• Last Blade 1 hidden character, and alt costumes.

    You must enter these codes while in character select, Highlight any character and press(note: default controls)

    chooses the 2nd outfit colorsPress circle to select any character
    chooses the 3rd outfit colorsPress start to select any character
    Unlocks boss character MusashiPress triangle(6 times), X(3 times), and triangle(four times)

    Contributed By: fulcilives2.

  • Last Blade 2 Hidden Character codes

    These codes are to be entered at the character selection screen. When the codes are done properly you will hear a voice to indicate that the code was entered correctly. Now select the character by pressing a button.

    Unlocks a joke intro with Shigen's daughter at the start of each fightHighlight Shigen then press Triangle 5 times, X 10 times, Triangle 2 times
    Unlocks KoryuHighlight Kaeda then press Triangle 10 times, X 5 times, Triangle 4 Times
    Unlocks Mirror ModeHighlight Akari then press Triangle 8 times, X 9 times, Triangle once
    Unlocks Original KaedaHighlight Kaeda then press Triangle 9 times, X once, Triangle 4 times

    Contributed By: 2DGaming.

  • Unlock EX mode

    After you've selected your character, you're given the option to choose Speed or Power type. EX mode will allow you to get the best of both features. Unlike the original arcade version, you will also be allowed a full health bar instead of half. Once you enter the code, you cannot select Speed or Power type.

    Selects EX modeSelect Speed, hit Triangle 6 times, select Power, hit X 3 times, select Speed, hit Triangle 4 times

    Contributed By: BakaOrochi.

The Last Blade Cheats


  • Hidden characters

    At the character select, press C, C, C, C, C, C, B, B, B, C, C, C, and C.

    At the character select, press C, C, C, C, C, C, B, B, B, C, C, C, and C.Hidden characters

    Contributed By: SSnesVegita.

Easter Eggs

  • Alternate Character Colors

    At the character select screen. press button D to select a different color pattern for your character. If you select a character by pressing start, you'll get a third color pattern.

    Contributed By: KRaffa.

The Last Blade 2 Cheats


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    EX ModeSelect any fighter. Highlight Speed and press C(6). Go to Power and press B(3). Return to Speed and press C(4). You will begin in EX Mode.
    Fight as HagureGo into Arcade, VS or Training Mode. Highlight Akari and press C(8), then B(9). Wait a second, then press C. Press A or D to select Hagure.
    Fight as KouryuGo into Arcade, VS or Training Mode. Highlight Kaede and press C(10), B(5), then C(4). Press A to select Kouryu.
    Fight as Unawakened KaedeGo into Arcade, VS or Training Mode. Highlight Kaede and press C(9), B, then C(4). Press A or D to select Unawakened Kaede.
    Secret intro sequenceGo into Arcade, VS or Training Mode. Highlight Kotetsu and press C(5), B(10), C(2), then press A or D. Kotetsu's hidden intro will play.

    Contributed By: Relle.

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