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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat (Inferno Scorpion)?

Can anyone tell me how you beat the Inferno Scorpion.

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you beat him by kicking, throwing, using special moves and dodging him. Easy

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also if your liu Kang just keep on using the bicycle kick on him and if your Scorpion just use the upgraded spear attacks and if Kung Lao just use tornado attack and hat throw. But if Sub-Zero...............your screwed

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Its easy if use liu kang just shoot fire balls all the time,if kung lao just throw his hat all the time,if scorpion just shoot his spear to inferno scorpion after that scorpion will drag inferno scorpion after thatwhen his dizzy kick his ass(attack him)

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sorry i have no anWer to subzero to defeat inferno scorpion

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wait.....I've beaten him with Sub-Zero. So it is possible. Just Freeze, Punch, Dodge, Repeat

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