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Liu Bei FAQ
Dynasty Warrior 5
By: Raliem (

Version 1.1


Table of Contents:


1. Updates
2. Why Should I use Liu Bei?
3. Background information on Liu Bei
4. Unlocking
5. Move Set
6. Weapons
7. Stages
8. Character Models
9. Frequently ask questions
10. Credits
11. Contact
12. Copyright information




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2. Why Should I use Liu Bei?


Liu Bei like most leaders, has a sword. Most of his attacks focuses mostly 
in the front (except for his c5). His stats are average, although his musou 
attack can be very damaging since the enemies stay on the ground when getting 
hit. Plus you need to complete his musou mode in order to get Zuo Ci and 
Zhang Jiao, so why not get it over with?


3. Background on Liu Bei (Courtesy of history archives)


Liu Bei was a descendant of Prince Sheng of Zhongshan, a great-great-grandson 
of the fourth Han Emperor Jing. Liu Bei lived in poverty during his youth, his 
father passed away while he was still young so he and his mother made a living 
weaving and selling grass mats and straw sandals. At the age of fifteen, Liu 
Bei became a pupil of the Han scholar Lu Zhi, along with his friend Gongsun Zan.
During the Yellow Turbans rebellion, he was appointed to the position of 
Judicial Officer in Anxi County. He did not stay there for long, as he was 
forced to retire the position after beating a corrupt official with a tree 
branch (1). Liu Bei started his military career under Regent Marshall He Jin 
and sough the patronage of Gongsun Zan. He was appointed as Auxiliary Corps 
Commanding Officer and Magistrate of Ping Yuan County. When Cao Cao was 
invading Tao Qian’s Xu Zhou, Liu Bei moved his armies to rescue the Imperial 
Protector. In the first year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 196), Liu Bei received
 recommendations for the rank of General Who Guards the East and was given the 
title Lord of Yicheng Precinct. Next, Liu Xuande assisted Cao Cao in capturing 
Lü Bu alive and was promoted to General of the Left. Around this time, Emperor 
Xian officially recognized Liu Bei’s relation to the Prince of Zhongshan and 
styled him “Imperial Uncle.” Between the third and fourth year of Rebuilt 
Tranquility (AD 198 – 199), Liu Bei lost favor with Cao Cao by participating 
a plot to assassinate him. He first took shelter in Xia Pi, and later in the 
fifth year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 200), Liu Bei sought refuge Yuan Shao.
Liu Bei left Yuan Shao and after reuniting with his brothers Zhang Fei and 
Guan Yu, he traveled to Jing Zhou, seeking asylum with Liu Biao. Cao Cao 
pursued Liu Bei, and thus Xuande abandoned his post in Fan Cheng and withdrew 
to Xia Kou. Later Liu Bei allied himself with Sun Quan of the southlands, 
setting up a trap for Cao Cao to fall in. At the decisive battle of Chi Bi, 
Liu Bei successfully retreated to southern Jing while Cao Cao’s navy was 
destroyed by Zhou Yu. After the deaths of Liu Biao and Liu Qi, Liu Bei 
occupied several counties in Jing Zhou. He then married Sun Quan’s sister 
and was officially made Protector of Jing Zhou. In the sixteenth year of 
Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 211), Liu Bei went to Yi Zhou under the pretense of 
helping Liu Zhang fight Zhang Lu. At this time, Liu Bei received two 
recommendations for the posts of Great Minister of War and Commander of the 
Capital Districts. In the nineteenth year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 214), 
Liu Bei turned on Liu Zhang and Xuande occupied Cheng Du and the Western 
Riverlands (2). He assumed Protectorship of Yi Zhou and in the twenty-fourth 
year of Rebuilt Tranquility declared himself King of Hanzhong. After a series 
of wars with both Wu and Wei, Liu Xuande, at the urging of Zhuge Liang, 
proclaimed himself Emperor in April of the AD 221. His last war was fought 
against the Kingdom of Wu, as an act of revenge after Wu’s successful campaign 
against Jing Zhou caused the death of Xuande’s brother Guan Yu. Liu Bei was 
defeated by Sun Quan’s general Lu Xun at Yi Ling, and retreated to Bai Di Cheng 
(3). On April 24th AD 223, Liu Bei died of illness and was buried in Hui Ling.
Liu Xuande was posthumously title King Zhao Di.


4. Unlocking


In order to unlock Liu Bei, you must first complete any 4 musou modes in Shu.


5. Move Set


A some of Liu Bei's move have been change, but most of Liu Bei's move stayed 
the same as it was from Dynasty Warriors 4. Like everybody else he has a new
SSSST attack and jump charge. His c5 does not make enemies fly anymore and he
has a new true musou attack ending.

S: A diagonal swing to the right
SS: A horizontal swing to the left
SSS: A horizontal swing to the left
SSSS: A stab forward
SSSSS: A horizontal swing to the right
SSSSSS: A diagonal swing to the left

Your weapon have to evolution capable in order to use the follow attacks:
SSSSSSS: A horizontal swing to the left
SSSSSSSS: A horizontal swing to the right
SSSSSSSSS: A frontward slash

T: Liu Bei quickly dashes forward then moves and slashes in anothe direction.

ST: Liu Bei swings his sword in an upward motion, hitting them in the air,
just enough to juggle them.

SST: Liu Bei moves forward slashing frontward diagonally to the left and 
right and finally a slash at the end that stuns anybody that gets hit.

