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From: "Anubis" <wildfire@fn.net>
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sega
Subject: Rockman X4 FAQ Version 1.0
Date: 2 Aug 1997 07:18:15 GMT

This is just the beginning of the faq I am writing.  I thought I would go
ahead and post it to help anyone who needs it.  Please feel free to email
me with any Q's.

Mini-Guide for Rockman X4 
Anubis (wildfire@fn.net)

-Heart Containers - Heart containers increase the available life Rock and
Zero have during 
the game.  There are a total of 8 heart containers scattered throughout the
8 boss levels.

-Energy Tanks (E Tanks) - E tanks are spare energy tanks that, when filled
up, can refill 
the energy of Rock or Zero.  E tanks fill up as you collect energy capsules
while your life
 meter is at max.  There are a total of 2 E tanks in the game.

-Weapon Tank (W Tank) - The W tank is exactly like the E tank except it
refills the 
energy of all your weapons.  These is a total of 1 W tank in the game.


**Note**: Only Rockman is able to collect the body upgrades

-Leg Upgrade - The leg upgrade gives Rock the ability to Dash while in the
air and 

1) Dash in Air - Jump then push the Dash button while in the air.  If jump
and Dash are 
pushed together, Rock is able to do a super long jump
2) Hover in Air - To hover, first jump then while in the air push the jump
button again.

-Helmet Upgrade - So far the only use I have found the Helmet does is give
normal shots of the acquired weapons.

-Arm Upgrade - Normally the X-buster has 3 different levels of charge.  The
first being 
the normal shot, the second being a charged shot, and the third being a
super shot. 
Surprisingly there are 2 different arm upgrades that can be acquired in the
Unfortunately you can only have one upgrade at a time.  The 2 are:
1) 4 Shot X-Buster - This upgrade allows you to power up your X-buster and
shoot out 4 
level three (super shot) shots.

2) Energy Ball X-Buster - This weapon is REALLY cool.  Instead of having
the level 3 super 
shot you have a huge blast that comes out and when it hits something
changes into an energy 
ball and sits there for a couple seconds.  This is one weapon you have to
see to believe.  
Sometimes I even call it the Black Hole weapon because in some aspects it
reminds me of one.

-Armor Upgrade - The Armor serves the same purpose as it does in past
games.  It 
reduces the amount of damage done and gives you an extra weapon in your 
arsenal.  In this game, the extra weapon is a super power dash.  You can
only use 
it when the energy of the weapon is completely full and it uses all its
energy during 
discharge.  So don't count on it being a normal use weapon. 

*Enemies and Location of Items* 

This info is good for both characters.

Here is a complete list of enemies and the order to defeat them, the weapon
to use, the 
weapon they give you and the items in their stage.

I explain each boss in the order they appear in the map below.

Here is the way to go:
|     4	|     6	|    7	|     8	|
|     2	|     5	|     3	|     1	|

1) Frost Kibatodos
Use: X-Buster or Rising Fire (if already acquired)
Get: Frost Tower
Items Located in Stage: 
-Weapon Tank - Found in the second area towards the top of the stage
incased in 
   an ice block
-Heart Tank - Take the bottom path from the start of the stage.  You will
come to 
an area where you go up a ladder then go straight down again.  Before you
go down, look 
above and you will see an ice block.  You must use the Rising Fire weapon
to break the ice.

2) Jet Stingren
Use: Frost Tower
Get: Ground Hunter
Items Located in Stage:
	-Energy Tank - Easy to locate in the second area of the stage.
	-Heart Tank - This is also easy to locate in the first area of the stage.

3) Slash Beastleo
Use: Ground Hunter
Get: Twin Slasher
Items Located in Stage: 
-Heart Tank - Use the robot armor in the second area to destroy the train
One of them carries a Heart T. 

4) Web Spidus
Use: Twin Slasher
Get: Lightning Web
Items Located in Stage:
	-Leg Upgrade - When you start going down for the first time you will
notice that 
  one of the ledges you jump to has an opening on the right.  Go in      
  to find the Leg upgrade.
	- Heart Tank - In the second area, part of the trees can be burned.  Once
you have 
figured out which part is vulnerable, you will come to an opening big
enough to fit you 
through, but has a drop off to the right.  You will notice on the far right
that the tree 
has a burnable part.  Jump over to it, burn it and get the Heart T.

At this point you will have a little conversation with the football robot
and then you will 
transport to an area where you fight the soldier guy from the intro.  The
best weapon to
 use is the X-Buster.  His pattern isn't hard to learn and once you get it
down he is real 

5) Split Mushroom 
Use: Lightning Web
Get: Soul Body
Items located in Stage:
-Heart Tank - This one is in plain sight.  Jump up to it and get it before
the floor 
drops away.

6) Cyber Kujacker
Use: Soul Body
Get: Aiming Laser
Items Located in Stage: 
-Energy Tank, Heart Tank, and Helmet Upgrade - You attain these by
the section of the stage with a rank of "S".  You are timed to finish the
section.  Finish 
before the words "Hurry Up" appear below you.  Once you see down arrows
flashing next to 
you, it means you are being ranked down.

7) Storm Fokurul
Use: Aiming Laser
Get: Double Cyclone
Items Located in Stage:
	-Heart Tank - Located on the first set of floating platforms that gets
destroyed by 
the space ship lasers (remind you any of Independence Day?).
	-Arm Upgrade (2)- Located on the spikes leading up just before you enter
door to the boss.  You have to shoot a Lightning web at the spikes and use
it to jump up to 
the above area.  You have to do it fast because the web doesn't last long. 
Both Arm 
Upgrades are located up there.  One right after the other.

8) Magmard Dragoon
Use: Double Cyclone
Get: Rising Fire
Items Located in Stage
-Heart Tank - You will come to a part where the ledges become like steps
there is a soldier from the intro on one of the ledges.  When you reach the
top of the 
steps, jump back to the left and you will see a ledge that you have to dash
to.  The Heart 
T is on the ledge.
	-Armor Upgrade - When you reach the robot armor use it to help you to the
just above where it was sitting.  You will find a huge wall that can't be
Switch to the Twin Slasher and power it up.  Once it's fully powered,
release it.  
You should break the wall and get the Armor Upgrade.

This should help everyone out for awhile.  I want to make it clear that I
wrote this very
 fast and it's the first version.  I will be making additions to it and
changing some of 
the explanations.  If you find any items I am missing please send me the
name and location
 of the item and I will include it in this guide with full credit given to
you.  I am also
 wanting any info as to the story in the game (i.e. the cinema's,
conversations, etc.)  If 
you have any info about this, send it to me and I will include it along
with credit for you
 in this guide.  Again, I know I am missing the Final Weapon bosses and all
of Zero's path
 so please don't send me any info for these subjects as I am already
beginning to add them.
  Thanks and enjoy!