FAQ/Walkthrough by rathee

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/23/05 | Printable Version

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for XBOX 
began May 29,05
finished Jun 10, 05

written by Rathee

Table of Contents
1. Intro
2. Version Info
3. Basic info
  A. Enemies
  B. Pick-ups
4. Walkthrough
  A. Kids Cabin's
  B. Basic Braining
  C. Main Camp Grounds
  D. Lodge
  E. Ford's Sanctuary
  F. GPC and Wilderness
  G. Sasha's Underground Lab
  H. The Collective Unconscience
  I. Brain Tumbler Experiment
  J. Sasha'a Shooting Galery
  K. Boathouse and Beach
  L. Milla's Dance Party
  M. Reception Area
  N. Under the Lake
  O. Lungfishopolis
  P. Asylum Grounds
  Q. The Milkman Conspiracy
  R. Gloria's Theatre
  S. Asylum Courtyard
  T. Waterloo World
  U. Black Veletopia
  V. Upper Floors
  W. The Lab of Dr. Loboto
  X. Meat Circus
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Legal stuff
7. Contact Me
8. Thanks
9. Contribute

1. Intro
Well this is my first FAQ that I've ever written so dont be to rough, thanks.
But anyways I decided to write an FAQ for this great game because I enjoy
the game very much and I hope everyone else who plays it does as well.

2. Vesion Info
V 1.0 Basic FAQ full walkthrough completed.
V 1.1 Fixed some typo's, added frequently asked questions section fixed strategy
in Waterloo World, added contribute section.
v 1.2 Just added a bit on the Black Velvetopia level. Fixed a couple typos.
Changed email address.

3. Basic Info
A. Enemies
There are quite a few types of enemies in this game but I'm just going over the
basic ones that you will see everywhere.
1. Censor - These guys are weak you see them alot thier only attack is to run
at you and hit you with their stamp. You can kill them any number of ways.
2. Shouting Censors - These guys are weak too but they have 2 diffrent attacks.
They can either shout at you as a distance attack or hit you with thier clip
board if you get close. They prefer to jump away from you whenever you get
close though.
3. Strongarm Censor - These guys arent tough but they are strong. Dont let them
get close to you and hit them with 4-5 psiblasts to kill them.
4. Personal Demons - These guys run at you and explode. If you hit them with a
psiblast they will explode probably killing any censors around them. Just don't
let them close and you will be fine.

B. Pick Ups
There are a few diffrent pick-ups in this game. There are all the basics like
health and ammo and money.
Health - This one looks like a blue + sign pretty common when you defeat an
PsiBlast Ammo - This one is like an orange ! sign. Again common when you kill
an enemy.
Confusion Ammo - this is a green ? sign. Not very common really.
Arrow Head - These are you moey in the game. It looks just like an arrowhead
when you are in a mind but outside they look like puffs of purple smoke coming
up from the ground.

4. Walkthrough
A. Kids Cabins

Psi Challenge Markers - 1
Psi Cards - 12
Scavenger Hunt Items - 
Brains - 0

First off in the bunk area you can move around a bit get used to the feel of 
the controls, whenever you are ready feel free to talk to some of the other 
kids in the area.

When you have finished talk to the kids head up the ramp on the big tree near
the center of the area. When you reach the top Maloof gives you the SMELLING
SALTS. You can use these at any time while in someones head to instantly pull
yourself back to reality. Now its time for Basic Braining.

After Basic Braining Sasha gives you a button and tells you to come to his
lab and you also get your basic braining merit badge. Ask around about the
button to find out its from the geodesic psycho-isolation chamber. Ask some
more and youll find out to look on your map to find it.

Psi cards
1. In the out house next to the cabin you start at.
2. Next to the cabin you start at by the wall on the right as you are looking
at it.
3. Under the ramp leading up to the basic braining course.
4. Search around the base of the big tree that the basic braining course is,
you will find it on one of the tree roots.
5. Climb up the pole with the loudspeakers next to the basic braining tree,
its at the top.
6. Jump down from the speaker platform from #5 and jump on the trampoline
next to the cabin that you see there, it will be on the roof of the cabin.
7. From the roof where you got card 6 get on the tight rope, go about 1/2
way across and look right to see a trapezee jump to it then onto the
trampoline to grab the card.
8. Get back to the tightrope as in #7 and go all the way across, the card
will be on the roof of the cabin you are now on.
9. From #8 grab the wood pole and swing your way to the tree with the cargo
net wrapped around it, rotate until you see the ledge near you and jump to
it, the next card will be there.
10. From #9 go into the cave slide down to the bottom then on the wall covered
in cargo nets scale to where you see an opening in the wall behind you jump 
into the tunnel and follow it to get the next card.
11. In the same area as #10 move toward the ladder in this room to get #11.
12. This one can be a bit tricky. First go to spot where you got #9. Now
instead of going into the cave look at the cliff face to your left to see
a crago net. Get a rolling start on your levitate ball and jump/float over
to grab it. Now climb all the way up and to the right of the net then jump
across to another cargo net behind you. Finally jump off this cargo net onto
a tightrope behind you to claim the card.

Psi Challenge Markers
1. From the trampoline in Psi card #7 go up the ladder you can get to by
bouncing the marker will be waiting for you at the top.

Scavenger Hunt Items
Turkey Sandwhich - To get this slide down all the way into the cave near where
card #9 is. At the bottom is a freezer with the sandwhich frozen in a block of
ice, use pyrokenesis to melt the ice and get your sandwhich.

B. Basic Braining

This level is pretty straight forward, just listen to what the coach tells you
and you'll do fine. This level is divided into 3 areas

Area 1

Figments - 73
Cobwebs - 0
Vaults - 0
Tags - Steamer Trunk, Suitcase
Bags - Steamer Trunk, Suitcase

Starting out punch the projection of the coach. Then move forward and get a 
little bit of jumping practice in. Next the coach will explain figments to you.
Go ahead and grab the first one and move on. Next the coach will explain the 
emotional baggage. On the platform after the Steamer Trunk is the Tag for it.
Grab it then jump back to the trunk just walk near it and it will automatically
activate. Keep moving through the area to recieve further instructions about 
controls and such. In the area after the ladder dont forget to pick up the
Suitcase Tag. Then climb up the poles to the next challenge. While sliding down
this ladder watch out for the flame geysers coming out of the wall. Slide down
between bursts of flame and move on. Now your in an area with a large rocket
spewing flames and blocking you from moving forward. Theres two ways to get
past this, you'll have to do both if you want to get all the figments. First
jump down to the area below you, now you can either go to the bottom of the
platform on the other side of the rocket and look for the ladder, or you can
go on the other side of the platform you jumped off of (The side opposite the 
ladder) and jump down the hole marked classified route. Personally i go the 
classified route to avoid a little jumping, but if you go up the other platform
just wait until the blimp swings around then jump onto it and repeat this all
the way across. And dont despair if you fall, nothing happens but it puts you
back on the platform you started on in this level, other levels you lose energy.
If you go the classified route just jump across the stationaryplatforms all the
way across then when you exit jump up the cliffs to get back on track. Either
way to collect all the figments you must traverse both paths. Now you get a 
lesson in shimmying just jump up grab the ledge and shimmy across. After you
get finished with that jump down instead of going up. Go through the tunnel 
down there and you will find the Suitcase. Go back the way you came and then go
up to learn about bounceing on trampolines. Make sure to grab all the figments
that are moving around through the trampolines. Next after you go all the way
up grab onto the cargo net. Climb up it and move on. Talk to Dogan in front of
the mine field and he tells you he keeps blowing up. Offer to help him and 
escort him through the minefield. When you are moving through Dogan will tell
you he cant do it, talk to him again after he says this or he will stop 
following you and run directly into a mine. Help him through and he rewards
you with a few arrowheads. At the end climb up the flagpole and go through the
door then jump out of the plane to end area 1.

