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Pang Tong FAQ by Rockman CXDEZ (
Dynasty Warriors 5/Shin Sangoku Musou 4
Version 1.4

Updated on 3-22-05. Finally got around to adding his moveset.

Updated on 4-7-05.  Added the names of the weapons (US version)

Updated on 4-19-05  Added a character bio provided be Ryan Lee.
Added Neo Seekers to the list of sites allowed to use this faq.
Added a list of things to come. Added a little to the Q&A

Updated on 6-28-05. Added a little to the Q&A. and some info
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Table of Contents

1.	Introductions
2.	Copyrights
3.      Png Tong character bio
4.	Why Should I use Pang Tong?
5.	Unlocking
6.	Move set
7.	Weapons
8.	Musou Mode 
9.	Pang Tong's models
10.	Q&A
11.     Checklist of things to come
12.	Credits
13.	Contact

This is the forth FAQ Iíve written for GameFAQs.
The other FAQs I've written are also for the game 
Shin Sangoku Mouso 4/Dynasty Warriors 5 for the characters
Guan Ping, Ling Tong and Ma Chao

Also at the time of me writing this FAQ, I only have 
the Japanese version of the game(Shin Sangoku Musou 4) 
and my Japanese is very poor, so I may have some trouble 
with names and such.

This FAQ is being written based on my experiences 
playing the game Dynasty Warriors 5/ Shin Sangoku Musou 4, 
playing as the character Pang Tong. Through out this FAQ Iíll 
cover thing such as his, move set, musou mode stages, weapons, 
models ect.
You may not reproduce this FAQ under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. (Copyright 2005 Patrick Stevens)  
You may not use this FAQ on any website with out permission from me. 
You may not reproduce this FAQ and sell it publicly and you may not 
claim this FAQ as your own, doing any of these will be a violation of 

Site allowed to use this FAQ
3-Pang Tong character bio
Shu Stragiest, friend of Zhuge Liang, often called the Fledgling 
Phoenix. he was often said to be Zhuge Liang's equal. he first gained aclaim 
by chaining the ships together at Chi Bi. he took his services to Sun 
Quan, but quickly switched alligeances to Liu Bei. there are a number of 
reasons floating around as to why. one is because he was ugly, another 
is he insulted the memory of Sun Quan's uncle, Zhou Yu. for whatever 
reason, he joined Liu Bei, he then plotted with Liu Bei to take Cheng Du 
from Liu Zhang, he went out with the main army and was ambushed at Luo 
Fang Po by Zhang Ren, he was killed by a hail of arrows.

4-Why Should I use Pang Tong?
Pang Tong has average power, average speed and an awkward moveset, so
why use him you ask?  His musou.  Pang Tong can easily wipe out a large 
group of 50/60 soliders with just one musou attack. If you mix his 4th 
level weapon with a good elixer you'll have your self an unstopable
musou machine. A ture master of Pang Tong will be able to pound through
even Shura/Expert Mode with ease.
Beat Musou mode with any three Shu characters to unlock Pang Tong.
Keys: S = Square button, T = Triangle button, C = Circle button

S- A swing to the left that spins Pang Tong in a circle
SS- Pang Tong with his back to the enemy stabs them with the back 
of his staff
SSS- Pang Tong still with his back to the enemy, Bends over backwards 
and does a straight downward swing. 
SSSS- Pang Tong now jumps out and kicks the enemy
SSSSS- Pang Tong thrust his staff straight out sideways
SSSSSS- Pang Tong jumps into a little ball in the air, and hit flips forward
a bit, hitting any enemy in front of him.
Alternate SSSSSS- A swing to the left that spins Pang Tong in a circle
SSSSSSS- Pang Tong with his back to the enemy stabs them with the back 
of his staff
SSSSSSSS- Pang Tong still with his back to the enemy, Bends over backwards 
and does a straight downward swing.
SSSSSSSSS- Pang Tong jumps into the air with his head to the ground and his
feet in the air, and spins his staff around him hitting all enemies nearby.

