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===============TREVOR MODE FAQ===============

by RalphyBoy
Created: 01/04/06
v. 1.3 (06/17/08)

Table of Contents

          1) Introduction
          2) Combat Abilities
                    a. Weaponry
                    b. Sub Weaponry
          3) Info & Strategies
                    a. Combos & Skills
                    b. Techniques & Notes
                    c. Boss Tactics
          4) Credits

1. Introduction

So you just beat your copy of Curse of Darkness with Hector huh...? Do you
want a fresh new way to play your game? Then play as your newly unlocked
character... Trevor Belmont!

Just who is this Trevor Belmont? Trevor Belmont is the hero of Castlevania III:
Dracula's Curse for the Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as a side
character and boss in this game, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness.

How do you play as him you ask? Simply beat the game once with Hector and
start a new game entering your name as "@TREVOR" without the quotations
and you will begin Trevor Mode.

Trevor in this game is very similar to Hector, except he has an entirely new
skill set and no Innocent Devils to aid him, but instead he is beefed up and
can  stand his own ground while solo. He also does not gain any experience
points or new armor, but rather finds upgrades throughout the game to enhance
his Max HP, Max Hearts, Attack Power, and Defense. Also I'd like to note, you
press the Innocent Devil button to use your sub weapons that he comes with.
You can select all of his sub weapons just like how you choose your Innocent
Devil spells with Hector. Trevor can't use healing items, but enemies drop
pieces of meat frequently for you to heal one, and lastly TREVOR is MUCH
more powerful (and cheap) compared to Hector, so don't expect much of a
challenge in this mode.

I started compiling this guide awhile ago but gave up when I realized someone
will probably beat me to it. When I saw that nobody bothered putting up a
guide to poor Trevor, I decided to finish this guide.

As you will see in this guide, Trevor is pretty much a carbon copy of what he
can do in his boss fights, minus the invincibility glowing and fire charging.

There are A LOT of things to know about what Trevor can do...

Now let's get down!

2. Combat Abilities

A. Weaponry

Trevor Belmont, being of the famous Belmont Clan, wields none
other than whips. Now the whip is very different than any other weapon that
Hector wields, and acts pretty much how it does during Trevor's boss fights.
The whips are rather strong but they are very awkward and difficult to aim with
at first but with practice you will get the hang of it. The following whips
Trevor can acquire are...

1. Vampire Killer - +20 Bonus Attack - Neutral Element - The basic family
whip that all Belmonts carry. You start out with this at the beginning of the

2. Flame Whip - +25 Bonus Attack - Fire Element - A fiery red whip that is
stronger than the Vampire Killer, and deals fire damage. You'll find this in
the Baljhet Mountains near the boss.

3. Wind Whip - +30 Bonus Attack - Wind Element - A green whip that
possesses the power of wind, nothing much to add here other than it's the
strongest weapon up until this point. You'll find this in the Garibaldi Temple
on the second floor.

4. Circle Tip - +40 Bonus Attack - Neutral Element - A whip with a circle tip.
It's basically the Vampire  Killer but with twice the damage. You'll find this
in the Mortvia Aqueduct near the entrance.

5. Ice Whip - +15 Bonus Attack - Ice Element - This whip is very weak, but in
exchange for the low attack power, it freezes enemies. You'll find this in the
Jigramunt Forest where the bowling pins are.

6. Thunder Whip - +25 Bonus Damage - Lightning Element - Basically the
Fire Whip but with lightning elemental, and it can stun some enemies.
You'll find this at the Eneomaos Machine Tower in a breakable wall on the
second floor.

7. Abyss Whip - +50 Bonus Damage - Dark Element - A powerful whip that
has the elemental of dark inside of it. It isn't too useful except on St.
Germain and Nuclais. Found in the Aiolon Ruins behind the vine door.

8. Holy Whip - +15 Bonus Damage - Holy Element - A rather weak whip like
the  Ice Whip, but it has Holy Element. Try this whip out on undead monsters
and see what happens, especially those blasted Red Skeletons. You'll find this
whip in the Infinite Corridor north of the giant crystal room.

9. Square Tip - +50 Bonus Damage - Neutral Element - The strongest neutral
whip in the game. The is like the complete Vampire Killer whip. You will find
this sucker in Dracula's Castle when you venture into the basement.

B. Sub Weaponry

Like most Belmonts, Trevor can wield the mystic sub weapons. He has every
single one from Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, except he has a few new
tricks up his sleeve. In order to Item Crush, hold the guard button and press
the button for your sub weapon.

1. Combat Knives - Minimal Damage - 1 Heart - Three tiny knives are chucked
forward. Really nice to end combos with and they're fast and cheap to use.
These suckers can be used efficiently throughout the whole game.

Knife Crush - Minimal Damage - 10 Hearts - A serpents of daggers is summoned
and they swarm the enemy. This is a really useful attack because it hits so
many times. I highly suggest you use this attack in every boss encounter to
make everything fast. It's basically Trevor's version of Bone Storm.

