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Asked: 6 years ago

Playing as other characters?

I've got the NTSC version of this game. Is there a Codebreaker code, or converted Gameshark code to the Codebreaker format, that lets you play as other characters? I have seen a Youtube video of someone playing through it as Kitana. What about other characters that aren't normally playable, like Jade?

Additional details - 6 years ago

Actually, I have seen Youtube videos of this being done, Kitana was being played in the main game and worked just fine. I was hoping any codes may have been out for that.

Accepted Answer

From: SiReNz_wAiL 6 years ago

Kitana is unlockable for two player mode. So is Reptile, Johnny Cage and Baraka. Other characters had Action Replay codes or something used to map the skins on other characters, but I think it glitched out when a finisher was selected since those characters don't have one or the two player only characters are restricted to a fatality.

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AS far as I know there is no Kitana. But you can play as Scorpian and Sub-Zero.

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