FAQ/Walkthrough by Empress_Ryuura

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Shadow the Hedgehog
Gamecube version

Ok, after seeing a lack of complete guides for a relatively easy game, I
thought I might step in. This guide will cover every stage and mission, except
The Last Way, because that stage is straightforward and easy. If enough people
complain Iíll write something on it, if not, Iíll leave you to figure it out. I
will not explain the controls of the game because they pretty much tell you all
of them in the first stage. The only problem I had was with the next triangle
jump(which is called the Jump Dash sometimes for whatever reason), and even
that was easy enough after a while. If people really donít get the controls, or
I get really bored, whichever comes first, Iíll put a little tutorial on it.
This guide is for the GameCube version as I have not played the Xbox or
Playstation ones and could not tell you the differences if there were any.
Bosses will come later when I have more time.
This is my first game guide- do not be harsh with me and do not flame me lest I
beat the rest of the flamers with your lifeless corpse.
This guide is Copyright (2005) to me. Do not use any information on it without
permission. If I catch anyone doing so, forget the lawyers, Iíll hunt you down
and chop down whatever tree you live in. Got it? Good. Letís start.
Shadow the Hedgehog is copyright to SEGA.
One note: The letters after the stage numbers have nothing to do with how they
appear in the guide, they are meant to represent the location of the stage in
the storyline. ďaĒ is the stage the appears on the top, working your way down
to ďeĒ that appears on the bottom. It makes no real sense, but I wanted some
way to tell that there are different stages for each level.


1)	Westopolis

Dark mission: Kill the GUN soldiers. (35)

1) You need not worry about this one. The lasers blow this human up in the
2) After meeting Sonic, a human is fighting 3 alien monsters.
3/4/5) Near the Chaos Emerald cage, there are 3 humans.
6) Ahead of Doomís Eye when you meet him.
7) To the left of #6.
8) Fighting 2 flying aliens near a wall that gets blown up by the lasers.
9) After the breakable wall and near the cars that are on fire.
10) After #9, go straight- #10 is on the pathway.
11/12/13) Past the Save Point, 3 of them are destroyed by the lasers.
14/15/16/17/18) Do consecutive homing attacks starting with the first
beetle(the hovering robot) and keep going with them to take the 3 beetles and 2
humans out in one go. Failing this, you can always shoot them.
19/20) The 2 floating robots hovering over a platform after the drop are
destroyed by the lasers.
21/22) Continuing on but before the first bus, 2 beetles are floating in the
23) Past the beetles, a human is in plain sight.
24) This human is next to #23, but you may have to turn the camera to the right
to see him.
25) This one is in front of the second overturnable bus and is near the special
item box.
26) This one is a little further up, but is pretty much near #25.
27) This one is past the loop and special door and is on the left pathway.
28) This human is in front of #27, but you may not see him because of the black
and yellow roadblock.
29) This one is inside the tunnel. Be aware that he may not appear right away.
30) This one is a beetle droid behind the laser the fires when you leave the
31) Now go left and back on the pathway. #31 will probably be running around
32) This one is ahead of  #31, but may be blocked from view by the crates.
33) This one is where all the junk is before the goal ring. He may be hidden
behind something.
34) Instead, go past the goal ring and hit the jump panel. After going down a
shaft and hitting some more jump panels, youíll come to another part of the
road. A human soldier will be slightly to the left.
35) This one is a beetle droid next to #34. Destroy it and the stage will end.

Neutral Mission: Find the goal ring.

You can do this one yourselves, dearies, it isnít hard. Just continue to fire
your weapon to destroy any junk and soldiers in your way.

Hero Mission: Destroy the Black Aliens! (45)

1) After the first Save Point and human soldier, #1 will be flying in the air.
2/3/4) 2 flying and 1 ground alien are battling a GUN soldier farther forward.
5) Going down the hill, youíll see another flying enemy. Take care not to miss
6) This one is guarding the cage to the Chaos Emerald.
7) This one is flying right before the hill.
8) Near #7 and flying as well.
9/10) Before the destructible wall, 2 flying enemies are before it to the
right. A Gun soldier is firing at them.
11) A flying enemy appear after the destructible wall.
12) Flying near #11.
13) On the ground near #s 11 and 12.
14) This one is a flying enemy past the rubble heap.
15) Also past the rubble heap and in plain sight.
16) This one is behind a burning column and near a human.
17) On the ground and past #16.
18) Flying around near #17.
19) In the first Red Fruit area, this one is flying near the columns.
20) On the ground to the right of #19.
21/22/23) There are 2 flying and 1 ground enemy before the jump panel.
24) Hit the springs after the Save Point to find #24.
25/26) After running along the fallen grate, drop down to the lower level to
find 2 more aliens.
27/28/29) There are 2 flying enemies and one ground enemy near the columns and
red fruits.
30) Near the first bus firing at you.
31) Flying, also near the first bus.
32/33) 2 flying enemies are flying above the second bus.
34) A little bit forward after the Save Point, a ground enemy is on the hill.
35) On the hill and behind the junk.
36) A ground enemy appears at the end of the tunnel.
37) Not too far past the tunnel, youíll see another ground alien.
38) A little bit ahead of #37.
39) This foot soldier is a little farther forward and past the human soldier.
40) Ahead of #39.
41) Ahead of #40.
42) On the hill past #41 a little to the left
43/44/45) 2 flying enemies and 1 ground enemy near the last Save Point.

2a.) Digital Circuit

Dark: Destroy the core program!

A few things to keep in mindÖ

- Jump on the green blocks to safely cross gaps.
- Wait until the big purple blocks line up before jumping
- Jump into the searchlight (the big lightbeams)
- Travel down the light poles to enter the high-speed circuit
- Avoid the firewalls in the circuit- hitting one is like taking damage
- Homing attack the beetle drones to cross gaps faster
- Use the green blocks to cross the next gap but take care the worm doesnít
strike you down.
- Keep jumping at the green firewall bocks to destroy them
- Jump down to the bottom of the pit to land on the platform but take care you
donít get knocked off by the worm
- Jump and grab the beams of light flowing upwards. Jump off when you get high
enough to land on the blocks.
- Run across the path provided by the green blocks.
- Ride the light beam near the ? bubble
- Do homing attacks on the beetles to go forward.
- Use your forward momentum combined with a homing attack to hit the glowing
red panels(they are actually springs). If you donít think you can, land on the
platform and do a homing attack to reach the springs.
- Use homing attacks on all of the beetles to activate the searchlight.
- Turn the camera so you can see the searchlight beams. Jump into one and land
on the block below.
- Now go forward and hit the springs. Youíll land on a platform with a
warphole(itís a yellow, glowing ring with sparkles coming from it). Jump into
- Destroy the beetles to move the blocks.
- Now at the end, youíll see a block heading towards a searchlight. Use it if
you feel unconfident, otherwise, ignore the block. Now wait until the beam head
towards the center, then run off your platform and jump/homing attack into it.
Land on the green platforms.
- When you get to a room that has a lighted pit(what should I say? ._.; ),
youíll see a block floating around the center. Jump on it, then on to the other
- Spindash up the slope to hit the spring.
- Jump from block to block until you see light beams flowing upwards. Grab onto
one and ride it up. Jump off it and onto the block.
- After riding the blocks and climbing the poles, youíll see the core program.
- Attack the core program by shooting at it. If you run out of ammo before it
is destroyed, stand next to it and keep jumping. Itíll blow up eventually.