Area 2

Figments - 79
Cobwebs - 3
Vaults - 2
Tags - Hatbox, Duffelbag, Purse
Bags - Hatbox, Duffelbag

When you start this area you will have to complete a mini game of sorts. To
start the game jump up above the red button on the ground and press the punch
button. The object of the game is to punch the pop-up targets as they appear.
You are given 60 seconds to hit 20 targets. remeber to not hit the targets that
look like babies as you wont get any points. The gate to the next area is now
open. You can also do this game again to earn a few arrowheads. For now move
through the gate to learn about Vaults. punch the vault as it runs away to get
a memory reel.Then move on, activate the little yellow guy to learn about the
teleport function that lets you go to any other area in the mind you have been
to. Now punch the cut out of the large soldier. In this area you have to avoid
the machine gun fire and make it through the clearing you are in. To do this
you have to hide behind the brick walls of the soldiers then hit it and run
and jump to the next one that pops up. Once you make it to the end the gun
stops firing. Move to the top of the bunker and drop inside. But dont forget
to grab the Hatbox tag and Hatbox on your way through the machine gun field and
the Duffelbag tag on top of the bunker. Inside climb the flag pole and go into
the now open mouth and slide down the throat to the next area. In this part you
have to swing on horizontal poles to get to the top not to hard. On the landing
after the first set of poles grab the Duffelbag and continue swinging upwards
while avoiding the flame geysers. Get to the ledge you see and hit the wall
you will now learn about mental cobwebs and tightropes. Make it to the top of
this area and punch the wall on the platform. Now its time for the trapezee.
Theres also a vault hidden behind a cobweb in this part but you cant collect
either yet so just move on. On the first platform collect the Purse tag. While
on the tightrope to your right you will see parts of a plane, jump to them and
follow them around to find the purse then jump your way back to the tightrope.
After the last trapezee if you look down you will see the third cobweb in this
area, but you cant grab it yet so dont worry just walk out onto the rail.
Just jump from rail to rail try to avoid the soldier cut outs as they will
damage you, and at the end dont forget to jump over bobby. After this you move
onto area 3.

Area 3

Figments - 11
Cobwebs - 2
Vaults - 0
Tags - none
Bags - none

Head up the path from the start to get to a room that spirals when you walk.
Not hard to get past but it can be annoying. If you fall dont worry you wont
lose a layer. After you are off the logs you will see a cobweb to your right
but again, just move along. Slide down the rail into the final room. Look
right after you are off the rail to see an open door to the left of the door is
the final cobweb for this level. Enter the open door to end the level.

After Basic Braining Sasha gives you a button and tells you to come to his
lab and you also get your basic braining merit badge. Ask around about the
button to find out its from the geodesic psycho-isolation chamber. Ask some
more and youll find out to look on your map to find it.

C. Main Camp Grounds

Psi Challenge Markers - 1
Psi Cards - 18
Scavenger Hunt Items - 2
Brains - 0

As you try to enter the main camp 2 of the girls from the camp charge you a
toll of one arrowhead to pass. After you enter the main camp you are given the
scavenger hunt card. This is a rather big area that you can get to any of the
other areas of the camp from. Have a look around the area to get used to where
everything is. Whenever you are near an area entrance it will say
                   "Entering (area name)" 
on your screen. So take this time to look around for cards or arrowheads or
justhead onto the CAMP WILDERNESS which is in the top right corner of your map.

You may also want to visit the LODGE and FORD'S SANCTUARY while you are here.
The lodge is pretty obvious, as soon as you enter from the cabins its the big
building right infront of you. You buy any items you need from the lodge.
Fords sanctuart is a little no more difficult to find. From the kids cabin area
just walk along the path you are on till you see a tree stump with a lantern
on it. Just jump in there to get on a cart that will take you to any area in
the camp that youve been, select Ford's sanctuary to go there.

Psi Cards
1. Under the ramp leading into the lodges front entrance.
2. At the top of the speaker pole near the Boathouse and Beach entrance.
3. From there walk that tightrope up to the lodge, it will be right in your
4. From #3 cotinue walking to the next speaker pole, there will be a card
5. Make your way onto the tarp over the roof of the lodge at one of the corners
will be a tightrope with the card sitting on it.
6. From #5 turn directly around and look at the actual roof of the lodge, now
jump to it and walk under the tarp, the card will be right there.
7. Now get back to the tightrope mentioned in card #5 and go across it to
another speaker pole there will be a card there.
8. Jump down from #7 and walk toward the fence on the right side of the main
path. Face the fence and turn rightwalk forward and you should see the card on
the opposite side of the fence.
9. Now head back the fence the other way to see the next card on top of a small
10. From the Rock in #9 head toward the parking lot. Look right to see an
outhouse, open the door to reveal the card.
11. From the outhouse, head into the parking lot. On the right side of the lot
you will see a basketball hoop with the card floating just above it.
12. Still in the parking lot use levitation to bounce up on top of the large
log piece in the center of the lot. The card is there.
13. Another in the parking lot. This time find the jeep parked in the lot and
bounce on its roof to reach this card.
14. Still in the parking lot, this time the card is sitting on the log that
infront of a parking space two down from the jeep.
15. Now from the space in #14 see those rocks on the wall infront of you? Good
make your way onto them as you are heading up the card will be infront of you.
16. Continue along the rocks in #15 to a wooden deck. You will see a trapezee
at the end of said deck and the card at the point where you will dismount the
17. From the platform you land on to get #16 walk down the tightrope here to
obtain your next card.
18. For the last card in the area if you are coming from GPC and Wilderness
area head along the dirt pathtto yourleft you will see 3 trees arund a rock go
up there and the card will be by one of the trees.

Psi Challenge Markers
1. Make your way onto the top of the lodge on the greenish tarp at the apex of
the roof you will find the marker.

Scavenger Hunt Items
Eagle Claw - While in your search for Psi Cards when you locate #16 on my list
you will also see the Eagle Claw on this platform that you will land on.

Gold Doubloon - On the bottom edge of the lodge if you walk around where the
stonework is you will see an alcove on the right side of the building the
doubloon is in there.

D. Lodge

Psi challenge Markers - 0
Psi Cards - 0
Scavenger Hunt Items - 1
Brains - 0

The lodge is pretty much just where the camp store is nothing real speacial
about it except for the one scavenger hunt item.

The store has the following items.
Item                |    Cost         |   Rank
Cobweb Duster       |    800          |    20
PSI Energy Colorizer|    250          |    30
Mental Magnet       |    400          |    15
Dream Fluff         |     50          |     1
PSI Core            |     10          |     1
Dowsing Rod         |     50          |    10

Scavenger Hunt Items
Voodoo Doll - To get this jump onto the table at the front of the lodge with
the cups and magazines on it, then jump onto the boxes next to it and up onto
the overhang that is over the camp store. From here just jump up into the
ceiling beams and across to the last one to claim your prize.

