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|Version 1.0 - July 24, 2005|

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[P.1]Information about Psychonauts
[P.2] Items
[P.3] Walkthrough
         (W.1) Kid's Cabins
         (W.2) Basic Braining
         (W.3) Main Campgrounds
         (W.4) Ford’s Sanctuary
         (W.5) GPC and Wilderness
         (W.6) Sasha Nein's Underground Lab
         (W.7) Boathouse & Beach
         (W.8) Milla's Dance Party
         (W.9) Hunting
        (W.10) Braintumbler Experiment
        (W.11) Lair of the Lungfish
        (W.12) Lungfishopolis
        (W.13) Asylum Grounds
        (W.14) Milkman Conspiracy
        (W.15) Gloria's Theatre
        (W.16) Asylum, Lower Floors
        (W.17) Waterloo World
        (W.18) Black Velvetopia
        (W.19) Asylum, Upper Floors
        (W.20) The Lab of Dr. Loboto
         !!! Point of no return !!!
        (W.21) Meat Circus

[P.4] Credits and affiliates

>A< --- Psychonaut basics - Controls

+ Left trigger = Target lock/Camera adjust/Psi Float
+ Right trigger = Primary PSI power (assigned)
+ Left analog stick = Move
+ Back button = Open thought bubble
+ Start button = Pause/open journal
+ D-pad: -> = PSI power menu, <- =Inventory menu,
+ Right analog stick = Control camera
+ White button = PSI power (assigned)
+ Black button = PSI power (assigned)
+ A button = Jump/Double jump - press A, then X, for Palm Bomb
+ X button = PSI Punch
+ Y button = Interact
+ B button = Return/Cancel/Exit

>B< --- Psychonaut basics - Psychic powers

*Raz has a total of eight powers gained throughout the game:

+Marksmanship (AKA "PSI Blast") - Complete Shasha Nein's training

+Pyrokenesis - Obtained at Rank 10

+Telekinesis - Obtained at Rank 20

+Levitation (AKA "Thought Bubble") - Complete Milla's training

+Clairvoyance - Inside Boyd's refrigerator.

+Invisibility - Obtained at Rank 30

+Shield - Received from a freedom fighter in Lungfishopolis

+Confusion - Given to you by the Matador in Black Velvetopia

PSI power upgrades (gained through rank progression:
(in order)

+Palm Megabomb - Obtained at Rank 35

+Chain Blast - Obtained at Rank 40

+Wrecking Ball - Obtained at Rank 45

+Thermal Detonation - Obtained at Rank 50

+Offensive Shield - Obtained at Rank 55

+Advanced Invisibility - Obtained at Rank 60

+TK Extension - Obtained at Rank 65

+Super Chain Blast - Obtained at Rank 70

+ Rolling Havoc - Obtained at Rank 75

+Ferocious Aura - Obtained at Rank 80

+Sensory Scramble - Obtained at Rank 85

+Psychic Regeneration - Obtained at Rank 90

+Infinite Ammo - Obtained at Rank 95

[P.2] Items

Important items:
+ Mental Health = Get from enemies or objects. Health replenishment
+ Mean little Balls of Hate = Get from enemies or objects. Ammo for PSI blast.
+ Confusion Grenades = Get from enemies or objects. Ammo for Confusion.
+ Arrowheads = Also found in mental worlds. Currency towards buying items.
+ Astral Layers = “Lives” for Raz. Keep in supply to stay in the mental world.
+ Golden Helmet = Increases number of Astral Layers.
+ Golden Ball of Hate = Increases ammo for Marksmanship.
+ Golden Question Mark: Increases ammo for Confusion Grenades.
+ PSI Core = One is necessary to use with 9 PSI Cards to make a
   PSI Challenge Marker.
+ Dream Fluff = These fully restore mental health. Save them for when all
   mental health is lost.
+ Dowsing Rod = Helps to located hidden arrowheads underground.
+ Cobweb Duster = Only item capable of removing mental cobwebs.
+ PSI Energy Colorize = Customizes the color of Raz's Thought Bubble.
+ Mental Magnet = Pulls items towards Raz just as he walks by them.

Kid's Cabins:
 + Outside Raz's cabin
 + In the outhouse next to Raz's cabin
 + On the roof of Raz's cabin
 + On the roof of the cabin next to the trampoline
 + Under the ramp to Coach Oleander
 + In front of the cave entrance
 + Two in the side tunnel of the cave
 + On top of the speaker tower
 + Among the big tree's roots
 + On the trampoline leading to the Challenge Marker
 + On a tightrope above the cave entrance (use Levitation)

Main Campgrounds, Parking Lot:
 + Beneath the ramp to the lodge
 + Past a gap in the fence on the path to the Kid's Cabins
 + On top of the southeast speaker platform
 + On top of the northeast speaker platform
 + On top of the southwest speaker platform
 + On the roof of the lodge
 + On the sub-roof of the lodge
 + On the tightrope between the eastern speaker platforms
 + Behind a tree in the southeast corner of the map
 + In the outhouse near to the parking lot
 + On the curb of one of the parking spaces
 + On top of the large stump in the center of the parking lot (use Levitation)
 + On top of the Jeep in the parking lot
 + On top of the basketball hoop in the parking lot
 + On a rock near the broken bridge
 + On a platform that is reached from the broken bridge
 + On top of the entrance sign
 + On top of a rock along the path between parking and the lodge

 + Two in the middle of the swamp
 + Next to the tree surrounding an old truck, east of swamp
 + In the cave behind the waterfall
 + Two on the rocks above the waterfall
 + Three on the supports of the broken mine track
 + On the large tree with a cold campfire beneath
 + Two on rocks to either side of the cold campfire, near janitor's trailer
 + At the entrance to the mine tunnel
 + Three in the mine tunnel
 + On tope of the mine tunnel upper exit
 + Two on a rope stretching across the middle of the area
 + On the ground near the janitor's trailer
 + Behind a gravestone; it's west of the trailer

GPC, Wilderness:
 + On top of the log bridge
 + Under the GPC's domes
 + On top of the center GPC dome; the one leading to Sasha's lab
 + Three on tree branches surrounding the GPC domes
 + On top of the cave entrance leading to Boathouse & Beach
 + Behind a tree on the hill east of the cave entrance
 + Four on the ground around the outside of the GPC fence
 + Two on rocks outside the northwest corner of the GPC fence
 + On a large rock near the shack
 + On a ledge above the shack
 + In a hollow log leading down from the ledge above the shack
 + On the bank of the river southwest of the shack