Hero: Find the goal ring!

- Jump on the green blocks to safely cross gaps.
- Wait until the big purple blocks line up before jumping
- Jump into the searchlight (the big lightbeams)
- Travel down the light poles to enter the high-speed circuit
- Avoid the firewalls in the circuit- hitting one is like taking damage
- Homing attack the beetle drones to cross gaps faster
- Use the green blocks to cross the next gap but take care the worm doesnít
strike you down.
- Keep jumping at the green firewall bocks to destroy them
- Jump down to the bottom of the pit to land on the platform but take care you
donít get knocked off by the worm
- Jump and grab the beams of light flowing upwards. Jump off when you get high
enough to land on the blocks.
- Run across the path provided by the green blocks.
- Ride the light beam near the ? bubble
- Do homing attacks on the beetles to go forward.
- Use your forward momentum combined with a homing attack to hit the glowing
red panels(they are actually springs). If you donít think you can, land on the
platform and do a homing attack to reach the springs. Use homing attacks on all
of the beetles to activate the searchlight.

2b.) Glyphic Canyon

Dark: Touch the jewels and awaken the temple! (5)

1) After the double loop, it is inside the temple in plain sight.
2) After the second tornado and past the worm, youíll see 3 floating platforms.
Jump into the wind gust between the final platform and the other side to reach
a high platform with a jewel on it.
3) Inside the second temple and in plain sight.
4) After the temple of the third jewel, cross the four floating platforms and
touch the jewel.
5) After the third tornado, destroy the many black aliens to release a spring.
Use it to reach the final jewel.

Neutral: Find the goal ring.

	It is after the last green jewel. The goal ring is easy to get to.

Hero: Destroy the black aliens! (60)

1) A worm appears after the first Save Point. Note only their heads are
2) A ground alien. In the same area as #1.
3) In the same area as #s 1 and 2.
4) After going up the stairs behind the first 3, it is behind the rubble.
5) After hitting the jump panel, #5 is there.
6) Next to #5.
7) Take the bottom right-hand path when you come to a fork. Past the GUN
soldiers, a worm appears.
8) A ground enemy appears behind #7.
9) After you climb up theÖ really big steps, a ground enemy runs at you.
10) After #9, go into the tunnel and youíll see another ground enemy.
11/12/13) The alien blobs count too. They are in the tunnel and all of them are
next to each other.
14/15) After hitting the springs in the tunnel, do 2 homing attacks to hit the
flying aliens near the tornado.
16) After entering the first temple, a ground enemy runs at you.
17) Behind #16, another ground enemy comes running at you.
18) A worm behind #17 is near the green jewel.
19) After going through a door in the temple, #19 runs at you.
20/21/22) There are 3 alien blobs on the wall in front of the pulley. If you
donít have a gun to shoot them with, jump from the top of the next level and
stick close to the wall to hit them as you go by.
23/24/25) There are 3 alien blobs on the ground in front of the weight.
26) Past the Save Point and the GUN soldier, this one will come out from behind
the rubble and attack you.
27) Behind the rubble after #26.
28) After the second tornado and after hitting some springs, youíll go down a
hill. At the bottom, youíll see a worm.
29) After the 3 floating platforms, youíll see a worm.
30/31/32) There are also 3 alien blobs near the worm.
33) After the jump panel, this one is behind a pillar.
34) This one is behind the other pillar near #33.
35) After the 2 GUN soldiers but before the temple, youíll see an alien foot
36) After going inside the temple, a ground enemy runs at you.
37) This one is a worm that also appears in the temple.
38) Still in the temple, a foot soldier comes running at you.
39/40/41/42/43) There are 5 alien blobs near the worm in the temple also.
44) After the second temple door, a ground enemy is guarding a cage.
45) A flying enemy is flying over the second of the four moving platforms.
46) A flying enemy hovering over the third of the four moving platforms.
47) Right after the four floating platforms and the jewel, a worm comes up from
under the ground.
48) After the worm, youíll see a ground enemy.
49) A little past #48, youíll see another ground enemy.
50-60) All of the rest are at the very end of the stage.

By either some strange twist of fate or Sonic Teamís stupidity, there are 62
enemies in the stageÖ

2c.) Lethal Highway

Dark: Find the goal ring!
Some things to keep in mindÖ
- Beware of the purple bombs that blow up sections of the road. Bombs blowing
up pieces of the roadÖ Gee, I wonder where weíve seen that beforeÖ?
- Beware that falling road pieces donít hit you.
- This is the only stage that has the motorcycle(itís olive green. Ugh.). Use
it on the roads to go forward without having to worry about being stopped by
alien blobs.
- Use a homing attack to easily dispatch of obstructing gates.
- Use the X button to go along the red alien slime. Note that you canít always
do this- sometimes you have to grind on it instead.
- The Dash Rings propel you forward.
- The goal ring is at the end of the double loop.

      Hero: Destroy the aliensí tank!

- Get a GUN soldierís or alienís gun and proceed to shoot the tank. When you
run out of bullets, do homing attacks until you no longer can. Be advised that
homing attacks do not always work and may result in taking damage some of the
- Donít be afraid to kill GUN soldiers for their weapons. The ends justify the
means. :3
- The tank will reappear briefly somewhere down the line. Donít waste your time
shooting at it since itíll leave too quickly for your shots to be much help.
- When the tank reappears down highway streets, shoot at it as much as possible.
- When the barrier turns green it is about to shatter soon.
- Just keep shooting at it and do not let it get away.
- The tank goes down fairly easily if youíre relentless in your attack.

3c.) Cryptic Castle

Dark: Light the 5 torches!
Note: You will need to knock down the blue torches and take them as weapons to
light the fire.

1) After you meet Eggman, the first torch is right ahead of him. Youíll need to
light that torch in any of the missions to move on.
2) After jumping off of the balloon and grinding down the right or left rail,
youíll land at a door. Do not go through it. Instead, look behind you and grind
up the middle well. (A homing attack on it is fastest) Light the stone torch at
the top. (Stone torches are the small ones) Now hit the ball that appears over
the rail you justÖ grinded on, and youíll land near the second stone lantern.
3) After continuing on and going through a piece of the castle, your path will
take you to another balloon. Ride it, and donít get off until you see the ball
in the air. Jump off the balloon when you get close enough, and hit the ball to
reach the third. The fire is behind the lantern if you donít see it right away.
4) Much later in the game, after going through a series of doors, the red alien
slime you have to use will take you too a big, circular room. The fourth giant
lantern is in the middle of the room.
5) In the same room, turn left (using the way you came in as the basis for
direction) and destroy the breakable door you come across. Grab the balloon
behind it, and light the stone lanterns as youíre flying around. All you need
to do is tilt towards the side that itís one to light the stone lantern. Once
you light all 3 lanterns, a new way will open up in front of the balloon. Hit
the switch inside, then light dash across the rings that appear. In the next
room, youíll see a black hawk and 2 mini hawks. Defeat the Black Hawk to ride
on it. Be sure to steer clear of obstacles. At the end of the ride, youíll see
the final stone lantern.

      Neutral: Find the goal ring!

