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Resident Evil 4 famitsu demo faq
version 1.0
by erbgorK

*Disclaimer: This was written by me, erbgorK, unless noted otherwise. Please *
*do not steal. You may post it/copy it, whatever, as long as you provide full*
*credit.                                                                     *
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*This is something I want to post quickly. Right now there are a lot         *
*of questions about the demo, and by collecting information it here I        *
*hopefully save some people time wasted searching.                           *
*If your questions about the RE4 demo were not answered here, you should try *
*the gamefaqs.com RE4 message board. If that doesn't work, you can also email*
*me: erbgor[at]gmx[dot]de. English or german.                                *
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*The demo itself might still be found at online stores. The place where I got*
*it is sold out though. I payed $19,90 plus shipping.                        *
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*The full game will be out in 2005. Some sources say the US release date is  *
*January 11, but of course this is subject to change as always.              *


10/28 0.6 Minor additions to the "how to get 30000 on normal" guide.
          I will write one for hard in the future, shouldn't be much different
          anyway. Listed some stuff that is not mentioned in the guide.
          Some more translations.

10/29 0.7 Some more items and the like I missed.

10/29 1.0 Hole thing got a new structure. I hope it is easier to read 
now.           Also rewrote most of the content, added information.
          This should be done now.

     Table of contents:

     I   Walkthrough
     II  Location of items et cetera not listed in walkthrough
     III Translations
     IV  Differences of this Famitsu Demo to the earlier E3 Demo

I Walkthrough

*a* Before you start

When you start the demo, you can only play on normal.
After beating the demo once, you can also play on hard and play a movie (the 
one shown at e3).
If you get 30000 on a single run on either normal or hard, you will have an 
uzi in your inventory the next time you play on normal difficulty. You cannot 
have the uzi in hard difficulty.

Since you cannot save, the next time you start the demo (after having
resetted) you can only play normal again and the uzi is gone.

The following walkthrough should help you get 30000 points. You do so by 
collecting money that appears after killing villagers, opening crates or is 
just lying around.
The guide was tested on normal and hard. Hard means enemies have more health
and deal more damage.

A rough map guide to important locations in the village: Upon entering, there 
is a house with two crates (one of them always holding a high explosive 
grenade) on the far right. On the left are three houses, the second one is 
the Chainsaw Guy house, the third one the shotgun house. Behind the third 
house is the tower with shotgun shells.
Directly across the shotgun house is another house you can enter. In there
you will find a number of items, most important more shotgun shells.

I think the only way to get 30000 is to kill Chainsaw Guy 2 times: First at
his "starting point" at the door, secondly when he appears after you enter 
the shotgun house.

*b* Up to the village

The first "enemies" you'll come across are birds. We don't want to scare
them away so when you spotted them, walk. One on the tree (1), one in the left
on the ground (2), one further down the path (3). This is how I usually get
all three birds: Shoot (1), now (2) will fly where (1) was. Wait a split
second to see where it goes exactly then shoot it. Takes just a little
practice. If you were not too close, (3) might still be on the ground. It
always has only a first aid spray though.

Go behind the first house, there is a crate. Then enter the house, kill the 
single ganado, if he collects something don't forget to collect it. Then go 
up the stairs, get the handgun ammo on the far wall, and jump out of the 
window. Quickly shoot the ganado you see, but be careful, there are two more 
of them on your right side.

Go into every shed, open every crate, kill every enemy. Try to shoot the 
ganado in the legs, even when they are on the ground. It kills just as fast 
as shooting in the torso and I get more money this way.

About halfway, you'll encounter more birds. Shoot the one on the right first, 
he has a grenade, then try to get the other one as he is flying away.

The three enemies you encounter that run away you cannot shoot at this moment,
but they might sneak up behind you if you go into the village, then back to
this point.

You should have about 5000, hopefully more when entering the village. If you
have less consider resetting.

*c* In the village

Before I shot anybody, I went right into a house with two crates to get a 
grenade and hopefully money (if you wait a split second before you go right, 
you will not be noticed), then into Chainsaw Guy's house (the second house on 
the left, if you go the lon way around the first house you might not be 
noticed) to get some more stuff, out ouf the window there, pop the crate for 
a red herb (and here you will get noticed if they haven't seen you before), 
ignore the "woman" by turning right and running along behind the shotgun 
house, over the fence or through the gap, and follow this trail to the left 
till the end. There he is.

The way I kill him: Throw a grenade (explosive (best) or fire),
hopefully killing his two companions and flooring him. Now quickly get into
"minimum grenade safety distance" (as close as possible to him so you could
still throw a grenade at him without being hit yourself) and shoot his head
with the handgun. If he gets up either throw another grenade and repeat, or,
if you trust your aim, simply shoot him in the head as he approaches you.
It is quite simple to run past him as well.
Try to finish him quick or you will be ambushed by villagers that followed 
Pick up the 10000, and clear a path to the tower, preferably running, 
shooting them now wastes too much time.

