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Dynasty Warriors 5

Cao Cao FAQ
By Nodachi_Slayer



4/25/05-Version 0.75-Walkthrough unfinished, still need Wu Zhang and He Fei
        Castle, item comments unfinished

4/26/05-Version 0.90-Walkthrough still unfinished, finished item comments.

4/29/05-Version 1.0-Finally finished walkthrough, general once-over and stuff



This is my first FAQ for Gamefaqs. I am writing to tell you about one of my 
favorite characters, Cao Cao. I very much enjoy playing as him. He is not one
of the best crowd clearers around, but he is still very good, due to his fast
attack speed and his power. Also he is good at killing generals and has good
average stats that make him overall a great all-around character.



PRE) Changeover from DW4
1) Unlocking
2) Why use Cao Cao?
3) Moveset
4) Weapons
5) Items
6) Walkthrough
7) Combos and Fighting Advice
8) FAQs
9) Credits
10) The Unclassified



Dynasty Warriors has returned to its roots in this latest iteration. Weapons no
longer require weapon EXP to upgrade, they are found in boxes. Weapons now also
have different properties. They come in three weights, Light, Average, and 
Heavy. As would be expected, light attacks quickly, average attacks normally
fast, and heavy attacks slow, but with a slight power bonus. Also, weapons 
could also now be Evo-capable, meaning that they have the ability to perform 
nine attacks instead of six when the musou bar is full. The level recycling 
from DW4 is gone, to my delight, because I hated playing at Xia Pi for about 
seven levels. Finally, the game has traded off huge musou modes for short, 
character specific ones. Most are historically accurate, but some (Cao Cao's 
included) don't follow an historical timeline. For instance, Cao Cao has 
battles he wouldn't have been to because he died before the last few.



To unlock Cao Cao, beat four Wei characters' musou modes. That's it.


                              ++WHY USE CAO CAO?++

Cao Cao is one of the best sword users in the game, IMO. His attacks are fast,
the power he has while doing them is impressive, and his charge attacks are 
very useful. He is not a Lu Bu or a Zhou Tai, but he can clear crowds and kill
generals just fine. He also has the distinct trait of having the coolest-
looking sword in the game.



Cao Cao is an all-around fighter, as his moveset shows.

S=square, T=triangle

SSSSSS-Slashes that go left and right in front of him. Not very exciting or
       groundbreaking, but it gets the job done and with power to spare.
T-DW4 T-beams, be they singer lasers, magic bolts, or flying elemental things,
  have changed for the better. Cao Cao now shoots a fire orb out of his sword, 
  which explodes after a while like Zhen Ji's.
ST-Just a charged slash upward. Don't mess around with it much.
SST-Cao Cao does up to seven slashes, left and right alternating, that end with
    a stun and element. Cao Cao moves foward in a zig-zag motion.
SSST-Cao Cao does a quick slash to the right that covers about 180. Knockback 
     and element
SSSST-Slams the ground, creating a cool-looking purple cloud and launching 
      enemies into the air.
SSSSST-After charging up a second, Cao Cao does five slashes foward. Element on
       each slash, and also they enemies stay put so you can freeze or burn 
Jump S-A downward right to left slash
Jump T-Two charged slashes, then he rises and fires a wind blade.
Circle-Musou: He does a slash, then a counterclockwise spin and an upward 
       slash, and continues this, ending with a big horizontal slash.
Circle in red health-True Musou: Musou with fire element and a large area 
       shockwave at the end.

Horse moves

S-Alternating left and right slashes
T-More powerful left and right slashes
C-Even more powerful left and right slashes

Cao Cao really is meant to be a ground fighter.


Weights and bonuses for the first three weapons are random. Bonuses refer to
the extra stat gains that are put on weapons. To get higher bonuses, play a 
harder difficulty.

