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Gan Ning FAQ by Lanky522 (
Dynasty Warriors 5
Version 1.25

version History:

May 2, 2005- 	Version 1.25 completed
	     	Updated Encyclopedia Information

April 19, 2005- Version 1.2 completed
		Added Encyclopedia Information

April 16, 2005- Version 1.0 completed

Table of Contents

1.	Introduction
2.	Why Should I use Gan Ning?
3.	Unlocking
4.	Move set
5.	Weapons
6.	Musou Mode 
7.	Gan Ning's Models
8.	Gan Ning's Encyclopedia Information
9.	Q&A
10.	Copyrights/Ownership
11.	Thanks & Credits
12.	Contact Information


This is the fifth FAQ Iíve written for Dynasty Warriors 5.  I've 
written the FAQs for Zhou Tai, Sun Ce, and Huang Gui, and Lu Xun for already.  I am no stranger to the Dynasty Warriors 
series.  I have played DW3, DW3Xtreme, DW4, DW4Xtreme, and now DW5.  
In my opinion, DW5 has made some very significant advances from the 
previous games and has become the best in the series.

I got the game the first day I could, and everything in the below text 
is from my experience in the U.S. version of the game.

This FAQ contains my experience playing Dynasty Warriors 5 as Gan Ning. 
Among things Iíll cover in this FAQ are his move set, weapon info 
(including lvl 4 weapon information), musou mode stages, and models.

2-Why Should I use Gan Ning?

Gan Ning is another really quick attacking, quick moving character.  
He gets a good final weapon and can juggle or stun officers pretty 
well.  His crowd clearing abilities may be lacking like many of the 
other speed demons, but he makes up for it with the fact that he can
get into or get out of any mess quicker than any character in the game
just by using his musou.  His musou makes him untouchable and as fast 
as a red hare, thus making him one of the best "in-the-red" fighters 
in the game.


Gan Ning is unlocked by completing Ling Tong's musou mode.

4-Move Set

Keys: S = Square button, T = Triangle button, C = Circle button

S- A slash from the right to left.
SS- A slash from the left to right.
SSS- A forward stab.
SSSS- A low roundhouse kick.
SSSSS- A slash from left to right.
SSSSSS- A strong slash from right to left.

*Alternate SSSSSS- A forward stab.
*SSSSSSS- A low roundhouse kick.
*SSSSSSSS A slash from the left to right.
*SSSSSSSSS- A strong slash from right to left.

T- Gan Ning slashes multiple times right to left with his
sword while running forward.
ST- Gan Ning does an upward slash with his sword sending enemies 
into the air.
SST(T)- Gan Ning slashes up and down with his sword multiple times,
finishing with a strong downward slash to the right.
SSST- Gan Ning does a strong spinning slash that sends enemies flying.
SSSST- Gan Ning creates a firy vortex sending enemies into the air.
SSSSST- Gan Ning creates a airy vortex that sends enemies tumbling away.

Jump attack- A quick downward stab.
Jump Charge- Gan Ning does a quick four or more hit air combo move.

Running attack- Gan Ning lunges kneeing his enemies in the face. 

Mounted attack- Gan Ning does 6 downward slashes to the right and left of 
the horse.
Mounted charge- Gan Ning does a stronger attack to the right and left side
of the horse.
Mounted Musou- Gan Ning does repeated downward slashes to the right and left
(his mounted attack but faster and longer).

Musou attack- Gan Ning sprints foward with his sword extended to the left 
side of his body, finishing with a spinning attack that covers the whole 

True Musou attack- Pretty much the same as his Musou attack, except he 
finishes by jumping and flipping forward, then smashing the ground with his
sword creating a screen wide shockwave.

*Note: The alternate S6-S9 are only available if you have a weapon that is 
at least level 3 with a light blue dot by the weapon title, as well as a 
full musou gauge.  All 4th level weapons are Evo-capable.


Stats-Pirate Sword
        Base Attack 5
        Number of attacks 4
        Weight Random

Stats-River Sword 
        Base Attack 10
        Number of attacks 5
        Weight Random

Stats-River Master
        Base Attack 16
        Number of attacks 6
        Weight Random

Stats-Sea Master
 	Base Attack 38
      	Number of attacks 6
	Weight Light
       	Charge Attack Lvl 15
       	Luck Lvl 18
       	Speed Lvl 15
       	Attack Lvl 19
       	Musou Lvl 15

Requirements for Obtaining Gan Ning's 4th
Stage- Battle of Xia Kou (From Huang Zu's Side & on Hard Difficulty) 
Requirement(s)- 1) Defeat Ling Tong and Ling Cao
	        2) Complete within 2 minutes after starting the stage

Strategy- This is pretty easy considering it is a one star difficulty 
level.  Even on hard it is not much of a problem.  One peice of advice is
to kill Ling Tong before his father, because if you do it the other way 
around, Ling Tong goes into hyper mode.  Plus, the weapon box is closer 
to Ling Cao anyways.  So when the stage starts out, charge past Ling Cao
and the attack base and kill Ling Tong, then backtrack and get Ling Cao.
The "precious item report" should appear in the center of the map by the
boats your forces are protecting.  After you get the weapon kill everyone
you want and take out Sun Quan to end the mission.

