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Best team? 4
Know a good place to level up? 1
Where can I find the bear fetish? 2
Is it possible to defeat golden tinny without any of your party members being killed? 1
Where can I find or get poison 3 ? 1
Do I need to play the first 2 to understand the plot? 2
Where can I find Seals? 1
Lottery Prize in Purgatory? 1
Is the whole game black and white or is mine only not working correct? 1
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Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Please upload a save file? 0
How do I beat (loveheart quest)? 1
Pitt Boss Help? 2
More Shadow Hearts Games??? 1
2nd Le Sirene fetish? 1
The Blood Head?? 1
BAttle Style? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 7

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