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Written by metalgearsonic Ver 1.0


A: Legal Disclaimer
B: Quick Intro
C: Boss Battles - Oni Warlord
                - Kitana
                - Kitana, Mileena, Jade
                - Snake
                - Reptile
                - Orochi Hellbeast
                - Baraka
                - Sub-zero
                - Goro
                - Scorpion
                - Inferno Scorpion
                - Orochi Hellbeast 2
                - Shang Tsung
                - Kintaro
                - Shao Kahn
D: Optional/ Extra Bosses - Ermac
                          - Mileena
                          - Kano
                          - Oni Warlord 2
E: Closing

A: Legal Disclaimer

This FAQ/ Strategy Guide was written solely by me, metalgearsonic, and all 
chracters mentioned or used are owned by Midway Games. This guide is to be
used on only and used with their kind permission. All tips and
advice used in this guide were found through gameplay expirience, no other
help was given from any outside agency or distributor.

B: Quick Intro

This game is the first in the Mortal Kombat series to take the fighting
tio new places and dimensions. Instead of being enclosed in some arena, you 
are free to travel whereever you want to whilst attacking in any direction.
It also brings in a new, clearer plot to the series that wasnt so apparent in 
Midway's predecessors such as MK 1 and MK 2, which incidentally is where
this game takes place between.

Whats new and improved are several things: new enemies, new attacks, easier
fatality input, enhanced enviroments and, obviously as this guide says,
the introduction of Bosses. No more pounding the same enmies over again like 
Deadly Alliance. No. Now all your favourites and have been upgraded to bosses
who have to be defeated in order to advance. But it's not easy, as many of 
you will know.....(especially Baraka.....*shudders*) This guide is here
to put that at ease and help everyone beat the baddies with style, and if
, just IF you're lucky......FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!!!......Well its a long shot
but its worth a try, well done if you do this even once, I bow down to you...
m(_ _)m m(_ _)m m(_ _)m m(_ _)m m(_ _)m m(_ _)m m(_ _)m

Anyway, on with the blood and violence and guts...glaven....

C: Boss Battles

For each Boss I will put down their attack methods, how to dodge them, best
methods of attacking them, rewards for their defeat and their death movie 
(if they have one) so be careful when reading this as there will be *SPOILERS*


Name: Oni Warlord
Difficulty: 4/10
Annoyance: 5/10

Ah, the Oni Warlord, a big lumbering pile of fat with a big sword/club. As a
first boss this will be a piece of cake compared to the rest of the game. His
main attacks are smashing the ground with the club, swinging it round his
body (lethal) and kicking the club over his head into the ground (very bad).
First off, throw the small oni onto the spikes when and where possible to
make this easier on you and concentrate on Lardy. Except the swinging club, 
his attacks can simply be jumped over, and while he's dithering about you can
get in plenty of attacks in on him and bring down his health bar. For the 
swing clun move just run away from him so he cant hit you, then return and
pound him. Simple boss and should go down very easily. Once he dies (not
really a death movie for him) he'll leave behind the long jump abilty so
you can get the hell out of there.


Name: Kitana
Difficulty: 5/10
Annoyance: 3/10

Liu's girlfriend isnt so hard. The only worry here is to make sure you dont 
launch attack too much otherwise she counters with a fan-blade slash. Ouch.
Block her attacks (which are kinda predictable) as she only attacks with 
the fans, so no worries, and hit her with combos for max impact. At half
health, she'll scarper into the portal where, after a quick Matrix-style
attack, you get the main fight of the Monastery


Name Kitana, Mileena, Jade
Difficulty: 7 or 8/10
Annoyance: 8/10

Oh boy. Now you get to fight all 3 of the Powerpuff girls. From the start
focus on Kitana until she gets thrown into the orb/dome thing. Fend off the
other 2 in the meantime. Milena has a nasty habit of warp-attacking then
rolling into you, which is frustrating, but Jade will also attack you with
her spear and throw projectiles at you, so it takes some skill to keep Kitana
in the trap while the other 2 are trying to free her. At this point if either
J or M reach half health they wuill leave the arena for a while, and the spell
time bar never increases, so ther is some good news. 