- Use your basic B button attack to destroy the breakable doors.
- You can lift some big things with the X button. They always have a green
glowing underside to them.
- Light the stone lanterns with fire to move on.
- Youíll need to light the first giant lantern if you want to proceed.
- Tap the X button repeatedly to go faster on rails.
- Use dynamite or attacks to blow up crack sections of the wall.
- In the chao room, go through the door straight ahead of the lantern.
- In the room with three rails, cross over to the rail on your left to get by.
(X + A while tilting left or right)

Hero: Find Cream and Cheese!

Cream: After taking the balloon to a part of the castle with a lit spider on
the wall and 4 breakable walls, destroy the Northwest wall to find Cream. You
need to go up to Cream for it to actually register.
Cheese: In the room with all the chao, go to the right. The wall will start to
recede, and youíll eventually see Cheese. Go up to him to end the stage.

3b.) Prison Island

Dark: Kill the GUN forces! (40)

1) After the first Save Point, a beetle drone is floating in the air along the
2) Behind #1.
3) Right after #2.
4) Right after #3.
5) Right before the jump panel.
6) While on the first toxic river, a beetle is next to a springboard panel
right before the drop.
7) After the fall, #7 in is the place with the gates and the rubble.
8) Right after #7.
9/10) After the next river ride, you come to a platform with 2 beetles floating
side by side.
11/12) After landing on the aforementioned platform, jump or ride to the one
near it. 2 beetles are there.
13) After launching off the springboard panel and right after the Save Point,
another beetle appears.
14) Making your way through hordes of Black Arms, youíll come to another beetle.
15) Next to #14.
16/17/18) After sliding under the G door, youíll see a giant ground robot and 2
19) After hitting the jump panel, youíll see another big robot.
20/21) This robot and beetle are easily destroyed by overturning the ground.
22) In the same spot, but a little bit forward of #s 20 and 21 is a beetle.
23) Going down the river and coming to another platform, a beetle is flying
over the springboard panel.
24/25/26/27) Get the shimmery red thing on the rail across from the platform to
fill your dark gauge. Then go back to the platform and use Chaos Blast to take
the opponents out in one go.
28) After the previous enemies, there is a beetle floating over the river.
29) Going down the river, youíll come to a platform with a saucer and a green
robot on it.
30) After #29, youíll see a beetle floating in the air.
31) After #30, youíll see another beetle.
32) Going further downstream, youíll see another beetle.
33) Right after #32.
(* On the part of the river of #s 32 and 33, youíll see 2 beetles fly past you.
Itíll count if you shoot them, but they are not necessary to complete the
34) Continuing on, youíll see another beetle.
35) A beetle after #34 and right before a drop.
36) After coming to another platform, youíll see a green robot.
37/38) There are two more green robots on the same platform.
39/40) After hitting the springboard, youíll see the final 2 robots.

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

-Use the springboards to reach new places.
-Use the red/white alien saucers to cross poison rivers safely.

      Hero: Find the top secret disks! (5)

1) Right before the first springboard and in the middle of 2 roadblocks, youíll
see the first Top Secret Disk. (which I will call T.S.D. from now on)
2) Past the first fire-breathing plant, youíll see a lower route and an upper
route of path. Take the ring to the upper one, then triangle jump between the
walls. Youíll see the second T.S.D. is on a floating platform.
3) When you come to the place where there is red, shimmering light on a rail,
hit the springboard between the platform and the rail containing the shimmering
light. Youíll go to another part of the river. Cross it to come to a piece of
land. The third T.S.D. is right before the entrance to the second river.
4) When you get to the fifth Save Point, go up, and jump through the dash ring
and triangle jump on the wall. Youíll see a T.S.D. hovering over a floating
5) Continue past the goal right. Itís at the very end of the stage.

3c.) Circus Park

Dark: Eliminate the GUN forces! (20)

1) After you meet Dr. Eggman and go up to the higher level, youíll see a beetle.
2/3/4) Past #1, youíll see a huge gap. Look ahead, and youíll see 3 beetles
hovering around. Do consecutive homing attacks to take care of these.
5/6) After the next Save Point, go up the left hand path. Youíll see a green
robot and a beetle.
7) After grinding down a rope, do not grind up the next one. Drop down onto the
lower level and youíll see a big green robot.
8/9/10) After #7, youíll see three beetles floating behind it. Do homing
attacks on each of them to take them all out and proceed onward.
11/12/13) These are 2 robots and a beetle right after the littleÖ slide thingyÖ
14) After continuing on, youíll come to a pole. Go down it, and in front of you
is a big green robot.
15) Past #14, go down the hole to find another green robot.
16/17) After grinding on the very LONG tightrope, drop down to the lower level
to find 2 beetles.
18) After taking the rocket and continuing on, youíll land near a turret. A big
green robot is in front of the turret.
(* If you triangle jump on the wall past #18, youíll be able to hit a balloon.
If you do, youíll be launched up into a gong. Behind it is a gold beetle.
Destroying it is not necessary to complete the stage, but it does count, and
youíll get 1,000 points for it.)
19/20) After going further on, but before the coaster and the end of the stage,
youíll see 2 green robots. Destroy them, and the stage ends.

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

- Destroy the robots with a ball efficiently by destroying the ball first.
- Grind on all the ropes and take all the rockets.
- Jump through the rings of fire on the ropes or else youíll take damage.

Hero: Get 400 rings!

- Hit the gongs to get 50 rings. It makes completing the stage oh so easy.
- Avoid taking damage. Youíll lose only 10 rings compared to all of them like
in the other Sonic games. But hey, 10 rings can add up after a while, and you
wouldnít want to have to forfeit or restart the Hero mission just because you
were careless and ran into every single enemy.
- Hit the clock looking things to start the shooting gallery. Hit as many as
you can to get up to 50 rings. Take care not to hit the purple once since
theyíll deduct rings.
- Hit the balloon on the right during the first coaster ride to get 5 rings.
Hit the left to get a shield.
- Jump through the fiery rings to get 5 rings. It may not be worth risking if
youíre inexperienced.

4a.) Central City

Dark: Destroy the giant bombs! (5)

1) Take the right-hand path. Youíll soon see a pack of dynamite. Use it to blow
up the wall in front of it (sort of purple colored on my TV, dunno if it is on
yours). Hit the springs to go up to the next level, and youíll see a giant
bomb. Destroy one of the aliens and take its gun. Shoot at the bomb until it
blows up, then continue going on behind it.
2) After the first one, go forward until you reach a giant weight. Ride the
weight up to another level with narrow walls. Triangle jump between the walls
to come to a seemingly secluded room to find the second bomb. Destroy the bomb
and continue on by using the rocket revealed by the explosion.
3) After taking the rocket and after hitting the jump panels, youíll come to
the center of the city.  Jump up onto the raised ground in the middle by
jumping to your full height next to one of the smaller sides of the wall and
grabbing the edge. Continue to the higher part of the level(itís on the right
if you get on from the left side and left if you get on from the right side).
Youíll see a giant bomb locked in a cage. Destroy the GUN robots guarding the
cage to free the bomb, then shoot the bomb and destroy it.
4) After destroying the third, go through the hallway that contains many red
fruits in it. Youíll eventually come to the end and see a fork in the path
ahead of you. Hop in the car and take the right hand path (the car avoids the
adverse effects of being in the green stuff). Youíll come to a piece where GUN
soldiers are guarding a locked cage containing a bomb. Destroy the robots, and
blow up that bomb! ÖSorry, mustnít let my evil get ahead of meÖ
5) Now pick up the dynamite behind the fourth bomb and blow up the wall in
front of it (another purple wallÖ). Climb the pole, run through all the
enemies, and take the rocket on ward. Land on the tiny piece of land that
sticks out from the wall. Hit the springs and destroy the robot and soldier to
release a spring. Hit the spring and take that rocket. Land on the platform
with the giant bomb. Now kill the robot on it and take itís gun, then proceed
to destroy the one on the lower level (without actually jumping down). The cage
will be unlocked. Now destroy that bomb and complete your evil deeds. ÖI wish I
could say that, but the bombs donít actually seem to do anything to Central

Hero: Capture the small bombs! (20)

- Take the left hand path first.
- DO NOT ATTACK THE BOMBS! A bomb will not be counted should you accidentally
destroy it; take care not to do so.

