Alternate Character Codes FAQ by Pennywise380

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/18/06 | Printable Version

Resident Evil 4: 
Playing as the Mercenaries characters in the Main game

Table of Contents
1: Introduction
2: The codes
	2.1: Compatible cheat devices
	2.2: The codes
	2.3: Action Replay MAX codes
3: Using the codes
	3.1: General use of the codes: they are safe!
	3.2: Avoiding crashes: the 'reloading' and
	     'button mashing' methods
	3.3: Indivdual characters: abilities and limitations
4: Concluding note and Credits

1: Introduction

Initially, I must state that all credit for the codes goes to
joel for posting them on the Resident Evil 4 PS2 message 
board; since they're cluttered amongst a series of other
codes, I feel that they have been largely ignored. Thus, I 
created this FAQ to provide a permanent document of the codes
in an easilly accessible location.

This may be old news, but since there's little to no talk 
about it, I assumed that not many know that playing as the 
Mercenaries characters in the main game is possible. I'm 
positive that having the game crash will not directly effect 
the data on the Resident Evil 4 disk. I've used these codes a
great deal, and had the game crash a great deal due to them, 
and not once has the game crashed when playing the regular 
game as Leon, and I've not noticed any other changes. Using 
these codes will not alter the data on the disk in any way.

These codes do not affect your PS2, and only effect the saves 
that you use them on (and only for the duration of the time 
the code is active, unless you save the game as that 
character, in which case you'll still be that character when 
you load the save back up). I've tested these codes, and they 
don't have a negative effect on the PS2/game disc. It's also 
fun playing as these characters, and adds at least 4 more 
playthroughs of life to the game. The characters generally 
all work with Leon's animations; getting attacked by the 
chainsaw, catching Ashley, using Harpoons, being attacked by 
enemies that werenít in Mercenaries (e.g. Novistadors, 
Regenerators, Dr. Salvador) etc. all work perfectly. 
Throughout this guide I'll describe exactly what you need to 
do in order to make these codes work effectively; I hope that
enjoy using them.

2: The codes
	2.1: Combatible cheat devices

First of all, you'll need one of the following unofficial 
cheat codes devices:
Action Replay MAX/ Code Breaker 6+/Game Shark 3+/Xploder 4+/ Code Breaker/
Game Shark/Xploder/ Action Replay 2 Version 2/
Game Shark 2 Version 2

	2.2: The codes

You'll need to enter the appropriate Master Code and the 
character code/s into your cheat device. All codes, for both 
NTSC and PAL, are below:

Resident Evil 4 NTSC Version

(Codes taken from Joelís Code thread) 

(Master Code) Code Breaker 6+/Game Shark 3+/Xploder 4+
902A6E88 00832021

(Master Code) Code Breaker/Game Shark/Xploder
F02A6D5C 002A6D5F

(Master Code) Action Replay 2 Version 2/Game Shark 2 Version 2 
0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5 
F02A6D5C 002A6D5F

Play as Albert Wesker:
0042DA8A 00000005

Play as Jack Krauser:
0042DA8A 00000004

Play as Agent HUNK:
0042DA8A 00000003

Play as Ada Wong:
0042DA8A 00000002

Play as Ashley Graham:
0042DA8A 00000001

Play as Leon Scott Kennedy:
0042DA8A 00000000

Resident Evil 4 PAL Version

(Codes from Joelís Code thread) 

(Master Code) Code Breaker 6+/Game Shark 3+/Xploder 4+
902A6EA8 0C0A8740

(Master Code) Code Breaker/Game Shark/Xploder
F02A6EA8 002A6EAB

(Master Code) Action Replay 2 Version 2/Game Shark 2 Version 2
0E3C7DF2 1456E7A5 
F02A6EA8 002A6EAB

Play as Albert Wesker:
0042DD0A 00000005

Play as Jack Krauser:
0042DD0A 00000004

Play as Agent HUNK:
0042DD0A 00000003

Play as Ada Wong:
0042DD0A 00000002

Play as Ashley Graham:
0042DD0A 00000001

Play as Leon Scott Kennedy:
0042DD0A 00000000

	2.3: Action Replay MAX codes

Due to the fact that the codes for this particular cheat 
device follow an entirely different format to those posted
above, I have added an independent section for these codes.

Resident Evil 4 NTSC version

(Master Code) 

Play as Leon Scott Kennedy:

Play as Ashley Graham:

Play as Ada Wong:

Play as Agent HUNK:

Play as Jack Krauser:

Play as Albert Wesker:

Resident Evil 4 PAL version

(Master code)

Play as Leon Scott Kennedy:

Play as Ashley Graham:

Play as Ada Wong:

Play as Agent HUNK:

Play as Jack Krauser:

Play as Albert Wesker:

3: Using the codes
	3.1: General use of the codes: they are safe!

