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 1. Introduction (INT10)
  1.1. Copyright/Disclaimer (CPR11)
  1.2. Dynasty Warriors 5 (DW512)
  1.3. Version History (VSH13)
 2. Guan Yu's bio (BIO20)
 3. Guan Yu in battle! (BTT30)
 4. Guan Yu's moves (SST40)
 5. Guan Yu's weapons (WPN50)
  5.1. How to get his 4th weapon (4WP51)
 6. Guan Yu's Musou Mode (MSU60)
  6.1. Battle of Si Shui Gate (SSG61)
  6.2. Battle of Hu Lao Gate (HLG62)
  6.3. Battle of Guan Du (GUD63)
  6.4. Guan Yu's Escape (ESC64)
  6.5. Escape from Chi Bi (CHI65)
  6.6. Battle of Fan Castle (FAN66)
 7. FAQ (FAQ70)
 8. Credits (WOOT!)


  1. Introduction (INT10)


   Hello. My name is Kevin and this is my fourth FAQ, on my favourite character
  in all of the three kingdoms that will kick all your butts cos he's better
  than Lu Bu himself! Oops, did I just say that? Sorry....the only reason I'm
  doing an FAQ on Guan Yu is because he's the only FAQless character in
  GameFAQs...awww, poor Guan Yu! Well, I personally don't like Guan Yu but he
  is undeniably one of the more promintent figures in the three kingdoms,
  leaving behind him a legacy that still remains in China today. Yup, people
  have statues (not life sized, unfortunately!) of Guan Yu in their houses...
  So, without further ado, here comes the FAQ!

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        * Someone else claims they made this FAQ.
        * I have made a mistake in something e.g. attack, typos etc.
        * You want information on something that I have NOT mentioned in the 
          FAQ, about Guan Yu (note, I'm not that wise in on him).
        * You have suggestions on what to put in on my next update
        * You have CONSTRUCTIVE critisism.

    If your information is helpful/useful I will put your name in the Credits
   section. It's not much, but at least you and everyone else who looks at the
   credits will know you helped.

    All other e-mails will be deleted. Please remember that I often forget to
   check my address, but if I have read your e-mail, I will reply IF it is 
   about one of the above mentioned areas. SIGN YOUR NAME OR ALIAS at the end
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   bad reader! Also, I will not accept any emails with illegible/inappropriate
   words; please try to use proper grammar. Also, put your email as the subject
   "Guan Yu FAQ". Thank you

   1.1. Copyright/Disclaimer (CPR11)

    This FAQ is copyright Kevin Li/Deviloftrade. It should only be on the
   following website(s)

   *GameFaqs @

    It's only one so far, but I may put it on more. Please keep it like that,
   and DO NOT steal my FAQ or claim you wrote it, as it has been made by 
   people's hard work.

   1.2. Dynasty Warriors 5 (DW512)

    Dynasty Warriors 5 (and all from 2-4) is the videogame based on the novel
   by Luo Guanzhong based on the events of the three kingdoms era in China,
   one which has captured the hearts (or attentions, at least) of millions of
   Chinese people. Being Chinese, I had an obligation to read it; so, I did!
   Buy the HUGE abridged version today! It's a good read! Anyways, DW5 is the
   fourth, technically fifth as there was already a 2D fighter game called that
   before the one we know and love came out. I've played Dynasty Warriors
   since (drumroll!) 4 came out on the PC! Wow! But still, I'm pretty

   1.3. Version History (VSH13)

   Version 1.0: Got in his amazing biography, a review of his battling ability,
               his moves, musou mode and his weapons! ---27th October 2007---