E. Ford's Sanctuary

Psi Challenge Markers - 0
Psi Cards - 2
Scavenger Hunt Items - 0
Brains - 0

This area is where you can talk to Ford as himself. This is also where you turn
in Psi cards, Cobwebs, and Brains.

When you first enter Ford talks with you about some of his equipment then gives
you the BACON, which you can use to talk to him at anytime to assess an enemy
or numerous other things. Go down to the bottom of this area and he will tell
you about the two machines down there. One turns your collected mental cobwebs
into Psi cards, the other changes your 9 cards and Psi core into 1 rank. Other
than that there isn't much to do in this area at this point.

Pyrokenesis Tutorial

Go to Ford after you get rank 10 to get a tutorial on how to use pyrokenesis.
He'll have you burn a few circus tents and then a little wagon. Easy stuff.

Telekenesis Tutorial

After you are rank 20 return to Ford to do this test. He just has you toss
things through hoops and basic stuff like that.

Invisibility Tutorial

At rank 30 go back to see Ford again to get this power. All you have to do in
the tutorial is sneak up to one censor and smack him once. It's that easy.

Psi Cards
1. From the main platform look around you until you see the first card on a
platform slightly above you. Just jump over to it.
2. Go to the bottom of this area and run around on the floor a bit, you will
find it behind a big rock, kinda hard to miss it.

F. GPC and Wilderness

Psi Challenge markers - 2
Psi Cards - 18
Scavenger Hunt Items - 4
Brains - 0

This area is where the geodesic psychoisolation chamber (GPC) is. There are 
also a number of useful items here. Finally this is where you trade in your
scavenger hunt items for ranks. Areas directly linked to this are the LAKE,

For right now head toward the GPC. Go to the middle "chamber" and hit the door
to let the crying kid out. Then go back into the chamber and use the button
Sasha gave you. This takes you to his secret lab.

Psi Cards
1. From the Main Campgrounds entrance head up the main path, see that big
hollow log infront of you? Jump ontop of it to find this card.
2. From there go into the GPC's fence and jump on top of the pod that you use
to go into Sasha's lab to find the next card.
3. From this point look around to find a tree with vines covering it that
should be about level with you. Jump over there then climb around to the branch
to get this card.
4. Walk out to the end of this branch, jump to the branch you can swing from
then swing to the next branch. Follow this branch around then jump onto another
vine covered tree that you will slide to, cimb around onto the branch here to
get this card.
5. From here jump to the next vine covered tree and climb to its branch. Walk
out on this branch and hop to your right onto another branch that you will
slide down. Jump to grab yet more vines, this time climb down to the branch
below you and hop on it for the card.
6. Walk out to the end of this branch to fall off. Behind a big tree that isin
front of you is the next card.
7. If you look around from Card #6's location there should be another card
behind another big tree near you.
8. Walk around the outer perimeter of the GPC's fence to find this card by a
few logs.
9. Keep walking around the fence to find another card by some more logs.
10. Next to the GPC's fence sitting on top of a rock is card #10.
11. On a hill next to the GPC that is scattered with rocks you will see this
card sitting on top of one of the rocks.
12. At the top of the cliff next to the shack Ford is at is card #12.
13. From this cliff look around to see some branches you can swing on, swing
on them to get to a tree. From this tree look around for more branches and
swing on them to get to the next card.
14. From the cliff you are on now look around to find a hollow log that you can
slide down. slide down it to get the next card.
15. You should have landed on a stump facing the stream right in front of you
you should see the card floating down by the stream.
16. On top of the mouth of the cave that leads to the Beach and Boathouse area
you will find this card.
17. From the top of this cave look around until you see a big grey rock
sticking up from the ground. Jump around to the other side of this rock to get
to the next card.
18. Back in the GPC's fence area look under the pod in the back to find this

Psi Challenge Markers
1. From the branch you land on to get card #4 jump across to the next vine
covered tre and climb all the way to the top of it for this marker.
2. Get on top of the shack that Ranger Ford is next to and drop in there to
collect this Marker.

Scavenger Hunt Items
Pirate Scope - From card #17's location you should see some rock formations in
front of you. On one of the large rocks will be some vines, climb them to reach
the scope.
Golden Acorn - Near the back of the GPC outside the fence you will see a
squirel that has this item, but every time you get close he runs into a tree.
To get it just use invisible and grab the acorn.
Miners Skull - Walk around the outside of the GPC's fence until you see two
water geysers. One is squirting water the other has the skull in it, to get the
skull out you must sit on top of the other geyser with your shield active. The
skull will then pop out of the other geyser.
Glass Eye - To get this head to the stream when you get near the GPC there
should be a gate with the eye behind it, use telekenesis to pull the eye toward

G. Sasha's Underground Lab

Psi Challenge Markers - 0
Psi Cards - 2
Scavenger Hunt Items - 1
Brains - 0

This is Sasha's lab. All you have to do here right now is talk to Sasha who
sends you into your own mind.

Psi Cards
1. From the entrance jump down to a ledge infront of you, the first card should
be there.
2. On the ground level look around, its behind a screen near a corner of the

Scavenger Hunt Items
Fossil - From the entrance, do down three sets of steps so that you can see the
fossil on a ledge across the room. Now look to the right of it. See that big
ledge with what looks like vents on it? Good, jump to it then just walk along
the ledges and jump up to it. Easy.

H. The Collective Unconscience

Pretty much just your level select area, you can come here anytime by visiting
the brain tumbler or by teleporting here from a little yellow guy when you are
in someones mind. You can only visit minds you've been in already.

For now you can only go into one door.

I. Brain Tumbler Experiment

Easy level, only one area. This level is small and easy, its more like a plot
thing for right now. You will have to make 3 trips here. One right now, the
second after you get psiblast, and the last after you get levitate. there
is only one area.

Figments - 92
Cobwebs - 5
Vaults - 2
Tags - 
Bags - 

Part 1
Grab everything in the area you start in with the caravan. There should be 4
figments and one vault. Then head inside the cravan. Now youll be in a ball
of static, just punch it to break out. Now just follow the bunny you see but
dont forget to grab the figments and tags along the way. The purse tag is right
behind you as you start the level. On your way up the path watch out for the
plants that come alive and bite you, if you have PYROKENESIS already you can
light em up if you want. Becarful not to miss the Steamer Trunk tag on your way
up the path right before you see the "super scary flaming eyed demon". After
that you get pulled out.

Talk to Sasha and he tells you that you need a marksmanship learners permit so
he can teach you how to fight. Hop into the stump and get to Ford's sanctuary.
Tell Ford Sasha want to teach me to fight better and he gives you the 
marksmanship learners permit. For right now you can only use Psiblast inside
Sasha's mind so head back there to do the psiblast training.

