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Dynasty Warriors 5
Zhuge Liang Character FAQ by WWZLD
ver 1.51


   I. I know its totally obvious, by why is Zhuge Liang so cool?      ( zcool )
  II. Character Unlock                                                ( zchar )
 III. Move List                                                       ( zmove )
  IV. Musou Mode Maps Walkthru                                        ( zmaps )
   V. Basic Weapons                                                   ( zweap )
  VI. 4th Weapon                                                      ( z4thw )
 VII. Costumes                                                        ( zdoll )
VIII. FAQ							      ( zhelp )
  IX. The End                                                         ( zover )


I. I know its totally obvious, by why is Zhuge Liang so cool?
Zhuge Liang, styled Kongming, was the top strategist of his age, on par with
the great military scholars of the ages. Sometimes called the Sleeping Dragon,
he confounded both Cao Cao, the Duke of Wei, and Wu strategist Zhou Yu on many
occasions. He also could manipulate the supernatural world. In the novel, he
predicts events years in advance with spot-on accuracy. Dividing the land into
three kingdoms was his idea. He cared about the people and regretted war
atrocities he was sometimes compelled to commit.


II. Character Unlock
A. Unlocking Zhuge Liang
 1. Beat the game on any difficulty setting with any Shu character.
B. Unlocked via Zhuge Liang
 1. Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Zhuge Liang to unlock Yue Ying.
 2. Beat the game on any difficulty setting as Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun to unlock
    Meng Huo.
 3. Unlock all 47 characters (including Zhuge Liang) to unlock Zuo Ci.


III. Move Set

Normal Attack Set
Zhuge Liang's normal attacks with the fan definately lack the reach of some
other characters. The normal attack sequence is not where his strength lies. On
his 6th hit (SSSSSS) he will project his feather fan forward into an enemy,
knocking them backwards.

Running Attack
S (while running)
Zhuge rushes a group of enemies.

Charge Attack
Creates a Light-typed energy sphere that explodes. This hits enemies even if
they are blocking. It takes a moment to perform this move, so it can be easily

Upward Strike Charge Attack
Strikes an enemy 1 time and then knocks them up into the air, enabling you to
air juggle them.

Mystical Circle Charge Attack
Strikes an enemy 2 times and then creates a vertical circle in front of Zhuge
Liang that stuns enemies.

Circular Blast Charge Attack
Strikes an enemy 3 times and then fans flies around Zhuge Liang in a circle
hitting all nearby targets. This is one of his best moves, a powerful 
crowd-clearing attack rivaling those characters who whip a polearm 360 degrees.

Upwards Blast Charge Attack
Strikes an enemy 4 times and then knocks a group of enemies into the air,
enabling you to air juggle them.

Quadruple Light-typed Energy Sphere Attack
Strikes an enemy 5 times and then creates 4 Light-typed energy spheres. The
spheres are side-by-side and go off in succession, hitting enemies and knocking
them into the air as each sphere explodes. It takes a moment to perform this
move, so it can be easily disrupted.

Evolution Attacks (requires full musou bar and an evolution weapon)
Alternate SSSSSS
Blue sparks fly from weapon.
Addition attacks added to the end of the normal attacks. The final hit
(SSSSSSSSS) is similar to the Circular Blast Charge Attack (SSST).

Jumping Attack/Recovery Attack
T (while jumping or recovering)
Shoots a spread of green lasers down and forward at a 45-degree angle.

Musou Attack (requires full musou bar)
Shoots multiple spreads of green lasers forward, followed by a series of
green lasers directly forward. You may float about while performing this move.
The final lasers that go directly forward cause you to float backwards.

True Musou Attack (requires full musou bar)
C (while health is red/Musou Rage is active/Team Musou Attack is available/Art
of War is equipped)
Shoots multiple spreads of green lasers forward, followed by a series of
green lasers directly forward, and then a massive green laser and large
mystical circle. You may float about while performing this move.

Normal Attacks - Mounted
Strikes enemies with fan and green force extending off the fan.

Charge Attack - Mounted
Strikes with fan along both flanks, hitting enemies.

Musou Attack - Mounted (requires full musou bar)
Strikes vigorously with fan multiple times.


IV. Musou Mode Maps Walkthru
In Musou Mode, Zhuge Liang plays through 5 maps.
I'll say this here, because its rule #1: Always bring a horse.