Boathouse, Beach:
 + Two under the walkway leading to the main campgrounds
 + Behind plants next to the boathouse entrance
 + On a cave ledge behind and above the boathouse
 + On the mast above the boathouse
 + On a rope leading to the small mast above the boathouse
 + On the roof of the boathouse dock
 + On the roof of the bathysphere dock
 + On the small dock, next to the large rock in the middle of the lake
 + On the small rock in the lake
 + On the pier
 + On the beach behind rocks
 + On a ledge above the beach
 + On a higher ledge above the beach
 + Two located in the trees

Asylum, Grounds:
 + On a ledge leading up to the tower gates
 + On a column inside the main gates
 + To the left of the main entrance to tower
 + At one end of the side passage around tower

Asylum, Lower Floors:
 + On a rock next to elevator
 + Two on ledges against the outer wall
 + In Edgar's room

Asylum, Upper Floors:
 + At the end of the first hallway
 + In a bedroom at the top of the first set of stairs
 + At the bottom of the elevator shaft
 + Two on the floor before reaching the first open rooms
 + Three on the outside wall of the open rooms
 + In the bedroom at the top of the twisted stairs
 + On floor of the green sludge room
 + At the top of the ladder near the floor of the sludge room
 + First set of wood platforms in the sludge room
 +On the inside ledge after you get Dogen's brain
 + On the rebar that you climb to reach the circular hallway
 + On a wood platform next to Crystal's brain
 + At the end of the rail near the top of the level

Dr. Loboto's Lab:
 + At the foot of the ladder leading into lab
 + In Loboto's lab
 + Two on the circular walkway outside the lab

PSI Challenge Markers
Kids Cabins:
+ Reach the roof of one of the cabins by trampoline. Find your way on a
 tightrope, halfway, drop-down, thus reaching the trapeze - use that to get to
a higher trampoline. Up the ladder is the Marker.

Main Campgrounds, Parking lot:
+ On the roof of the lodge.

GPC, Wilderness:
+ Southeast of center GPC dome, use Levitation to float to some vines.
Climb them up the tree.

Boathouse, Beach:
+ Levitate to reach the rock near the water.

+ A small cave near the waterfall - use Levitation to reach.

Asylum, Grounds:
+ On a ledge to the left, outside the main gates.

Asylum, Lower Floors:
+ Use Levitate to reach it in Edgar's room.

Asylum, Upper Floors:
+ From the end of the hallway, jump and float to the pipes in the sludge area.

Scavenger Hunt
- Ranger Ford Cruller gives you this list. All sixteen items found will net
 you eight ranks. Half of that gives four ranks.

+ Cherry Wood Pipe: Look for a truck in Reception area, and a tree nearby it.

+ Condor Egg: In the swamp area, it is on a nest that can be reached by
   Levitation or the mine rails via cave.

+ Dinosaur Bone: Near Cruller, the Janitor's, trailer, there is a tree with a
   cold campfire underneath. It is in the tree.

+ Diver's Helmet: Use Levitation to reach a cave above the boathouse.

+ Eagle Claw: East of the parking lot, reach from the broken bridge.

+ Fertility Idol: Near Janitor's trailer, in a beehive. Use PSI Blast.

+ Fossil: In Sasha Nein's lab.

+ Glass Eye: Use TK to get past the grate in the river, in the GPC area.

+ Gold Doubloon: Under the main lodge.

+ Gold Watch: Over the fountain in the Asylum.

+ Gold Acorn: In the Wilderness, near the GPC, a squirrel will hide this if it
   sees you. Use invisibility.

+ Miner's Skull: Use your shield on the other geyser in the Wilderness.

+ Pirate Scope: On a rock east of the cave leading to the Boathouse & Beach.

+ Psychonauts Comic: Located on a ledge above the beach.

+ Turkey Sandwich: Use PK on a freezer in the Kid's Cabins area.

+ Voodoo Doll: In the main lodge, above the band, use Levitation to reach it.

- Collect Brains to increase your max mental health capacity
- This only happens when you reach the Asylum, and they can only be found here

+ Benny's brain is found in the upper floors of the Asylum
 - in a bathroom at the first stair set.

+Bobby's brain is found in the upper floors of the Asylum
 - next to the pipe you grind on.

+ Chloe's brain is found in the lower floors of the Asylum
  - near the broken wheelchair.

+ Chop's brain is found in the lower floors of the Asylum
 - on a ledge on the outer wall.

+ Clem's brain is found in the upper floors of the Asylum
 - next to the room blocked by a chair, get  through the ceiling.

+ Crystal's brain is found in the upper floors of the Asylum
 - on a wooden platform.

+ Both Dogen and Phoebe's brains are found in the upper floors of the Asylum
 - on ledges outside of the sludge area.

+ Elka's brain is found in the upper floors of the Asylum
 - outside wall in the area with the open rooms.

+ Both Elton and Mikhail's brains are found around Dr. Loboto's lab.

+ Franke's brain is found to the right of the Asylum entrance.

+ J.T.'s brain is found near the gates of the Asylum.

+ Kitty's brain is found outside of where Gloria is.

+ Maloof's brain is found in the lower floors of the Asylum
 - on a ledge near a wall.

+ Milka's brain is found in the lower floors of the Asylum
 - in the basket carried by crows.

+ Nil's brain is found in the upper floors of the Asylum
 - at the end of a wooden beam.

+ Quentin's brain is found in the upper floors of the Asylum
 - near the floor of the sludge area, look for a window.

+ Vernon's brain is found by the ladder leading to Dr. Loboto's lab.


(W.1) Kid's Cabins
PSI Challenge Markers: 1
PSI Cards: 12

The beginning is peaceful and very simple. Around you, you can start getting
familiar with some of the other kids. Around you is also a number of items,
but there are a few you cannot get at this point.

When you are ready to begin your training, head towards where you saw the
rest of the kid's running earlier. Up here you will see Coach Oleander with a
number of other children, all in a trance. He'll ask you if you're ready, giving
you an option if you want to proceed or go back for whatever reason.
So what are you waiting for? It's time for Basic Braining!

