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Otometeki Koi Kakumei Rabu-Rebo!! / Maiden Love Revolution Love-Revo!!
By Haruno_hyuuga (Haruno_hyuuga@hotmail.com)
Version.. uh.. 0.1 (Its really early days yet!)
12/04/06 - Version 0.01 released.

30/07/06 - Updated Character info for Toru, Ayato and Natsumi / Yoshihisa.
           Updated Pictures section.
           Updated Hints and Tips section.
           (SORRY it took so long! My PC got totally wiped and I lost all Id
           done. Kinda lost the will to write any more after that but Im back
           now so rejoice! ^_^

05/03/08 - Updated Character info for all dateable characters.
           Updated Pictures section.
           Added A Green Words section for the special CG endings.

Hi there, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules *snigger* to check
out my first ever guide. Now I know this may not be exactly perfect because
Ifm going almost entirely by personal experience of the game and my Japanese
is sketchy at best, but I thought it was high time someone actually made a
guide for this completely insane yet ridiculously complicated game so here it
Ok, just in case anyone is wondering there are no plans (that I know of) to
translate this game and bring it to the west, but who cares! Theyfve just get
some crappy voice actors and ruin it anyway!
Oh, and if anybody reading this knows ANYTHING else about this game that I
have probably missed or found anything I havenft then please please PLEASE
e-mail me on the address at the top of the page.
Now remember, anything you read below this point is going to be massively
spoilerish (Spoilery? Spoileresque? Meh, whatever!) so read on at your own

Ok, here goes nothing!
1. Story
2. Characters
   a) Ichinose Ren
   b) Kahara Masaki
   c) Fukami Souta
   d) Tachibana Kennosuke
   e) Kamishiro Ayato
   f) Kinomura Toru
   g) Tokita Kaede
   h) Wakatsuki Ryutaro
   i) Tojou Yurika
   j) Shibosaki Yuu & Ogino Rie
   k) Takashi-oniichan
   l) Shinobu
   m) Natsumi / Yoshihisa.
   n) Satoshi
   o) Others
3. System
4. Activities
5. Statistics
6. Items
7. Pictures
8. Hints and Tips / Glitches
9. FAQs
(Ifm just going to VERY loosely transliterate the Official website for this)

Once upon a time there was a High school girl. Since childhood she had always
been beautiful and won every beauty contest she entered, but she was careless.
With her love of sweets going unchecked she has now reached 100 KILOS!
Through her first year of high school she had to live in the student dorms but
from the second year she was looking forward to living with friends. However
her father had other plans, and sent her and her older brother to live in a
new high-tech apartment building that is FULL OF BOYS!
Among those, the TOP FIVE BOYS including the NUMBER ONE PRINCE of the school
as well as the school doctor who is very proud of his effect on the ladies and
many others.
A PERFECT CHANCE! She greets them in a friendly manner, but?
gYou.. are really not my type?h
To make things worse the other girls in her school are very jealous of where
she is living and, more importantly, who she is living with!
At that moment, her hot-blooded brother comes over:
gYou were a princess before, you can do it again! Become the Queen of high
With his words she gets pumped up! She decides shefs going to lose weight,
become a great student and become the queen of high school! Shefs going to
become so amazing that even the top boys will be lining up to talk to her. Now
itfs up to you, will you help her realize her dreams, or?

(Sorry again about the TERRIBLE translation there, but I had to tidy it up for
it to make any sense! Hope it isnt too confusing.)

In other words, think the film SHEfS ALL THAT and youre basically there. ;D
POSITION IN SCHOOL - The position they are listed as in the manual from No. 1
gCool boyh Ren to Ryutaro gSenseih

BIRTHDAY - The characters birthday. Make sure you have enough money the day
before to buy him a gift.

BEST GIFT - The gifts I have found they seem to appreciate most. This applies
to their birthday, Christmas (You have to buy something before December 24th
without being prompted) and the 6th of July (I have no idea why). Ifll write
them as descriptions of how much they are and what they look like to help
those who donft read Japanese.

YEAR - The year they are in at high school. The protagonist is in the 2nd
year, so Ren and Ayato are in the year above and Souta and Kennosuke are in
the year below.

FREQUENTS - Each character (I think) has a location in town that they
frequently visit. If you keep going there you usually see a scene with that
character that (I think) raises the heart level with them. It canft hurt
either way.

a) Ichinose Ren
Position in school: No. 1
Birthday: 14th February
Best gift: He seems to like the 600Yen thing (like a jug with sludge in it)
Year: 3rd year

Ok, seeing as how he is the gUltimate catchh like Kei or Saeki from Tokimemo
Girls side hefs obviously the hardest character to end up with. And seeing as
how this game can be ridiculously difficult at the best of times I thought Ifd
leave him until later. Also he seems really arrogant and not even that good
looking compared to Masaki so Ifll just go after him when Ifve completed
everyone else.