Broad Sword
Power: 3
Attacks: 4

General's Sword
Power: 7
Attacks: 5

Sword of Heaven
Power: 11
Attacks: 6 or 9 if evo capable

Wrath of Heaven
Power: 34
Attacks: 9
Weight: Average
Bonuses: Charge Attack Lvl 17
         Bow Lvl 15
         Life Lvl 17
         Mounted Lvl 17
         Attack Lvl 17

Getting the Wrath of Heaven

Battle of Xia Pi-Hard Difficulty
     1) Kill Gao Shun before he reinforces the floodgate too much
     2) Kill Zhang Liao

It's that easy. Equip a Red Hare and run around the northern lake clockwise to
Gao Shun and kill him, then run over to Zhang Liao and kill HIM. Now get the
weapon and kill Lu Bu.

Thanks to EChang for the weapon stats and method



This is just my personal preference of items. Feel free to make substitutions,
as this is just a guideline.

Regular Cao Cao

Saddle: Red Hare-the fastest horse, enough said.
Orb: Fire-Cao Cao is a good juggler, and the Fire Orb really compliments that.
Tiger Amulet, Tortoise Amulet-Absolutely necessary equipment. Pumps up your two
          most important stats
Wind Scroll-Cao Cao's sword is cool, but short, so range really helps.
Demon Band-Equip this after you have his fourth weapon, and Cao Cao will become
          a god of Musou Rages
Elixer-I always use my musou to escape enemy combos, and this makes sure that 
          my musou is always there for me.

If you want plain power on your side, here is a setup:

Power-mad Cao Cao

Saddle: Storm Runner
Orb: Fire
Tiger Amulet
Wind Scroll
Way of Musou
Power Rune

This setup will allow Cao Cao to absolutely destroy whatever he sees, but use 
it sparingly, it leaves him quite vulnerable.



Red Hare-Fastest horse in the game. Looks cool. I almost always equip this one
    on maxed generals. Cao Cao goes good with this one.
Hex Mark Harness-Luck up horse, and pretty slow. Not my first choice, also 
    looks kind of crappy. Good for item hunting, not much else.
Storm Runner-Riding attack power up. I use this on new generals because it also
    gives a 50% bonus on after battle points.
Shadow Runner-Never get knocked offa this one. I think this horse is 
    desperately cheap (except for people like Pang De and Ma Chao), but if you
    disagree, use it. I can't stop you. Or can I...
Elephant-These are fun. Almost NOone can hit you on an elephant. Great fun. Big
    damage. And, you can knock over those stupid archer towers by running them


Fire: This helps IMMENSELY on super-demon electric aura officers. Burning 
    damage during juggle moves. My favorite orb.
Ice: Freeze people where they stand. The chances for freezing has greatly
    increased from DW4, but I still don't like it too much.
Light: Break your enemy's guard during charge moves. This orb is great on the 
    harder difficulties because everyone blocks on the harder difficulties.
Dark: Chance of instant kill (To enemies, not you) in exchange for an emptied 
    musou bar. This orb is one I NEVER use. The depleted musou is annoying, and
    the instant kill doesn't make up for it, because it doesn't work on 