T- Pang Tong throws a little green ball of energy out in front of him that 
explodes and damages all enemies nearby. I'm not sure what element it is.
ST- Pang Tong throws his staff up into the air, knocking any enemy in it's
way into the air.
SST- Pang Tong does a series of 3 backflip kicks and finshes out by swinging
around his staff hitting any enemys near by.
SSST- Pang Tong jumps into the air with his head to the ground and his
feet in the air, and spins his staff around him hitting all enemies nearby.
(this is Pang Tongs SSSSSSSSS)
SSSST- Pang Tong shoots out a huge green ball shraight in front of him, 
that knocks any enemy nearby high into the air,
SSSSST- Pang Tong jumps and spins in the air, causing a tornado like wave 
of energy to go around him, hittting any enemy near by.

Jump Attack- a straight (very short ranged) downward swing
Jump Charge- Pang Tong flips in the air and places his staff at his feet, he 
rides the staff like a surfboard for a few seconds. (bad attacking move, 
great move when your trying to get away from the enemy)

Mounted attack- Pang Tong does a series of 6 downward swing going right 
to left.
Mounted charge- Pang Tong throws his staff out to the right hitting any enemy 
in it's way
Mounted Musou- Pang Tong does repeated downward swings going
left to right.

Musou attack- Pang Tong jumps into the air and starts spinning around,causing 
a tornado like wave of energy to go around him, hittting any enemy near by.
This move is very much like his SSSSST, only with huge ranged. This musou is
capable of taking out 50-60 enemy soliders in one shoot.

True Musou attack- This move is the same as his normal musou, only with a few
more spins at the end, and a fire effect.

It should be noted that from Alternate S6-S9 you need to have a
weapon at least level 3 that's Evo-capable (aka the little blue
dot near the weapons name) As well as a full musou bar to use.
All 4th level weapons are Evo-capable.

This info is credited to "Steven Liu" thanks for the info =)
I have a hard time reading the names of the weapons in 
Japanese, so for now Iím just going to call them Weapon 1, 
Weapon 2 ect.

Stats-Vision Staff
        Base power 2
        Number of attacks 4
        Weight Random

Stats-Mirage Staff
        Base power 6
        Number of attacks 5
        Weight Random

Stats-Wind Staff
        Base power 10
        Number of attacks 6
        Weight Random

Stats-Tornado Staff
        Base attack 32
        Number of attacks 6
        Weight Average
        Musou Charge Lvl 18
        Luck Lvl 15
        Bow Lvl 16
        Defense Lvl 17
        Life Lvl 15

Requirements for Obtaining Pang Tong's 4th
Stage- Final Engagement on Nan Zhong
Requirement- complete, bridge event, Yue Ying's tiger tanks event and 
armored troops event.

Strategy- First off, like always, make sure Pang Tong is worked up 
pretty well, even though Final Engagement on Nan Zhong is only a two
star battle.

This weapon is pretty straight forward.  The first thing you need to 
do is the bridge event, and to do this all you have to do is take the
fort just below your starting position.  Pretty simple, afterward you'll be
in the poison lakes. You'll want to take the gate just a little below the fort,
also you'll get attacked by Meng Huo and another faceless unit. (I can't read
his name just yet) Kill the faceless guy, but DO NOT kill Meng Huo.  Now 
there will be two paths, the north path takes you up towards the rest of 
your army, and the straight path lead into the Nanman army.  Take the north 
path, there will be two enemy generls blocking your way.  Kill them both off
and keep heading up. As soon as you reach your camp, you'll trigger the 
beast unit event.  DON'T kill the enemy general that leads the unit. Go and
take the fort that's blocking Zhuge Liang, this should trigger Yue Ying's tiger 
tanks event, after that kill off the beast general. Remeber that straght path? 
head back to it (ignor Meng Huo) once you meet up with some Nanman troops Meng
Huo should retreat back to his main camp.  There should be one enemy general
blocking your path, kill him off and keep heading forward till you run into
Wu Tugu and his armored troops. Zhuge Liang will say somthing and dispatch
a unit with some exploding pots (pretty crazy stuff lol) simply kill
Wu Tugu before he kill that unit to complete the armored troops event.

The Precious Item report should show up in that north path you took earlier.
Get the weapon and finsh the stage as normal.

