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How do you use ashleys other costumes?

I read all the other guides, but they only tell you
that you can select an alternative costume for Leon
at the beginning of a new playthrough.

However, it doesnt have the option for ashley.
Every playthough shes wearing her normal
clothes and i dont know how to change
into the knight outfit. help?

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KXGLSGM answered:

I think the answer can be found out through these three posts, but it is really weird and confusing so I am making this into an easier to read list.

1.If you select the normal costume Ashley is wearing her normal costume
2.If you select Special costume 1 Ashley is wearing an all white costume
3.If you select Special costume 2 Ashley is wearing a suit of armour and she is invincible

Special 1 is unlocked by beating the main game, Special 2 is unlocked by beating Separate Ways.
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amp888 answered:

I dont know about getting her knight outfit, since I only have the GC version, but in that version, when you select Leons special costume, Ashley is automatically wearing her special costume. I hope this helps you, but I guess it probably doesnt.
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GAMEFROG1 answered:

Once you have beaten the game,save,start a new game,or round 2.When it starts,youwill be asked to choose costume 1 or 2.Choose 2.Leon will be dressed as a ganster,ashley will be in armourThis will help a lot.she woun't take any damage,and she's to heavy to be carryed off. My third time through (normal mode) I picked up the special costume .L eon in his outfit from the older games,and ashley as a pop girl.Hope this helps out. Buy the way,This was done on the platstation 2.Not the game cube.I understand thers is a little differance between the gc,and ps version.I'll be checking the gc version a little later on........
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scorpion41 answered:

In the PS2 version...beat the game once to unlockcostume 1, Leon's RPD uniform and Ashley's popstar outfit...beat Separate Ways to unlock costume 2, the Gangster Outifit and the Knight Armor(Ashley).
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bergerstack answered:

If u have leons costumes thats how u get ashleys so 1 is normal 2 is rpd leon and pop star ashley and last is gangster leon and ashley armor suit
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Kyo555 answered:

well, KXGLSGM is have to beat Separate Ways.
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