Part 2
After you get the psiblast power come back here to fight your personal demon.
Its not even hard.... just hit him 2-3 times with psiblast and he's gone. Now
Moving on you'll find the purse in the open area where the big thing was. After
you jump up to the next ledge a couple censors appear, take them out the climb
another ledge to find the Steamer Trunk. Now go back down toward the bunny a
bit more to find the Duffelbag tag. If you back up to the ledge the Steamer
Trunk was on at the end you will see some poles to swing on. You can follow
this little diversion around until you finnaly end up on a ledge with some
figments, a cobweb, and the Duffelbag. After that you willl have to back
track just a bit to find the Suitcase Tag in plain view in the open area behind
you after you fall. Then head forward again to find the Suitcase right infront
of you. Again directly infront of you you will see the Hatbox Tag. Remeber
the part in this path that you see the bathtub, you will be coming back here
later. In the area where the tower is run around to collect the figments
also you will find the Hatbox, a vault, and an astral projection layer
increase. Once your happy youve found everything head up the tower. At a
certain point in your ascent you will be pulled out because you need levitation
to go any further. sasha gives you an oarsman badge so you can rent the canoe
you need to get to the levitaion class.

Part 3
All thats left at this point is to climb the tower. So get to doing that. After
you see the cut scene go to the tube and open it, jump down to start the fight
with the brain tank.

Boss Brain Tank
This boss is easy all you have to do is when he looks onto you dodge behind one
of the pillars in the room. After a few shots he will rear up on his rear
treads at this point lock on and psiblast him to knock him over. Then walk up
to him and smack him around a bit.
After that the boss changes form to just the brain in a cage. Just chase after
it and slap it until it goes down.

After the brain tank you will have to go meet Lili down by the lake.

J. Sasha'a Shooting Galery

This is another short level, its pretty much a big cube that you can walk all
around on. Very straight forward and absolutely no chance of getting lost here.

Figments - 69
Cobwebs - 5
Vaults - 2
Tags - all
Bags - all

First off you learn exactly how to use your blast on a few lamps. The first set
you can bust up in any order, the second set are numbered you have to break
them in that order. Now you learn about Censors and health/ammo pickups. Now
go over to thecontrol switch and turn it all the way up. This unleashes chaos
in Sasha's mind. Now you get to fix it. Head over to the side wher the bed pops
up and shoot the targets on the pipes spitting out censors to shut them down.

Side 1
This side is the one with the bed on it. First thing Grab the Vault on the bed.
You'll find the Duffelbag Tag on the pillow and the bag itsself beside the bed.
On the block above that you find the Hatbox Tag. The Hatbox sits on one of the
bedposts at on the headboard, just jump across the blocks until you find your
way up. After you shut down both censor generators on this side it closes down
and you move onto side 2.

Side 2
This side is just as easy as the first. Just watch out as the censors you are
fighting now can shoot at you.First thing grab the Purse Tag on the first of
the platorms you have to jump to. If you jump all the way up all the platforms
the Purse is sitting there waiting for you. Most of the figments on this side
you wont be able to get until you have levitate. Anyways destroy the generators
and move on to side 3 when you are ready.

Side 3
When you first start this side be sure to run to the other sides of the cube to
get the second vault in this level. Now get the Steamer Trunk tag from the base
of the tower with the ladder you have to climb. Look for the trunk on one of
the platforms its easy to spot. This is another side you have to come back to
after you have levitate to get the rest of the figments. Now shut down the
generators and move on to side 4.

Side 4
You should find the suitcase tage easily on this side, just run around the base
of the structure to spot it. The suit case is at the top of the structure next
to an astral projection layer restore. Just one generator this time. But once
you hit it prepare for a boss fight.

Boss Mega-Censor
To defeat Mega-Censor you first have to shut down 5 enemy generators to stop
him from being healed by the little censor sacrificing themselves to him. Just
run to the diffrent sides of the cube to find them all and shut them down. Now
its just a matter of psiblasting him to death. Simple.

Now you get the marksmanship badge and can go back and fight the big thing in
your own mind. Go back to the brain tumbler and get it on!

K. Boathouse and Beach

Psi Challenge Markers - 1
Psi Cards - 16
Scavenger Hunt Items - 2
Brains - 0

In this area you will take your levitaion class, and at the appropriate point
you will use this area to go from the camp to the sanitarium. Oh and dont fall
into the water.

Right now all your gonna want to do is go to the boathouse and get a boat from
Ford. After you get the boat row out to the floating dock to take the levitaion

Psi Cards
1. As you enter from the main campgrounds jump off the walk way you are on to
your right you should land right on the card.
2. From #1 look around you to find a skinny, climbable tree. Climb it and jump
off to the cliff there. Head along this path until you see a rock on your
right. Turn toward it to see some brances that look like they can be swung on.
swing across them to pick up the next card on the forth branch.
3. Continue all the way across the branch swings in #2 to land on a platform
with the third card on it.
4. Under the main ramp next to the exit from Fords sanctuary is card #4.
5. Out on the floating docks in the middle of the lake ontop of a plank
connecting two of the docks you will find card #5.
6. To get this card go to the beach and find a very large rock that had a
Psi Challenge marker on top of it. Go between this rock and the cliff next to
it to collect the card.
7. Go back to the rock mentioned in card #2 this time just keep heading down
the path to claim card 7.
8. Keep going down the path and jump over the gap with the two branches jutting
out to see card 8.
9. Next to the boathouse on the right side as you are facing it amongst some
plants hides card 9.
10. Get on top of the boathouse however you like, you can either float there
from #3's location or use your levitate ball to bounce up there. either way get
up there and you will see a path on a cliff above you with the next card on it.
11. Back on the boathouse roof walk up the tightrope to what looks like a crows
nest of a ship to find the next card.
12. From #11 get to the crows nest infront of you any way you like. From there
climb down the ladder onto the roof of the dock then up the tightrope on Raz's
right to get the next card.
13. From #12 walk back down onto the docks roof again and keep going on the
roof and you should run into this card.
14. Keep going on the roof of the docks until you see a piece of wood with 2
ropes attached in front of you, look slightly right to see the next card on
the roof of the next structure. To get there hop on your levitation bubble
jump toward it and float the rest of the way to claim the card.
15. Get off the roof you end up on in #14 at the eng of the dock you will be
on is the next card.
16. The last card is in the middle of the lake sitting on a rock. You can get
there from the only dock that is attached to the beach by jumping out there.

Psi Challenge Markers
1. The only marker in this area is sitting on top of a very large rock on the
side of the beach opposite the boathouse. To get up there climb onto the small
ledge behind the rock and use your levitate bubble to jump onto the rock.

Scavenger Hunt Items
Psychonauts Comic #1 - To get this item go to where you got card #7 now go down
the path more but instead of jumping the gap infront of you as in card #8 just
fall into the gap to get this item.

Diver's Helmet - To get this go to where you got card #10 and it will be right
behind the card in a little cave.

L. Milla's Dance Party

This level is another straight forward one but this one is long. Not very
difficult though just  takes a little getting used to when you first get on
your levitation bubble. This level has multiple areas.

