Seperate Ways FAQ/Walkthrough by darkvoid2100

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              Resident Evil 4: Seperate Ways Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the extra game 'Seperate Ways' which stars Ada Wong
and shows you what she was upto during the main game.

This guide will contain SPOILERS!! so it is advised you have beaten the main
game before looking through this guide.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

Now onto the guide!

November 10th: Added Ada's report transcript and updated the Weapon List.

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        Information                                Search Word
  Weapon List                                        -qwerty1-

  Chapter 1 - Ring The Church Bell                   -qwerty2-

  Chapter 2 - Rescue Luis                            -qwerty3-

  Chapter 3 - Retrieve the Sample                    -qwerty4-

  Chapter 4 - Stop Leon's Assassination              -qwerty5-

  Chapter 5 - Obtain The Sample                      -qwerty6-

  Ada's Report                                       -qwerty7-

A few things to note before starting:

- Ada takes a lot more damage than Leon when hit so watch out for those flying
axes! they hurt.

- Ada runs faster than Leon so she can dodge enemies easier.

- Ada also has a knife and it can be used the same way as Leon's.
Brief descrption of of the enemies you will encounter in Seperate Ways.


These are your basic enemies throughout the game, the best way to beat them
is kick their knees, kick them to to the ground and then slash them. There are
townspeople ganado, monks ganado, and army people ganado, I will refer to them
all as ganado throughout the guide.

Ganado with Shields:

The ganado will start wielding big shields when you get to the castle, the best
way to tackle them is to either use the rifle and shoot their heads (rifle 
penetrates) or use the shotgun at close range and blow their shields to pieces
in one shot.

Ganado with arrow shooter:

These type can be quite annoying, they will shoot two arrows at you and they
can do it from very far away also, it's best to target these first in big
battles as they can really be a pain. These will show up once you reach 
chapter 3.

Mace Soldier:

These are big guys in armor, their only weak spot is their head, it's best
to use the shotgun and aim up at the head, one shot should kill them.


You only meet one of these and can be killed easily from outside the cage, you
have to shoot the parasite on his back to kill him.
                                 Weapon List -qwerty1-

Here is a list and brief description of Ada's weapons.

Ada's weapons cannot be upgraded at all throughout her mission.

Black Tail
Firepower: 2.0, upgraded to level 3/6
Firing Speed: .207, upgraded to maximum.
Reload speed: 1.47, Upgraded to level 2/3
Capacity: 21, upgraded to level 3/6

Descrption: The gun is very fast and has average power, it's not very wise
to use this when surrounded or against a mob of ganado.

Ada Starts with this weapon.

Firepower: 5.0, upgraded to level 3/6
Firing Speed: 1.53, maximum level
Reload speed: 3.03, maximum level
Capacity: 12, upgraded to level 3/5

Descrption: This gun fires quite slowly and has a long delay between shots, so 
aim well. It also reloads very slowly do not do it in the middle of a heated
battle. This gun is also VERY bad at long range, it will do really bad damage
and will basically be a waste of shotgun shells, it is best used when right
in their faces.

Ada Starts with this weapon.

Firepower: 1.2, upgraded to maximum
Firing Speed: 0.10, maximum level
Reload speed: 1.93, upgraded to level 2/3
Capacity: 100, upgraded to level 3/6

Descrpition: Very good weapon for Ada, it is powerful and will down enemies
quickly, only shoot in short bursts tho or you will end up wasting a lot
of ammo.

Rifle (Semi-Auto)
Firepower: 15.0, upgraded to maximum
Firing Speed: 1.83, maximum level
Reload Speed: 1.90, upgraded to level 2/3
Capacity: 12, upgraded to level 2/6

Description: This gun is very powerful and it also penetrates so it is great
for killing the ganado that have a big shield in front of them, it is also 
great for shooting incoming enemies and enemies that are too far away.

Firepower: 16.6 maximum level
Firing Speed: 2.43, maximum level
Reload Speed: 2.00, maximum level
Capacity: 1, maximum level

Description: This gun is godly, when it hits it has the same impact as a ganados
dynamite does so it kills ganados instantly even if its not a direct hit, this
is best used in crowds of enemies as it will totally destroy them, the gun has
quite a delay between shots, the good side however is that it never has to
be reloaded, you hold the ammo in a seperate slot and it never has to be loaded
into the gun.

