Pumpkin-Type Innocent Devil Guide by Shadow47001

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Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

Pumpkin-type Innocent Devil Guide

Author: Shadow47001
Created: 11/13/2005
Last Updated: 11/30/2005


Table of Contents

I.   What is the Pumpkin-type ID?

II.  Where to find the Pumpkin ID

III. How to unlock the Pumpkin ID
     A. How to make the Pumpkin Mace
     B. Obtaining the Materials needed
     C. Obtaining the Rare Ring (Optional)
     D. Quick Summary of all materials needed

IV.  Evolution Paths

V.   Credits


I. What is the Pumpkin-type ID?


Out of all the IDs in the game, the final type, the Pumpkin, is completely
optional and is not required to get past certain areas like the others. 
Just a little bonus for people to get.

It's appearance is basically a little kid with a large pumpkin for a head.
The evolved forms all look the same with minor differences.

The Pumpkin-type is almost like a Fairy-type in that it cannot really
attack, but very rarely he may swing his little sword thing at an enemy, 
and it may do some damage, but he has to be very close to the enemy, and 
he's more likely to get hit and die rather than landing a hit. So he's not
exactly useful in combat whatsoever. Also, he can sometimes do a sort of 
cry which can sometimes paralyze/stun enemies that are very close to him, 
but he doesn't do it much just like the sword swing.

You may think he's useless if he can't do anything at all. That is somewhat
true, however, he gives insane stat bonuses, particularly to Str and Lck.
He dies very easily however, dying in 1 or 2 hits most of the time (unless
you raise multiple generations so it has decent HP and Def), so keep that
in mind.

Another purpose the Pumpkin ID does is increase the Max IDs you can have in
ID Deck, so if you don't like using him, replace him with what you prefer. 


II. Where to find the Pumpkin ID


Since this is the last ID to get, you won't be able to find it until you 
get far into the last area of the game, Dracula's Castle.

You can find the ID room on 6F, while passing by the halls onwards to 7F. 
There is a small bluish crevice in one of the rooms on 6F, you will need 
to use the Magic Circle ability from your Devil-type. It may be hard to 
notice, so try to pay attention or you may miss it. 

After entering the room, you will notice that you don't automatically get
it like the others. You need a Pumpkin Mace first, and then have to strike 
the pumpkin with that.


III. How to unlock the Pumpkin ID


Unlike other IDs, where you merely walk into the room and instantly get
your brand new ID, you will have to do some work to unlock the Pumpkin.

All you need is the Pumpkin Mace, and depending on your luck, this will
either be very easy or very difficult.


A. How to make the Pumpkin Mace


To make the Pumpkin Mace:
- 1 Piko Piko Hammer
- 1 Pumpkin Head

Now, here is how to make those two items:

Piko Piko Hammer:
- 1 Mace
- 1 Miracle Egg

The Piko Piko Hammer is simple to make, just need an M. Egg and a Mace. 
The Pumpkin Head is a little more complicated.

Pumpkin Head:
- First you need an Iron Mask and Miracle Egg, the Iron Mask requires a 
Face Guard and Red Steel; you need a Stone Mask and a Gano to make the 
Face Guard, and then a Jade and a Sun Tears to make the Stone Mask.


B. Obtaining the Materials Needed


- Rare drop from Assassin Zombies. You can find several in the Forest.


Sun Tears:
- Steal from Efreet: damage them some, so they will grab you, then break 
  out of the hold, and quickly steal before they explode. You can find 
  some at Dracula's Castle. That's where I got my supply of them.

- Rare drop from Flame Demons, can find a lot at the base of the Tower 
  of Eternity.


Miracle Eggs:

Both items needed for the Pumpkin Mace require the Miracle Egg, which can
be VERY frustrating for some.

- Rare drop from Evil Cores, which are found in Garibaldi Temple, right 
  before the secret boss, Legion. To get to this area, look at your map, 
  and find the area with 4 squares with a plus sign inbetween them. 
  There's a room SW from there where you need to use Magic Circle to get 
  into. From there just keep continuing till you find them.

Alternatively, you can find 1 Miracle Egg in Dracula's Castle B1F, (there
is also the Throne of Bones chair for those doing the chair sidequest), 
and get a second as a drop from Golden Skeleton, which can be found in the
Tower of Evermore, 1F. To get to Evermore, you need a Bird ID with Long 
Glide. From the top of Eternity, you can see Evermore in the distance; 
face the tower or the moon (I faced the tower) and then double jump from 
the ledge, then just use Long Glide.


C. Obtaining the Rare Ring (Optional)


Since the Jade and the Miracle Eggs are very rare drops, it may help to have
the Rare Ring, to help increase your chances of getting them.

While this is optional, you will have to do this anyways if you plan on
getting Map Completion to 100%.

First off, make sure you have an Iytei ID (battle-type, go right then left
on evolution chart), and go to the area in the Forest caves where there was
a lot of statues lined up like bowling pins, before the Minotaur boss. From
the top of that hill, use Iytei's Shoulder Ride ability.

After you break them all down, just explore the rooms to get the Rare Ring 
and a Dragon Scale.


D. Quick Summary of all materials needed


- 1 Mace
- 1 Gano
- 2 Miracle Eggs
- 1 Sun Tear
- 1 Jade
- 1 Red Steel

It all seems so simple, doesn't it? It is, as long as you have managed to 
get the materials without much trouble. The only problematic materials is 
the Jade and the Miracle Eggs, maybe the Sun Tears as well.

After you make the annoying-to-get Pumpkin Mace, go get your new ID.


IV. Evolution Paths


There isn't really any point to any of these, and his apperances do not 
change much, and the stat growths for all of them are the same. At least
it gives you something to do with him, since it'd be rather dull to only
have one form constantly.

From Pumpkin to...

70 Knuckle -  Queen
70 Axe     -  Bloody
70 Sword   -  Tiny King
70 Special -  Clown Nose
70 Spear   -  New Delhi

From Bloody -> Cursed Pumpkin, get 100 Evo Crystals using Death's Scythe.
From Tiny King -> Whimsical Angel, get 100 Evo Crystals using Short Sword
From Clown Nose -> Genius Chef, get 100 Evo Crystals using Frying Pan.

Here is a quick list on how to make Death's Scythe and the Frying Pan,
but I will not go into detail on how to make/get the items needed, but I
did list where you can steal some of the materials:

Death's Sycthe:
- 7 Bladed Sword
- Battle Axe
- Chauve-Souris
- Death's Pulse  (Steal from Death)

Frying Pan:
- Phlogiston     (Steal from Flame Demon)
- Ether          (Steal from Lizard Shaman)
- Steel

If you're wondering if the Pumpkin ID drops devil shards, yes it does, so
you can get all the evolution forms. If you get them to high lvls before 
they drop shards, future generations will give slightly better stat 
bonuses, and most importantly, be able to survive a bit longer since they 
die so easily.


V. Credits


- Myself, for finally bothering to do this. Now you guys over at GFaqs can
  stop saying to make this into a FAQ...

- Gamefaqs Msg Boards, for helping contribute bits of info here and there.

- Konami for making a great game.