2. Twin Axes - Medium Damage - 5 Hearts - Trevor tosses two axes forward,
tearing up anything in front of them. Kind of a stronger version of the knives,
except much slower. I never really used this much.

Axe Crush - Strong Damage - 10 Hearts - Trevor pulls out a massive axe and
slams it into the ground. This attack is slow and the damage isn't really that
great compared to other crushes IMO, but it's good if you want to clean some
monsters weak to earth.

3. Holy Water - Medium Damage - 3 Hearts - Trevor drops down a vial of
blessed water that circles around him. It is nice for crowd controls but the
aiming takes time to get used to. Only use when you're surrounded and
want to act cool.

Water Crush - Medium Damage - 8 Hearts - A vial of blessed water that homes
in on nearby enemies. Very nice for pests who are running away from you...
or if you're just lazy and don't want to walk up to a far away monster.

4. Cross Boomerang - Medium Damage - 5 Hearts - Similar to the Twin Axes,
except there is only one boomerang thrown. But like it's namesake, if it
doesn't hit a wall it will fly back to you. VERY NICE for crowds.

Cross Crush - Strong Damage - 15 Hearts - HOLY CROSS! The "trademark"
Belmont attack from Symphony of the Night, Circle of the Moon, Harmony
of Dissonance, and Lament of Innocence. Trevor leaps into the air and
summons a bunch of giant crosses around him. It has good damage but the
area of effect is low. Only use it if you feel like being a total bad boy and
want to nuke some skeletons.

5. Stopwatch - No Damage - 10 Hearts - TIME STOP! This is how Trevor can
stop time in this game. Hehe, it works just like it does in every other
Castlevania game. It stops time for a few moments and all enemies freeze in
their place except for bosses. This is nice I guess for when you're being
overwhelmed... which I seriously doubt you will ever be.

Stopwatch Crush - No Damage - 30 Hearts - Basically the same as the regular
watch except it lasts longer. Not worth it considering it has a high price,
except in rare cases such as the ogres in the Tower of Evermore.

3. Info & Strategies

A. Combos & Skills

Trevor has a bunch of slick moves up his sleeves, and many of them are far
different than Hector's. Here are the lowdowns on each attack and specific
chains you can do with each of them.

Whip Strike - Press the attack button to make Trevor pull out his whip and
strike with it, and he can strike up to three times. This is the basic attack
function and begins EVERY combo.

Spinning Smash - Sometimes when you don't have an actual chain going
and are midair, pressing the combo finisher button lets Trevor quickly
smash into the ground, but it's not very useful.

Helicopter Attack - After performing exactly three Whip Strikes and
pressing the attack button again, Trevor will jump in the air and spin
around a bit like a helicopter. It's a good move but be aware that it
leaves you open to enemies.

Power Punch - After performing one Whip Strike, press the combo
finisher button and Trevor will bash in with his fist, knocking any
close by enemy far back like Hector can with swords. This is very
handy to knock enemies back.

Double Kick - After doing a Power Punch or (2) Whip Strikes, press
the combo finisher button again to do a simple double kick.

Kicking Frenzy - After you do a Double Kick or (3) Whip Strikes, press
the combo finisher button again and Trevor will go into a huge frenzy
with his legs, kicking the crap out of everything in site, then finishes it
off with a cool leg smash. It's a pretty powerful move but I only
suggest  doing it for fun since it takes up a bunch of time.

Dive Attack - After doing a Power Punch, press the attack
button and Trevor will dive into anything in front of him. This is
a very good charge attack and could be used for quick escapes.

Basic Uppercut - Simply hold the guard button and attack. Weak,
but knocks enemies up.

Advanced Uppercut - After landing a Double Kick, press the
attack button and Trevor will perform a more powerful uppercut
that will launch him into the air. This move is basically just a
prelude to...

Power Dive - After doing an Advanced Uppercut, simply press the
combo finisher button again and Trevor will dive into the ground
and cause massive damage to all who dwell below the mighty
warrior. This move is much different than the Spinning Smash.

Aerial Strike - Can be done any time in the air, just press the attack
button and Trevor will slash him whip in the air and you can keep
doing it as long as you are airborne. The only combo you can link this
to is right after the Advanced Uppercut instead of doing the Power

So if you don't understand how to get these combos quite, here is a
quick chain list, not including the Spinning Smash move.

A = attack button
C = combo finisher button

A = perform (1) Whip Strike.

A + A = perform (2) Whip Strikes.

A + A + A = perform (3) Whip Strikes.

A + A + A + A = perform (3) Whip Strikes followed by a Helicopter

A (endlessly) = perform Aerial Strikes (while airborne).

A = perform Basic Uppercut (while holding guard).

A + C = perform (1) Whip Strike followed by a Power Punch.

A + C + C = perform (1) Whip Strike followed by a Power Punch and
then a Double Kick.

A + A + C = perform (2) Whip Strikes followed by a Double Kick.

A + C + C + C = perform (1) Whip Strike followed by a Power Punch
and then a Double Kick, ending with a Kicking Frenzy.