Chicago Typewrighter

Unlimited Ammo, amazingly powerful.

To unlock this you need to beat Assisgnment Ada, and then load a 2nd round game
of Seperate Ways and it will be buyable from the merchant.
You cannot buy this on your first play through of Seperate Ways.

It costs 300,000 Pestas
                       Chapter 1 - Ring The Church Bell -qwerty2-

After the openining cutscene you will be in the village center and you will have
a swarm of ganados after you, it is best not to kill anything and just avoid 
them! eventually the cutscene will play introducing the chainsaw man, he won't
be chasing you during this, just Leon.

Continute to run around until it shows a bird on a roof with a shiny object, go
straight to the fire where the guard is hanging run around it until you see the
'GRAPPLE GUN' command, click X and you will be vroomed! onto the roof, pick up
the key and then go to the locked door with a symbol on it and use the key, and
of course, enter.

There is a Merchant and a Save Point here, It's unlikely you will have enough
cash now to buy any weapons so continue through the next door and down the
ladder, when you reach the bottom you will hear a few ganados bash in behind 
you, you can easily outrun them, or fight them if you like.

Run down the passage picking up the items on your way until you reach a door,
kick it open quickly and you should knock two ganado ladies to their knees
you can quickly run for the ladder, or finish them off.

You are now in the graveyard and the female ganado should spot you straight
away, it's best to show her the floor. follow the path around to the shed
and kill the ganados and search the shed for some items.

As you apporach the church you will be attacked by a few  ganado, avoid them
then run down the right path to the wooden plank area, run straight 
to the end and shoot any ganado you meet off the edge. At the end you will meet
your first chainsaw lady!  she will have a few friends with her so get out your
shotgun and blast them to the floor, quickly grab the green catseye and then
either run back to the church, or kill chainsaw lady for a ruby.

When back near the church  run down the side alley of the church and click on 
the device, don't worry you can't be attacked while doing this puzzle.

 Puzzle 1
What you need to do is light up three insignias, you need to look in the 
graveyard for the three insignias that have troubles, but here is the 
combination you need

3 4 4 4 3 4 4 4 3

Now take the round insignia then two ganado will run in
and the gate will close! Kill them then run back to the puzzle device
and insert the green catseye that you picked up earlier, the gate will open.

Now run to the church entrance and more ganado will arrive, kill them if you
have the ammo to spare, or just insert the round insignia and enter the church.

When you enter you will see three ganado behind the altar, kill them if
you want then climb the ladder at the side of the church. At the top there
will be a few ganado, kill them then go towards the device and it's
another puzzle.

Puzzle 2
This is basically the same puzzle that Leon did but the insignia is upside down.

Turn Red 3 times
Turn Green 1 time
Turn Blue  2 times

After this the church bell will be rang and so ends Chapter 1.

                       Chapter 2 - Rescue Luis -qwerty3-

We start this inside the bedroom where Ada rescues you early on in the game, 
check around for some items and then go through the exit by the Merchant and
down the steps, check the shed near the bottom for a spinel and ammo and
grab yourself the brass pocket watch while you're here too, don't forget
to shoot the wodden stick first so it doesn't get dirty.

Now run back to the bedroom and through the other door, check the draw for some
cash then head downstairs, lets check out the bathroom shall we? theres a female
ganado I wonder if the women are actually all woman. Now go to the
dining hall and check the back of the room for another lone ganado, finish
him off and break the glass on the cupboard for a grenade, check the draw near
the bookshelf for some cash too.

Now go to the front of the house and check the oven for a chicken and a golden
egg! now open the front door and vroom vroom it's mister chaisnaw guy coming
to greet Ada, I would suggest killing him for his ruby, sort his friends out

Now continue to run down the road until you get to the shed, two ganado will
attack you. Kill them then check the shed for a red herb. Carry on down
and four more ganado will attack, kill them then enter the door.

We're now back in the village center, it looks so calm until you get further in
and the ganado burst out from their houses, you can easily just carry on 
running. Head towards the farm.