(W.2) Basic Braining
Part 1 -
Bags & Tags: Steamer Trunk, Suitcase
Figments: 73

Punch the Coach and march right on through.
Your training begins with learning about both jumping and figments.

Something about figments: These are pretty important, and always try to get as
many as you can.  Figments can be difficult to spot and sometimes move around,
so you can lose a life or hurt yourself over them, if not careful.

Soon after, emotional baggage is explained. For these, you always find the tag
for the appropriate tag before you can open the bag. As you move on, you will
learn more things that will help you to maneuver through his mind.
When you come to a rocket that is in a platform you need to get on, you'll
have to find another way. First, jump down from there and look around to the
left of the ladder. This is the "Classified" route. You can, however, get past
the rocket NOW, instead of coming back when you have Levitation: you'll have
to jump on the blimp going by to get around it. We're going to say you took
the classified route. Down there, you'll do a little jumping, but it's all
very easy. After exiting, jump up the cliff to get going the right way again.
You'll learn about shimmying and trampolines now.
Both are necessary for traversing this area.
Climb up the net and you’ll come to Dogan, that weird kid with a foil cap.
Dogan wants to get by this minefield, but can’t without your help. So, you’ll
Have to carefully guide him so that he doesn’t go boom.
Make sure you get any figments floating around before leading him through.
I found them to be a distraction here and there.
When you’re ready, you really have to go slow with the kid. It isn’t too hard
to find the right path, but keep in mind that every couple of seconds, Dogen
will chicken out, and at this time, you have to walk up to him and press Y
to snap him out of it… otherwise, he’ll run away and kill himself.
Your reward for getting him safely to the flagpole is arrowheads.
Climb up the flagpole and go through the door. You’ll find yourself in a plane
with Vernon. This kid never, ever stops talking, so jump out of here ASAP.
Your drop brings you to the next part…

Part 2 –
Bags & Tags: Dufflebag, Hatbox, Purse
Cobwebs: 3
Figments: 79
Vaults: 2

The goal of the game here is to reach the quote of targets you have to hit.
The targets you SHOULD NOT hit, thankfully do not show up very often. So that
makes this a pretty simple game, even when you decide to go for more prizes.
When you’re done with the game, go forward and you’ll meet your first Vault.
Whack it and get the goods. The little yellow alien dude you see acts as a
teleporter. He isn’t of much use right now, but will be later in the game
when you wish to revisit places. After another punch-out, you’ll enter an area
where a machine gun is firing at you, and the only way to protect yourself is
to move from cover to cover.Make it to the end, and the gun stops firing.
Drop inside the top of it, and find yourself in a bunker. Climb the flagpole.
After sliding down, swing from pole to pole to reach the Dufflebag.
Climb the wall, and at the top, look for a cracked wall – punch that one.
Ignore your first cobweb, since you can’t do anything with it right now.
Navigate the area with the plane pieces to get items you need, like figments,
a purse, etc. Continue using the trapezes until you reach some rails. Jump
on these rails. Time your jumping to avoid obstacles and to grab figments.
Watch out for Bobby Zilch near the end… time your jump right over his head.

Part 3 –
Bags & Tags: N/A
Cobwebs: 3
Figments: 11
Vaults: N/A

This area is tricky. You’ll have to carefully follow which way they are
turning so that you won’t fall off! Not very difficult at all. At the end,
awaiting you is a rail to be taken. In the white hallway you see, go through
that door and head towards the curtain to trigger a cutscene & end the level.

(W.3) Main Campgrounds
PSI Cards: 18
PSI Challenge Markers: 1
Scavenger Hunt Items: 2

You’ll have to pay a small fee in arrowheads before you can enter this area.
If for some reason you don’t have enough, you may find one or two lying around
- you’ll spot purple sparkers, dust, etc. over some spots in the ground,
throughout the course of the game – press Y over these to get arrowheads.
Enter, and you receive your Scavenger Hunt list. We’ll get back to this a
little later, so for now, don’t think much on it. In the meantime, become more
familiar with the campgrounds and feel free to explore at your leisure. Just
don’t forget that when you’re ready, you’re to start looking for whereabouts
of Sasha Nein’s secret base, so that you can get started with your training.

Scavenger Hunt items: 1

The Lodge has what you need, as far as items go. The most important items
are the Dowsing Rod and Cobweb Duster, since you actually need these to
progress through the game at certain upcoming points. I’d suggest you
start picking up any arrowheads you can find starting now!

(W.4) Ford’s Sanctuary
PSI Cards: 2

The most important part of this area, or any, are the various tree stumps you
can jump into – you will land in a talking car that will take you quickly
to anywhere in the camp grounds – including Ford Cruller’s Sanctuary.
You’ll find out what this is about when you get there, but basically you will
return here to receive awards for your rank progress and collected items.
The bacon that he gives you is one of your best key items: you can use
it to get hints on any situation, plus information on some of your most
troublesome foes.

(W.5) GPC and Wilderness
PSI Cards: 18
PSI Challenge Markers: 2
Scavenger Hunt Items: 4

When you ARE ready, you’ll be able to start your search in the area titled,
“GPC and Wilderness”. In the middle of this forest is an odd structure.
In the very center one, you’ll find a kid that was locked inside. Step inside
yourself and examine the floor – place the button you received from Sasha
there and you’ll find your way into his secret base.

(W.6) Sasha Nein’s Underground Lab
PSI Cards: 2
Scavenger Hunt Items: 1

Talk to Nein, and become introduced with the Collective Unconscience.
For now, you can only go one way, so walk right in.

(W.7) Brain Tumbler Experiment
Cobwebs: 5
Figments: 92
Vaults: 2

In the area with the caravan, it’s pretty much an item shopping spree.
Inside the caravan, you’ll have to punch to break out of the static.
Things get even weirder, as a bunny appears that you can only follow
and it will lead you along a path littered with items, and also with a few
of some new enemies – they are plants that can only be damaged right
before they attack. Now, it won’t be long before you run into something
that you cannot defeat at this point, and are thus pulled out of there.

There are two more parts to this “experiment”…

First, you have to get a Marksmanship Learner’s Permit. Get this from Ford;
whom, if you haven’t already visited, you have to now. When you’ve got it,
talk to Sasha. You can’t actually get this power until you complete training.