Go up to the tower to get the shotgun ammo, go down again and make a sharp
right, over the fence and into the shotgun house. Grab the grenade and the 
then hope that you find money in the baskets under the stairs. Note: If you
have 19000 you don't need to get more here.

Go up, get the shotgun, the money on the table (1000 I think) and the handgun
ammo. If you were quick, there is nobody here.

Go to the first window and blast the two zombies with the shotgun, then kill
them with another blast or handgun shots. Go through the window onto the roof,
turn left and jump down on the ground. No if I make a right I can usually
see Chainsaw Guy. Get his attention, then quickly 180 and get to the barn, a
few steps behind the cow.

Let's hope Chainsaw Guy is one of the first of the 15+ villagers that will
come after you now. Throw your grenades, try to hit Chainsaw Guy and as many
villagers as possible. Now if Chainsaw Guy is floored and there are no
villagers close to you, shoot him in the head with the handgun, otherwise use
the shotgun to floor him and get rid of villagers that are close. But
Chainsaw Guy is your top priority, if you run out of time before he drops you
you can't get the 30000. If you get Chainsaw Guy to drop, QUICKLY rush to his
corpse to get the money, you should now have 30000 or just a little below
that. If you got the 30000, just stay alive, you are faster than them, if you
have the ammo you can shoot them of course. If you still need a little money
remember to shoot the legs and try to gather the rest.

Also, there is some more shotgun ammo in the building across the shotgun
building, but I didn't waste time there, but you might wanna try. You can kill
2nd Chainsaw Guy as he will follow you, but I find it harder in here than
outside in the open.

II  Location of items et cetera not listed in walkthrough

There are two doors in the village that you cannot open. See below what the
text means.

One chicken, I think it is always the one close to the Chainsaw Guy house, 
drops an egg when it sees you. The egg is a full healing item just like a
red/green herb combination.

In the north east end of the village there is a handgun magazine in a corner.
I found it by accident.

Go to the cow and a little further. There is a crate with a yellow herb. 
AFAIk, the only way you can use it is to combine it with a green herb and a 
red herb. Use this new superherb, and your total life increases AND you get 
fully healed!

There is a dog in a bear trap (can't miss it really) that you can help.
Doesn't seem to do anything in the demo, but it is probably safe to assume 
that it will affect something later in the full game.
If you go a little further after the dog, but go off the trail to the right 
before the road sign, there is a red herb there.

There is handgun ammo on the roof of the second house on the left. If you go
there through the window of the shotgun house, then straight ahead it will be 
on the schornstein.

If you go through the window of the shotgun house, then 180 and to the next 
roof there is another handgun magazine.

If you stay up on the tower with the shotgun ammo too long, the villagers 
will throw burning sticks at you.

Hit zones: It seems there (at least) different hit zones for the head, right 
arm, left arm, upper torso/neck, stomach/groin, left leg, right leg, left 
foot, right foot.
If you shoot the feet they should fall over.
It seems to me that every hit zone except upper torso/neck and head deals 
roughly the same overall damage to villagers (3-4 handgun shots to kill them,
4-6 on hard). In the upper torso/neck or head zones 1-2 shots or 2-4, 

Villagers drop money, ammo or health (only green herbs), or nothing. It seems
they drop money more often if you shoot them in the legs/feet.

Crates/baskets can be destroyed by weapons. They can give money, ammo, health
or grenades. Some of these are "fix", that means they always have the same
items, some have either money or nothing, et cetera.

*If I still have missed something, please tell me.

III Translations

When you first walk into the first house and check out the first bookshelf
it says,"There is nothing suspicious here."
The second bookshelf says, "These are old books. They are not in English."

After you kill the first villager and look at his body it says, "Is this a

When you examine the hanging skulls, it reads:
"It looks like many people have died. I hope she's alright." (presumably 
referring to Ashley.)

In the shed with the typewriter, if you try to use it, it will say,
"This can not be used in this version."

When you examine the Chainsaw man painting, it says:

    "This is the Chainsaw Man of local myth.
     No matter how many times you kill him, he seems to revive.
     Really, according to the talk of the village, he's the richest."

When you try to open one of the two the locked doors in the village there is 
a text message: " It can't be opened.".

As for the menu, the first and third selections I can't make out. 
Here's the menu:
*?? *Item *?? *Map *File *Option *Close (Exit)

The blue text on the map simply says, "Destination".

*The translations were done by justinsinjapan.

IV Differences to E3 demo

1. Inventory menu now uses "block" system (gun=4 blocks, herbs=2 blocks...).

2. Female villagers added.

3. Your two drivers burning in the village bonfire is now gone.

4. Close-up animation of Leon's head falling after chainsaw attack is gone.

5. Woman impaled with pitchfork on the wall of one of the shacks is now gone.

*provided by Glitch