Before loading the game up with the codes, however, 
there are certain things to consider:

1) Each character can use only the weapons that they have 
access to in Mercenaries mode (or, in Ada's case, Assignment 
Ada and Separate Ways). Thus, to play from the beginning of 
the game, you'll have to load up a clear file as Leon, 
purchase weapons that your chosen character can use, get to 
the first typewriter and save the game. You can then use this
file to play as your chosen character. If you attempt to load 
a game in which you have a weapon equipped that isn't 
compatible with your character, open an inventory that 
contains a weapon that your character can't use, or try to 
talk to a Merchant whilst your inventory contains weapons 
that your character cannot use, THE GAME WILL CRASH. I'll 
provide information on each character's capabilities below.

2) The charactersí special moves donít often work; the 
details on each characterís abilities are described below. 
However, there are a number of instances in which all of the 
characterís special moves work perfectly. I have recorded 
this occurrence in the following areas: any area that 
contains the Mercenariesí mini-bosses (i.e. the Bella Sisters,
Garradors or J.Js), the first section of the mines (just 
before the Gigante duo) any area that contains the large, 
armour plated Ganados who wield battle hammers (on the 
Island), the garbage dump (that leads into the area 
containing the Iron Maidens, on the Island), and the area in 
which Ashley drives the Bulldozer. However, DO NOT use 
special moves in the first area of the game (before entering 
Pueblo), as they often result in the Ganado in question, 
although considered dead, becoming stuck in the air whilst 
playing a sound of the Ganado breathing at a loud volume.

3) When playing as a character besides Leon, 
you cannot give Ashley commands (DONíT tell her to hide in 
dumpsters, as you wonít be able to call her back out; the 
exception to this is the Bella Sistersí area, in which you 
can tell her to hide, retrieve the key and go through the 
door it unlocks, then use Ďretry from continue pointí, as 
youíll be put back just before you went through the door with 
Ashley by your side). Thus, Ashley will follow you at all 
times; however, to solve the puzzles in which she has to 
stand still, you can threaten her with a gun to make her 
crouch continuously, whilst you make your way to your 
pressure pad/switch.

4) You can only only complete Ashley's section AS ASHLEY, as 
the other characters are unable to use the buttons that open 
the gates. However, the ladder that requires the Salazar 
family insignia is already exposed when playing as the others;
however, if you exit the area you're in serious trouble, due 
to the fact that the area will become sealed whilst the goat 
ornament is still inside.

	3.2: Avoiding crashes: the 'reloading' and
	     'button mashing' methods

When playing as a character other than Leon, the game will 
crash at the points of the game where you're supposed to 
receive a radio transmission from Hunnigan/Salazar/Saddler. 
However, I have found two methods of eliminating this problem
during play. I shall describe these methods below. NOTE:
method 2 makes the game far easier to play, although more
cautious gamers may prefer method 1.

Method 1:

First, I'll explain the 'reloading' process; if you load up 
the game as, for example, Wesker, and then save the game, 
loading that save will result in you playing as Wesker, 
regardless of whether the codes are active or not. The 
difference is that if the codes are active, every time you 
load up a playable section (i.e. the main game, Separate Ways,
Assignment Ada or the Mercenaries) you'll be in control of 
Wesker. If the codes are not active, everything will run as 
usual, apart from the one save where you'll still be Wesker.

Thus, to use the reloading process, it's necessary to save as 
Wesker, use your code device to active the 'play as Leon' 
code, load the game back up (you'll now be Leon in all 
playable sections, meaning you can play as him in Assignment 
Ada/Separate Ways), proceed past the point in question (e.g. 
a radio transmission), then save as Leon and active the 
Wesker code again.

However, this process is necessary in order to complete the 
game; apart from Krauser, only Leon can use the jet-ski 
(however, as Krauser the game will crash after the ending 
credits have finished). Thus, after defeating Saddler, you 
must reload the game as Leon, defeat Saddler again and then 
continue to the end of the game. It's hardly ideal, but it's 
necessary to finish the game.

Method 2:

However, the reloading method isn't necessary at all; when the
radio transmission begins when playing as another character, 
there is a brief period of time (about 1.5 seconds) in which 
the game will still be working before it crashes. As Wesker, 
Krauser and Ada, you'll be given a shot of them with their 
arms outstretched by their sides whilst the camera zooms out; 
as HUNK, you'll see him reach for a radio in the same way as 
Leon. In this time, you can press SELECT to skip the 
transmission before it has even begun, allowing you to 
continue playing as your character without the game crashing. 
Thus, you can play as your character continuously, without 
the need to reload as Leon every few minutes of play; just 
remember to skip the transmission within 1.5 seconds, or 
you'll have to continue from your last save. I'd advise you 
to save whenever you can, in order to ensure yourself against 
possible crashes.

