, one right
after the other.  The first light you OCP is the one outside 
thedoor in the 'shrine' like area built into the wall.  Aim the
pistol and OCP it.  The guard MUST notice the light going off
outside and move to investigate for this to work.  

Just after the guard passes right by you and is moving through
the door, take the pistol and OCP the light across the room
near the microphone.  Then, and time is of the essence, put
the pistol away, move in a crouch, get to the microphone, and 
as soon as the 'Disable Mic' interact window pops up, select

Now, you need to immediately move from where Sam crouches in 
front of the wall to the left across the room where it is
dark, just in front of a sliding door.  You need to get over
there and into wall mode before the light flickers back on.

You can't go back to where you were before because usually
the guard is coming back in through the door by now and 
would block your path.  

Now, we need to get Sam back the way he came.  The hard 
way?  OCP the lights, and then move through the door and 
back down the hall to where that other guard is patrolling
the hallway.  The easy way? Shoot the lights out. Now you 
don't have to worry about them coming back on.  If you opt
to shoot the lights, OCP them first, then shoot them. If 
you shoot them without turning them off first the guards 
immediately detect a threat.  

Once you are down the hallway and back at the crawlspace 
you first came through, you will usually find the patrolling
guard....no longer patrolling. Instead, he'll be standing 
in one spot looking around carefully.  

To his left is a lamp on a table, brightly lighting up the 
small area behind him.  Behind the guard to his right is
another doorway with a red cloth hanging down over it.  

If you watch long enough, another guard will come through
the far door and stand for awhile before turning and going
back the way he came. 

Find the white material hanging from the ceiling and cut 
through it with the knife.  Wait until the guard on patrol
on the far side has made an appearance and then gone back 
through the door out of sight.  Now you have about 3 minutes
until he comes back.

In a crouch, sneak past the standing guard and go into wall
mode next to the door with the red curtain.  You should 
still have about 2 and a half minutes until the patrolling
guard comes back through this door. Sometimes though, he 
stops inside the room beyond and stands there for a while, 
so use your thermal vision through the curtain to make sure
the room is clear before moving into it.  

Beyond this door across the room is a second door where a 
small kitchen with a open hearth is located.  The guard may
be in there still, so go into wall mode to the left of this
new door and watch and wait.  You want him to come back,
pass you, and go through the red curtain.  As soon as he 
does, leave wall mode and go through the door and around
the corner and through the open door you will find and 
stay to the right where it is dark.  

You are now in an open balcony area shrouded in darkness.
Off to the right is the wall of the villa with some 
sliding doors and a few windows and half-doors that are
open on top.  Inside the room beyond are two guards 
sweeping for microphones.  

Once again, we're going to have to sneak in there, OCP 
some lights, and disable some microphones while a guard
is just a few feet away.  

One guard keeps going into the bathroom every few minutes 
and will be indisposed for about three minutes each time
he does.  (Shouldn't have drunk all that beer.)  That
will leave just one guard walking around sweeping an 
electronic detector over various spots around the room.

The microphone we need to disable is in the far
wall halfway down to the left of the bathroom door.  

Mantle through the open window on the far righthand
side and wait for Mr. I-Gotta-Pee-Every-3-Minutes does
his dissappearing act.  There are two lights in this
room; you need to OCP them very close together, and 
as the guard goes over to one of them to investigate,
turn on your infrared, find the microphone in the wall,
move to it, and disable it and then retreat back to
the dark area near the window you came in at before the
lights come back on.  

If you want, you can OCP the light nearest the window
and then shoot it out and retreat back through the 
window. Make sure the guard is on the opposite side 
of the room facing the other way, though.  He'll 
notice the light being off and come to investigate
and then go back to the other side of the room and 
resume his search for microphones.  

You can't really shoot out the far light because the 
guard is often standing too close to it.  OCP it and 
you will have about 15 seconds to move to the 
microphone, disable it, and retreat.  

When the other guard is out of the bathroom, and 
neither one are facing the bathroom door, go 
through the door and find the crawlspace on the 
floor on the far side of the bathroom on the left
hand side.  This leads to the kitchen area where there 
is some ammo on  the counter if you want it.  There
is also a medkit near the Kitchen entrance leading
back into the room you just came from.  

Opposite that is a door leading outside, where there
is a small garden, where two guards are on patrol
and a civilian is practicing Tai Chi'.  

You can't Optic Cable this door; all you can do is 
slide it open. And when you do, there's usually 
one of the guards standing just feet away with his
 back half towards  you.  

You may have noticed when you were in the bathroom
there is another crawlspace on the right
hand side, it leads to a an opening on the veranda 
that is very dark and hidden from the guard's vision. 
Next to this opening is a switch that turns on the
garden's water sprinklers. If you want to, you can
go turn the spriklers on and listen to the guards
bitch about getting wet.  