Ideal Stats: Weight    - 45kg!
             Face      - 81
             Arm       - 61
             Leg       - 61
             Muscle    - 41
             Spirit    - 81
             Diet info - 41
             Study     - 81
             Reading   - 81
             Science   - 61
             Sports    - 41

Green Words:   n`}L          LC          lN^C

b) Kahara Masaki
Position in school: No. 2
Year: 2nd year
Birthday: 17th January
Best gift: The 1500Yen socks

Eee! Quite possibly the best of the bunch; Sporty, kind, adorable, friendly,
hefs one of my favourites (and also one of the three Ifve actually aimed for
so far). Hefs not about to settle for a hunka-chunka, so you have to slim down
a lot to end up with him, luckily though he is amazingly easy to gain a
pulsing red heart with. In fact, he was already up to a green heart with me by
the middle of May (Just over 1 month from the start).
However, he is also very tricky to end up with and I havenft managed it yet,
then again Ifve only actually attempted it once. Still, when you see some of
his scenes and pictures youfll see why hefs worth it! ;D

Ideal Stats: Weight    - 45kg!
             Face      - 81
             Arm       - 61
             Leg       - 61
             Muscle    - 41
             Spirit    - 61
             Diet info - 41
             Study     - 81
             Reading   - 81
             Science   - 41
             Sports    - 61

Green Words:   jNX          WRjA          ^I

c) Fukami Souta
Position in school: No. 3
Year: 1st year
Birthday: 17th April
Best gift: The 1000 picture (bought from Marble on red days ONLY)

Souta is completely adorable, like a green-haired little brother more than a
boyfriend, but at the same time he sure does like to stick up for you a lot
and has the cutest little blushing and embarrassed face. Also his ending is
remarkably easy to get compared to the other boys (mainly because he has the
lowest weight-loss standard) and is actually very sweet.
NOTE: Souta MAY have ridiculously low Ideal Stats, but he is a bit harder to
get a red pulsey heart with than most of the other guys. I'm not sure why this
is, but be careful to save each time you are about to ask him out and if he
says no 3 times just hang around his room. Also a lot of his events seem to
make you gain weight if you give him the "Good" answer, so watch out.

Ideal Stats: Weight    - 75kg or less
             Face      - 41
             Arm       - 21
             Leg       - 21
             Muscle    - 21
             Spirit    - 41
             Diet info - 1
             Study     - 41
             Reading   - 61
             Science   - 41
             Sports    - 81

1st ending - During his 8th event (14th January) choose the first option.

2nd ending - As above, but select the second option.

Green Words:   bOnEX^E          C`R          uu

d) Tachibana Kennosuke
Position in school: No. 4
Year: 1st year
Birthday: 30th June
Best gift: The 3000Yen red thing (looks like a pencil case or a pillow)

Ah, Ken. Stupidly hard to get an ending with (I had to play through the whole
game 7 times!) but oh so worth it. I think hefs a ninja or something, but
either way hefs a silver-haired studly who seems much more mature than his
years. He seems a bit cold and distracted, but hefs really just awkward and
misunderstood. Aww!
Either way hefs NOT a good person to aim for first, start with a solo ending
first (like you have a choice!), then try ending up with Souta to get some
practice in for Ken. Along with Masaki and Souta hefs one of my faves. Plus
his sisters are absolutely hilarious! ;D

Ideal Stats: Weight    - 57kg or less
             Face      - 41
             Arm       - 61
             Leg       - 41
             Muscle    - 61
             Spirit    - 81
             Diet info - 21
             Study     - 41
             Reading   - 61
             Science   - 81
             Sports    - 61

1st ending - During his 12th event (26th January) choose the first option.

2nd ending - As above, but select the second option.

Green Words:   tH_VR          hLhL          p^[

e) Kamishiro Ayato
Position in school: No. 5
Year: 3rd year
Birthday: 24th February
Best gift: ?

OK, so I havenft bothered to get to know Ayato at all yet, even though when I
first saw the game on the Bfs Log DVD he was the one I liked most. I donft
know, he just seems kind of boring, but Ifll aim for him soon so expect more
info on him.
UPDATE! - Wow! Was I wrong about Ayato! He's many things, but boring is not a
word you could really use! Compared to Souta, Toru, Masaki and Kennosuke's
romances this certainly has a much more powerful story of love and loss.
Trust me, this isn't really for the faint hearted or the easily Teary-eyed!

