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#--------------------CASTLEVANIA: CURSE OF DARKNESS---------------------------#

version 2.0 (11/11/05)
by Hero_100_Fights

 Table of Contents

  1) Introduction/Updates
  2) Battle Type IDs
     I. Basic Info
     II. Battle ID Names and Evolution Choices
  3) Battle Type ID Skills
  4) Contact Info
  5) Credits
  6) Legal Info


This FAQ gives detailed info on every Battle-Type Innocent Devil you can find 
in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. It covers both the PS2 and Xbox versions. 
Although this is my first FAQ, I've certainly read enough of them to have at 
least some idea of what I'm doing, but if anyone notices anything that's "off"
feel free to contact me and let me know.

This is the first and hopefully final version, but as people send me questions
I'll do my best to update and answer them.

I decided to make it a little more intricate and add a "Tier" System, which 
simply tells you level on the chart an ID is.  This seemed like a simple way
to make up for the lack of an actual chart.  Also added conditions for "Brute
Force Lvl 2" skill in the skills section, I forgot to mention that only
Juggernaut can learn this skill.  Sorry.


I.  Basic Info

All Battle-Type IDs start out as a Magmard, and can evolve down several paths
from there.  The Magmard is the second Innocent Devil you get in the game, so 
you'll have plenty of time to evolve them over the course of the game.  Some
Battle Type IDs will be needed to access certain parts of the game, and they
will be essential during most boss fights, so make sure you spend some time
beefng them up.  As with all Innocent Devils, Battle IDs life(HP) is based on
Hearts, and their abilities consume Hearts when used.  Being damaged also
removes hearts, but don't be shy about using their abilities, battle types
have massive amounts of hearts, especially at higher levels, and their ability
costs are generally cheap.

Battle IDs have three modes: Command, Guard, and Auto.  Command lets you tell
the ID when to use his abilities by pressing the Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PS2)
button.  Your Battle ID will still run amok amongst your enemies, but he won't
use an ability unless you tell him to. In Auto mode your ID will run freely,
using abilities whenever he wants. Guard mode stops your ID in place, where he 
creates a small protective circle around himself that absorbs damage up to a 
certain amount, and protects Hector while he stands inside the circle.

I generally always leave my Battle ID in command mode, but sometimes things
get hectic and auto or guard are necessary.

Evolving IDs: the game gives a pretty clear explanation for evolving IDs,
so my guide assumes you know how.  If you don't, look in the "Tips" section
of your status screen.

Tier System: After every ID name I will put a number that corresponds to the
IDs "level" on the chart, so Magmard is "Tier 1," the lowest level of the
chart, and Magmards evolution options are "Tier 2", the next level on the
charts.  Final evolutions that cannot evolve any more will be Tier "F-#"
with the "#" standing for the chart level, since not all final forms are
on the highest Tier. Battle Type IDs don't have a lot of options or multiple
paths to the same form, but the Tier System will make it a lot easier to
understand the Fairy and Bird Type ID FAQs I am submitting, so I decided
to add it here to tie together all the FAQs and give them a similar format.

II.  Battle ID Names and Evolution Choices
*Skill details are in the next section*

Magmard is the basic Battle ID, and all of your Battle Types will start as a
Magmard. They come equiped with the skill "Aura Blast" which is very usefull
throughout the whole game.
   SKILLS: Aura Blast

   Magmard-->Golem= 40 Sword/Special crystals
   Magmard-->Speed-mail= 40 Spear/Axe/Knuckle crystals

Golem looks like a giant piece of rock with legs and a huge crystal hand. You
will probably be in Golem form for a while to learn both of his abilities,
which aren't that great but the extra time will help level him up and boost
his stats.  Golem can evolve into a Juggernaut, which has two more evoluton
options, or an Iyeti, which is one of the five "final" forms of a battle ID.
   SKILLS: Hip Press, Hip Press Lvl. 2

   Golem-->Juggernaut= 70 Sword/Spear/Axe/Knuckle crystals
   Golem-->Iyeti (final)= 90 Special crystals

Speed-mail looks like giant metal knight with a glowing crystal where his
stomach should be.  He moves a lot faster than any of the golem-derivitive
Battle Type IDS and has a pretty useful skill.  Speed-Mail evolves into two of
the "Final" form battle IDs, Rasetz and Corpsey.
   SKILLS: Heavenly Sword