1) Right ahead of you after taking the left path, youíll see #1. Youíll need to
pass this one up at first. Continue past the bomb, and to an alien with a
vacuum gun. Destroy the alien and take the gun, then use it to suck up the bomb.
2) This one is right ahead of where you get the gun.
3) Continuing on, jump on the springs and take the rocket. Land on the upper
level. Destroy the alien to take his gun should you need it, then hit the dash
panel to up to find the third bomb.
4) Drop down from #3's platform. #4 is near an alien monster wielding a sword.
5) Grab onto the helicopter before the drop to the lower level. Ride it to a
small platform containing a bomb.
6) Now drop down from the platform. Turn the camera 180 degrees (so you're
facing backwards) and you'll see #6.
7) Now keep going straight and take the pole down. A little bit past that save
point, #7 will be to the right.
8) Continue on, and you'll come across #8.
10) Go right when you hit the next Save Point to find another bomb.
11) In the red fruit tunnel, #11 is tucked away near the special item box.
12) #12 is at the end of the red fruit tunnel.
13) Go left after the tunnel to find number 13. It will be on the right-hand
side of the path.
14) Go into the tunnel to find #14. It'll be on the left hand side.
15) Go back to the fork in the road and take the right path (straight when
you're coming from the tunnel). The bomb will be on the left hand side of the
16) Continuing on, you'll see a giant bomb. To the right of it is #16.
17) Before taking the rocket, look right. You'll see some spike ball looking
things. Stowed away cleverly behind them is bomb #17.
18) Do not take the rocket yet. Look a little ahead and to the left of the
rocket and you'll see #18.
19) Now take the rocket and cross the toxic miasma via the GUN car. Keep going
past all the fake bombs until you come to a raised pathway. Jump on the
platforms to the right of it to get up there and continue on. You'll see #19
soon enough.
20) After #19, keep going to find the final bomb.

*No neutral mission.

4b.) The Doom

Dark: Kill all of the GUN forces! (60)

1) You'll see a beetle drone floating around just after meeting Doom's eye.
2/3) 2 humans are standing next to the moniter containing the map in the same
4) Another GUN beetle is floating around in the same room. Shoot it down.
5/6) After exiting the gun lift room (with the green rails), continue on past
the locked door and special item container. 2 humans will smash open a wall on
the right and try to attack you.
7/8) At the same spot as #'s 5 and 6, the left wall will also come tumbling
down, revealing 2 more human soldiers.
9) Go through the door and a green robot appears. Defeat it by uprooting the
10/11) At the top of the slope behind #9, you'll see two soldiers.
12/13) After blowing up the left hand cracked wall and proceeding onwards,
you'll be in a room like the starting one (the red room I'll call it, got
anything better?). You'll see two soldiers on the higher level.
14) Behind #s 12 and 13, you'll see a beetle floating in the air.
15/16) Go through the doors at the end of the room, then go left. You will see
two human soldiers.
17) Now go back to the fork and take the right hand path (go straight from
where you are, in other words). You'll come to another gun lift room. #17 is a
beetle floating around the giant cage.
18/19) 2 humans are also standing next to the cage, Kill them.
20) Now hit the switch to the elevator on the other side of the room. Ride that
lift and the one after it. A beetle is floating over the giant gap.
21) Another beetle is floating behind #20.
22/23/24) Now hit the next elevator switch and ride it up. At the top, 3 humans
will attack you.
25/26) Now go through the doors and hit the spring and go down. 2 soldiers will
burst out of the wall.
27/28) Now go back to the first level and head though the doors on the right.
Cross the gap, blow up and wall, and ride the fans across another gap. 2
soldiers will burst out of the wall on the platform you'll land on.
29/30) Ride the fans across the second gap. 2 soldiers will burst out of the
wall where you'll land.
31) Behind the previous 2 soldiers, you'll see a green robot. Destroy it.
32/33) After #31, go right and through some doors and into a red room. There
are two green robots that will come and attack you.
34/35) To the left of the robots, a wall blows up. You'll see two humans in the
hole that they make.
36/37/38) Go through the doors at the end of the room. In the next hall, 3
humans will drop down and attack you.
39/40/41) Go through the doors, and you'll see 3 green robots.
42/43) Go through the right-hand doors. 2 humans are behind them.
44/45) Hit the spring behind the next door and go down the slope you land on.
The next two humans are in a destroyed wall on the right.
46/47/48) Go through the broken wall where the two humans were. You'll see a
gap with 3 beetles hovering over it.
49/50) Go through the doors after the pit, and 2 robots will attack you.
51/52) Now go left and into another gun lift room. Ignore the robots in the
center for now and go through the other doors. Destroy the human guarding the
spring first, then use the unlocked spring to go up to a new level. Destroy the
human guarding the special item box.
53/54/55/56) Now go back to the gun lift room. Kill the 2 humans in the center,
then take out the floating beetle. Use one of their guns to easily destroy the
giant seafoam green robot.
57/58) Now hit the elevator switch behind the previous 4 robots. Take the lift
up and two more seafoam green robots will appear.
59/60) Now go up the next elevator. You'll see the final two beetle robots
flying over the gap..

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

- Go through the doors where you begin and continue through to the end of the
- Slide under the little opening and go through some doors, then run past the
gun soldiers and go through some more doors.
- Go past the special item box and locked door and go through the doors
straight ahead.
- Run up the slope past the gun robot until you see a pack of dynamite. Grab it
and use it to destroy the cracked wall to the left.
- Go through some doors until you come to another room. Hit the elevator switch
and take the lift up. Grab some bombs, go back down, and destroy the cracked
- Go past the green robot and through the doors. Continue on until you come to
a fork in the road.
- At the fork, take the right hand path.
- Now hit the spring and go down the slope and head through the blown up wall
on the right.
- Do homing attacks on the beetles to cross the gap.
- Go through the doors and you'll come to another fork. Go left.
- In the Gun Lift room, hit the elevator switch and take the lift up.
- Take another lift up and go forward and hit the other elevator switch. Ride
that elevator and head through the doors to find the goal ring.

Hero: Save the wounded researchers! (10)
*If you've unlocked the Heal Gun (it glows a blue color and shoots blue light),
destroy a special item box and take it with you. It makes beating the mission
oh so much easier. If not, don't worry, I'll still direct you to the heal
units. They are not really hidden anyway.