Area 1

Figments - 79
Cobwebs - 3
Vaults - 2
Tags - Duffelbag, Steamer Trunk, Hatbox, Purse
Bags - Duffelbag, Steamer Trunk, Hatbox, Purse

After you jump through the first 3 rings grab the Duffelbag Tag to your right.
After you activate the first ball return there will be a platform with people
dancing on it, search here to find the Duffelbag. Once you make the rings spin
you will make it to a place with a fan that you float in to blow you across the
screen, as you sit on this flower look toward the fan and down, you will see a
entrance to another room, go in there to find the second vault. Also if you
use the box in the corner you can go down to a room with Milla's nightmares
locked up in it. Now go back and get blown across the room, you will be blown
to a platform where the Steamer Trunk Tag sits. After climbing the ladder 
straight infront of you is the Hatbox Tag. Before you go up the ball launcher
in this area make your way onto the balcony to grab the Steamertrunk and a few
figments. Now roll into the launcher andfloat onto the pad that bounces you.
Now you will be on a second, higher balcony, collect the figments here and rail
slide around to make all the rings spin. And dont forget to get the Hatbox up
here too. Jump onto the flower platform that you made start moving now. Now
jump onto the big platform then to the only door up there, hit it and it will
open. Down this hall a few enemies will appear and you will find the Purse tag.
Continue on to find a vault in the next room. Roll up and grab the cargo net.
Climb to the top and jump to the platform behid you. Climb up the pole in the
middle to move on. Jump to the next flower platform then onto the rotating
platform, while on the rotating platform you can either jump to a flower
platform on your left, or to the door on your right. The flower platform will
get you the purse after you take the bouncing pads so do that. Now make your
way to the door and exit this area.

Area 2

Figments - 97
cobwebs - 0
Vaults - 0
Tags - 
Bags - 

This area starts with a levitaion race. All you have to do is win, not very
difficult, just try to hit all the boosters and take any ramps you see and you
should do fine. Dont worry so much about figments this time through, you can
come back anytime to collect them all. That ends that area.

Area 3

Figments - 57
Cobwebs - 2
Vaults - 0
Tags - Suitcase
Bags - Suitcase

The first room in this area requires alot of floating, but before you get to
that go to the center of the room and pick up the Suitcase Tag. Now start your
floating, in one corner of the room are some bubble jets you can take to lead
you to an aggression increase. Now take the other jets up to get to a platform
with a switch that makes the central fan start blowing. Use it to get the rings
to start spinning so you can open the door. Now float up to the door platform
and grab the Suitcase while you are there. You are  now in the last room of
this level just get to the platform where milla is and you get the levitaion

M. Reception Area

Psi Challenge Markers - 1
Psi Cards - 21
Scavenger Hunt Items - 4
Brains - 0

This area is the only area in the game that you NEVER have to enter. I put it
in here after you get the levitation power since now you can get all of the
items here.

Psi Cards
1. From the main campgrounds entrance go forward on the path until you see a
tree to your right with a ladder on it. Climb the ladder then walk the
tightrope to collect the card.
2. And a second card on the same rope.
3. From the tree where the tightrope ends jump to the rock on your right. Then
onto another rock to your right to get the third card.
4. From #3 there should be a rather large tree dead ahead of you. The card is
on the first of the branches you can jump onto.
5. From card #4's branch this card should be on a rock directly in front of
6. Now back to the entrance. Get back on the main path going to Fords trailer.
Off to your left the next card will be in plain sight.
7. If you are going in order you should now be at the base of a hill. Go up the
hill avoiding or fighting the bear until you see a trio of gravestones. The
next card will be behind the center stone.
8. Now head back down the hill and find the stump that serves as the exit to
Fords sanctuary. The next card will be at the mouth of a tunnel there.
9. Go into this tunnel and kill the bear, keep going and you will run into the
next card.
10. Same thing as #9 just head down the tunnel some more.
11. Same thing same tunnel.
12. On the rail coming out of the tunnel just ride the rail to pick it up.
13. After you get done riding the rail make your way back through the same
cave and this time jump up on top of the exit to the cave for #13
14. As you are riding the rail to get #12 you will no doubt see this one in the
distance. But intead of trying to jump all the way there from the rail just
walk over to a ledge slightly below it and to the left to jump up there.
15. After getting #14 look to your right to see this card floating above beam.
Just use levitate to get over there and grab it.
16. For this card jump back to the platform #14 was on and look to the rocks
that are across from you. Jump over there to get the card.
17. From #16 climb up a few more rocks to see this card on a rock in front of
18. Now jump down into the stream that should be on the ground level from where
you currently are. On a ledge dowstream you will see the next card jump up
there to claim it.
19. Now on the bank across from the ledge you are on will be a tree with a
truck in it and infront of it will be a card.
20. From this area turn back around to where you were before but this time jump
all the way up onto the island to find the card in the middle there.
21. The last card in this areacan be found back down in the river. Head
upstream from where you should be now to the big waterfall go through it to
find the last card.

Psi Challenge Markers
1. Get to the same platform you were standing on to get card #14 and look to
your left to see the marker in a cave.

Scavenger Hunt Items
Cherry Wood Pipe - Return to the tree with the truck in it from card #19. This
item will be right next to the tree on the left side.
Condor Egg - to get this item look in the middle of the swamp to see a post
staning up in the middle get up there any way you choose to claim your prize.
Dinosaur Bone - From the branch that card #4 is on jump up to the next branch
look up and you will see the bone floating there.
Fertility Idol - Near the base of the hill where the graves in card #7 there is
a bee's nest. shoot this nest with your psiblast power to make it fall and
collect the idol.

N. Under the Lake
Well when you go to meet Lili at the lake she gets taken by the lungfish so now
its your job to go find her. Hop in the Bathoshphere to get to the bottom of
the lake. Follow the glowing footprints to a small tower, climb to the top and
pull the rope to start a boss fight.

Boss Lungfish
This boss is very easy and very annoying since it takes long to kill.
First the fish will start out outside the bubble either sucking or blowing air
into the bubble. You will notice boxes of thumb tacks around you. When the fish
is sucking in slap the boxes. Three will make the fish move to its next attack
In this part you will be seeing through the fishes eye as he pushes the air
bubble around. You cant hurt him now so just follow alond and stay inside the
After a little while the boss will revert to its previous form of attack use
the same stratagey. Three boxes later you will have to run with the bubble
After he is done pushig the bubble this time he will come into the bubble with
you. To put an end to him just hide behind one of the clams and when he swings
his lure it will get caught by the clam. Now just pummel him until he breaks
free. Repeat until dead.

After you defeat him use your Psycho-Portal to enter his head and learn whats
really going on.

O. Lungfishopolis
This level is reall fun you play as gogolore a giant in a city of lungfish.
Think Godzilla. There is only one area and a boss in this level.