From the kitchen door, move down in a crouch 
past the first guard, and go behind the bench
and stay in the dark area.  Ahead is a very
large lamp built into the ground and a second
guard usually stays very close to it.  

To get by this guard, OCP the large lamp and 
wait for him to start moving around.  You have
about 20 seconds until the light comes back
on; by that time you need to have moved up 
past the light and into the open doorway
off to the left and up some small steps.  

Go down the small hallway and around the corner.
You will see a large statue of the Buddha with 
a light on the wall to the right.  Move behind 
the Buddah and there is a a small alcove with a 
lamp on a stand.  Shoot it out.  Then move 
to the other light in the wall to the side of the
Buddha and shoot that out.  

You may have spotted a crawlspace in the wall 
high up behind the Buddha and near a door
leading into a small room with a desk that
has a lamp on it.  DON'T take the crawlspace
yet; that is for later.  

Shoot out the light on the desk, then proceed
into the small room and turn right through an
open door that leads into a bedroom.  There
is a lamp on the floor on the opposite side
of the bed.  Shoot it out and then go  and 
find the microphone hidden next to the phone.
After retrieving the microphoen go through
the sliding doors and close them behind you.

Turning, you will see a light inside a room 
opposite you, and you can hear and see the 
shadows of several people in this room.  
Low down on the floor next to the door is a 
crawlspace.  Take it, and as you move through
it you can see Nowak and his guards talking.

Listen to the conversation as you move through
the length of the room, passing right underneath
one guard sitting on the bench.  At the far end,
exit the crawlspace and crouch in the dark next
to the tropical plant.  

Hide and wait for Nowak/Nedich to end his 
conversation with his guards.  They will all 
leave the room through the door on the far side,
while Nowak, the Bosnian Butcher will come through
the door to your right and go into a sauna room
in front of you and start talking to someone on a
cell phone.  

(IMPORTANT: One of these guards takes a LONG TIME
to finally leave.  He pauses at the far door, then
turns back around, then goes through the door, and
stands outside the door facing sideways, and after
awhile finally moves off.  DO NOT  move Sam from
his hiding place and try to grab Nowak until this
lazy son of a gun is GONE.)

You have a limited amount of time to pull this off,
so don't waste any.  While Nedich is talking on his 
phone, move Sam up to the paper wall next to which
Nowak is standing in the next room.  The 'Grab
Character' window will come up, and if you hit the

Quickly retreat to the far corner where is is 
dark,holding Nowak and beginning to interrogate 
him immediately.  

The best spot is actually the dark corner in front
of the crawlspace you just came out of.

You need to interrogate him, kill him, and dump 
his body in that dark corner BEFORE one of his 
guards comes back on patrol. 

If it takes too long for the interrogation to 
getstarted, a guard will come back while Sam is 
still holding onto Nowak.  

When the guard sees the hole in the paper wall 
whereyou grabbed Nowak, he'll start patrolling 
slowly, looking around carefully.  

Here's where standing right in front of the 
crawlspace will pay off.  Pull the right trigger,
kill Nowak and immediately hit the 'Enter 
Crawlspace' option when it comes up.  

Even if the guard finds Nowak's body, he may not
detect Sam in the crawlspace.  

After Sam kills Nowak, Lambert comes on the comm
to tell him Douglas Shetland has just arrived.  
This is troubling news, and Sam is still trying 
to figure out if Shetland is dirty or not.  

Sam is now tasked with finding Shetland along
with Zerkhezi.

Exit the crawlspace, and stay in the dark and 
be alert for patrolling guards.  There are three
guards patrolling around out here, but because 
I had you shoot all the lights out on the way to
your meeting with Nowak, it will be much easier
for you to sneak past them and get to that
crawlspace high up on the wall behind the big
Buddha statue.  

Simply retrace your steps in the dark and avoid
the guards. One is usually patrolling up and 
down the hallway, one is standing just inside
the sliding doors to the left inside the bedroom,
and the last is patrolling on the far side in 
frontof the Buddha. They are all easily avoided.  

Once you reache the crawlspace, Sam will jump up
into it and move forward.  

Drop down at the other end of the crawlspace; 
you will find yourself in a small enclosed room 
withsome sort of a greenhouse atrium enclosed in 
glassin the center, with a guard on patrol around 

There are two pipes running up to the ceiling;
the first one is right in front of you and it
has a switch that lowers the glass and a valve
that turns on the sprinkler inside the atrium.  
The other pipe is just around the corner and 
leads to a walkway above the room.