1) When you begin, you'll see one near the end of the red room. They have white
and orange outfits on, so they are not too hard to spot. The heal unit is in
front of him.
2) After meeting Doom's Eye and going through the doors, jump down to the lower
level. You'll see a heal unit server and a researcher in front of it.
3) Grab another heal unit and go up the ramp. The researcher will be in front
of the next door.
4) Go through doors and blow up walls until you reach another red room. Grab a
heal unit and go through a broken wall on the left to find another scientist.
5) Now go out of the red room and you'll see researcher number 5 in the middle
of the fork. You can either take a heal unit from the red room or go left to
find a heal unit.
6/7) Now go up the elevator in the Gun lift room after taking the right-hand
path. Ride the lifts and hit the springs until you come to a secluded room
where two gun soldiers break down the wall. Go through the hole and you'll see
two more researchers. The heal unit is outside if you need it.
8) Now go back down to the first level and through the right hand doors. Slide
under the opening to find another researcher. There is a heal unit across the
gap. Take the heal unit and ride the lift back to give it to him.
9) After getting through more obstacles, you'll find another red room. Take a
heal unit from it and go left into a blown-up wall. There is a researcher
inside there.
10) In the same room as #9, cross the red-lit gap. Grab a heal unit, and give
it to the researcher just beyond that door.

4c.) Sky Troops

Dark: Destroy the doctor's battleships!
* Note that the ships are in the vicinity of the black turrets you'll see
throughout the level

1) In the beginning, after crossing many pieces of stage, you'll see a black
turret. Hop in the turret, and aim for the red battleship in the sky. If the
battleship starts firing explosives at you, you can shoot at them to stop them
from hitting you.
2) After going through the temple, you'll go through a loop and land on another
piece of the stage. Use the turret that comes into view to shoot the next ship
3) After going on farther, you'll eventually come to a fork in the road- a left
upper path and a right lower path. Take the right one and you'll see another of
Eggman's battleships. There is a turret placed on a wooden ledge for you to use.
4) After that, you'll eventually come to a jump panel with a switch before it.
Hit the switch to make a row of rings appear. Light-dash across the rings to
come to a turret and the fourth battleship.
5) At the end of the stage (in the goal ring area) you'll see a HUGE battleship
in the sky. You'll also see two platforms containing turrets. Use them to
destroy the last ship.

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

There is nothing difficult or not obvious in this stage. It's very easy for
this late point in the game, and it should not give you much trouble. If you
need any help on a piece of it, you can ask me.

Hero: Destroy the temple's power sources! (5)

1) The first jewel is in the temple where you meet Eggman. Kill a nearby black
alien to relieve him of his gun, then shoot at the jewel until it explodes.
2) The second is in a temple similar to the first. You should have no trouble
finding it.
3) When you come to the part where you'll see a switch and a jump panel, ignore
the switch and use the panel. You'll see number 3 on the ground a little ways
ahead after hitting the jump panel.
4) After the third, you'll be launched into another temple. The fourth crystal
is in there.
5) At the very end of the stage, you'll see a jewel on the highest floating
platform. Use the ones the black turrets are on to reach it.

4d.) Max Matrix

Dark: Detonate the bombs!

-This one will take you a while no matter how good you are. The only real
stratagy is to stay on the circuits and avoid getting off them if you can.

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

-Basically, you just need to clear the blue tower part as fast as you can and
then head to the red tower. The only thing noteworthy in the blue tower are the
color panels ( there are tons of them in this stage). You have to make all the
color panels in a section share the same color to continue. The colors don't
have to correspond to the tower colors, they just need to be the same as each
other. If the panels are turned towards you and suspended above the floor,
you'll need to shoot at them to change their color.
-Once at the red tower, solve the first color puzzle to create a row of rings
you can light-dash across. Solve the second one to get inside the tower. See
the circular glowing shiny thing producing sparkles? It's called a warp hole,
and you'll need to jump into it to continue on in the stage.
-Triangle jump between the two giant blocks to enter the light-speed circuit on
the platform you land on to continue.
-Head either left or right after being thrown out of the circuit to come to a
platform. Solve the color puzzle on the platform, and the platform will rise
and take you to the goal ring.

Hero: Hack into the colored towers! (4)

-So then, your objective in this stage is to touch the terminals that appear in
each of the four towers. Sounds simple, right? Unfortunatly, the towers have
numerous obstacles you must get through, revolving around the color-coded
panels that appear all over the stage. Not only that, the towers are spread far
apart, and it could take a while to get where you want to go if you have no
idea what you're doing. This can make it particularly difficult to get an "A"
as the stage is just so damn big. Also, take note that you start out in the
blue tower as so not to waste your time futilely attempting to get inside (you
cannot get back into the blue tower once you leave it except by using a Save

Blue: You start out in the blue tower. You have to get the terminal no matter
what mission you do. The only things of note here are the suspended color
panels. You'll have to shoot at them to make them change color. Also, you need
not make the color panels have the same color as the tower to get by, you just
need them to all be the same color.

Green: This tower is probably hardest since the stage will make numerous
attempts to knock you into the endless void below if you don't act quickly.
There are moving platforms you have to ride (also made up of color panels you
have to activate first), and you will see color panels as you ride them along.
You'll have to shoot quickly at the color panels to change them lest you be
swept off of your platform by a digital barrier. Be sure to pack lots of
ammunition as it may take a while for you to get a good aim on the panels.
Also, after deactivating the barriers, be sure not to get knocked off by one of
the suspended color panels.

Yellow: Not much to note here, this tower is pretty easy to conquer. Just watch
out for the worms that spring up from the ground.

Red: Depending on the circuit you take to get to it, you may have to do more
than one thing to enter the red tower. If you land on a platform farther away
from the tower, you'll first have to jump on the green blocks that appear to
cross the gap. Make precise movements, because a single error can have you
plummeting to your doom. In any case, you'll come to a platform closer to the
red tower with two color panels on it. Activate it, and a row of rings will
appear. Light-dash across them, then solve the next color puzzle to gain
entrance to the tower. Triangle jump between the two giant blocks you'll see
further on and enter the light speed circuit it takes you to. Once inside
the... large, floating room,  head to the... wind... thing... where'll you'll
get a major updraft that'll blow you up high. You'll see purple blocks floating
around the center. Jump from block to block to get to the terminal in the
center. If this isn't your last terminal, use the warp hole to get out of the

4e.) Death Ruins

Dark: Find the goal ring!
- Not a whole lot to be said here. Beware of the enemys that appear on the
rails, and Dark Spin Dash along all the red slime that you see to reach the
goal quickly.

Hero: Destroy the Black Arms! (50)

1/2) You'll see two right after meeting Rouge.
3/4) Before heading up the red slime, take out the two aliens before it.
5/6) After meeting Doom's Eye, hit the spring and grab the pulley to find two
more aliens.
7/8) Next to the fire-breathing plant, two aliens come to attack you.
9) Next to the springs after the killer plant.
10) After hitting the springs, the alien soldier is to the right.
11/12/13) Near the end of the rail you'll grind on, you'll see a platform with
3 aliens on it. Jump off of the rail to reach the platform.
14) After getting of of the rail, a black alien will run at you.
15/16/17/18/19) 4 alien blobs and one alien soldier are easily defeated by
overturning the ground.
20-29) 10 more alien blobs are near a GUN soldier and a green robot. They are
easily dispatched of by overturning the floor.
30/31/32) After hitting the spring and going up the canal, you'll see three
alien soldiers.
33) After using an elevator and seeing a GUN soldier, hit the springs to take
you to the next level where you'll see #33.
34/35) Instead, hit a spring to catapult you over the fence. You'll see two
ground aliens a little further on.
36) After the previous two, you'll see #36 standing on an elevated platform.
37) After hitting the Save Point, a worm will come out of the ground. Uproot
the floor in front of it to easily kill it.
*jump on the container behind the red slime, then jump again to get over the
38) After getting over the wall, #38 will come at you.
39) After going up the little hill, another ground soldier attacks you.
40) Behind #39, a worm appears.
41/42/43/44/45) All of these are little alien blobs that cling to the wall
after a breakable door. Grab a gun, then hop on the pole and start firing at
the blobs.
46/47/48/49/50) The last 5 are near the end, guarding a spring.