Now we are in the farm area, there is a save point here and you can also
grab yourself a spinel by doing what you would normally do
for a brass pocket watch, either kill the ganado that attack or just avoid them
easily and run to the next area, just watch out for the traps on the floor.

In this area don't worry about a boulder crashing down on you, just run down
and through the tunnel until you see a building and some ganado with fireworks.
finish all the ganado off that approach you, then run around to the other
side of the building and enter it, there shold be more ganado inside, kill them
and then enter the other room to trigger a cutscene.

Now we have to run all the way back to the building we started the chapter in.

Run back through the tunnel and there will be two ganado here, one with a 
dynamiteso shoot it to end them both, run to the farm door, avoiding or 
killing the ganado that drop in, there will be two more ganado at the 
farm door and again one has a dynamite stick. Enter the farm.

The farm is empty so take a look around if you fancy it, otherwise just
run to the village center.

As soon as you enter the village you're attacked by a few ganado, kill them then
mvoe further into the village, it will show a scene with a bunch of ganado
coming for you, you can easily avoid them, run to the other door and on your
way you should see a ganado wearing something familiar, enter the door.

Walk up a bit and you're treated to a scene, walk up further towards the house
and theres another scene. It will then skip to another scene and keep
your fingers on the buttons for this one.

After the scene there will be three ganado in front of you, you have
to kill them unless you want to get hurt! jump down the ladder and there is
two more ganado here, one with a dynamite. Carry on along and you are back at 
the sky lift area, go up the steps and into the room, there is a Merchant her so
sell up. Now grab the Iron Key off the table and search the lockers for stuff,
now we restore power to the sky lift but we need a key and it's not an iron key.
So leave the room and go back down the steps, and down the other steps too.

There is a typewrighter here, now go towards the big doors and use the iron 
key. In this area go towards the building and enter it, we're greeted by a 
chainsaw lady and some ganado, don't stand there and shoot as more ganado will
come from behind so leave the building run down the side passage, nothing will
come from any direction but your front. All we need here is to kill the 
chainsaw lady for the Lift Activation Key, but you will probably ending up
killing most, if not all of the ganado before she dies, I suggest using
the shotgun as you will have the chainsaw lady + about 4 ganado on you.
After the intial ganado are dead, a few more will come in one by one.

Grab the Lift Activation Key and check the big shed for some items, there
are some above too.

Now leave the area and go back the way we came, there will be a few ganado
by the beloved typewriter, there will be some more on the steps too.
Go into the skylift control room and use the Lift Activation Key on the
console, this will make the skylift move, get on it.

Once at the top search the area for some items, there is a typewrighter 
in the building and the merchant up the steps, I would suggest buying
a TMP now if oyu haven't already, it really helps a lot on the boss fight 
that is coming up. Now approach the green double doors and when prompted
use your grapple gun to vault over.

In this area you will see some barrels high up above, go under where they are
and you will be prompted to use your grapple gun to get up there, there are
only two of these platforms for you to grapple onto. 
Search the little sheds for some items, when ready approach the next set of 
door and you will encounter your first boss!

Boss fight 1: El gigante

This is a very easy boss fight, I highly reccomend the TMP, as soon as he lands
shoot his face with the TMP, if you aimed well he should fall in less than 20
shots and reveal his parasite, run upto him when he is kneeling and press X
to run up and start slashing his parasite, mash whatever button appears
fast to deal big damage, if you mash the wrong button you will get grabbed
and hurt, when he gets back up shoot his face with the TMP again and he
should fall just as fast as before, do one more round of slashing
and he will die, if you were not fast enough you may need to do
one more round of slashing.

After the boss, pick up the cash and enter through the doors, run forward
and there will be a cutscene. And so ends chapter 2.

                      Chapter 3 - Retrieve the Sample -qwerty4-

This chapter starts inside the maze, run to the fountain to grab the bowgun
arrows, the Merchant is here and he is selling the bowgun! if you have
the money, buy it.

Now run around to the steps and a few ganado will approach, someone is also
shooting darts but they won't be much of a problem, go down the path besides
the steps and kill the ganado in red robes and collect the ammo from inside
the chest, go up the steps and over to the other side then turn left and 
follow it around until you meet another ganado in red robes, kill him
and open the chest.

