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Dynasty Warriors 5(r)
Yue Ying Character Guide
By DarkArchAngel646: Twistedmind646@gmail.com
Dynasty Warriors 5(r)/Shin Sangoku Musou 4(r)
Written April 20, 2005

Version 1.0
Table of Contents
1.-Character Bio

2.-How to unlock this beauty

3.-Weapons (4th weapon attainment)

4.-Yue Ying Pro's and Con's


6.-Items to use

7.-Musou Missions



10.-Contact Information

11.-Copyright data

Yue Ying Character Biography

Yue Ying, daughter of Huang Chen Yan.  Brilliant in martial arts and 
academics, known for her spectacular inventions, who marveled anyone who saw 
them.  She was said to be extremely unattractive, but Zhuge Liang saw beyond
this ploy, which it was.  It was used to drive off anyone who wanted her for
beauty, and not for anything else.

her father considered Zhuge liang a wonderful match for her, and 
quickly set up the marriage.  When Zhuge Liang joined, so did she, helping 
Zhuge Liang with her inventions, and strategies.  When Zhuge went to conquer 
the south, the Nanman tribe, she created the juggernaut, a weapon that spewed 
fire, and scared off the tigers that endangered the campaign.  When 
Zhuge Liang worried about the supply line, she created the Wood Ox, a supply 
transport unit that would protect the supply line.  Even after the death of 
Shu leader, Liu Bei, she continued to live happily with her husband.

She died soon after her husband's death at Wu Zhang Plains, her last words 
were to her son, "Be loyal, and filial."

Unlocking Yue Ying

Yue Ying is unlocked by Beating Zhuge Liang's Musou mode once.  

To unlock Zhuge Liang, defeat any other Shu Musou Mode at least once.

Beating Yue Yings musou will unlock can unlock one of two people:

-Pang Tong (To unlock defeat any three Shu Missions, one can be Yue Ying)

-Liu Bei (To unlock, defeat any four Shu Missions, one can be Yue Ying)

Yue Ying's Weapons

Starting Weapon - War Spear - 3 power

2nd Weapon - Martial Spear - 7 power

3rd Weapon - Horizon - 11 power

4th Weapon - Oblivion - 36 power
(Charge 15, Mounted 15, Bow 16, Defense 17, Life 16)

How to Get 4th weapon: 

(Battle of Wu Zhang Plains)

(Make Sure its on HARD or CHAOS Mode)

I had problems here, died a few times, but I did it!  What you need to do is 
rush your way to the middle, killing all officers on the way.  When that's 
done, rush down to help Zhuge Liang from Zhong Hui, then rush all the way 
CATAPULTS!!  then just go along like normal, killing everything in your way, 
saving generals, keeping Zhuge alive.  For help, refer to my Musou Mode 
walkthrough of this battle.

Yue Ying's Pros and Cons

Pros: She is extremely powerful.  Her move set is excellent for crowd 
clearing, and her grace is second to none.  her charge is wonderful, takes out 
enemies at a distance, and you can move it to take out more enemies.  Her 
normal attack set is quite scary, almost all of them do a 360 attack, clearing 
enemies all around you.  Her Musou is fantastic for both officer and crowd 
clearing, and her True Musou really finishes off the job.  In fact, her crowd 
clearing capabilities are so fantastic, I got close to 3500 kills with her 
(25 off.)

Cons: she can move a little slow, and her attacks can be slightly on the slow 
side.  When using the charge attack, she leaves herself open to a possible 
attack from behind and side.  She also has low health, I tend to have gotten 
dangerously low with her more then enough times, to cause extreme discomfort. 
But on the bright side, thanks to my bodyguards HEAL ability, I havent died 

Yue Ying's Moves

Triangle (Charge) - Throws her spear, twirling it around about two feet in 
front of her.  Keep pressing triangle to continue the assault for a few 
seconds longer.

Jump + Triangle - Jumps up and swings any enemies in range, if it misses, she 
swings twice and falls, if she hits an enemy, she keeps swinging for about 5-6 
swings.  Does significant damage.

Musou - Swings her spear around extremely fast, finishes off with an upwards 

True Musou - Same as Musou, except stronger, and she finishes with an upward 
slash, that triggers a quite large whirlwind.

Square - Single slash with spear.

Square X2 - Single slash with spear, then slashes back.

Square X3 - Single slash with spear, slashes back, then slashes upwards.

Square X4 - Single slash with spear, slashes back, slashes upwards, then does 
somewhat of an uppercut of weapons.

Square X5 - Single slash with spear, slashes back, slashes upwards, uppercuts 
with her spear, then does uppercut opposite way.

Square X6 - Single slash with spear, slashes back, slashes upwards, uppercuts 
with her spear, does uppercut opposite way, then slashes normally again, 
(can go into Evolution attack, hitting the same way again, only charged.)

