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I can't get my analog sticks to work with the game anyone else having this problem?

I just recently purchased KOF 2006 and I can not get my analog sticks to work with it!! can anyone please help me? the back of the box say's that it is analog compatible HELP PLEASE!!!!

NECOthaHOUND asked for clarification:

I might be wrong but I think you gotta activate it from the option menu, It sound simple though so you probably tried that already I guess, I 'll try that again for you man, will post back here soon.


NECOthaHOUND answered:

Okay, I just checked it out, I got the PAL version of this game, in the box it says "analogue compatible: analog sticks only" I'm not sure what they mean but the analogue stick, direction wise doesn't work, R3 and L3 do work, they can be selected in the configuration of the controller, so that's what I think they mean by "analogue stick only", I might be wrong but it doesn't look like you can actually move around with the analogue stick, I tried it, sorry if it didn't work out for you and I hope that I helped you man.
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japon68 answered:

They aren't used for anything other than buttons, all movement is assigned to the directional pad.
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