5a.) The ARK

Dark: Destroy the ARK's defense system! (4)
* The defense units look like little flower things that spin 'round and
'round... you'll know them when you see them. Destroying a defense unit also
destroys those obnoxious green barriers you'll see in the level.
* You will be riding a Black Volt the entire stage. If you're not good at
flying them, you'd better put some good practice in, because this stage
revolves around using the gold-and-black dragon effectively. To attack with the
Black Volt, hold down the B-button to lock onto enemies (as well as meteorites
and defense units), then release to fire the tracking worms. Some things (such
as pieces of what appear to be what's left of the stage "Final Rush" in SA2B)
cannot be locked onto, but you can still destroy them with rapid presses of the

1) Near the beginning, you'll see the first defense unit. Don't go to fast or
you'll fly by it before it's fully destroyed.
2) After going through the glowing hallway, you'll see a defense unit. You can
stick yourself behind one of the barriers and fire at will if you want.
3) After the turret room, you'll see a defense unit. Be sure to destroy the
turrets surrounding it first so that they don't kill your ride and leave you to
burn in the atmosphere.
4) The final defense unit is inside of the next glowing hall. Do not hit the
desh rings in front of the hall or you'll speed right by it.

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

If you are proficient with using the Black Volt, then this stage won't give you
any problems. Just be sure to fire at any obstacles that come your way to avoid
taking damage.

*No Hero Mission

5b.) Air Fleet

Dark: Destroy the president's escape pod!

-Basically, just pick up a lot of weaponry and just keep shooting at it. It is
taking damage, even though it doesn't look it. Be sure that the craft is
throughly mauled before coming to the end part.

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

Not hard at all. Granted, there are a few places where you could die if you
aren't careful. Anyway, once you get to the end part (where the president's
escape pod is behind lowered), turn the camera backwards and jump off. You'll
land on a platform with two wooden containers and a broken door. Spindash
through the little opening in the door to continue on and get to the goal ring.

Hero: Destroy the Black Arms!

1/2) Before going through the first door, you'll see two aliens appear.
3/4) Past the lasers and beetles, two black aliens will come crashing through
the windows.
5/6) In the room with two beetles, take the pulley upwards. You'll see two
aliens in from of the door.
7) After meeting Doom's Eye, you'll see an alien behind him.
8) After going through the other set of doors, you'll see number 8.
9/10) Take the left hand path when you come to the fork to find two more aliens.
11) After going through the doors, you'll see a giant alien to your left.
12) Straight ahead of #11, you'll see another giant.
13) Another giant appears after #12...
14) Yes, this one is ahead of #13 and is also a giant...
15) Further on, you'll see another giant.
16) After going through some doors, you'll see another alien giant.
17) Ahead of #16, you'll see another giant.
18) Ahead of #17 and also a giant...
19) Ahead of #18 and a giant again...
20) After grinding on the rail, #20 is guarding the door.
21) In the giant, circular room, #21 is to the right.
22) A giant alien is guarding the door.
23) After the giant, turn left to get #23.
24) Now go back and through the doors. Continue on until you come to a fork in
the road. Take the right hand path, and you'll see a giant at the beginning of
the tunnel.
25) After going down the tunnel and onto the next path, you'll see a giant in
front of a turret.
26/27) Continuing on, you'll find another turret with 2 alien giants in front
of it.
28) #28 is a giant guarding the door.
29) After going through some more doors and onto another path, you'll see a
giant alien.
30/31/32) After grinding rails and getting through fans, you'll see a turret.
There is an alien giant on each side. How nice of Sonic Team to put the 3
aliens is such a place that makes it easy to kill them...
33) After going through more doors, you'll come to another circular room. There
is a giant alien to your right as you enter.
34) A little bit further, you'll see a giant alien guarding the door that
you'll need to use to complete the neutral (and possibly Dark) mission. Ignore
that for this mission though, and keep going around.
35) A little past #34 is the final alien giant.

5c.) Iron Jungle

Dark: Destroy the GUN soldiers! (28)

1/2) After the first Save Point, two beetles are floating around in front of
you. They are easily destroyed by overturning the floor.
3/4/5) After the first two, these three are hovering over some floating
platforms. Do homing attacks on these beetles to easily get all three in one go.
6/7) After getting off the rail, these two will be hovering in from of you.
Uproot the floor to easily destroy these two beetles.
8) In front of the previous two, you'll see #8.
9) A giant robot appears after taking the rocket.
10) After the Save Point, turn the camera left to see a beetle drone hovering
in front of a hole in the wall. This one is easily missed if you aren't careful.
11/12) Both of these are hovering over the next gap. Use homing attacks on them
to easily destroy them.
13) After landing on the platform, you'll see another beetle.
14) After light-dashing across a gap, you'll see another beetle.
15/16) After the next Save Point, you can easily destroy these two beetles by
overturning the ground.
17/18) When you come to a point where you see a rail and some platforms, you'll
also see two beetles hovering over the rail. Do homing attacks on them to take
them out easily.
19/20) After landing on a platform, you'll see an overturnable floor and two
beetles hovering in front of it.
21) After the previous two beetles, you'll see a giant robot appear.
22/23) After #21, do homing attacks to get these two.
24/25/26) While climbing down a pole in next room, you'll see a total of three
beetles hovering around it. Take them out as you go down.
27) After getting all the way down, a giant GUN robot appears.
28) After hitting the jump panel that launches you to the end of the stage,
you'll see a giant robot.

Neutral: Find the goal ring!
- There isn't anything difficult about this mission.  Take the easiest paths
(the lower ones, it seems) and destroy a lot of Eggman's robots to fill your
Hero gauge so that you can use Chaos Control for an easier win.

Hero: Destroy Eggman's flagship!
- This mission is another one of those where you have to shoot at a flying
vessel the entire stage and destroy it (much like the Dark mission in Air Fleet
and the Hero mission in Lethal Highway). This one is a fair bit harder though,
mainly because Eggman's ship can attack back. If you've unlocked any good
special weapons yet (the Shadow Rifle and that laser gun come to mind), now is
the time to use them. Otherwise, just keep killing Eggman's robots and taking
their weapons to blow his ship out of the sky.

