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How do i get pass level 5-1 the regenereater part?

Im stuck on the part when you open the door and them coming out please help me.

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I dont really get the part to how to open the freezer. And is it only for the rifle not the semi-auto?

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Second ? How to get into freezer. Dont get FAQ .

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Is the rocket launcher effective to them?

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Rizdhan201 answered:

There two choise to easy kill him
1.take your broken butterfly or your killer7 and shoot it in the stomatch until he explode
2.get rifle semi auto and get into freeze room and get infrared scoop,combine it and when you use it look their bodies there are parasite inside his own bodies with glow red.shoot all parasite and taaaaaaaaadaaaaaa he will explode

note:there are 2 the original regenerator and one is iron maiden

regenerator have 3-4 parasite in their bodies.two in foot and two in hand.iron maiden have 5 parasite two in foot two in hand and one in his shoot parasite in their back shoot his foot until he fall and shooot.
If you have any question.sent me mail to
Sorry for my bad english cause i'm from indonesia
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MC_BatCommander answered:

Avoid them until you get into the freezer, there's an infrared scope attachment for your rifle that makes killing them easy. Regular guns can do the trick but it takes way too much ammo.
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Rizdhan201 answered:

If you have to choose origin rifle you will need time to reload your weapon.if you choose it regenerator will easy to get i recomend to choose rifle semi auto.
If you have P.R.l 412 charge it until glow then release x and regenerator will die instanly..
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