Now follow the path straight and pass the little room with the door broken down,
a scene will show a mob of ganado coming for you, go and hide into the little
room we passed and wait for them to approahc you, you can safely shoot them 
from inside, once they are dead you can run straight to the gate we saw
in the scene, or search the maze for more items, I find explaining how
to move through the maze confusing so I won't explain everything is.

Now whatever you choose to do, go up the steps and enter the room where
Ada and Leon first met, search the room for items and there is
also a typewrighter here. Now don't go into the room by the typewrighter
inside leave the way you came and follow the balcony around and entert he 
double doors.

In this room there will be two ganado as soon as you enter, one has a arrow
shooter so get rid of him quickly. Follow the path around and there will be two
more arrow shooting ganado, and another one at the far end. Once they are dead
approach the door on the left side of the wall, try to open it but it is locked.
Now go to the window and you will be able to use your grapple gun, as soon as
you land inside there will be a red robed ganado ready to attack. Once he
is dead make sure you open the big chest in the middle, you will be needing 
that item very soon.

Now continue on your way and follow the path around, kick open the next door
a ganado will be there, continue down and open the door on your left, there
are a few items in this room and a Merchant. go Through the next door.

In here will be a few ganado, two of them have arrow shooters, kill them all.
Check the room for items before going into the next little room as it will
trigger a fight.

Once you have searched the room, enter the sub room and a cage will drop and
trap you, a few ganado and a garrador will drop in, if you have a 
grenade quickly throw it towards the door to bash the lock off then quickly 
kick it open and escape the cage if you don't have grenade, shotgun it open, 
kill the ganado that follow you and then start on the garrador fellow,
ganado will constantly be dropping inside the cage
but they probably won't get out, shoot the parasite on garradors back
from the safety of outside the cage a few times to kill him.

Once he is dead enter the cage and appraoch the box, click it then use
the hour glass on it, ganado will still be dropping in at this point
so either kill them or go through the newly unlocked door.

In this room walk forwrad a bit and a scene will trigger, after the scene
you will be swarmed by ganados from both sides so jump down and let them
come to you, blast them away, don't forget to grab the elegant chessboard
under the bridge at the end, it sells nicely. Climb back up and go
along the bridge and through the door at the end, go up the steps and
there will be two ganado, one of them has an arrow shooter. Kill them
then continue through the door at the end.

You can break one or two vases in here but you will trigger a cutscene
when you move too far in, and so ends chapter 3.

                       Chapter 4 - Stop Leon's Assassination -qwerty5-

In this chapter you start off in an all new area, there is a Merchant right by
you at the start, continue down the road and a few ganado will come from your
left, kill them then enter the room they came from, you might attract a 
Mace Soldier from the area just below, but he will only come alone, aim for 
his head to kill him quickly, continue into the room.

Inside will be another ganado, kill him and use your grapple gun to
get to the above areas for more items. Now leave theroom and continue down
the hall and there will be a gang of ganado, get their attention then blast
them all to pieces, grab the shotgun ammo by the fire then go into the
next room.

There will be two ganado, kill them then go further into the room, more ganado 
will enter, after you have killed them check the room for more items, 
now go to the next door and there will be four ganado plus one off screen 
shooting arrows, don't worry about him as long as you stay in the door way, 
once all four are dead, use the rifle to kill the arrow shooter if you have one,
if not ignore him for now and dodge his arrows.

Now go to your right and use your grapple gun to get on the pipes (the pipes
opposite the arrow shooter) and follow them along and climb inside the vent 
shaft shoot the mace solider in the face and jump down into the room, 
inside will be a lone ganado, finish him then go through the door and grab the 
Golden Lynx from the wreckage, then turn right and climb up the boxes, now run 
straight  forward and use your grapple gun to climb onto the platform the arrow 
shooter was on, walk along and go into the door.

In this room follow the path picking up items on your way until you see
a gunner, examine it and it seems it needs an activation key (blue) to
work, carry on around and grab the hand grenade off the barrel, walk down
the steps and prepare yourself.

Walk forward a bit and then a swarm of ganado will appear and gun torrets
will start firing at you! throw a grenade at the ganado (or blast them
with your shotgun) then grab the Activation Key (blue) off the crates behind
them, quickly run back to that torrent we just saw and use the activation key.