  Speed-mail-->Corpsey (final)= 90 Sword/Spear/Knuckle crystals
  Speed-mail-->Rasetz (final)= 90 Axe/Special crystals

Juggernaut looks awesome, plain and simple. He has one huge eye in the center
of his large upper torso and some massive enemy-pounding arms.  His skills are
pretty good, and one of them is neccessary to open a door later in the game.
He can evolve into Ironside and Liquid Golem, the last "Final" evolutions.
   SKILLS: Homing Eye, Brute Force lvl. 2

   Juggernaut-->Ironside (final)= 90 Axe/Special crystals
   Juggernaut-->Liquid Golem (final)= 90 Sword/Spear/Knuckle crystals

Iyeti looks like a giant furry...thing, with a purple shirt.  Although one of
the "final" battle type forms, Iyeti is completely different from the other
Battle IDs, and unfortunately I find him pretty useless.  You do need one his
first ability to get a fantastic item though, so it's worth getting one. Iyeti
cannot evolve.
   SKILLS: Shoulder Ride, Ultra Scream

Maybe the coolest looking battle ID, Rasetz looks like an undead samurai,
complete with blood covered blade.  Five small blue flames surround him, and
circle around constantly.  Although Corpsey is probably better overall, Rasetz
still whomps on enemys and moves lightning fast.  Rasetz cannot evolve.
   SKILLS: Grand Wave, Glow Soul

Think of a giant emaciated corpse with a huge, wickedly barbed sword and a
glowing crystal stomach, and you can probably picture Corpsey. Although Rasetz
and Corpsey have the same first ability, Corpsey's second ability is almost
too good.  A little slower than Rasetz, but more powerful and tougher, I would
rank Corpsey as my favorite battle type ID.  Corpsey cannot evolve.
   SKILLS: Grand Wave, Bone Storm

As the name implies, Ironside looks like a giant metal beat-down machine. His
abilities are pretty cool, but he moves very slow and makes a horrible clink
noise every step he takes, so I tend never to use mine.  One of two "final"
IDs that can get Brute Force lvl. 2 from Juggernaut.  Ironside cannot evolve.
   SKILLS: Chain Punch, Machine Gun Shot

Liquid Golem looks like a crystal surrounded by mercury with limbs. His skills
are pretty terrible, but he is the other "final" evolution that comes from
Juggernaut and has the Brute Force lvl. 2 skill needed to open a certain door.
Liquid Golem cannot evolve.
  SKILLS: Mercury Shpere, Magma Mode

*All Second Opinions by Yukensei Mihona from the CoD boards. Thanks.*

BRUTE FORCE (lvl. 1 and 2)
CONDITIONS: All battle type IDs will get this skill after a certain point in 
the game.
CONDITIONS(lvl. 2):  Defeat a certain number of enemies as Juggernaut.
EFFECT: Used to lift up heavy objects no human could lift.
OPINION: Despite being neccesary to get places, Brute Force is pretty much
useless unless you need to steal from an enemy that gets knocked in the air.
SECOND OPINION: Not meant to be used as a battle technique, and it's quite 
obvious why. It's just all-around poor. 

COST: 15
EFFECT: Sends out a wave of energy that damages surrounding opponents.
OPINION: Aura blast is awesome.  Period.
SECOND OPINION:Great. This skill's great. Good range, nice damage. Use it 
with a second, third gen and watch the enemies fall.

COST: 10
CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain amount of enimies as Speed-Mail.
EFFECT: Rains swords down on your enemies.
OPINION: I find this very usefull, especially during boss fights or when
enemies are too far for aura blast.  It lasts a long time and does decent dmg.
SECOND OPINION:Not too bad, but it's definitely outshined by other skills. 
Fairly good until you get Bone Storm.

HIP PRESS (lvl. 1 and 2)
COST: 12
CONDITIONS: Lvl. 1=Defeat a certain amount of enimies as Golem.
            Lvl. 2=Succesfully complete 100 chain combos as Golem
EFFECT: Shakes the ground and causes some damage.
OPINION: Just use aura blast instead, it does more damage.
SECOND OPINION:Not really that good of a battle skill, to be honest.

CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain amount of enimies as Iyeti
EFFECT: Hector gets on Iyetis shoulders and rides around. With enough room
Iyeti builds momentum and does damage.  You can also attack with Iyeti.
OPINION: This ability is useless, except it's required to get a certain item
in the Forest Area.
SECOND OPINION:Not insanely useful. Good for getting through crowded rooms 
without actually fighting, but the downside is it gets hard as hell to turn 
when you get going faster.

CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain amount of enimies as Iyeti
EFFECT: Iyeti screams and stuns surrounding enemies.
OPINIONS: Pretty much useless.  Again, just use Aura Blast.
SECOND OPINION:Bleh. Not good at all. Poor range, poor damage, an all-around
poor skill. The only good thing I can think of is it stuns the enemies.

CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain amount of enimies as Juggernaut
EFFECT: Five floating eye bombs pop out above your ID and home in on an enemy.
OPINION: Too expensive for the relatively low damage, and it's way too slow.
SECOND OPINION: It's alright. Not really anything special. It's got a pretty 
slow startup and the eyes aren't very fast, but they do decent damage.

CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain amount of enimies as Corpsey or Rasetz
EFFECT: Sends a wave of energy out in front of the ID, causing decent damage.
OPINION: Utterly useless. It's only selling point is range, and as long as you
can see your enemy, use Heavenly Sword, it does more damage and will hit close
to as far. Up close, again, just use Aura Blast (or Bone Storm, for Corpsey).
SECOND OPINION:Blah. Not too good. You're better off with Aura Blast.

COST: 12
CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain amount of enimies as Corpsey
EFFECT: Corpsey unleashes a torrent of bone shards that rip through enemies.
OPINION: This ability is awesome. Corpsey takes no damage while using it, and
cause massive damage to enemies. Abuse it.
SECOND OPINION:Good. Quite good, in fact. You're invincible while using it and
it does decent damage- The downside is no hitting distant enemies, the bone 
shards are spread quite far apart.

COST: 20
CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain number of enemies as Rasetz
EFFECT: Shoots small pieces of blue fire that home in on enemies and cause 
pretty good damage.
OPINION: Does a good amount of damage, but costs too much.  Good for bosses
and far away enemies.
SECOND OPINION:Ehh. It's okay. It's not too special at all- You'd be much 
better off with Bone Storm.

CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain number of enemies as Ironside
EFFECT: Ironside's hands shoot out at the enemy.
OPINIONS: Too slow,and a limited area, but does a lot of damage.
SECOND OPINION:Decent. It's got a rather limited hitting area, 
unfortunately, but the second hit seems to do pretty good damage.

COST: 15
CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain number of enemies as Ironside
EFFECT: Ironside sprays the room with machine gun fire.
OPINION: A good ability that would rival Bone Storm, but Ironside can be
damaged while shooting.
SECOND OPINION: Pretty good. It's pretty similar to Bone Storm, but with one
fatal flaw; You aren't invincible during it. Though if you're filled in a room
with weak enemies, it could be fun to use this.

COST: 20
CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain number of enemies as Liquid Golem
EFFECT: Liquid Golem turns into a giant blob of mercury and flies around the
room, hitting enemies randomly.
OPINION: This skill is terrible.  It lasts forever, does little to no damage,
and strikes seemingly at random. AND it costs 20 hearts.
SECOND OPINION:Rather blah. He just seems to fly into whoever might be in his
path, and for rather poor damage. Aura Blast is much better.

COST: 30
CONDITIONS:Defeat a certain number of enemies as Liquid Golem
EFFECT: Liquid Golem turns burning hot and runs around the room.
OPINIONS: Another relatively useless skill, especially for the insane cost.
SECOND OPINION:Eh. It's okay. It doesn't do that much damage- It does less 
than Aura Blast, only to one enemy at a time. I don't really reccomend it.

And that's that!  All of the Battle Type ID Skills, How to get them and with
whom, along with my opinion and a second opinion from a member of the Curse
or Darkness message board.


Feel free to contact me with any corrections/questions regarding Battle Type
IDs or their skills.
DO NOT CONTACT ME asking where to use each skill or for help when you're stuck
I get enough spam in my mailbox as it is.

My name on the message boards is Hero_100_Fights.
E-mail me at:

5) Credits

Thanks to all the people on the board who had help when I needed it.

Thanks to Yukensei Mihona for letting me use their opinions.

Thanks to Konami for Castlevania, especially.  Never stop making them or I
might get violent. Heh.

6) Legal Info

This FAQ is copyright 2005 by Micah Landsman.  It may not be used on any site
other than for any reason, unless specifically granted permission
by myself.

Any trademarks or copywritten characters are Copyright or Trademarks of Konami.