Sasha’s Shooting Gallery
Cobwebs: 5
Figments: 69
Vaults: 2

To really start this level, keep turning the dial until it breaks and you get
a cutscene, showing everything basically going to hell. Now you have to
help Sasha get the sensors in his mind under control. There are three
little parts of this, where you must survive against an endless wave of
Sensors - while trying to shut off the valves.

Eventually, though, you’ll run to your last valve, which, once destroyed,
triggers a very large Sensor to appear. A very large, ugly, and strong Sensor.
Before you can damage the Sensor boss, you have to find the valves and shut
them off like you did before – do so by running around the cube and keeping
away from him. Watch out for the little Sensors also. See, if you attack him,
these Sensors just replenish his health anyways… until you destroy the
valves reproducing them. Once you do so, use your PSI Blast exclusively on
the Sensor boss, strafing and jumping easily around him. From there, he
is a cinch. When he goes down, you receive your Marksmanship Merit Badge!

Brain Tumbler Experiment – Part 2

Return to where you were previously, and this time, simply shoot a PSI Blast
at the monster to kill it. Follow the bunny again – doing so by jumping
up on a nearby vine, to a ledge, and then navigating through the area.
Eventually you’ll come to a tower, and try as you might to get up there… you
cannot, at least at this time. Sasha will then pull you out and suggest you
get the Levitation power from Milla, another Psychonaut.

(W.7) Boathouse & Beach
PSI Cards: 16
PSI Challenge Markers: 1
Scavenger Hunt Items: 2

Watch out for the water here! A few too many dips and Raz will be pulled in…
At this point, there isn’t much you can do in the area but get to Milla. But,
in order to do so, you need a boat. Go to the boathouse – you’ll see the Ford
inside, as the Janitor, and he’ll give you access to one.

You can find Milla far out in the water, with a lot of other kids around her.
Talk to her when you’re ready for your next training session.

(W.8) Milla’s Dance Party
Bags & Tags: Dufflebag, Hatbox, Steamer Trunk
Cobwebs: 3
Figments: 79
Vaults: 2

Before you go, however, you might want to examine your arrowheads:
how many do you have? Do you want more? The best answer to this is “yes”,
and it’s time to head back to the lodge and buy the Dousing Rod. You can get
a lot more arrowheads with this, and you should use those to buy both the
Cobweb Duster and the Mental Magnet… unless you have already.
PSI Cores and Dream Fluffs are always a plus, but I find the other item…
and you know which one, to be utterly useless and a waste of time.

Now, back in Milla’s mind…

This level involves a lot of jumping. Follow Milla’s instructions and you’ll
do just fine. In the odd shaped room, you’ll have to use your ball
to gain momentum; rolling it back and forth in the room until you build up
enough speed to jump and get higher. Going further in, you’ll find yourself
being pretty high, but thankfully if you fall, there is something available
that let’s you return to where you were. Definitely useful for collecting the
many figments that you’ll have to take a fall for just to snag.

Eventually you’ll have to punch down a door and will enter a Levitation race!

Figments: 97

There is a whole lot of figments here, but unfortunately you’re probably not
going to get many while trying to place first in this race. You’ll have to
retry a few times. Just don’t hit anything and use the boosters available
to your advantage, and this race will go over easily, very easily.

Cobwebs: 2
Figments: 57

This is a very short and easy part, but if you’re trying to get all
the items, whatever you do, do NOT land on the platform with Milla.
If for some reason you do, you can always come back, and when you do,
she will not be here to get in your way, i.e. ending the level.
If that is what you plan to do, then do so to finish class.

(W.9) Hunting

With the Levitation power finally in our grasp, we can now complete the entire
Scavenger Hunt. Let’s do a little backtracking from the area with Milla, and
I’ll hint at where you need to go and what other items are there: to really
know where to find them, check back a little in this guide:

PSI Cards: 21
PSI Challenge Markers: 1
Scavenger Hunt Items: 4

GPC and Wilderness
***See W.5****

Main Campgrounds/Lodge
***See W.3***

With that done, and your new powers, head back to the Brain Tumbler…

(W.10) Brain Tumbler Experiment – Part 3
Return to the area where you could not get past – the tower.
Begin your ascent up the steep and narrow path until you reach
an odd obstacle that you cannot destroy. It reacts to your punch,
releasing a gas. It’s harmless, so jump up and active your float.
The gas will send you floating into the air and up to where you can get
into the tower. Inside, watch the cutscene before taking the garbage chute
down… follow that brain, eh?

Now you will fight the Psychoblaster Death Tank… a friendly fellow that you
must, unfortunately, destroy, in order to survive and try to reclaim that
brain you’re after. To fight this tank, you must always be moving –
use your PSI Blast, but sparingly. You must wait until it rears back
as if it was going to charge, and then shoot at it’s exposed spot.
It should fall over for a few moments, and at this time, keep shooting
that spot, or run over there and whack it.

After it is defeated, the battle is not quite over, as the brain decides it
won’t give up so easily. Watch out for the Confusion and lasers it throws your
way – avoid this the best you can by using Levitation. When you see an opening
to attack, roll over to him, jump up, and do a Palm Bomb. Repeat.

That is finally the end of the Brain Tumbler Experiment!
After this, you’ll get the Psycho-Portal, which allows you to enter
the minds of certain characters you’ll meet.

(W.11) Lair of the Lungfish

Lili is waiting for you at the beach. When you head there, however, you’ll
discover a gruesome twist shortly… as a hideous creature takes Lili away,
into the water, in it’s… belly? Raz to the rescue.
Ford will tell you to use the bathysphere. You can find this in the area
near Milla, but on a separate pier – maybe you explored earlier and saw that
you couldn’t get past those two bullies? Now that you can, enter the odd
looking machine to start your pursuit of the Lungfish.

You’ll arrive on the lake floor, which is protected by an air bubble, and that
is why you are able to breathe. Remember this fact for the near-future.
Notice the yellow boxes? They’re filled with nails. They’re important for the
near-future, also. All you can really do here, besides collect arrowheads and
kill a few creatures; climb to the top of the reef and jump on the rope.

When you are actually FIGHTING the Lungfish, things are very easy.
The air bubble is your life source, step out of it and you will instantly
die. You can actually get sucked in by the Lungfish – he’ll swallow you,
and damage you, but you will not die... so the water is your biggest threat.
As for the Lungfish, to damage it, simply hit a box of nails only when it is
sucking you and other things towards it. Repeat until the first part of this
“chase” begins… which is where things can get difficult.