Ideal Stats: Weight    55kg or less
             Face      - 81
             Arm       - 61
             Leg       - 81
             Muscle    - 41
             Spirit    - 41
             Diet info - 41
             Study     - 61
             Reading   - 81
             Science   - 41
             Sports    - 21

Green Words:   ]          NXeB[          JX~\E

f) Kinomura Toru
Position in school: Nobody ;D
Year: 2nd year
Birthday: 10th May
Best gift: Alarm clock (2500)

Ugh! Fatty Arbuckle as I affectionately call him is about as appealing as a
puddle of vomit. Hefs so massively awkward as to be annoying, hovers around
constantly, sulks, takes up my red days with pointless dates (shame there
isnft a gLook, I just donft like you in that wayh option when he walks home
with you).
I don't know what possessed me to try his path, talk about easy to please!
He was already in a full-on, pulsey red-heart, face on the loading screen in
love with me by October! OCTOBER?! Please, talk about desperate! Plus he just
suddenly dissappears off to (I think) Canada for some film or something and
you don't see him for a month, then when he gets back you have a few arbitrary
events and then the crappest ending ever (true I did get his "Bad" ending, I
think I made the wrong choice in his October 16th event). Forget Souta, try
Toru first. He's easy like Paris Hilton!
UPDATE! - I was very very VERY wrong about Toru! Get his Good Ending and True
ending and youfll see what I mean.

Ideal Stats: Weight    - 64kg or less
             Face      - 61
             Arm       - 41
             Leg       - 41
             Muscle    - 81
             Spirit    - 41
             Diet info - 21
             Study     - 41
             Reading   - 61
             Science   - 21
             Sports    - 41

Green Words:   PxX          f          GfBO

g) Tokita Kaede
Position in school: Nobody too :D
Year: 2nd year
Birthday: 13th June
Best gift: The 600Yen thing that Ren also likes.

Again like Ayato I havenft really gotten to know him yet, but on the few
occasions I went to see him in his room for a good old chinwag he seems pretty
cool and hefs actually kinda hot without his glasses. The main drawback is
that he starts school late (only by like 2 weeks but still) so you canft
build up your relationship with him quickly unless you visit him almost every
red day. Again Ifll have more on him soon(-ish).
UPDATE - Whoo! Talk about a weird! Try out his path and see why I now think
he is possibly the single coolest (but still ugly) boy in the game.

Ideal Stats: Weight    - 49kg or less
             Face      - 61
             Arm       - 41
             Leg       - 41
             Muscle    - 61
             Spirit    - 41
             Diet info - 1
             Study     - 81
             Reading   - 81
             Science   - 81
             Sports    - 81

Green Words:   C^A          FB          Rg[

h) Wakatsuki Ryutaro
Position in school: School doctor
Year: n/a
Birthday: 22nd November
Best gift: The 600Yen thing that Ren and Kaede also like.

Whoo! Therefs just something about Ryutaro that gets you all hot under the
collar. Hefs a doctor who enjoys smoking (thatfs normal in Japan though) and
always has a set of headphones stuck to his ears. In fact Ifve only ever seen
him without them in 2 events! Either way, I havenft really had much to do with
him yet because Ifve been focusing on others. And yes, once again I will get
round to him when I can.

Ideal Stats: Weight    - 50kg or less
             Face      - 81
             Arm       - 41
             Leg       - 61
             Muscle    - 41
             Spirit    - 81
             Diet info - 61
             Study     - 41
             Reading   - 21
             Science   - 21
             Sports    - 21

Green Words:   s~bh          ^[Qbg          h

i) Tojou Yurika

Grr! Yurika isnft a dateable man. In fact Yurika isnft a man at all, shefs
the popular and beautiful classmate who I commonly refer to as the bitch. She
basically enjoys putting you down (in a very subtle way of course) and loves
to rub in your face how much better than you she is. Luckily so far every time
I see her someone knocks her down a peg so by the end she is usually pretty

j) Shibosaki Yuu & Ogino Rie

Yuu and Rie are your friends in school and sadly you donft really see them
very often, although you do all kind of go out at one point in July and for
this school trip in January. Still when you do see Pinky (Yuu) and the Brain
(Rie) they are really nice and sweet girls who also totally see what a bitch
Yurika is.
Most of the time they just gush about how much weight youfve lost or that a
guy likes you, but thatfs what the game is about anyway so no complaints here!

Position in school: n/a
Year: n/a
Birthday: 9th August
Best gift: The 700 blue book thing

Yes, as massively creepy as this sounds you can date your brother *shudder
shudder*. Well, at least you can after you complete the game once (hefs locked
until then) and then go date crazy. As a guy hefs actually pretty cool and
cute but very bossy as well, and the occasional trip to his room isnft a bad
The only thing is I canft really bring myself to get them together so Ifm
going to leave it until Ifve achieved everything else then come back to it.
Ugh *shudder*.
UPDATE - Ok, Ifm not entirely 100% sure, but I think shefs calling him brother
not because theyfre actually related but because they are very close and grew
up together, making it far less creepy. Even if not thatfs what Ifm going to
tell myself when I go through his romance.