  2. Guan Yu's Bio (BIO20)


  NAME: Guan Yu (In Mandarin Chinese, say it as Gwhan Yu, except don't
                 pronounce the Yu as You)
  STYLE NAMES: Yunchang and Changseng
  LIFE: AD160-AD219
  SERVED: Shu (Han)
  BIOGRAPHY: NOTE - This biography is based on his TRUE life, not the portrayl
                   of him in the Luo Guanzhong novel
   Guan Yu was born in the county of Xie. He fled there after killing someone,
  and arrived in Zhuozhou, Hebei, where he was recruited by Liu Bei who was
  rallying troops to destroy the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Guan Yu and Zhang
  Fei joined him. Afterwards, Liu Bei was appointed as the governor of
  Pingyuan. Apparently, they slept in the same bed (euch)! Anyway, they formed
  a very close relationship.
   However, in 199 Liu Bei killed the governor of Xuzhou, who was appointed by
  Tsao Tsao (Cao Cao, but horrifically the game calls him Cow Cow - pronounce
  it Tsao Tsao, people!). Liu Bei escaped and put Guan Yu in Xiapi. Cao Cao
  went to claim Xuzhou back from his hands, and Liu Bei ran away to Yuan Shao.
  Cao Cao captured Xiapi and Guan Yu, who surrendered to him. Guan Yu was
  treated very well by Cao Cao, who made him a general.
   In 200 Yuan Shao marched to Cao Cao's capital, Xuchang. Guan Yu helped
  Cao Cao by killing a prominent general of his, Yan Liang. After Yuan Shao's
  invasion was foiled, Guan Yu heard word about Liu Bei being with him and left
  Cao Cao with a letter.
   After meeting up with Liu Bei and venturing to Jingzhou, Liu Bei allied with
  Wu ruler Sun Quan, The two defeated Cao Cao at the Battle of the Red Cliffs,
  a very famous one (known as Chi Bi ingame). Liu Bei then went and took over
  Yizhou and promoted the Wu Hu Generals (Five Tiger Generals), one of which
  was Guan Yu.
   In 219, Guan Yu went to attack Fancheng. Wu and Wei allied to take down Guan
  Yu, and soon a battle was raging between him and Cao Ren. Heavy autumn rain
  helped him greatly in battle and he captured both Pang De and Yu Jin, two if
  Wei's most talented generals. However, Xu Huang managed to send him off. Sun
  Quan launched an attack on Jiangling, and Guan Yu's generals there defected
  to him due to being badly treated. Guan Yu was in trouble! Wu got up to some
  devious tricks, holding families as hostages. Guan Yu let them go to Wu due
  to his soft heart.
   It was all over. Guan Yu had hardly any troops, so he tried to retreat and
  meet up with Liu Bei again. However, he was overwhelmed and captured by Sun
  Quan and was executed shortly after.

   Phew, storytime over! Now, on with the guide.
  3. Guan Yu in battle! (BTT30)


   Like in the novel and the wars, Guan Yu is a fearsome general in game. He
  wields decent crowd clearing moves but they take a long time to pull off,
  however his regular moves are quite quick and efficient. He is, however,
  quite a defensive guy, and his musou is also quite good. An average to
  pretty decent character overall!

   4. Guan Yu's moves (SST40)


   Usual stuff, S for Square, T for Triangle

  S - Slashes
  SS - Slashes in opposite direction
  SSS - Jabs forwards
  SSSS - Slashes again
  SSSSS - Slashes downwards
  SSSSSS - Yet another slash!

  T - Charged slash. Yay!
  ST - Slashes up, getting ready for a juggle
  SST - Charged slashes both sides, and then a normal slash
  SSST - Does a full 360-degree attack
  SSSST - Does a whirlwind. Far out!
  SSSSST - Stamps and creates a blue beam that does the star stunning effect

   5. Guan Yu's weapons (WPN50)


 1: Crescent Blade
    POWER: 5
    ATTACKS: 4
    WEIGHT: Random
    ATTRITUBES: Random
    EVO: No

 2: Moon Blade
    POWER: 10
    ATTACKS: 5
    WEIGHT: Random
    ATTRITUBES: Random
    EVO: No

 3: Blue Dragon
    POWER: 16
    ATTACKS: 6
    WEIGHT: Random
    ATTRITUBES: Random
    EVO: Possible

