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How to get white horse?

I look Sun ce that use white horse,just please tell me how to unlock him?

nio1240 provided additional details:

Maybe the white horse unlock

nio1240 provided additional details:

I mean maybe the white horse not unlock,sorry wrong letter

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krauser1989 answered:

You cannot unlock the white horse because there is no white horse for you to unlock. Or you can steal it from other officer who is riding it. And you can only unlock
_ Red Hare Harness ( Red Horse )
_ Hex Max Harness ( Grey Horse )
_ Storm Harness ( Yellow Horse )
_ Shadow Harness ( Black Horse )
_ Elephant Harness ( Normal Elephant )
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botboy50 answered:

I'm not sure what the horse's name is but heres a list of how to get the horses, just try and do it all to see.

Hex Mark Harness Battle of Cheng Du-Liu Bei's forces: Defeat Zhang Ren within 1 minute after he appears with his ambush troops.

Shadow Harness Battle of Liang Province- Allied Forces: Defeat Zhang Ji and Hu Zhen within 45 seconds from when they appear.

Storm Harness Battle of Guan Du- Cao Cao's forces: Defeat Yan Liang and Wen Chou within 5 minutes after the stage starts.

I didnt add Red Hare in this because he's not white, he is red
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Legato-and-Vash answered:

There isn't a white horse that can be unlocked. If you want a white horse like Sun Ce's and everybody else who have one of those horses you have to steal it from them.
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