The trickiest part of getting this weapon is the time limit.  If you kill
Ling Cao first, Ling Tong's hyper mode form could keep you from 
completing it in time.  Other than that, this weapon is fairly easy to

6-Musou Mode

Gan Ning has 5 stages in his musou mode, The 5 stages are

1) Battle of Xia Kou
Huang Zu's Forces vs. Sun Quan's Forces
Strategy- Take out Ling Cao and Ling Tong as they make their way towards
you, as well as any other generals in the central part of the map that 
you want to beat up.  Everyone here is pretty easy since it's a one star
difficulty and it's the first stage of his musou mode.  When you feel 
like it, kill Sun Quan and end the mission.  You could wait until the 
boat attack succeeds if you want, as that could make your life easier.

2) Escape from Chi Bi
Allied Forces vs. Cao Cao's Forces
Strategy- Track down Cao Cao, killing Xiahou Dun, Zhang Liao, Cao Ren,
and any ambushing generals that get in your way.  Pretty self-
explanitory... just don't let Cao Cao escape.

3) Battle of He Fei 
Wu Forces vs. Wei Forces
Strategy- Advance northwards taking out the three bases in the northeast
section of the map.  By that time Zhang Liao should have ambushed Sun 
Quan.  Sun Quan will die if you dont take out Zhang Liao here.  So head
south and kill Zhang Liao and save Sun Quan.  Then you can either continue
taking out bases and Xiahou Dun and Xu Huang when they re-enforce, or you
can head straight for Cao Cao and end the mission. 

4) Battle of Fan Castle
Allied Forces vs. Shu Forces
Strategy- Ah yes the battle that enrages Liu Bei.  Clear out defense and
supply bases while taking out generals on your way to Guan Yu.  Take him
down to end the scenario.  Pretty straight forward.

5) Battle of Yi Ling
Wu Forces vs. Shu Forces
Strategy- Head southwards and take out Guan Xing and Ma Chao as they and 
their subgenerals advance up the right (eastern) side of the map.  Then 
head westward, killing all the generals in front of Liu Bei's fort.  You 
can then advance westward and take out Zhao Yun and Shamoke or you can 
just advance into the fort and kill Liu Bei.  Also having the fire attack 
succeed here makes almost everything die, but makes Liu Bei retreat 
through that annoying maze.

7-Gan Ning's models

Model 1- This model comes with Gan Ning.  He is shirtless with red pants
and a red bandana.  Also, he has bells around his waist and tatoos on
his shoulders and arms. 

Model 2- Gan Ning unlocks this model when he get's about 6000 points. 
This model is just his first model with different colors. The red 
pants turn black.  Still has bells around his waist, and his headband 
is brown.

Model 3- Gan Ning unlocks this model when he get about 20000 points.
This is one of his DW4 models. He has a black vest with bells around his
neck now.  Has red pants and a red bandana.

Model 4- Gan Ning unlocks this model when he get around 20000 points along 
with his model 3.  This is another of Gan Ning's DW4 models. It is similar 
to his model 3 except that he has blonde hair, a white bandana, red vest,
and white pants.  His bells are back on his hip.

8-Gan Ning's Encyclopedia Information

Born 175 A.D.
Died 222 A.D.

A Wu officer.  A former pirate, he attached bells to his clothes so that 
enemies would know when he was coming.  He served under both Liu Biao and 
Huang Zu, but after being passed over for promotion, took his services to 
Sun Quan, who at the recommendation of Zhou Yu and Lu Meng, welcomed him 
to Wu.  He later fought at Chi Bi and in the campaign against Wei.

Since this is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) this section will continue 
to grow as people send emails containing questions about Gan Ning.

Q: Why can't I get his final weapon?
A: Make sure you are playing at Xia Kou from Huang Zu's Side on HARD 
difficulty.  Also make sure you complete both assassinations within 2 
minutes of the stage starting.

Q: Why does Gan Ning have such a stupid musou?
A: It's all in the eyes of the be-holder.  His mosou is not good for doing
combos but it is very powerful (one strike with takes huge chunks of life
from generals), and it is very good if Gan Ning is almost dead as a 
retreat mechanism. 

Q: Why is Gan Ning's weapon so much better than any other sword final
A: I've wondered the same thing.  His weapon is strong to start with, gives
plus to attack and is light (when Gan Ning attacks quickly in the first
place).  All I can say is, it's great for people who enjoy Gan Ning.


Do not reproduce this FAQ, sell it, or claim it as your own.  
Please do not use this FAQ on any websites other than GameFAQs or Neoseeker
without my permission.  This guide was created by lanky522 (copyright 
Tim O'Brien)

11-Thanks & Credits
Thanks to GameFAQs for being a great games resource.
Thanks to EChang for his very comprehensive/complete FAQ on 4th weapons.
Thanks to the guy at GameStop for getting me Dynasty Warriors 5 as 
soon as possible.
Thanks to Patrick for introducing me to the series at Dynasty Warriors 3
and for making a God out of Gan Ning.
Thanks to Joseph Lionarons for birth information on Gan Ning.
Finally, Thanks to KOEI for always making quality Dynasty Warriors games. 

12-Contact Information
If you have any questions, or suggestions for this FAQ please e-mail me 
at  Youíll be given full credit for want you add.

Thanks for reading.