Once Kitana is freed from the spell, attack her clone Mileena as she is the 
greater of 2 evils. Her attacks are blockable so just keep an eye out for her
warp attack. At 2 points of her health, she will be thrown into the fire trap
on the right, so GET OVER THERE! and succeed the TYM to damage her greatly.
Once she goes down, Jade is all thats left. Her main attack are those 
projectiles, so go in close and launch her before using power attacks. Again
she will be thrown into a trap on the left where you need to do more TYM.
After the second time, she will be almost ready to go down, so do what 
Kahn says and FINISH HER! In the Death-MV, your chracter will kick away Jade's
spear, take it and attack Mileena with it, grab her Sai blades, then stab
Jade through the eyes with them.....FATALITY. Your reward is the Fist of Ruin


Name: Snake (not from Metal Gear Solid)
Difficulty: 8/10
Annoyance: 9.5: 10

ARGH! I hate this thing so much! It's only attack is to touch you and then you
go flying through the air.....back to the start......*shudders*. With your new
ability, the aim is to destroy the pillars that the snake semms to be guarding
with 3 fists of ruin. However each time you destroy one, he moves to next in an
erratic pattern to stop you from doing this. This is mainly down to timing and
luck because they're the only things you need here. 4 pillars gone and the 
roof collapses, crushing and killing the snake. WOOHOO! Its dead at last!
YAY....Uh-oh, Reptile doesn't look happy that you killed Mr. Fluffybump...


Name: Reptile
Difficulty: 6.5/10
Annoyance 4/10

Not as bad as his pet, Reptile can be a pushover. His attacks include fist-
fighting, warping onto the rubble heap and throwing magic projectiles and
charging up a single projectile to throw at you on the ground. Block his 
punches, jump over the charged attack or attack him if you're daring,
and run to the front of the rubble pile to avoid the attacks, as there's a
99% chance you wont be hit. Keep launching him and attacking him when he's
airborne and soon he'll reach 50% health. Now he's mad. He'll stop doing the
multi-ball attack but he adds 2 more: Stealth, and a deadly dome of magic.
Stealth is annoying, as he cant be seen at all until a brief image of his 
head can be seen, so attack that area. The deadly dome can be awful if you're
caught in it, but it's very easy to see him charge it up so by that time you
have already pegged it away from him. The only real threat is the stealth
move. A good tip is to know that the camera zooms in on you when your close
to your oppenent, and zooms out when far away, so use that to help you.
Many attacks later, Reptile makes a mistake, so you break his jaw, and
in a tense struggle, break his neck and claim both your second tournament
victory and the wall-climb ability. FATALITY.


Name: Orochi Hellbeast
Difficulty: 3/10
Annoyance: 4/10

I honestly think this guy is cooler, but also easier than the Oni guy. Along
with him there are 3 Tarkata, so take care of them first. Once they're gone,
my best tactic is to use fist of ruin over and over again. His attacks are so
slow anyone can see when they're coming and it gives time to use around 5
FOR's  which takes off about a fifth of his health, maybe more. The single
danger is when he stops moving and sets himself on fire. RUN AWAY. Simple.
Piece of Cake. He explodes into black matter, leaving you to either face
Baraka or complete the second half of the Soul Tombs.....sounds like a 


Name: Baraka
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Annoyance: 10/10

I really want to cry when i fight this dude......The first half is simple, his
attacks are almost identical but a little more powerful than his minions, so
blocking is a must-do. Just pound him mercilessly until he throws the 2 burning
monks into the arena. Either avoid them, or attack them and get some health
back, which you'll need for the second half, trust me.....Once Baraka returns
tio the other side, its a case of using your projectile attacks to hit him from
that distance. Dont attack when he does the Matrix-diving move though, I find
attacking there earely ever works, so just be safe for now. The final bit adds
the full marks for annoyance. He cant be damaged at all when he returns to 
your side. Nope. The only option is too attack him with the swords. Not
slashing or slicing, but to impale him. And you cant just throw them either.
No, you have to wait until another TYM appears whilst attacking, and this 
can be anytime at all...that is if Baraka hasnt impaled you with his blades
already because you attacked too much....Pass the TYM and then you just have 
do it one more time......yes, i'm sorry too but what are you gonna do?
I only hope you dont screw up the fatality because you dont want to do that
again......The tortured souls emerge from within and batter Baraka to a pulp
before a melee of them shatter Baraka into several limbs, pieces and gallons. 
FATALITY.Boss Over. Thank God. Your reward is another tournament victory and 
the Wall-run ability....once you've got it first, however....


Name: Sub-Zero
Difficulty: 5/10
Annoyance: 7/10 (for first timers)

Ah, yes, the classics are always the best. Of course all his attacks involve
snowballs or his trademarks, Freezing you and the Ice slide that sends you 
into the air. Keep a safe distance from him, and throw the projectiles given
for easy victory. Only fist-fight when you're sure you can hit him good and
not get pawned by him. No reward except a free boat trip and no death movie
either, but he does get his kinda cool Locke has in Lost
on C4....maybe they're related.......