Peacock Urn: Life up. More life means you won't die. Sound good to you? Yes? 
    Thought so.
Tortoise Amulet: Defense up. Always equip this along with the Tiger Amulet 
    on new generals. Defense is good. No staggering. Less dying. Always equip.
Tiger Amulet: Attack up. Equip this always so you can bash people's faces in.
Dragon Amulet: Musou gauge up. Don't equip this, I NEVER equip this, maybe it 
    is good on Zhou Tai or Zhuge Liang? Cao Cao's musou should really be used 
    as a safeguard, and this impares that use.
Elixer: Musou gauge fills faster. Once again, probably better on someone with a
    better musou.
Herbal Remedy: Charge attack power up. I don't use this much, but equip it if 
    you want to maximize your attack power.
Horned Helm: Horse ATK and DEF power up. If you want this, use it on Ma Chao, 
    not Cao Cao.
Huang's bow: Arrow ATK and DEF power up. Use this on Xiahou Yuan or Huang 
    Zhong, not on Cao CAo, he is not a bow person.
Speed scroll: Speed Up. duh. Use this if you don't want a horse because you 
    have a disorder or something.
Seven Star Sash: Luck up. I don't believe in luck. Luck in DW refers to better
    items, more frequent meat bun drops and the like. If you're superstitious,
    equip this.
Wind Scroll: attack range up. Always equip this, on any officer. Cao Cao needs 
    more reach anyway.
Serpent Earrings: Attack up +2 every 100 KOs. Using this is character and level
    dependant. Use this with Cao Cao on levels like Guan Du and Wu Zhang 
    Plains. It is only good if you can get at least 1,000 kos in a level.
Tribal Remedy: Heals you with a meatbun every 100 Kos. Probably better on Chaos
    difficulty. I don't really use it.
Power Rune: Attack x2, defence /2. If I use this, it is on normal when I want
    to blow right through a stage. If that isn't your cup of tea, then give it
    a miss. 
Tiger Collar: A tiger will follow you into battle. The tiger is invincible, and
    can be as good as a bodyguard, but it should really only be used on weak or
    crappy generals.
Demon Band: Increases longevity of Musou Rage: Equip this if you have a fourth
    weapon and you will be a god.
Arm Guards: Not interrupted during charge moves. Cao Cao's moves are very fast,
    so this weapon is not for him.
Survival Guide: Attack x2 if you are knocked down near death. No. Do not use 
    this, it is a waste of a slot, and if you have enough slots to equip this
    and other better items, there is no reason that you should ever be in low
    health. Besides, true musou saves your life too, what about that? Useless.
Way of Musou: Use True Musou whenever. This is character dependant. Cao Cao has
    a pretty not good true musou, so I wouldn't.
Musou Armor: Don't flinch when hit by arrows. I hate archers. Especially when
    fighting officers. I don't hate them enough to use this item, though. If
    you hate them more than me, then do it.
Fire Arrows: Use fire arrows. See Huang's Bow.
Art of War: Doubles length of Attack x2s and whatnot. Pretty cool, especially
    with Imperial Seals. A decent choice.
Bodyguard Manual: Bodyguards become stronger. I haven't tested this too much,
    (at all) but if it is anything like DW4, it gives your bodyguards like +1
    attack and +1 defence, so try it for me, but don't expect good results.



Cao Cao has eight stages, along with Sun Jian and Liu Bei, and Zuo Ci. They 

Yellow Turban Rebelion
Battle of Hu Lao Gate
Battle of Xia Pi
Battle of Guan Du
Escape From Chi Bi
Battle of He Fei
Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Battle of He Fei Castle


If you need help with this level, you must be mentally defishant. Just run
through all the enemy generals. Kill Zhang Liang to stop the tornado, Zhang Bao
to stop the rocks, and Pei Yuan Shao to stop the revolt of Sun Jian's troops.
Once you enter Zhang Jiao's main base, the phantom army will appear. Destroy 
the four torches at the corners of the altar in the middle of the base to stop
them, then beat up Zhang Jiao.


You will start out alone. Take advantage of this to pound on every general and
subgeneral that isn't near Hu Lao Gate. You now have two choices. Either go 
through Hu Lao Gate or around it. Of course, Lu Bu is guarding the gate, and
will easily kill any untrained Cao Cao before he even activates a Musou Rage 
and an Attack x2 at the same time, which he does. Sneak around the north on 
Zhang Liao's path, then kill Dong Zhuo. When Dong Zhuo gets in low health, kill
him fast, because he'll summon Lu Bu to protect him, and ideally you don't want
that to happen.


Firstly, let's get one thing straight. Suceed in the water attack. I'm not 
advising, I'm requesting. You lose if the main camp falls. If you fail in the 
water attack (meaning you ignore Gao Shun until Yuan Shu shows up) then about
four reinforcement generals will show up and Lu Bu's guys morale will rise so 
fast all your generals will die faster than you can imagine. Just succeed in
the water attack by killing Gao Shun, If you do, about four of Lu Bu's generals
will surrender. Convenient, eh? You don't even have to worry about killing Lu 
Bu, as if you fight him for a while, he will run away, only to be captured and
to have the level end in your favor. Easy, yeah?