A + A + A + C = perform (3) Whip Strikes followed by a Kicking

A + C + A = perform (1) Whip Strike followed by a Power Punch,
ending with a Dive Attack.

A + C + C + A = perform (1) Whip Strike followed by a Power Punch
and then a Double Kick, ending with an Advanced Uppercut.

A + C + C + A + A = perform (1) Whip Strike followed by a Power
Punch and then a Double Kick, following with an Advanced
Uppercut and then ending with an Aerial Strike.

A + C + C + A + C = perform (1) Whip Strike followed by a Power
Punch and then a Double Kick, following with an Advanced
Uppercut and then ending with a Power Dive.

B. Techniques & Notes

Trevor also has some techniques here as well as other information
you should know about Trevor.

Guard - Just like Hector's. Hold the guard button to guard and if you
press it RIGHT when an enemy attacks, you block that move and
absorb hearts.

Dodge - Just like Hector's. Hold the guard button and press a
direction (the one you want to move in) while pressing the jump
button and you'll roll in that direction. You can do this an 
unlimited amount of times with practice.

- Also let it be mentioned that after some of Trevor's moves like
his Whip Strikes, he has some delay time. It's annoying, yes,
but simply use a Dodge or toss a sub weapon to cancel the

- You can also cancel combos by using sub weapons just like
Leon Belmont could in Lament of Innocence. I prefer using the
Knives for a cancel, or Holy Water if you want to do some actual

- Trevor Belmont collects HP, DEF, and ATK maxes instead of
leveling up and they're all in place of items Hector gets on his
main quest, so just remember where they are or open a cheat-map
someone has uploaded online and look for Hector's important items.
Chances are you will find the boosts Trevor can earn here.

- Trevor also gets Parameter Ups for defeating bosses, which
increase all his stats! NIFTY!

- Now there are times where Innocent Devils are required to pass in
Hector's game. So what about Trevor? In his game, there will usually
be an open door or a teleporter for him to reach there, so no worries!

- If you collect every single Stat Up Trevor can find, you will end with
these stats...

HP: 850
MP: 170
ATK: 120 (the whips will add onto this bonus, this is just base)
DEF: 120

- So what do you get for beating Trevor Mode? ABSOLUTELY
NOTHING! Except a nice showcase of cool Trevor renders in the ending
that aren't seen anywhere else.

C. Boss Tactics

Generally you don't need much tactics because the bosses will have the
exact same weaknesses and strengths but you have a big advantage this
time around... you now have elemental whips to chose from! Just use your
regular Hector boss tactics for bosses and you will be fine, but here is a
small list to show you the elemental weaknesses of each boss to further
make everything easier than it already is... since you know... Trevor is a
freaking powerhouse!

Crazy Armor - You won't have it by then but for Boss Rush, be sure to
use the Thunder Whip to make everything even easier than this pathetic
boss already is.

Wyvern - No weakness here, but be sure to not use your newly acquired
Fire Whip on him since that is his strong point.

Trevor Doppelganger - He's weak to the Holy Whip but you won't have it
now... but be sure to pack it for Boss Rush mode. Just make sure you don't
use the Abyss Whip, ever.

Skeleton Diver - The first boss you can actually spark without waiting until
Boss Rush! Use the Fire Whip on this sucker.

Minotaurus - Use the Wind Whip, plain and simple. His strong point is
Earth, but of course, none of your attacks have that elemental.

Isaac - Ice Whip will be his nightmare. Be sure to pack it in! Don't even think
about using the Abyss Whip on him during Boss Rush.

Saint Germain - Double weakness here! Use the Thunder Whip the first time
around and then the Abyss Whip when you rumble with him in Boss Rush
since that one has stronger attack power. Don't bother using the Holy Whip
during Boss Rush since that is his strong point.

Trevor Doppelganger Rematch - Same tactics as before.

Dullahan - Use your Holy Whip, plain and simple!

Isaac Rematch - Same tactics as before.

Death - No weakness, so use your Square Tip. Don't even think about using
your Abyss Whip since he's evil... duh!

Legion - Use the Holy Whip and just attack him until he hatches. This battle is
seriously a joke.

Nuclais - Now it is time to put that Abyss Whip to good use! Be sure to put away
the Holy Whip because this sucker is weak to Dark and strong against Holy for
some oddball reason.

Dracula - Holy Whip should eat him for breakfast. Once again don't use the damn
Abyss Whip!

Dracula's Second Form - Use the Square Tip since his Holy weakness is now gone.

4. Credits

This guide was created by me (RalphyBoy) for GameFAQs and is NOT to be used
on ANY other websites other than unless you have my permission.
My email is at the beginning of this FAQ.

Special thanks to GameFAQs for this site and Konami for making this game.
Trevor Belmont and the Castlevania series are copyrighted to Konami.

I also want to thank my friend Rugal for helping me with some info I missed.

ALSO, if I by any chance get ANYTHING wrong, please let me know! My email
is up at the top.

RalphyBoy (C) 2006, 2007, 2008.