Now blast the other torrets and eventually your torrent will blow up :( you're
back in control as Ada now, so run back down the steps and climb up the ladder
and get on the recently working lift, get off at the other side and shoot
the ganados that approach you, watch out for the arrow shooter in the distance

Run to the end of the walkway and climb up the ladder, go up the steps and 
shoot the ganado down that get in your way.
Jump over the gap and climb the other ladder,kill the two ganado here then walk 
forward, a torret will pop up right before you! quickly turn around and face the
railing  to your right and use the grapple gun when prompted, when up here grab
the Activation Key (red) then walk straight forward and use the grapple gun 
again, now turn right and grab the green herb and ammo then go towards the 
torret at the end and use the activation key (red).

You will now be in control of a torret that shoots bombs, blast at the boat and 
then a three minute timer will start, don't panic, MAKE SURE you destroy that 
torrent that popped up in your path before, if you don't you will not be able 
to escape.

Now get out your torret, turn around and run to the end of the platform and jump
down there will be a few ganado here, just grab  your shotgun and knock them 
down run forward and get back on the lift and get back to that door we were at 
before,before the timer runs out, don't kill the ganado on your way, just knock
them down with the shotgun, go through the gate and the boat will sink.

There will be quite a bit of ammo here so grab it all and follow the path 
around,there will be a Merchant and save point here, now go through the double 

When you enter this area, follow the path around until you see a ganado, it is
reccomended that you kill all the ganado here as the pathway is quite small,
there are only two ganado on this walk away, kill them then move on. At the
end of the walkway, jump down the ladder, turn left and walk a bit until the
ganado notice you, two of them will come for you, if you don't go too far the
arrow shooter won't shoot at you, run over and kill him once the other two
are dead.

The door at the end will be locked so we're going to have to go around, turn 
around and jump down at the part where there is no railing, once down about 5 or
so ganado will attack, there is a barrel further in that you could lure them 
to if you're low on ammo, but there is a higher chance of being hit, 
once you have dealt with them grab the items on your way and use the grapple 
gun to get onto the platform above.

Climb the ladder and go up the little steps to get a treasure, walk forward a 
bit and a lot of ganado will approach, back up the steps a little and get as 
many of them as you can near the barrel and blow them up, finish the rest of 
the old vashioned way. Run to the end and a ganado might bash through, go 
through the door and down the steps and break open the barrel inside the room. 
Follow the path around and jump off the little ledge.

We're behind that locked door now, theres some items here. Some ganado 
with shields will approach so take care of them, follow the path around and 
you will see the final ganado of the area, after killing him, climb the ladder.

Ah, this room looks familiar, head through the double doors behind you. Inside 
this  room are a few items, they are hidden in the cupboards and suitcase. 
Bash the other door open and grab yourself a yellow herb in this area, now head 
back through the double doors. There are some bowgun ammo by the stairs, 
head up the steps and save at the typewrighter if you want, then head through 
the next door.

Run down the steps and grab the item you see flashing, now go down the other
set of stairs, two ganado will with shields will be at the bottom and start to 
walk up, now walk through the door at the bottom and a ganado will drop in, now 
turn right and go straight down to the bottom, turn right and go through the 
door for some items. When you exit the room another ganado will appear, now go 
up the steps on the left and run to the room at the end and check the locker 
for some cash, go straight out the room now down the steps and through the door.

Run forward, go through the door, run straight and pick up the item thats 
behind the grapple gun prompt, then back up a step and use the grapple gun. 
A scene will trigger and there will be a button command needed so becareful!

And so ends Chapter 4.

                       Chapter 5 - Obtain The Sample -qwerty6-

The final chapter! this starts where Leon has his chopper battle, now
forward straight up and there will be a ganado here, kill him then move forward 
and a machiene gun guy will appear above, if you have a rifle, snipe him and 
watch out for the approaching ganado, if you don't have a rifle, run away a bit
and he will jump down, then get your shotty out.

After he is dead use your grapple gun to get up to where he was, there is a 
ganado up here and some bowgun ammo, there is also some trasure in the green 
barrel.Jump back down and continue the way you were going and more ganado will 
aproach, there will be one wirh dynamite in the distance up above also. Carry on
around and there will be one ganado running towards you and three ganado by a 
barrel accross the bridge, two have dynamite, blast the ganado in front of you 
then shoot the barrel to kill the three by the barrel.