C1 - Single slash, then turns, and hits enemy with the bottom of spear, 
nailing them into the air.

C2 - Single slash with spear, slashes back, then stabs at enemy, three times,
doing multiple swirl hits each stab.

C3 - Single slash with spear, slashes back, slashes upwards, then 360 slash.

C4 - Single slash with spear, slashes back, slashes upwards, does 
somewhat of an uppercut of weapons, then attacks up, creating whirlwind.

C5 - Single slash with spear, slashes back, slashes upwards, uppercuts 
with her spear, does uppercut opposite way, then does multiple 360 attacks, 
just like her Musou attack.

Yue Ying's Best Items

Orb - Fire

Harness - Red Hare

Item 1. -Tiger Amulet

Item 2. -Peacock Amulet

Item 3. -Tortoise Amulet

Item 4. -Way of Musou

Item 5. -Demon Band

Why? - 

Fire Orb, Adds that little extra kick of power, to finish off the enemy.  She 
has a fast recuperating speed after attacks, so no need for the Ice orb.

Red Hare, because she can run quite slow at times.  Use this to run to those 
quick spots, Well, Quick.  Don't fight officers from your horse, only knock 
them down, fighting normal enemies can be fought effectively from there, but 
it's faster just to jump down.

Tiger Amulet, hell, it makes her stronger, i recommend this 
for ALL officers.                    

Tortoise Amulet, because as your charging, and you get hurt, you dont want 
the damage to be that considerable.  You want to get that dish that damage 
out, not take it in.

Way of Musou, because lets face it, she needs some major help with her 
attack power.  So, whenever your being attacked, and cant defend, just hit 
that magic little Circle button, and you'll fix their ass.

Demon Band, See above.

Yue Ying's Musou

1. Battle of Chang Ban - Extremely easy, as soon as you start, head for the 
unoccupied base ahead.  Take that over, head on through, and slaughter the 
enemy before you.  Go ahead, test out her deadly skills, they're fun!  Stay at 
the top of the map, go meet with Zhuge Liang once, swoop around that loop at 
the top left, and kill all reinforcements.  I got over 1000 kills here, well 
worth the strategy.
2. Conquest of Nan Zhong - another simple stage, just not as much kills.  
Watch walls for secret passages, there are hidden passages behind trees here, 
and they help alot.  Kill off all troops and officers that get in your way, 
take down Zhu Rong when she appears, and just keep kicking Meng Huo's ass. 
He'll eventually give in.

3. Battle of Tian Shui - When you start, automatically head to the base ahead 
of you, and kill the officer inside.  All units in the base will flee, and 
head to the other base Zhuge told you to conquer.  When thats all done, take 
run through enemy territory to kill Jiang Wei, use a musou rage, you'll 
have gotten one by now.  When finished, retreat to allied territory, heal up, 
and kill what's-his-name when he tries to flee.  Use a musou rage that you'll 
probably find by then, he'll crumble at your feet.

4. Battle of Chen Cang - kill all officers and alot of troops in front of the 
castle defense wall.  When the ambush on the bottom left side is enacted, 
rush in and help, then take the mountain path on the right side of map, (watch 
out for ambush's)  Kill off enemies there, help the 2nd ambush on bottom left, 
and then swoop in for the kill.  (I got 3475 kills here, Wow.)

5. Battle of Wu Zhang Plains - Got to close for comfort, almost died in the 
beginning.  Just kill, kill, kill.  Protect the supply line, take out the two 
attack bases in the center, and kill even more.  If Zhong Hui gets close to 
Zhuge Liang, slay his ass.  Rush out, take the defense bases, kill off all 
officers, and the battle is your beyotch.

Yue Ying's Costumes

1 - white and green material composing a dress, Green long boots, and 
black bottoms to the boots.  An ornate gold warriors tiara upon 
her head with a red jewel, and gold shoulder guards.  A green bow on her 
back, and gold symbols along the bottom of her dress.

2 - Same as 1, except light blue, dark blue, yellow and purple material.  
her tiara is now silver with a blue jewel.  Black boots, her wardrobe is now
of pastel colors.

3 - Dynasty Warriors 4 costume, green and gold chestplate, gold and blue 
headband, white bottom dress, with gold symbols, green stockings and black 
shoes.  white shoulder guards.

4 - Almost the same as costume three, except color pallete is much darker.  
Black, dark green and gold material, right side of her dress is longer then 
left, and she has black arm guards.  Black shoulder guards as well, with 
brown stockings just barely visible.  Her headbands gold and green now.

Q and A
I can't get her 4th weapon!
Make sure its on hard, or chaos mode, and make sure you kill Deng Ai 
BEFORE he sets up the catapults.  If you want too long, he will show up either 


EChang's 4th weapon FAQ for telling me the requirements for her fourth weapon.

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