As you run through the water, away from the Lungfish, you can only see
yourself, from it’s point-of-view. You need to keep track of the air bubble
that is constantly moving around you, but you also need to move quickly.
There are a few more sequences of this, and you will eventually return
to where you are fighting the Lungfish, thus repeating your strategy.

When you’ve defeated it, use your Psycho-Portal on the creature.

(W.12) Lungfishopolis
Cobwebs: 5
Figments: 113
Vaults: 2

This is quite a level. Possibly a take on Godzilla, this city is inhabited
by Lungfish who act like people. and you are not actually Raz, but
Goggalor! Yes, Goggalor, a giant version of yourself.
Your opposition here is the army of the city, which is actually
pretty pathetic initially. You get full access to all your psychic powers;
except Levitation. The other drawback is you don’t really move quick.
One last advantage is that you can enter the water here, which is crucial for
retrieving figments that you need. So for the most part, this city is like a
playground – scale the largest buildings, step on lungfish, destroy buildings!

Your goal now is to follow the directions of the Freedom Fighters. That means,
the prison. Do it quickly, because you’ll get a new power as a gift, Shield.
You’ll have to use your Shield power to enter that tunnel you saw earlier,
that activated lasers everywhere shortly after you stepped in. Go in there
and quickly activate shield – the lasers will destroy themselves and you
will be completely unharmed as long as you kept it held down.

Back in the city, you’ll run into a new enemy that can be deadly if you don’t
use your shield power. It’s electric beams are aggravating. It’ll kill itself
if you hold your shield down while it fires. At the dam area is an even more
formidable foe, but again, the shield is your best weapon. The turret’s fire
is devastating to even you, and so you’ll have to raise your shield before a
shot, then advance before it fires it’s next one. Get close and deal with it.

Jump on top of the blimp to start your ascent onto the dam. On your way,
deal with the ships by using your PSI Blast on them. The water here, however,
is not friendly, and can kill you like normally if you’re in it too long.
Be on the look out for an Astral Projection Layer and an Ammo Trophy.

Take the monorail, where you encounter planes in the next area. To get rid
of them, climb the skyscrapers to get them in range and then either hit one
that you can reach or use your PSI Blast on them. Child’s play.

Your ultimate destination is Kochamara Island. It is there that you must
deal with a foe that is surprisingly larger than you are, Kochamara himself.
Your shield is both your best offense and defense here. Kochamara has
four attacks that he actually gives away before doing them by shouting:
I won’t quote word for word, but for you to get a basic idea:
“DEADLY TRIANGLE!” – Laser he shoots at you in the air. Use your shield.
“MIGHTY RAM!” – He tries to bodyslam you, which can be quickly sidestepped.
“OVERLY INTRICATE COMBINATION!” – A combo of melee attacks he does
on the ground – avoid by just simply backing away. There are also ground
variations of the above, but the method of avoiding is pretty much the same.

On the ground, try and stick a little close to him, moving away only for his
ram and combo attacks. Try to get as close as possible when he does the
ground attack with the energy; use your shield to protect yourself, then take
advantage of his vulnerability and hit him. Repeat accordingly.

With his fall, you must climb the tower. But you soon find out he is not dead!
No matter, as his careless actions finally kill him and bring the tower down.

(W.13) Asylum Grounds
Brains: 3
PSI Cards: 4
PSI Challenger Markers: 1
Scavenger Hunt Items: 1

The Lungfish, now known as Linda, will take you to an island separate from
the camp. If you want to get back to camp, use the fish skeleton item that she
gives you to call her from any beach. On the other hand, you can just use the
bacon Ford gave you to get back there – regroup at HQ. But you already knew
this, didn’t you?

Upon climbing the cliff, grabbing items at your leisure, you’ll find you can’t
get into the Asylum. A rather friendly, but insane security guard is not able
to let you in: you can only do one thing, and that is to invade his mind.

(W.14) Milkman Conspiracy
You’ve just got to love this level… you’ve got to.
It’s probably one of the only levels that truly makes you think much more
often than you ever have to fight.  Your goal is to find the Milkman, as he is
the key to getting inside the Asylum.

The Neighborhood
Bags & Tags: Dufflebag, Purse, Steamer Trunk
Cobwebs: 4
Figments: 165
Vaults: 2

You’re in a room with Boyd. Engage with conversation with him, just long
enough to find out there is something special for you in the fridge:
the psychic power, Clairvoyance. This power allows you to see through the
eyes of others, and sometimes, manipulate them. Use it on Boyd here to
see what I mean. Now go outside.

This is a really weird world. It’s definitely not a traditional neighborhood,
and there are many suspicious things. However, it is not dangerous, aside
from the fact that you can fall off of the different blocks.
Your opposition are the many characters wearing a coat, hat, and have
a pair of red eyes. They speak very formal and are very enthusiastic about
following their given jobs, and follow the rules absolutely. Notice the dotted
lines in areas around them. You always need to get by them, but you also
always need an item to be carrying. Say, for the first part, you need a stop
sign to enter that zone, but you can’t go into the telephone pole guy’s zone
since you don’t have a phone. If you ever break these rules, don’t worry,
you’re arrested, questioned, then quickly back out at the spot you were
at, all in just a few seconds.

Most of the items you will need are found in backyards, cars, or houses.
This also goes for items like figments. In order to find the stop sign, look
at one of the black cars in various parking spaces and you’ll find one
in the trunk. Equip this and walk right by the road workers. Remember that you
can’t enter into the zones of the other “workers” without the appropriate item.
What you need now is the hedge trimmer. It is also in a car trunk that must
be opened with your fist.

You’ll soon find out that the graveyard is your goal. There is a maze nearby,
for starters, so head inside there – also known as an Arboretum? In here, you
will find the flowers you need. With your cemetery disguise in tow, make it
towards the crypt near the back of the area. Use PK on the vines before
you get the book. At this point, you get arrested, and are back with Boyd.
Talk with him and receive the fake rifle you need to get by some assassins,
which you’ll run into later. From here, go back somewhat to where you were…
but your destination is to the left of the graveyard. Through that block, you
will come to a building that looks different than the rest – the post office!
Walk up to the keypad you see and enter a number – any number. There is no
right number, because whatever you put in a worker will come out. You must
be quick and hit him with Clairvoyance. Doing so causes him to open the door
for you, which is where you should then run into quickly.

