Question from Gamer1345

Asked: 4 years ago

Can someone tell me what the weakness' to the bosses on .. MMX5 are?

i.e. what is the whales and bears? (please say what 'special weapon' they are weak to!) thanks!

p.s. I only have the glow worms weapon

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From: Camden 4 years ago

Grizzly Slash is weak to Spike Ball and Twin Dream
Duff McWhalen is weak to C-Shot and C-Sword
Squid Adler is weak to Goo Shaver and F-Splasher
Izzy Glow is weak to Tri-Thunder and E-Blade
Dark Dizzy is weak to F-Laser and C-Flasher
The Skiver is weak to Dark Hold
Mattrex is weak to Wing Spiral and W-Shredder
Axle the Red is weak to Ground Fire and Quake Blazer

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