Ideal Stats: Weight    - 55kg or less
             Face      - 41
             Arm       - 41
             Leg       - 41
             Muscle    - 41
             Spirit    - 81
             Diet info - 41
             Study     - 41
             Reading   - 41
             Science   - 41
             Sports    - 41

Green Words:   E`          t_X          yhbg

l) Still haven't met Shinobu yet...


Oh my poor Natsumi. The sheer volume of tears you shed could fill a reservoir!
Still, as you meet her during Ayato's 11th December event it's actually quite
understandable why! You meet her for the first time when visiting Ayato with
Yoshihisa. To the best of my severely limited Japanese, and the fact I was
listening to Red Dwarf VIII in the background with the game's sound down low
which didn't really help either, She, Ayato and Yoshihisa are classmates and
very good friends. If anyone has anything more on her then please do not
hesitate to tell me!


The sprightly and outgoing friend of Natsumi and Ayato. His words when you
have christmas with him, Natsumi and Ayato would still stick with me now if
I'd heard what they were. Yoshihisa-kun, I salute you! (Anything else I say
here will ruin a rather unexpected plot-twist so I'll leave it at that).


Satoshi is a bit of a waste of time really, more like an afterthought than a
proper character. However, that being said, he is GORGEOUS! He also has a CG
you can get with him, although it looks a bit crap which is weird as hefs so
totally hot. To meet him the first time simply go out to each area twice using
the gGo Outh option, then meet him again after going everywhere three times
and meet him one final time and get his CG by, you guessed it, going
everywhere four times.

o) Others

There are way too many to list right now so Ifll get round to it later. Sorry.

The game system is remarkably similar to Tokimeki Memorial for anyone who has
played it, but simplified rather dramatically. For one thing you don't have to
worry about what you're going to wear or buy clothes and accessories, but you
do have to spend a lot of time and money on foods to lower your Hara-Heri bar
(stress bar) and exercise equipment.
Basically whenever you perform one of the main actions each day you will
either raise a stat, lower your weight, lower your Hara-Heri bar, raise your
heart level with a guy or gain a new item. It isn't so confusing, but the
Hara-Heri bar takes a bit of explaining.

Hara-Heri is basically a stress gauge. It fills as you perform pretty much any
activity and decreases as you eat junk food (which sadly raises your weight so
you have to balance the two. The bar affects everything you do as follows:
Under 30% full - Every activity you perform gains the full amount of points.
30% - 50% full - You gain a little less than you would under 30%.
50% - 75% full - You gain a lot less than you would under 30%.
75% and above  - You gain barely anything from any activity.

This also works with dates (I think, they seem to go better with a lower HH
bar) and the ROSE GARDEN health club (at under 30% you can lose up to 4kg in
one session, whereas at 75% plus you only lose up to 2kg if you're lucky.
Considering the cost of rose Garden this is obviously very useful to know.

Red Days are days that appear red on your calendar, basically days off school,
school holidays and assorted inset days and such. On these days you are given
different actions to perform than on standard days that I shall list in the

Shopping is a very important part of the game. Mainly you need to shop for
diet items, birthday presents and junk foods to lower the HH bar. Each shop
sells different things and also seems to give a free item when you reach a set
number of visits. Some items are much better than others, but I still haven't
found everything yet.
I'll list each location in town you can visit in order of the list at the
bottom of the screen.

NOTE: On Red Days you cannot access the Park, Theme Park, Zoo or Cinema.

PARK - Occasionally a visit here will net you a random meeting with potential
studlies. However, it is completely random who, if anyone, appears. Still, no
harm no foul.

THEME PARK - As with the park a visit can get a random meeting.

SPORTS CENTRE - Going here you can excercise (for 700 a time) to build muscle
and lose weight. You gain muscle like crazy, sometimes 11 at once, but only
lose 0.2kg at a time so not great for weight loss.
By visiting a lot (if you aren't already dating him) you meet Souta here, but
nothing seems to come of it. Also I don't think you get any itmes for visiting
here a lot, but I could be wrong.

ZOO - As with the Park and Theme Park you can get a random meeting.

CINEMA - On a standard day it is the same as the Park, Theme Park and Zoo in
that you might get a random meeting.

BLUE BLOOD DEVIL - Go here to play mini games and win prizes. Each game costs
100Yen and you can play one per visit. There are 3 games available:

1st game - like whack-a-mole, it's whack-a-studly. Yep, you have to hit the
characters as they pop up and not the fat chicks (baby-chicken chicks). You
just need to get over 300 points to win it.