Inside the post office, enter the other door, which leads to the storeroom.
In this pitch black area, the only way to get by is to use Clairvoyance – use
it on the cameras in the room. Then navigate Raz through the room from their
perspective – just pick up the plunger and be on your way.

However, before you can return, a “nightmare” attacks you – pulling you under
and into it’s realm for a battle.  Repeatedly PSI Blast this worm until it
sort of explodes and you see the ground littered with objects, and the worm
leaves it’s mouth open. Be quick with your TK and send one inside it’s mouth
to end this fight.

It is now back to the workers that you saw working near the manhole earlier.
Just drop down into that hole there… well, actually, before this, if you’re
aiming to get some items, I’d make sure I’ve gotten both the watering can
and rolling pin.

The Book Depository
Cobwebs: 1
Figments: 48

Immediately equip your rifle here. Now, watch out. You’ll die instantly here,
if not quick and careful, as someone in the Depository is picking off the
assassins here!  You’re shield, with the right timing, would then be your best
friend in this situation. Keep moving towards the building while protecting

Inside, and after a somewhat disturbing cutscene, grab the nearby Helicopter
pilot’s helmet and then use Clairvoyance on one of the helicopters nearby –
thus revealing where you need to go to reach the milkman. Now, pick up
that phone and head outside – see the telephone pole near the telephone
worker? All you have to do is take a ride on the wires to get to that hideout.
The wires are, of course, not exactly safe, and littered with figments.
Fortunately, heading back and forth is easy, so you can pick up all of them.

The Milkman’s Secret Hideout
To get inside of this house, you’ll have to wait until the girl sounds like
she is going to come out, then quickly activate your invisibility and wait
for her to stick her head out – then quickly jump in while still invisible!

After a cutscene, you’ll have to fight the Rainbow… boss?
Keep these powers available: Shield, PSI Blast, and Clairvoyance.

The initial part is too easy to really even explain, but the difficulty can
sneak up on you in the second part, when the lights go out.
Grab the item right in front of you, called “God’s Eye”, then use
Clairvoyance with it equipped, and you can see yourself through her
eyes. From this perspective, attack her like you did before, since she
is just the same as before. With her defeat, comes the end of conspiracy!

(W.15) Gloria’s Theatre
Now you can get inside the Asylum. The first character you will run into
is Gloria. She’s similar to Boyd, in that she definitely belongs here!

After a conversation, you see you have no choice but to enter her mind.
Sure, you can enter the lower floors of the Asylum, but it’s better to get
this done now than later.

The Stage
Cobwebs: 7
Figments: 111
Vaults: 1

It seems you have to get to Bonita. Her door is open only until she sees
you come closer, and then she’ll close it. Use Invisibility to get by.
When you’re done talking to her, go do what she says: look in the
nearby storeroom for the candle you need, then go back to the stage area
and climb up there to where the spotlight is – put in the candle, light with PK!
After the cutscene, talk to Becky to get a role as director.

As you can see, you hit the spotlight to change the mood of the sets. There is
two, but that is not quite all – if you enter the portals on each set, you
end up getting six total sets: seeing as they vary between water, mail, and
land. Also, only in the sad scene will you be attacked. There are three types
of enemies that are all rather aggravating – the bats should be taken care of
with PSI Blast, the spinning guys should be hit after they stop spinning,
and the fire breathers should be killed whenever they’re not breathing fire.
You’ll also have to retrieve scripts that relate to a proper stage & setting.

So, we’ll get started with the sad scene. Make sure this one has water.
Then go to Becky and play “Knight of Joy”. Use the head of the dead dragon
to get to a higher part of the level and pick up another script.

With the new script in hand, change to the mail scene, but keep it sad.
Do as you did before. Get the next script and change to the happy scene,
and make sure it is land. Take the balloon up to the catwalks.

The Catwalks
Figments: 46
Vaults: 1

This is a pretty dangerous area, as far as platforming goes. Fortunately,
there really isn’t much strategy involved. Sensors that show up can make
things a little tricky in a dangerous place like this. I use TK to throw
who I can off of the area.

When you come upon the Phantom, you are to follow him! But you’ll
come upon a startling surprise – he was actually Jasper, that rude
critic you saw bashing Becky and her set so often!

The only way to harm Jasper is by blinding him with stage light. You must
do this three times, and manage to deal out some damage each time, also.
Jasper is annoying thanks to his projectile attacks that are pretty quick and
accurate. Plus, you’re pretty much a target while you float through the air by
levitation to get up to the upper stage – do so by floating above those
instruments you seen on the ground, and then floating in the paths you see
in the air, given off by the music trails. Make sure you grabbed the candles
in that box near Jasper, however!

Put a candle in whichever spotlight, light it with PK, then quickly jump down.
Jasper is stunned… ignore his minions and either PSI Blast or punch him.
Don’t let up until he recovers. Then repeat what you just did two more times.

We’re done with Gloria, but far from done with the rest of the Asylum…

(W.16) Asylum, Lower Floors
Brains: 4
PSI Cards: 4
PSI Challenge Markers: 1

Take your time to get familiar with this area, especially the characters.
Although getting into the mind of Fred is your primary goal, know
that Edgar is your next target and that you must compile a disguise to
get past Crispin and in the elevator: which is the entire point, really,
of getting in their minds: each time you get an item you need to make
a working disguise!

So, enter Fred’s mind with the Psycho-Portal.

(W.17) Waterloo World
Cobwebs: 7
Figments: 243
Vaults: 2

Don’t be fooled by this small room. The real game at hand involves you jumping
into that large gameboard between Fred and Napoleon. Like it or not, you have
to help Fred win this little game. However, Fred is basically… a loser.

The goal of the game is to simply get inside Napoleon’s castle to win.
However, right now, you have nothing. The problems facing you are:
broken bridges, like of soldiers, and lack of a Knight to storm Napoleon’s
castle.  You’ll find out in Waterloo that in order to get anywhere, you have
to do something for someone else… it’s not really about you whatsoever.

You can’t go anywhere without those bridges fixed, so, look around:
see the Carpenter’s house?  If you think you’ve got the right one, press Y
to shrink so you can talk to him at his size. If you need to return,
find what looks like a rock on top of a geyser, hit the rock, and quickly
jump and float onto of what comes out, which sends you back out to
to the size of the pieces on the board. To really get out of here, use one of
the ladders on each side of the area.

