Farming for Money and Items

Farming for money and items

There are a few places that can be farmed infinitely for money and items. They all have the disadvantage of being extremely slow and tedious processes, so it's best to see them as a way of getting some extra money and items and not as a means to get rich easily.

Egg Farming

  • 1-3: It can be done at the Farm area (right after Pueblo) on chapters 1-1, 1-2 or 1-3, but it's more efficient on either 1-2 or 1-3. This is because on 1-1 Leon is still limited to the small attache-case and he can't sell the eggs to the Merchant yet, so eggs can't be farmed indefinitely.
    • After leaving Mendez' house in 1-2/1-3, head to the Farm you first visited in 1-1.
    • There are 3 chickens in the Farm and they will all lay eggs. Two of them will be around the Blue Medallions memo, and the other one will be near the cows.
    • Keep an eye on the chickens but keep your distance so you don't disturb them, or they won't lay eggs. A good spot to check out for newly laid eggs is from just outside the shed with the typewriter.
    • Newly laid eggs stay for around one minute, so hurry up and pick them up before they disappear. Eggs have a green cylindrical aura around them so they can be seen from afar.
    • Once a few minutes have passed after loading the area, egg production will stall, so either save/reload the game using the typewriter or exit/return to the area through one of the gates. This will reset the chickens' positions and will reactivate egg production.
    • Once the attache-case is filled with eggs (it will take around an hour to fill the medium case), you can head back to the Merchant and sell them. The process can be repeated indefinitely.


    • White Chicken Eggs sell for 300 ptas and restore approximately 1.6 bars of health. They have the highest drop probability when farming.
    • Brown Chicken Eggs sell for 600 ptas and restore approximately 3.2 bars of health. They have a lower drop probability than white eggs.
    • Golden Chicken Eggs sell for 3000 ptas and fully restore health. They have the lowest drop probability.

Fishing the Lake

  • 1-3: Before the "Del Lago" fight, Leon can kill fish by the dock, and take them to the nearest Merchant location to sell for money. (The nearest Merchant is in a cave near the Gigante area, before the Swamp.)
    • There are 5 fish in the area. (All small Black Bass, which sell for 750 ptas each.)
    • After killing the fish, get on the boat and collect them before they disappear (within approximately one minute).
    • The fish will respawn indefinitely if Leon exits/returns to the area through the gate or if you do a save/restore at the nearby typewriter.
    • Unfortunately, you cannot use the boat's harpoons to kill the fish because any fish that are still alive will disappear as soon as Leon gets on the boat.
    • Therefore, Leon must use a firearm (e.g. Handgun, TMP) or an explosive weapon (Hand Grenade, Mine Thrower, Rocket Launcher) to kill the fish.

On a "New-Game", the only way to fish is by wasting ammo, so once you're out of it, you can no longer fish. However, there is a way to keep on fishing and earning money indefinitely: Buy the TMP (for 10,000 ptas) and use its 30 round magazine to kill the fish. Then sell the empty TMP (for 4,400 ptas) and re-buy it. Ideally, you can kill up to 30 fish with each TMP you buy (1 kill per bullet), which will earn you 16,900 ptas of net income after selling and re-buying the weapon. In practice though, not missing any shots is quite difficult, unless you abuse checkpoints, because the fish move a lot.


    • On a "New-Game+", Leon can use the Infinite-Rocket-Launcher (or another weapon with infinite ammo) to easily kill the fish without wasting ammo.
    • This is the only location where fish will infinitely respawn. All the other fish in the game are one-time-only kills.

Gatling Gun Grazing

  • 3-2: At the Balcony all the zealots will respawn if Leon exits/returns to the area.
    • The red zealot must still be alive for this to work.
    • Kill whatever zealots you can safely with the knife (to save ammo).
    • Pick up items/money dropped. Money is a direct benefit. Can also sell dropped items for more money.

Facehugger Farming

  • 4-4: Salazar Boss Battle.
    • Turn ninety degrees to the left. Run to the edge and jump down.
    • Turn ninety degrees to the left again and run to the dead-end of the alley.
    • Break the barrels for their contents.
    • Quick-turn 180 degrees.

Leon is perfectly safe here from all of Salazar's attacks, although the screen will still shake some. No QTEs to beat at all. Just as important, an infinite supply of facehuggers will spawn at the far end of the room under Salazar. These arrive about one every ten seconds, and have the usual drops of money and ammo.

A decently upgraded Red 9 or Blacktail will kill them efficiently enough to farm more 9mm ammo than is used. You can also try killing them with the knife for maximum efficiency.

Note that this is "one-shot" infinite farming. The only way out is to kill Salazar and exit forward.

While Leon's busy farming facehuggers, Salazar will do his usual actions, including his one-hit kill attack. Leon's perfectly safe from the attack, but Salazar still comes out of his shell to perform it. He can easily be hit at least once from Leon's position at the end of the alley. It's easy enough to keep hitting him with a rifle shot when the opportunity offers.

Note: Every facehugger kill adds to the kill count.