 4: Blue Moon Dragon
    POWER: 38
    ATTACKS: 6
    WEIGHT: Light O_o
    ATTRITUBES: Charge 16
		Horse 16
		Defense 17
		Attack 18
		Life 18
    EVO: Yes

   5.1. How to get his 4th weapon (4WP51)

    Oh yeah...4th weapon baby!
   LEVEL: Battle of Fan Castle
   PRECIOUS ITEM LOCATION: Southern castle wall
   DIFFICULTY: Hard/Chaos, like all 4th weapons
   REQUIREMENTS: Defeat Niu Jin and Yue Jin before the water attack, trigger
                water attack, destroy enemy commander. Simple as. Make sure you
                are reasonably strong; Niu Jin and Yue Jin pose no threat but
                some of the enemy generals, such as Pang De, are tough and Wu
                reinforcements may arrive, causing Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren to
                defect...curse them!

   6. Guan Yu's Musou Mode (MSU60)


   Guan Yu has a staggering six stages in the game: Battle of Si Shui Gate,
  Battle of Hu Lao Gate, Battle of Guan Du, Guan Yu's Escape, Escape from Chi
  Bi and finally the Battle of Fan Castle, where he supposedly dies at the
  hands of Wu.
   Note that in my walkthrough, if I miss out any bases or checkpoints to be
  taken, take 'em anyway.

   6.1. Battle of Si Shui Gate (SSG61)

    Start out by going up to take out Hu Zhen and Niu Fu, and then the nearby
   base. Sun Jian will receive a morale boost. I'm not going to post all the
   officers' names here; just advance towards Si Shui Gate taking out peons and
   officers alike. There are a few. Wait until the first gate near Si Shui
   opens and Lu Bu appears. He is in Hyper Mode and will use Musou Rage and
   Attack Ups (the 30 second ones). Watch him, if you want to kill him see if
   you've got your own Musou Rage. If not, I wouldn't recommend risking him.
   You can just take the detour Yuan Shao tells you about. Either way, clear
   all officers in your way and advance towards Hua Xiong and destroy him.

   Precious Item Report
   ITEM: Fire Orb.
   PRECIOUS ITEM LOCATION: The Northeastern Supply Depot
   DIFFICULTY: Hard/Chaos, for orbs only
   REQUIREMENTS: Defeat 200 soldiers in 2 minutes. That works out to be 1-2
                soldiers a second (1 a second isn't enough though). Be very
                buffed up before even attempting to do this. If you're going
                to ignore the first 2 sentences above and go straight into the
                huge swarm of enemies in the centre.

   6.2. Battle of Hu Lao Gate (HLG62)

    Ah, Hu Lao Gate. I can remember its majesty in DW4. Go up and sweep the
   officers coming, as well as the base. Afterwards move to the centre of the
   map and any other officers too. Afterwards go to Hu Lao Gate. Around this
   time Cao Cao will be ambushed. Anyway, catapults will come out! They will
   be pretty painful so remain a moving target. Take out Li Jue and keep on
   moving. Wait for the gates to be taken out and, voila, Lu Bu appears again.
   Same advice as Si Shui Gate, be pretty buffed if you're gonna take him,
   otherwise just ignore him. Again, there will be another detour, where Zhang
   Liao resides. Even if you've taken Lu Bu, kill Zhang Liao anyway (and he
   thought you were his friend! Seriously, in the novel they are friends, but
   the game ignores this completely!) Go into the huge fortress and Fan Chou
   will appear. Finish promptly by skewering Dong Zhou.

   6.3. Battle of Guan Du (GUD63)

    It's time to take out that good-for-nothing Yuan Shao. Go through the fort
   and take down Yan Liang. If you head further near Liu Bei he will pull back.
   Defeat him just for the fun of it. It is fun to kill sworn brothers! Then
   take out Yuan Tan. Head back to Guan Du castle as chances are, siege towers
   have appeared/are going to appear anytime. There are four to take down.
   There may be some officers to kill. Cao Cao will mention pressing in on
   Wu Chao. Eventually, Yuan Shao will mention needing supplies and Wu Chao
   will open. Take the drunkard Chunyu Qiong and Wu Chao and Yuan Shao's morale
   will be burnt down. The battle's basically over now. Zhang He will mention
   how crude Yuan Shao is and defect. Take down any other officers and go and
   finish that snooty Yuan Shao.