1. Battle of Chang Ban (Shu)
    Year: 208 AD
    Free Mode Difficulty: ***
    Opposing Force: Wei
    Victory: Defeat Cao Cao or Liu Bei reaches escape point
    Defeat: Liu Bei is defeated
   Background: This map combines two battles from the novel, Bo Wan Po and
    Chang Ban Bridge. Zhuge Liang's fire trap for Xiahou Dun occured at Bo Wan
    Po.  Liu Bei's escape, Zhou Yun's rescue of the infant Liu Chan, and
    Zhang Fei's holding of Chang Ban bridge versus Cao Cao occured at Chang
    Ban. These were early displays of Zhuge Liang's tactical prowess, as he
    aided Liu Bei's escape from Cao Cao vastly superior pursuing force.
   Strategy: Focus on taking over the many unclaimed bases on the map, then
    focus on the systematic elimination of any generals that seperate Liu Bei
    from the escape point. Generals shouldn't be an issue at first, as Zhang
    Fei will hold Chang Ban bridge (his starting location) with little
    difficulty. Also, if you hold out long enough, naval reinforcements will

2. Conquest of Nan Zhong (Shu)
    Year: 225 AD
    Free Mode Difficulty: **
    Opposing Force: Nanman
    Victory: Defeat Meng Huo
    Defeat: Zhuge Liang is defeated
   Background: Before he felt secure in turning Shu forces northward in a
    campaign against Wei, Zhuge Liang pacified the Nanman lands to the south
    of Shu. He forced Nanman King Meng Huo to surrender seven times in order
    to break his spirit. Afterwards, Meng Huo willingly submitted to Shu.
   Strategy: This is a invasion, so take the fight to the enemy! There are 
    tigers on this map; they can't be killed so don't bother fighting with
    them. You'll see mention of the enemy using secret pathways...but they are
    not very secret. Pause the game to look at the larger map. Clearly visible
    gray areas indicate the secret routes. These areas aren't displayed on the
    minimap. There are poison swamps on this map, but you can avoid them by
    skirting around the edges of the swamp. Note that being mounted *won't*
    keep you from getting poisoned. Take the enemy defense base (the one marked
    in the paused-game map with a square) to drop bridges across the poison for
    your troops. You can travel the map defeating Meng Huo multiple times, or
    simply rush the enemy main camp (SE corner). If you choose the latter, Meng
    Huo will appear in the enemy main camp, where you can defeat him to win the

3. Battle of Tian Shui (Shu)
    Year: 227 AD
    Free Mode Difficulty: **
    Opposing Force: Wei
    Victory: Take Nan An, An Ding, and Tian Shui castles
    Defeat: Zhuge Liang is defeated
   Background: This is the battle where Zhuge Liang convinced Wei commanders
    that Jiang Wei had betrayed them, forcing Jiang Wei to submit to Shu.
   Strategy: Defeat Xiahou Mao and recieve Nan An Castle; also defeat Cui Liang
    and recieve An Ding Castle. Then you can move on Jiang Wei and Ma Zun. Keep
    in mind that Ma Zun will attempt to flee to the center of the west edge of 
    the map. I felt this was the easiest of Zhuge Liang's maps. Just follow the
    directions that are spoon-fed to you, and you'll mop up.

4. Battle of Chen Cang (Shu)
    Year: 229 AD
    Free Mode Difficulty: **
    Opposing Force: Wei
    Victory: Defeat Sima Yi 
    Defeat: Zhuge Liang is defeated
   Background: A heavily fortified stop on the way to Chang An.
   Strategy: Start by quickly taking down the generals beneath the longest
    stretch of castle wall (where the cannons in the wall are). Then rush up
    mountain path on the east side of the map, stopping to take out the spawn
    point halfway up the path. Once in the castle, head south to the top of the
    cannon wall and kill the three defense captains there. Jump off the wall
    and begin escorting the siege vehicles towards the wall, clearing away
    enemy troops as well as reinforcement generals that arrive. Around this
    time, forces moving on the southwestern castle gate *should* announce the
    defense weapon there has been disabled. Head to the west side of the map
    and escort a ram forward to take out the door. With the castle in full
    breach, move through systematically and clear it of enemies.

5. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (Shu)
    Year: 234 AD
    Free Mode Difficulty: *****
    Opposing Force: Wei
    Victory: Defeat Sima Yi
    Defeat: Zhuge Liang is defeated
   Background: The final showdown: Zhuge Liang vs Sima Yi in a battle of wits.
    In the novel, Zhuge Liang was dying and made a deal with the Heavens to
    extend his life if a lamp continued to burn. Unfortunately, Wei Yan knocks
    over the lamp, and the Sleeping Dragon sleeps eternally. Zhuge Liang does
    leave careful instructions behind, allowing the troops to withdraw safely
    and predicting that Wei Yan would become a renegade after Zhuge Liang's
    death. Of course, this is the game, so history is about to change! Zhuge
    Liang will successfully extend his life long enought to defeat Sima Yi.
   Strategy: This map can be a pain, but is very managable if you do what your
    told. Zhuge Liang will give tons of instructions over the coruse of the
    map -- follow them all for an easy win. If you get a Musou Rage, I highly
    recommend saving it for Sima Yi.

V. Basic Weapons
 A. First Weapon
    Power 2
    Attacks 4
    Weight Random
 B. Second Weapon
    Power 6
    Attacks 5
    Weight Random
 C. Third Weapon (has a chance of being an evolution weapon)
    Power 10
    Attacks 6
    Weight Random


VI. 4th Weapon
Peacock Feather (Evolution Weapon)
Power 32
Attacks 6
Weight Medium
Charge +18
Bow +15
Musou +20
Fill +15
Def +18

How to obtain the Peacock Feather:
Battle of Tian Shui (Shu; must be on Hard or Chaos difficulty to unlock)
1. Defeat Xiahou Mao and recieve Nan An Castle; also defeat Cui Liang and
   recieve An Ding Castle.
2. Wait for Jiang Wei's "I must return to Tian Shui Castle" message.
3. Defeat Jiang Wei before he gets to Tian Shui Castle.
4. Precious Item Report (check battle log under start menu.)
-Once you are waiting for Jiang Wei to begin to head for Tian Shui...go wait on
 the right side of the map to the north of him. Jiang Wei is all uber for this
 fight, but it's nothing Zhuge Liang can't handle. Just don't let him musou you.
-The map gets tricky AFTER you defeat Jiang Wei. An escape point appears on the
 left side of the map. You need to go grab the precious item in Nan An Castle,
 and still kill Ma Zun before he reaches the escape point. Bring a horse(duh).


VII. Costumes
 1. Starting costume. Zhuge's new outfit for DW5 is the most battle-oriented
    ever. His open robes reveal short armored(?) clothing underneath.
 2. Alternate colors for starting costume. Done in purples. Makes me feel like
    I'm playing Sima Yi. 6000 XP to unlock.
 3. 1st costume from DW4. The "Chef's Hat". My second favorite Zhuge Liang
    costume ever. (His DW3 costume is my #1 favorite). 20000 XP to unlock.
 4. 4th costume from DW4. A more traditional hat with costume 3. Dark black
    outfit. 20000 XP to unlock.


Q: Help! I'm dying!!
A: Please seek medical attention. Oh... You mean in the game... Here's some
-Save! The limited saves in Normal and Hard mode are there for a reason. If
 you are on the verge of death, why not save? Even if you'd have to start the
 map over anyway because you can't recover from near death when continuing, you
 would have had to start the map over anyway if you hadn't saved. Also, save
 when you take down a particularly hard enemy.
-Supply Bases are your friend! The bases marked with a circle in the pause menu
 are where the food is concentrated in DW5.
-Get better gear! If you are stuggling with your LIFE+3 and DEF+2 gear, maybe
 play a couple of free mode maps and get something better. I went from a DEF+8
 Tortoise Amulet to a DEF+20 one...the difference brought a little tear to my


IX. The End
-Version history:
 1.0   4/4/05    1st Version  
 1.4   4/7/05    Added basic weapon info, detailed map info 
 1.5   4/8/05    Finished detailed map info
 1.51  4/8/05    Corrected a glaring error. ><
-Thanks to my Oath Brothers: Eppy and Tundra
-Also thanks to Luo Guanzhong for writing the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. If
 you haven't read the novel, shame on you!
-Also also thanks to Muni Shinobu, whose great FAQs inspired me to write this.
-Also also also thanks to Koei for another great game. Leave the Japanese VA in
 next time! (Or better yet, add Chinese VA!)
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