Go up the steps and enter the building, you will now be trapped inside here, 
ganado will constantly drop in, I suggest just standing in a corner and blasting
them as they fall, once they are all dead the door will open, down the path will
be two ganado with dynamite and an arrow shooter, but luckily there is
a barrel by them so shoot it quickly.

Head up the steps to the very top then glide down, grab the item then shoot the
ganado on the level below then jump down and use the switch to open the shutter,
walk through. There will be a lot of ganado arrow shooters in here, now your
mission here is the same as Leon's once, get both of those switches, try to kill
as many arrow shooters as you can, they are a real pain, now run forward and
follow the left wall until you meet a ladder (don't go inside the tunnel just
yet),go up it and a machiene gun guy will appear where the switch is, run behind
the crate you see and he will come for you so blast him while he is making his
way to you and he should fall quickly.

Now run to where the machiene gun guy was and flip the switch, backtrack a
little and jump down, now run to that tunnel that we saw at the start, in here
climb the ladder at the end, follow the path around and another machiene gun guy
is here, he is a bit trickier to get but if you use the rifle or the bowgun, he
will die pretty quick, flip the switch and the shutter will raise, head to it
and go in.

Go up the steps and there will be an arrow ganado here, kill him and move 
forward,you will see another ganado in the distance here with a rocket launcher,
but he won't notice you until you are right behind him. If you go down the 
passage in the middle you can get an item from the barrle, but it will trigger 
a few ganado  to drop in, so do what you like.

Whatever you do, follow the path around and there will be two arrow shooters 
here kill them or quickly dash to the door, you might get hit tho.

There is some ammo in here grab it then jump down the hole, behind the ladder
are some bowgun arrows. Walk through the door way to trigger a scene, after the
scene just follow the path and go through the door.

There is a merchant and a typewrighter in here, check the draw by the
typewrighter for a flash grenade, check the panel on the wall for an egg, then 
go inside the nearby room for a yellow herb.

Now go through to the jail cells and there will be an arrow shooter straight
ahead so get rid of  him, this will trigger three ganado to come out from the
jail cells after finishing them check the two cells on the right side for some
stuff. Climb up the steps from the side and go throuh the door.

Go down the steps and grab the ammo at the bottom and prepare yourself for a 
boss fight.

Boss fight 2: Krauser

This fight is played out just like leons almost, shoot Krausers feet to make him
fall then knife his head for maximum damage, after each strike to the head he
will flash grenade you then jump to another platform Ada will automatically
follow,there will be some items on this small platform so grab them if you
really need them then repeat the same process to Krauser, he will throw another
grenade then jump to another platform, there are more items here, get  him to 
his knees and slash him again to win.

After the fight you will be on a platform with a Merchant and typewrighter,turn
left and go to the dead end and check it for the butterfly lamp! If you have the
red, green and blue eyes combine them with the lamp then sell it. Now follow the
path around to the Merchant and typewrighter. Grab the items and then use the
grapple gun to get to the next area.

A scene will play.

Boss fight 3: Saddler

This fight will be saddler in his 'human' form, quickly run around and grab
all the items that are scattered about, saddler will for the most part walk 
afteryou and if  he does attack, most of them can be dodged (you will be 
prompted when you can dodge so be ready for the dodge prompts at any time) 
now go to the center of the room and lets start this fight! As I said above,
most of his attacks can be dodged  so be on the look out.

Non bowgun strat
If you could not afford the bowgun, or have low/no ammo for it then I 
suggest the strat below, if you do have a bowgun with 8+ shots, 
look where it says 'bowgun strat'

This boss shouldn't be hitting you much if you keep your distance and dodge
when prompted. Now go to the center of the room and wait for him to come for
you, use the TMP or the blacktail and fill his face full of ammo, after a
while he will start to glow and shoot bullets out at you, run behind the
device Ashley was trapped in and the bullets won't hit you. If you do have
a bowgun but no ammo, then I suggest grabbing the bowgun arrows in the area
this will give you three shots, 2-3 shots should make him reveal his 
mouth-eye, run upto him and press X to stab it, if you have a few more bowgun
shots I would suggest blasting them in his face too.