It seems you have to take care of something on the Carpenter’s roof.
Who could they be? Well, best to protect yourself first. I’d suggest
arming TK, Levitation, and some other offensive psychic power.
Sensors are located on the roofs of buildings, while there are
walking cannons you will find now and then – they can easily be destroyed by
holding them with TK, then sending them into water, where they will die.

To get to his roof, climb the guillotine and then cross the tightrope. There
are new Censors in this area that are very strong. I’d suggest hiding
with Invisibilty, then setting them on fire, and maybe hiding again. Repeat.
You’ll find Censors ontop of his roof. When they are dead, tell the Carpenter.
He’ll come out and appear as a piece that you can only move when you get a
little bigger. This is how the game is played: you move pieces appropriately
with your TK power. So, with him, being that he is supposed to repair bridges,
get him close to the broken bridge by flinging him towards the tile that turns
green when highlighted, and that tile being the one right next to the bridge.
He’ll fix it, and then it’s on to find a way to get your militia going.

Our next task is to get a Peasant. The first Peasant wants to know that Fred
CARES about the people. Simple enough, go out and talk to Fred, he’ll give
you the note you need. So, with that done, throw the Peasant at the nearby
enemy soldier, and watch them kill each other. We’re going to help the Peasant
that talks about wanting payment from Fred. Go out of the board and talk to
Fred about this. He doesn’t really help you,  but the solution is right behind
him! The coin you need is in that fire.  Give that coin to the Peasant, and
then throw him next to the enemy soldier.  They will kill each other, but at
least you can move on now! Time to find another victim?  The next Peasant
just wants a gun. You will see where to get this gun, thanks to a helpful
preview during your conversation. It’s not too hard, but if you wonder where
to start, it will be at the Blacksmith’s building.  You will have to burn the
hay here until you get the gun. After that, give it to the Peasant and watch
another fight; which clears the way for your Knight to enter the castle. Well,
it’s time to get the Knight…

The Knight just wants some snails. In order to get snails, you need to look
for an area that looks like an orchard. On your map, it’s a building that
has grapes on it, but you can’t enter it. In this area, you have a set amount
of snails you have to whack before they come together and you can take them
back to the Knight. The Snails will appear as a piece, and like the others,
TK it – do so right next to the Knight’s house and he will come out. Finally,
throw the Knight right into the center of Napoleon’s castle. Game over!

With the straightjacket, we are now onto our final mind…

(W.18) Black Velvetopia
Bags & Tags: Dufflebag, Steamer Trunk
Cobwebs: 7
Figments: 142
Vaults: 2

Of course, we have to enter the mind of Edgar now.
This is one hell of a level, as far as art goes. I love it & the soundtrack.

So, not much you can do about El Odio, the bull, at this point. Buy both
paintings here – hang the rose painting first to receive a rose:
the significance of the rose item here is that, in the street, doors
will open up when El Odio is not running through, the feature a woman’s
open arms. She will only take you in and protect you from El Odio as he
runs through, as long as you have this rose out. You don’t need to use
the rose, and in fact, not using the rose will lead you to actually getting
most, if not all, of the items.  The other painting must be hung elsewhere…
it’s a fair guess you already know where. Now then, you do have something to
do for Edgar: it is to collect four cards.

Throughout the streets, there are parts protected from El Odio where you will
find a portal leading you to where you can get the card. To really get the card,
you have to face a wrestler/boss of sorts each time.

Queen of Clubs - Tiger
Tiger is your first opponent. The first three of these are really easy.
They are strong but are so slow and stupid. Plus your psychic attacks work
pretty great against them, and it is easier if you’re at a really high rank.

When you’re done, you return to Edgar and should talk to him. Then
jump back into the painting you just came from to find yourself back at
the point you were at before you jumped in.

Queen of Hearts – Dragon
Before we go to get this card, we’re going to look for another alley with
an artist dog, and buy a painting from him – the guitar painting. Place it
in the alley across. We’ll get back to this, but for now, go enter the portal
next to where you hung the painting:

Dragon is just like the other guy, as far as vulnerability goes. When he’s
defeated, do like you did last time. Climb up the guitar ladder and grab
some items up there – also activate the nearby fire escape.

Queen of Diamonds – Eagle
Similar to the others, except for his dive attack. Avoid it with a strafe-jump
or Levitation.

Queen of Spades – Cobra
Naturally, there is something that must be done before fighting the last one.
You’ll have to meet the Matador, who is on the second level of this area. He
will give you the Confusion power after a conversation. After getting this,
proceed to fight Cobra.

With Cobra, you can only damage him AFTER hitting him with Confusion.
Remember that Confusion is like a grenade, not a direct aim and fire kind of
power. While he’s stunned, hit him until he recovers. Repeat until fallen.

Edgar’s Sanctuary
Figments: 18

With all cards in tow, the tower is finished, but something appears to not
be right? No, it seems that… Edgar was the bull all along. Is he the enemy?
You have to fight El Odio/Edgar now, so it doesn’t matter.

El Odia/Edgar can be felled easily by using TK to stick those spears
around the area into him. I like to wait until he charges me and then stick
one right in him, so I am guaranteed not to miss.

After getting them all in, you learn that the Matador is the true fiend.
You have to help out Edgar and make sure he isn’t killed by the Matador.
Edgar can’t see to touch the Matador, no matter what the case. In order
for Edgar to gain some health back, quickly use TK to remove all of the spears
in his back. You’ll be using these against the Matador.

The Matador is pretty quick, so you want to keep moving, and you can’t even
really damage him. He really let’s his guard down and makes himself an easy
target when he decides to taunt or attack Edgar. At this time, hit him with
Confusion. Next, quickly hit him with one of the spears around the area.
It’s a good idea to hit him with Confusion only when he’s in a fair distance
from one of the spears, because he can snap out of Confusion quicker than
you might expect. All it takes is four spears.

(W.19) Asylum, Upper Floors
Brains: 9
PSI Cards: 16
PSI Challenge Markers: 1

To get past Crispin, equip the painting, the straight jacket, and claw.
It’ll let you onto the elevator and up into the ruins of the Upper Floors.