Figments - 112
Cobwebs - 5
Vaults - 2
Tags - all
Bags - all

This level is all about following the !!!! points to your next objective. Once
you find a point listen to what the fish say and carry out your mission.
The first thing they want is to free some friends from a prison, easy. Just
walk up to the prison and smack it. After you free them you get the shield 
power which you can now use to get through the lazer tunnel. Just walk into the
tunnel and use shield before the lazers fire to destroy them. Now you will be
in an area where you have to destroy another prison to save a pilot. Also in
this area is a vault (which is tiny so you have to look for it.), the Duffelbag
Tag, and a purse. Right across from where you exit the lazer tunnel will be a
small island with the Duffelbag on it. Now head to the dam. Once you see the
second news update lazer tanks will start on patrol, to defeat them just use
your shield to reflect the lazer. On top of one of the buildings you can climb
before reaching the dam will be the purse tag. To destroy the turrent when you
get to the dam just use shield when it fires and then throw a tank at it. Now
jump on the blimp like a trampoline to reach the top of the dam. After you get
to the top of the dam you should see the Hatbox Tag, grab it and walk to the
other side of the dam to find the Hatbox. Your next goal is to reach skyscraper
island. But before you get there you will be able to find an ammo up on top of
one of the skyscrapers on the piece of land you are on. You will also find the
Steamer Trunk Tag. To get to skyscraper island you will have to tightrope walk
across the suspesion bridge you will eventually see in front of you. Though the
island you will be on after the bridge is not skyscraper island, you will be
able to find the second vault here. Also the Steamer Trunk will be on top of
one of the buildings here. After you clear out this small island jump to the
boat you will see in the water and then continue to the other side and you will
have reached skyscraper island. When you get here you will have to clear out
all the planes before you can continue on. The easy way to do this is to climb
on a skyscraper and use psiblast and shield until they are all destroyed. On
top of one skyscraper you will see the Suitcase to get to the tag slide down
the train rail through the tunnel and you will pick it up. You can also grab
a projection depth increase at the top of a tower on this island. When you are
ready proceed across the boats to the jamming tower to fight Kochamara.

Boss Kochamara
Well Kochamara is the hardest boss youve fought so far, but he is still a
pushover if you know how to fight him. When the battle starts he is flying
around and only semi visable, you cant hit him now so dont worry about it.
Just dodge his "Mighty Ram" attack and wait for his "Deadly Plasma Beam".
This attack you will deflect back at him with your shield. After you do this
three times he will drain all your psiblast ammo so you cant use it on him.
Thats ok you wont need it. Now he will be on the ground with you again only
semi visable. Again avoid the "Mighty Ram Ground Version" attack and "Overly
Intricate Combonation" attack and wait for the "Hard to Avoid Area Attack".
When he does this get close and put up your shield and he will be open for
pummeling. After you hit him he will take flight again. Same strategy applies
as before. Three hits and he's grounded. Once he's back on the ground use the
same strategy as the last time again to kill him.

Now your last duty in this world is to climb the jamming tower and destroy it.

After you clear the level the lungfish will carry you to the abandoned asylum
she will also give you the lungfish so you can call her to transport you to and
from the asylum at any time. 

P. Asylum Grounds
Psi Cards - 4
Psi Challenge Markers - 1
Scavenger Hunt Items - 1
Brains - 3

At this point in the game you MUST have the cobweb duster. If you dont have it
just go back to the camp and find enough arrowheads to buy it.

In this area you will find two new peoples heads to explore. Boyd Cooper is the
first. You have to clear his head to move into the asylum gates.

Psi Cards
1. Jump up to the first swinging branch around, at it's dismount point you will
grab the card.
2. After the Milkman Conspiracy when the gates are open jump on top of the post
on your right as soon as you go up the stairs.
3. right next to the ayslum door on the left is this card.
4. Right befor the area with Gloria in it but after you go through the small
tunnel with debris blocking the entrance you will find this card.

Psi Challenge Marker
1. When you get to the landing with the security gaurd on it look around the
ledges up top of this spot to find this marker.

Scavenger Hunt Items
Gold Watch - On top of the fountain in the courtyard sits the watch.

J.T. - When you first enter the courtyard turn left and the brain will be in an
alcove in the wall.
Franke - On the other side of the door from card #3 sits this brain.
Kitty - Right before you go in to see Gloria you will spot this brain on a

Q. The Milkman Conspiracy
This is my favorite level in this game its very humorous and downright fun to
play. This level has multiple areas. One thing to remeber in this world is
not to go into the yellow dotted areas around the trenchcoat men unless you
have the proper "disguise".

Area 1
Figments - 165
Cobwebs - 4
vaults - 2
Tags - Purse, Steamer Trunk, Duffelbag
Bags - 

When you first enter this area you will be in a room with Boyd. First talk to
him and he tells you to look in the freezer. Look in there to get the
clairvoyance power. Use it on him and he will give you a task to do. He sends
you to find the milkman's grave. Now go out the door and head down the street.
Make sure to look in every house to collect figments and items on your way.
Next to the second house on the street you will see a black car with the trunk
open and an item in it. Its the stop sign you will need to get past some of the
trenchcoat guys later. When you continue on you will get an objective to get
past the road crew. Just equip your sign to get past them. On top of the first
house after the road crew you will find the Purse Tag. Whenever you see a car
next to a house remeber to hit the car to open the trunk and get a new
disguise. After you find the hedge trimmer disguise go into the back yard of
the house to claim the Steamer Trunk Tag. In the garge of the house just before
you get to the graveyard you will see the Hatbox but as you cannot get it yet
continue on. You need to get into the graveyard but dont yet have the right
disguise yet so turn left to get to the next street. On this street to your
right you will see very big hedges. Go in the entrance and to the right. Head
down this path and hit the crow at the end to get a crows feather. Use
clairvoyance on it to see a gate in the front of this area open when you are
in this part but close when you get close. Just use invis to get up there. To
get in you have to have the small gate to close behind you as you leave so the
big gate will open. Grab the flowers out of here to get past the trenchcoat men
in the graveyard. Just outside the graveyard you can find a vault and behind it
the Duffelbag. Go into the graveyard and find a crypt near the back with vines
in front of it. Use pyrokenesis to clear the vines and go in to get a book. At
this point you will get arrested by the trenchcoat guys and sent back to Boyd's
place. He gives you the toy rifle. Go back in and talk to him again and he
tells you to go to the post office first. On your way there remeber to search
houses to find the Duffelbag Tag. Whe you interact with the post office door
you will get a number pad, for now just hit enter. You will be denied and a
yellow line will be placed around the area. Use clairvoyance on the guy
changing the code to see what it is and gain entry. Inside find the Suitcase
then clear out the cobweb and enter the next room. In here use clairvoyance on
the camera to make your way to othe back of the room to get the plunger so you
can go in the sewers. On your way out of the post office you will be dragged
into a nightmare. These things are easy once you know how to kill them. First
just jump around them and fire your psiblast at them then after you  drain its
health fully it will spit out a bunch of balls that look like inner demo heads,
pick one up with telekenesis and toss it into his mouth to kill him. Then just
walk up to it and hit it to make it shatter and leave this part. Back outside
head for the sewers. 

Also in this area you can find the Suitcase Tag in the backyard of the house
you need the hedge trimmers to get in. Inside this house you will find the

Area 2
Figments - 48
Cobwebs - 1
Vaults - 0
Tags - 
Bags -

When you first enter this area take out your rifle. Now head for the book
depository. When you see the lazer sight aimed on you use shield to block the
incoming shot. Around the back of the building you can find the Steamer Trunk.
Now head upstairs and grab the helicopter pilot helmet and use clairvoyance
with it to see the location of the milk man. After that pick up the phone that
will now be ringing. Now you can slide down the phone lines to get to him. But
just before you get to the phone lines another nightmare pulls you in. After
you defeat it you can climb the phone pole and slide to the island with the
milk man on it. Remeber to jump over the bumps in the line to avoid dying. At
the other end you will need to use invis to get in the house and fight the

Boss Rainbow Mother
Another easy one. For the first part just run up to her and smack her while
dodging her attacks, simple. After you hit her 3 times she will turn off the
lights, now infront of you will be a item called gods eye grab it and use
clairvoyance to see from her eyes and lead you right to her. Now just beat her
down a few more times to win.

