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P  P A  A C         M M M A  A NNNN   W   W O  O R  R L    D  D      3
PPPP AAAA C    ---- M M M AAAA N NN   W W W O  O RRRR L    D  D   333
P    A  A C         M   M A  A N  N   W W W O  O R R  L    D  D      3
P    A  A CCCC      M   M A  A N  N   WWWWW OOOO R  R LLLL DDD    333

(and brief maze information)

by: RTA K545


Use of this guide:
-This guide will help you find all the galaxians in Pac-Man World 3.

Viewing Note: Use word wrap for optimum viewing of this guide.


Galaxian Facts:
- A galaxian is a red, yellow, and blue alien-like thing.
- When you pick one up, you get to play an arcade-style Pac-Man maze.
- They are usually in hard-to-find or tough-to-reach locations.
- Every level except for Toc-Man Battle and Shadow Temple has one.

Maze Facts:
- The gameplay is very similar to classic Pac-Man. The scoring is identical.
- You only get 3 lives to complete each maze with.
- The fruit, which appear under the ghosts' box, are random.
    - Cherry (100), Strawberry (300), Orange (500), Apple (700),
      Watermelon (1000)
- Many mazes have green arrows which, if hit in the right direction, make
  you zoom for a few seconds.
- If you hit a ghost while zooming, the ghost is stunned for about a second.
- After most of the dots are eaten, a robot will come in and set down 15-20
  new dots.
- You can stop the robot by walking over it.
- Random power-ups will appear at your starting point (about 2-3 per maze).
- The color on the bottom of the power-up determines its function:
    - Orange: Speeds you up
    - Blue: Creates a reflection of you that picks up dots and is invincible.
    - Red: Freezes the ghosts in place for a short time. They are still
    - Green: Sends the ghosts back to their box and traps them there for about
      5 seconds.
- The points you score in a maze don't count toward your score in the main
- The galaxian counts on your item totals whether you win or lose the maze.
- If you win, you get an extra life in the main game.
- If you lose, you are not penalized at all.
- Mazes are also accessed by using syphon terminals, allowing some levels (5) 
  to have two mazes.

(18 TOTAL = 13 Galaxians + 5 Syphons)
Maze #01 - Pac-Man Begins
Bot Boneyard Galaxian

Maze #02 - Bite Club
Banni Wastelands Galaxian

Maze #03 - Chomp Le Monde
Spectral Cliffs Galaxian

Maze #04 - The Sprite Fantastic
Gogekka Central Galaxian

Maze #05 - Ghosts in the Cell
Gogekka Central Syphon

Maze #06 - Amazing Chase
Spectral Vale Galaxian

Maze #07 - The Mouth Trap
Zephyr Heights Galaxian

Maze #08 - Maze of Thunder
Zephyr Heights Syphon

Maze #09 - Dot Product
Ancient Catacombs Galaxian

Maze #10 - Dot Dot Dot / Dash Dash Dash
Ancient Catacombs Syphon

Maze #11 - Chomp Thing
Gogekka Heights Galaxian

Maze #12 - Pac Up Your Troubles
Banni Canyon Galaxian

Maze #13 - Dot Shots
Cragstone Bridge Galaxian

Maze #14 - Dawn of the Head
Cragstone Bridge Syphon

Maze #15 - Dot Collection Agency
Erwin's Fortress Galaxian

Maze #16 - Munch Your Weight
Dungen Gunden Galaxian

Maze #17 - The Space Chowboy
Dungen Gunden Syphon

Maze #18 - Maze of Our Lives
Spectral Zenith Galaxian

-Level 01: Bot Boneyard
   After winning the spectral monster battle, cross the bridge and get the

-Level 02: Banni Wastelands
   Once you reach the room introducing you to the climbing wall, a spectral
   monster battle begins. Once you win, search to the right of the climbing
   wall to find a tunnel. Enter and jump across the platforms to get to an
   enclosed room. Kill all the monsters and get all 5 fruit - one of each
   kind. The galaxian is at the back of this room.

-Level 03: Spectral Cliffs
   Near the end of the level, you come to a room with lots of dots and blue
   invisible platforms. There is a pillar in this room with a health wedge
   on it. Follow the invisible platform paths to this pillar. There is a
   higher ledge with the galaxian on it. Normal jumps will do just fine.

-Level 04: Gogekka Central
   Once you first enter the tower, you'll soon see a big fan to your right.
   If you go closer, you can see the galaxian behind the fan, but PacMan
   won't go in while the fan is still spinning. Proceed to defeat the
   spectral monsters and then return to the fan. Jump on to the low ledge
   and past the fan to a higher ledge. Jump up two square pipes sticking out
   of the wall. Walk to the far edge of the second one and jump to the swing
   bar. Jump through an apple to the next swing bar. Walk to the other end of
   this ledge and face the cherry. Jump forward and back to get it. Do a rev-
   jump to the lower part of the ledge with the button. Hit it and a cut scene
   will show the fan stopping. You can now jump down and collect the galaxian.
   If you prefer, you can also get to the long ledge by jumping up rooftops,
   starting with the one that has a health wedge on it.

