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Xiahou Yuan FAQ by Rockman CXDEZ (guardianharupyuia@yahoo.com)
Dynasty Warriors 5/Shin Sangoku Musou 4
Version 1.2

Updated on 4-19-05  Added a character bio provided be Ryan Lee.
Added Neo Seekers to the list of sites allowed to use this faq.
Added a list of things to come. Added a little to the Q&A.

Updated on 6-28-05. Updated Xiahou Yuan 1-4 models(I know it's 
about time >_>) also added a little to the Q&A. and some info
in the contact section.
Table of Contents

1.	Introductions
2.	Copyrights
3.      Xiahou Yuan character bio
4.	Why Should I use Xiahou Yuan?
5.	Unlocking
6.	Move set
7.	Weapons
8.	Musou Mode 
9.	Xiahou Yuan's models
10.	Q&A
11.     Checklist of things to come
12.	Credits
13.	Contact

At the time of me writing this FAQ, I only have the Japanese version 
of the game(Shin Sangoku Musou 4) and my Japanese is very poor, so I
may have some trouble with names and such. Other FAQs I've written
for GameFAQ's are also based on characters from the game 
Shin Sangoku Musou 4/Dynasty Warriors 5 and they are

Guan Ping
Ling Tong
Ma Chao
Pang Tong
Lu Bu
Zhao Yun

This FAQ is being written based on my experiences 
playing the game Dynasty Warriors 5/Shin Sangoku Musou 4, 
playing as the character Xiahou Yuan. Through out this FAQ Ill 
cover thing such as his, move set, musou mode stages, weapons, 
models ect.
You may not reproduce this FAQ under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. (Copyright 2005 Patrick Stevens)  
You may not use this FAQ on any website with out permission from me. 
You may not reproduce this FAQ and sell it publicly and you may not 
claim this FAQ as your own, doing any of these will be a violation of 

Site allowed to use this FAQ

3-Xiahou Yuan character bio
Brother of Xiahou Dun and cousin of Cao Cao. he was with Cao Cao from 
the very start from his army, serving in many battles, from Huo Lao to 
Xia Pi and beyond. he was a master archer and was know to strike quickly 
and favor the ambush stragiety. Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He were sent to 
Mt. Jing Dun to defend it from Liu Bei's attack. Zhang He was injured at 
a smaller, but key mountain and Huang Zhong charged at the main camp. 
it is unsure who, but a Shu Officer lured Xiahou Yuan out and Huang 
Zhong killed him.
4-Why Should I use Xiahou Yuan?
Xiahou Yuan is an average character all around, with stats that never
really grow to high.  But he's got a fun moveset (I love beating people 
with the club) and he's pretty good with his bow and arrows (he has an
awesome T1) Xiahou Yuan in th right hands can become an awesome warrior.
Xiahou Yuan is unlocked by beating Xiahou Dunn's musou mode.
6-Move Set
Keys: S = Square button, T = Triangle button, C = Circle button

S- A downward swing to the left
SS- A swing to the right
SSS- A straight stab 
SSSS- Another downward swing to the left
SSSSS- A downward swing to the right
SSSSSS- Another downward swing to the left
Alternate SSSSSS- A straight stab (repeat of SSS)
SSSSSSS- Another downward swing to the left (repeat of SSSS)
SSSSSSSS- A downward swing to the right (repeat of SSSSS)
SSSSSSSSS- Another downward swing to the left(repeat of SSSSSS)

T(T)- Xiahou Yuan take out a bow and shoots the enemies in front of him
up to 4 times
ST- Xiahou Yuan does an Upward swing to the left that knockes enemies into
the air.
SST(T)- Xiahou Yaun does up to 7 downward swings going left to right.
SSST- Xiahou Yaun spins around and does a downward swing to the right.
SSSST- Xiahou swings his club straight up with a wave of wind around it,
that knockes any enemy it hits into the air.
SSSSST(T)- Xiahou Yuan does up to five swings going left to right.