5d.) Space Gadget

Dark: Destroy the ARK's defense systems! (6)

1) This one is right where you end up when you go through all those crazy
gravity-altering devices. It's pretty much impossible to miss- it's the green
rotating thing that oddly resembles a flower. Crack the nearby boxes to get
guns to take out the first defense unit.
2) After another round of gravity-switching devices, you'll see #2. This one is
also hard to miss, but it's next to those green and white glowing panels (which
are barriers created by the defense unit- once you shatter the defense unit,
the barriers will fade).
3) After getting inside the ARK, cross the green fluid and you'll see #3 behind
a barrier. Shatter the barrier and follow suit with the defense unit.
4) After taking the lift up and going down a hallway, DO NOT HIT THE GRAVITY
SWITCHING DEVICE! It is not impossible to get the rest if you do hit it (I
think it's the "true" way to do it, but it's too confusing to navigate for me),
but my guide covers where you go when you don't hit it, so you'd be on your
own. I'll put up where you go if you DO hit it if enough people ask... Well,
instead, use the spring to get up on a new platform, then jump onto the next
and go down the hallway. You'll see a defense unit once you hit the next room.
5) Continue on, ignoring Doom's Eye's complaints if you have him out. The next
room has no flooring, so make careful and precise movements.
Continue on and hit gravity-switching devices unit you find yourself on the
ceiling. Hit the elevator switch and take the platform up to come to a hallway
with a Save Point. Continue onto the next room, and pay close attention- the
defense unit will be floating above the bottom of the room.
6) Hit the next gravity switch, and you'll be thrown into gravity switches
until you get to another room. Make your way across it to another hallway with
a Save Point. Continue on, and you'll get to another defense room with 4
barriers in from of you. Hopefully you have a powerful gun or a lot of ammo,
because you have to shatter all of the barriers to get to the defense unit
behind them.

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

-To complete the Neutral mission, you'll need to wait until 5 minutes have
passed before you hit the goal ring or you'll end up completing the Hero
-Another little thing that may cause you problems: the first gravity switch
that you manually jump into may send you to die in space if you aren't careful.
Should you accidentally aim too far right after hitting it, you will miss your
destination platform and burn up in the atmosphere. Remember to aim more left
to avoid an early death. Also, on this same platform that is somewhat of a pain
to land on, do not jump. Really, do not jump on this platform. See, because of
the crazy gravity, you'll end up getting pulled way forward when you try to
jump, right to you doom. How can one platform be such a pain? >.>;
-If you fall to the floor in one of those green laser rooms, there will always
be a platform to take you back up, providing that you find the switch for it.

Hero: Find the goal ring!

-This one is pretty much the same as the Neutral mission, with one catch- you
have to get to the goal ring in under 5 minutes. It might seem like a short
amount of time, but the stage is not that long to begin with. You really
shouldn't have many problems with this.
-Interestingly enough, Sonic never gets to the actual goal ring. I've stood
there and wait, but apparently he's not in the stage- the mission just ends
once 5 minutes have passed. Pity, I wanted to knock Sonic off of the goal
ring's platform or into one of the giant lasers. You have to admit it would be
cool if you were actually racing Sonic...

5e.) Lost Impact

Neutral: Find the goal ring!

-Oh  man, is this a pain... It's so damn long... But here is what you'll
basically need to do...
-Jump over the red glowing pit via the spring, and continue through the doors
until you enter the Gun Lift chambers (characterized by green glowing rails and
Gun Lift vehicles).
-Board the Gun Lift vehicle to continue on. Press and hold the A button to go
-After the ride ends, get off the gun lift and hop onto the one across from it.
Ride until you come to the next room.
-Now get off the gun lift and go through the doors on the left.
-When you come to a fork in the path, go left.
-After reaching the next Gun Lift Room (you can only go left after the first
fork), board the gun lift vehicle and continue on.
-After that ride ends, get off and board the gun lift across from it.
-After that one ends, go through the doors on the right and hit the switch to
open the locked door. Beware the huge artificial chaos and jump down to the
first floor. You could take the elevators down, but why waste precious time?
-Now go through the doors on the left to get to the goal ring.

Hero: Destroy the research experiments! (35)

1) After crossing the red-lit gap, you'll see the first Artificial Chaos (which
I'll abbreviate "AC" from now on).
2) After you get to the Gun Lift Room (characterized by green glowing rails and
Gun Lift vehicles), look to the right to see the second AC.
3) Hit the elevator switch in the Gun Lift Room and ride the next two elevators
up. You'll come to a floor with an AC on it.
4) Hit the elevator switch behind AC #3 and ride the lift up. Go through some
doors to find a bomb. Pick it up and take it with you through more doors, then
hurl it at the AC you come to at the dead end.
5) Go back down to the first level and take the gun lift vehicle. You'll see #5
as you ride into space.
6) Near the end of the ride, you'll see #6. Don't go too fast or you'll miss it.
7/8) At the end of the ride, you'll see two ACs.
9) Now board the other gun lift. #9 is on the right side of the gun lift after
you enter space.
10/11) As you near the end of the ride, numbers 10 and 11 will appear right
across from each other.
12) As you enter into the Gun Lift Room (Er, mind if I just call them "GLR"
from now on?), #12 will appear in front of you.
13) Hit the elevator switch in the GLR and ride the first two lifts up. Then,
hit the spring ahead of you and climb the pole. You'll see #13 as you go up.
14/15) Hit the elevator switch behind #13 and go up the next elevator. There,
you'll see #s 14 and 15 side by side.
16) Go back to the first level and head through the door on the left. You'll
come to a fork in the road. Take the right hand path, and you'll come to a room
where an AC hovers over a red-lit pit.
17) Go back to the fork and take the left hand path (the one with the rings).
You'll see #17 through a wall opening.
18) Continue on through some doors and you'll find #18.
19/20) Go through some doors to come to another GLR. You'll see #s 19 and 20
across from you and near a pack of dynamite. Use the dynamite to get rid of the
ACs easily.
21) Now go back up and through the right hand doors. Slide under the tiny
opening, go through some doors, and you'll end up in a room with an AC in it
(it sort of has a red kind of feel to it...)
22) Now go back and get on the gun lift. You'll see #22 almost immediatly. As
always, take care not to go too fast or else you'll miss them.
23) Across from #22.
24) Look to the right and keep a close watch. #24 is near a bright light and
sort of hidden by a steel beam.
25) Now look carefully to the left and you'll see this one sort of hidden by a
steel beam as well.
26) After the gun lift ride ends, board the other gun lift. Beware of all the
meteors on that part. #26 is at the end of the ride, where the doors open.
27) Now get off and go through the right-hand doors. Hit the switch to open the
locked doors. Go through the doors, and you'll find yourseld in another GLR.
Now look to the right, and you'll see a HUGE AC floating near your platform.
28) Now jump down to the first level (you could take the elevators, but why
bother?), and get on the gun lift. #28 will appear as you ride into the tunnel.
29) A little ahead of #28 comes #29.
30) After #29, #30 appear further on.
31) After #30...
32) After #32...
33) Ok, when the ride ends, look above you. You'll see a HUGE AC. Bring it down
while you still have access to the gun lift's weaponry (no need to waste your
precious ammo...).
34) Now get onto the next gun lift and go out into space. A HUGE AC is hovering
over a small floating platform.
35) In front of the doors of the end of the ride, you'll see the final AC.

*No Dark Mission

6a.) Gun Fortress

Dark: Destroy the mother computers! (3)
*All Mother Computers (MCs I'll call them) are in those blue-lit hallways.
*Always take the lower route when presented with a choice of upper and lower.