2nd game - You have to press the buttons as they appear on screen. It's
basically a reactions test and isn't so hard. If you get them all perfect
within the time limit then you get a PERFECT ranking and you are given a
rare figure.

3rd game - Sound association. Basically you have to race against the computer
to match the voice that plays to the character on screen. This is actually not
that hard after you begin to recognise each characterfs voice.

ERIZABESU (Elizabeth) - A sports shop that sells a wide selection of weight
loss products including the frankly phenomenal rowing machine (lose approx.
0.7kg each use AND gain muscle and arm points). However, apart from three
rather crappy items there is really nothing to buy on standard days, also the
shopkeeper with the paper bag on his head and the creepy puppet is a reason to
stay well away, at least until you visit him 41 times...
On Red Days however the store is run by a Gothic Lolita girl who has a VAST
array of (sadly expensive) items to buy. Like I said before BUY THE ROWING
MACHINE! It costs 7900Yen but it is FANTASTIC for weight loss and completely

BEAUTY SHOP - Looks like a butchers inside with a boy in pyjamas hugging a
giant banana as the shop assistant, but this place sells some pretty good
beauty products. Still, seeing as how I prefer using ROSE GARDEN this place
is pretty moot so I only come here about once a playthrough if that. Again
different stock on standard days and red days, but not by much.

TONYA NIHONICHI - Apart from being manned by a girl who always holds a large
frozen tuna it's actually a rather straightforward shop. On standard days come
here for all your Hara-Heri reducing junk foods and lemons (very good for face
points, takes only one star in the workout activity and only costs 100Yen).
On Red Days come here for workout kits (expensive but helps to improve your
face, arm, leg and muscle when linked to another activity, including the
Sports Centre and the ROWING MACHINE! However, you cannot buy food on a Red
Day so be careful.
IMPORTANT: To get the ridiculously useful Rainbow item simply visit here 6
times on a standard day. The best time for this is the first full week after
beginning the game (4 days in).

MARBLE - Basically a superstore like Debenhams or, uh, whatever the American
equivalent is. You can come here automatically the day before a birthday and
on the 6th July for that present thing. Different presents on standard days
and red days, but apart from the top two DVDs nothing worth buying for you.
If you don't have the Rainbow item then the encyclopaedias for 9800Yen are good,
but really, get the Rainbow item.

ROSE GARDEN - HOORAY FOR ROSE GARDEN! Rose Garden is basically a health spa
that is unfortunately very expensive but ridiculously good for losing weight
and improving your arm, leg, face and diet info stats. There are 4 options,
but although it costs 15000Yen go for the first one only! Not only do you lose a
stupid amount of weight (sometimes even 4kg at once!) but you get about 10 or
11 points on face, arm AND leg and 5 on diet info! Come here whenever you can
afford it, but remember: MAKE SURE YOUR HARA-HERI IS UNDER 30%!

Dating is very straightforward luckily. Simply put you choose the dating
activity on a red day or you will be intercepted with a visit at home from a
studly and asked if you want to spend the day with them.
In the case of you asking them out you are given a crude map of the apartment
building and have to select who to visit (remember some people will not always
be there when you visit). You are then given three options. The bottom one
lets you check how your stats match up to their ideals. Their reactions let
you know if there is much further to go.
The first option lets you ask them out somewhere. Remember to SAVE BEFOREHAND
as even a person with a red pulsing heart with you may not accept a date every
time. If they do however then you can select where to go from (in order):

                             Sports Centre
                              Theme Park

Where you go doesn't matter so much, but when you get there you will be asked
a question. SAVE HERE! Then answer whichever you think is best and if you
don't here a jingle sound then reload and choose the other one as this will
improve your heart rating with them more.
The second option is like the first but you just hang around in their room.
This doesn't get you as many heart rating points, but they always say yes so
it's a much safer method.

Ah yes, the all important Heart rating. Basically like Tokimeki Memorial's
sad face, smiley face method you can tell how much a guy likes you by the
colour of their heart in the status menu (press select, then R1 or L1). To
raise this simply visit them a lot, try to get as many jingly sounds with them
as you can and witness as many events as humanly possible. The heart ratings
go as follows:
Blue - They don't love you! Nyer!
Green - They care about you, but they don't love you.
Orange - They are close to you but not in love.
Pink - They are very close to you and are starting to notice you as a girl.
Red - They love you.
Obviously you want to get to Red as quickly as possible, but do not forget to
increase your stats and lose weight as well as getting a red heart or it means
NOTE: Some events will only happen if you have a certain heart rating with a
boy. Try to have at least an Amber heart with your ideal boy by 1st August and
you should be just shibby.

