Question from gater228

How do i set the game to easy mode?

I have tried and tried. every time i hit start it just says resident ebil 4 and starts the game. im totally stuck and low on ammo and i cant beat the game. help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im tired of sucking.

Accepted Answer

DragonX1251 answered:

Their is no easy mode. if your low on ammo use your knife aim for feet and face and use the kick option when ever you get the chance.

You can also use head shots and leg shots this will also give you the kick option

Upgrades are also a good way to make things easier focus on fire power and capacity

If you need more help tell me where you are and I will tell you exactly how to get through it

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theendbegins answered:

There is only normal and pro mode sorry
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krauser1989 answered:

May be the disc you bought is the original disc. When you start a new game with this disc , it only has normal and pro mode. I suggest you to die may time in normal mode and easy mode will appear or change the disc.
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