A saddle would be nice, but it's not necessary, also make sure your playing
on hard mode.  Also I'm not sure if not killing Meng Huo is a Requirement
for the weapon, but I got it by ignoring him, so for the time being I'd
just suggest leving him alone as he wont hurt your army.
8-Musou Mode
Pang Tong has 5 stages in his musou mode, The 5 stages are

1-Battle of Chi Bi
2-Battle of Cheng Du
3-Battle of Mount Ding Jun
4-Final Engagement on Nan Zhong
5-Battle of Bai Di Castle

As soon as I get the US release of this game and can better read
what's going on in the battles, I'll update with some stage strategies
9-Pang Tong's models

Model 1- This model comes with Pang Tong. Pang Tong wears a green and 
brown colored robe. He has a little red, and purple detail on his chest. 
He wears green pants and shoes, and a green turban with a black tassel
coming out of the top.  He also has a white face cover. 

Model 2- Pang Tong unlocks this model when he get's about 6000 points. 
This model is just his model 1 with different colors.  All his green becomes
white, and his brown, black.  The red detail on his chest is now gold and the 
purple has become black.  He has black pants, and shoes, and his turban is 
now black as well.  His face cover also  becomes black

Model 3- Pang Tong Tong unlocks this model when he get about 20000 points.
This model is just his DW4 model. Pang Tong now wears a lighter green robe
with some gold around his waist and arms. He get's plain white pants and black
shoes.  He now wears a strange chinese top hat (yeah bad description I know)
with a bunch of red tassels hanging from it.  He also has a white face cover.

Model 4- Pang Tong unlocks this model when he gains about 20000 points
along with his model 3. This is Pang Tongs alternate DW4 model. In this
model Pang Tong's robe becomes a dark brown from his chest down to his
waist.  His arms becomes a gold color with some white around the sleeves.
He still has his white pants and black shoes. He now wears a gold priest
like looking hat (yes I know, another bad description >_<) with white
clothes coming down on both sides of his face.  He still has his white 
face cover.

Q: The requirement for obtaining Pang Tong's 4th lvl weapon isn't working?
A: Make sure your playing on hard mode, and make sure you complete all three
events. Bridge, Tiger tanks and armored troops.

Q: What's the best stage to get high level items?
A: I've been able to get 15-20 level items on any 4-5 star stage on hard mode
or Shura/Expert Mode.  The higer the diffuculty the better chance for a high
level item. Also using a good Seven star sash (luck+) and a character with a
high luck+ on his weapon ups the chances for a good item.

Q: Do you have to have played Pang Tong's Musou mode and got his 2nd and 3rd
weapon before you get his 4th?
A: No, I have got many 4th weapons the first time I played the character.

Q: What will you except for your FAQ? And how will I know what I e-mailed you
will get added?
A: E-mail me anything, you'll know weather or not I'm going to add it if you get
an e-mail back.  If you don't get an e-mail back, I either didn't what to add it
or am already working on it myself.
11-Checklist of things to come
My strategy for using Pang Tong
Strategies for Pang Tong's musou mode
Pang Tong's Ending 
Pang Tongs's qoutes

More to come as I think of it.
Fist off Iíd like to thanks CJayC for making this site, so I have a 
place to write my FAQís.
EChang because I had to look at his FAQ in order to read the 4th lvl 
weapon stats, and learn the 4th level weapon requirements. Thanks for 
the great weapon FAQ.
Steven Liu, for the info on the Evo-capable weapons
Ryan Lee for all the character bios
My sister for getting me into the Dynasty Warriors series
My Mom for helping me with my horrible spelling 
(I know I still probably messed a few words up)
KOEI for making the DW series so awesome
If you have any questions, or suggestions for this FAQ 
please e-mail me at  
Youíll be given full credit for want you add.

Updated: 6-28-05: I've been super busy in RL lately.
So if you've sent me a e-mail and got a very late reply
this is why.  I'm sorry about this >_< but sometimes RL
calls.  Anyway, to solve this problem I'm gonna try and
update the Q&A as much as I can, so you can (hopefully)
get your answers there.  

Thanks for reading.