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"Ugh... *barfs* This chocolate tastes worse than dog poop..."

My first review is this one, and I don't think it will be very hard to review this crappy game. The game is supposed to be based on the movie, and I'm pretty sure it is, only not as good. Okay, here's how it goes: Willy Wonka, famous chocolate maker, is reopening his factory. He put 5 gold tickets in 5 random chocolate products he makes. The 5 children that find them will be able to enter his chocolate factory. If you've seen either movie or read the book, you know what I mean. The storyline of the game is that Charlie Bucket, the dude that got the last ticket, has to save the factory from Wonka-Bots, made to replace the Oompa-Loompas. Well, here's the start of the review.
Story: 2/10

There's a storyline, but usually, each level takes too long to complete. There are many areas to each level, but many environments repeat. Say for example you think you freed Agustus Gloop from the chocolate pipe, you have to repeat the first room of the factory, only the chocolate river is dried up. This might have added replay value, but it's the exact same part of the level you did before!

Graphics: 5/10

It's the PS2. Multi-platform games always have worse graphics on the PS2. If you must get it, get it for XBOX or GCN. Still, the graphics aren't horrible. They appear very crisp, but since it's the PS2 version, I had to dock the score a bit.

Sound: 6/10

Again, PS2 has worse sound for multi-platform games. Still, it might not have made too much of a difference for this game. Unique sounds, like machinery at one level, upped the score slightly.

Controls: 2/10

Some bad controls for this game. Often times, buttons needed to be pressed at the right time, which affects timing. You mess up, you're back at the start of where you started your button pressing. Due to this, very few people will ever finish this game, like me, due to the horrible controls.

Replay: 1/10

As you clear each level, you'll receive a button for the Great Glass Elevator, which I believe is at the end of the TV room level, for which to use to return to levels you played before, but what's the point? You clear the game, you're done. Nothing else to do but run around like a nut after playing such a horrible game, wondering why you wasted 40 bucks on this.

Final verdict: 2/10

Rent or buy?

The movie, not the game. Don't ever buy or rent this game. Buy the movie, watch it, read the book, do anything like that, but stay far away from this game. If someone gives you this game, use the disc as a coaster. Or add it to your AOL discs you get in the mail that you will use to create a fish out of all those discs.

Reviewer's Score: 2/10 | Originally Posted: 04/14/06

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