Once again, you can't ignore objectives in this battle. Repel attacks on Bai Ma
and Ma Jin. Also keep an eye on Cao Pi, he is right next to Guan Du, and Yuan 
Xi and Zhen Ji will kill him pretty quick. Once Wu Chao opens, kill Lu Wei
Kuang, and you won't have to worry about anything anymore. Just have fun 
killing lots of generals, then Yuan Shao. Also, if at any time Guan Yu meets
Liu Bei's troops, he will pull back so far he will be useless. If you kill Liu
Bei before this, then Guan Yu will withdraw.


After a whole lot of conditional defeats (main camps, castles) you can have fun 
with this one. Kill lots of officers, the stage doesn't end no matter how many
of your dudes die, so just have fun with it. You can take it easy.


Just to be clear, this is the one with all the islands, not the one with the
monster castle. Okay, back to conditional defeat. No dead main camp for you,
mister. Make sure to neutralize Taishi Ci and Lu Meng quickly, as they tear 
through your bases. After that, you can focus on the center. Beware, though,
Gan Ning ambushes in super demon mode up north, right next to your fledgling
castle. Deal with him, he is probably the toughest part of the level.


First things first, take out enemy subgenerals and generals as they attack your
bases and officers and stuff. If you let too many generals get too far in, Sima
Yi will get angry and charge out. But your the leader, so who cares? When you
get a pause in the action, take out the supply line as soon as possible. The
supply line is on the bottom east path. It will be a stronghold with a Defence
Captain in front of it. Then get back to your army. Soon Zhong Hui and Deng Ai
will show up with your catapults, but Zhuge will spring an ambush. Help Zhong 
Hui (just follow him until he's in position) and then just keep smashing 
officers. When you kill three, Zhuge will die, leaving Jiang Wei in command.
He will summon Arballests at the center hill though. Kill them and advance your
army. It is wise to kill Yue Ying before engaging Jiang Wei, as she will be 
all, like, maternal and rush to protect him with ALL of her Tiger Tanks.


Finally, nothing to worry about. You and you alone are the leader, so wail on
all officers. Lu Xun will call up reinforcements in form of the Wu navy of two
officers to the east, then he will call up another reinforcement officer to 
the west. Kill everything. It would probably be beneficial to kill the rams, 
but then again, you don't have to. Be careful when you fight Sun Quan though, 
he goes into Attack x2 and Musou Rage as his health gets lower.

Now you can watch Cao Cao's ending. Pretty impressive stuff, huh? Oh really Cao
Cao, it's only necessary SOMETIMES to have peace?

                         ++COMBOS AND FIGHTING ADVICE++

Cao Cao can use his charge attacks for combos. Here you go.


    This will maximize combo hits, and this combo string can concievably be
    continued infinitely. Best used on a dead general. Time it so they will be
    almost dead when stunned, then will die on the first few hits of the first


    This is a good way to make use of your element. Use with a fire or an ice
    orb for best effect.


    This is good in a crowd. The first combo keeps them on the ground long 
    enough to put out a fire orb. This is also a good way to get behind a 
    general that blocks too much, as the orb has stun effect.


    Good for a fire orb, this will prolong its burning effect for very long.
    Use this on demon generals for best results.

If you keep getting hit by archers while fighting a general, here are some tips
for you:

First use a musou on the general, then kill the archers by running in a loop
toward them.
Block, facing the archers, then counterattack the officer to send him flying 
into the archers. This will give you time to reposition yourself.

If you find yourself getting mobbed by multiple generals, here are some tips.

Use a counterattack. This will stop them from getting you from behind.
Never use combos more than 4 or 5 hits long. If you do, you run greater risk of
being stabbed in the back. SST, SSST, and Jump S are good choices
Stay on the minimap. It pays to know where generals are at all times.
Never block if you can help it. Keep up the momentum. Go for the generic and 
undemonized generals first.

Hopefully, with this, your Cao Cao fighting experience will be complete.



Send me words, and they shalst bloom beneath the banner of FAQ.



Thanks to...

Gamefaqs, for posting this FAQ
EChang, for the weapon stats and method
Koei and W-Omega Force for great Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games.
Cao Cao's voice actor, for his moving and hilarious anguished cries.
Cao Cao, for being so cool and wearing a cape.
fat soluble munchkins, for proving dreams do come true.


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