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The Formula Needs More Than a Little Work.Death Reaper4/10
A Resident Evil Game, Without Zombies?!HawkeyeMash8/10
Very dissapointed with this game...mrx19795/10
A new coat of paint can't hide a broken engine.Ploder6/10
Simply Amazingallstar5610/10
Why this game is worth buyingBenderr079/10
New gameplay mecahnics and camera breath fresh life in this zombie game seriesbubthezombie310/10
Not only the best Resident Evil game, but also one of the best games on current generation consolesCollieafc10/10
I think this is what they call a 'return to form'.desh799/10
Clearly one of the best games on the PS2 - and maybe better than the GameCube version.Evil Dave9/10
Hello stranger! Got a REvolutionary game here that might interest ya.FantasyMayDie9/10
Pilot, Part 1ffmasterjose10/10
Resident Evil is back, completely new.fi3rcedragon9/10
Simply Astonishing, Even Years After its Releaseintrazone2610/10
New scenarios, weapons, and secrets make this a must-have even for RE4 vetsLeebo9/10
One of the greatest games I have ever playedLIMELlGHT9/10
Whoa! Is this Resident Evil 4!!?Mazinger_Kaiser10/10
The world’s best survival-horror game is back with a fresh new face.Megazero4710/10
No zombies? who cares!methedemon10/10
Stranger, THIS is a game!nastynate31189/10
Resident Evil 4 raises the bar for horror-themed games. Any one with a passing interest should check it out now.Prince_jeffery9/10
Slightly overrated, but I still enjoyed itPyramidHead878/10
It just keeps getting better and better...sbn410/10
It's still Resident Evil 4. It's still an excellent game.ShadowGuardian910/10
Resident Evil 4- An action game that defines top-notch action gamesSolidSnake7418510/10
Greetings Stranger!!Virus91910/10
It's not the same Resident Evil anymore, but it's still so freaking awesome.Zylo the wolf10/10

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End of the series1983guy2/10
Different, in a very good wayAl0ne729/10
Resident Evil Reinvented, and a change for the better.AllHooah10/10
The president's daughter has been kidnapped by cultists! Are you a bad enough dude to save her?danstu10/10
Resident Evil, Reinvented to the MAX!DarkSeraphim12310/10
Take Everything That Made Resident Evil 5 Bad, and That's What This Game is.dead_assassin4/10
THE PS2 Game of the Year!Def Freak710/10
"One of the best PS2 titles to fate, and exceptionally addicting."fatalframe2029/10
Capcom got it right this timeFlame_Spirit_X10/10
Go get this game NOW!FreakyGuitarist10/10
And the verdict is? Simply wow.goldphishies9/10
Leon is BACK!hjow10/10
Getting your head cut off by a chainsaw has never been so much fun!israfahad9/10
A masterpiece...possibly the best PS2 game ever!JonWood00710/10
Resident Evil 4 = Pure Brilliancejunker204510/10
By fixing what was broke, Capcom has created a stunning achievment.KenshinKatamari10/10
This is not Resident Evil... But it's good anyway.kianbung8/10
Just as good as the superb Gamecube version? Yes and better.kingdodongo110/10
A fantastic innovative RE game that nicely doneKingdom_Hearts29/10
Resident Evil 4-An Unbiased Reviewkylo449/10
A REvolutionLegatoBluesommers9/10
Another excellent title from Capcom. Though this time, it's better (possible spoilers)mybadlife10/10
The classic horror-survival series gets a makeoverredjarman9/10
Not perfect, but a welcome addition to the franchise...scorpion418/10
How Capcom Surpasses This Game Will Be A Mystery!!seeweed23410/10
Ignore everything you know about the earlier installments because this game is totally different.Soulreavercross9/10
Best and Hardest game I have played in quite a whilesuperevilperson10/10
Still Having Fun With The Gamesvr2006gawd10/10
Great concept, but this game was a disappointment...ThatGamerDudeAlex5/10
An amazing game!!!Ultimategamer9310/10
A very good game to play, well worth buyingwaheedahmed110/10

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