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Ling Tong FAQ by Rockman CXDEZ (
Dynasty Warriors 5/Shin Sangoku Musou 4
Version 1.5

Updated on 3-15-05. Just fixed a few spelling errors, 
and made a few adjustments.

Updated on 3-18-05. Just added a little more info on his moveset

Updated on 4-7-05.  Added the names of the weapons (US version)

Updated on 4-19-05  Added a character bio provided be Ryan Lee.
Added Neo Seekers to the list of sites allowed to use this faq.
Added a list of things to come. Added a little to the Q&A

Updated on 6-28-05. Added a little to the Q&A. and some info
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Table of Contents

1.	Introductions
2.	Copyrights
3.      Ling TOng character bio
4.	Why Should I use Ling Tong?
5.	Unlocking
6.	Move set
7.	Weapons
8.	Musou Mode 
9.	Ling Tong's models
10.	Q&A
11.     Checklist of things to come
12.	Credits
13.	Contact

This is the second FAQ Iíve written for GameFAQs.
The other FAQ I've written is also for Shin Sangoku Mouso 4/Dynasty Warriors 5 
isand is a guide for the character Guan Ping. It and can be found here

Also at the time of me writing this FAQ, I only have 
the Japanese version of the game(Shin Sangoku Musou 4) 
and my Japanese is very poor, so I may have some trouble 
with names and such.

This FAQ is being written based on my experiences 
playing the game Dynasty Warriors 5/ Shin Sangoku Musou 4, 
playing as the character Ling Tong. Through out this FAQ Iíll 
cover thing such as his, move set, musou mode stages, weapons, 
models ect.

You may not reproduce this FAQ under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. (Copyright 2005 Patrick Stevens)  
You may not use this FAQ on any website with out permission from me. 
You may not reproduce this FAQ and sell it publicly and you may not 
claim this FAQ as your own, doing any of these will be a violation of 

Site allowed to use this FAQ
3-Ling Tong character Bio
Son of Ling Cao, he joined with Sun Ce, and servered Sun Quan. at the 
battle of Xia Kou, his father was killed by Gan Ning. later, when Gan 
Ning became a Wu officer, Ling Tong tried to seek vengence for his 
father, but was stopped and remianded by Sun Quan and Lu Meng. later, while 
fighting Yue Jin at He Fei, Gan Ning came to his rescue and saved him 
from certain death. afterwards, the two became friends, but were 
contantly competing on the battle field.

4-Why Should I use Ling Tong?
Ling Tong is FAST and I mean VERY FAST.  His attack speed is easily
The fastest in the game.  On top of this, his C4 absolutely destroys
large crowds giving him good crowd control as well. 

Ling Tong is one of the starting 6 characters for Wu.

6-Move Set
Keys: S = Square button, T = Triangle button, C = Circle button

S- A slight upward swing to the right
SS- A downward swing to the left
SSS- A downward swing to the right
SSSS- A swing to the left
SSSSS- Ling Tong jumps and spins a little in the air swinging his 
weapon behind him
SSSSSS- A swing to the right
Alternate SSSSSS- A upward swing to the right 
SSSSSSS- A downward swing to the left 
SSSSSSSS- A downward swing to the right 
SSSSSSSSS- A downward swing to the left, followed by Ling
Tong turning to his right and giving a hard downward swing

T- Ling Tong runs a little forward and does a spin kick.
ST- Ling Tong does a high back filp kick that knocks enemies 
into the air
SST- Long Tong does a series of 6 spin kicks, and finishes with
a jumping spin kick to the right.
SSST- Ling Tong does a flip forward and smashes his heel into the
ground, causeing a small shockwave that damages enemies near by.
SSSST- Ling Tong throws a gust of wind from his weapon forward
that knocks any enemy in front of him into the air.
SSSSST- Ling Tong jumps in a circle causeing a wave of fire to
surround him, damaging all enemies near by. This move has a natural 
fire effect to it that will cause the enemies to burn and loose 
health until they hit the floor.

Jump attack- a straight downward swing
Jump charge- Ling Tong does a spin kick in mid air that shoots
a wind blade from his foot hitting any enemies below him.

Mounted attack- Ling Tong does a series of 6 downward swing 
going right to left.
Mounted charge- Ling Tong does two hard downward swings going
right to left.
Mounted Musou- Ling Tong does repeated downward swings going
left to right.

Musou attack- Ling Tong keeps spining his weapon and moving 
forward while swiching it between his hands, finally Ling Tong 
jumps in a circle swinging his weapon around him hitting all 
enemies nearby.

True Musou attack- This move is much the same as his musou 
attack, but instead of jumping in a circle, Ling Tong does a 
few more swings in front of him.

It should be noted that from Alternate S6-S9 you need to have a
weapon at least level 3 that's Evo-capable (aka the little blue
dot near the weapons name) As well as a full musou bar to use.
All 4th level weapons are Evo-capable.

This info is credited to "Steven Liu" thanks for the info =)
I have a hard time reading the names of the weapons in 
Japanese, so for now Iím just going to call them Weapon 1, 
Weapon 2 ect.

Stats-Wood Nunchaku
        Base power 4
        Number of attacks 4
        Weight Random

Stats-Iron Nunchaku
        Base power 8
        Number of attacks 5
        Weight Random

Stats-Rising phoenix
        Base power 12
        Number of attacks 6
        Weight Random  

Stats-Dragon fury
        Base power 36
        Number of attacks 6
        Weight Average
        Charge Attack Lvl 16
        Speed Lvl 19
        Life Lvl 15
        Luck Lvl 16
        Attack Lvl 17

Requirements for Obtaining Ling Tong's 4th
Stage- Battle of He Fei
Requirement- Defeat Zhang Liao 4 times

Strategy- This weapon is pretty simple and straight forward 
to get.  The only problem you should have to watch out for 
is your bodyguardor allys getting the kill.

