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Where can I find miracle eggs?

I just need miracle eggs to make a weapon where do i get them?

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Renan_BR_player answered:

It's much easier to kill the golden bones that randonly appear in front of the save room on baljhet mountains (the save room that have 3 skeletons outside). just keep entering and leaving the save room, when the three skeetons do not respawn you can find the golden bones! and the evl cores DROP the miracle egg, you stealdark crystal from them...
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M4rch3 answered:

Once you get the Innocent Devil from the Machine Tower go back to Garibaldi Temple and if you remember that door that you have to use brute force to open (The door after the room with the Trevor boss fight) there will be a small crack between the floor and the west wall in that room. Use the Magic Circle abilitie of the Gale Innocent Devil from the Machine Tower to go under that crack. Go through the door on the other side, then go down the stairs keep going until you run into the enemy called Gold Bones, if you kill him he drops a miracle egg. Don't worry if you use the miracle egg on the wrong thing you can always steal Miracle Eggs from the Evil Cores in the next room, just sit there and wait with you guard up ( Note: you might want to make sure you don't have any Innocent devils out or they might kill them) wait for the Evil core to turn red and attack you after it clanks against your arm the time window will open for you to steal it. If you have have problems with the directions in Garibaldi Temple or if i have them wrong try looking for a map of Garibaldi Temple in the FAQs section. I hope i have made your gaming experience wonderful.
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