SSST: Swings his sword in front of him, making anybody that gets hit
by it fly away.

SSSST: Liu Bei swings his sword up and causing everbody in front
of him to fly into the air.

SSSSST: Liu Bei uses his sword to create a 360 degree wave that surrounds 

Musou attack: A seris of slightly diagonal horizontal slashes followed up
by 3 quick frontward slashes.

True Musou: Like his normal Musou but a few more slashes and Liu Bei puts
his sword into the ground making everybody around him fly up at the end of
his musou.

Mounted Attack: Swings to left and right with his sword consecutively.

Mounted Charge: Swings his sword from left and right.

Mounted Musou: Swings his sword to left and right like mounted attack
but at a faster rate.

Dash Attack: Liu Bei swings his sword his sword in front of him.

Parry attack: A quick horizontal slash to the right.

Jump attack: A downward diagonal slash to the left.

Jump Charge: A downward diagonal slash and then shoots a wind blast from his 


6. Weapons


Weapons are back to it was in Dynasty Warriors 3, if you don't know yet, in 
order to get better weapons, you either have to defeat Officers or destroy 
boxes to get Treasure boxes in order to gain a new weapon.(By the way, 
weights for weapons #1-3 are random). In order to get your last and of coarse
best weapon, you need to fulfill certain requirements in order to gain it.

Long Sword:

Power: +3
Attacks: 4 (How many consecutive square hits you can use)
Weight: Random (How fast you can wield your weapon depends on the weight)
Attributes: Random

Imperial Sword:

Power: +7
Attacks: 5
Weight: Random
Attributes: Random

Gold Dragon:

Power: +11
Attack: 6
Weight: Random
Attributes: Random

Gold Moon Dragon:

Power: +34
Attacks: 6
Weight: Medium
Luck: 20
Speed: 18
Musou: 15
Horse: 15
Def: 18

How to Get: 

Stage: Battle of Yi Ling(Must be done on Hard Mode)

How to Get: Defeat Ling Tong, Gan Ning, Lu Xun, and Sun Shang Xiang

Strategy: I recommend you getting a fast horse for this level in order to 
reach Zhu Ran from starting the fire. First take out the checkpoint and base
supply base next to you. Be quick with this and defeat Zhu Zhi which is right
next to the supply base. Head west and take out Han Dang if you still have time
left go even more west to take out the checkpoint and Ma Zhong too. Then head 
north and you should hear a message that saids "Wu is withdrawing", this is 
your que to hurry up. Take out the checkpoint and base and defeat Ding Fing.
Then head east and by the time you reach the Jiang Qin, you'll hear a message
saying "Zhu Ran is heading toward your camp" or something like that. Avoid 
Jiang Qin at this moment and quickly defeat Zhu Ran. Gan Ning is protecting 
the bridge, but avoid him (you'll kill him later). Then when you see Zhu Ran,
QUICKLY kill him before he reaches the fire point. Beware though, Ling Tong
is next to Zhu Ran so you might have a little bit of trouble. After you killed
Zhu Ran and stopped the fire attack, kill Ling Tong and Gan Ning. Right before
you reach SSX (Sun Shang Xiang), I recommend you save, just in case you can't
kill her before she escapes. Kill SSX and Lu Xun which is right next to you.
Then after that, you should recieve a message like " A valuable item has been
found", just look at your battlelog to see where it is. After grabbing it go
to Sun Quan and defeat him to end this stage. Congratulations you have just
gotten Liu Bei's ultimate weapon "Gold Moon Dragon" (if you did everything
right of coarse).


7. Musou Mode


Unlike most characters in Dynasty Warriors 5, Liu Bei has 8 stages

A. The Yellow Turban Rebellion
B. Battle of Hu Lao Gate
C. Battle of Chang Ban
D. Escape from Chi Bi
E. Battle of Cheng Du
F: Battle of Yi Ling
G: Battle of Bai Di Castle
H: Battle of Wu Zhang Plains


8. Character Models


1st Costume: Default Costume (Original costume)

2nd Costume: Like his 1st costume but he is more white and green. His shoes
are white now and his pants are a brownish color. His tassel on top of
his hat is a yellowish color now.

3rd Costume: Original Dynasty Warrior 4 costume (Get when you have 20000 points)

4th Costume: He has a weird green hat. He has golden should pads. His outer 
garmets mostly consists of bluish-green and gold clothes. Pants are now white.
Belt is the color of purple.


9. Credits


GameFaqs for making this great site archives for providing so much historical information

RockmanCXDEZ for giving me privilege to using a similar format for making my 

And of coarse KOEI, for making this fabulous game


10. Frequently ask questions


Whats the best place to max out Liu Bei in order to get his 4th weapon easier?

I recommend doing any 5 star stage, as the officers give out the best stat

What are the best items for Liu Bei?

What I gave him was:

1. Tiger Amulet: More power means faster rate of killing people
2. Peacock Urn: More life means the longer you can stay alive
3. Tortoise Amulet: This along with Peacock Urn means more defense against 
enemy hits.
4. Wind Scroll: Although not necessary, its recommended to use this because 
better reach = more killing.
5. Ginseng (or whatever comes to your mind), I picked this because it means
faster refilling of my musou which = more killing, but hey, its your choice.


11. Contact


Questions, Comments, concerns? My e-mail address is: 
if you need to contact me.


12. Copyright information


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for personal or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
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