Now the asylum gates will open and you can go to your next brain Gloria.

R. Gloria's Theatre
This is an easy level again. There isn't a whole lot to do but it can get
annoying during the secod area.

Area 1
Figments - 111
Cobwebs - 7
Vaults - 1
Tags - Purse, Steamer Trunk, Suitcase
Bags - Purse, Suitcase, Steamer Trunk

This area is simple the first thing you have to go is just go back stage and
talk to Bonita. But before you do that you can take a minute to grab some Tags
around this area. For the Steamer Trunk Tag just find the ladder that leads up
to the spotlight and drop down off the stage next to it. You can also find the
Purse Tag just beind the curtain right through the little doorway. You can get
the Purse by climbing up next to the big critic. And the Suitcase behind a
cobweb in the same area as the Purse Tag. Now move on to your first objective.
As you approach Bonita's door it will close, just use invis to get in. Talk to
her and she will tell you to turn on the spotlight. First you will need a
candle. Go to the store room ad make your way up to the top to find one. A
vault can also be found in the store room as well as the Steamer Trunk and the
Suitcase Tag. Now take the candle to the spotlight and use pyrokenesis to light
it. Next go talk to Becky and then to the critic. To do the Knight of Joy play
the critic gives you you will first have to switch sets by running into the
glowing arch on the current set. Then you will have to change the mood by
punching the spotlight. Then you can give Becky the script and start the play.
After this play the dragons mouth on the set will be closed, climb up it to get
another script, "The Day the Mail Boat Finally Came". To see this play just
change the mood to happy from your current set. Now get on the boat that pulls
in to go to yet another set. On this set you will find a third script,
"Goodbye Hagatha Home". To play this script you will need to get back to your
original set and set it to sad mood. Now you can ride the balloon to the

Area 2
Figments - 46
Cobwebs - 0
Vaults - 1
Tags - Duffelbag, Hatbox
Bags - Hatbox, Duffelbag

In this area just walk the catwalks around until you finally get to the end.
On your way you will find the Duffelbag Tag, the Hatbox Tag, The Hatbox, a
vault, and the Duffelbag. Near the end you will see the Phantom across a large
gap, you will need to grab the candle in front of you and put it in the 
spotlight near you. Head the way the phantm goes for a boss fight.

Boss Phantom
Yet another easy boss. Just grab the candles and float up to the catwalks. Now
put a candle in a light and light it. Now just jump down and pummel him. Do
this 3 times to win the fight.

Now that Gloria's mood swings are uder control you can get the trophy, one of
the three items you will need very soon.

S. Asylum Courtyard
Psi Cards - 4
Psi Challenge Markers - 1
Scavenger Hunt Items - 0
Brains - 4

Another area with 2 minds to play in. To continue on in the game you will need
to go up the elevator the orderly is standing in front of, but he will only let
Dr. Loboto in.

Psi Cards
1. Make your way onto the ledges in this area to find this card.
2. On top of the pillar to the right of the elevator is the second card.
3. In the room where edgar is you will find the third card.
4. On the outside of Edgar's room to the left of the door is the last card.

Psi Challenge Markers
1. In Edgar's room you will find it all the way up in the cieling beams.

Chops - On the same ledge as card #4 is this brain.
Chloe - In the area behind the elevator to your right on top of a ledge you
should be able to spot this brain.
Maloof - Directly opposite Chloe's brain on a slightly higher ledge is where
this brain is.
Milka - Near where Fred is playing his game you will see the brain in a basket
with some crows on it. Use invis to sneak up on them and grab the brain.

T. Waterloo World
This level is fun but its pretty long and very big. The main object is to help
Fred win the game he is playing with Napoleon. There are three interconnected
areas in this world that you can travel to at any time. You have to do this to
complete some objecives.

Figments - 243
Cobwebs - 7
Vaults - 2
Tags - all
Bags - all

When the level starts talk to Fred to find out that Napoleon loses to Fred he
will leave. He needs your help to win though. Jump into the board and Napoleons
soldier will destroy the bridge. You first have to repair it. To do that find
the carpeters house. Talk to him to find out that a "thief" has been on his
roof all day and before he helps you you have to get rid of it. Get to the
top of his house and open the vault up there to get him to help you. To get
up there you have to climb the guilliotine and tightrope across to his house,
you will have to use your invis power across here to get past a censor on the
other side. After you get the vault you can go back to the big board to throw
the carpenter next to the bridge and repair it. Now you need a peasant. Go to
the first peasants house and find out that he wants Fred to care about the
peasants. Go talk to Fred to get a note from him to give to the peasant. Now
throw the peasant next to the soldier to kill him. Now you need another peasant
and to repair the second bridge. Just throw the carpenter over there. Find the
next Peasant and find out that he wants paid to fight. Go talk to Fred again to
get his coin from the fireplace. Give it to the peasant and throw him next to
the second soldier. Now you need another peasant, find his house to find out
that he wants a gun before he will fight. Go to the area he showed you to get
there you will have to go through the blacksmith shop and out the window on the
second floor. Now levitate across to some netting on a tower across from you.
When you get into the barn just burn the hay until you find the gun, now take
it to the peasant and throw him next to to the soldier. Now you have to unjam
the drawbridge gears. Get over to the castle. To get up to the gears you are
going to have to make your way all the way around the castle acrobatic style.
Once you get them unjamed you are going to need a knight, but the knight is
hungry so first you need snails. Go to the area with the snails and use invis
to get 10 of them to recruit them. Now throw them next to the knights house to
get him. Now throw him into the stronghold to win it for Fred.

Fred will now give you the Straightjacket.

U. Black Veletopia
This level is pretty cool, very neon. The level is fairly long but its easy.
you have to get 4 cards for Edgar so he can complete his card house to reach
the girl. This level has multiple areas.

Area 1
Figments - 142
Cobwebs - 7
Vaults - 2
Tags - Steamer Trunk, Duffelbag
Bags - Steamer Trunk

First thing in this area is to get the paintings from the first dog. You can
use the roses to jump in the windows on the street and keep them open for next
time. Note that you could also use invisibility to get in the windows but it
will use up all your invis power and you will have to do this every time you
wish to go in that window. Keep making your way around the street until you
see the first card. Jump into the painting to start a mini-boss fight. He's
easy just dodge his attacks and hit him. after the fight you will be in area 2
just jump back through the painting to continue on.  Keep heading down the
street to find the second card in an alleyway. Jump into the picture and start
another mini-boss. Use the same strategy as before. Get back to the street now
and continue on down it. Again continue on until you find card three beat the
mini-boss and then get back to the street. This time continue on but dont go
fight the next mini-boss yet. Instead climb the ladder near you and go find
Dingo. He will give you the confusion power. Now you can go on to fight the
final mini-boss. To down this guy you just have to throw confusion grenades
and slap him. Now give all four cards to Edgar to fight the Boss.