This is a fantastically useful feature that will make you massively happy. At
the end of each month you can are given an option. Pick the top one. This will
take you to a screen with each dateable guy on it. Simply select one and press
circle to see a list of each stat with a symbol next to it. The symbols are as
Cross - Nowhere near the ideal figure.
Triangle - Approaching the ideal figure but still a way off.
Circle - Near the ideal figure.
Circle in a circle - The ideal figure. Start focusing on other stats.
As you can see this is very very useful. However, one thing you have to
remember: Balance your stat growth. If you just try and increase each stat in
turn to the ideal figure then you will never attract their attention properly.
You need to balance your growth but focus more on the stats with higher
requirements and, obviously, weight loss as it is the hardest stat to manage.

Each day you have to pick what you want to do (with the exception of a few
rare event days) and each activity gives a different benefit. However, as with
shopping, Red Days are different as well:


STUDY - Raises Study stat by around 3 points.

READING - Raises Reading stat by around 3 points.

SCIENCE -Raises Science stat by around 3 points.

SPORTS - Raises Sports stat by around 3 points.

(All half day activities begin with study, but this study session is much less
effective than actively choosing to study, with a 1 point increase every 2 or
3 sessions. After the studying the selected activity begins)

EXCERCISE - A little complicated. You have 3 stars which you have to allocate
exercise-related activities to. Each activity has a star value of between 1
and 5 which you can set. These vary from weight loss, to toning, to increasing
your Diet Info stat (which is the hardest to raise but also the least used).

ARUBAITO - The Japanese (German-ish) word for work. Setting this to one of your
free days nets you a rather nice instant 2000Yen but boosts your HH bar a lot.

School Spirit - Increases your Spirit stat by around 4 points.

GO OUT - Allows you to visit ONE location from the list in the System section.

CHILL - Use the Junk food bought from the Blue-top shop (Tonya Nihonichi) to
lower your Hara-Heri bar. The best way I've found to do this is to have a 3
standard day block, use the first for going out and buying the food, the next
for chilling and eating the food and the last to work off the food with

STUDY - Raises Study stat by around 6 points.

READING - Raises Reading stat by around 6 points.

SCIENCE -Raises Science stat by around 6 points.

SPORTS - Raises Sports stat by around 6 points.

EXCERCISE - As the exercise activity from a standard day, but with 5 stars
instead of 3. Some exercise activities cost 5 stars and as such can only be
done on Red Days.
(I'll go into more detail with the Exercise section in a future update).

ARBEIT - As the Arbeit activity from a standard day but you earn 5000 instead
of 2000 and possibly raise the Spirit stat.

GO OUT - As the GO OUT activity from a standard day.

VISIT - The most important activity you have at your disposal! Each visit, if
successful, raises your Heart Rating with the boy you visit and as such should
be used as much as possible. See DATING in the SYSTEM section for details.

CHILL - No different from a standard day so don't waste a Red Day with this
option, just wait until the next available standard day.

The game uses 10 main statistics as well as the weight statistic, Hara-Heri
and the Heart Rating. Each stat is increased in a different way, but remember
it is always useful to keep a balance with your stats and not just focus on
The stats are as follows:

WEIGHT - Recorded in KG. This figure goes from 100kg to a 45kg through the
course of the game. This stat is affected by exercising (to lower it) and by
eating junk food (to raise it). You can get different endings if you end the
game at different weights.

FACE - The Face stat affects how toned your face is.
ARM - The Arm stat affects how toned your arms are.
LEG - The Leg stat affects how toned your legs are.
(Each of these stats are raised by either visiting Rose Garden or by using the
exercise activity).

MUSCLE - The Muscle stat affects how much muscle tone you have. It is raised
by exercising with muscle-raising activities or going to the Sports Centre.

SPIRIT - Looks like a strange fireball symbol, but it actually responds to
your school spirit and willpower. You can raise it by using the School Spirit
activity on a standard day or by using the Arubaito option on a Red Day.

DIET INFO - A very odd stat that is hard to increase but luckily nobody seems
to need much of as a dating requirement. You can increase it by using the diet
info (bottom) section of the Exercise activity and also a little by visiting
Rose Garden.

STUDY - How well you are doing at school and how intelligent they are. It can
be raised by using the Study activity or by selecting any half-day activity on
a standard day.

READING - How well read you are and your love of books. You can increase this
stat by using the Reading activity.

SCIENCE - How skilled at science you are. You can increase this stat by using
the Science activity.

SPORTS - How good at sports you are, though oddly enough this stat doesn't
affect your weight. You can increase this stat by using the Sports activity.