Jump Attack- A straight downward swing
Jump Charage- Xiahou Yaun smashes his weapon into the ground causing a 
shockwave to hit anything around him.

Mounted Attack- Xiahou Yuan does a series of 6 downward slashes going
right to left.
Mounted Charge- Xiahou Yuan does a series of 2 downward slashes going
right to left.
Mounted Musou- Xiahou Yuan does a series of downward slashes going
right to left.

Musou Attack- Xiahou Yaun starts jumping and spinning around doing
repeated downward swings to the left.  

Ture Musou Attack- Pretty much the same as his Musou attack, only at the end 
Xiahou Yuan give his club one more swing that sends out a wave of wave of 
energy all around him.

It should be noted that from Alternate S6-S9 you need to have a
weapon at least level 3 that's Evo-capable (aka the little blue
dot near the weapons name) As well as a full musou bar to use.
All 4th level weapons are Evo-capable.

This info is credited to "Steven Liu" thanks for the info =)
I have a hard time reading the names of the weapons in 
Japanese, so for now Im just going to call them Weapon 1, 
Weapon 2 ect.

Stats-Weapon 1
        Base power 4
        Number of attacks 4
        Weight Random

Stats-Weapon 2
        Base power 8
        Number of attacks 5
        Weight Random

Stats-Weapon 3
        Base power 12
        Number of attacks 6
        Weight Random

Stats-Weapon 4
        Base attack 36
        Number of attacks 6
        Weight Average
        Charge Attack Lvl 16
        Attack Lvl 16
        Life Lvl 17
        Bow Lvl 19
        Musou Lvl 17

Requirements for Obtaining Xiahou Yuan's 4th
Stage- Battle of Chi Bi
Requirement- Prevent all parts of the fire attack.
Secondary Note- I got the weapon even though Huang Gai started the fire. 
I killed Pang Tong and Zhuge Liang in time, but kill Huang Gai after I 
failed to stop him and still got the weapon.

Strategy-  It's a pretty simple weapon, but you do need to be quick.  I'd
make sure to have Xiahou Yuan worked up moderately, Chi Bi is only a two
star battle for Wei, but you need to kill pretty fast.

Anyway, Xiahou Yuan should start right next to Pang Tong, though he'll be 
your ally at the start.  Follow him right when the stage starts, after he
saids a few words, he'll defect.  Kill him and rush down to Zhuge Liang (don't
worry about killng anything on the way) Kill him.  Now if Huang Gai hasn't 
already appered, head over to Zhou Tai (that's around where he'll show up) 
and wait for him.  Once he arrives kill him, and your done. The Precious Item 
report should show up near where Zhuge Liang was.  Get it and finshes the stage
as normal.

a saddle really comes in handy here, since Xiahou Yuan isn't the 
fastest guy, and he has to cover alot of ground.  Also make sure 
you're playing on hard.

8-Musou Mode
Xiahou Yuan has 5 stages in his musou mode, The 5 stages are

1-Battle of Xia Pi
2-Battle of Guan Du
3-Battle of Chi Bi 
4-Battle of Tong Gate 
5-Battle of Mount Ding Jun

As soon as I get the US release of this game and can better read
what's going on in the battles, I'll update with some stage strategies.
9-Xiahou Yuan's models
Model 1- this model comes with Xiahou Yuan. Xiahou Yuan wears alot of
blue. He wears blue armor with some white and gold detail. He has gold
shoulder pads, with some blue out lining. He also wears blue tipless 
gloves with some gold detail. He wears a purple waist wrap with some blue 
lining with a gold cloth draped from it. He wears blue pants with light 
brown/gray knee pads.  His shoes are the same brown/gray color.  
He wears a blue helmet with some gold lining and a white Hair coming from
the top.  