Wait until the guard has his back to you and 
go around the corner and quickly climb up the 
second pipe. Follow the walkway and you will
see that the other side of the room contains
a conference room with a table in the middle
surrounded by chairs.   At the far end is a
lighted doorway.  Sam needs to get through
that door without being spotted by this guard. 

At the end of the walkway is another valve
for turning on the sprinklers.  Turning the 
water on makes the guard go into slow patrol
mode, but it also makes him vary his patrol

Wait until he his on the far side of the room
with his back to you and quickly drop Sam
down and go through the doorway to the 
left, going into wall mode and sliding all 
the way down into the dark dead end you find
there; there is a lighted doorway to the right
where you can see a guard sitting and watching
a big screen TV.  

Now, are you ready for this? Near 
where the guard is patrolling the 
room with the big tv, right next 
to the brightly lit lamp he is 
almost right in front of, is the 
next microphone we need to retrieve.  

Sometimes if the guard in the last room 
senses Sam passing by, he comes into the 
hallway and scans around for a few seconds, 
but if you stay in wall mode at the far end 
of this hall he will not come down and find 
you; instead he will turn and go back through
the door.

Once things are quiet, you need to look 
straight down the hall you are in; at the 
far end is a open doorway leading into a
bedroom.  The hall light is on, and 
turningit off will merely draw the attention 
of the guard watching the TV. You need to 
sneak down the hall, past the door you 
just entered by on the right, into this 
dark bedroom.  

The fourth microphone is hidden benind the 
panel near the door next to the bed.  
That's 4 down, 2 to go.  

At the other end of this bedroom is a 
red curtain hanging over a doorway.
It leads to a bathroom, and there 
is a civilian in there cleaning out
the large bathtub.  The only thing in
there is a medkit. Other than that it's
a dead end.  

Peek out the door next to where you 
recovered the microphone.  See how
the hallway goes on at a right angle?
We need to get down this hallway 
and sneak by the guy watching the Tv.

If you were spotted or sensed earlier, 
instead of sitting on his ass dully 
staring at the TV in a half-awake state,
this guard will be moving around and 
patrolling the room.  

Also, directly across from the huge 
door leading to the living room is
another door leading to a second
bedroom in which yet another guard is
patrolling.  Stay in Wall mode on the
living room side and slide right up to
the doorjamb.  Wait until the guard
in the living room is turning away 
to go stand in the corner next to the
lamp (this is if he's patrolling).

Now, are you ready for this? Near 
where the guard is patrolling the 
room with the big tv, right next 
to the brightly lit lamp he is 
almost right in front of, is the 
next microphone we need to retrieve.

You need to alternate OCP'ing light
sources to pull this off. First, 
find an angle in the hall outside
that lets you point the pistol at
the big screen TV but still leaves
you completely in the dark.

Then, OCP the TV. As the guard
grunts in surprise and turns and 
slowly begins making his way 
towards it, he can no longer
see the lamp in the corner
he just left behind.

Now OCP the lamp quickly and 
then move in, find the mic,
take it out and quickly retreat. 

That's 5 down, one more to go.

Go into Wall Mode in the hall outside
where it is nice and dark. 

Slide down to the corner.  Peek around
the corner and you will see stairs 
leading downward through a well lighted
computer room with a glass door at the 
far end.  

Find the light switch near the corner
where you are peeking from and turn the 
lights off.  Go through the room to the 
far glass door and slide it open. 

You are facing some metal stairs leading
upward.  Also, there is a sidewalk to the
left leading to a glass door on the opposite
side of this small courtyard.  

There is a guard inside the room over there
who will see you through that glass door
if you get in front of it.  There is also
another guard who comes out of a door on
the right near the top of the stairs and 
patrols the upper floor.  

Note that the top of the stairs is very 
well lighted; if you simply try to walk
up them you will be spotted immediately.  

Instead of going right up the stairs into
the light, let's do the sneaky spy thing
and go over the railing to the right and
drop down into the bushes where it's nice
and dark.  

Move around under the stars until you are
just to the right of the glass door
on the other side of the courtyard. 

A microphone we need to recover is in the 
room beyond.  It's against the far wall
next to the phone hidden inside the 
decorative panel.  Wait until the 
lower floor guard has left the room and
gone up the stairs.  You need to 
quickly open the sliding glass door,
cross the room, remove the microphone,
turn, go back the way you came,go through
the door, close it behind you and hide
in the dark in 20 seconds.  

See the pipe next to the door? Climb it, but
halt at the top before pulling Sam up over
the railing and spot where the guard on the 
upper floor is at.  

Wait until he is either facing the other way
or has gone through the door at the top of 
the stairs move Sam to the right off the 
pipe and the vault him up over the railing.