(Coming soon)

Each dateable guy's pictures are gained during an event (and not always
automatically either). They have 7 standard images that are received just by
seeing their events, the 8th for their "Bad" ending, the 9th for their "Good"
ending and the 10th is the True ending! By completing the game you are given 3
bars to enter words and you must enter the three from the Green Words section
for each character to see them all.

1. "You take that back!"
Date: 6th June
Heart level: Doesnft matter
Note: You must answer with the 2nd option when Yurika asks you something in
class to get this picture.

1. Thief?!
Date: 27th June
Heart level: Green(?)
Note: You must choose the second option when prompted and then the first
option when prompted again to get this picture.

2. Window Shopping
Date: 1st August
Heart level: Orange
Note: You must choose these answers in order as they appear to get the
picture: 1, 2, 2, 2

3. Player
Date: 5th September
Heart level: Orange(?)

4. Bench warmer
Date:23rd September
Heart level: Doesnft matter
Note: Around the beginning of September you will be asked to choose the event
you want to take part in during the school sports day. You have to talk to
Kennosuke at least once (4th option down) and then select option 1 from the
list of events. Then during the Sports day you have to select option 1 to see
this image.

5. Guardian
Date: 4th November
Heart level: Pink
Note: During the events of the school festival you have to choose these
answers in order as they appear to get the picture: 1, 2, 3

6. Chocolate Christmas
Date: 25th December
Heart level: Pink(?)
Note: When prompted you have to select the second answer to see this image.

7. Silver tears
Date: 2nd January
Heart level:Red(?)
Note: When prompted you have to select the second answer to see this image.

Date: 26th January
Heart level: Red
The choices you make during this event will affect which ending you get.
Choose the first option to get the Bad ending and choose the second option
to get the Good ending.

8. Sports hall
Date: 14th March
Heart level: Red
Note: You have to choose the 1st option on January 26th to get this image.

9. Slurpy face
Date: 14th March
Heart level: Red
Note: You have to choose the 2nd option on January 26th to get this image.

10. ???
Date: N/a
Heart level: Red
Note: This is the image you receive for inputting Kennyfs three green words
in the boxes after completing the game but I havenft had time to do it yet.

1. Slanty phone
Date: 9th May
Heart level: Green(?)
Note: When prompted select the first option.

2. Lap land
Date: 1st August
Heart level: Orange
Note: Ok pay attention. You need to select the following options in order to
get this picture: 2, 2, 2, 1 or 2

3. Tender touch
Date: 23rd September
Heart level: Doesnft matter
Note: OK, once again this is one of those Sports day ones where you have to
choose the right event to do at the start of September but I canft remember
the choice or anything! Deep regret as big as mountains!

4. Cough cough 0_0
Date: 20th November
Heart level: Orange
Note: If you donft like blood then look away for this one. To get this image
select the following options in order: 1, 3, 1

5. Christmas in care
Date: 25th December
Heart level: Pink(?)
Note: Select the first option and then the second in order.

6. Still in bed
Date: 1st January
Heart level: Pink(?)
Note: When you are presented with two options choose the first one.

7. Roles reversed
Date: 28th January
Heart level: Pink(?)

9. Taken from behind
Date: 13th March
Heart level: Red
Note: Select the first option when asked to get this picture.

10. ???
Date: N/a
Heart level: Red
Note: As with All other characters, enter his 3 Green Words after getting
his ending to receive this gTrue endingh picture. Again I havenft seen it
yet. Sorry.

1. Piggy!
Date: Early September
Heart level: Orange
Note: Yes yes, I know the date isnft exact but I forgot to note it down and I
havenft played through Torufs romance again yet so Ifll get an actual date
next time. Basically itfs the event where You, Rie, Yuu and Toru all go
somewhere. When prompted reply with the first answer and then the first answer

2. Sweaty!
Date: 23rd September
Heart level: Doesnft matter
Note: This is his sports day image but sadly I canft remember which option I
chose to do for sports day! Just make sure you choose to talk to Toru when
you are being asked to choose your event and choose the one he suggests.

3. Sunny!
Date: 5th October
Heart level: Pink(?)
Note: When prompted choose these replies in order as they appear: 1, 2, 1.

1. I can see your.. uh..
How to get: Easy enough. Visit Blue Blood Devil 10 times. You might have to
play and win the games there 10 times as well but Ifm not sure. If you want
to do it the easy way just play the first game as itfs easiest to score big.

2. How did you get up there?
How to get: Visit Elizabeth 5 times during red days. Very easy. Very silly.

3. Unmasked!
How to get: Simply(!) visit Elizabeth sports shop 41, yes, 41 times during
weekdays. Red day visits donft count towards this.

4. Your blocking the screen!
How to get: Visit each location with the Go Out option at least 4 times.
Afterwards youfll get an event which will lead up to this picture.