Model 2- Xiahou Yuan unlocks this model when he get's about 6000 points.
This model is just a re color of his model 1.  Almost all of the blue 
becomes black.  His chest armor becomes black with a little bit of white 
and gold detail.  His shoulder pads are now black with gold lining. His
golves are now black and gold. His waist wrap is also black with some gold
lining.(are you seeing a pattern here?) His gold cloth in now a white and
gold.  His pants are purple with black and gold kee pads.  His shoes are
brown with some orange lining.  His helmet is now black and gold with purple

Model 3- Xiahou Yuan unlocks this model when he get about 20000 points along 
with his model 4. This is his DW4 model.  He's back to the blue. In this model
he wears blue armor with some gold and white detail. His sholder pads are a dark
brown/gray with blue lining. He wears blue arm wraps with gold detail. He wears
a dark purple waist wrap with an orange belt around it. He also has a dark brown
cloth under his purple waist wrap that sticks out above it just a bit, and a 
blue piece of cloth that draps down from it. He has blue armor with gold detail 
and dark blue lining arond the top of his legs. He wears blue pants and brown 
shoes with some white and gold detail. He don't wear a helmet this time, but a 
gold crown.

Model 4- Xiahou Yuan unlocks this model when he get about 20000 points along 
with his model 3. This is Xiahou Yuan's alternate DW4 model. His chest armor
is now brown with gold whote and gold detail. His sholder pads are also brown
and gold. His arm wraps are black and gold. His waist wrap is now dark blue
with a white belt. His brown cloth is now a tan/gold.  his blue cloth is now 
black. His leg armor is now black with gold lining. He wears white pants with 
brown and gold shoes. He's back to the helmet. This time the helmet is brown
with gold lining and light blue hear coming from the top.
Q: The requirement for obtaining Xiahou Yuan's 4th  lvl weapon isn't working?
A: Make sure your playing on hard, and make sure you stop all three part of the
fire attack, by kill Pang Tong (he'll be an ally at first) Zhuge Liang and Huang

Q: Do you have to have played Xiahou Yuan's Musou mode and got his 2nd and 3rd
weapon before you get his 4th?
A: No, I have got many 4th weapons the first time I played the character.

Q: What's the best stage to get high level items?
A: I've been able to get 15-20 level items on any 4-5 star stage on hard mode
or Shura/Expert Mode.  The higer the diffuculty the better chance for a high
level item. Also using a good Seven star sash (luck+) and a character with a
high luck+ on his weapon ups the chances for a good item.

Q: What will you except for your FAQ? And how will I know what I e-mailed you
will get added?
A: E-mail me anything, you'll know weather or not I'm going to add it if you get
an e-mail back.  If you don't get an e-mail back, I either didn't what to add it
or am already working on it myself.
11-Checklist of things to come
My strategy for using Xiahou Yuan
Strategies for Xiahou Yuan's musou mode
Xiahou Yuan's Ending 
Xiahou Yuan's qoutes
Xiahou Yuan's models
The US names for his weapons

More to come as I think of it
Fist off Id like to thanks CJayC for making this site, so I have a 
place to write my FAQs.
EChang because I had to look at his FAQ in order to read the 4th lvl 
weapon stats, and learn the 4th level weapon requirements. Thanks for 
the great weapon FAQ.
Steven Liu, for the info on the Evo-capable weapons
Ryan Lee for all the character bios
My sister for getting me into the Dynasty Warriors series
My Mom for helping me with my horrible spelling 
(I know I still probably messed a few words up)
KOEI for making the DW series so awesome
If you have any questions, or suggestions for this FAQ 
please e-mail me at guardianharupyuia@yahoo.com.  
Youll be given full credit for want you add.

Updated: 6-28-05: I've been super busy in RL lately.
So if you've sent me a e-mail and got a very late reply
this is why.  I'm sorry about this >_< but sometimes RL
calls.  Anyway, to solve this problem I'm gonna try and
update the Q&A as much as I can, so you can (hopefully)
get your answers there.

Thanks for reading.