Area 2
Figments - 18
Cobwebs - 0
Vaults - 0
Tags - Purse
Bags - Purse

The only purpose for this area is to give Edgar the cards. On on of the
balconies here you will find the purse tag. And near a door is the Purse.

Boss El Odio
To fight this guy you first have to dodge him until he gets his horns stuck in
a wall. You then have to stick the four spears laying around the arena into
him. Now Dingo will try to kill him. Now throw a confusion grenade at Dingo and
pull a spear out of El Odio to throw at edgar. Do this with all four spears to
win the fight.

After the fight Edgar gives you a painting of Dr. Loboto.

After you have all three items go to the orderly to ascend the tower.

V. Upper Floors
Psi cards - 16
Psi Challenge Markers - 1
Scavenger Hunt Items - 0
Brains - 9

This area is pretty straight forward. Just climb the tower. And try to watch
out for the rats, they do alot of damage and confuse you.

Psi Cards
1. On the floor you start on just jump behind some matresses at the end of the
hall to get this.
2. On the second floor you will see a door that is boarded up, go in this room
to get this card.
3. As you make your way through floor 2 you will get to an elevator, when you
jump down this card will be in your path.
4. Keep going along the only route you have, when you get to a part where you
have to move up through a hole in the ceiling the card will be in the middle
of that hole.
5. Right next to the hole in #4 on the opposite side from the stairs.
6. After this hole make your way up the stairs and to the outside of the tower.
From the door going out you will see a pillar in frot of you, on top of it lies
the card.
7. Right after card #6 if you jump to the next pillar in your path you will see
the card on the floor below you.
8. Now go back up and on top of the next ledge that you have to jump to will be
the next card.
9. After you go up the spiral staircase look in a room on your left to find
this card.
10. After the pit of acid you will see this card infront of you.
11. Right after card #10 you will have to climb up to get to the next area, the
card is at the top of the thing you climb.
12. Keep going up the tower from #11 and on the next higher level you will run
right into this card.
13. right before #14 you will have to climb up a diffrent wire, also on this
ledge you will be on you will see a pipe leading down, climb down the pipe to
this card.
14. After card #12 continue around until you can climb up some wire. Climb the
wires to get this card.
15. After you get to the top of the wire mentioned in #13 look right to see the
card and a brain sitting on a shelf.
16. As you continue up the tower you will slide on a rail to the outside of the
tower. This card will be right there when you get off the rail.

Psi Challenge Markers
1. In the area with card #14 look on top of the large pipe in the center of the
room. To get it you have to climb on top of a wall in this room and levitate
jump up there.

Benny - In the bathroom of the room where you collect card #2 is this brain.
Bobby - Right after you collect card #3 there will be a rail to slide on with
an open door to your left, jump to the door to find this brain.
Elka - From the pillar where you got card #6 the brai will be next to the
asylum wall on another pillar.
Quentin - If you look around you from card #11 you should see this brain
sitting in a window across the room.
Dogen - When you are getting card #13 you will probably see a ledge across from
you with two widows on it, climb out those windows to get this brain.
Phoebe - After getting card #14 climb down the other side of the wires to get
Crystal - On a ledge with card #15 sits this brain.
Clem - After the room where you have to use telekenesis to move a chair so the
door will open, go up the hole then down the hole into this room.
Nil - After getting card #15 you climb up some wires. At the end of a beam
after you climb is this brain.

W. The Lab of Dr. Loboto
Psi Cards - 4
Psi Challenge Markers - 0
Scavenger Hunt Items - 0
Brains - 3

This area is short, you will be given a few objectives to do but thats it. If
you have any unfinished bussiness at the camp you will need to do it now
because if you dont you cannot go back after this area. If you need to go down
you can find an elevator that goes all the way down to the asylum grounds area
on the catwalk outside the lab.

After this area dont worry about the point of no return save. You can still
turn in all your cards and such during the Meat Circus. The point of no return
just means you cannot go back to the camp at all. You can also still visit all
the other brains by warping to the collective unconscience.

Psi Cards
1. After you climb the first set of stairs where the crow is the card is there.
2. Back behind some of Loboto's lab equipment you can find this card.
3. After you exit the lab area and are going to the outside of the lab you can
find this card on the way up.
4. On the same catwalk as #3 but o the other side.

Vernon - On the same platform as card #1 you will find this brain.
Mikhail - Right next to card #4.
Elton - Right next to card #3.

Boss Brain Tank II
This boss isn't bad, depeding on how fast you work and how well prepared you
are. Go into the fight with shield, telekenesis, and pyrokenesis. The first
thing you will have to do is throw small blocks at his large blocks with
telekenesis. After you have cleared out enough big blocks you can use
pyrokenesis to burn the wood boards around him. Now with both layers of his
shield gone you ca throw a small block at the tank itself to crack the glass
tank covering the brain. Do this three times to beat him.

Now walk over to the brain tank.

Games not over yet. Use telekenesis to throw your brain into the brain tank to
start the final level.

X. Meat Circus
This level is long and really annoying. There is ALOT of jumping and swinging.
If you are not good at that just be prepared to get really annoyed.

Area 1
Figments - 94
Cobwebs - 3
Vaults - 1
Tags - 
Bags - 

First jump into the wagon and run to the end of the hall. Now Grab everything
in this next area before you go into the tent. Also activate the gypsy fortune
teller to turn in items. Now inside the tet you will have to protect the little
kid from the mutant rabbits and help him catch his bunny. Just use telekenesis
to hold the bunny still until the kid grabs it. He will then fly up a few
levels and you have to get to him and protect him again before he dies. It's
very annoying. Oh and if the kid dies, you have to start all the way at the
bottom again. Next follow the kid and then slide down the Tunnel of Love. After
you get off go into the next tent to start a boss fight.

Boss Butcher
This guy is more annoying than tough. First the only power you will need is
shield, and you dont even really need that. To beat him all you have to do is
dodge his attacks until he gets a clever stuck into the ground, then run up his
arm and slap him in the face. Just keep doing this until he dies.

After you defeat him you will have to do aother very annoying part. You have to
get all the way to the top of this tent using all of your jumping, climbing and
swinging skills. Also the water will continue rising so you cant really fall or
you will have to start over. After you get to the top you fight another boss.

Boss Butcher II
This time his cleavers are flaming, so you cant climb them. What you have to do
is wait for the other guy to throw some of the flaming spiked juggling pins at
you then use Telekenesis to throw them at the butcher. Then when he kneels down
hit him in the head. Immediately after you fight this boss you will have to
fight another boss.

Boss Dad/Butcher
You can only harm this boss when the power your father gives you is charged up.
When you have the power just knock this boss around until it wears off then run
away until it recharges. After you beat him enjoy the ending.

5. Freqeuntly Asked Questions
Q) How do I do the part in the Meat Circus where you climb the nets that spiral
upward? I keep falling

A) Get as high up on the net as you can and as far on the edge as you can, now
jump off, double jump, then Psi-Float back to the next net.

Q) How is Iraq?

A) It sucks, what do you think? I've been here for the last 6 months and hardly
a day goes by that I dont hear some kind of incoming rocket or mortar. And they
are getting closer.

Q) How do you find time to play video games or write an FAQ out there?

A) I only work 8 hours a day like most of you people back in the states.

Q) Can I send you a boatload of cash?

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8. Thanks
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