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How to find Lu Bu's 4th weapon?

hard mode or chaos difficulty?

I've completed a level with hard difficulty but i dont get the forth weapon

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krauser1989 answered:

You need to have 1000 K.O count in hard mode on the 3rd stage of Lubu
After you have it, there's a note say " A valuable Item has been discovered ", then run to the place where the note was illuminated. break the red box and get the 4th weapon, finish the stage and you can have it in the result.
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aznfreak27 answered:

Hard or Chaos, it doesn't matter.

You have to be playing the Battle of Chang Sha, Yuan Shao's forces. And score 1,000 kills.
When you do, a message reading, 'A Valuable item has appeared!' will show up, as well as a ping of the location of it.

Remember, you have to pick up the item before finishing the level.
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Link0505 answered:

It's rather easy, if you have a farily built-up Lu Bu. Just stand a bit away from one of the checkpoints so that you can't see the guard captain. Wait until the checkpoint spits soldiers at you (the close-up map helps here), and keep using your C3 (square, square, triangle) until you get 1000 kills.
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dominik283 answered:

max out Lu Bu do battle of Chang Shan on hard or chaos and defeat 1000 enemies or more
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bergerstack answered:

what they said and u have this weapon with lu-bu 100% maxed out and im am a GOD with him its awesome
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