Name: Goro
Difficulty: 7or 8/10
Annoyance: 7/10

You finally get to take the 4-armed freak down at last! Attacks of his are
suicide. He'll shoot 4 fire blasts at you, charge at you, and if you're not 
caeful, he'll grab you in a TYM move which only the speed-of-light speedy
can achieve. Very Nasty. Mad as it is, go as close as possible and FOR him
like hell, but with each hit, jump to the other side of him. Every 4 connecting
hits, he'll strike out at you, so that's why you jump. At half health, he'll
grab a stone column and use it like a baseball bat. There'e 2 ways of going
about this: Stay away and use projectiles, jumping when he smashes the ground,
or kamikaze him and run like **** when he swings the 'bat'. Keep this up and
you'll finally get your revenge on this annoying boss.....or do you? No.
Johnny Cage, in a let-me-handle-this style, motions you away before kicking
Goro in the chest and twisting his insides into Spaghetti Junction. DAMN YOU!
THAT WAS MY FATALITY YOU SONOFA*****!!!!........get your 4th victory coin
and move on.....


Name: Scorpion
Difficulty: 8/10
Annoyance: 9/10

GET OVER HERE! Damn he rocks as a Boss character.....First off, this a regular
fight, with all Scorp's well known moves, the spear (GET OVER HERE!), fire-
breathing, fire combos...all that, blocking is of the essence....or time...
anyway....reach half health and things get sinister.....Scorpion will scarper
to a solitary platform, trying to incinerate you in a flurry of flames. Reach
the second arena and he will keep the attack up so just avoid the glowing areas
before they ignite. After 3 or 4 rounds of this, he'll shoot his spear into
the centre of the stage. Grab it, pass the TYM and Scorpion will fall into 
you, ready to be sent back to hell where he belongs. However, he will return to
the rock once more, so at the second TYM make sure you pass it and that you
empty the health bar before he can go back. In a pretty painful death, you 
grab the spear and tie it round Scorpion's neck, throttle him and chuck him
into the lava.......FATALITY.....?.........No odd....well lets
look over.......*WHOOSH*....oh dear....


Name: Inferno Scorpion
Difficulty: 5:10
annoyance: 6/10

HERE'S.......SCORPY! He looks mad.....but he's not so bad. No half-way
interferences, but he does attack a lot faster and more ferociously, BUT he 
does seem to lose health faster this time round.....Again block, block, block,
and use combos and power attacks when and where you can. Once he's down, 
you get to see the best thought out fatality ever. I.S. is kicked into the lava
yet clibs back out. However, some of hell's other residents want him back and
start to pull him back in. In a quick escape, Scorpion uses his spear to 
grab onto a beam. At the same time, a skeleton attacks you, but with a
quick round-house kick you send the bony corpse into Scorpion. He loses
his grip and plummets into the lava, where more enemies grab him and overpower
him...he sinks into the lava, flashing you a quick thumbs up before his demise.
FATALITY. *COUGH TERMINATOR 2 COUGH* Grab the final victory coin and head for 
the Foundry.


Name: Orochi Hellbeast Part 2
Difficulty: 6/10
Annoyance: 9/10

Dont get me wrong, its the same creature, its just that this time he's been
joined by 2 demon generals who hurt you like hell, and the only way to get rid 
of them is those 2 hooks hanging from the ceiling....not even Orochi wants to 
eat them. Avoid the Hellbeasts attacks whilst trying to get the demons on the 
hooks, then just kill the Beast like you did before for a well earned health


Name: Shang Tsung
Difficulty: 8/10
Annoyance: 7/10

The beginning of the end. Most of Tsung's attacks are magic based. BLOCK.
However one of his moves involves sucking out your soul, which hurts you but
heals him. NEVER give him the chance to do this. He can also transform into
Reptile and Sub-Zero (see their strategies) and Johnny Cage. All of Johnny's 
can be blocked however so there isnt much of a threat from him, Tsung himself
is you biggest worry. Keep at him, avoid the healing move, remember his attacks
and eventually you'll be rewarded with the breaking of Shang Tsung's neck...
almost like revenge for the opening movie of Deadly Alliance....


Name: Kintaro
Difficulty: 4/10
Annoyance: 3/10

Yes I'm serious. First grab the small health in the bottom-left corner, then go
for Goro's big brother. Kintaro moves just like Goro, except he doesnt do that
evil grapple move or shoot fireballs, so he isnt as hard as Goro. He does have
a move that involves jumping out of sight and landing randomly somewhere in
the arena. Wait for him to jump then move to the spot where he was. He comes
back down, you jump to avoid shockwave, he jumps again, you move again, wash,
rinse, repeat etc. Attack him like the Hellbeast, Fist of Ruin, jump to his 
back, attack, jump, hit, jump, hit and so on. When he goes down, he gets his
arms (all 4 of them) ripped of violently, then in a defenceless struggle,
loses his head in the same way. Prepare for the end......


