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How to defeat Shao-kahn?

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_oddhead answered:

Spend as little time as possible in close quarters, especially if you are not completely used to dodging. Pelt Shao Kahn with your long-ranged specials, and toss any severed heads that spawn into the arena for extra damage. Shao Kahn will alternate between blasting you with green orbs and closing the distance between you; avoid jumping over him, as he'll use diagonal rushes. You should lose little to no health.

Eventually Shao will lose his mask and bring out his warhammer; this is where the "fun" starts. Stick to the projectiles-and-heads strategy.

Once Shao starts spinning with his warhammer, you'll want to be far, far away. If you're near the edge of the arena, use a Long Jump to leap right over Shao Kahn as he approaches. If you're somewhere in the middle, use Double Jumps instead, aiming for the direction Shao's coming from. He should spin past you, and you'll be near the edge. Long Jumps alone will drain your energy far too quickly.

Once Shao Kahn gets dizzy from all the spinning, use your strongest attacks. Do not relent until he's about to get back up, and don't forget about those severed heads.
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