Go immediately to the dark corner at the far
end on the right hand side of the glass 
wall showing a bedroom beyond.  You need
to be right up there in the corner in wall
mode because this guard on patrol is going
to come right by you at least once.  

Note the guard from downstairs will come
up some stairs and stand in the doorway
off to the right before turning and going
back downstairs.  Also, note the timing
of his pattern with that of the guard
going in and out of the door at the 
top of the stairs.  When the guard
from downstairs turns to go back 
down his stairs, the upper floor guard
should be just going into the door
over there.  Follow him, staying 
in the dark until just the last
second.  Give the guard a few seconds
head start and then quickly slide the 
glass door open, move in, pivot,
slid the glass door shut, pivot again,
turn on the NightVision googles, and 
move to the dark alcove just opposite
the door and go into wall mode and 
hide.  It's completely dark here, so
the guard will not see you when he passes

Once he does, he will go through the 
glass door, and you will have about 30 
seconds to get down the hallway he 
just came from.  

Be aware of where the guard is through
the opaque glass windows; also note the 
lights shining ahead; you need to OCP
them so you can pass by.  

At the end of the hall is a red curtain
hanging over the doorway.  Beyond it is
a medkit which you have absolutely no 
use for, and a crawlspace low down on
the floor. 

As you enter the crawlspace, Lambert comes
on the comm to tell you that Shetland is 
meeting with Zerkhezi ahead.  He encourages
Sam to gather as much info as he can before
making his move.  Remember, the goal is to
grab Zerkhezi alive!  

Exit the crawlspace and Sam will find 
himself on a rooftop opposite a building
where a lam is casting silhouttes of the 
room's occupants on the paper walls.  

One of the shadows is Shetland. The other,
is Zerkhezi!  

Listen to the conversation and then....
Oh man, what a shocker.  I thought those
things were just for show.  Guess not.

Sam is given new orders now - stop 
Douglas Shetland before he leaves Hokkaido!

This next part is tricky if you want the 
100% rating.  You need to, just as the room's
lights go dark, drop down off the roof, cross
the courtyard staying to the right in the dark,
pass  BEHIND the guard in front of the room's
sliding paper door, slide the door open, move
in, ignore the corpse on the floor, go through
the opening on the right, turn the corner,
and there is a waist-high tunnel Sam needs to
hurry through. 

Coming out the other end, Sam finds himself in
a small alley with a lamp hanging halfway down
on the lefthand side.  

Shoot out the lamp. 

Whaddya think? Should Sam just charge down to 
the end of this alleyway and try to catch 

Uhmmmm, bad idea. See, if he does that he falls
for the three man triangulated ambush waiting 
for him outside.  One guy near the cars has a 
sniper rifle and is just waiting for target, so 
moving out into the light here is definatley a 
bad idea.  

Also, there's no way Sam can catch Shetland.  
The head of DI flies off in a helicopter 
shortly after Sam enters this alleyway.  

Lambert comes on the comm to tell Sam the bad
news about Shetland's escape.  He tells Sam he
can extract now.  

Recognize the place? It's the courtyard from 
the beginning of the game where we EV'd the 
car license plates.  

All Sam needs to do now is sneak past this 
three man ambush, go back through that 
room with the candle glowing away, and 
sneak once more past that guard standing 
all by his lonesome on that rock outcropping.

Piece of cake, right?  

You bet.  At the mouth of the alley, note
there are two mercenaries there, one on
each side of the opening.  Move out a 
little bit and go to the left past the 
guard there, all the way down to the building
where it is all nice and dark.  Go up the 
landing and to the right. You are back
inside the building now, with the 
first crawlspace you used down there on
the floor to the left.  Once again, use the
half-door that is open at the top on the 
far left hand side, only this time to go 
out instead of in.  Crouch on the landing,
and now you are behind Mr. Sniper.  

From here, simply reverse the way you got
past this area the last time; stay in the 
dark against the wall, and mantle your way
up onto the landing and then through the 

Even though the lamp near the door is lighted,
and the candle in the room is lit, the 3
mercenaries are so intent on the mouth of the
alleyway they're guarding that they never see
Sam when I mantle him through the window and 
move him across the room and around the corner
to the safety of the darkness there.  

From here it's a simple matter of moving along
the rock wall and staying in the dark until the
guard next to the bright lamp outside is facing
the other way. Move Sam up, drop him down
and move to the area just below the guard where
the light meter reads completely dark.  From 
there, once again wait until he turns his back,
and move Sam in a crouch down the rock trail
and underneath the fallen tree and around the


Once again, another 100% success rating!  

Coming Soon: Level 7: Battery