1) After getting a little ways through the level, you'll come to a blue hall.
The MCs are those big, blue structures, however only the top piece of them can
be destroyed. Destroy the robots guarding the mother computer, then either use
the turret to aim at and destroy the MC, or get close the MC and start shooting
it with your own gun (it should start shooting upwards when you come into a
close enough range).
2) After a while, you'll be presented with two paths: and upper path and a
lower path. Take the lower to come to another blue hall. Use the same tactics
to destroy the MC as you did with the first.
3) After a series of cameras and rails, you'll come to another blue hall
housing the final MC. Be aware that this is the most heavily guarded one, so be
sure to have a lot of ammo for your gun.

Hero: Find the goal ring!

-This stage really isn't too hard for being a final stage. Boy, the difficulty
in these games is really starting to degrade...
-Well, when you're present with a choice of taking an upper and lower route,
always take the upper routes as they are not as heavily guarded. The second
upper route was a bit tricky to find if I remember correctly though, requiring
you to jump on boxes next to the door and then onto the poles above it.
-Beware of all that blue energy fluid that covers the levels. Touching it means
instant death for you.

6b.) Black Comet

Dark: Destroy the GUN robots!

1) After getting on the alien saucer at the beginning of the level, go right
and you'll see a hill. Go up the hill to find the first robot.
2) After defeating the #1, go straight across the gaps until you come to #2.
3) After #2, go straight until you hit a dead end and you'll find #3.
4) Now turn the camera to the right after defeating #3 to see a robot on a
higher level. Shoot that one to raise a platform that will allow you to cross
over to that upper level.
5) After going on and spindashing through some red liquid, you'll see #5.
6) Next to #5 in plain sight.
7/8) Hit the Save Point and continue to come across two robots.
9) After meeting Knuckles and jumping on the platforms, you'll see #9 before
the entrance to the tunnel.
10) After going through the warp point, you'll see #10 in front of you.
11/12) After hitting the jump panel and Save Point, you'll see two robots in
front of you.
13) After #s 11 and 12, go straight to see another robot.
14-18) Ride the saucer to the hill and go up. These next 5 robots all appear
along the same path.
19) At the end of the previous path is a warp hole. Jump through it, and go
forward. You'll see a robot hovering over the toxic miasma.
20-32) All of these robots are hovering over the toxic miasma, no need to write
each and every one out since they're obvious. Some of them do appear of the
bridges overhead though, be on the lookout for those.
33-35) After grinding on the rail, you'll see 3 robots as you make your way
towards the next rail.
36/37) After grinding on the second rail, you'll see these two as you make your
way to the next rail.
38/39) After grinding the third rail, you'll see these two as you make your way
towards the next rail.
40) After the tunnel, dead ahead.
41) This one is behind some roadblocks after #40.
42) This one is also near #40 on the left hand path.
43) After the miasma stream and next Save Point, you'll see #43.
44) After #43.
45) After #44.
46) This one is at the dead end after #45.
47) Right after going through the door, #47 appears.
48-50) The rest of the robots are on the bridges after #47.

*There are more than 50 enemy robots in this level.

Hero: Find the goal ring!

-At the beginning, just go straight to take the more direct route.
-At the part with 3 rails, jump to a lower level by jumping off at the end of
the rail and aiming to a lower level.
-Not a whole lot to say about this level really as there is not much you can do
with the Air Saucers, which you'll be riding on pretty much the entire stage.
The only real reason for worry is if the enemy manages to destroy your craft.
The miasma results in instant death if touched.

6c.) Lava Shelter

Dark: Acivate the defense units! (5)

1) Right when you meet Eggman, you'll see the first defense unit behinf him. To
activate it, you must attack it until it lights up (and makes a really weird
siren sound). The attacks of Eggman's robots also seem to affect the defense
unit, which could make your work easier.
2) Now jump on the platforms that appear on the left to cross. Jump at the end
of the half-melted rail you grind on and do a light dash to keep going. You'll
see #2 soon enough afterwards...
3) Take the rail to the right. At the end, use a triangle jump to get across
the walls. You'll grind another melted rail- use the platforms on the sides to
cross this time. You'll see the defense unit after the Save Point.
4) Now jump on the platforms that appear to the left. Go through the doors and
start jumping from platform to platform to make your way across, taking care
not to hit the lasers. Go through the doors at the end to find the fourth
defense unit.
5) Now jump on the platforms that appear to your left. Jump on the moving
platforms, go up the fan, and light dash across the row of rings. Jump onto the
mext platform when it sticks out far enough- wait for that before you jump.
Make your way through the platforms, and jump into the dash ring. Light dash on
the next row of rings, then start climbing up the poles by jumping from each
one to the next. Jump on the next batch of platforms and go through the doors
to find the final defense unit.

Hero: Find the goal ring!

-Very easy for a final level- take all upper routes and don't bother with the
security devices. These stages are just too easy... come on, Sonic Team! Give
us something more challenging!
-Only real thing to beware of is the magma- touch it, and you instantly die.

6d.) Cosmic Fall

Dark: Find the goal ring!

-Oh boy, this is SUCH a dangerous stage. Death awaits you should you misstep
and fall.
-Basically you have to keep moving from platform to platform to continue. It
gets tricky later on, so watch your step and make precise movements.
-When you get to the floating and spinning passageway part, you must wait for
them to line up before you jump to them.
-After the 4th Save Point, you'll see flipping passageways. Wait for the first
two to line up, then jump on them. Don't attempt to go farther, just fall.
You'll come to some floating platforms. Jump off of the one you land on onto a
lower one. You'll see a small rail. Grind on it, but DO NOT ATTEMPT TO
ACCELERATE ON IT! Any attempts are futile, and will result in death. o.O That
sounds familiar for some reason...
-Once inside the powerplant, keep jumping from platform to platform, but do
beware of the giant green lasers that constantly fire at them.
-Spin dash under a broken door, and a bit further on, you'll finally get to the
goal ring.

Hero: Find the computer room!

-A lot like finding a goal ring actually. Follow the steps in the Dark mission
if you have problems earlier on. When you get to the room with the goal ring,
do not drop down to it. Instead, triangle jump off of the moniters and onto a
small platform. This part can be tricky- the moniters make a 90 degree turn
that can be a little hard to make, and missing it forces you to drop down to
the lower level and -usually- into the goal ring, thus completing the Dark
-The rest of the stage is actually straightforward and easy. Just be careful
not to miss a step.

6e.) Final Haunt

Dark: Hit the switches. (4)

1) After meeting Doom's Eye, use a Dark Spin Dash on the red slime and you'll
see the first switch. Hit it with a gun or an attack to activate it.
2) After going through a tunnel further on and hitting a Save Point, you'll see
this switch.
3) After light-dashing along rings and going through a tunnel, you'll see #3.
4) This one is at the very end of the stage. Don't worry, you won't miss this

-Sorry for my seemingly perfunctory job of this one, but it really isn't a hard
stage, just very tedious.

Hero: Find the goal ring!

-A VERY IMPORTANT THING to remember in this mission is not to hit any of the
switches. Do so, and you're rendered incapable of completing the mission.
-Keep the vacuum gun handy at all times. The alien one sucks, but you'll need
it for most of the stage in order to complete it.
-This level is very straightforward for being so late in the game. Basically
just tests all of your abilities in a cursory sort of way. You shouldn't have
much trouble.