In this area, just ignore that… creepy thing following you around.
Your biggest problem are the kamikaze rats here. They charge at you
and explode, doing damage and releasing confusion. Use your Shield
as long as possible. It’s a good idea to have it upgraded now.

This area involves some platforming, but it is more a matter of navigation.
It’s definitely a good time to start getting brains and returning them to
Ford; this area is loaded with brains.

In the area with the green stuff that we’ll call “sludge”, your orientation is
thrown off a little. That’s okay. Just don’t fall into that stuff. Keep
climbing up to the top of this area until you reach an elevator.

(W.20) Dr. Loboto’s Lab
Brains: 3
PSI Cards: 4

Short and simple level… but things are definitely reaching their climax.
Use Invisibility to get past this annoying bird. Continue on
until you reach Dr. Loboto, and you get caught – you have to, don’t worry.
However, before this, you’d better go get everything you can…

The autosave basically does what it says. Help kill Loboto and
get ready to finish the game, with no turning back.

Follow the plan of Sheegor and Mr. Pokeylope:
First, get the cake from Sheegor’s room. In order to get Mr. Pokeylope
to move towards the hole so you can lift him out of his tank, pull out
the cake, to which he will happily react to and move. Then lift him out.
After another cutscene, Sheegor gives Loboto Pokeylope’s brain,
which Loboto sets aside near him, for the moment. Use your TK
to put the brain right inside the nearby brain tank, and he will do the rest!

After a series of cutscenes, it will be time for a climatic showdown that is…
not quite the end:

The Psychoblaster Death Tank is the tank of these tanks, being that it is ran
by Oleander himself. The powers you want to use for this are:
TK, PK, and Shield. I also hope that you are at a high rank, as that will
make things easier, especially with upgrades like regeneration and
infinite PSI Blast ammo.

To damage him, you will have to TK something against the brain cockpit. Yet,
he is well guarded by large stone blocks, and another barrier, that happens to
be flammable. All of the stone blocks here come back quickly after being
destroyed, but as for the stationary ones that you are to throw, that works as
an advantage for you. Use those blocks to destroy the tank’s blocks,
thus finding an opening quickly. And with that opening found, use PK on the
fence the tank is hiding behind. Make sure you’ve got a clear path to the
cockpit, then TK a stone block into it. Repeat this three times to end it.

(W.21) Meat Circus
Bags and Tags: Dufflebag, Hatbox, Purse, Steamer Trunk
Cobwebs: 3
Figments: 94
Vaults: 1

Easily the hardest level in the game.

The initial part is one of the most difficult. It involves you protecting
“Oly” from mutilated bunnies. Oly, in the meantime, wants his bunny
that he chases everywhere. You have four parts total, where he catches it,
but then lets it go. He keeps going higher and higher into the tent, until
making a mistake like falling means you had better start over.

One thing: don’t bother with any items, unless you’re right next to Oly and
can defend him.

The first part is pretty easy, as you only have one bunny to deal with at a
time.You can never stop them permanently from coming, but they are
easy to kill. It’s just that their melee attacks are vicious and they
respawn kind of quick. Kill the mutilated bunny and then quickly use TK
to hold Oly’s bunny so that he can grab him.

Get up after Oly as quick as possible. Up here you have a pair of enemies.
Again, kill them quickly and then quickly hold Oly’s bunny with TK.

The next part is where it gets hard. Oly flys way to the other side of the
room. To make things worse, it’s pretty high and there will be three
of those mutilated critters there. In fact, as soon as you start swinging on
trapezes to start your hike, you’ll hear him being attacked, which gets to be
extremely annoying. Ignore the guy with the knives, to where you accept
you CANNOT kill him. Get around him and by that spinning wheel.
Now for the really tricky part. You must carefully time his knife throws
with your jump – you need a knife to get into the wheel so that you can use
it to swing up to where Oly is.

Fortunately after reaching there, even if Oly is nearly dead, his health will
replenish for the next, and final part. Again, you’ll have to get by another
guy with knives, but I can’t stress enough that you SHOULD NOT fall.
If you fall, Oly will die, very simple. You’ll survive the fall, but likely
won’t make it up in time. And unfortunately, his death means starting this
all over again, from the very bottom.  He’ll finally be out of danger at the
top, but you must continue to follow. Use your Levitation to get over there.

The Tunnel of Love involves a kind of lengthy rail ride. Get off and
enter the tent…

Say hello to the Butcher, Oly’s daddy. He’s freaking huge!
And his meat cleavers are about the size of him. Psychic powers are
of some use here, but not as much, I noticed, only really for defense.
Watch his attacks: you need to lead him on enough so that
while he manages to stick a cleaver, eventually, into the ground, but not into
you! You then have to very quickly run up his arm, and punch at his head.
I found that could be tricky sometimes – I don’t know if I was really off or
if it was a hit collision detection problem, but don’t get frustrated. It
is the only way to take him down.

After that, the next area has you meeting Raz’s father. Or rather, a very
twisted version of the poor guy. He will try to kill you here, but will also
truly test every acrobatic skill of yours thus far. The only power helpful
here is Levitation. It’s a long way to the top. Fortunately, his attacks
don’t do much damage at all, and it shouldn’t really matter to you
if you’ve turned in brains, brought along dream fluffs, etc. Ignore him
and take your time getting to the top.

Be really quick, though, because as you near the top, you’ll see you can’t
afford to make any mistakes, or you will drown. Fortunately, the good thing
here, if you could call it that, is that you won’t start COMPLETELY over, if
you happen to meet your end in water or something.

This time you will fight the Butcher again, but your dad will be helping?
At any rate, the strategy from last time will not work because his cleavers
are clearly on fire and that would be unhealthy to approach. Instead,
take advantage of your father’s inaccuracy, as you can see from the
flaming bowling pins laying on the ground, and use your TK to
launch them into the Butcher’s knees and bring him down.
Then whack him good!

Beating him doesn’t mean it’s over just yet, but you get a neat little trick:
on the screen, you can see a meter that recharges and let’s you become
“Super” Raz or something along those lines, where you basically get your
chance to pummel the giant combination of the Butcher and your dad.
When you’re small, you just have to run away very quickly – Use Levitation.
Just pummel him relentlessly when you have your power, doing so until he
falls and this climactic battle comes to a close!

Congrats on beating the game and becoming a Psychonaut.

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