Continue to keep shooting his face with TMP and handgun ammo until you run out,
I dont really reccomend the shotgun on his boss as you have to be right up
close to him to do any meaningful damage and he will probably get you with his
undodgeable attack and his most powerful attack is used when he is close to you.
it can be dodged but it is quite fast.Once you have shot his face with enough 
ammo let him do
his most common attack to you which is when he gets his slimey thing out and 
you get a dodge prompt, don't dodge! let it get you and then shake free of it, 
Ada will stab him in the eye causing damage to him, this attack will hurt you 
also,so keep your health high if you need to do this a few times.  eventually 
he will die, however if you are low on healing then I would suggest resorting 
to  using the shotgun instead, just becareful.

bowgun strat

If you do have a bowgun and more than 8 shots, this fight is much easier.

Grab the three bowgun arrows in the area then go to the center, fill his face
with TMP ammo for a bit then then get some distance and shoot bowgun arrows
at his head, make sure the laser is on his head or they really won't have
much of an impact. 2-3 shots should reveal his mouth-eye, then run upto
him and press X, this should only take about 5 stabs, but if you do run out
bowgun ammo then fil him with more TMP then...let him do
his most common attack to you which is when he gets his slimey thing out and 
you get a dodge prompt, don't dodge! let it get you and then shake free of it, 
Ada will stab him in the eye causing damage to him, this attack will hurt you 
also,so keep your health high if you need to do this a few times.  eventually 
he will die.

A scene will play.

Our mission here is to get to that rocket launcher so we can throw it to Leon.
Grab the item then use the grapple gun to get to the next area, equip your 
shotgun and use it for this part. A two minute timer will start!
Run forward and blast the ganaddo with the shield twice to knock him down, run
around and jump off the end, turn around and follow the path around, there is
another ganado here so blast him down, run to the end then jump down. Turn 
around and down the steps will be an mace solider, run near him then aim the 
shotgun to his head and blast him, it doesn't matter if he dies or not.

Run to the end and use the grapple gun, pick up the item and go up the ramp,
theres a ganado here so blast him, there is two more ganado at the top but you 
do not need to go near them, turn around and run past the ganado with the arrow
shooter and climb the ladder, go up the ramp and there will be an mace solider, 
again just blast his head and run. Follow it along and there will be a ganado 
with a rocketlauncher at the end.

Quickly get close enough to him so you can blast him, then run past him and go
around the corner, there will be another ganado with a rocket launcher here, do
the same thing to him.

Run to the end and use your grapple gun, now run forward and jump over the edge,
quickly run to the rocket launcher and take it. A scene will play.

End of Chapter 5.
End of Seperate Ways.
You will unlock the  Chicago Typewriter for the main game.
To view Ada's report 5, go to the extras menu on the main menu and click Ada's 
Report and go to Report 5.

                                Ada's Report -qwerty7-

This is the transcript of what Ada says after each chapter is completed.

Ada's Report 1

The only reason I've taken on this Mission is to get closer to my own objective.
No matter what happens, I can't let anyone figure that out.
Of course, hiding in the shadows isn't my style, I'll have to reveal myself to
him and offer advice once in a while.

Here's what I know so far, Osmund Saddler's cult is known as Los Illuminados.
They've resurrected some sort of parasic organism they call Las Plagas.
That's all my organization knows for sure, thought Saddler's occult
activities seem worth of investigation.

The Salazar familt, castellans for generations, possess the ability to control
Las Plagas. The organization's hypothesis is that a unique frenquency of
sonic wave sensed only by parasites is ued to control them. The same principal
used in dog whistles.

This was inferred through the analysis of a tissue sample we retrieved. The
tissue contained an organ presumably used for sensing sound waves. I've seen
cult members carrying ceremonial rods and I wonder if they emit these sounds.
Of course, this is purely theorectical.

The Organization needs samples of the parasite to confirm or disprove these
theories. That is the main objective of my mission and the only way to prove my
loyaslity to the organization. The opening movies in this chess game have been
played. There's no turning back now.

