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Why can't I get the Chicago Typewriter?

I recently finished round 2 of the main game and Assignment Ada. I got the message saying I unlocked the Chicago Typewriter, but then it didn't ask me to save the game, I was only asked if I wanted to save system data. Apparently this meant it didn't save the Chicago Typewriter, as when I started round 3 it was not available. Is there any way to fix this?

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Mookiethebold answered:

Completing Assignment Ada unlocks the Chicago Typewriter for Separate Ways, not the main game. You need to complete Separate Ways to unlock the CT for the main game. That's why you can't buy it yet.
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GMR597 answered:

You have to save the system data. You have to buy it from the merchant for 1 million pta.
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gater228 answered:

once you beat AA, you get CT for SW. beat SW to get CT for MG

MG=main game
SW=separate ways
AA=assignment ada
CT=chicago typewriter
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gater228 answered:

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MGSLGXK answered:

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