I'll put up some more in the next update. I just need to check out some of the
pictures and write up a description.


The VERY FIRST OPTION you are given is where to go first. Depending on where
you go you meet a dateable guy (except for Kaede and Takashi-oniichan):

     Option 1 - Toru (with Yuu and Rie)
     Option 2 - Ren
     Option 3 - Ayato
     Option 4 - Masaki
     Option 5 - Kennosuke
     Option 6 - Ryutaro
     Option 7 - Yurika :-(
     Option 8 - Souta

To make the game easier it is IMPERATIVE that you get two items as quickly as
reasonably possible. Firstly on your first red day (4 days in) go to Elizabeth
sports shop and buy the 7900 ROWING MACHINE (there're two, make sure it's not
the 900 one) and in the blue-day week that follows visit TONYA NIHONICHI
EVERY DAY! You will be given the RAINBOW ITEM as a free gift!
The reason these are so great is that the ROWING MACHINE can burn 0.7kg off in
one use as well as improving your arm and muscle stats, and the RAINBOW ITEM
increases the rate that your Study, Reading, Science, Sports and Spirit stats
increase as well as giving them all a small boost and, best of all, when you
reach the levels you want in each of them it can be sold for a very hefty
50000! That's 3 trips to Rose Garden for Full body work which equals up to
10kg lost in 3 days! Like I said, make sure you get them!

On standard days in Summer Tonya Nihonichi sells the Watermelon junk food?
item for 1000. Despite the cost this is a VERY good junk food to go for as it
almost totally drops your HH bar (around 70% I think) but also only makes you
gain 0.1kg! My suggestion is to stock up on about 2 or 3 if you can at a time
and use them whenever you reach around 50% Hara-Heri.

9. FAQs

Q. I can't read Japanese so I don't know how to lower the HH bar. Can you
explain to me how to lower it?

A. Ah ok, maybe I wasnt so clear with this one. You need to buy some junk
food of some kind from Tonya Nihonichi (the blue-top shop) and then select the
final option on any day which looks like a person laying down. You then select
the food item from the list on the left and choose the top option to eat it,
thereby lowering your HH bar but slightly raising your weight.

Q. Ive bought lemons and many other things but I can't use them when I press
SELECT and square. Why?

A. Ok, that got me for a while as well. Pressing select and square only brings
up a list of the items you already own. You cannot use them from here, only
from their specific sections. For example the lemons are used from the
exercise page under the third option down (a face symbol) where a lemon symbol
will be there. Select it to use the lemon item. Others its just a matter of
trial and error, just check every option until you find the item you are
looking for.
PS, the second option from the bottom on the exercise page (the chest symbol)
Is only ever active if there is an item in there that can be used, such as
Weight-loss drinks.

Q. Im already end the game first time round (solo ending =A=") but when I
check the Omake there are a few CG images. Do you have to go on a trip to
get them?

A. Ah ok, after completing the game once I would be amazed if you DIDNT have
any CG images! For one thing you get one for having a solo ending (either the
fatty fatty ending or the skinny skinny ending and possibly the Stunner?CG
if you finished at 45kg. If you have one image for a boy its because of the
sports day. Whichever selection you make for sports day will get you an image
and the only way to tell which image youll get depends on if you asked the
boy you liked what event you should do. For example first time through I got
Ryutaros image, the second time through Kennosuke. Also some other images
are obtained automatically.

Q. Ok, um it's an event that happens after I finish the activities for that
day. The screen shows the school gate and a boy comes to ask something. If I
choose the first option the screen will change to a back alley or something.
If you understand please please please tell me what does it mean??

A. Haha, sure. This is simple, its just the guy offering to walk you home. By
choosing the first option you accept. The back alley is very near the
apartment I think as you find Toru there in one of his events. When you get
there you get 5 options. It doesnt matter which you choose as theyre just
questions about him, but try to ask a different one each time if you can.

Q. What is the keyword entry after the ending? When I finish the game I try to
input the word that shows in green during the game but it doesnt work!

A. Ah, um, that. Oh dear. Ok, I STILL have yet to get this to work. You are
presented with 3 bars to input words in Japanese after a couple-ending. Now I
THINK these words are the ones that appear in GREEN TEXT throughout the game
(for the love of all thats holy WRITE THEM DOWN!!!) but as I have only ever
gotten 2 at most for any character this is easier said than done. Plus I dont
even know if thats right, just a theory I have. If anyone has ANY green words
from the game then PLEASE mail me!

Disclaimer (the boring Legal bit)
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supplied FREE OF CHARGE for personal and private use ONLY. Do not redistribute
sell or supply any part of this guide without my explicit consent. Otherwise
Interchannel\Will\HuneX - for making this FANTASTIC game!
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