Ada's Report 2

Among all the people invovled in this, Luis Sera has the least entanglements.
He works for no organization, preferring to move on his own. I'm the one who
told the organization of his importance. I did this because I like him. His
history betrays an enthusiasm I once shared.

It was a stroke of luck that I happened to intercept his e-mail for help. It
seems he can't trust the police, so he sent the e-mail to an old friend from
college. He must have thought his friend was still alive. At any rate, that's
how I managed to find him.

Apparently, he'd been conducting his own investigation of the cult while doing
research on Las Plagas. A brilliant scientist. He's accumulated a pile of data
and pieced it all together. Must be why Saddler hired him. Too bad Ser'a 
snooping has aroused his suspicion.

When I told him who I was, he practically begged to be taken into custody. He
needed protection. He said, "I have no love for Las Plagas or this stupid cult.
I want out, I just want peace and quiet again." I ordered him to being me a
master Plaga specimen - sample - for evidence.

Looks like he's one of the few people whom Saddler actually trusts. Tracking him
down and getting my hands on the sample shouldn't be difficult. I doubt the cult
will take kindly to his escape, thought. I'll have to guide this long if I want
it to go smoothly.

Ada's Report 3

Jack Krauser has been the subject of extensive study and research by the 
organization. His skills and personality have been tested both on and off the
battlefield. If he weren't the best, he would become a liability that would
jeopardize the rest of us.

My conclusion? He's a great soldier. No more. No less. As long as he's well 
compensated, he shouldn't cause any problems for us. If he does start to get 
restless,I can take care of him. I've studied his combat style and can deal with
that arm of his if necessary.

Krauser answers directly to Wesker, and it was Wesker who decided that Krauser 
should be sent to spy on the cult. He also decided to send me along. I wonder if
it wasn't to keep an eye on Krauser.

No doubt Krauser has already fallen to temptation of Las Plagas and the power 
they represent. This could have dire consequences for the organization. On some
level,however, this may be a necessary devlopment, as his role is to disrupt 
the farce of a play.

That said, the stage and its players will ultimately come crashing down in the
end.Bad luck for him, but he'll play the patsy in the end and take the fall for
all of us. That's why I need to make sure things keep goign exactly as they are.

Ada's Report 4

Leon S. Kennedy...Perhaps the most essential part of this mission. This story
wouldn't be complete without him and his formidable survival skills. He has what
it takes to survive against overwhelming odds. I've seen him do it before. And
he's improved since then.

Practically a genius, he has smarts and knows how to use them. On top of that,
his service as a goverment agent has toughened him up. I'll work behind the
scenes to make him think he's the primary player here, thought it may be naive
of me to think that'll be easy.

Considering the involvement of both Saddler and Krauser, the possibility of 
unforeseen problems is there, but I need him in the supporting roll for me to
achieve my goals. I'll do whatever it takes to keep him in his place and make 
this all go smoothly.

Of course, his role didn't exsist at all until a few months ago. Back then, my 
role was much simpler, too. But that was before the presidents daughter was 
abducted and Leon was dispatched alone to find her, Talk about a major script 

I don't think I need to worry. Leon's been through woese and always comes up
smelling like roses. His consistent luck is part of the reason why I have
absolute and unshakeable faith in my vision of what's in store for him.

Ada's Report 5

It wasn't easy, but I'd say the mission has been a sucess. Getting my hands on
the sample was my initial objective after all. But I've sent Wesker a different
present. Just as the organization ordered. Pretending to work with him was

Albert Wesker...I wonder where here's headed next. Something tells me this whole
affair was just a taste of what he's got in store. To him, Umbrella represented
power. He used it to hide behind while he made plans of his own. And now the
umbrella's been folded.

With the sanctuary of their old umbrella ruined, those in power struggle to 
erect a new one. They are aware of their own crookedness and deceit as they 
engage in their personal war of light and darkness. That's why Wesker will stop
at nothing in opening his new umbrella.

The giant pharmaceutical corporation S maintains medical and drug facilities
the world over. We know for certain that Wesker has been in contact with them
following umbrella's demise. There's no doubt we'll next hear from him there.
The organization must remain vigilant.

But Wesker's not stupid. He knows exactly what the organization is thinking. He
and I still have time to continue our little game of cat and mouse before the
next move is played.

The mission may be over, but the battle is just beginning.

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