Survival Mode FAQ by metalgearsonic

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Written by metalgearsonic Vers. 1.0


A: Legal Disclaimer
B: About Survival Mode
C: Unlocking/ finding Survival Mode
D: The levels
E: Closing
F: Updates

A: Legal Disclaimer

This FAQ/ Strategy Guide was written solely by me, metalgearsonic, and all 
chracters mentioned or used are owned by Midway Games. 
This guide is to be used on only and used with their kind 
permission. All tips and advice used in this guide were found through gameplay
expirience, no otherhelp was given from any outside agency or distributor.

B: About Survival Mode

Survival Mode is one of the hardest things to unlock in a game. Even then, 
once it's been unlocked, it lives up to it's name of Survival. It will make
you or break you, or even make you a little bit mad :-) 

At first, Midway were going to have a Boss Rush Mode, as revealed in the Game
Over secret messages, but wasn't included. Instead, Survival Mode takes its
place. I still think why it's so well hidden if its there to be played...
maybe to save people from themselves....meh, anyway, on with the guide....

C: Unlocking/ Finding Survival Mode

Follow these steps and you should find the entrance to Survival Mode

1: Grab an enemy and throw him into the left hand wall in the Foundry corridor
(This should reveal a secret room)
2: Grab the axe from the water area.
3: Go to the orc filled tunnel and O smash the barrel at the end
4: Go up the ramp in the lobby and turn left onto the landing.
5: Go to the end and smash the barrel closest to you with O button
(smash all the barrels using the O button for this)
6: Go back and into the small room with the weapon on the floor and smash the
barrel at the back of the room
7: Go into the rock-crusher corridor and smash the barrel at the end
8: Return to the weapon room and smash the other barrel in there.
9: Go to the landing and smash the last barrel.
10: If the entrance hasn't appeared yet, do another smash on the spot
11: Push R2 to go in.

*Serious credit to whoever discovered this.....

D: The Levels

Follow this guide carefully and you should be alright, just make sure you keep
retrieving the sword at the end of each level, it makes the next one that much
easier, trust me on this. If you are having difficulty with the Level Bosses
rather than the minions, read my Boss FAQ for this game as well, all listed
and covered so you'll know what attacks to to prepare yourself for.

Level 1

Location: Wu Shi Academy

Enemies: 9 (6 Tarkata/2 Masked Guards/Baraka)

Difficulty: 5/10

For the Tarkata, I recommend simply throwing them out of the arena to save time
and health, but if your being overpowered by them then uppercuts are your best
bet. The Axe should still be with you so impale Baraka, then go nuts beating
the life out of him. Serves him right for being so damn hard with those Soul
Swords and all......After the initial enemies are dead, 2 Tarkata and 2
Masked Guards appear. Throw the Tarkata out of the arena, then do the same to
the guards, seeing as you can simply block them then drop them. Sorted. The
only problem is, more likely than not is you will lose the axe. If not, keep
it for the next level.

*Note: When the level boss is dead, you can use Fatalities and all that on
the regular enemies, so sometimes is best to kill the Boss first.

Make your way to Level 2


Level 2

Location: Unknown

Enemies 18 (6 Demon Archers/6 Demon Captains/3 Demon Generals/3 Demon Handlers)

Difficulty: 4/10

No Bosses are present here so use any -alities if you need to. The wave pattern
is the same, 6 enemies at once: 1 General/Handler and 2 Archers/Captains. 3
waves of this. Once any of those waves dies, EG you kill a general, it will
regenerate at once, so go for whichever is your most difficult foe and use 3
fatalities to get rid of them and leave the easier ones. There are 2 weapons
at the sides as well, so slice, dice, and don't be nice :-) Keep the sword for
Level 3 though it might just come in handy, seeing as the axe WILL have run 
down and broken from over-use.

Survive and advance.....


Level 3

Location: Goro's Lair

Enemies: 14 (12 Oni/ 2 Oni Warlords)

Difficulty: 3/10

The small Oni come in 4 at once, so be grateful you kept that sword! Or, 
alternatively, impale one of the Warlords with a well-aimed throw, and get
it back later. Yea, do that. Impale a Boss, throw the mini-Oni onto the fires
in the corner to save time (and make sure they're all finished first), kill the
impaled Warlord, then do the same to his brother. Wait and avoid his attacks,
or go in for the kill! Whatever you prefer. Retrieve the sword for Level 4.

Level 4 awaits....


Level 4

Location: The Pit Bottom

Enemies: 7 (6 Bloody Skeletons/Reptile)

Difficulty: 4/10

Throwing is your best friend here. Throw the skeletons onto the spikes, sorted.
To deal with Reptile, Impalement with swords never gets boring.....Just as easy
as the last level. In fact, just this morning, I had a no-damage Level 4 where
I impaled Reptile, cornered him in the bottom-right corner and used Bicycle 
Kick repeatedly so he had no chance to attack! Magic. Get the sword and move on

Time to move on....