	3.3: Indivdual characters: abilities and limitations

I'll now provide the abilities of each of the characters 
(all characters can use healing items):

Albert Wesker:
Wesker can use the Handgun, Semi-Auto Rifle (w/out any 
scopes), Killer7, brown and white eggs and all forms of 
grenades. Wesker works very well; however, his thrust punch 
usually has no effect (pressing X causes the motion blur to 
occur, but Wesker will not perform the move). Chikyo Chagi 
works perfectly though, despite a few discrepancies in the 
enemiesí animations. 

Krauser can use all forms of grenades and eggs. 
Due to the fact that Krauser's bow isn't available in the 
main game, you cannot perform any ranged attacks with Krauser. 
Both Krauser's arm and knee moves work; his kick, however, 
deals little damage. Also, note that if Ashley is next to you 
when you use the arm, she'll die (unless she's wearing the 
knight's armour).However, I have some pretty bad news in 
relation to Krauser; he can't jump over gaps. If you try to 
do so, he'll become stuck in the floor and unable to move. 
Thus, when playing as this character, you'll have to use Leon 
to complete shooting puzzles as well as jumping over gaps.

Although you may think that playing as HUNK isnít possible, 
due to the lack of a Custom TMP in the main game, heís 
actually the one of the most compatible characters. If you 
equip HUNK with a regular TMP, itíll literally turn into a 
Custom TMP in his hands; viewing it in the inventory doesnít 
cause any crashes. Thus, HUNK can use the TMP (WITHOUT THE 
STOCK, as the stock being in the inventory causes the game to 
crash and the weapon to become invisible in HUNK's hands) and 
all forms of grenades and eggs. His neckbreaker and kick moves
also work almost flawlessly, with the exception of Dr. 
Salvador; DONíT use the neckbreaker on him, except for the 
first section of the mines, as heíll become stuck in the air 
screaming at a very loud frequency. 

Ada can use the Punisher, Blacktail, TMP (no stock), 
Semi-Auto Rifle (with or without the scope, but no infrared 
scopes) and all forms of grenades and eggs. All of her moves 
work perfectly; however, this is the Mercenaries/Assignment 
Ada version of the character, so she isn't armed with a knife.
However, in a bizarre twist Ada's costume seems to alternate 
between her Assignment Ada and Mercenaries attires; I saved 
in her Mercs outfit, and when I loaded the game back up she 
was in her AA outfit. Then, when saving and loading for a 
second time, her outfit turned back to her Mercs dress. I've
also been informed that there are certain glitches in relation
to Ada's reloading; there are no reloading animations for her
Blacktail, Punisher and TMP, and she may also become deformed 
upon attempting to reload the Semi-auto Rifle. However, 
ProvShadow has discovered that if you upgrade the reload 
speeds of these weapons until the values are equal to those in
Assignment Ada/The Mercenaries, the animations will function 
properly. Thus, the reloading speeds of these weapons must be 
as follows:
Punisher: Reload speed of 1.47 seconds.
Blacktail: Reload speed of 1.47 seconds.
TMP: Reload speed of 1.0 seconds.
Semi-auto Rifle: Reload speed of 1.90 seconds.
You're free to upgrade any of these weapons' other values, but
in order to ensure that you don't encounter any problems these
reload speeds must be in effect.

You'll need an inventory devoid of weapons to play as Ashley; 
there's barely any way to kill enemies as her, unless you 
lure them into their own traps or repeatedly slam doors in 
their faces, with the exception of Del Lago. There's no real 
point in playing as her, unless you want to get slaughtered 
or see up her skirt when jumping through closed windows. 
However, I have some pretty bad news in relation to Ashley; 
she can't jump over gaps. If you try to do so, she'll become 
stuck in the floor and unable to move. Thus, when playing as 
this character, you'll have to use Leon to complete shooting 
puzzles as well as jumping over gaps. Below are a number of 
other discrepancies when playing as Ashley:
1) If you're attacked by a Dr. Salvador/Bella sister, the 
game will crash.
2) If a Ganado grabs you, he'll attempt to pick you up as 
he's do to the AI Ashley. However, it'll result in Ashley 
going into a pose that looks as though she's drunk for a 
moment or two; the game then reverts back to normal.
3) If you're caught in an explosion, she'll go through a 
number of positions whilst screaming 'Leon! No! Help!' before 
falling to the floor and jumping back to her feet.
4) If you use the 'Look' option at the start of the village, 
she'll scream 'Help!' whilst you use the binoculars. The 
villagers won't hear you, though.
5) If you jump down from a height, she'll disappear 
momentarily, and then reappear on the ground.

4: Concluding note

I hope that you have found my guide informative and useful; 
I wish you luck playing as the alternate characters. I'm sure 
you'll have a great time! I would also like to credit the
following people:

Joel, for posting these codes on the Resident Evil 4 message
ProvShadow, for solving the problem of Ada's reloading.
GameFAQs, for hosting this guide.
Capcom, for the creation of this game.