Name: Shao Kahn
Difficulty: 9/10
Annoyance: 9/10

*INSERT FATALITY MUSIC* The final boss is the head honcho himself, and this is
no piece of cake.....because he's killed you and taken it for himself. Close
attacks are a big no-no, projectiles or throwing Kintaro's head are the only 
safe ways here, otherwise it is suicide. His main attack is to shoulder barge
you, but this can be avoided from a safe distance. His other attacks include
energy shots, so avoid those, jump-uppercutting, so dont jump, and taunting
you. Take this moment to do some serious damage as any attack here will 
disorient him for a short while. Keep up the long range attacks and fleeing
until he reaches half health. Here his helmet/crown is destroyed and we see
what Kahn looks like under the mask. Unlucky for you, that crown was his
favourite so now he's brought out the hammer.....DEADLY DEADLY DEADLY DEADLY
DEADLY....and a little bit nasty too. Kahn keeps up the shoulder barges, so
use projectile shots when you can. He also, unfortunately uses the hammer
like the Warlord Boss does. Get caught and I doubt you'll have much/any health
left. The only sure-fire way to avoid it is wait for him to start swinging it
around him, then do 2 long jumps followed by a double jump. When you land,
Kahn will have just finished and kneel on the ground for a bit. ATTACK!
Keep up this loop and maybe, just maybe, you'll get to take down Shao Kahn.

WELL DONE! You've beat the game! I wont spoil the ending, but you've finally
done it. Now just go and collect all thos secrets hidden throughout each area
in the game.......

D: Optional/ Extra Bosses

These Bosses dont necessarily have to be fought but they do help in finding
all the secret stuff....


Name: Ermac
Difficulty: 10/10
Annoyance: 10/10

I can see why this guy is optional. At the warrior shrine, interact with the
far left statue 3 times for the fight to start. Ermac is the 4th ninja of this
game, and dont underestimate him. All his attacks involve psychokinesis, so
its difficult to guess when he'll attack. My only advice here is to slowly get
up close to him and wait until his attack ends AND leaves him open for pounding
back to where he came from. If you attack him when he guards he'll teleport and
perform an unblockable attack so be warned. At 3/4 health he'll start
levitating thos rocks around the arena's edge and smashing them into the ground
or you if he gets lucky.....and he will.....get him to 1/2 health and he brings
the stone Johhny Cage to life.....oh great, 2 bosses.....Go for Cage first,his
death/destruction gives somne health back then focus on Ermac. Be brave and
patient and Ermac gets what he deserves. In an attempt to kill you he 
levitates 2 rocks and throws one of them at you. Seeing it approach, you
kick the rock back at Ermac and strike him with it. Ermac is knocked down, but
forgets the second rock he's no longer holding....yea, the one that was above
his head.....SPLAT! Your reward is the fact you beat him and a secret Koin.


Name: Mileena
Difficulty: 6/10
Annoyance: 5/10

Same clone, same girl, same attacks. Yawn. Avoid the 2 masked guards or kill
them first then focus on Mileena. Same method as before. Piece of cake.
She's almost she's run into an escape portal with
Kitana.......damn......I really wanted to kill Jaws' sister...... your only
reward is another secret Koin


Name: Kano
Difficulty: 5/10
Annoyance: 4/10

YAY! A classic character! He's still got his trademark barrel roll, but this
time round it cant be blocked so be careful when going to stike him. He does
seem to be weak against combos so things like Scorpion's fire combo or Liu's
Bicycle kick will do wonders here. Only annoyances are the barrel roll, those
HIM AND STEAL MY FATALITY!!! ARRRGGGHGHHH!!!!!!.......back in reality now...
After one helluva punch from Jax, Kano is sent back onto his prison platform,
but a mechanism fault (?) sends the platform and Kano into a solid steel grill,
dismembering and decapitating him. Your reward is a bit more.....rewarding
compared to the other 2 you get. Your rewards are a health upgrade and a
health bosst for the Shao Kahn fight....very helpful indeed.

E: Closing

I would like to give credits to:

Me: for writing this thing up and hoping it cna help a lot of people

Midway: For making a great game and hopefully making a sequel

Ed Boon: For giving Scorpion the coolest voice and dialogue ever.

My friends: For playing the game and losing so dramatically in VS. mode :-)

Gamefaqs and its members: For being a great reliable site and its members being
thankful when useful stuff is posted and just generally being cool

Trademark 2006 metalgearsonic
A.K.A. Chris Humphreys