Question from DankyMan

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get past (gallery room)?

When you kill the red guy with the gun turret u get a gallery key,then u walk in the gallery what order does the sacrafice pics go?

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From: KXGLSGM 5 years ago

Press all four buttons once, the order you press them in doesnt matter.

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You have to get the six sacrifices... You need to get it to where you have the statue first... Then you need the picture of two hanging twice in a row... Then the guy in the guillutine...

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The solution is 1,2,3,4 and done, barely even a puzzle.

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U have to have 6 sacrafices and also if u dont want buddy on that turret jump down and make him run back up the stairs this works 50 % of the time

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Honestly, I hated the red zealot in this room since he had like enough health to survive one direct shot from a rocket launcher, but you can stop him by shooting him with a sniper before he notices and starts running. If you intercept him on the bottom floor, knock him down with your shotgun or he can escape to the outside and fight back with the turret. If you are successful in knocking him down, hammer him with all your bullets until he dies

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