Make sure Ling Tong is built up well, because Zhang Liao is
in super mode and can kill you pretty fast if your not carful.
You should start close to the center of the map, the first thing 
you want to do is kill of Pang De, so head straight for him and 
kill him. When you get close to him a reinforcement unit should
appear a little behind him and will come for you.  Kill him off
as well. Then take the two forts nearby. It takes about 5 minutes
for Zhang Liao to appear for the first time, so if you have the 
time you can try to kill any other general that may be near by.
Zhang Liao will appear just below Sun Quan's unit and will charge 
right at him.  As soon as he does this head for him (He can kill 
Sun Quan pretty quick) and kill him.  Now you should have another
5 or 6 minutes before he appears again, use this time to head to
the bottom left part of the map and clear out all enemy generals
down there.  Zhang Liao should have appeared at the top right part 
of the map by the time your done, but don't worry, it takes him alot
longer to make it to Sun Quan, you'll have plenty of time to get to 
him.  Charge up for him and kill him as quickly as possible.  Like
Before you should have another 5-6 minutes before he shows up again.
Use this time to kill of any other general in the area, as well as
taking all the forts.  Zhang Liao will appear in the bottom left
part of the map, (the area you cleared earlier) so go and kill him 
again.  After another 5-6 minutes he'll appear agian right outside
Cao Cao's castle, go and kill him for the last time.  

You should get a Precious Item report on top of the castle walls.
Go get the weapon and Kill Cao Cao.

It's really nice to have a saddle for all this, but it's not a must.
Also make sure you're playing on hard mode, and I'd suggest not bringing
a bodyguard or at least turning him/her on defend so it wont kill 
Zhang Liao (like it did me >_<)

8-Musou Mode
Ling Tong has 5 stages in his musou mode, The 5 stages are

1-Battle of Wu Jun
2-Battle of Xia Kou
3-Battle of Chi Bi
4-Battle of He Fei
5-Battle of Yi Ling

As soon as I get the US release of this game and can better read
what's going on in the battles, I'll update with some stage strategies.
9-Ling Tong's models
Model 1- This model comes with Ling Tong.  This model is very
Red, red vest, red shirt, red pants.  He does have some gold detail
around him, as well as a black waist wrap, and black shoes. His hiar 
is pinned up much like Sun Ce's

Model 2- Ling Tong unlocks this model when he get's about 6000 points.
This suit is pretty much his first suit with different colors. In this 
model all of the red get's a little darker, and the gold detail becomes 
silver. The black waist wrap is now purple. His shoes stay black, but 
with a little gold detail added.

Model 3- Ling Tong unlocks this model when he get about 20000 points.
The suit it's self stays pretty much the same, only all the red becomes
white with the silver detail. His shoes and waist wrap stay the same
as model 2. Ling Tong un pins his hair in this model.

Model 4- Ling Tong unlocks this model when he gains about 20000 points
along with his model 3. This suit is just a color change to his model 3.
All the white becomes purple with the silver detail. His vest is a slight 
darker purple then his shirt and pants. His waist wrap becomes black again,
and his shoes get a silver detail instead of the gold.

Q: The requirement for obtaining Ling Tong's 4th lvl weapon isn't working?
A: Make sure your playing on hard mode, and make sure YOU score the kill
on Zhang Liao all 4 times.

Q: Do you have to have played Ling Tong's Musou mode and got his 2nd and 3rd
weapon before you get his 4th?
A: No, I have got many 4th weapons the first time I played the character.

Q:How do you unlock Ling Tong in DW4?
A: You canít, Ling Tong is one of the 6 new characters in DW5

Q: Ling Tong looks stupid and boring and is undissevering of a 
spot in DW5, KOEI should have added Cheng Pu instead.
A: Well, if you think you can do better, get a job with KOEI
and design the new characters yourself.  As for Cheng Pu, KOEI
cleary wanted to use Ling Tong instead, get over it.

Q: What's the best stage to get high level items?
A: I've been able to get 15-20 level items on any 4-5 star stage on hard mode
or Shura/Expert Mode.  The higer the diffuculty the better chance for a high
level item. Also using a good Seven star sash (luck+) and a character with a
high luck+ on his weapon ups the chances for a good item.

Q: What will you except for your FAQ? And how will I know what I e-mailed you
will get added?
A: E-mail me anything, you'll know weather or not I'm going to add it if you get
an e-mail back.  If you don't get an e-mail back, I either didn't what to add it
or am already working on it myself.

11-Checklist of things to come
My strategy for using Ling Tong
Strategies for Ling Tong's musou mode
Ling Tong's Ending 
Ling Tong's qoutes

More to come as I think of it.
Fist off Iíd like to thanks CJayC for making this site, so I have a 
place to write my FAQís.
EChang because I had to look at his FAQ in order to read the 4th lvl 
weapon stats, and learn the 4th level weapon requirements. Thanks for 
the great weapon FAQ.
Steven Liu, for the info on the Evo-capable weapons
Ryan Lee for all the character bios
My sister for getting me into the Dynasty Warriors series
My Mom for helping me with my horrible spelling 
(I know I still probably messed a few words up)
KOEI for making the DW series so awesome
If you have any questions, or suggestions for this FAQ 
please e-mail me at  
Youíll be given full credit for want you add.

Updated: 6-28-05: I've been super busy in RL lately.
So if you've sent me a e-mail and got a very late reply
this is why.  I'm sorry about this >_< but sometimes RL
calls.  Anyway, to solve this problem I'm gonna try and
update the Q&A as much as I can, so you can (hopefully)
get your answers there.

Thanks for reading.