-Level 05: Spectral Vale
   This one is terribly obvious. You can see the galaxian atop a pillar as
   soon as you enter the second room (with lots of purple pillar switches),
   and then a cut scene lets you see it even better. All you have to do is
   wall jump between the two pillars in the back of the room to reach it.

-Level 06: Zephyr Heights
   After jumping up the first "wall-slot ladder", look at the back of the
   column to your right. It is a climbing wall. Climb all the way to the top
   of the column and then jump across to the next ledge. The galaxian is on
   this ledge.

-Level 07: Ancient Catacombs
   At the very beginning, smash the vase behind you. It contains the galaxian.
   It's very easy to get, but it can be overlooked by the fact that you can't
   see the vase unless you turn around (not something you normally do when
   starting a level).

-Level 08: Gogekka Heights
   This one is kind of hard to miss. Proceed through the first room with
   narrow beams to the point where you cross three swinging platforms to get
   a wheel. There is also a switch up here, in plain view. Hit it and a cut
   scene will show a door on the lower floor opening and revealing the
   galaxian. All you have to do is go back down there and get it. (It would
   be harder to find if the cut scene didn't take you right to it).

-Level 09: Banni Canyon
   After defeating the spectral monsters in the small room (after the mine),
   use the rev plate. It turns the walls of the room, therefore moving the
   opening in them. Rev roll on the rev plate until another path appears
   outside the opening. This is the exit, but if you rev the plate some more,
   a different hallway will appear in the opening. Go down this hall and
   you'll find the galaxian at the end, along with a pac-trophy and an extra

-Level 09B: Toc-Man Battle
   There is no galaxian on this level.

-Level 10: Cragstone Bridge
   This one is difficult to get. It's before crossing the bridge in the
   temple with the red lock by it. Once you've gotten in there and defeated
   the scorpion robots, there is a rev plate. Revving the plate causes a wall
   to lower. This opens a passage in the first temple (the one with no lock
   next to it). Go back to the first temple, cross the swing bars, and jump
   the new hole, which is also a new passage (created by lowering the wall in
   the other temple). After that jump, jump into the next hole. Use the rev
   plate to raise the floor, which also opens a wall in the red-lock temple.
   Get the watermelon and jump into the new hole you jumped over before, to
   easily get back into the red-lock temple, right where the first wall was.
   The new wall you opened here is in the room with the falling tiles. Get to
   the left side of this room and the galaxian is now accessible behind the
   new opening.

-Level 11: Erwin's Fortress
   This is another difficult one to get, but it comes with some other secret
   items. At the start  of the level, you pass through an open door and fall
   into the first room. The galaxian is on top of this door. Once you activate
   the lift in the first room, you can access a hidden ledge under the lifts
   starting point. Just go past the button and walk off the edge. First, get
   the watermelon and then use the rev plate to open the nearby door. In this
   secret room, there are two columns. Wall jump between them. At the top is a
   pac-trophy and a cherry. Jump to the ledge by the cherry and go into the
   next room. Smash the boxes to get a stawberry and reveal a rev plate. Rev
   the plate to open the door next to the door with the galaxian. Drop back
   into the first room and go straight across to the corner by the door on
   ground level. Wall jump, first on the wall, then on the edge of the door,
   then to the wall again, and  then to the top of a platform. Rev-jump
   (rev-roll and jump in midair) to the top of the secret door by the galaxian.
   Then, jump to the door with the galaxian and collect it.

-Level 12: Dungen Gunden
   After crossing the wheels, and getting the first orange on the step, jump
   down to the lower ledge. Follow the ledge to the end and drop off. The
   galaxian is in this crevice. Wall jump to get back up, afterward.

-Level 13: Spectral Zenith
   Once you enter the big open room with lots of invisible and blinker
   platforms, tilt the camera upward to see the galaxian high in the air.
   Proceed through the room as usual and, once you've hit all the purple
   switches, look for the galaxian again. There should be some vertically
   stacked (but spaced out) blinkers under it. Using invisible platforms,
   find a way over there. Approach the "stack" and you should see a sideways
   invisible platform appear off to the side of it. The trick is to wall jump
   off these sideways platforms to reach the next blinker. You must do it four
   times to reach the galaxian at the top, and the sideways platforms alternate
   sides each time. When you return from the maze, there are some safety
   invisible platforms  below the stack if you don't get off fast enough.
-Level 14: Shadow Temple
   There is no galaxian on this level.

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