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Asked: 5 years ago

Unlimited ammo for all guns?

Is there unlimited ammo for every gun like in resident evil 5 you can get to change it off or on

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How do you get it?

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From: ---Nintendo--- 5 years ago

If you mean how you get the unlimited ammo for those weapons, they all include it when you buy them, except for the Handcannon, for that one you'll need to fully upgrade it so you can buy its exclusive, which is unlimited ammo.

If you mean how to get those weapons:

- Infinite Launcher: beat the game
- P.R.L. 412: beat the game on Professional mode
- Chicago Typewriter: beat Separate Ways
- Handcannon: get 5 stars with all the characters in all the stages in the Mercenaries

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No, the only weapons that have unlimited ammo are the Infinite Launcher, the Chicago Typewriter, the P.R.L. 412 and the Handcannon (after fully upgrading it).

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No. Only Chicago Typewriter, PRL 412, Infinite Launcher, and Handcannon have unlimited ammo.
For the Handcannon, you'll need to fully upgrade it though, to access it's unlimited ammo.

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