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How do I get past the three headed dragon? 2
Hewie can't find his way back to me. How can I get him back to solve a puzzle? 3
Is this normal? 2
How i can be caught when i hidding? 1
Where can I find feather boots? 2
How do I solve the Lunar Refractor Room Puzzle? 2
Bisque Doll? 3
How do I get the D ending? 1
What counts as a "Defeat"? 1
How do I solve spiritual essence? 2
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
How do i save the game? 5
Why wont you leave that room Hewie? 3
How can i remove Fiona's skirt? 1
Is Demento and Clock Tower has any connections? 3
Why so incredibly expensive to buy? 2
  • Total Open Questions: 5

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