Level 5

Location: The Foundry

Enemies: 4 (Inferno Scorpion/3 Orochi Hellbeasts)

Difficulty: 6/10

You will still have the sword by now, so impale Inferno Scorpion, then kill him
to death.....wait a minute....anyway....once he's down, impale the Orochi 
Hellbeasts, but only throw the sword at them if you are facing the left or 
right side walls, otherwise you might miss and throw it into the lava or out
of the stage at the front, and then you'll cry and give up because you liked
that weapon so much...never happened to me....>_> anyway, the Hellbeast is
a slow creature so avoiding his attacks arent hard. Scorpion is the real
threat, but because you took him down earlier he's not a problem anymore.


Level 6

Location: The Living Forest

Enemies: 15 (9 Clay Soldiers/ 6 Brother of Shadow)

Difficulty: 8/10

I hate this one......Mutalities are your best bet. Stay near the spikes at 
the far left and throw the BOS into them to make life better. If you're lucky
a clay soldier might be eaten by the tree so stay near there for now. Once the
BOS have all been killed, use fist of ruin to destroy the soldiers' shields.
Now either beat them up or use the spikes, whatever is best at the time.
Avoid the fire near the spikes, but enemies are prone to it as well, so be
creative during the violence. The sword WILL break here, so you'll have to
rely on your fists and feet to help you here. Typical that it breaks before
Level 7......

Last this long and you'll reach level 7....


Level 7

Location: Wastelands

Enemies: 9 (Kano/8 Black Dragon Mercenaries)

Difficulty: 9/10

I hate this one even more......Kill Kano. Avoid his cannon ball move*, then 
pound on him like no tomorrow. If his cronies get close, then throw them away,
I've found they're more vulnerable against throws rather than punches. Once
Kano is finally dead, use whatever -alities are available to keep this level as
short as possible. Avoid the several fires around the edges and try to get
some Mercs between you and Kano. That way, they'll get hurt and not you. It's
the only fool-proof method I've found for this level so far.

*Do this by keeping close to him or throwing him into his cronies.

Onwards and upwards....


Level 8

Location: Kahn's arena

Enemies: 2 (?) (Goro/Kintaro) (!)

Difficulty: Not as bad as you think, 5/10

This to me is the easiest fight. Just like when you fight them normally, I
use fist of ruin, jump over whoever, fist of ruin, jump to their other side,
fist of ruin, etc. By jumping you avoid their attacks and keep hurting them at
a regular rate. Once Goro goes down, repeat your attack process. Easy fight
against 2 of the strongest characters......bit feeble, i wish i had more of
a challenge.....oh crap, i spoke too soon....

*No updates for this one, it works every time :-)

**I've also noticed if you stand perfectly still and close to them, without
attacking, they don't attack you at all. Maybe you could use that to your

Almost there.....


Level 9

Location: Warrior Shrine

Enemies: 4 (Reptile/Ermac/Sub-Zero/Scorpion)

Difficulty: MUMMY! (10/10)

OH ******* HELL........if you beat this you can call yourself an MK champ.
Go after the ninjas in the given order, since Reptile has no defence, and then
you'd be taking down Ermac, the biggest threat of the lot. His psychic attacks
will break you if you haven't faced him in story mode***. 4 VS 1 is a big deal,
but if you break the statues at the back, they all have medium health boosts
inside, but use them sparingly. Liu Kang's Bicycle Kick is a Godsend, go nuts
with it, as it's the only way I beat Survival Mode with it.....Good luck..
And may the For...*swish* *splat* "GET OVER HERE!" Oh crap......I'll be back
in a bit.....

If you've done it, then congratulations! Your reward is an extra 8% game 
completion and the satisfaction you beat everything that Midway threw at you!*

*Trust me, you'll love the satisfaction and can show off to your mates later...

**Bet you wish you had the sword for this one, right? No-one has given me any
tips for this level yet, so Bicycle Kick is still your best bet, I'm afraid...

***Yes, get over to the warrior shrine and take down ermac by himself before
you go into this thing, it gives great practice in what to expect from him...
(minus floating rocks)

E: Closing

If anyone finds some fool-proof methods or tricks then please E-mail me.

Thanks to: Me I wrote this thing and had to beat all 9 levels to do so....
           Gamefaqs and its members for reading and hosting this....
           Midway for making a class game....
No thanks to: My sister for stealing the last muffin in the box....
              Ermac for using cheap psychic moves in Level 9
              Clay Soldiers for having shields

Copyright (C) metalgearsonic

F: Updates

Vers 1.0

: Made the basic copy, all levels covered.

Vers 1.1

: Updated each level with new strategy/ies
: Made good use of the sword to ease the difficulty

Vers 1.2

: Read in a Topic by Hunteristhegame2 that you can keep the Axe throughout
the whole of Survival Mode by impaling all enemies, as this refreshes the
'life' of the Axe. Tried it out, it works out. Good work, Hunteristhegame2 :-)
Makes Levels 7 and 9 easier than before.