   Precious Item Report
   ITEM: Storm Rider Harness
   PRECIOUS ITEM LOCATION: The northenmost part of the map, just next to Yuan
                          Shao's main camp. It's the closest passageway.
   REQUIREMENTS: Defeat Yan Liang and Wen Chou (within the first five minutes
                of the game? Can somebody confirm this?). I did not get the
                precious item report when I did this, or any of the other times
                I diced them both. The one time I did kill them in the first
                five minutes the item was there, but I had never looked for it

   6.4. Guan Yu's Escape (ESC64)

    Yawn, nice easy linear map. Kill Zhang Liao first. At low health he will
   peg it after a cutscene. Make him eat dirt once more. Why not? Anyway, you
   have to kill all the officers positioned at the numerous gates to progress,
   while escorting the carriage, which may be destroyed if you charge forwards
   without it. After the fourth gate Xiahou Dun will appear at the start of the
   stage. Keep progressing until he gets a bit closer, and then turn round and
   get him to open the last gate. He has Hyper Mode and Musou Rage for some

   Precious Item Report
   ITEM: Bodyguard Scroll
   REQUIREMENTS: Destroy all of the generals. Simple as. The box will appear
                after Xu Huang is dead. Yawn.

   6.5. Escape from Chi Bi (CHI65)

    Another relatively easy stage. It's strange, because when you play this
   level as Cao Cao's forces Guan Yu leaves the stage before fighting. Ah well.
   You have to beat him up before he reaches the escape point at the end of the
   winding path. Reinforcements will often appear for him. Take out Cao Ren,
   Zhang Liao, Jia Ku, Xiahou Yuan, yeah yeah yeah. Kill them all and finish
   off Cao Cao. Lots of officers like Xiahou Dun, Xun Yu and some other Caos.

   6.6. Battle of Fan Castle (FAN66)

    Guan Yu's death level. Of course, you won't be dying here. Take out the
   base and then soldiers near Guan Ping, as well as the other defence base
   and any other generals. Keep sweeping through until Xu Huang appears. Take
   him and any peons out. Go and get Pang De. Wow. He is mad. He has Hyper
   Mode, Attack Up and Musou Rage and he abuses them like crazy. Take him and
   Wu reinforcements will show up, causing Mi Fang and Fu Shi Ren to defect.
   Take out Wu and they will run off. Head up to the bridge and take out Cao
   Ren, ending Guan Yu's Musou Mode. Phew, what a mouthful.

   7. FAQ (FAQ70)


   Go read an FAQ. Wait, this is one....coming next edition.

   8. Credits (WOOT!)


   I would like to thank all these people for the making of this FAQ...this is
  going to be one long list...

  * Guan Yu and all three kingdoms people - for creating a great legend and a
    great start for a great novel
  * Luo Guanzhong - for writing a great (yet somewhat long) story about the
    events of the three kingdoms
  * Koei, Omegaforce and all - for creating such a repetitive yet amazingly
    good and addictive game
  * CJayC - for creating a great website known as GameFAQs
  * Lonster's Figlet Server - for creating that figlet/huge title thingy at the
    top of my FAQ - check 'em out at
  * Wikipedia - for helping me with some of the biography
  * My parents - for buying the game!
  * Me - for writing the FAQ
  ...and last but not least.....

  * YOU! for reading this FAQ and using it well. Bye bye, until next time!
    (note: for all those who have a PS3, I'm hopefully gonna be writing a lot
    of FAqs for DW6 when it comes out. Hopefully I'll get to do my favourites
    Zhou Tai, Wei Yan and Sima Yi)
  Copyright Kevin Li 2007
  Kainankevin/Deviloftrade signing out...